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Feb. 14th, 2017 06:44 am
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My sister informs me that my brother-in-law suggests that it was a raccoon that made the hole in the maple tree. According to him, raccoons climb trees and dig holes like that for nests.

Oooookay. I've never seen raccoons in my neighborhood (unlike skunks), but then, I've never seen pileated woodpeckers, either, so....

My sister also came to me after her lunch hour, quite boiling over with anger at our brother (the asshole). It seems that at least three more huge chunks of the tree in Grama's front yard fell last night (probably last night), and instead of actually, you know, taking care of them, he simply drove back home and let Mom know that parts of the tree had come down and hit the house. They didn't actually do much damage -- wiped out the porch box and did some damage to the railing.

Bird tells me that the neighbor to the east, who grew up across the street, had the gall to tell her that Grampa would be spinning in his grave if he knew the terrible condition that house is in. Bird resisted telling him that Grampa is actually in a largish wooden box on a shelf in Gram's room, and that she talks to him regularly. Besides which, the house is in great condition given that it has had no maintenance done on it in the last few years. I suggested that she should tell the neighbor to self-fornicate.

I have no patience for Gram's neighbors. They're a load of interfering busybodies.

Yet another reason not to buy Gram's house.

Last night was not a good one for sleep. It was very windy all night long and since Jack has pretty much destroyed the window frames in my bedroom, the windows rattle a lot more than they might otherwise. It was pretty noisy in there.

But, hey, plenty of fresh air. :-\
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Turns out last night wasn't a great one for sleep, either. Woke up in the middle of the night with acid in my throat, but was at the same time too asleep to go downstairs and get an antacid tablet. So I ended up not quite sleeping for the rest of the night slightly propped up on pillows. Eventually, it all went away again and I was able to get back to sleep...in time for the alarm to go off, yay.

And then it turned out to be Valentine's Day.

I hate Valentine's Day. Not a big surprise, right? My last Valentine's Day as a married person was passed in silence. HTWIWM had just returned from his nine-month sabatical with the Twinkie the weekend before, and I thought it wouldn't be fair to try to celebrate what I saw as my triumph when he probably still had feelings for her. So basically, I was being an adult about things. And see how far that got me -- by the time our anniversary rolled around that year, I was divorced.

Anyway. Used to be that BFT and I -- as single women who hated Valentine's Day -- would take the opportunity to Get The Hell Outta Dodge, but the last time we did that, we came home in a blizzard and followed a Very Nervous Woman down Route 219 -- which is, in part, quite twisty and hilly. She didn't go above 35 mph for a large chunk of it, and she rode her brakes almost the entire time. Granted, the weather was bad, but it wasn't quite that bad. And she was, as I recall, from Ontario, too. (Quite a few Ontario people come down to that part of the county for the skiing.)

After that night, though, we haven't gone in years. This year, we're going, but not until this coming weekend. And according to the weather seers, it should be 50°, so the chances of following a nervous Ontarian through a blizzard are...less than they might be.

Remember how I said I wasn't going to obsess about Emergency! any more? Yeah. Turned out that I just wasn't going to talk about it. (It actually makes a good thing to watch when I'm on my treadmill because generally by the time I finish, they're at the end of a rescue and it's a good stopping place.) I found out that there was a cross-over episode with another show from the same producers called Sierra about park rangers. For some odd reason, the LA County Fire Department decided to do cross-training with the park rangers and sent Johnny and Roy out to Learn Some Stuff. (Maybe that's where they picked up the rock climbing that they used in a later episode.) Anyway. I found the episode on YouTube last night. It was...like watching an impressionist painting come to life. Not good quality. Just good enough that you could tell from the general shapes what was going on, but mostly couldn't make out faces. The sound wasn't too bad, though. It was obviously someone's tape of a tape of a tape, complete with bad tracking marks.

I've been to that party before. I used to get tapes of tapes of tapes of The Tomorrow People (the original) long before DVDs arrived on the scene. I mean DVDs in general, not just DVDs of the series.

Bleah. Not looking forward to going to work today. I have a whole bunch of stuff I actually can't work on because I'm waiting for AVS to bake. I suppose I will go back to pulling out my 800 MA-SSI cases case by case by case to make sure that they're correct -- right case type for the recipient's SSI pay status, right address (so far as we know), make sure that any status changes have actually been noted in the case -- because the community workers, when they were doing these cases for two years, often thought that it was all automatic and that there wasn't anything they actually needed to do with them. Really? Really, guys? I gave you a pretty complete run-down on what needed to be done for each kind of change, and you still thought you didn't have to do anything? Really?

Makes me cranky.

Maybe I'll get a muffin on the way to work; I think Dunkin' still has the triple chocolate ones. And if that's the case, I need to get moving.


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