Jan. 3rd, 2017

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zingeration: A musical party. [Edward Slow's Glossary of Wiltshire Words Used by the Peasantry, c. 1900]
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I love it when my outgoing voice mail greeting clearly says that I am going to be out of the office for over a week and people leave messages saying that they want immediate return calls (not just "as soon as possible," but "before the end of the day"). The greeting also says that if they need immediate assistance, they should zero out and ask for my supervisor, but do they? No. *sigh*

My desk wasn't too bad this morning, though I only made it through the backlog of morning reports and emails. (I really need to start telling the facilities to start contacting Co-Conspirator M about cases that are in her letter group, even if the information they're looking for is in the period when I was the worker. She needs to be able to answer these questions, too.) I didn't even touch the week's worth of snail mail, and though I wrote down my voice mail messages, I didn't have a chance to return more than a couple. I was busy enough that long about the time I thought it was time for midmorning break it was actually noon.

I came home at lunchtime to find that the rest of the driveway had been shoveled. See? It directly benefited my brother to clean out the rest of the driveway because he had to get into it. Ergoipsofactoepluribusunum, the driveway got shoveled. Unlike last week, when I could really have used the help and got none.

And, no, I didn't ask. Because I've known him for forty-seven years, and I know better than to bother.

In other news, now that I have bought two replacement rolls of packing tape, I found the original roll. It was upstairs on my dresser. I finally saw it this morning. At first, I had no idea how it got there, then about half an hour ago I suddenly remembered that I took it up there when I was switching out my summer and winter clothing last week; I taped labels on the storage tubs. I never looked upstairs because I knew that the tape never went upstairs. Oops.


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