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peffle: In a nervous state; in a condition of hurry and confusion. [Maj. Barzillai Lowsley's Glossary of Berkshire Words and Phrases, 1888]
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I'm home from Wonder Woman and feeling snarky. I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I had hoped, but that was partly because there was a huge head in the middle of the screen thanks to the partially spranged seat and the tall guy that sat right in front of me despite there being plenty of other seats in the theatre. I tried to get the girls to move, but I guess I didn't try hard enough.
Thoughts, as I remember them. )
But on the way home from the theatre, I saw a fox running across the road, and Jack appears to have not eaten any portion of the house (though I haven't yet been upstairs since getting home), so I guess it's all good.
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Friday's garage sale was not encouraging, but the weather wasn't great. Mom said that she watched the folks across the street constantly carrying the furniture they had for sale into and out of the garage as the rain began or passed. It was also pretty chilly. Saturday was a different story almost entirely. It was still coolish, but brightly sunny, and there were a lot of people out. We had more people stop by in the couple of hours before BFT picked me up for our trip to Buffalo than had stopped by in all of the day before, according to Mom.

The highlight of the weekend was the trip to Buffalo with BFT and J1 to see Wicked at Shea's. J2 didn't go because she's going to be seeing it on Broadway with students in a couple of weeks. BFT and I drove to J1's parents' house and J1 drove into Buffalo, as she is okay with driving right downtown (and Shea's is on Main Street). We ended up getting there an hour early, so we basically had our pick of parking. Every other time I've been to Shea's we've parked in a largish fenced lot about a block away from the theater. It's relatively inexpensive (only $3), but it's a nightmare to get out of. I spotted the lot, though, and thought J1 was going to turn into it, but she went right on by, and we found a much smaller lot on the other end of the block. It was $5, but as it was basically a wide alley, getting in and out was much, much simpler, so it worked out very well.

The show was excellent. We were in the eleventh row from the stage, in the center section, on the right-hand end of the row. (BFT prefers an aisle seat.) The sound was much better than the last time, and we were close enough to see the actors' expressions and to make out details of the costumes. The last time we were there (the first time we'd seen the show), we were three rows from the back of the auditorium and it was like watching something without glasses when you're near-sighted. (Which I am, so I know whereof I speak.)

Although BFT and J1 expressed preferences for the first Glinda and this Elphaba, I didn't really remember that many details of that previous performance. I just enjoyed being there. My only niggle is that I constantly spotted the actors who were responsible for rigging safety catches (for Glinda's bubble, for instance) or other bits and pieces of stage maneuvering. Oh, and the chorus member who also played Elphaba's father was tall and broad and had a shaved head so that when he retired into the chorus, he was still rather obvious and distracting.

After the show, we went to the nearest mall because BFT and J1 wanted to get dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I have to agree that the food was very, very good -- and the portions were huge; I will end up with three meals out of what I brought home -- but I was actually underwhelmed by the cheesecake. Really, I've had better cheesecake from Wal-Mart.

It ended up being a loooong day: BFT dropped me off at my house around 8:20, and then I had to walk the dog and clean up the bits of the garage sale that Mom had left in the driveway, so I missed the first few minutes of Doctor Who, and didn't pay too close attention to the rest of the episode as a consequence. That's all right, though; I taped it and I'll watch it later this week.

For some weird reason, I've been watching the...sixth? seventh? series of DW this week -- the series with Madame Kovarian and the Silence as the Big Bads. I think I had wanted to watch the first two episodes of the season, and then I realized that "The Doctor's Wife" was coming up, so I just kept plowing through them, and now I'm up to "Let's Kill Hitler," which I will probably watch this evening.

So...other things....

Oh! On the way home Saturday night, BFT and I spotted the kittens! They are definitely at the house up the block. Mama was lounging in their front yard and the kittens were tumbling around on their front steps. I saw the little grey one. I have also seen kittens -- three black ones -- over on the next street closer to where the colony hangs out because that's where they get fed. So now there are at least seven new members....
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nyctobasis: A walking in sleep; somnambulism; [from] Greek nux, night, and baino, to walk. [Rev. John Boag's Imperial Lexicon of the English Language, c. 1850]
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The garage sale was pretty much a bust. I made less than $80 and my folks made less than $200. That's very little return for so much work. I sat out there all day with Mom yesterday -- except for when I was in the library balancing the checkbook and writing checks to make sure they went out in yesterday's mail -- and there were very few people who actually stopped. I'd say about a third of the people who came down the street, slowed down, glanced at things from their cars, and kept going. Given that the majority of the stuff was actually in the garage.... As usual, lots of people looked at the tub, commented on how they grew up with one, then went on their merry way. Well, except for the one guy who said it was too short to be worth anything, and who then went on his merry way. Jerk. There was a map of all the garage sales in the city, and Dad did go up to pay the fee to get on the map...and we weren't on it. Dad will apparently be taking that up with the organizers on Monday. Not that it will make any difference.

Next week is my town's garage sale day, so we left everything in the garage and will try again next weekend.

I was rather hoping to spend today just vegging out with movies and books and my computer, but the weather forecast indicates that if I don't go do some mowing, I will regret it. The back yard nearest the house went unmown last week because I didn't want to frighten the kittens...who were probably already gone the evening I mowed. Oh, well. In any case, that's the section of the yard that grows the fastest, so it's already ankle-deep again. The front could do with a quick running over, but I may let that go. It'll depend on how my feet feel after I've got the back done.

It turns out that some of the neighbors were asking why I hadn't mown my front yard for so long, but my next-door neighbor K let them know I was waiting for the violets to be done. She told me that I'm not the only person in the neighborhood who does, which is nice to know. But I bet it was the Gossip who asked. He's such a nosy control freak.

K also called me over to the fence yesterday evening when I was retrieving my laundry and contemplating what to have for supper and offered me a burger. She and her neighbor on the other side had grilled out and had leftovers. So while I took the laundry in, she made up a plate that included a burger, some tater tots, and green beans, which was really sweet of her. She's really a pretty good neighbor, despite her insistence on mowing that one strip of my property, and I'm beginning to understand that it's her terror of snakes that drives that. She's convinced that if my grass is too deep, she'll have snakes in her yard. There may be something to that, actually. I've only ever seen one snake in my yard, but she sees several a year, and I mow far less often than she does....
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vernissage: A day before the exhibition of paintings on which exhibitors may retouch and varnish their pictures already hung. [From the French word vernis, varnish.] [Sir James Murray's New English Dictionary, 1928]

Not Great

May. 13th, 2017 05:17 pm
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I am not in the best of moods today. I was really depressed this morning, but my mood has lightened as the day as worn on. It's the kittens. No one seems to realize how very bothered I am by them. Everybody is all "oh how adorable," and "you can bring them inside and have four bonded kittens; it'll be fine!" and "you have to rescue them and their mama!" I feel utterly inadequate next my many friends who rescue cats and kittens hither and yon, but I just... Eh, whatever. I have decided to leave them alone and let them do their thing -- right now, anyway. Tomorrow morning, I may have changed my mind and be out there trying to catch them. Not that I would have much luck, as Mama is mostly right there with them. I will pretend that they are bunnies, exclaim over how cute they are and let them do their wild animal thing. It's not like they're even the first generation of kittens in this colony; the Progenetrix was dropped off something on the order of five years ago. They are truly wild animals.

And then I torment myself thinking that maybe Mama had them so close to my house -- within ten feet of my backdoor, fercryinoutloud -- so that they will be domesticated.

You see? I keep working myself into a state. Delaware, I think.

In non-kitten news, I escorted a mouse off the premises today. From the size of this one, I either have two separate kinds of mice, or the last several I have caught have been babies. Great. Mouse-kittens. On the other hand (or "to the left" as Vlad Taltos says) this one was brown, rather than grey, so possibly two different kinds.

I finally mowed the front yard this afternoon, except for the square under the apple tree. There's a huge patch of violets there, and since they're in shade, they're not faded and ragged like the ones in the other part of the yard. But that's all I mowed. I didn't try to mow any of the back at all, though I did pick up sticks. My maple in the backyard is shedding rather more than I would like.

My mother has persuaded me to participate in the community garage sale day next weekend, so I have been doing some clean-up in the garage, and hauling a few things out to price. I had brought my beading and jewelry-making supplies up from the basement to put them all in the sale since I haven't made jewelry in ages, but when I started going through the stuff, I decided that I wasn't ready to get rid of it, and certainly wasn't ready to sell stuff I paid so much money for at garage sale prices.

Trying to come up with something for supper and not really thinking of anything. Maybe I'll just have strawberry shortcake. Hm...if the pineapple is still good (might not be, since I bought it fresh a week ago), I could have chicken and pineapple salad.

I'm so tired and down today that I'm not even sure I want to watch Doctor Who tonight.

Don' Wanna

May. 10th, 2017 06:36 am
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I'm tired. I know I say that a lot, but I am tired, and pretty much always in a state of holy fuck, could I use a nap. Right now, I could go back to bed and go to sleep late for work.

Mama Cat appears to have moved her kittens the night before last. I am not displeased by this. I was fretting about them being out there for multiple reasons. I would probably eventually have tried to catch them, and then what would I have done? The SPCA wouldn't take them without expecting me to pay for them. One of the local rescues might, but...I'm not really hot on the local rescues. Ah, well. Decision is no longer mine to make.

I was reasonably certain yesterday morning that they were gone, but when I let Jack out last night, I stayed on the couch in the breezeway where I could read and keep an eye both on the ramp and on Jack. It was actually nice, and I discovered that my old couch, despite its rattiness, is actually more comfortable than the new one. Figures, right?

I finished Iorich last night. That leaves Tiassa and Hawk and then I'll be back to waiting for a new Vlad Taltos book. I'm debating whether or not to read the other Dragaera books while I'm on a roll, or whether to switch to something else. I guess we'll see when I finish Hawk.

I've been trying out posting by email from work. It seems to work okay. Which is nice because it means I don't have to drag posts home on a thumb drive. I'm sure DW is blocked at work, but even it it weren't, I wouldn't want to log in because of the monitoring. Logging into webmail feels easier to explain away. I have been accessing a few things more on my phone at work lately (hey, it's been sloooow), since there's public wifi in the building.

Still tired.

I've been trying to figure out how to find a decent painter for the house. I don't actually want to spend too much on the painting, so there's enough left to do the bathroom -- amazing how fast the money goes when you're making hefty payments on credit cards. So far, I haven't paid any of them off, though; just brought the payments down to within reach. I should pay them off, and I know that, but if I do, then I won't have the cash left for the house, which was really the point of the exercise. In any case, Angie's List is now free, so perhaps I will join and check there. I just need some names, and if all they will give me is The Big Two Names In The Area, then I will try the Old Boys' Network. I could probably get some names from my ex-father-in-law, but as much as I like him, I do feel awkward trying to talk to him. Less awkward talking to his wife, oddly enough, but for this, I'd have to talk to him.

The sky was gorgeous during walkies this morning. We have reached the point of the year where for the next couple of months, walkies will always be in daylight. This morning, the sun was not quite up when we got home, and the clouds to the east were painted all different shades of mauve and peach. I took my camera out back to try to get photos of the neighbor's dogwood tree against the light, but it was really too late for the best color. I can probably pull some color out of the photos in Photoshop, but....

The lawn is getting to the point of having to mow it and pretty wildflowers be damned. I will weep for them...and then zoom right over them because what else am I going to do? If I don't, one of the neighbors will probably helpfully do it for me. It's a toss-up between the Gossip and K next door who is so terrified of snakes that she mows that strip between my house and her fence so that snakes don't come into her yard from there -- as if they spontaneously generate in my foundation or something.

Yeah...still tired.
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pigsnye: A diminutive of pig; a burlesque term of endearment. [Robert Nares's Glossary of the Works of English Authors, 1859]
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farbed up: Confused. [Patrick Devine's Folklore of Newfoundland in Old Words, Phrases, and Expressions, 1937]

Day of Moan

May. 1st, 2017 09:37 pm
malinaldarose: (Default) bats so far. Not that I'd really expect to see them this early in the season, anyway, it's just...well, it's just. I think maybe the next thing I have tackled will be the bathroom, even if it's just to have someone come in and put up the ceiling. I have the names of three different contractors: the guy who fixed the kitchen light (and who I thought was a little expensive, and does it really take three hours to change out a light?), and two others. Well, four others if you count the guy who installed the new furnace (he's not just a furnace guy) and the guy who he subcontracted to -- though my neighbor warned me against hiring that last guy.

Yesterday, I met an old friend -- oh, let's be honest, old boyfriend -- for breakfast. We met at 9:30 and finally left the restaurant at 12:30, and we could probably have talked for another couple of hours, too. We haven't seen one another in a few months, and the last time we did wasn't really conducive to chatting, so the last time we had a chance for a good talk was probably a year or more ago. So that was nice. We've known each other for thirty-some-odd years at this point, so a lot of our conversation was about finding ourselves middle-aged (which isn't so nice).

After that, I came home, and decided that since it was sunny, I'd try to get some laundry done, even though storms were in the forecast. I did get the laundry on the line for an hour or so before I had to bring it in; I left it in the breezeway to finish drying. I also started to clean the breezeway out yesterday afternoon; I got the couch turned around and that corner of the room cleared. There's only one outlet, and there doesn't appear to be power to it -- whether it's disconnected, like the wall furnace, or whether it's just turned off, I do not know. I don't really need power out there; I won't be using it after dark. There's still a lot of work to be done, though.

I was sweeping some of the accumulated dirt and dead leaves out the back door when my mother walked in the front door. "What are you doing?" she asked. "What does it look like I'm doing?" I said, broom in hand.

As usual, my folks weren't actually here to see me. Usually when they wander in on a Sunday, it's because Mom has a list of things she's bought for Grama and she wants to be reimbursed, so she wants a check. This time, it was because she wanted to grill me about my sister, who is apparently having trouble at work -- trouble which I had only learned about yesterday morning when Bird caught me on FB and asked if I had any ideas about what she should do.

(It seems that because she isn't constantly Miss Susie Sunshine, she's been passed over for a summer job that she has done for the last three or four years and her unit supervisor actually told her that she would be reluctant to recommend Bird for a permanent position -- which isn't going to be a problem, anyway, if Bird can't ever place high enough on the clerical exam. In any case, this particular supervisor is only going to be with us for another nine months (thank goodness!) and Bird's temporary permanent position (it's a permanent position in that it gets her benefits and union membership, but it's a position with a time limit of two years and some months) runs for another four or five months after that, so it won't be up to Madame High and Mighty. I told her to try to get moved to one of the units upstairs; I'm not certain that those clerks are under Mme H&M's control.)

Today...was Monday. I had a low-level headache by lunchtime, and I stayed in the office for lunch so I didn't have to put up with the Gecko. I was going to stay after work, too, but ended up hurrying home so that I could get Jack walked because we were under not only a severe storm warning, but a tornado watch -- all of WNY was under a tornado watch, and Mom called Bird to let her know that there were tornadoes on the ground in PA. (Bird lives over the border in PA.) Of course, those tornadoes were two and three hours away, but they were on the ground! Mom gets a little...over-anxious about these things.

So I got home, rushed right past the Gecko to get socks and change into my sneakers and take off my jewelry and grab my raincoat and get back out to get Jack around the block...and we got as far as the parking lot at the end of the block where we cut over to the next street and it started to rain. And by "rain," I mean "the heavens opened and all the waters of the world fell down upon us, yea, and also did blow the winds, so that there were white-caps on the puddles." Jack and I were both drenched pretty much immediately, and to get home, we had to turn back into it because it was coming from the west(ish) and we were walking east. It blew my hood off right away, and Jack was simultaneously trying to huddle on the ground and shelter behind me. We passed a bush he usually pees on, and he headed straight for it; I thought he was going to pee again, but instead he tried to crawl under it. He was quite put out with me for insisting that we go home, but he was probably even more relieved than I was when we got there. He looked like a drowned rat and there was so much water in my sneakers that they sloshed. I'll be wearing something else for morning walkies. My pants were so wet that I had to wring them out in the tub and hang them in the bathroom to dry. My socks...well, I just tossed them into the tub. We were a seriously bedraggled pair.

I've been caught out in the rain before, but never such a deluge with such high winds. It was...unpleasant, and Jack's obvious anxiety wasn't helping.

But at least the smell of wet dog overpowered the smell of unwashed Gecko, so....
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man of wax: A smart, clever fellow. Romeo and Juliet. [William Carr's Dialect of Craven, 1828]
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The Bat Guy -- whose name I never did get -- has been and gone. Actually, he's been gone for about three hours. I am...still nervous. I am nervous about tonight, because what if they leave and find a different hole -- one he missed -- to come in, and what if they all end up in the living space (as opposed to the attic)? He said they were definitely behind the chimney, possibly accessing the attic from there (if there was a big enough crack), so he ran sealant along the length of the chimney. He also said the attic vent right over my bedroom was wide open, so he put a screen over it.

He didn't do the garage because even though it's connected to the house, he didn't think it likely that bats were coming through there. Plus, he was trying to keep the cost in the range that he quoted me on the phone -- and in fact, it was slightly less (for certain values of "slightly").

I am scared that I am going to wake up in the middle of a cloud of bats, y'all.

Of course, I'm also scared that a cloud of bats is going to join me for Doctor Who later. It's the bathroom, you see. The insulation is still in place, so it's not like that ceiling is wide open, but it's not like there's a truly solid barrier there, either.

When I get through tonight and tomorrow night, I will feel better.
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I just got a call from the Bat Guy -- he's running late and won't be here for a couple of hours; he says he got involved with moving a mama fox and her kits. I was kind of hoping he'd be done and gone by noonish, but the earliest he'll even get here now is eleven-ish. I'm not sure whether to get involved in a cleaning project that will take up a couple of hours (like cleaning the breezeway) or whether I should take it easy until he gets here in case he needs my help (because my feet will only take so much). I should probably go out to the garage and see if I can figure out how to get the stairs to the second story down. As far as I know, it hasn't been down since HTWIWM left. No, I take that back. I think my folks had it down once when I was gone on a trip because I seem to remember Dad saying something about how they broke one of the things locking it in place because they didn't know it was there. (Maybe I should pull the stairs down and have another Dumpster Day; I'm certain there's stuff up there that could Go Away.) Maybe I should call my folks and ask, but I am reluctant to let my family (other than my sister, anyway) know that I got a loan. I'm not sure why, but I am.

Of course, when they come 'round and the house has been painted, they're gonna know something's up....

Speaking of which, it occurred to me that if I'm going to get the house painted, I should probably do something about the landscaping, too. I was discussing that with a friend at work yesterday. She has hydrangeas and daisies in front of her house. I don't like daisies, but I love hydrangeas, especially blue ones (and the soil around here is good for blue ones). And hydrangea bushes look good even without blooms. I also want bee balm. I love bee balm. What I hate is gardening. I positively loathe it, so if it's going to get done, it's going to be hired done.

I wonder if I could get the ramp turned the way I want it while I'm at it? The folks who put it in told me it would only last a few years because the material they used for the decking (from stuff that HTWIWM had hoarded) wasn't the appropriate stuff, and they were right. The decking will last this year, but next? Maybe not.

I could spend the entire [rest of the] loan just on the outside of the house -- even without worrying about siding.
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trechoure: A traitor or treacherous person; from French tricheur. [William Toone's Etymological Dictionary of Obsolete and Uncommon Words, 1852
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So far, it has been an interesting week. Monday was the car repair and inspection. On the way home from that, I heard a godawful noise coming from the rear end, but then it went away, so I thought perhaps it was parts "settling in." I haven't had a new muffler in a vehicle in probably twelve years, so who knows, right? I didn't hear it Tuesday...until I was driving home from work, so I called the garage as soon as I had walked Jack. They said to bring it in first thing in the morning.

While I was in a rare Make The Unpleasant Telephone Call mood, I called the number for the bat specialist in Buffalo to see if he/they came this far south -- all of the towns listed on the website that weren't Buffalo suburbs were toward the east. I talked to the guy for a good twenty minutes, and he said that for bats, he would definitely come this far south...and I ended up with an appointment for him to not only come look at the house on Saturday, but to do the work, as well! I'm not even sure how it happened, but when I hung up, I was in a panic wondering where the fuck I was going to come up with that kind of money by the weekend when I was flat broke. (I mean that literally. Flat. Broke. The stone cast by the furnace replacement is still causing ripples.)

I had been talking about getting a loan later this year to get some work -- including the bat-proofing -- done on the house, so I decided that I would do just that. I poked at the credit union website, then decided I'd go to the bank instead. So I gathered up my bills and added up my debts...and this is the first time I've actually totaled up my credit card debt. Holy fuck. Holy, holy fuck. I am in so much trouble....

But. I went to the bank. And...unbelievably, I actually got the loan, and the payments are totally reasonable (apparently I have excellent credit), and when I finish paying off the van in a few months, I might actually be able to pay down some of that horrendous mess...and still be able to pay for the trip -- which will have to be done in six months or so, probably. You know, assuming that a) Americans are still allowed to leave the country, and b) Americans are allowed to enter other countries. And I am so taking my trip, goddammit.

So I feel...much better. I have been living in a state of low-level dread ever since the weather started getting warmer. I have been ducking when I go from the kitchen to the living room because I am always, now, expecting to see a bat. I keep checking the ceilings. I need this to end. And this nice man from up Buffalo way is going to take care of it for me.

The loan is not large enough to take care of everything, of course. I couldn't get that much money, and I didn't ask for it. But I should be able to also get the exterior painting done, pay off a couple of credit cards (stupid to have even opened them -- I know better than that, but deals), and maybe get a few things done inside the house. I probably don't have enough to get the upstairs bathroom done unless I go ahead with turning it into a closet, but I can get someone in to put up the molding and window trim and maybe fix some of the damage that Jack did. And speaking of Jack, he needs his teeth cleaned. I was going to have it done in February when they always have 10% off, but I didn't have the cash. And maybe I will go ahead and get a new stove.

I have possibilities now. It's...a nice feeling.

Oh, and the van? One of the hangers for the new muffler was bent, so that the tailpipe was rattling against the frame -- but not constantly. Fortunately, it made the noise while the mechanic was riding with me. We got back to the garage, and they fixed it for me in five minutes.
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dab in the fist: A bribe or gratuity. [J. Drummond Robertson's Glossary of Archaic Gloucestershire Words, 1890]
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wittol: A husband who knows ofa nd endures his wife's unfaithfulness; a contented cuckold. From woodwale, a bird whose nest is invaded by the cuckoo and so has the offspring of another palmed off on it for its own. [John Farmer's Slang and Its Analogues, 1890-1904]
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I received a jury summons in yesterday's mail. Why is it that some people (who are eligible, like my parents) go their entire lives without receiving a summons, and this is my second one? Why can't I ever win the nice lotteries? *sigh* It's for the week after next, and I'm supposed to call the night before to make sure I still have to report. The last time, I did have to report and I spent the entire day in the courthouse even though I knew as soon as I saw the defense attorney that I would be excused because he was my former employer, and I had only been out of his employ for a year. Though he, true to form, didn't recognize me. Fortunately, although the judge squinted at me and then at him, he didn't actually make me say in front of everyone in the courtroom that I hated the guy's guts. I think he maybe got the idea.

Bleah. And then I had nightmares about bats last night -- and then had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Nothing like waking up from nightmares about nocturnal, nearly silent flying creatures to make you turn on the lights....

The TARDIS sheets are crazy warm, despite how thin they are. I will not be using them during the summer months. They're just about as warm as the flannel.

I put the tablecloths back on the couch this morning. Having to recover the furniture after a weekend always makes me cranky. I think I'm going to pack my lunch today, and then go see Grama after work, so I should avoid the Gecko altogether today. I still can't decide how to present the bag of toiletries. MyAuntie suggested that maybe I should just leave it out for her, and maybe that's the way to go. Then if she still stinks after a week or so, I can address it.

Ugh. I can tell I'm going to obsess about this summons for the next two weeks.
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Before Christmas, I was ordering things from ThinkGeek for MyNuncle, and I bought myself a set of TARDIS sheets and pillowcases. Today, I finally opened them, ran them through the washer, line-dried them, and put them on the bed. Very cute. Also very thin. I can't imagine that they would last very long on a kid's bed. We'll see if it's warm enough at night yet for them or if I'll have to put the flannel bedding -- which is currently taking its turn on the line -- back on.

Das Woofenwagen is inspected. She passed with no problems. I don't remember what, exactly, they said about the muffler, whether it was that and the tailpipe that needed to be replaced or just the pipe. In any case, she is now very quiet, and I had to cash the check that MyAuntie sent me as a Just In Case after I replaced the furnace. *sigh* I'll have to pay her back out of my next two pays.

My original plan for today was to watch Saturday's episodes of Class and Graham Norton, but it has been too nice a day, and I've been too energetic for that. Instead, I've changed the bedding, washed too loads of same, swapped my winter clothes out for my summer clothes, walked up to the garage to retrieve Das Woofenwagen, and now I'm debating sitting on the patio in the sun (Vitamin D!) for a bit or starting to clean out the breezeway so I can put it to the use for which it was built. I think it's going to be the patio, actually, because it's nearly 3:00 p.m. now, and I am finally starting to wind down. Plus, I think I need a plan for the breezeway. I am going to have to continue to use part of it for storage, I think (snow shovels and that sort of thing), so I want to have an idea of what I'm going to do out there rather than just throwing myself at it.

I finished Orca last night and this morning started Dragon which jumps backwards in Vlad's timeline some four or five years. It can get confusing.... I am now up to 31 books for the year. I'm sure once I finish this series, I'll slow down again; the Taltos books are all pretty short and the writing is breezy. They're easy to just keep reading.

I called MyAuntie this morning to let her know that I was going to be cashing the check, and while we talked, I was looking at the one bookshelf that is more or less dedicated to unread books. I...have a lot of unread books....


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