Feb. 25th, 2017

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slocket: To commit a petty theft; to pilfer. [Maj. Barzallai Lowsley's Glossary of Berkshire Words and Phrases, 1888]

[Related to] slock, to lure, entice, decoy. Hence slockster, a pilferer. [Joseph Wright's English Dialect Dictionary, 1898 - 1905]
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That's the sound the temperature is making as it plummets from a high of 73° yesterday to snow tonight. Actually, it was about 58° when I went out for groceries this morning, but by noon it was thirteen degrees cooler. Whee, indeed. It has also been raining a lot. I should probably go walk the dog now, while it is not precipitating.

I am excited. I found out that Wicked was coming to Buffalo again this spring, and mentioned it to the besties, who were all for going. Well, J2 isn't because she coaches and doesn't have Saturdays free in the spring. But I just booked tickets for J1 and BFT and me for the last Saturday in May. Pretty good ones, too, I think: three on the aisle (for BFT, who prefers aisles when possible), middle orchestra, row K. I'd've gone for loge seats, since they cost the same, but the middle loge section was filled and so were the seats on the middle-ends of the two flanking sections. Now I just have to persuade either BFT or J1 that they want to drive, because the theater really is in Buffalo (as opposed to the mall BFT and I favor, which is in the southern suburbs), and I really hate driving around there.

Now I just need to lose forty pounds before the end of May because those theater seats are narrow....


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