Apr. 13th, 2017

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  • Am now running out of spoons. Not a "spoonie" reference; I am literally running out of spoons because I didn't wash the dishes last night because of my burned thumb. I will have to wash tonight or start using plastic. (I use a lot of spoons between the dog and the cat.)

  • Evicted two more mice from the kitchen -- one last night just near sundown and one this morning just after walkies. I now have two Tin Cats that need to be cleaned before they can be redeployed. I hate cleaning the Tin Cats, even though I just dump buckets of soapy water in them, then rinse, then air dry. But I hate the thought of snap traps even more, so....

  • Saw a three different sets of deer on my way to the county building this morning.

  • I think I know where the bats are. Having looked over a couple of websites about bat removal, with accompanying photos, I think they're either in the chimney, or right near it, as there is a long dark stain on the chimney itself, and a hole nearby. Coincidentally, this might explain the scratching noises I often hear over my bedroom ceiling in the summer.

  • As much as I hate winter, as least I feel safe -- no bugs, no bats, mostly no mice, come to that. I sat in my back room reading last night for two reasons: I didn't feel like taking the covering off the couch (i. e., I didn't feel like having to replace it this morning), and I felt anxious about sitting in the living room, because I'd be constantly scanning for a bat to slip down from upstairs. (The stairwell is open, so generally the first instance of a bat making itself felt is when it slides into the living room from the stairs.) I've already started ducking when I step into the front part of the house from the kitchen. The bats seem to stay in the front part of the house, possibly because the kitchen doorway is quite a bit lower than the ceiling. I am seriously considering not waiting for a loan, but calling the bat removal company (yeah, looks like there are only two in this whole end of the state) and charging their service, because this is making me...really quite anxious. I am tired of having to deal with it, and last summer's occurrence was just particularly horrible because it took me two and a half hours to catch that second bat and get it out of the house (and it's probably right back in the attic, since it lives there), and then it took me three nights to be able to sleep again. It's probably a good thing that the cruise happened when it did, so I could actually get some sleep.

  • Maybe I need to find a new Great Hunter. Merlin could snag a bat on the wing, and it was easier to rescue them from him than it was to try to trap them without his assistance. Plus...fewer mice, apparently.

  • Speaking of which, I found a trail of gushy fudz across the kitchen this morning. I naively assumed that they were only after the kibble and picking that up was sufficient.

  • Which leads me to wonder exactly how much Kethri is eating.

  • I am so tired and so ready for a vacation and so not getting one until July. I'd call in sick this morning, but I did that only two weeks ago. I can't burn through sick time at the rate I have been lately; I might need it.

  • At least there is new Doctor Who this weekend, though I am disappointed that it is Peter Capaldi's last series. I really like him as the Doctor.

  • Right. Need to get up and get dressed. Need to not burn myself on the straightening iron this morning (by not straightening my hair; I'll pull it into a bun). I am definitely treating myself to a muffin this morning.


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