Mar. 2nd, 2017

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I am incredibly tired and sleepy this morning, thanks to the wind howling all night long and rattling the window right next to my bed in its broken frame. I woke up around 2:00 a.m., realizing that I had been sleeping huddled under the blankets with all my muscles tight (which means sore shoulders today) because of the cold air pouring through the cracks in the window frame. And then I couldn't get back to sleep because the window wasn't just rattling, it was thumping. I finally got up and found a roll of duct tape and taped the sashes together. That stopped the thumping, though the pane still rattled a bit. It also, coincidentally, stopped the worst of the airflow. I never did get back to sleep, though. So that's exciting.

I really need to get those windows replaced. Maybe I should get a home improvement loan when I get Das Woofenwagen paid off later this year.

The wind brought winter back with it. There is a dusting of snow out there this morning, and the forecast is for snow showers on and off during the day, and a high in the 20s. Yay. It's supposed to be winter for a few days, then start being spring again on Sunday.

I took a personal day yesterday. I have a doctor appointment today (which I found out about on Tuesday). It's first thing in the morning (probably the first appointment of the day) and I have to have labs done I decided to do them yesterday and maybe have the results today at my appointment (so she has something to lecture me about). So I messaged my brother that I wasn't working -- knowing full well that I would end up having to drive the Gecko home because he wouldn't get the message -- and went off to the medical group.

I got checked in at the lab and was reading my book and they called me back up to tell me they didn't have any orders and I'd have to go around the corner to the doctor's office to get the orders. So I did -- and waited twenty minutes there for them to get the orders ready and in the system so that I could go back around the corner and sit in front of the lab door. Whatever. Good thing I didn't try to do all that this morning, though, because as I recall, they didn't have the orders last year on the day of my appointment. Organization doesn't seem to be one of their priorities over there.

In any case, it got done. Then I had to stop and do some banking for my grandmother, and that took a while because I was closing a dormant account, and they wanted to make sure I was who I said I was and that the power of attorney was still in effect and blah blah blah. Basically, they were trying to make sure I wasn't stealing my grandmother's money. Which is fine and commendable, but I was beginning to think they were going to make me haul her in there, and neither of us were up for that. In the end, though, they gave me a check and I immediately took it to her primary bank and deposited it, so that's done.

On to WickedMart to purchase another blanket to throw over the couch because a single twin blanket is too small (as, it turns out, is a single queen blanket), and then I arrived home rather hungry at about 10:00 a.m. (fasting bloodwork, donchaknow) to find that, yes, the Gecko was sitting in the living room -- in the chair. Go figure. I knew she was there as soon as I opened the door, because I could smell her.

I'm not kidding about this; I'm really not. I can literally smell her the instant I walk into the house. One morning before I started keeping my doors locked all the time, her father dropped her off while I was in the shower, and she walked in and got herself settled without calling that she was here, and as soon as I shut off the shower, I knew she was in my house -- because I could smell her. (Also, creepy much?)

And, that, boys and girls, is why my house is kept locked now. Her father drops her off early like that again, she'll just have to wait in the breezeway until I'm ready to let her in.

So I got her home, and I turned onto the street a block above the house just as her father was turning onto the block below the house on his way to get her. So I ended up conversing pleasantly with him (which involves smiling and nodded and thinking Go the fuck away, you asshole!) for longer than I wanted to. (For those wondering about that newfangled telephone thingy, my brother doesn't have one; it's the first expense he always cuts when he's not working; he does have a computer, which is why I can FB message him, but he apparently doesn't check very often.)

But then I was finally free and sat down and wrote my Idol piece for this week. So...I guess it was a good day....


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