Mar. 4th, 2017

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In other news, it's been a Really Long Week, even though I didn't work one day of it. I'm glad the weekend has arrived.

I got the greater share of my groceries on Thursday after my doctor appointment and before going to work so that I wouldn't have to go out this morning because BFT and I are going to see Logan this afternoon. I actually don't want to see the movie; the trailers make it look particularly grim, and not in a good way. Though I suppose it might be worth it to see Patrick Stewart swearing. Well, it's too late to back out, anyway, she's already got the tickets.

So with no need to go out for groceries this morning, I'm actually at a bit of a loss. Usually, I'm just getting home at this time, but the kitty litter is already taken care of, and I have a load of laundry that sounds like it might be on its final spin, and there aren't enough dishes piled up to warrant turning on the hot water until after lunch, and....

Maybe I'll take a nap, if I can dislodge the cat from the couch.

Speaking of which, I was complaining to my sister about the Gecko occupying my couch, and she made a couple of suggestions, including zipping the couch cusions into a mattress cover with a plasticky surface. That's great for the cushions, but what about the rest of the couch? Besides, I want something I can remove in the evenings. So I think it's going to be shower curtains. Maybe not the flat-out plastic ones, nor the silky ones, but there's an in-between stage that should work. That, and lots of Febreze, because even after I dragged the blankets off last night, I could still smell her.


Maybe I should go back to looking for another dog to keep Jack company....


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