Jan. 12th, 2017

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groom-porter: An officer of the royal household whose business it was to see the king's lodging furnished with [gaming] tables, chairs, stools and firing, [and] to provide cards, dice, &c. Formerly he was allowed to keep an open gambling table at Christmas. [James Halliwell's Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, 1855]
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It's the January Thaw. My sister snorted at me yesterday when I mentioned it, but it's a Real Thing. I first became aware of the January Thaw a little over twenty years ago when I was wandering the fields behind my office building on a Saturday in January taking photographs. There was at least one dandelion in the field and it was in the low 60s. Since then, I've paid attention, and most years, we do have a spectacular thaw in January. Right now, it's 51° and pouring. If it were twenty degrees cooler, we'd be having a terrible blizzard. This is, according to the weather wiseacres, the warmest and last day. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 27°. After the Thaw, temperatures usually slide right down into the awfulness that is February.

You know that part of The Dark Is Rising where the Old Ones steal the Ice Candles from the Dark and break the cold? And it starts raining? That's what this morning is like.

And Jack, of course, had to have his walkies. I actually wore my rain coat with only a sweater under it, so only my legs got wet, but Jack got drenched...and now smells of wet dog. I turned us around as soon as he completed his business, so walkies got cut short again today, even though it's so warm.

In other news...there really is no other news. Which won't stop me from blathering on at length about nothing because that's what I do.

I have to check and see if my W2 is available yet¹; if it is, I may do my taxes this weekend. I have been considering what to do with my refund. Normally, I would stash it away to either use for traveling expenses or to pay my school taxes later in the year. This year, though, since we're not traveling, I was thinking about paying off some credit card or other, but then it occurred to me that I could get something done on the house...and I think I might look into seeing about getting the bats out of my attic. Even without sticking my head through that hatch, I think we can be pretty well certain that there are bats nesting up there, because I have had at least one [thoroughly sluggish] bat appear in the winter when any normal, self-respecting bat is hibernating. And I have had at least one bat in the house every year since moving in (and multiple ones some years). I wonder if the health department has a list of people who remove bats. I don't mind bats outside. I wholly applaud their efforts on the mosquito front alone. But I don't want them in my house.

Nobody's going to be surprised if I say that I spent all of last evening binge-watching Emergency!, right? Read more... )

At this rate, I'll be through the series by the middle of next month. I wonder what I'll do with my time, then....
¹ The county went paperless with all of our payroll information (as long as we don't get an Actual Check) last year, and W2s were actually available, and I had my refund in my chilly little hands before they would've even bothered to send them out previously. They always figured that if we had to have them by 31 January, then we'd damn well get them on 31 January.


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