Feb. 20th, 2017

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dammy-boy: An unruly person, in allusion to the habit of the excessive use of the word damn. [Albert Hyamson's Dictionary of English Phrases, 1922]
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Yesterday was the day that BFT and I scheduled our Get Outta Dodge For Valentine's Day trip to Buffalo(ish), and it was a gorgeous day for the drive. The temps reached into the mid-50s and it was sunny and clear. It was weird crossing through ski-country and seeing all the snow still left there while the sun was so bright and the air was so warm. There were even skiers on the slopes, and it took forever to get through the main intersection in Ellicottville. We need to learn some of the side streets down there, so as to avoid the charming little downtown.

We made our usual stops: Pier 1 Imports, The Olive Garden, and Barnes & Noble. I did buy a few things at Pier 1: some purple, lace-edged napkins that were on clearance that will make grand standcovers in my living room (which is painted green, and I love the combination of green and purple), a meditating dog statue that I have been eyeing for years for MyAuntie (which will get hauled out there when I visit in July, possibly as her birthday present), a wreath-holder for my cubicle because wreath-holders make excellent coat hangers. Today, I may also order a tray and mug for BFT because she saw them and liked them but felt that she couldn't justify purchasing them for herself (she bought gifts for her mother instead). Her birthday is coming up in a couple of months....

We had lunch at the Olive Garden, so I finally got to use the gift card I got for my birthday...so I got an extra dessert to bring home, because why not? I'd been curious about the zeppoli, but I also really wanted some Black Tie Mousse Cake, so I got the latter for lunch and the former for later.

And then the Main Event: The book store, yay! We were there for at least an hour and we both came out with a basketful of books, though I also bought a pair of reading glasses, some pretty little Eiffel Tower notecards, and a teeny tiny huge-eyed dalmatian beeny-baby which I will mail to MyAuntie probably later this week.

It was a nice day. The only problem was that we got back into town about half an hour before my brother was due to pick up his spawn, so I had to interact with her. And she was having back pain -- apparently she hurt herself somehow, badly enough that when she walked out, she was actually crooked. She says she's done it before, though, and she didn't do it at my house, so I guess it's all good, though she hadn't had any ibuprofen or anything since 8:00 a.m., which unless she was taking the prescription-strength stuff, is a little too long, and I can understand why she hurt.

We also talked about next year's trip. Apparently BFT and J1 have also done quite a bit of talking about it because they've already decided that we'll do four or five days in England and four or five days in Scotland, and she mentioned a tour of Skye that is limited to about four people and would be perfect for us. I mentioned that I really wanted to go back to Stonehenge and that we would definitely have to go to Glastonbury, and those are already on the itinerary. I would kind of like to hit some museums in London, too, but we'll see. Everybody also wants to go to Avebury with more time before the sidewalks roll up for the evening, and we both decided that we needed to get in better shape so that we can walk at least some of the circle. So right now, it looks like we're going to fly into London and fly home from Edinburgh and J2 will be doing a lot of driving.... (And, of course, everyone wants to meet up with [personal profile] silme, too.)

The plan for today...is to do not much. I have some writing to do (and I have to decide whether I'm going to write another Sal Alarra snippet for this week's LJ Idol or take a bye (free pass) for this week), and the kitchen needs a bit of polish, but otherwise, I have no firm plans. I actually had a whole do-list for my four-day weekend, but didn't do any of it and don't really feel bad about that.

I think I'll start with the Sal Alarra bit and if it doesn't work out, toss it without feeling the least bit guilty and go watch a movie or read a book. I have a bunch, after all.


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