Apr. 22nd, 2017

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geognost: One versed in geognosy, that part of natural science which treats of the structure of the earth; nearly equivalent to geology. Geognostic, pertaining to geognosy. [John Ridpath's Home Reference Library, 1898]
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I bought a new lawnmower this morning. I am hoping that the extended warranty is sufficient and I don't have to hunt me up a virgin to sacrifice to the Lawn Gods. I will probably not try it out today, though; it's supposed to be cloudy and chilly. I'll save it for tomorrow and/or Monday. Or maybe I'll at least try it with the front yard this afternoon. We'll see; I have a bunch of desk-related tasks to do as well. I should probably also take the old one in to be serviced and keep it around as a back up.

The folks at Home Depot were really nice about it when I asked if they could take it out of the box for me. The guy took it out of the box, got the handle situated for me (which involved a bit of smacking with tools to get the bolts to cooperate), then lifted it into the van for me and chocked the wheels so it wouldn't roll around. And everybody was chipper about it. It was nice.

In neighborhood news, the couple two houses up has separated. Supposedly, they're not going to divorce, but according to what our mutual next door neighbor told me, the wife has been miserable here for a long time, and so she has moved to Indiana to be near her kids. The husband cannot retire for another five years or so, so is staying here. Five years is a heck of a long time to live apart. Her moving van pulled out yesterday morning sometime between the time I walked Jack and the time I left for work. I feel kind of bad for them; they married the same year I did, and moved into the neighborhood as newly weds a few months after we did.

Across the street, meanwhile, the Gossip and his wife have returned from their winter peregrinations. I am not looking forward to having them around; I have decided that I really don't like him. (She's pretty much a non-entity; she hardly ever leaves the house.) He's nosy, and he's a pain in the ass. He's very helpful, but in a controlling sort of way that is very like my mother's helpfulness. He snatched one of my many lawnmowers out of my hands one time while I was changing the spark plug and marched across the street with it to fix it. I was really annoyed that it did run better after that for a while.

In what is not a surprise to anyone, the switchover to the new phone system at work did not go smoothly. Well, maybe it did, but nearly everyone had some difficulty setting up their voice mail, and when I left yesterday afternoon, mine was still not working. Having now had to use the phone, I can say that I do not like them. The sound quality sucks. But, hey, at least it stays hung up now.
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I wonder if I should've gone with a self-propelled mower....

I read the manual, finished the assembly, put the oil and gas in, started it up, and ta da! So I mowed this afternoon. "I'll just mow," said I to myself, "until the gas runs out." This is a slightly larger gas tank, but I am used to having to fill the tank three times to mow the whole lawn. It never ran out. I finished the whole lawn (more or less; I leave bits of it raggedy in the spring). So here I am at my desk with the lawn mown and my feet (and legs and back) letting me know that I was an idiot to do that all at once. As soon as I can get up, I'll go find some ibuprofen...and maybe some supper, though this seems like a perfect night for fast food. On the other hand, that would mean hitting an ATM....


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