Apr. 15th, 2017

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illaqueate: To entangle; to entrap; to ensnare. [William Crimshaw's Ladies' Lexicon and Parlour Companion, 1854]
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Well, here we are: Saturday. And Doctor Who day. I am far more excited about that than anything else. Certainly more excited about it than about the holiday tomorrow. More FamilyFest. Maybe next year I should just tell my mother that she can do whatever she wants for Easter as I will be out of town...whether I actually am or not. I expect to see at least my father today; if we're having grilled steaks, we'll need a grill here, and I gave mine away to Sir Knees after it flashed in my face. I was going to replace it with a charcoal grill, but decided it wasn't worth the effort. My little countertop grill works just fine, and why would I fire up a whole outdoors grill for one little hot dog, anyway?

I am skipping the grocery run this morning because I have an appointment in a couple of hours to get my hairs made beauteous, and one trip out on a Saturday without Jack is enough. (I am hoping that everything will be open tomorrow. I don't think things close for Easter, do they?) Instead, I will get the laundry started so that I can get it hung outside. It's supposed to be warmer today, and this morning is supposed to be nice. There is a 50/50 chance of rain this afternoon, but I might be able to get laundry dried by then. And it might not rain.

I said last fall that I was going to take my Home Depot charge card and buy a new lawnmower this spring. Well, it's spring, and the grass is growing, and...I'm going to go buy a lawnmower. I may or may not put the old one in my next garage sale. I could probably take it up to have it looked at, but I did that last spring and it didn't run properly for more than a few weeks. I'm definitely going to toss all of the sooty, only-used-once sparkplugs into a box and put them in the garage sale.

Today is not the day for that, though. Today is the day for making the house presentable for FamilyFest tomorrow. The backroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room all need to be cleaned. The Tin Cat needs to be moved because Gram is afraid of mice. The rug in the backroom needs to be picked up so that Gram doesn't catch her feet on it. That's in addition to my regular Saturday chores, of course.

If there is time, I will perhaps also start to move clothings around since spring finally appears to have sprung. It hasn't snowed in a week, anyway. My sock drawer could really use a hoeing out; it's hard to close and impossible to find things in. I'm guessing I don't need all those socks....

Right. Time to get off my rear and get busy.


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