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Mar. 2nd, 2016 07:40 am
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I am not going to work again today. I am not so sick that I couldn't, but I still don't feel great, and by midmorning, I'd be miserable. (I'm already kind of sorry that I've been up for two hours, and will probably go take a nap.) So I'm staying home. I've worked there for twenty-two years (yesterday, in fact, was my anniversary date), and I have a lot of sick time built up. I did, however, run out to the store and get some cold medicine. And a loaf of bread. And a couple of boxes of not-Kleenex. I'll have to go in tomorrow, but I'm already only working part of the day as I'm supposed to take Grama uptown. Whee.

It seems like a good day to stay home and go back to bed, anyway. It's gusty and cold -- much colder than yesterday.

I might do a little bit more than I did yesterday, or I might not. I am starting to feel more miserable than I did an hour ago. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours trying to find a photograph on my hard drive, and was not able to. I ended up downloading a copy from Facebook, of all things. Then I watched the first episode of All Creatures Great and Small, and the first episode of Buck Rogers (the movie, in which we learn that there are actually lyrics to the theme song, and that the movie's opening titles are vaguely embarrasing). In the evening, I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, the best line of which, I am beginning to think, is Ultron's irritated, "Oh, for God's sake!" when the Hulk jumps into his jet as he is leaving Sokovia (then tosses him out and steals the jet).

Right. Sick. Nap.
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I got up on time this morning (i. e., at 5:00 a.m., instead of 5:40 or later) intending to go for a walk. By the time I finally managed to get Sheila on her feet and out the door, it was 6:15. And then she had to go out again five minutes later. Since I have to go to WickedMart and get food for her (I forgot yesterday) before work, I have no time for a walk this morning. Or today at all, since I'll be stopping to see Gram after work and then I have a meeting this evening that will take all evening.

But I have time for El Jay. I always have time for El Jay, my only friend, the only one who understands me.... What? Oh, and Dreamwidth, too.

Sheila's infection is not clearing up, which means that when she does get up to go out, she wants to go out several times in a row and each time she wanders about the yard, dotting it here and there with bloody urine. It's frustrating for me and painful for her. I need to call the vet's office and ask if there's a doggy equivalent of Uristat (which is a pain reliever specifically targeted for UTIs). Of course, given that she's on Rimadyl and tramodol, she probably can't take anything else....

I suppose the lesson for tomorrow, assuming I haul my carcas out of bed, is to put down puppy pads and just freakin' go walkies. Because when I adjust my schedule to my pets, I get nothing accomplished for myself.
In other news, very little got down around here, yesterday. It was a gorgeous day: sunny, breezy, temps in the 70s. I ran some errands in the morning, sat out in the sun a bit, read a bit, and actually cooked dinner. Now I have leftovers for tonight, which is good since I'll be hurrying.

My parents popped in last night with a small, thoroughly beat-up chest that they wanted to know if I could identify for them. Mom thought maybe it was something D&D-related. (Or pagany, though she didn't say that.) So Dad set the chest down and I opened it to find...mah jongg. It was full of mah jongg tiles. Older ones, and probably not a complete set. I was really surprised that my parents didn't know what mah jongg is, but even more surprised that they'd think I would. Oh, well, Mom thought they were rune-stones or something. I am boggled sometimes.
I am not looking forward to work today. More and more, I begin to wonder if I really could manage to retire when I'm 55 (eight years). I could increase my deferred compensation contribution by a little bit; I always thought that I couldn't get my deferred comp until I was 65, but apparently, I can get it as soon as I retire. Mind you, it's not worth retiring if I'd then have to turn around and go work at WickedMart....
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I switched on the furnace yesterday. The temperature had hovered all day within half a degree of what I consider to be too cold (and what HTWIWM considered to be just right), and I decided that I should turn it on when I didn't really need it to be sure that it did, indeed, come on. I forgot that the programming of the electronic thermostat is all messed up so that while it goes into overnight mode at 9:00 p.m., it switches back to day mode at 10:00 p.m....which generally means that I just stay up until 10:00 and switch it back...but then it switches back to day mode at midnight, which usually means that I wake up around 2:30 a.m. with it stifling in my bedroom because I keep the door closed. And then I can't get back to sleep until after 5:00 a.m....and I generally get up between 5:30 and 6:00. Figures, right? Mind you, it only does this on Sundays.

But, hey, [ profile] chamisa, it was nice running into you in Rome like that in my dream....

I really need to find the instructions for the thermostat and fix that, but for some reason, I am reluctant to, perhaps because I don't really understand the workings, and so I don't want to mess with it. Kinda like the leaky faucet in the kitchen that has leaked for years. And years. Since before HTWIWM took off, in fact. It leaked then because he doesn't like plumbing and didn't want to fix it. It leaks now because I'm too afraid of getting water everywhere to get out the book I have that shows how to fix a leaky faucet and fix it myself, and every time I ask my parents for substantive help...well. Though I suppose I could ask Dad to come watch me fix it to make sure I'm doing it right.

On the other hand, if Kethri drinks at the dribble....

I had planned a pajama day yesterday, but got restless and ended up going out and chasing the sun for a while. It got away. But I did take a few more autumn pictures. I would normally drive west, but since solid clouds were coming in from the west, I went east instead. I briefly considered following the sun all the way into the next county, and doing a big loop home, but decided to turn left, instead, and come back and finish mowing the lawn. Except by the time I got home, I had already decided that the lawn could fend for itself, because I was coming inside to wrap up in a blankie and watch movies all afternoon...except that never quite worked out, either. First, I edited the photos, had lunch, went back out and got dye and recolored my hair, did laundry, and by the time I actually hit the couch, it was already late afternoon. I watched Thor and was planning to move on either Captain America or Iron Man, but decided to read instead.

And that's the story of my Sunday.

Today, there are a lot of things I need to do, but I am disinclined to move. Apparently, crouching for that leaf picture the other night annoyed my tendon, but mowing the backyard really pissed both of them off, because both feet are bothering me today, which is something that I absolutely do not need. This afternoon, I have a doctor appointment, otherwise, I'd just do today what I had planned on yesterday.
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  • I keep losing track of what day it is. Today is Wednesday, right? I have a doctor appointment tomorrow that was supposed to be after work, but when I rescheduled it, I didn't realize I'd be working in the uptown office, and I work different hours there. So I have to leave early, and I keep thinking that today is the day. It isn't.

  • We had farewell treats for the receptionist uptown yesterday. She's moving to a HEAP position today. They're apparently not replacing her until the week after next, so we'll all be doing phone duty in the meantime.

  • I actually accomplished a thing or three yesterday; I had a stack of things that I hadn't sorted out since the last time I was uptown, and I got through it yesterday. In between trips to the breakroom for chips (the dip was really good) or cookies.

  • Merlin is back on antibiotics. He's got that respiratory infection again. Dammit. Pill the cat. At least I can do it without a lot of fuss...because I've had entirely too much practice.

  • [ profile] fanghopper suggested that, as a gubmint employee, I might enjoy Parks & Recreation. I rejoined Netflix over the weekend, so I have the first disc of the first season sitting on the washer (which is where I dump the mail when I come in). I'll probably watch some of it this evening.

  • Merlin continues to insist on being on the dining room table. I'm beginning to contemplate moving it out of the dining room into the back room just so that I can pretend I don't know he's up there. I have to get up and squirt him off of there at least a dozen times an evening. Maybe he'll stop when I turn on the furnace, because then he'll want to have his butt firmly lodged against the vent grate, so he can catch all the warm bunnies.

  • Speaking of bunnies, my backyard is teeming with rabbits. Every time I open the back door to let Sheila out, rabbits scurry. Yesterday morning, there was even a stray (or feral) cat out there...possibly even the one I nearly hit several days ago. It's a fuzzy grey thing. If it wants to hunt chipmunks in my backyard, it's welcome. It's not like Sheila can see it, anyway.

  • I have finally figured out the structure of Shada. It's paced and divided into sections as the episode would have been had it been completely filmed. Okay, then. That makes sense. I find that it's much less irritating if I have a chance to sit down and concentrate on reading it. It's not the sort of thing where a page here and a page there really works.

  • Sheila is whining behind me. She doesn't actually want to go out. She wants her after-breakfast treat. Which she generally gets for going out and being a good girl (and, yes, that's a euphemism)...except that of late, she's been skipping the "good girl" part and just going out, standing under the oak tree, then coming in for her biscuit. And then, when I'm running around trying to get dressed, she insists on going back out. Which means that I need to stop giving her the biscuit unless she actually accomplishes what she's outside for. Though I'm not certain she would understand the distinction.

  • Nimue yarked her breakfast this morning. She is now doing everything in her power to piss me off so that I'll get up off my duff and refill her bowl. This tends to include trying to get into the under-sink household chemical storage cupboard. She had actually gotten to the point where she could get it open, despite the stopper which had loosened up enough that it was basically useless. So I tightened it, and now she's just lying there scratching at it. It's not like my kitchen cupboards can't take the abuse; they have no corners anymore, thanks to Garion's puppyhood chewing (and I can't fix that as easily as I fixed the section of wall that he and Deuce chewed), so they're hardly stellar examples of the breed. In fact...if I ever have the kitchen remodeled (and not just repainted), they will not survive.

  • I am really annoyed to find that all the much-touted Avengers extras are only on the Blu-Ray edition. This actually pisses me off quite a lot. I love the behind-the-scenes stuff and gag reels and interviews and so on, and was really looking forward to them. I bought the edition I did because -- well, because I misread the packaging. Where it says that all the DVD extras are included on the Blu-Ray disk, what it means is not that that's where I'll find the extras in DVD format, it means that the commentary and single featurette extra on the DVD version are also included on the Blu-Ray version. I suppose DVDs are headed the way of VHS? (Though I still use my VCR from time to time.)

  • Aaaand we're back to clawing at the cabinet again.

  • I get started on these lists and I find it hard to stop. Part of that is that I just don't want to get on with my morning....
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  • Wow. I can't think of anything to say this morning. How often does that happen? And yet I will probably still natter on for several paragraphs because I can't just stop typing and go away. Which means...a list!

  • My feet/ankles/lower legs were all normal-sized when I got up this morning, for the first time since I arrived in Rome three weeks ago. They actually looked too thin; I've gotten used to seeing them look like sausages. Weird.

  • Friday, pay day, and three-day weekend. The beloved workplace combination. And my supervisor is off today. Even better!

  • On the other hand, it's the last day of the month, so I have to go to the credit union and make my mortgage and car payments after work. Yay?

  • I have been getting a lot of compliments on the few photos that I have hung at work. One of the Coli Flavian Amphitheater, one of Gregorius Illuminator, a couple of countryside-from-the-bus shots, a street shot from San Gimignano, the globe in the Pigna Courtyard. I have also been getting the you-should-do-this-professionally lectures. At least one person was smart enough to concede that I could do it as a sideline, since I wouldn't make enough to pay my mortgage otherwise.

  • I hope this lingering cough goes away soon.

  • I'm not much of one for putting up a Christmas tree, but I really want these tapestry ornaments, this unicorn, and these pear and pomegranate ornaments. I have a reproduction of the Unicorn in Captivity tapestry hanging in my library (and I accidentally bought another one in Burrano because I forgot about it). I've wanted to do a "medieval" tree for a while now.

  • I daren't show my mother those links. She'll start buying me unicorn crap again, like she did when I was fifteen. Still, that's better than Barbie dolls, I suppose, which she was also buying me.

  • Two more episodes of the last season/series of Doctor Who and I will be ready for tomorrow evening. I have also been amused by this week's Pond Life extremely shorts. I do wish they were a couple of minutes longer. You know, it's funny, but the first time I saw Rory, I thought he was pretty funny looking. Now I think he's terribly handsome. Ood Odd, no? I will miss Rory, at least. Not so sure about Amy.

  • I don't want to go to work. Just so we're clear on that.

  • Moonset this morning was lovely.

  • I had better get a move on or I will be late. Again.
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I've spent a good chunk of the day concentrating on getting another sign done (much to Teddy-Next-Door's delight, as the window in which my art desk is situated is the one under which he barks when he is out) and I have reached a point where I have to wait for parts of it to dry before I can finish it off. So now I'm wandering around the house trying to figure out what to do next. There are plenty of things I could be doing, but none of them sound appealing.

I should probably get outside into the gorgeous day, but I don't feel like doing that, either. (I should at least take Sheila for a walk, but lots of other people seem to have the same idea and I don't feel like dealing with my poorly-behaved dog and their poorly-behaved dog, too. I could go outside and start cleaning up the backyard...but...ugh. Hm. Maybe if it's not too breezy, I could start a fire and burn some stuff....

I am being both vastly amused and vastly annoyed by Other People today. There are a couple of people that I know else'net who are annoying the ever-living shit out of me, one of whom just attempted to become my fre-yend on Facebook. I squashed that one; not only do I have no interest in being friends with this person, I actively dislike him/her. The one that is vastly amusing me is an old friend, about the only person I actually chat with on FB, who has started, if he is online when I log on, immediately logging off. It happens far too often to be coincidence, and yet it amuses me more than it annoys me...though if it catches me in the right mood, it goes beyond annoyance straight to anger. Honestly, if you don't want to chat, just tell me. I'm a big girl; I can take it.

Blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Day of Tues

Mar. 6th, 2012 06:54 am
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I should be exercising. I am not. I'll have to make a point of doing it after work.

It seems that my sister and Number Four are planning to get back together; he is apparently leaving the Army after he gets back from Afghanistan this summer (or whenever) and they're going to settle whereever they can find work. She is finally taking my advice and putting an application in with the county for at least a temporary clerical position. Hopefully, she won't get (re)hired by my agency. The current deputy commissioner doesn't know her, as she worked under the previous one. (The deputy commissioner is in charge of hiring.) She says she does plan to take the keyboard specialist¹ test...which should be coming up this month, actually. We'll see. After nine months, now she gets smart?

My mother tells me that she ran into my former in-laws yesterday, and they inquired after me. I asked her if she told them I was miserable and that I couldn't borrow enough money to fix all of their son's broken promises or if she just told them I was all right. I suspect that when she responds to that email, she'll simply skip past that part. She does that when I get snarky. She did say that the Old Man had fallen and broken his arm. I'll bet that rankles as much as it hurts. I'll have to get him a card. I have always liked him.

And she offered once again to take me car shopping. I'm inclined to accept this time simply because with the cracked windshield, my van makes me look even more desperate. I will probably also have to ask them to take me to Rochester for my mammogram next month. Dammit. Unless I could get my sister to take me? Can I put up with my sister for that long?

I wanted to get in to work a bit early this morning since I basically missed the whole morning yesterday and then didn't get anything accomplished yesterday afternoon, but I can tell that I'm not going to make it.

I might be a bit nervous about tomorrow.
¹ Yeah. "Keyboard specialist." This title was introduced to replace "typist" when people started getting computers because "data entry operator" is actually four paygrades higher and they didn't want the typists getting uppity.
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I cannot seem to escape her. If I'm not dreaming about her lately, then I'm running across her online. WTF, Universe? Are you trying to tell me that I need to be besties with that female? Ain't gonna happen; the only thing she is ever going to get from me is loathing and vitriol. (Loathing and Vitriol, live on stage....)

In other terribly exciting news, I have changed my top because it was driving me crazy. I think it's going to end up in my next garage sale. It's a very fine-knit hooded sweater and it clings. Like crazy. I hate clingy fabrics, but I put it on this morning because it matched my tank top and because the shirt I originally put on wouldn't button around the vast expanse of my belly. (Dammit!) I took the damned thing off and it crackled with static. Next garage sale. Definitely.

Of course, the top I replaced it with is probably too warm for the office.

I wouldn't be having these problems if I could have found the shirt I intended to wear today, but I appear to have packed it away with my summer clothes.

I know, I know. Stupid.

Yesterday morning, I bought pens. I really like Paper Mate's Profile ballpoints. They write smoothly and have a decently thick line. (I hate spidery lines from a pen -- perhaps that's why my marriage ended. I like bold pens and blue ink and he prefers extra-fine pens and black ink.) I was at WickedMart for cat food and dental floss (exciting, no?) and had some time to spare before work, so I checked out the office supplies (as one does). There was a new package of Profiles with new colors. Lured by the exciting thought of brown ink, I bought the package.

I also bought a paperback copy of The Hunger Games. Might as well see what the fuss is about, right? After all, when I saw what all the fuss was about with those books about that boy wizard, I was hooked. (And, sadly, I was also hooked by Twilight -- the book, not the movie. I've seen better acting by high school drama clubs. Still, I have yet to read the other books in the series....)

My clock informs me that it is time to stop dribbling pixels all over LJ and go to work. I'd rather dribble pixels....
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It has been a fairly lazy Sunday so far. I just went out to KMart and came back, as I had a craving for something salty and was out of popcorn. (We won't mention the chips, candy, and clearance sweaters I also bought, nor the fact that I'm supposed to be saving money.) The plan for the afternoon is to find a movie and do some stitching. We'll see if I can manage it.

I made my favorite roasted carrots and potatoes with sausage last night for dinner. I haven't made it since...well, the last time I made it was the first -- and only -- time that I made it for HTWIWM. It was a recipe that I discovered while we were separated that first time, and I made it for him shortly after he moved back in. And that night, whatever gastroenteritis was going around that winter finally caught up with me...and I haven't been able to face the recipe since. So that must have been...three years ago? Yeah, probably. I've missed it. It's really simple: chunk up potatoes and carrots (I use baby carrots cut in half length-wise), drizzle them with olive oil, pepper, salt, and thyme (the recipe calls for fresh, but me buying fresh herbs is simply a waste of money, and I can't grow them as Merlin moonlights as the Death of Plants), roast in a 400° oven for however long pleases you (I generally go between twenty and thirty minutes, 'cause I like 'em browner), and then nom 'em up. I also add a bit of Italian sausage; I boil it most of the way cooked, then chunk it up, and broil it the rest of the way with the veg. Lovely.

I am still largely uninspired about this week's LJI prompt. All I am coming up with is writing about the house. Well, we'll see; if I'm still uninspired later, perhaps I'll pass this week. Better to bye out than not get enough votes because of an uninspired entry, right? Right.

I watched The Graham Norton Show on BBCA last night. I have lately found it to be much funnier than I previously had, enough so that I will actually stay up to watch it if the guests seem appealing. Last night was Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart (and Alan Davies, with whom I am not familiar). The only problem is that BBCA is not showing the entire episode because The Fades runs fifteen minutes long. As far as I'm concerned, they can cut Would You Rather...? short. Anyway, it was pretty amusing, and Patrick Stewart talked about how when he was knighted, a sword suddenly appeared in the Queen's hand, and he didn't know where she got it from. Someone who(m) I will not name here, since it wasn't here that it was posted, theorized that she was an Immortal, then, as she could make a sword appear from nowhere.

When I put the living room back together after the painting, I put the couch against a different wall. Now, in order to watch TV, I have to sit crosswise on the couch. In the last few days, I have noticed pain in my right hip. The only explanation for it is that I am sitting slightly cocky-locky on the couch and wrenching that hip a bit. I hate to put the living room back the way it was, because I find this particular arrangement of the furniture aesthetically pleasing, but I suppose I need to not have my hip all funky. Dammit.

Blah, blah, blather.
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I thought it was supposed to be raining today? It's not. It seems quite lovely out there. In fact, I am about to decamp to the patio with my sunglasses, my book and my dog for a couple of hours.

Sheila and I went walkies most of the way down to the Big Road and back. We'd've gone all the way, but a collie was coming out of the motel parking lot on an excursion of his/her own, so we turned around and came home. All the neighbors know about Cruiser now. I know this because we ran into the folks who live across the street and two doors up, and they told me they were sorry. Wish I could remember their names for certain; I really only have contact with them at the Labor Day Party.

I also went up to Penneys this morning and bought a couple of athletic tees (the mesh, moisture-wicking ones) on the theory that they'd be less sticky to drive in since the a/c in the van isn't really working at all well. The mechanic did say that he couldn't guarantee that it'd continue to work. *shrug* Oh, well. I'm no worse off than I was before, and I'll make certain to have a water dish for Sheila, as well as a small drink cooler and ice. She likes ice cubes.

My heel is still hurting. I am NOT happy. Though I haven't been icing it, and should perhaps try that.

Gak. Kinda sleepy all of a sudden. Sitting in the sun with my book is probably going to make me sleepier....
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Oh, man, I'm sore this morning. That red lawnmower is heavy! Not to mention my Very Special Sunburn. I have actually seen my shoulders redder, but not for a long time. (On my first trip to Michigan, I went to an airshow in...Kalamazoo, I think, with MyAuntie and Nuncle. It was, no kidding, 100° and there was, of course, no shade anywhere because we were on the tarmac. We were all Extremely Red by the time we left.)

I am also very tired, and contemplating a nap, even though it's not quite 10:00 a.m. Though I have already been walkies and out to the store for a grocery run.

The sky is cloudy, and while the weather map indicated that I wouldn't have time even for walkies before the rain started, so far, nothing. The last time I checked, they were saying only a 30% chance of rain. Well, we'll see. The ten-day forecast is showing rain for the next ten days again. Arg.

I got a card from the office yesterday, which was quite nice. I thought it was just from My Twin because the envelope was addressed in her writing, but when I opened the card, it had a couple dozen signatures and little messages. I was really surprised because when my other grandfather died, no one took any notice. I'm sure it was My Twin who put the card out, but still, it was nice that so many people signed it. I'll have to remember to do a thank you card to take in tomorrow morning.

I was contemplating a movie this afternoon, but I think I'll just stay home instead. Though I'd prefer to do nothing for the day, I do have another load of laundry to run (the clothes I mowed in yesterday), and I should probably finish putting the screens on the windows, because by all indications, we're probably not going to have a freeze for a month or so. I was also considering taking Grama to see a movie (of the current offerings, probably Rio), as we haven't been to a movie together since I took her and my great grandmother to see Driving Miss Daisy. Which was a few years ago. But...this will be my fifth day off, and I really need to decompress, I think. I've been go-go-going, and I could really use to stop-stop-stop. That nap is actually sound very attractive right now. And if I took it now, I'd still be able to sleep tonight....
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I note that there are a bunch of movies out on DVD that I will eventually be picking up. I noted this, of course, because I always perambulate through the electronics section of WickedMart on my way from the kitty litter aisle (most of the way to my house) to the soda aisle (halfway to my office¹).

I was unsurprised to see that Tron was re-released at the same time as Tron: Legacy. I have only this to say: I have never seen Tron, but I knew who starred in it, and sort of knew the plot. I called the identity of the Black Rider/Assassin on that basis, less than halfway through Legacy. Because there are only so many characters, and it had to be one of them. If one pays attention, ones does absorb the basics of story-telling. Gun on the mantel, etc. Anyway, I intend to pick up Tron since I still have never seen it.

(In this same manner, I have already predicted the outcome of the current Aunt Dimity book, which I am about a third of the way through, based on the way the other twelve books in the series were structured.)

What else was out there? Oh, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Anyone taking bets on whether or not The Silver Chair even gets made? Let alone A Horse and his Boy? Though, actually, I'd like to see the latter, because the actors are all certainly old enough for it, now...and it would be interesting to see how they managed to work the White Witch into yet another book where she didn't appear on account of being dead already, fercryin'outloud.

In other, non-movie news, there seemed to be less transmission fluid on the ground this morning. I could do with there being none, and perhaps it'll get there after all.

It occurred to me this morning that BFT (who still lives with her parents as a cost-saving measure) and I could go in together and buy a duplex. She could live in one half, and I could live in the other. We could be old non-maids together, and both be out there with brooms cursing the neighborhood kids. Though we'd really have to make sure that the dividing wall was properly sound-proofed, because the thought of living that close to someone else's music again.... Anyway, it might actually work out. Probably wouldn't, but it's a nice thought, eh?

It would certainly work out better than my grandmother's plan that she, my spinster cousin, and I should all move in together after Grampa dies. Which still wouldn't work out since she also seems to expect that I'm going to take over her house...which becomes more and more tempting, even though her house is a) within the city limits (higher taxes and exorbitant water/sewer charges), b) much, much farther from my office, and c) smaller than my current abode. Oh, and d) is too close to the neighbors.

The weather wiseacres are declaring today to be a Nice Day, but so far it's just grey and damp. I am not impressed.

I requested my vacation time, yesterday afternoon. I may have miscalculated how much time I will have available by mid-July. We'll see.

The blather seems to be slowing to a trickle. Probably an indication that I need to get to work on my Saturday chores.
¹ It's a Super² WickedMart, and yes, it is that big.

² In the sense of "large," not in the sense of "wonderful." It is still WickedMart, after all, and if I could afford not to, I wouldn't shop there.
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I am suddenly moving slowly enough that the comic book ellipsis is appropriate. I could even take a nap¹, I suspect, though I really need to finish my chores (yes, it's after noon already, and I haven't finished my chores. I've barely started them. See? I certainly can't nap until after I've paid my bills because even though the mail carrier doesn't come until midafternoon, if I settled down for a nap now, I'd be certain to miss him.

And my knee hurts². But we knew that.
¹ Actually, I probably couldn't because Nimue is *meep* *meep* *meep*ing about something.

² It's actually kind of funny that it's Gimpy Leg. Stoopid Gimpy Leg; can't do anything right³.

³ Despite it being my...wait for it...right leg.
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Well, first, I got up late, then I went out and shuffled money around so I could pay my property taxes, then I limped around WickedMart (needed dog food and wanted to pick up season 1 of Earth: Final Conflict for $10 before they realized they mispriced¹ it), then I came home and noodled around online for a bit, wrote a check, limped said check to the mailbox², came back in, watched four episodes of 'Allo, 'Allo³, with the last one ending about ten minutes after the mailman came through (yes, the disk was from Netflix), and took a nap.

Exciting, no?

Still have gotten nowhere with trying to figure out how to go about submitting a prose entry to the Pent. I even contacted the coordinator for this year's Pent and she wasn't certain. Well, that's not true. She was certain about some aspects of it, but not certain about what I was proposing, which was a novel-length manuscript with accompanying documentation (which I know I can do because that's what I had to do for my master's project, lo, these many years ago). Maybe I'll just go ahead with it, submit it next year and see where we end up. Or maybe I'll work up something far shorter to submit this year, though I've only got about three weeks to do it. On the other hand, I could probably whip up a research paper in that amount of time, though a research paper isn't what I'm considering for next year.

Also? It occurs to me that I'm suddenly so gung ho about this because it feels a bit like going back to school, which is something I've wanted to do for quite a long time.
¹ I think it must be mispriced, since on WickedMart's website, it's priced at $35, which is comparable with other sellers.

² My driveway desperately needs to be shoveled.

³ The first disk of the second season, which introduces the English spy/policeman with the outrrrrrrrrrrrrrageous accent. I always loved him, because I always imagined that was pretty much what my American!French accent sounds like. Plus his dialogue was pretty damned funny. Sophomoric, in some cases, but funny.
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I am so very tired this morning. This week has dragged on and on and on and on and on and on and...well, you get the idea. I haven't done any work on the house since the end of my vacation, and that's starting to get to me. My breezeway is filled with trash overflow from my tiny shed because first the dumpster hadn't been emptied and now it's going to be impossible to get to until there's a bit of a thaw. I'm seriously considering signing up for curbside pickup, if I can figure out what company it is that does it and how much they charge a month. There are four or five other folks in the neighborhood who have pickup, but I haven't seen one of the trucks in a while, so I can't remember who does it.

I'm back to pilling Merlin daily because his upper respiratory infection is back. The funny thing about this is that before I had to pill Kethri, I thought Merlin was difficult, but it turns out he's easy-peasy. Of course, catching him at lunchtime when he's generally sleepy helps. Though the last few days, he's been meeting me at the back door when I come home. If he thinks getting pilled is positive attention, then I need to pet him more often.

Well, I need to pet them all more often; the lack of attention to my pets is one of my many failures.

Yeah, I'm in that sort of mood this morning.

I'm also considering donating my extra van to the local NPR station. If I did it in the next couple of weeks, I could get the tax credit almost right away. And given what people have been telling me, the tax credit is probably more money than I'd get for the thing trying to sell it. The only problem that I can see, then, is that I wouldn't get the hatches on the two vans switched, because it certainly can't be done in this weather. On the other hand, I haven't actually needed to open the hatch on the purple van since I discovered that the latch was only held in by the lock wiring. I do think I need to nurse the purple van through another couple of years until I can get my stupid credit cards paid off (I know better than that, dammit, and yet whenever I get really, really down, it's off to Amazon I go).

I'm trying, too, to decide whether to sign up for the flex account for next year. I don't go to the doctor all that often, but I do buy supplies for my contact lenses and I'll need a new prescription before the end of next year, and the place I go doesn't accept my insurance, so it's all out-of-pocket. On the other hand, it's not really a large enough expense to justify the account, in my opinion. Though I could certainly open the account and then have my eyes lasered, which is tempting. If I could use it to pay for Y fees or WW fees, I'd do it no question. But unless you have a prescription for those things, it won't. Which is what stopped me last year...and is obviously going to stop me this year, too.

I am also in the middle of a massive Impostor Syndrome attack. I showed a couple of people at work my cardinal photo on the WBFO website and it's been slowly spreading around the office. One of my friends is urging me to find a way to make money off the photo. "It's the most beautiful winter photo I've ever seen!" she tells me.'s a crop from a larger photo. It can't be that good -- I took it. Who am I to take photos that people would like? And so on. It doesn't matter how often people tell me it's good. I can see that it's good, and yet.... *shrug*

On a far better note, though, I think I have finally found the opening into that Regency Faery Thingummy that's been sitting like a huge lump in the back of my head for two years or more. I need to start keeping a notebook in the car so I can pull over when I have apostrophes. Of this weather, the pen would be an inksicle....

Right. I need to out the dogs and get dressed for work.
malinaldarose: (frodo_reading) status update would say, "Mali Rose is waiting for her hair color to finish baking so she can rinse it and get on with her day, but in the meantime, she is spamming Facebook LiveJournal."

And so I am. I decided what the heck; the roots were getting pretty obvious, and I had a box (because I bought it this morning), so..."fixed my seams" as one of my supervisors says. I should probably be using this time at the computer to edit vacation photos (finally!) or do my online $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping, since shipping time is getting tight, or listing more of HTWIWM's crap on eBay, but instead, here I am.

It is fairly obvious at this point (midafternoon) that nothing is going to get done on the house today. Oh, well. There's always tomorrow.

So...I am up to 67 books for the year, which is really a rather poor showing for me, though last year I only managed 68. The year before, I read 89 and the year before that, I hit 100, as I recall. I should be able to squeeze three more books in before midnight on New Year's Eve. Last evening, before I went out, I finished Little (Grrl) Lost by Charles de Lint. I was a little disappointed in it; everything seemed a little too easy for the two heroines, TJ and Elizabeth, but it was technically a YA book, and those rarely get too complicated. And when they do, they tend to lose the YA label. Next up is Tithe by Holly Black; I've had it on my shelf forever, but hadn't read it.

And, yes, I am totally reading short books to be able to hit 70 by the end of the year, though if I really, really wanted to be cheesy and cheat, I'd read The Chronicles of Narnia, because even working full time and only reading during my breaks at work and at mealtimes, I can still get through all seven in six days. I think all the Shadow Unit that I've read this year should also count as at least one book.

Ah, I hear the mailman's truck outside...not that it makes any difference, since I'm not going to run across the street to the mailbox with my baking hair twisted up onto my head.
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I am contemplating getting dressed and heading out to WickedMart for a gallon of Killz for the bedroom (though it probably needs more than a single gallon; maybe I should get two). And I was also considering actually buying that TV they have on sale. I've wanted a largish flat screen for two years, and I do have money in my account that didn't get used for the van. Though it should get used for tires. I do so hate being a Responsible Adult. On the other hand, this is something I've wanted for a long time and the next time there'll be such a good price on a comparable item will be another year from now.

I do have to go out later, in any case, to go to the post office. I think I'm going to just buy a roll of stamps and have done, since I'll need them for cards as well as bills this coming month. While I'm out, I should stop by the credit union and drop off my mortgage payment, but that can wait until Monday, or even Tuesday when I go back to work, because then I'll be just down the block from the credit union.

Last night's movie was A Muppet Christmas Carol, and I didn't realize that Belle's song wasn't in the theatrical release. Doesn't matter, I started blubbing there, anyway. And then I switched to the "extended" version (which was the only version I'd ever seen), and suffered through the song, anyway. Hey, I was already weeping, so what the heck.

Gotta love holidays.

So My Twin and her new husband are coming up tomorrow to help me out with the house. She and I are going to work in the bedroom, but I'm not sure what we're going to set him to doing. This means that I have a completely different set of tasks for today than I had originally planned. I need to bake cookies, clean out my bedroom (as much as possible, anyway, since there isn't a lot of swap space upstairs), make sure I have Mt. Dew and maybe beer in the house, clean the bathroom (always clean the bathroom when there's going to be company!), and do some of my regular Saturday tasks like changing the kitty litter. I also will need to move a book case out of the way in my office so as to get the loveseat out of there, because I'm going to ask them to help me get it into the back room, which will probably involve lifting it over the stove and/or breakfast bar. But in order to get it out of my office, the door will have to be opened all the way, and one of my bookcases is partly behind the door.

And after the work, she and I are going to go see Harry Potter, 'cause she hasn't seen it yet.
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It is Sunday and my nails are a fairly bright lilac. Those two items are not really related. I discovered that Sally Hansen has a line of nail polishes with really wide brushes that are fabulous for coverage, and when I was in KMart the other day, I saw three colors I couldn't resist: bright lilac, bright sky blue, and a not quite hot pink. I don't color my nails in the winter because the polish and polish remover dries the skin around my nails very badly and I end up with painful cracks. But it's spring now. No, really. Daffodils are blooming, so it must be. Also, I saw violets in the yard yesterday, and in one section of the yard, the grass already needs to be mowed. (In fact, my neighbor mowed her lawn yesterday, but that's partly, I think, because she's going to be away for a week.)

I ended up not having to babysit the garage sale this morning; my mom decided that since it looked like rain, and it takes two people to cover things up if it does rain, that they'd stay home from church. I was just so disappointed. Except for, you know, not.

I spent most of the day yesterday sanding the joint compound in my bedroom and then cleaning up afterward. Whew. What a job. If I had any ambition today at all, I'd go put the last coat on.

Turns out I don't have any ambition. I may make it out to fight practice later on to drop off some foam that can be used to pad armor...or I might not. I could really use a nap, I think; I was once again awakened at 3:00 a.m. (this is, I think, the eighth or ninth night in a row), this time by a cat yakking on the bed. A cat who was unceremoniously shoved off the bed so she could throw up on the floor. And this was after being awakened at 12:30 when I finally got overcooked from winter pajamas and the five blankets I still have on the bed.

Maybe I'll take a nap.

I almost bought the "Nature Unleashed" set of disaster flicks until I read the back of the case and remembered that I'd seen the earthquake one and didn't like it -- because it flat out ripped off several scenes from Dante's Peak. When the volcano first begins to erupt and people are fleeing the town while the town collapses around them? That footage is pretty much whole in that movie; about the only bits cut out are the bits with Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton in them.

I watched the first ten minutes of yesterday's episode of Doctor Who before the BBC got to it; I'll have to check YouTube out later because I'm sure it'll be back up soonish. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just be patient and wait a couple of weeks.


I am trying out the new bread machine today, with a sourdough mix that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I had thought I'd do the hand-kneading and rising thing, but then I got the bread machine on clearance. We'll see how it compares to the old one.

Ya know...I really do think I'll take a bit of a nap.
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Thanks to my sister's recipe suggestion, I have a meatloaf in the oven. I may or may not bother to figure out the Points later, but I should be able to have dinners and lunches¹ from it for a good chunk of the week. I suddenly remembered this afternoon that I have to work 9-5 this week, and I especially hate cooking on my late weeks, so I wanted something that would last. I had hamburger in the fridge, so.... Now I just have to figure out what to have with it tonight. It should be done in about twenty minutes or so, which is still early, so I might toss a potato in to bake.

And if you think it's odd that I've never made meatloaf before, and didn't know how to, consider that I had to teach my first husband how to make French toast. Easiest thing in the world, French toast. I'd been making it since I was 10 years old. He was 38 when we got married and hadn't ever made it.

I am wearing my glasses today, and will have to wear them tomorrow because my contact lenses died the death. They only last so long before they have protein/salts deposits on them, and when I took mine out of their enzymatic bath this morning, the right one had such a large deposit that I'd've been able to see it. So...away they went. Fortunately, I do have an appointment to have my eyes checked tomorrow evening, so I will have new contacts tomorrow. But I'll have to get through the workday tomorrow with glasses that are at least two prescriptions old and weren't ever quite right to begin with. When I take them off, I can feel the strain in my left eye as it tracks back to where it really belongs....

Jeez. I just stalked into the living room and yelled at the dogs...who were all sleeping. See, I have the TV on, and BBCAmerica is currently running "The Waters of Mars." I heard a water zombie dripping and assumed a dog was peeing.

In fact, I should probably let them out to ensure that the next water zombie I hear is just that.
¹ I love leftover meatloaf sandwiches.
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I regret to report that my Thermos keeps beverages hotter than my little cup-sized hot plate, at least until the beverages in question are nearly gone, at which point the little cup-sized hot plate heats them to tongue-burning temperatures.

(Fortunately, I am on to that little trick, and sip the last few gulps rather than, you know, gulping.)


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