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  • I was about to say that I wasn't getting comments again when I got a pile of 'em.
  • I'm given to understand that today is supposed to be Ragnarok. Good thing I didn't have any other plans.

  • It is still very windy. There is, in fact, a high wind warning for the day. The breezeway door is bungeed shut, since I still don't have a proper latch on it. I'm wondering if I can replace the latch/knob assembly (again -- HTWIWM replaced it once) or if the door will have to be replaced.

  • My ice blocks have melted down to little nubbins.

  • I wish the ice in the driveway would follow. And, in fact, I salted the heck out of it a little while ago, hoping that it would melt and the wind would dry it up. Ridiculous, but it might work, especially as it's already 40° out there, according to the van's thermometer.

  • I took my first blood pressure pill a bit ago. I'm sort of sitting here waiting for the side effects....

  • Gimpy Leg has been bothering me again the last several days. The tendon is getting bad again. Dammit.

  • My grocery store disappointed me. I had to get things I'd planned to get there at WickedMart instead. Ugh.

  • According to my bathroom scale, I'm down another pound and a half from last week. I tend to go more with my Saturday at-home-weigh-ins than with my official Wednesday WW weigh-ins simply because on Saturdays I weigh myself unclothed...which is not really practical at WW meetings. That church hall is cold.

  • I didn't buy frozen lunch things this week because of the sodium content. Which means that I need to cook a few things so that I have leftovers for lunches. Have I mentioned recently how much I hate cooking?

  • One of my vets friended me on FB. She keeps posting pictures of dogs available for adoption. I keep scrolling past them.

  • I'm still thinking, even though I know what a pain in the ass they are, of getting another malamute. I suspect it is a twisted way of apologizing to Cruiser for not loving him enough. 'Cause I really didn't, which is why that part of Up where the old guy yells at the dog makes me cry and hate myself.

  • Ooo, sunshine!
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Last year, I turned on the furnace in the middle of October. This year...well, I turned it on this morning. It was 61.5° in here when I got up this morning, and we're not supposed to see the sun for a couple more days, yet, I don't think. (We won't even talk about the state of the grass in my backyard; the cashier at WickedMart said yesterday that she expects to have to mow one more time before winter; I'm expecting to mow at least half a dozen more times.) So not only did I turn on the furnace, but I'm baking cookies. They'll probably all go in to work with me tomorrow, but for now, they'll warm up the kitchen.

Hm. First tray just came out of the oven, and they're not quite...normal. I suppose it's because I used old eggs and butter that I actually took out to make cookies with before Labor Day. Both are fine, but the dough was quite stiff; probably not quite enough moisture because of the elderly eggs. Oh, they look fine, and I'm sure they'll taste fine. They're just not quite as soft and squishy as my cookies usually are.

As I was getting the trays ready, it occurred to me that this was the first time I'd made cookies since Cruiser died. I had no dog investigating the kitchen and being a nuisance. Sheila has never gone in for that sort of thing, and she was, in fact, napping in my office (and still is). Garion was the champ, though. The instant I started up the mixer, he was right underfoot, watching intently snuffling around right underfoot to catch any bits that flew out of the mixer. *sigh* I miss my dogs. I actually even miss Cruiser.

Mind you, Princess Nimue Isis Morgana more than made up for it, once she realized that I was baking....

So...what do we think about the season finale of Doctor Who? I'm going to have to watch it again, I think, before I have any strong opinion. There was just too much going on. Though I have to say that I was right about the eye patches. *is smug* many more times can Team TARDIS imperil the Entire Universe zOMG!?

Back to the cookies.... Need to test them. With milk.
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2001 - 6/21/11

I took this photo of Cruiser early this evening. He was fine. I don't know what happened; Read more... )
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  • I have to leave for my civil service exam in half an hour. I should probably find something to wear (instead of my jammies).

  • I already have my notice, two #2 pencils (pink, not yellow), a calculator, and a pencil sharpener lying out ready to go. I need to double-check that my Social Security card is in my wallet, but since that's where I keep it, it's unlikely to be anywhere else. (But if I don't check, it'll have mysteriously migrated to my jewelry box or something.)

  • In my opinion, promotional exams should be given during the work week. Open competitive exams should still be given on Saturdays, but jeez.

  • Had dinner out with BFT last evening. That's two dinners out this week. I'm not even bothering to weigh myself this morning, 'cause I know better than to think I've lost any weight, especially since I haven't been walking because of my heel pain, and I don't want to know how much I've gained.

  • I did make an appointment with the podiatrist. And it is before my vacation (which will involve a lot of walking), so go me.

  • It's a good thing everyone in this neighborhood gets up early, since Cruiser went outside and started yipping immediately for Teddy to come to the fence -- and Teddy refused. K had him leashed, but running loose; she put the leash on him because she has trouble catching him if he doesn't want to come in. It's amazing that Cruiser, as large as he is, can emit a noise that shrill. Of course, with the size of him, the entire neighborhood can hear it when he does, not just the bats.

  • I can't believe it's past the middle of June already. As I say every year: What happened to February? (Not that I want February to come back again, because it sucked dead spotted moose dick, but still.)

  • I suppose I'd better go find a clean t-shirt and jeans.

  • Perhaps when I get home (and I'm expecting to be home by noon), I'll scrape wallpaper. I haven't done that since the aforementioned suckful February.
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I have a quote from Joseph Campbell: "Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy." I mention that only because I think that our IT guys have spent more time in my cube than I have this week. I had more trouble with my new computer this morning. While it would print just fine in my browser and from Word, it wouldn't print anything but blank pages from the window within the browser window where my morning report is displayed. Weird. It was apparently a driver problem, but Computer Guy the Younger spent a good forty minutes trying to figure it out, then downloading the right driver, then trying to install it, as it didn't seem to want to do that.

And then I had a problem with our tracking database and had to call Computer Guy the Elder to fix that. He's actually lucky, sort of; I had the phone off the hook to call him about the printer when Computer Guy the Younger wandered by my cube and I crooked my finger at him. Probably not the sort of come-hither look he generally hopes for....

I left work early in order to not have to rush to get Cruiser to the V-E-T by 5:00 p.m. and I'm leaving early again tomorrow for Sheila's appointment. Cruiser is healthy like horse. Though far noisier. Dr. M expressed her pleasure at seeing me with a healthy dog, and I agreed that it made a nice change of pace. I'll be seeing Dr. W tomorrow, but only because that's the way the schedule was for this week. I like Dr. W -- heck, I like all three vets at the practice, but I've been seeing more of Dr. M for the last couple of years, pretty much since Garion tore his ACL almost two years ago. (Gods, has it been that long already?)

I went through my in-box at work this afternoon. I have a new folder for work labeled "NH WTF?" So far everyone that I have shown it to has splorfled. But really, that's so much more accurate than labeling it "Nursing Home Questions." I got a call about a pending case today; the social worker at this particular home wanted to know what I could tell her about it. I said (and I really did, too), "Well, I can tell you that it's a very thick case with lots of stuff in it." I quickly followed that up with an explanation that I was new to the program and would have to meet with the outgoing worker to see if there was anything else required or if I could just open the thing. But I'm well within the 90 day opening timeframe, so it's all good.

I was going to Burn Things tonight (pleasant and not windy; I don't build fires unless the breeze is very slight), but I'm tired enough that even building a tiny fire in my tiny firepit sounds like just too much work. So I think I'll go finish my Torchwood tie-in novel (Skypoint), and go to bed. Though it might be worth being in the backyard for moonrise.
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Cruiser keeps coming into my office from the living room where he is engaged in a good harfle and cavark (as MyAuntie puts it) with either a bone or a cat toy that has migrated up from the basement. (I keep having to toss the yellow mouse back downstairs.) It's only ten minutes until his dinnertime, or as he puts it, "I'm starving here. Wasting away. See how I'm wasting away? Would you quit staring at that thing and feed me, dammit?"

Princess Nimue Isis Morgana is also starving, but much more quietly, and with a bit more decorum: "Oh, la." (Paw to forehead.) "I am pallid and weak from hunger, and nigh unto wasting away. La."

I got out of work early this afternoon in order to go to an eye appointment. The kind optometrist scolded me very gently for wearing my two-week disposables for two months at a time. "They're not really made for that, so it would probably be best if you wore them a little less." The thing is that I recall seeing a consumer report thingy that stated that all contact lenses were made from the same material, so it was really up to the wearer to decide what was good for them, and I've been making a single box of lenses (well, two, since my eyes are different prescriptions) last as long as possible. Now that was some years ago, and it may no longer be true. In any case, she said that my prescription hasn't changed, that the problem is an irritation of the cornea, which she believes is subsiding (because I put in a fresh pair of lenses when the last pair was so blurry), but she would like it if I wore my glasses for another day or so before putting contacts back in. And she doesn't think I should sleep in them for six nights at a time anymore. *sigh* Apparently, my eyes are aging along with the rest of me and don't really like the six night in, one night out schedule I've been keeping for years. So they gave me a sample pair, as they always do, though I didn't wear them home, and I'll have to order a new box in another month or so.

And then came the bill. I was, frankly, shocked at how much the appointment cost, but apparently those sample contacts aren't free. I suspect also that they've raised their rates. I'll have to check my records, but I'm betting that my insurance won't pay for it because they only pay for exams every other year. And of course with contact lenses, I have to have an exam every year even if my prescription doesn't change. Should've started that flex plan, I guess. Something to think about for next year. (I go to WickedMart's Vision Center because I really, really like the optometrist, and because the nearest place that accepts my insurance is an hour's drive away.)

I arrived home to find that Some Dog (whose name probably begins with a "C" and ends with a "ruiser") had been tearing at the linoleum in the laundry room near the door where Garion had torn it up a couple of years ago. Great. Yet one more thing....

I saw a deer this morning on my walk, in a place where I haven't really seen deer before. I saw a flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye, and since I was expecting a dog given that it was between two houses, my brain took a moment to realize that it was a deer. So we stared at one another for a bit; she appeared supremely unconcerned to see me, perhaps because my hide wasn't bright orange and I didn't have a boomstick. And then I walked on and she continued nibbling grass with her back to me.

I guess I know where I rate on the predator scale....

Although the day started hot and muggy and nearly 80° at 6:00 a.m., it has turned glorious. It's still hot, I think (someone else will have to judge that; I can't tell), but it's Really Quite Windy, and the wind cools it off quite a bit. I have the whole house opened up to catch the breezes because it didn't cool down at all overnight. The Furry Creatures seem much more comfortable. In fact, it turned into such a nice day that mowing the lawn was actually something of a pleasure. I mean, it's not like I really mind mowing, but I'm not sure that I'd say that I enjoy it, either. Though I do enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I get looking out over a freshly mown lawn. Anyway, it seemed like a good idea to do it and get it done while I had the time. Tonight is supposed to be cold again -- back down into the 40s -- and tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be only in the mid-60s. And then Friday is rain again. So...mow the damned lawn. Though I only did the back because it grows much faster than the front.

Right. Enough blather.
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Cruiser got the Easter Bunny last night. I knew it was only a matter of time, after I'd seen the bunny three times, twice too near my back fence. To her credit, my neighbor tried to help distract him, but there was no way he was going to go play at the fence with her and Teddy when he had a real live (or not) plaything right there in the yard. He actually carried it all the way to the patio as if I was going to let him take it into the house. He did finally drop it, and fortunately, although Sheila sniffed at it, she didn't try to pick it up and run off with it for her turn.

And then I was too wound up to sleep, with the result that I didn't get up to go to the Y this morning. Le sigh.

Pity he can't catch any of the chipmunks.

The nursing home training starts in earnest today; my new partner-in-crime and I will be sitting with the worker who is not retiring today and the remaining mornings this week going over actual down-in-the-trenches work, rather than just skimming over the surface of regs and what the paperwork looks like. We're both...daunted at the prospect. Although I did tell my grandsupervisor yesterday that I was looking forward to the change -- and I am. I'm just not certain whether I'm looking forward to it in a "ooo, brand-spanking-new day dawns" or a "can we stop drawing this out and just get it over with" sort of way. Apparently the supervisors are going to be looking at dividing the caseloads(s) in thirds this week, so perhaps we'll find out what our alphabets will be next week. I'm hoping for the tail-end, approximately N-Z (the division won't be that sharp, of course, to balance out the numbers as much as possible, and they might even divide each of the three caseloads differently, which would suck to keep track of).

Yesterday, Grandsupervisor took us uptown to the combined agency where the nursing home workers are currently assigned for a tour and to introduce us around (not really necessary, as it turned out since the only people working there yesterday were actually DSS personnel). It used to be the YMCA, but it's all shiny and spiffy and polished marble and brass now (and doesn't smell of chlorine¹ at all). Very classy. (I do wonder what happened to the pools, though. Couldn't really tell from the new layout. Kind of disappointing to go back to our grey fabric and dull metal offices. And we're both nervous about the fact that we're going to be rotating through that office for a week at a time, alone, barely trained, with people just dropping in for nursing home advice. That rates an "eep," I think. Eep.

The worker who is not retiring -- who is, by the way, one of the most classically beautiful people I've ever met in person -- was telling us that she and her partner (the person who is retiring) had actually suggested that this combining of the caseloads happen last year when My Partner retired. But the idea was pooh-poohed then. Ha! I think it took me hurting my knee and the panic that ensued when they thought I might be out for weeks with surgery and no one knew my job that made them look at the idea more favorably.
¹ Which is interesting because I have just this instant, as I was typing that, realized that the new Y doesn't smell of chlorine, either, and the pool is visible through a glass wall as you enter the building. When I was a kid and forced to take swimming lessons at the old Y, you were slapped in the face by the smell of chlorine as soon as you opened the door. I wonder if the guys that lived there came to associate it with the smell of home.
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There won't be any unicorns in my yard any time soon, that's for sure. It's rained enough overnight that both the side yard and the lowest spot of the backyard are flooded. As is the driveway; I suppose one of my Projects for this spring will be to clean the weeds out of the drain. (Ugh.) It was pouring when I let the dogs out first thing this morning, but it had stopped by the time I let them out again after their breakfasts. When I was in WickedMart, it started in again and is still going strong. It's a good blankie-and-book day, but I think I might clean off my desk and do a spot of writing. Or possibly bake some cookies or bread, because it's a good baking day, also.

At least it had stopped again by the time BJ's opened and I had to go back out for All The Pet Food In The World. At least I don't have to buy gas again this week, too. Though by the time I do, it'll have topped $4.00 a gallon. I said last year that when it got to $4.00 a gallon, I was going to buy a bicycle and start riding to work. Of course, that was before I injured my knee....

It's clear that Cruiser's previous people fed him from the table a lot. While he has been mostly broken of begging, he does come to snuffle. He'll be blatant about it at first, putting his snout practically on the table (or desk, if I'm eating in my office), but once he gets yelled at, he tries to be sneaky about it, just coming near and lifting his snout in the air. "Look, Woman! I'm not really snuffling at your food!" Yeah, right. And if he gets yelled at again, or if I tell him to get away from the table, he then proceeds to prance around complaining bitterly.

And if there's one thing I'm really pissed off at HTWIWM for, it's that while he was briefly here before he decided that he preferred cheesecake to apple pie, he taught Cruiser to expect popcorn -- simply by tossing him a few kernels one evening. He thought it was funny -- and yet, he was the one who made the No People Food Ever rule. There are times when I wonder if he did it deliberately to sabotage my already fragile rapport with Cruiser, because I make popcorn a lot, and now Cruiser begs for my popcorn every single time, and I cannot seem to break him of it. Which means that I spend a lot of the time I'm supposedly relaxing yelling at Cruiser to go settle down and stop staring at me expectantly or snuffling in my general direction.

Anyway. The knee is bothering me again this morning. I used the exerbike last evening¹, and I think it was a mistake. My sneakers don't fit into the pedal-loops properly because the soles are so thick, so I was pedaling with my knees at an incorrect angle.... I did switch shoes after about five minutes so that my feet were on the pedals properly, but.... *shrug* I've been back to the Y nearly every morning this week and done at least half a mile on the track, but I'm beginning to wonder if my bike idea above is actually a good one or not. Well, it's a great one in theory....

I keep finding Merlin on the dining room table, sitting right smack in the middle of my placement licking his butt. Apparently the honor of this for me escapes me. If I do end up moving the table into the backroom, I'll only find all three cats on it all the time because it'll be in the sun. This may not be the best of ideas. Though since I eat at my desk more than the table, maybe it really doesn't matter after all.
¹ I made a bargain with myself. "Oh, look, Self," says I. "BBCA is running both 'The Pandorica Opens' and 'The Big Bang' this evening. But if you decide you're going to watch both of them when you know you have other things you should be doing, then you're going to have to ride the bike for fifteen minutes." "Okay," myself said.
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Last night's outburst about the dogs was really just an outburst. I would not give them up, not unless I absolutely had to. I accepted the responsibility for them when I didn't get rid of them after HTWIWM left, and I've managed through Garion's injury, illness and death, through Deuce's bladder cancer and death, and I will manage through Cruiser's poor housetraining.

Part of the problem is that I am, apparently by nature, a solitary creature. My mother happily tells all and sundry that I was the baby who cried when she was picked up, and I learned to like being alone during my first marriage because my husband was never home or never awake at the same times I was (because he managed a movie theater, he worked fourteen to fifteen hour days, and got home very late at night, depending on when the last movie ended and the last stragglers got the hell out). Hell, when he was home on his single evening off, I didn't know what to do with him, because he was infringing on my routine, an interloper in my home.

As for HTWIWM...well, we long ago realized that we didn't need to be attached at one another's hips.

I am also not a demonstrative person. I am not used to making a lot of noise. So I find it very hard to be as animated as the dogs need me to be, and I find pack behavior baffling and irritating. Last weekend, every time I so much as moved, Cruiser was at my heels. If I was sitting at my desk and turned my chair, he jumped up and stood ready to go with me. It was aggravating.

And yet...I really do like dogs. It's just...I dunno. Maybe because neither of these dogs were my choice. I tell the story of driving to Michigan (from New York) to adopt Sheila based solely on photographs emailed by MyAuntie, but honestly, it wasn't my idea. We already had two dogs and I didn't really want a third. But away we went. And I definitely didn't want a fourth dog. But I came home from work one day, and there was Cruiser, and there wasn't even any discussion of the matter. Fait accompli.

(Though I'm sure if you ask him, he'd tell you, "Oh, we discussed it." We did, in fact, not. He merely told me the previous day that Cruiser's owners were once again¹ looking for a home for him, and I said, "Really?" in a not at all enthused tone.)

Anyway. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am attached to their furry little butts. It's just that I'm not good at showing it, and I'm not good at accepting affection from them for various reasons. I like silence -- so much so that I often don't even think to turn on my stereo -- and Cruiser is a noisy dog. He talks, he howls, he barks, he sings with sirens. People always find it unbearably cute, but it makes me crazy. However, that, as they say, is the nature of the beast. His is a talkative, social breed. They have to be in order to do what they were bred to do. The lesson here, of course, is that the next time I get a dog, rather than rescuing indiscriminately, I need to find a breed that's suited to me and vice versa.

Rescuing is noble, and all, but...I'd like a dog of my own choosing someday, I think, and that's something I've never had.
¹ The Story of Cruiser: He was bought by a couple who lived in a trailer with only a patch of land, two children and an older labrador retriever. He was undoubtedly worshipped as an adorable fuzzball when he was a pup, but he's a malamute. He got big. And then they started confining him to the laundry room. Of a trailer. Bored one day, he chewed through the wall. And so they decided he had to go. We agreed to take him and foster him until we could find a home for him. He was here only about two hours and we'd already found a new home for him with a woman in Albany (the sister of our neighbor), who was going to drive out in a day or two to get him. The next morning, the just-barely-previous owner showed up and wanted him back, saying that she couldn't take her kids crying. And that was Cruiser's first night at our house. It was just over a year later, I think, when he came to live here.
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Cruiser -- my Alaskan Malamute -- was doing the Cold Paw Dance of Dooom this morning in the backyard. First one paw would go up in the air, then another, and finally, he first sat in the snow¹, then lay² down in it. And, of course, the whole time, he was entreating me to come and get him, please, Woman, please!

To which my response was a derisive, "You're a malamute, dumbhead. And besides, you weigh, like, 80 pounds. You can get your own damned self in the door."

Eventually, he did, and he was extremely disappointed in me.

However, I said that if my malamute -- a breed specifically bred for pulling sleds in Arctic conditions -- started doing the Cold Paw Dance of Dooom, it was either a sign of the Apocalypse, or a sign that I needed to hibernate.

So...anybody see four weird guys on horses lately?

In other news, when I got home from work last night, one of the drips in the breezeway had spawned two more; I am hoping that the meltwater was just traveling down an established pathway and finding two more holes in the ceiling, not that there were two more drips. They were already frozen by the time I got home, but had been dripping for a while. I did find enough plastic to cover the drywall piled in the breezeway, so hopefully, that will be okay even if really major leaks develop. Though, really, the one nearest the drywall looks pretty major.

The long range forecast is calling for temperatures above freezing within the next ten days -- almost up to 40° one day, which pretty much guarantees that the breezeway will be wet. I haven't found any drips in the house...yet. I'm still worried about the roof of the addition, though, especially as I noticed that there were cracks in the surface of it right before the first snowfall.

MyAuntie and my grandmother are, I think, convinced that I will be willing to take Grama and Grampa's house when the time comes (MyAuntie has spoken of it more than once). Although I have said I will never move back within the city limits, sometimes, I'm really tempted by the thought.

I have copies of both my x-rays and the MRI to take to the orthopaedist's office tomorrow morning. I was surprised to be handed a large sheaf of films from the MRI office and a CD from the x-ray department; I had expected the reverse. The woman at the MRI office cautioned me to get the prints back from the orthopaedist. "Those are yours, not his," she said, "and it will cost $120.00 if you need them printed again." But honestly, I don't have anywhere to store such a thing, well, maybe behind the desk or between the filing cabinet and the wall, so why shouldn't I just give them to the doctor's office? I can't foresee an instance where I would need to get them reprinted, frankly.

I finished The Magicians and Mrs. Quent last night. I'm glad I reread it before starting The House on Durrow Street (which I have this morning), because there are a lot of details that I had forgotten. And I still lovelovelove it. It's a wonderful novel.

And speaking of lovelovelove, I was really impressed with last night's episode of NCIS. I did spend most of the episode wondering why they kept bringing up Kate, and for once, didn't see where things were headed. And of course Gibbs had checked out the psychiatrist and knew who she was. I haven't really loved an episode in a long time -- and had, in fact, skipped watching it a few weeks (so I don't know about whatever happened to Leon, for instance) -- so I was pleased.

Right. Time to stop blathering.
¹ Because obviously, if the snow was too cold on his paws were cold, it would be so much better on his tender bunghole.

² While I do, in fact, know the difference between "lie" and "lay," I suddenly cannot remember how to conjugate "to lie," so I hope that's correct.

Day of Tues

Feb. 1st, 2011 06:24 pm
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One problem with Yahweh, as they used to say in the old Christian Gnostic texts,
is that he forgot he was a metaphor. He thought he was a fact. And when he said, "I am
God," a voice was heard to say, "You are mistaken, Samael." "Samael" means "blind god":
blind to the infinite Light of which he is a local historical manifestation. This is known as
the blasphemy of Jehovah -- that he thought he was God.

I found that quote in the old files that I transferred from diskette to flash drive yesterday. I imagine I probably found it in some book or other, but I don't know which, as I apparently didn't bother to note it. I do, now that my brain has been tickled, seem to remember forwarding it to Rev. Mom at some point when she was being particularly obnoxious about some church matter or other.

I also now have access to three novel manuscripts that I wrote ages ago -- we're talking my first computer, an Apple ][e (or c) that I received from my parents as a graduation present because I was going into Comp Sci in college. And some short stories and fragments of same that I had completely forgotten about. And I think I subjected Marion Zimmer Bradley to a few of them, too, for which I would apologize were she still alive. Ditto Andre Norton and my first-ever novel (which was an accomplishment for seventeen-year-old me, but which 43-year-old me winces at). Eek.

Then there was the more painful stuff, like the journal entries where I noted that in the fifteen minutes that I had been out to the convenience store, First Husband had managed to smoke some pot and clean up all the evidence except the stench, thereby yet again breaking his promise to me to keep that stuff out of my home. Or the entry where I talk in rapturous tones about realizing that I was in love with HTWIWM. And then there was the string of emails from those first few months that I'd saved.

The important thing, though, at least for the moment, is that I seem to have the text of all the papers I wrote for my masters degree. It'll be a pain deciphering them, as I wrote them with a very old word processing utility that no longer exists, but it is possible to retrieve them. So I am pleased about that.

So...snow. Apparently it snowed overnight. I slogged through two or three inches in the driveway this morning. Not being a skier, I can't be certain, but I think it was the sort that the ski resorts refer to as "dry powder." Anyway, it moved aside easily enough; there was just a lot of it. And, like everyone else, we're expecting more and nastier tonight, so I'll need to shovel again as soon as I get home. And I'll probably have to shovel sections of the backyard, too, as I noticed that Sheila was slogging through snow nearly to her belly -- and Sheila has pretty gangly legs; those legs are one of the reasons we think she's part wolfhound. I did, at lunchtime, put some plastic lawnchairs over the base of my firepit and the dome of ice next to it because they are now buried, and I didn't want romping dogs to break themselves slamming into them.

I don't know what to think about the knee today. At first, it seemed no better, but as the day has progressed, I've been able to walk more and more normally, if slowly. If I try to hurry anywhere, I end up limping badly, but I can walk almost normally if I walk v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Of course, the improvement happened after I took some ibuprofen around midmorning, so.... I have not yet heard back from my doctor's office regarding the x-rays. I am obviously going to have to call them, but I might as well wait a couple of days and see how it goes.

One of my coworkers was regaling me with stories of her surgery to repair a torn meniscus and how once she got over being sick from the anesthetic, she felt so good that she overdid it. And now her knee troubles her a lot and she has bursitis and arthritis and it bothers her when the weather changes, and oh, goody! I'm thinking. But she did in all seriousness offer to lend me a hand should I end up needing any sort of surgery, which I thought was very kind of her.


I got home to a message from the doc's office. The x-rays were completely normal. The nurse is going to call me tomorrow with an appointment for an MRI...assuming, of course, that my insurance will pay for it. I am not certain that the knee is not getting better, though. There were times today when I could straighten it. Of course, they were after I'd taken ibuprofen, and if I'm on my feet for any real length of time, it hurts, so...I dunno. I waffled for a few seconds on the MRI and decided that it would be better to be sure.

I did, nevertheless shovel the driveway tonight...though when I got to within twenty minutes of finishing (after an hour's work), my neighbor offered to blow the rest out. As I was at the end that had been packed down by the plow, I gratefully accepted his offer. He also said that he wouldn't guarantee anything, but as long as he had time and I didn't mind, he'd blow it out again. I don't mind....

Also? It would be really nice if Cruiser had ever been properly housebroken. He came into my office right after I fed them and settled down behind me, and before long, I caught the smell from the living room.... And that's after I found a drizzle through the house last night at nearly midnight by walking through it in my sock-feet. Tonight, he nearly got his nose rubbed in it. I can't pick him up and haul him out to the living room, but I can certainly pick what he left out there up (and I had to, anyway) and bring it to his face.

Not that it's going to do any good, mind....
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He did it again! He didn't even beg to go out; the closest he came to begging was to come in and snuffle at my lunch.

This is behavioral.
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Goddamn dog just did it again.
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Cruiser has developed a new very annoying habit. He runs to the far end of the yard, then stands there just waiting for me to call them in. When I whistle, he races across the yard like a great fool, expecting that when I let them in, he's going to get a treat for his wonderful obedience. The problem here is that while he's expecting his treat, he's neglecting the reason he was let out to begin with...and he then proceeds to leave deposits in the house instead.

Which makes me very, very, very angry.

Normally, I can smell such deposits in time to not step in them. This morning, however, I found it by stepping on it and tracking it across the living room; I couldn't figure out why one of the toys that I knew was in my path was sticking to my brand-new bedroom slipper, and when I turned on the light....

This morning, I was made rather more tired than angry. Too tired, really, to be angry. Which is probably for the best, as it meant I was more easily able to forgive him and give him the lovin's¹ he so desperately wanted after knowing he'd displeased me.

I got a Christmas card from My Auntie and Nuncle yesterday; Auntie used one of my summer vacation photos this year. One of the horses on the St. Joe Carousel is a Christmas horse decked out in red and green, with a stocking on his rump. I came across the photo myself the other day when I was working on their book and thought of using for a card. Heh. She also used it for this year's crocheted snowflake². Wouldn't it be funny if they gave me a photobook of my own photos for Christmas? Or a photobook of the photos that MyNuncle took that day?

I have not yet sent out my own Christmas cards, partly because I haven't yet written my annual letter to my aunts and uncles on my father's side of the family. Every year I say I'm going to keep in touch with them better, and every year in January, when I sit down to write them a letter, there's nothing to say, so I think, "Well, there's always next month." Except that I never sit down to write them again. And now there's Facebook, which I know my one of my aunts, at least, is on³, but it's the Religious Nut aunt, and I cannot take her moralizing at me or urging me to pray every time Cruiser pulls the above trick.

I could, of course, have written the letter last night, but I was watching Die Hard -- on VHS, no less -- instead. Like Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and its first sequel are among my traditional holiday movies. Die Hard was my first exposure to Alan Rickman, so in some ways, he will always be That Guy From Die Hard to me, though he's starting to become Colonel Brandon (Sense & Sensibility) instead.

There are two bits from Die Hard that are absolutely classic. The first is when Albert Leong (you'd know him if you saw him) is getting ready for the shoot-out with the cops and steals the candy bar from the concession stand (two candy bars, actually; the first is a Nestle Crunch, and he's later shown eating a Mars bar). But what makes that little bit classic is when he stops and looks around to make sure no one's watching when he does it. The second bit is when the vault opens to the strains of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" with a wind machine ruffling Alan Rickman's hair and lighting suggesting the lights of heaven. Die Hard With A Vengeance made a similar use of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" as they broke into the vaults under Wall Street.

What? I like movies, and I've seen them both many, many, many times. Enough times that when one of the LAPD officers looked familiar to me, I sat and puzzled out where I'd seen him before -- in the aforementioned Die Hard With A Vengeance. Which then amused me for quite a while.

One of my coworkers brought in fudge this morning. I've never had orange fudge before (I've never had anything but chocolate or peanut butter). It was wonderful. I approve. I didn't try her other offering, which was maple walnut. I don't like either maple or walnuts. She reportedly used Real Maple Syrup in it, and it certainly smelled like maple.

I may be going to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader tonight with BFT; I'll have to email her to see if she's still interested. It's Stimulus Tuesday at Carmike, which means we'll be able to afford to buy popcorn and drinks....
¹ That is a correct use of the apostrophe, as it would be lovin' in the singular.

² She has always included a crocheted snowflake in her cards; in the last few years, she's been experimenting with including a photo in the center of the snowflake.

³ I see her commenting on my sister's updates...along with my brother and his Lizard, who I also will not befriend.
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I bring them in from outside and given them a biscuit because they were so prompt about coming to the door. I go down to the basement to retrieve last week's laundry which is still hanging down there, and when I come back up, there's Cruiser red-assed, taking a dump in the laundry room. I get one problem solved -- getting them inside when I want them to come -- and another one develops.

Why Me?

Nov. 26th, 2010 11:08 am
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Did I spend the entirety of a past life kicking puppies? Cruiser just did it again. And there's nothing wrong with him this time, not like when he had colitis this time last year.

BFT calls her cat the master of the "fuck you" shit, and I'm beginning to wonder about Cruiser.
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I'm fighting yet another wretched mood this morning. It started last night; for no reason I can really think of, I just started crying...and then Cruiser pooed on the floor and I really broke down. Which was probably punishment enough for the dog, because they really hate it when I cry like that. I think it frightens them.

Oh, and then I realized that the Nylabone that Cruiser had been chewing at so industriously all evening was gone. Vanished. Mysteriously.... I think he chewed it in half, then swallowed the pieces. I expected to wake up this morning and have to clean up dog puke, but so far, the pieces have not reappeared...unless they're out in the backyard.

And, to top it all off, I woke up from a dream in which HTWIWM appeared at my house for some reason and I was trying to get him to tell me what wrong I had done him that he felt the need to do what he did. So, yeah. Great mood. It's gonna be a swell day.

At least I wasn't late for work, even though I got up nearly an hour late.
I ran into my brother and his Lizard last night at KMart. She actually deigned to speak to me, but I think it's partly because she can't bear to be left out of any conversation going on within three feet of her. She claims that she had a chance to snub HTWIWM recently, but as I can't imagine that the encounter took place as she described -- she claims he spoke to her first, which, just, no. He can't stand her any more than I can. Unless, of course, he was trying to get a sub from her and she was ignoring him, at which point, he'd loudly demand to see her manager, because he can't stand her any more than I can, as I may have mentioned.

I suppose I need to get busy and get Christmas presents ordered for the geckos. And find out from my sister what my nephew wants and if he's going to be with her for Xmas or his father.

My other niece -- my sister's elder child -- is easy: she's a reader. Good girl.
It seems that I will be seeing Harry Potter tomorrow evening with friends. One of the group is going to guarantee our tickes in advance by buying on Fandango. The Fandango service has been available for this theatre for well over a year, so I wish they'd do away with the three-fold commercials for it before each movie.
The A&S 50 Challenge list has been alive lately with discussion of people's persona challenges. Several people are doing diaries and/or letters, and the proverbial lightbulb appeared over my head. This is what I should be doing for my challenge. I shouldn't be trying to figure out what patterns to learn to embroider or what scrolls I should be making -- though since scroll cases seem relatively simple to make, I should probably make a bunch of those to donate to the Kingdom -- I'm good with words, so words is what I should be working on. I've already had a few half-baked ideas about what to do, too, so I'm going to explore this option for a while. It's, what, AS 45 now? So I've got plenty of time to write 50 letters by AS 50, if that's what I decide to do.
My former partner's birthday is next week. She used to organize Friday night happy hours once a month, so some folks from here have organized a Friday night happy hour birthday party for her. I don't think I'll go. I should, I suppose, but I never went to the happy hours before, so why start? (Especially since I don't drink.) Not to mention that I really, really thought she'd at least remember to send me a birthday card since we were partners for ten years. And she really, really didn't. Oh, I'm still planning to send her one, 'cause I'm like that, but, well.... Bleah.
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I'm tired this morning...and a little depressed. I so did not want to a) get out of bed, b) go walkies, or c) get dressed and come to work. But a) I couldn't stay there all day because I'd get a headache, b) I need to lose weight, because I'm up twenty pounds since this time last year, and c) well, the dogs and cats need to be kept in kibble. Walkies was actually not unpleasant this morning. Cruiser was well-behaved; he didn't pull at the leash (of course, there were no rabbits or cats this morning) and I only had to speak sharply to him about checking his pee-mail twice -- apparently, those were quite long missives.

Now if I could just figure out how to take Sheila walkies, too, everybody'd be happy. I suppose I could just run her around the block (the neighborhood block, not the mile-long one) after work, but there's that pesky little problem of Cruiser stealing and destroying papers, which he would certainly do if I took Sheila and not him. Sheila is far better-behaved on that score than Cruiser.

It's a very grey day out there; we're forecast for rain all day, and I'm somewhat surprised that it wasn't raining when I got up. To make matters worse, the temperature's only supposed to be in the mid-40s. I may have to light the furnace tonight. Or bake. I do have to make dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies for the Crown sideboard, which is going to be available all day long. (I should probably get a larger Thermos, too, to hold hot chocolate.)

I am now up-to-date on my Harry Potter movies and ready for Deathly Hallows, Part I next month. I watched both Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince yesterday. It occurred to me to wonder if the twins who play Fred and George always play the same character, or, if like those incorrigible jokers, they switch off -- even between takes. How would anyone know? Since most of their dialogue is in unison, anyway.... Also? Rupert Grint was a really cute eleven-year-old, but he grew up to be kind of odd-looking. Of course, the bad hair doesn't help.

I've had a bit of inspiration regarding the house that comes from watching the HP movies. There's a Gothic window mirror that I think I'm going to buy for the living and/or dining room in one or another of the catalogs that I usually get. Possibly Design Toscano. Now, the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room isn't a properly squared off door. It's a low arch that I'm really sort of surprised HTWIWM didn't bang his head on. Anyway, in the first scene in which Harry tries to get Slughorn's memory regarding Tom Riddle's inquiry about the horcruxes, they're in the potions classroom, and there's a ribbon of calligraphy around the door and in the groins of the buttresses (if those are the proper architectural terms). It occurred to me that something like that, paired with the mirror, might look nice around the doorway into the kitchen.

Of course, it means that I'll have to find a) a saying I like (probably in Latin...though the thought occurred to me that something from Tolkien would also serve), and b) practice my calligraphy really hard. Or find or make some stencils in an appropriate alphabet.

Or ask one of my scribe friends to come help out.


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