Mar. 9th, 2017

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Yesterday was the day I took my grandmother to get her taxes done. It was pretty painless, though I was a bit stung when the guys offered to do my taxes, too. I'm not quite old enough yet to require AARP to do my taxes for me. Besides, I did mine as soon as my W2 was available, and could probably do Gram's for her, too, but she likes to have these guys do them. One of them is my aunt's college roommate's brother, and my aunt and her roomie have always been close, and the roomie adopted Gram, and so on.

It was a pretty day with bright sun and puffy clouds; the temperature was around 53°. Then quite suddenly, around noon, it got ridiculously windy. There is a line of pines in front of Gram's facility that I suspect were originally planted as a wind break. They are huge, now, and they were liberally littering the street with twigs and needles. It was...crunchy.

It remained hugely windy all night long, and it's still pretty windy this morning. It's supposed to be cooler today, then cold tomorrow, then I think the temps are supposed to head upward again.

Anyway. After the taxes were done, I drove Gram around to see her house. She's been cranky about the house for a long while because no one (i. e., my parents) will take her to see it. She's afraid that something is being hidden from her. Nothing is; it's just that my parents can't be bothered. Anyway, all that's left of the tree is a quite low stump, so we were able to clearly see the damage that the falling limbs did. Actually, I was pretty glad it was down because with yesterday's wind, it could've been bad. The soffit damage looks bad, but I think it's really just a case of nailing a board back in place. The window frames need a touch of paint, but otherwise, the house is in pretty good condition. I might still consider buying the place if it weren't so much farther from work (meaning I'd never be able to go home for lunch), and if the neighbors weren't practically on top of each other.

I asked her if she wanted to go inside, and she didn't, which surprised me a bit, but I suppose she didn't want to see the way it was left. It's actually not too bad in there; my sister got it cleaned up and got things sort of back where they belong, so the worst things are really the missing pieces of furniture (that are with Gram) and the master bedroom -- but she couldn't get up the stairs, anyway, so....

She also told me that I didn't need to visit with her when I got her back home, either. I think she wanted a nap before dinner, actually, and I did visit the day before. I'd've gone to McDonald's for early supper and to wait out The Gecko, but didn't have a book with me, so ended up home and walking the dog early.

And speaking of the Gecko, I stopped at WickedMart yesterday and bought a couple of soft PVC shower curtains which I will shortly put on the couch. I will cover them with the blankets, so she will probably not even know that they are there...but if they discourage her from sitting there, so much the better.


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