Mar. 17th, 2017

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Between the three of them, the guys (the Furnace Guy, The Subcontractor, and the Subcontractor's Brother) got the furnace in last night. They cleared out around 10:30. I took one last pass through the basement with a broom and dustpan to clear up some of the rusty-sooty dust that they missed (to keep Kethri from tracking through it), then I went to bed.

Where I proceeded to not sleep. It took a loooooong time to fall asleep and I didn't sleep very well. Consequently, I am tired this morning. I am also achey. My back aches, my head aches, my arms ache.... It turns out that shivering for twelve hours or so is pretty strenuous activity. Though I suddenly remembered that I also rearranged an entire roomful of not particularly light furniture to expose the "cold air return" (Goddammit, HTWIWM!), so I'm sure that's a contributing factor.

And I have to rearrange it again sometime this weekend because the way I had it was the best possible use of the small space and the large furniture in it, and the way it is now makes it look unbalanced and junky. Maybe I'll ask Bird to stop by after work and give me a hand because I mostly know where I want things, it's just a matter of muscling them into place. Or I suppose I could ask my idiot brother when he stops by to pick up the Gecko.

Speaking of which, I had him leave the Gecko yesterday morning. I was pretty determined to go to work if I could manage it, and didn't want to leave Jack alone, of course. (Spoiler alert: I never made it in, which is why I am going in today even though I am tired and achey and don' wanna!) The Furnace Guy was here around noon, but the work didn't get started until about 3:30. And talk about loud: smashenbangencrashengruben as HTWIWM and I would have said to one another with our Fake German (tm) (this is the same in-joke that produced Das Woofenwagen).

So she spent most of the day on my couch and I spent most of the day (except when rearranging the furniture or Managing Doors for the workers) on my computer reading fanfic, playing games, and obsessively checking email and FB. And not writing. All that time at my computer and I didn't do any writing...but I really couldn't when I was shivering so hard.

We did have heat for a while -- the furnace wasn't out, but it wasn't obeying the thermostat, either. Turned out that it did have a manual override which would turn it on and leave it on until the valve was closed again, but that was the only way to get it to work. So I turned it on in the afternoon after the Furnace Guy made his initial attempt to fix it and let it run until it got up to 73° in here, then shut it down again. Since yesterday was a sunny day, it stayed reasonably warm in here for quite a while.

The new furnace is astonishingly small. As I said yesterday, we took a server out of the basement on Dumpster Day that was nearly the same size. The old furnace was chest high on me and longer than my oustretched arms. So...there is suddenly yet more room in the basement. The air flow is stronger than on the old one; when it first came on, it blew a pair of glitter balls that had apparently been under the built-in bookcase in the living room right out into the middle of the floor. So it's a little louder when it's blowing -- but it doesn't sing like the old one. And I spared a brief moment when I saw them taking the fan motor for the old furnace out to think that I should make them leave it behind, since I paid $120 or so for it, but decided it wasn't worth the argument. Just like it wasn't worth trying to keep the scrap to sell myself. Let them have it.

The smell was horrific when it first started up -- worse than Autumnal Burnt Dust -- but it has already faded. The Furnace Guy warned me about it, and I told him I'd already noticed. He said that sometimes the initial burn-off of packing oils could set off smoke alarms, but so far, so good.

People keep telling me that this will help with my gas bills, but really? My gas bills appear to already be much lower than everyone else's. The Furnace Guy was telling me his was $250 last month! By comparison, mine was $120 or so. Of course, I do keep the house cooler, and there was the matter of the "cold air return" in the back room, and it turned out that one of the ducts running upstairs actually had a shut-off on it that was shut off, but heck. If it really does help the gas bill, maybe I'll allow myself the luxury of keeping the house at 68°! (Part of that, of course, is due to HTWIWM's Great Insulation Project, the one that meant that I had no walls when he abandoned me to my fate.)

I actually spent something like an hour on the phone with my mother last night. It's the first time I've talked to her -- really just talked to her -- in ages. As often as I complain about my mother, it's sometimes nice to just shoot the breeze with her. Plus it kept me from noticing how cold I was.... one week, I have had a major irritant in the kitchen fixed AND I've had the furnace (that I was, frankly, frightened of) replaced. Major stuff, here. Little wonder I've been thinking of HTWIWM even more than I normally do.


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