Jul. 14th, 2017

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It seems that the shire is coming back to life, but I guess I am really still done with it...enough so that I will probably finally get around to listing my garb on eBay. MyNemesis, the woman who joined the shire at roughly the same time as I did, and who immediately became offended by the way that things were done because She Was A Real Re-Enactor By Jove (she had done paid 18th-century re-enactments, you see), and who was finally, after many dust-ups, invited to go play with another shire, was subsequently elevated to the Laurel (based on her many re-enacting achievements elsewhere, so far as we can tell), has decided to return.

And since I can't stand the sight of her, let alone having to actually be nice to her, I guess I'm done. But what about my award for courtesy, you say? Yeah, fuck that shit. She made my first term as seneschal hellish, so I see no need to re-engage.


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