Feb. 12th, 2017


Feb. 12th, 2017 12:23 pm
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There has been a visitation in my backyard. The ground under the maple tree looks like a chipper-shredder has been running there, and in the tree above, there is a hole that appears, from the ground, to be as big as my head. Higher up the trunk are smaller holes that appear to also be quite deep.

The consensus on Facebook is that the yard was visited by a pileated woodpecker. I am bummed that a) I missed it, and b) Something Is Likely Going To Have To Be Done about that section of the tree before it falls into the neighbor's yard (it's quite near the fence) or worse, onto the neighbor.

This must have happened the day before yesterday and I just didn't notice it that evening. I noticed it yesterday morning, but if the woodpecker had been going at that tree for as long as necessary to cause that huge a cavity, I'd've heard it, and, having heard it, gone out to check. And then run back indoors for my camera.

I'm told that pileated woodpeckers aren't uncommon around here, but the only time I've ever seen any was at least eighteen years ago when a family of them was checking out the pear tree outside the kitchen window on the farm. They're quite a bit bigger than you expect to see in a bird that's not a raptor. I was half an hour late for work that morning because I wanted to stay and watch them. Got in a fair amount of trouble over it, too.

Totally worth it.

But I wish I'd seen this one. Or these ones, if it wasn't alone....


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