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The garage called not too terribly long after my last post; the van was finished. They could not find any sort of leak; they checked all the usual spots and checked all the fluids. At this point, I'm remembering a call I once heard on Car Talk from a woman who was getting rainwater in the door of her car, and I'm wondering if I have something similar.

In any case, by that time, the weather had changed, and so it was perfect eclipse-viewing weather. I got the van home in plenty of time. I tried the selfie-over-the-shoulder trick that was recommended on FB (even though I was a bit skeptical), and it didn't work. I didn't see any of the crescent-shaped shadows under the trees, either, so I was really disappointed. But then....

I happened to look out onto my porch, and the vastly overgrown shrubbery was doing a good job of pinhole-projecting. So of course I had to do a TeenyTinyTARDIS photo or three:

That was relatively early on in the show. Later, I got some better photos:






I did get to sneak a quick peek at the sun itself; although I wasn't able to get glasses, The Gossip had obtained a pair at the library, and he was wandering around the neighborhood sharing them with anyone who was outside. So that was pretty cool.

The weirdest thing about it was to look out the window when the eclipse was near its maximum, observe the nearly cloudless sky, realize that it was brightly sunny, and yet it was so terribly dim. It was like someone had put the wrong size bulb in a vast lamp. Kinda weird.

In any case, it reached about 75% of totality here. But, we're just outside the path of totality for the next one in 2024, if the map I saw was accurate, so it looks like I could drive ten miles and see totality, as opposed to, say, 98%.
Also, I am testing out photo hosting at Smug Mug on [personal profile] kk1raven's suggestion -- I did sign up, so I hope you do get a credit for it -- though I am finding it to be much less intuitive than I might like.
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It may not matter that I couldn't get eclipse glasses, as the weather has changed. The original forecast was for hot and sunny (with a passing eclipse), but the morning is overcast and it has already stormed once. Weeeelll, the forecast (which I just checked) has changed again: partly cloudy this afternoon with a stray shower or thunderstorm. We'll see, I guess. My plan was to stand under a tree, anyway, and watch the shadows on the ground...and maybe get a TeenyTinyTARDIS photo or two, as the thought of taking TTT photos during a solar eclipse just amused the heck out of me.

I dropped the van off at the garage last night and walked home. They've already called me this morning to let me know that they can't find a leak, though they'll check again, and that there's a bit of a sticky caliper causing the squealing-squeaky noise. They'll change the caliper, so I will probably have it back before the eclipse starts.

Speaking of squealing squeaks, I believe we have a multitude of flickers in the neighborhood. I first noticed one a few years ago; I had to come home and look it up in my Tome of North American Birds, Beasts, And Plants because I'd never seen one before. I was always thrilled when I spotted one, because it was rare. But this summer, I've seen flickers fairly often, so either there is one really busy one, or there's a flock. This morning, I heard a high, piping sort of squeak, and I think that was probably a flicker. It wasn't a cardinal -- which is the only other bird call with which I am, wait, I know what a killdeer sounds like, and it wasn't that, either.

I could probably be a birdwatcher without much persuasion.

Huh. It's sunny out there now.

I'm unsure of what my plan is for the rest of the day. I have shelves for upstairs, but am not sure I want to get involved in making a mess in my bedroom. I have Grama's cupboard, but ditto that in the breezeway. I finished marking and tabbing the manual from the wretched training yesterday. I do have a number of art cards to frame and hang, so I suppose I could do that. Since the garage has already called, I don't need to hang about in my office for a while, although I do have a number of tasks that could be done at my desk (books to be listed on PaperbackSwap, photos from my vacation to be edited, and there's always some writing project or another).

There is a shire meeting tomorrow night. Since they won the bid for Fall Æcademy, I've been debating getting involved again. On the one hand, I don't want to get stuck working the event and not being able to attend it, which is what happened at the last event we had. On the other, they'll need the help. On the other other hand, MyLadyLaurelNemesis is involved in the shire again, so they certainly don't need me, as she can handle everything all on her own. (I can't stand the sight of that woman.) Since the main purpose of the meeting is to confirm the drop-dead seneschal, and I'm not a paid member of the SCA at the moment, it's probably pointless for me to go...although I do want to talk to VL to see if he might be willing to do a few tasks around the house for me if I were willing to pay him. That doesn't really seem like the place to ask, though. Eh, we'll see.

What else? Oh, the trap. The trap baited with peppers remains empty, and my patio smells like rotting peppers. Or possibly it's the poo bucket. In any case, I don't believe that there is a woodchuck living under there after all, as I have now seen a black cat crossing the yard and slipping under there twice. Kittens, Round Whatever, here we go. (You can be very sure that there have been more than two litters born out there.) The May Kittens are still hanging around up the street, and are now so big as to be nearly indistinguishable from their mother (except the grey one, of course) -- so this may even be their mother in the backyard.

Kethri is at my feet meowling at me. I think she wants my chair.
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I had intended to spend today putting together Gram's cabinet, putting together some shelves I bought for myself, and perhaps working in the breezeway, but my lower back seems to be somewhat displeased with me today, so instead I've been reading, marking up, and tabbing my CAC training manual (as I've been trying to do for a while now). At the moment I'm set up in the breezeway, though I may have to move into the house proper as it does tend to get a little warm out there. Though today it's not supposed to be more than 74° and Accuweather assures me that a nasty storm is going to roll through here in exactly an hour. In the meantime, though, I get the feeling I would've been able to hang out my laundry after all.

My brother brought over a live trap yesterday to see about catching that woodchuck. We talked about baiting it with apples, but when I got home at lunctime yesterday, it was baited with red and yellow and orange sweet peppers. When we talked about it after work, he said that he had peppers and didn't have apples. I gave him a look and made a sweeping gesture toward the laden apple tree under which his van was parked. "Yeah, well, I needed to get rid of the peppers. But if they don't work, just toss an apple in there."

So far, they haven't worked. I don't know whether it's because the woodchuck feels the same way about peppers as I do or because it isn't really living under the ramp, but just ducked under there because it was on the patio and I startled it.

Life is very rumbly at the moment. There is a motorcycle-fest in town and's noisy. I'm not best pleased.

WickedMart was out of eclipse glasses this morning, so I guess I won't be watching it. Not live, anyway. I briefly thought of loading Jack into the van and driving over to Springville to get a pair at Lowe's, but it just seemed silly to drive an hour to get a $2 pair of paper spectacles. Mind you, if we were in the path of the totality, it would probably be worth it, but we're not. Looks like it's going to be about 4/5 here.

I'm also not likely to mess around with pinhole projectors. I read that one will be able to see basically the same thing by looking at the ground under a leafy tree, and I have plenty of those. (There is a welding mask in the garage, but I'm sure it's not dark enough.)

It wouldn't be an issue at all if I didn't have to take the van in for service on Monday. Otherwise, I'd be at work, but I generally take the day off if I have to take the van in. Originally I started doing it because the garage opened after I had to be to work and closed before I got out, but they've expanded their hours in the last couple of years, so now it's really just habit.

I have pretty much settled on aviatrix as my Halloween costume for this year, so I've been pricing various pieces. Since I'm hardly going for historical accuracy -- this is the office, not a con masquerade competition -- it's really only going to be a sketch, rather than a portrait, and built almost entirely from reusable pieces (pants, blouse, scarf, jacket, boots (and I found a fantastic deal on boots). Really, only the cap and goggles will be costumey. It'll be fun.


Aug. 12th, 2017 09:01 am
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Every time I think that girl is getting better, she starts stealing food again. The last couple of weeks, she's been sitting up in the chair, staying awake all day -- still not paying any attention to Jack, but at least not spending the day sound asleep on the couch. I knew she was stealing cheese sticks out of the fridge, but since I was only going to throw them away, anyway, I didn't say anything. But this morning, I pulled out the brand-new package of cheese danish that I bought Thursday evening -- finding a whole package of them at the grocery store is rare, rare, rare, and I was looking forward to them with fresh berries -- to find that she scarfed one of them yesterday. And then I found that the half-gallon of milk that I hadn't even opened was two-thirds gone. Granted, I was going to dump the milk, too, because it's a month old (I get on kicks with milk; sometimes I drink it and sometimes I don't), but still. She's stealing again, and I am pissed off. And even though, in the grand scale of things, it's terribly minor, there's also a feeling of violation. She's been going through my stuff again.

I wrote on the new milk jug "this does not belong to you" in big block capitals.

Passive-aggressive much?

I'm going to have to dock her pay next week, I guess, since she's already been paid for this week.
In other news, I decided, in the end, not to go to Sterling. The weather forecast for today didn't look promising. Though I was annoyed with myself this morning when I got up and it was clear. Still, while I was out getting groceries, it started to cloud up, and it's quite grey out there right now. The rain at Sterling, according to Accuweather, would start just about the time the Faire opened, which would mean that if it's the same rain it looks like we're going to get here, I'd've likely been driving in it. So...good call, I guess, though I am feeling a bit melancholy about the whole thing.

On the other hand, it means a Gecko-free day, because I'm certain she wouldn't have hesitate to eat a second danish out of the package of three.

And here I was trying to decide what nice present to bring her back from Sterling as a thank you for coming over an extra day.


In other other news, as I was leaving the grocery store this morning, a firetruck came zooming on by and turned down the street where Gram lives. An ambulance was about a quarter of a mile behind. There are only a few other houses on the street, so they were almost certainly going down to the end.

I have to go back out shortly; I want to check KMart's going-out-of-business sale. I have pantry moths in Jack's dog biscuits (for the first time in well over a decade) so I need to find something other than the box they come in in which to keep them. Probably a small plastic tub. I don't buy the huge packages I used to buy when I had four dogs, but I still can't quite bring myself to buy the smallest, least expensive boxes because the price per biscuit is too high.

There was a piece on NPR this morning about children and fallout drills. I was in elementary school on the literal tail end of that. I remember one drill when I was in kindergarten that terrified me (which is probably why I can still remember it). My elementary school was built in the early '70s, and it had a sort of open plan. Most classrooms didn't have walls between the room and the hallway; they just put modular locker cupboards in place to act as a wall, and many of the walls between classrooms were just folding walls. The folding wall between my first-grade classroom and the one next to it was almost always at least partially open; we shared the chick incubator, for instance. In any case, the building was built into a hill, such that the kindergarten classes on the basement level had doors to the outside, but so did the first grade classrooms on the upper level. The fifth and sixth grade classrooms were the only ones that were truly a second story, and when there were fire drills, those kids had to walk down the hallway to the main doors to exit the building. Everyone else just left by the doorway in their classroom.

In any case, I remember crouching in the cement-brick-walled hallway, with my head ducked and covered by my hands. We were supposedly safe in the hallway, and away from flying glass...except at the end of the hallway was a glass wall leading to the outside, and just above us was the completely glass-walled foyer. So even as a four-year-old (though I might have turned five by then), I knew that if whatever we were supposed to be hiding from happened, we were totally fucked. (Though I didn't know that particular word at the time.) So, yeah. I had my share of duck-and-cover nightmares.

I don't remember any other drills, though, so they must have stopped them shortly thereafter. But, yeah. That piece on NPR resonated.
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heterarchy: The government of an alien; [from] Greek heteros, foreign, and arche, rule. [Rev. John Boag's Imperial Lexicon of the English Language, c. 1850]
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vizzy-hole: A peep-hole or small wicket in the door or gate of a castle for spying. Vizzing-port, the door or gate of a castle or fort having a vizzy-hole. [Alexander Warrack's Scots Dialect Dictionary, 1911]
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I am taking today off; it seemed like an excellent reward for the three Very Long Days of training -- up at 4:00 a.m., at the office by 6:00 a.m., in Buffalo by 8:00 a.m., traintraintraintraintrain, then not home until 6:00 p.m. or later. Sleeping in until nearly 6:00 a.m. this morning seemed like luxury. I am still feeling sleepy. It was definitely grueling.

I did miss Grama's birthday dinner last night, even though we got back in time for me to go since we finished the training four hours ahead of schedule. We had a big lunch on the way home, though, and I was still stuffed. And Really Tired, to be honest, and I just don't like seeing my grandmother when my parents are present, because my mother insists on being snarky at Grama under Gram's hearing, and it pisses me off. So I will take her a Birthday Cupcake later this afternoon and take Jack over to see her, which will make her happy.

So I am going to go out for groceries, and I do have to run over to the credit union as my car payment is due today. It's the Last Payment! Well. I could make a regular payment and then still owe the last $50 or so of the loan next month, but I will just write a check for the whole amount and have done. In fact, I should write that check before I go out for groceries so that I can do that in the same trip before the credit union gets busy (since it's Friday).

I might mow the lawn today; since I let it go so long before the last mowing, much of the grass didn't get clipped as closely as it should have, so it's already looking shaggy again. And, of course, there's all kinds of work to be done in the house. And it's my turn to mow Gram's lawn, so I'll have to haul up there and do that. Maybe tomorrow.

Isn't this exciting?

The weather is supposed to be lovely for the whole weekend. That would be nice.
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It seems that the shire is coming back to life, but I guess I am really still done with it...enough so that I will probably finally get around to listing my garb on eBay. MyNemesis, the woman who joined the shire at roughly the same time as I did, and who immediately became offended by the way that things were done because She Was A Real Re-Enactor By Jove (she had done paid 18th-century re-enactments, you see), and who was finally, after many dust-ups, invited to go play with another shire, was subsequently elevated to the Laurel (based on her many re-enacting achievements elsewhere, so far as we can tell), has decided to return.

And since I can't stand the sight of her, let alone having to actually be nice to her, I guess I'm done. But what about my award for courtesy, you say? Yeah, fuck that shit. She made my first term as seneschal hellish, so I see no need to re-engage.


Jul. 12th, 2017 10:06 am
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I only watch Jeopardy when I'm visiting out here. Do they often make jokes or allusions with the category titles? I'm thinking of last night's "Shaka" and "When The Walls Fell."


Jul. 10th, 2017 05:37 pm
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So...last week turned out to be a Very Busy Week, Indeed, even with Tuesday off. I spent days teaching the new girl at work. She is smart and a good student. Bonus: she was looking forward to working with me, because she thinks I'm a good teacher. (I also trained her for the other portion of our caseload.) So...bit of an ego boost there.

In the evenings, I was getting things organized at home in order to leave for my vacation. I spent all night Thursday getting my suitcase packed, among other things, then spent a large portion of Friday night loading the car so that Saturday, all I really had to do was get the dog's stuff into the van, walk the dog, brush my teeth, and get on the road. As it was, I was awake at 3:00 and managed to stay in bed until 3:30. The alarm was set for 4:00. I still only just managed to be on the road by 5:00 a.m.

The trip out wasn't too bad. There was rain close to home; as I was going over the Chautauqua Ridge, there was a godawful deluge -- I wasn't sure whether I was going to have to pull over or not. It rained so hard that it completely scoured the bug guts off my windshield. Getting around Cleveland -- the usual worst part of the trip -- wasn't too bad, but I got there around 8:00 a.m. I think I may have figured out the work around for Cleveland and may try it on the way back home. Of course, if it's not raining, I shouldn't have any trouble following I-90.

And then I got to about LaGrange, Indiana, driving down the road, singing along with my tunes (filk and musicals for road trips), and with a bright bong! the idiot light for my tires came on. It blinked at me for a bit, then settled into a steady light. As I had just passed a rest stop (next rest stop 58 miles, or some such), I wasn't quite sure what to do. I still had about an hour and a half to I turned off the tunes so I could concentrate and just...drove. I had no idea whether I had an actual tire problem or not. I should have stopped, but....

So I got to South Bend, got off I-90 and when I pulled out of the toll plaza, the idiot light was off. MyNuncle has since checked my tires for me and found them all to be slightly over-inflated, so...I dunno.

It was almost exactly 1:00 p.m. when I pulled into Auntie and Nuncle's driveway. Auntie and I talked for a bit, I had some lunch, and then we went uptown to the art show. I do love that art show, and there was some gorgeous work. There was also some work that you could only shake your head at and say, "Art." I bought a beautiful photograph of bare trees in mist, printed on...ginwashi? paper. Rice paper, anyway. Beautiful. And I know exactly where I'm going to hang it when I get it home.

Speaking of art, Auntie gave me a gorgeous parquet frame that my great great grandfather made, and which currently holds his centenary portrait. I thought about putting my new photo in that frame, but I think it wants a plain black frame.

Yesterday, we didn't do anything. We talked a lot, and we were going to go to the ice cream social attached to the art show, but just never made it. It was actually nice, because we're usually running around like crazy when I come out here.

Today, we went to a huge rummage sale and bought a paper box full of books, mostly biographies for Grama. She really likes biographies. For myself, though, I bought a 1932 edition of Nancy's Mysterious Letter, one of the early Nancy Drew novels, in pretty good condition, a French phrase book (just because), The Devil in the White City by Erik Larsen, and Bringing Tuscany Home by Frances Mayes. That latter has been on my wishlist for a while, so I was pleased to find it.

It looks like the weather for this week is supposed to be rainy (it's raining right now), so I'm not sure how much of our usual stuff we will actually do, since a lot of it is outside stuff, but we shall see. But just now, dinner is nearly ready, so I need to get my laptop off the table.

4 July

Jul. 4th, 2017 09:08 pm
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It's 9:05 p.m. I would normally start getting ready for bed around now, especially as I have to work in the morning. But the municipal fireworks won't even start for another hour, and they'll last twenty minutes to half an hour. So...not much point in even bothering to brush my teeth for another hour. I've already watched one movie this evening; maybe I'll toss in another short one. Or find some noisy television. The booming doesn't bother Jack too much, but he doesn't care for it.

Oh, wait. There goes the neighborhood. I was hoping it'd be quiet this year.
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Poor Jack has been egregriously abused this weekend. First, I dosed him with Interceptor yesterday morning (though he didn't seem to mind it), then last evening I grabbed his tail to get him off a young woodchuck that he caught in the backyard. (The woodchuck died.) And just now, I dosed him with his monthly flea/tick drops. He hates that. He actually ran away from me and I had to corner him to administer them. Of course, he might also have still been upset over me dragging him in by his collar last evening, so that when I grabbed his collar this morning.... Well, it's done for another month. I understand there are different meds out there now, but I just refilled these and can't return them, so that's that.

In any case, the abuse is ongoing because I won't let him go out and roll in the dewey grass until the drops have had a chance to dry. I am evil.

Aaaand I just ejected Kethri from my office because she was headed for the smelly corner where she has been peeing, and where the enzyme stuff is supposed to be taking the smell away (and hopefully when it's finally dry, it will have). Since last weekend, I have had a child gate across the doorway (she can't jump that high any longer), but I have it open right now because she was asleep on my bed. Apparently it's time for her midmorning yowl about starvation, though.

I went to my first garage sale of the season yesterday morning. These folks up the street -- across the street from where the kittens are now hanging out -- have a garage sale every summer and they always have great stuff. I missed it last year, so I wanted to make sure to get up there this year. I came home with a marble-inlaid side table, a fancy Deco-influenced floor lamp that was probably $150 new, what I think is probably a rag rug but which I am likely to use as a throw, and a few pieces of costume jewelry that were likely handmade, including a wire-wraped labradorite oval on a velvet cord. I do love labradorite. And I spent a total of $42. Not too shabby. The table will go in the breezeway. The lamp will be used in the house in one or another of my reading spots, all of which need better lighting. Oh, I also bought a winey-red quatrefoil-patterned poofy ottoman which will also go in the breezeway; in fact, I was using it this morning, while sitting out there reading for a bit. When I get the room cleaned out and redecorated, I am going to love it out there. I am already quite fond of it and it still has all the ugly hallmarks of HTWIWM's storage area. Unfortunately, I can't get it completely cleaned out without cleaning the garage and that's not going to happen until Mom and Dad get their crap out of there. It has now been two months since the first garage sale, and they have only been back once to get stuff. I am not really surprised, just tired of not having the use of my garage. Bleah.

The local KMart is closing, and their liquidation sale has started. There is a breakfast nook set of furniture -- a picnic-style table, a bench, and then two backed benches that form a corner, all in a light honey finish -- that I covet, that I was hoping would be reduced low enough to justify purchasing for the breezeway. Actually, I really only want the table; maybe when it gets closer to the place actually closing, they'll be anxious to sell the floor model.

Hmph. Just had a neighbor knock on the door with his daughter -- had to run upstairs to put on a bra before I answered the door -- she wants the tub. Actually, she was hoping I'd give it to her, and when I told her it was in my garage sale for $125, she asked if I'd take $30 for it. I told her the best I could do was $75. But really? $30 for a cast iron claw foot tub that even has faucets? I know I've had a helluva time selling it, but really? It's not my problem that they live in Maryland and would have to figure out a way to get it there. Not. My. Problem. I'm perfectly willing to put it back in the garage forever (and stop people from knocking on my damned front door).

Oh, whatever. Time to think about mowing the lawn.
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victress: A heroine. [Hezekiah Burhans's Nomenclature and Expositor, 1833
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Guess who overslept by nearly half an hour today? Guess who's lucky that she didn't have to be to work at the usual time?

Go on, guess.

Today I have to drop the van off at the garage to have the rattling noise -- which has not recurred -- looked at. I will also have them add the brake fluid and possible throw the code-checky-thingummy at it to make sure that's all it wants. I am hoping they won't need it for any longer than it takes me to have breakfast at MacDhougal's which is two doors down. When I made the appointment, they said they'd need it for several hours, but here's hoping....


And here I am at home, waiting for them to call me. Even though I was there at 8:28, and they open at 8:30, it was apparent that they weren't going to get to Das Woofenwagen right away as they already had two cars up on lifts. And, indeed, I have been home for an hour and am still waiting for their call. The funny thing was that as I was passing Tim Horton's on the way home, Co-Conspirator P was pulling out from the drive-thru and informed me I was headed the wrong way. Which I was...sort of. So I had to explain that I'd be seeing her later, as soon as they're done with the van.

The Gecko is out in the living room, sitting in the chair playing on her laptop. I'm sure that as soon as I leave to go get the van, she'll sack out on the couch. She slept all through my lunch hour yesterday. It kind of annoys me that she spends so much time sleeping while she's here, but Jack doesn't mind, and that's what really matters. The new day care place on my way to work has opened; I need to stop and ask them what their rates are. And if they're affordable, get Jack vaccinated for kennel cough, as that's the only one we skimp on.

Which reminds the vet's office; Jack needs more [expensive] meds. Let's see...Interceptor and Dasuquin...that'll be $120 easily. Good thing tomorrow's pay day. Whee!

Speaking of meds, I need to see about switching pharmacies again. CVS is too expensive.

I did finish A Wizard Abroad yesterday afternoon. It's the fourth book in the Young Wizards series. I still have the fifth, as well as The Book of Night With Moon actually on my shelves. I was going to just power through them, but when I read the back cover of the next one, I just wasn't interested. The characters don't really grab me, and TBoNwM apparently has cats as main characters and I actually don't like animals as main characters. Ramoth and Mnementh or Yfandes or Rolan are one thing (and not main characters, anyway), but.... *shrug* So when I got ready to go out this morning, I grabbed the next Miss Fisher book. I have three backed up and waiting,, I think, to catch up to the current book in the series. Though I did also eye Anansi Boys since I recently reread American Gods.

Uncomfortable news in the 'hood recently. My next-door neighbor, K, called me to the fence the other evening to warn me about a couple of youngish guys who approached Mrs. T across the street the day before that. Mrs. T is probably in her 90s now, but still goes for long walks a couple of times a day. These two guys approached her as she was returning from her morning walk (so...around 9:00 or so) and asked if they could mow her lawn. She has B next door take care of it for her, and he'd just mown it a couple of days before this, so of course she said no. They passed her and went on up the street, and she went home. But she happened to look out the window and saw them turn around and come back and up her driveway. She went outside to see what they wanted; she wanted to be in plain sight of the other neighbors when she did. They told her they needed gas money, and she replied that they'd come to the wrong person for that. They did go away again, but she was understandably frightened. When K told me, the evening of the day after this happened, Mrs. T had not yet filed a report with the sheriff's department. I hope she has since. Apparently, the Gossip has been muttering about shooting people...which, really, I am not surprised that he has a gun or six. But if anything happened to Mrs. T, the entire street would be up in arms. There hasn't been any sign of them again, so far as I know, which is good.
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  • The weather forecast called for rain all day, and I was sort of relieved because it meant I could watch movies on the couch all day without feeling guilty. Right now? It's sunny, and although the forecast is still calling for rain, sort of, I don't see any on the map.

  • I just painted my nails bright red. I only paint them this particular shade in the summer. In the winter, I use darker, wine-ier, metallic shades. This is just red. Bright red. Popsicle-red. Summer red.

  • The cat has apparently decided that she will now be peeing in my office, thank you very much. I thought it smelled in here, but I also know that she has been using the litter box upstairs -- and I have been endeavoring to keep it clean for her -- but I heard some rustling over by the window -- and all of a sudden she came bounding out of there. I had thought it was Jack dreaming, but he's in the living room. And the corner reeks. As soon as my nails are dry I will have to go clean and bleach the corner. And put up a child gate across the door to keep her out for a couple of weeks to break the habit. And then wait to see where else she decides to go instead of any of the six litter boxes.

  • Given Tremas and the Portreeve, I should've seen that coming last night on Doctor Who.

  • I did go out and mow the front yesterday. I wasn't going to, but it was looking a little raggedy and I caved to implied homeowner peer pressure (because I was the only person on the street who hadn't mown in the last three days).

  • I have decided that once my parents get their crap out of my garage, I will clean all of the lawn tools and storage and such out of the breezeway except for one snow shovel and one broom. There's no reason to have all that stuff out there cluttering up a perfectly nice space when I have a whole garage I can clutter up. Then I will put a table out there so if I want to eat or work out there I can. I'd still like a deck, but this will do for now.
  • Fucking cat. My office reeks.
  • I suppose I should make an appointment to see if she has an infection, but I think she's probably either senile (she is 19 now) or lazy. Ever since the Great Flea Infestation of 2016, she's been peeing pretty much where she chooses.

  • I saw a rescue dog go by on FB the other day that I think would have been a perfect companion for Jack, but I'm certain it's far too late to apply for him.

  • Related: The Gecko is doing much better with her hygiene. Thank goodness. Mind you, I'm still not taking the covers off the furniture, and I probably never will as long as she's sitting Jack.

  • Still reading the Young Wizards series. I'm not liking it as much as I had hoped. Enough to keep reading it, but.... Meh.

  • Speaking of wizards, I saw one of those special editions that Time does: Twenty Years of Harry Potter or something along those lines, with a cover photo of Daniel Radcliffe from Chamber of Secrets (you can tell from his school uniform and his apparent age -- not young enough to be from the first movie, but not the same uniform as they wore in the later movies). Twenty years? Not of the movies, I know, but of the books. Already? How is it that long already?

  • Right. I think I'm going to go to a different part of the house to let my nails finish drying before I tackle the smell in this room.
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vexillation: A company of men of arms under one standard. [Thomas Blount's Glossographia, 1656]

The calendar's author also defines "standard," but I think you guys can figure that one out on your own, being, you know, eddycated and all.
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Somehow my brain got on the subject of tattoos this morning. I have been contemplating getting a tattoo (or two) for my 50th birthday. After Fawkes, I had always planned to get another, probably on my left shoulder to balance out Fawkes on my right calf. Wouldn't want to be crooked.

I had always scorned those tattoos based on media symbolism -- I couldn't understand why someone would want Porky Pig permanently on their body -- but Fawkes is actually derived from a medallion worn by a character in a '70s TV show (that ran about eight episodes), so...lesson learned. Things that mean something to you mean something to you.

With that in mind, I have for a long time wanted my next tattoo to be some variation of the Seal of Rassilon, perhaps with a starfield or something representing solar winds or some such. I quite like this one, which I ran across only this morning. Difficult for the artist, though, I should think. I also considered getting it in white ink, but I'm not entirely certain about that.

I recently started thinking about other things, and the prophecy poem from The Dark Is Rising popped into my head. (As personally important things go, that's a Big One.) It could be done in any number of fonts, including Circular Gallifreyan and Sindarin (or Quenya). That might be cool.

In any case, it is something that requires a great deal more thought.
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Changing medical providers is a pain in the butt. I have spent a good chunk of the last couple of weeks on switching from a place in Rochester to a place in Buffalo(ish), and I still haven't finished the process as I have to get the records transferred and when I called the Rochester place, I had to leave a message instead of actually speaking to someone.

At least I'm not working today, although this is not how I planned to spend the day.

I went to my GYN's office this morning for my annual exam (and as part of this process), and was in and out of there in under an hour. I don't think I've ever been out of there in such a short time, but I guess that's the difference between seeing the doctor and seeing the PA. I miss seeing the doc; we always chat a bit, and while the PA is very nice, she's pretty much all business.

Ah, well.

Next month is going to be busy.... I have to train the new girl (on nursing home cases this time) the first week, then I'm on vacation the second week, then I have to go to Buffalo for my appointment the third week, then the fourth week is that wretched training for three days. I thought about scheduling my mammo appointment for that week, but unless they had evening appointments, it wouldn't work out.


The mini-heat wave broke last evening, and it is supposed to be only in the mid-70s today. It was pretty dreary this morning and there was still rain, but in the last twenty minutes or so, the sky has cleared and it's sunny out now. I may have to go out and sit on the patio in the sun. (Let's be honest: I may have to drag my chair onto the patio and take a [short] nap in the sun.)

My parents' stuff is still in my garage. I have contemplated going out there and packing it up for them, but I'm certain that my mother has a system. Though it would serve her right if I had things all every which way since it has now -- if memory serves -- been a month since the second garage sale, and they have made no attempt to come clean things up. I don't use my garage for much, but I do need to have it cleaned up in order to finish cleaning the breezeway out, if only because I need to swap space, and to be able to get at the lumber racks in the back of the garage to stuff the bits and pieces of trim from the house that are currently stacked in a corner of the breezeway. I packed up most of my own stuff already, so it's almost entirely her stuff out there, and there isn't even enough space to collapse the tables that have been cleared off.


Chair. Patio. Blessed, blessed sunlight.
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It has been a busy weekend so far. Last night, BFT and I went out to see Wonder Woman for a second time. The movie was much better without a huge head in the middle of the screen. Also, it had been switched into the largest of the auditoriums; when the film opened, it was in one of the two smallest of the houses. The Big House was a far better venue.

By the time I got home, it was nearly 10:00 p.m., but I had left the house closed up because Jack Is Not To Be Trusted, so before I could go to bed, I needed to get some fresh air in. So it was 11:00 p.m. before I went to bed...and I woke up -- boing! at 2:00 a.m. I'm not certain what woke me, but Jack decided that it was a great time to do that stalkery, panty, starey thing he does when he just stands there in the middle of the room, then tries to get in bed with me. It occurred to me to wonder if it was a reaction to the Benadryl I gave him before I left for the movie, or if he was just overheated because it still was pretty warm upstairs.

I opened the bedroom door and he eventually wandered downstairs and was down there for a while, so perhaps it was just the heat. I guess I'll find out tonight.

This morning was all of the regular Saturday chores with the exception of paying bills. Since I don't have anything that can't wait to go out until Monday, I'll write checks either tomorrow or Monday morning. I am taking Monday off; my schedule got changed at work, making my GYN appointment even less convenient than it already was, so I decided to just take the day off. The person I was filling in the 9-5 shift for decided to work, so I was put back on my regular schedule. Besides, it occurred to me that I usually take the day off when I go to the GYN because it's usually a lengthy wait and then I have to go home to clean up after. So, long story longer, I can write checks Monday morning as I will have time before my appointment.

Jack hasn't wanted to let me out of his sight since I got home last night, and I didn't want to leave him a second time today, so I loaded him in the van and took him with me to go mow Grama's yard. And then when I couldn't get the gas can at Gram's to release gasoline into the mower (these new spouts; I can't figure them out), I loaded him back into the van to drive home to get my own equipment. Which is what I should have done to begin with. In any case, the lawn got mowed, and I came home sopping wet because it was hot and humid and later than I intended; I wanted to be home by noon. Instead, I was home by 1:00.

Then there was lunch, a shower, a nap, walkies, and a lengthy telephone conversation with MyAuntie, and now it's getting on toward time for Doctor Who. And it feels cool enough out here to open the house back up and work on getting it cooled down for bedtime....
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I dreamed about HTWIWM last night. I dream about him far more often than I would expect given how long it has been since he left me. The dreams are usually melancholy and/or bittersweet. I am aware that I am dreaming, and yet.... Sometimes, in the dreams, we are happy and I wake up crying. Sometimes he's leaving me and I'm trying to persuade him otherwise. But no matter the dream, he is always kind or gentle as fits the setting. Last night's dream was the first time he was cruel, like he was when he left in real life, when he told me that it wasn't me and the listed all the reasons it was, or that if he stayed, he was either going to beat me or kill himself, or that he would always love me but didn't expect to ever see me again -- or even worse, maybe he would change his mind someday and show back up at my door. He was always good with words, and sometimes the words he flayed me with come back. I guess last night was one of those times.


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