Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Chaucer's jest: An obscene or indelicate act or remark, in allusion to some narratives in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. [Albert Hyamson's Dictionary of English Phrases, 1922]
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I am still not receiving comment notifications. It's very odd. A few old ones did trickle in this morning. Usually these sorts of things don't affect me...or they never used to, anyway.

Which reminds me: my LJ will be fifteen years old this year. Fifteen. And, lo, I boggle.

It has been a pretty day. The sun has shone most of the day, and it's been in the upper 50s. I think tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, but rainy. Not that it matters, since I'll be stuck in a fabric-covered box all day.

It has also been a particulary weird day. I woke up this morning from another dream about guest-starring HTWIWM. Yesterday morning, he was leaving me in possession of yet another semi-ruined house. This morning, he and his Twinke were moving in with me. And I was okay with it. Even being friendly to Her Twinkness.

But then I woke up. Look at the clock and it was only 5:20. Cried a little. Went back to sleep and dreamed something better, and when I got up at nearly 7:00 a.m., felt much better about the world, though still lonely and a bit depressed.

While I was eating my breakfast, I logged onto FB and picked up a conversation with a friend via Messenger, and literally spent all morning talking to him. Well. Exchanging messages, but we had a pretty wide-ranging conversation. And in between messages, I read an entire novel-length Avengers fic. And then I read the 17K-world follow-up, and then I read the 7K-word follow-up to that. And then AO3 went down, so I walked the dog again.

And then I finished The Light Fantastic, which felt much more Discworldly to me than The Color of Magic. Next up: Equal Rites.

And now it's well after 6:00 p.m., and I've spent the entire day doing basically nothing. But I actually don't mind....

Jack and I nearly met yet another neighborhood dog this afternoon. Since I didn't jump on my treadmill this morning, I decided we'd better go for extra-long walkies this afternoon. We were getting near the far corner, where we haven't walked in ages, when I noticed that there was a loose dog cavorting with some kids a few houses up the street. Since you can't trust people who let their dogs out loose to corral them when someone comes walking by, I turned us around and headed home. I was annoyed.

And then the woman who used to have the fluffy white dog called admiring words about Jack, adding that he reminded her of a dog she had had. I restrained myself from snarling that I remembered her white fluffy dog very well, thank you, from the few times when he'd attacked me because he was also loose -- and territorial.

Well. Attacked might not be quite accurate. He menaced me -- rushed out into the road and snarled and wouldn't let me pass even though I was on the other side of the street. It was Bailey that he actually attacked, and fortunately, HTWIWM was with me at the time, and he managed to separate the dogs...just. And the stupid cow came running to get her white angel...but still wasn't careful about making sure he was secured when he was outside. (Their yard isn't fenced, and they tied him out in the front instead of the back.)

This week is my turn to work 9-5, so I am making a dinner that should last me through a big chunk of the week, but I also am thawing the liquid I drained off the hamburger when I made hamburger-and-rice for Jack when he was sick some months back, so I can make soup out of it. I'll toss either noodles or rice into it one night this week, and it'll be fine. Well. Maybe some bouillon. Or maybe not.

I'm starting to ramble, so it's time to go....


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