Jan. 15th, 2017

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I am lying in wait for Jack. He needs to have his flea stuff, and he needs a brushing as he is shedding again. Might as well get him riled up just the once. The thing is, he's afraid of the brushing. Or hates it, or something. In any case, whenever I kneel anywhere near him (because obviously, I have to kneel next to him to brush him), he literally runs away. I have had to chase him into my office, up the stairs, all around the house. So now, I come into my office, wait for him to get settled, then close the door. The brushes have been in here since yesterday. He also needs to have the literally shitty fur from when he was sick trimmed out of his leg fur but I think trying to get that will be pushing my luck. I actually think I need someone else to help hold him and keep his tail up and out of the way.

I have an extensive do-list for this weekend, but I don't expect to get everything done. Really, it's sort of a master do-list in which certain items will just keep getting entered onto new pages as I fill up old pages. I even bought a blank book for the purpose, just because it's nicer than having a cheap little spiral notebook sitting on my desk all the time. Yes, I am totally ridiculous. In any case, not only do I have chores that need to be completed, but a list of movies that I have to watch (since I'm keeping my DVDs in binders now, I tend to forget what I haven't yet watched), a list of writing that needs to be completed (like, say, this week's LJ Idol entry), and a list of books that I am Totally Gonna Read This Year, Just You Wait.

Today's ambitions, though, are to get Jack groomed and flea'd, then take care of the places in the basement where the cat has been peeing -- which are, of course, in tight spots around the furnace and the hot water tank, ugh -- and get the holiday decorations put away. Oh, and laundry, but since that hangs in the basement to dry, I need to get at the floor first. J1 contacted me about possibly selling my hoarded drywall to her folks, so they're going to be stopping by this afternoon.

My grandmother has been complaining about lack of space in her room for storing things, especially since my mother buys her stuff BJs. She lives in a single room now, she really doesn't have space to keep four boxes of Kleenex or three huge bottles of lotion, but my mom just takes everything in and dumps it in her room. She has a superfluous chair in her room. It's a nice chair that she brought from home -- or it was, at any rate, but isn't any longer, as the side is wobbly and not suitable for Gram to use because she has to have sturdy arms to push herself up against. So the chair was tossed into a corner by the door and just has stuff piled on it. I have suggested to my mother that we take that chair out and put in a cupboard or bookcase, and Mom has left it up to me to convince Gram. She says that if she suggests it, Gram will reject it out of hand -- and she probably will, since she and my mother can't seem to ever get along. I tried to get my aunt and uncle to just help me haul the chair out of there, but they weren't interested. We could take it back to the house...or it could just go straight to the dump. The house is probably simpler; we can put it right back into the space it came out of until it's time to finally clean the house out. Gram has been making noises about selling the place, but I don't think she quite understands what that would entail. Just inventorying her collection of angel and bird figurines would take an entire day, for instance.

Ah, well. That's something for another day. Right now, I think Jack has had sufficient lulling-into-a-false-sense-of-security. Time to deploy the Furminator.


Jan. 15th, 2017 10:23 am
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If I had any lingering doubts about those water marks in the basement being caused by the hot water tank, they have been thoroughly exorcised by having to get down on my hands and knees in those tight spaces and clean them with a rag and bleach water. (I broke one of the plastic pins holding the mophead in place and it kept flopping all over the place.) My favorite sweatpants now reek of cat urine. But the back corner behind the furnace is cleaned and blocked off. The other corner, nearer the hot water heater is still open, but is far easier to clean up.

The reason I wore my favorite sweatpants to do this chore is that they're so old that I've had to patch almost the entire upper inseam on both legs, so if I end up having to toss them, it's not a huge blow.

Four cross-offs on my do-list: clean the basement, vacuum the house, brush and flea the dog (that was two separate items).

Right, next chore: either clean off the dining room table (covered in plastic bags that need mending and Christmas presents that need to be put away) or clean up the Christmas decorations (that I really didn't enjoy having out this year at all, and really only pulled out for my grandmother). Actually, those two things are pretty much the same chore: Pack up Christmas.

In other news, really looking forward to tonight's Sherlock, despite what I said earlier this week about not really caring for it all that much; I caught last week's episode last night via Hulu. (Yes, I took a break from Emergency!. I also watched Graham Norton on BBCA.)


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