Mar. 18th, 2017

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flatility: Uncertainty; inconstancy. [Elisha Coles's English Dictionary, 1713]
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I completely forgot to annoy my coworkers by blasting Celtic tunes all day yesterday. And, lo, I am ashamed. I could've managed it nicely, too, because my neighbor with the loud radio didn't come in until nearly noon, so it was quiet in my corner. Which is probably why it didn't occur to me. One values the peace....

I am going to have to see if I can find the manual for my thermostat online. The small manual I have for it doesn't get into how to program it, only how to install it. And it's completely messed up now. I can't even tell what's going on with it. Maybe it's back to factory defaults or something, but it seems to be set for 62° at night, which is fine, but 70° during the day, which is nice, but far warmer than I want to go until I figure out what my gas bill is going to look like. HTWIWM would never let me keep it above 64° during the day and 55° at night -- and he kept it at 55° during the day, too, when I wasn't home. I started bumping it up to 66° when I was home and 60° overnight. It seems obvious, though, that both his programming and Friend P's attempt to get rid of that programming are both gone. Now I need to be able to put in my own. I'll search for it later.

At the moment, though, I'm waiting for the car to warm up (i. e., the frost to melt because I don't want to scrape it) so I can go hunt the grocery beast.

Jack met himself a German shepherd pup on walkies yesterday afternoon. We were turning the corner and this dog just came charging at us from nowhere. He was about seven months old, and had a collar and tags, and I had a vague idea that he lived in the college house (I think it's still student housing, anyway; both of the people that eventually came out looking for him were wearing college sweats). He was friendly; he just wanted to play (playplayplay). I was a little worried about how Jack would react on the leash, but he was okay. At one point, I had the pup's collar and was trying to lead him home, but couldn't control Jack on the leash while clinging to the pup's collar, so I let the pup go and tried to get him to follow me and Jack to where I supposed his house to be. Fortunately, his people did come out looking for him, but dammit, if they're going to keep a dog in that house, they can't just let him out the door and ignore him. They're only one lot from a main road, ferchrissakes. I Do Not Approve. I presume that they were eventually able to catch him; he didn't want to be caught and was tearing around. I took Jack away, hoping that that would help, and he didn't follow us.

So I guess I'm going to have to keep an eye out for Frankie from now on, and maybe start carrying an extra leash in my pocket. And then maybe this'll never happen again....


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