Feb. 6th, 2017

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On Saturday morning, just as promised, the J-sisters and their mother showed up and took some of the drywall stash off my hands. There is a small dolly that we used to move the sheets from the breezeway to the garage, and we used it again to move the sheets from the garage to their truck. It's just a flat, open platform with wheels at each corner, but resting the individual sheets on it meant that they didn't have to be carried the whole way. They asked to borrow it to move the sheets on their end of the trip, and I had no problem with that. So J1 brought the dolly back yesterday afternoon, and we were standing in the breezeway chatting for five or ten minutes. I didn't have my coat on, so got chilled.

No big, right? I'll just have a cup of hot chocolate. So I put the kettle on and when it whistled, went to the cupboard to get a packet of hot chocolate. Now, I have loose powder in little barrels, but it's the Good Stuff and requires milk. I wasn't in the mood to mess with heating milk (because you have to stand right over it and pay attention, otherwise you get a helluva mess if it boils over -- which it can do in the literal blink of an eye), hence the kettle.

Well. Guess what I found when I went to the cupboard? If you guessed "no hot chocolate packets," you win a prize! (Well, not really.)

It's entirely possible, of course, that I forgot using up the individual Land o' Lakes packages that I buy, since I usually only buy a few at a time. But there is no way that I would leave empty boxes sitting in the cupboard, which is what I found when I went for the cheap and nasty stuff.

I had been meaning to clean that shelf out for a while, since I long ago gave up on trying to make myself like tea and there were all kinds of teas in there. So I did. Cleaned it out and put a little sign in there informing her Geckoness that she was to stay out of things that don't belong to her. I think that might actually deter her, at least for a little while.

I can't lock everything and I shouldn't have to, godsdammit. She's a grown-ass woman, and she should fucking well know enough not to act like a twelve-year-old.

Then again, her parents are hardly the best role models....
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crossquobble: To pester with questions, confuse. An obscure word, perhaps a local invention. [Edward Gepp's Essex Dialect Dictionary, 1923]


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