Apr. 23rd, 2017

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I very determinedly did not get up in the middle of the night when I woke up from a dream starring HTWIWM. It's been a very long time since he took off with the Twinkie and gave me an ultimatum to begin divorce proceedings or he would sell the house out from under me. Why am I still dreaming about him? I don't dream about the first husband. Perhaps because that relationship was over when it was over? Who knows. In any case, I managed to fall asleep again and dream about going on vacation in a home where there were certain areas I was allowed to be, and certain areas where I was not. My sister, in her nine-year-old incarnation was along, and she ended up getting left for the day in a TH friend's home, and when I got back to the vacation place, the Obamas had come home and were watching a movie in one of the places where I was allowed to go so I retreated to my bedroom where the friends I was traveling with, one of whom was the former Co-Conspirator K came to visit...and then it was morning. The first dream was far more linear, and involved a house with a pond in it. I'd love a house with a pond in it. Heck, I wouldn't mind a backyard with a pond in it.

In any case, at least the second dream cancelled out the horrible feelings left by the first. Yay?

My back is very sore this morning. My legs don't feel too great, either. Mowing the whole yard all at once was definitely overdoing it. Ah, well. I'll get over it. Today's main task is laundry, which I will start shortly and get out on the line. It's not supposed to be quite as warm as I would like for hanging laundry, but it's supposed to be sunny, so if I get it out early enough, it should dry. Besides, the basement is starting to tip over into being too chilly and damp for laundry. I need to fix HTWIWM's makeshift plumbing on the dehumidifier and plug it back in. I thought the unit itself had broken when I saw the water stains, but it turns out that it was just his MacGyvered plumbing job.

I watched Doctor Who last night, but not Class. I started to watch it, decided I was too tired for it, and left the VCR running. (What, don't you have a VCR?) So I have Class and Graham Norton to watch later today. I don't have much to say about the DW episode. The conversation between Nardole and the Doctor at the beginning was interesting, and Nardole is obviously not going to be in the next episode, since they didn't make it back to the university (and they'd better be careful not to run into River Song on her birthday excursion with the Doctor and Stevie Wonder). I did mean to observe that the byplay between the Doctor and Nardole in the first episode indicates that Nardole is familiar with the whole "it's bigger on the inside" thing, so how many companions did the Doctor have between his night with River on Darillium and Bill? Unless it was just Nardole himself?


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