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Somehow it's already midmorning. I don't know how these things happen, I really don't. One minute I'm walking the dog and suddenly it's time for bed. Well, let's see. I slept in this morning, so it was nearly 6:30 when I got up. It takes time to get around, then walkies, then I washed the dishes because they'd been piled up for a few days (I hate washing dishes), then...what? Oh, shower and washing hair, then read a few reviews of Wonder Woman and last night's Doctor Who, then read LJ and DW, then...midmorning.

It is pouring at the moment, and I'm planning on a pajama day. Well, sort of a pajama day, anyway. I couldn't see crawling back into my jammies after taking a shower, so I'm wearing soft sweats. It's not too warm for them because in addition to raining, it's also chilly. The furnace came on this morning...though that will likely be the only time today, as it is supposed to get into the low 70s.

Of course, since I've been counting on having a pajama day today for basically the whole week, my parents will decide that today is the day they will come around to pack up their garage sale stuff and give me my garage back.

Because of course it will be.

Yesterday was gorgeous. It was bright, sunny, puffy clouds, blue sky, breezy, and around 70°. I did my usual chores, then started pulling maple seedlings and nightshade in the backyard for a bit. There's always nightshade twining around the patio and the foundation and the hydrangeas. Sometimes, I just cut it back, but yesterday, I was annoyed, so I pulled it. It'll come back of course, because there's a parent plant that I can't get to -- it's under the ramp -- that needs to be dug out. The bit of ground between the hydrangeas and the back of the breezeway looks really bare, now. I'm thinking of perhaps planting ornamental grasses there, though maybe I'll just get some really big hanging baskets as there are already hooks there.

In the afternoon, I loaded my lawnmower (and paraphernalia) into the van and met my sister at Grama's house and we mowed the lawn. The neighbors have been mowing the front, and the guy on the one side told me that he'd trimmed all the bushes in front of the house a couple of weeks ago. On the one hand, it does make the house look lived in. On the other hand, it's a dead-end street, so no one is going to be just cruising past. Also on the other hand, his meddling kind of annoys me.

The soffit is still down. It has now been a month since I called the Kitchen Light Guy and asked him if he could fix it -- and that was two months after neither my father nor my brother managed to fix it. It's a much more extensive fix than just nailing the piece that fell down back up, but even so, I'd've expected it to be done by now. The Meddling Neighbor reports that birds and squirrels are nesting in there now. Great. Just great.

It didn't take Bird and me long to get the lawn mowed; I did the front (which takes about ten minutes) and she started in the lower section of the back. By the time I'd finished the front, she'd done a good third of the back; I started at the house and met her in the middle. I did one side of the hill and she did the other. We actually sat around in the house quaffing soda and chatting for a lot longer than it took to mow the lawn. We decided that we'd mow it every other week and take turns at it so that neither of us should have to do it more than once a month. And if our idiot brother does get in there and mow it in the middle, well, it'll probably still need a quick going-over when we get there to do it. Or maybe we'll just do it the way we did it yesterday and both go take care of it. We'll see how it goes.

The flower beds are appalling. Gram spent so much time on those beds, and they're completely choked with weeks. There are a few perennials blooming: the columbine, the bleeding hearts, something tiny and pink. The Rose of Sharon needs to be trimmed back; it's overhanging the lawn and making mowing difficult right there. I suppose I'll end up going and doing that one of these days.

There are a pile of dead beetles in the kitchen that need to be swept up, but I'm not going to worry about those until I know that Auntie and Nuncle are coming home. Then we'll do a quick run through of the house and make sure that sort of thing is taken care of. The house actually looks a lot better than the last time I was in there, but my sister has finally gotten all of her stuff out of there. We were talking about buying the house yesterday, but had both decided against it. I do love the house, but honestly can't see myself living there.

Ah, well. As the Doctor said to River, times end.

After I got home and got Jack walked, I dragged my firepit off the patio and into the middle of the yard and got a small fire going. It was the first time I've had a fire in a couple of years, but when I went to put some papers into my shredding bag yesterday morning, I discovered the reason I hadn't been able to eradicate the smell of cat piss from the library: Kethri had peed on and into the bag. There was no way those papers were going through my shredder, and the reason they were slated for the shredder was why they couldn't be just tossed into the recycling bin: names and account numbers. So I burned them. It took a while, and I had to keep scrounging for wood to keep the fire going, but eventually it was done, and I sat with the fire until it burned out.

My neighbor was working in her backyard and yelled over that it was about time I had a fire again; when I yelled back the reason for it, she offered me logs and sticks, but I did actually have both. I just didn't want to get a log started because I didn't want to sit there all afternoon.

So...busy Saturday. Hence the desire to spend today just not doing much of anything.


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