Apr. 25th, 2017

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I received a jury summons in yesterday's mail. Why is it that some people (who are eligible, like my parents) go their entire lives without receiving a summons, and this is my second one? Why can't I ever win the nice lotteries? *sigh* It's for the week after next, and I'm supposed to call the night before to make sure I still have to report. The last time, I did have to report and I spent the entire day in the courthouse even though I knew as soon as I saw the defense attorney that I would be excused because he was my former employer, and I had only been out of his employ for a year. Though he, true to form, didn't recognize me. Fortunately, although the judge squinted at me and then at him, he didn't actually make me say in front of everyone in the courtroom that I hated the guy's guts. I think he maybe got the idea.

Bleah. And then I had nightmares about bats last night -- and then had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Nothing like waking up from nightmares about nocturnal, nearly silent flying creatures to make you turn on the lights....

The TARDIS sheets are crazy warm, despite how thin they are. I will not be using them during the summer months. They're just about as warm as the flannel.

I put the tablecloths back on the couch this morning. Having to recover the furniture after a weekend always makes me cranky. I think I'm going to pack my lunch today, and then go see Grama after work, so I should avoid the Gecko altogether today. I still can't decide how to present the bag of toiletries. MyAuntie suggested that maybe I should just leave it out for her, and maybe that's the way to go. Then if she still stinks after a week or so, I can address it.

Ugh. I can tell I'm going to obsess about this summons for the next two weeks.
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wittol: A husband who knows ofa nd endures his wife's unfaithfulness; a contented cuckold. From woodwale, a bird whose nest is invaded by the cuckoo and so has the offspring of another palmed off on it for its own. [John Farmer's Slang and Its Analogues, 1890-1904]


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