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  • The weather forecast called for rain all day, and I was sort of relieved because it meant I could watch movies on the couch all day without feeling guilty. Right now? It's sunny, and although the forecast is still calling for rain, sort of, I don't see any on the map.

  • I just painted my nails bright red. I only paint them this particular shade in the summer. In the winter, I use darker, wine-ier, metallic shades. This is just red. Bright red. Popsicle-red. Summer red.

  • The cat has apparently decided that she will now be peeing in my office, thank you very much. I thought it smelled in here, but I also know that she has been using the litter box upstairs -- and I have been endeavoring to keep it clean for her -- but I heard some rustling over by the window -- and all of a sudden she came bounding out of there. I had thought it was Jack dreaming, but he's in the living room. And the corner reeks. As soon as my nails are dry I will have to go clean and bleach the corner. And put up a child gate across the door to keep her out for a couple of weeks to break the habit. And then wait to see where else she decides to go instead of any of the six litter boxes.

  • Given Tremas and the Portreeve, I should've seen that coming last night on Doctor Who.

  • I did go out and mow the front yesterday. I wasn't going to, but it was looking a little raggedy and I caved to implied homeowner peer pressure (because I was the only person on the street who hadn't mown in the last three days).

  • I have decided that once my parents get their crap out of my garage, I will clean all of the lawn tools and storage and such out of the breezeway except for one snow shovel and one broom. There's no reason to have all that stuff out there cluttering up a perfectly nice space when I have a whole garage I can clutter up. Then I will put a table out there so if I want to eat or work out there I can. I'd still like a deck, but this will do for now.
  • Fucking cat. My office reeks.
  • I suppose I should make an appointment to see if she has an infection, but I think she's probably either senile (she is 19 now) or lazy. Ever since the Great Flea Infestation of 2016, she's been peeing pretty much where she chooses.

  • I saw a rescue dog go by on FB the other day that I think would have been a perfect companion for Jack, but I'm certain it's far too late to apply for him.

  • Related: The Gecko is doing much better with her hygiene. Thank goodness. Mind you, I'm still not taking the covers off the furniture, and I probably never will as long as she's sitting Jack.

  • Still reading the Young Wizards series. I'm not liking it as much as I had hoped. Enough to keep reading it, but.... Meh.

  • Speaking of wizards, I saw one of those special editions that Time does: Twenty Years of Harry Potter or something along those lines, with a cover photo of Daniel Radcliffe from Chamber of Secrets (you can tell from his school uniform and his apparent age -- not young enough to be from the first movie, but not the same uniform as they wore in the later movies). Twenty years? Not of the movies, I know, but of the books. Already? How is it that long already?

  • Right. I think I'm going to go to a different part of the house to let my nails finish drying before I tackle the smell in this room.

Doctor Who

Jun. 4th, 2017 10:54 am
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John Simm is supposed to be returning as The Master in the next few episodes (well, it would have to be in the next few, as there are only three left). It suddenly occurred to me last night that given the War Doctor, Moffat maybe planning to do something timey-wimey, rather than "Three Doctors"ish (or "Five Doctors"ish or "Day of the Doctor"ish)¹.

I am really hoping he just shows Master Meeting Mistress, rather than having Michelle Gomez regenerate into John Simm -- look! See! We had them in the wrong order the whole time! See how timey-wimey it all is?!? (I mean, by that logic, she could regenerate into Roger Delgado.)
¹ Does it show my Old Skool-ness that the first instance I thought of was "The Three Doctors" (10th anniversary) rather than the much more recent "The Day of the Doctor" (50th anniversary). Or does it just make me old, despite not having seen the episode until probably twenty years after it originally aired?
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Friday's garage sale was not encouraging, but the weather wasn't great. Mom said that she watched the folks across the street constantly carrying the furniture they had for sale into and out of the garage as the rain began or passed. It was also pretty chilly. Saturday was a different story almost entirely. It was still coolish, but brightly sunny, and there were a lot of people out. We had more people stop by in the couple of hours before BFT picked me up for our trip to Buffalo than had stopped by in all of the day before, according to Mom.

The highlight of the weekend was the trip to Buffalo with BFT and J1 to see Wicked at Shea's. J2 didn't go because she's going to be seeing it on Broadway with students in a couple of weeks. BFT and I drove to J1's parents' house and J1 drove into Buffalo, as she is okay with driving right downtown (and Shea's is on Main Street). We ended up getting there an hour early, so we basically had our pick of parking. Every other time I've been to Shea's we've parked in a largish fenced lot about a block away from the theater. It's relatively inexpensive (only $3), but it's a nightmare to get out of. I spotted the lot, though, and thought J1 was going to turn into it, but she went right on by, and we found a much smaller lot on the other end of the block. It was $5, but as it was basically a wide alley, getting in and out was much, much simpler, so it worked out very well.

The show was excellent. We were in the eleventh row from the stage, in the center section, on the right-hand end of the row. (BFT prefers an aisle seat.) The sound was much better than the last time, and we were close enough to see the actors' expressions and to make out details of the costumes. The last time we were there (the first time we'd seen the show), we were three rows from the back of the auditorium and it was like watching something without glasses when you're near-sighted. (Which I am, so I know whereof I speak.)

Although BFT and J1 expressed preferences for the first Glinda and this Elphaba, I didn't really remember that many details of that previous performance. I just enjoyed being there. My only niggle is that I constantly spotted the actors who were responsible for rigging safety catches (for Glinda's bubble, for instance) or other bits and pieces of stage maneuvering. Oh, and the chorus member who also played Elphaba's father was tall and broad and had a shaved head so that when he retired into the chorus, he was still rather obvious and distracting.

After the show, we went to the nearest mall because BFT and J1 wanted to get dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I have to agree that the food was very, very good -- and the portions were huge; I will end up with three meals out of what I brought home -- but I was actually underwhelmed by the cheesecake. Really, I've had better cheesecake from Wal-Mart.

It ended up being a loooong day: BFT dropped me off at my house around 8:20, and then I had to walk the dog and clean up the bits of the garage sale that Mom had left in the driveway, so I missed the first few minutes of Doctor Who, and didn't pay too close attention to the rest of the episode as a consequence. That's all right, though; I taped it and I'll watch it later this week.

For some weird reason, I've been watching the...sixth? seventh? series of DW this week -- the series with Madame Kovarian and the Silence as the Big Bads. I think I had wanted to watch the first two episodes of the season, and then I realized that "The Doctor's Wife" was coming up, so I just kept plowing through them, and now I'm up to "Let's Kill Hitler," which I will probably watch this evening.

So...other things....

Oh! On the way home Saturday night, BFT and I spotted the kittens! They are definitely at the house up the block. Mama was lounging in their front yard and the kittens were tumbling around on their front steps. I saw the little grey one. I have also seen kittens -- three black ones -- over on the next street closer to where the colony hangs out because that's where they get fed. So now there are at least seven new members....
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I very determinedly did not get up in the middle of the night when I woke up from a dream starring HTWIWM. It's been a very long time since he took off with the Twinkie and gave me an ultimatum to begin divorce proceedings or he would sell the house out from under me. Why am I still dreaming about him? I don't dream about the first husband. Perhaps because that relationship was over when it was over? Who knows. In any case, I managed to fall asleep again and dream about going on vacation in a home where there were certain areas I was allowed to be, and certain areas where I was not. My sister, in her nine-year-old incarnation was along, and she ended up getting left for the day in a TH friend's home, and when I got back to the vacation place, the Obamas had come home and were watching a movie in one of the places where I was allowed to go so I retreated to my bedroom where the friends I was traveling with, one of whom was the former Co-Conspirator K came to visit...and then it was morning. The first dream was far more linear, and involved a house with a pond in it. I'd love a house with a pond in it. Heck, I wouldn't mind a backyard with a pond in it.

In any case, at least the second dream cancelled out the horrible feelings left by the first. Yay?

My back is very sore this morning. My legs don't feel too great, either. Mowing the whole yard all at once was definitely overdoing it. Ah, well. I'll get over it. Today's main task is laundry, which I will start shortly and get out on the line. It's not supposed to be quite as warm as I would like for hanging laundry, but it's supposed to be sunny, so if I get it out early enough, it should dry. Besides, the basement is starting to tip over into being too chilly and damp for laundry. I need to fix HTWIWM's makeshift plumbing on the dehumidifier and plug it back in. I thought the unit itself had broken when I saw the water stains, but it turns out that it was just his MacGyvered plumbing job.

I watched Doctor Who last night, but not Class. I started to watch it, decided I was too tired for it, and left the VCR running. (What, don't you have a VCR?) So I have Class and Graham Norton to watch later today. I don't have much to say about the DW episode. The conversation between Nardole and the Doctor at the beginning was interesting, and Nardole is obviously not going to be in the next episode, since they didn't make it back to the university (and they'd better be careful not to run into River Song on her birthday excursion with the Doctor and Stevie Wonder). I did mean to observe that the byplay between the Doctor and Nardole in the first episode indicates that Nardole is familiar with the whole "it's bigger on the inside" thing, so how many companions did the Doctor have between his night with River on Darillium and Bill? Unless it was just Nardole himself?


Apr. 16th, 2017 09:06 am
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I am trying to figure out what to do with myself until FamilyFest starts. I'm sure that I will be seeing my parents before I really want to, and it's likely that I'll be commanded to go pick up Gram two or three hours before dinner and then have to entertain her until dinnertime.

Have I mentioned how much I hate FamilyFest?

In any case, here I am noodling about on LJ DW until I make up my mind. There are numerous things I should be doing: eBay auctions, various administrivia tasks off my do list, writing, switching summer and winter clothes, cleaning out dresser drawers, and so forth. I didn't clean the library yesterday, so I could be doing that, but...I'm too tired right now.

Maybe I should take a nap.

I didn't get to bed until nearly midnight last night since I watched both Doctor Who (started at 9:00) and Class (started at 10:10), and then decided I might as well stay up for Graham Norton as well (started at 11:20). I normally go to bed around 9:30, even on Saturdays. This morning, I was awake well before I wanted to be (I was up by 6:00), so I'm tired.

In any case, I did enjoy Doctor Who, and would like to hear the explanation behind the professorship and the vault (though I suspect the latter explains the former). I do hope, though, that we're not headed for another Pandorica, as this would seem to be the "bad wolf" of this season. The cupful of old sonic screwdrivers was an interesting touch; I thought all the old sonics were destroyed, which was why there was always a new one. I loved the Doctor's study. I want one. Read more... )

Class was okay. I had some trouble with the dialogue, but then I realized that I had the volume pretty low on the TV. And then the special effects sort of drowned out the dialogue. Can't win. It's been bugging me since they first started advertising the show who Miss Quill reminded me of, and I suddenly realized that it was Liz Shaw (Jon Pertwee's first Companion). She looks and sounds very like her. I will probably continue to watch it.

As for The Graham Norton Show, I was very disappointed. I stayed up to watch it because Peter Capaldi was on, but they had already cut twenty minutes from the show to begin with (to allow for the longer air-times for Doctor Who and Class), and then they cut more to make room for commercials, so there was probably only half an hour of an hour show in the end. It seemed very disjointed, and I gave up about twenty minutes in and went to bed.

In other news, I have deleted one of my secondary LJs and the other is queued for import and will then be deleted. I have decided not to delete MaliRose (at least not for now), but may eventually do so.

Also? There's nothing like going to bed at nearly midnight to find that the cat left a hairball on the blanket....
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I expect I'll be doing some bookkeeping stuff today, since it's the last day of 2015, and good riddance. Here's hoping that 2016 follows the Star Trek Movie Principal: The even-numbered ones are better.

Since I have to go out this morning, anyway, I may just get dressed and go see Star Wars again. I should check to see if there's a morning show....

I did watch "The Husbands of River Song" again last night. That's four times in one week. Is it that good? Well, perhaps not, but the scene where River finally realizes that the tagalong doctor is actually the Doctor is worth the price of admission. (As is the bit where he leads her through a complicated explanation of why she can't get the TARDIS to work, she compliments him on his knowledge, he says, "not bad for a Doctor," she still doesn't get it, and he says, "Seriously?") (Also, "A thing happened.") Someone somewhere theorized that River might be the companion for the next series. I could get behind that.

In keeping with my desire to get my bedroom in shape, I spent a few hours trying to hang some pictures on the wall opposite my bed. One of my 2015 calendars -- the one for my cubicle -- was a Unicorn Tapestry calendar. (The ones in the Cluny, not the ones in the Cloisters.) I found some frames at WickedMart that are almost perfect for framing calendar pages; all they needed was a bit of gold washi tape for a "mat,"et voilà.

I saw online recently a hint for hanging groupings of pictures when you don't have a laser level (which I may actually have since I have my grandfather's tool box): Use painters tape to outline where things are going to go. So I did. I measured, and I taped, and I double-checked my measurements because the tape didn't look straight, and I measured again, and... The frames had two hangers on them, and no matter how I tried, I couldn't get those little suckers to line up. So I ended up tacking saw-toothed hangars to the frames, which made things ever so much simpler, and I finally, after about three and a half hours of effort got the things hung -- and with only one extra hole in the wall! And I stood back and gazed admiringly at my work...

...and they still weren't entirely straight. But I don't think the wall is, either, so I guess it's all good. I tell you what, though: it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to climb into bed last night with my tablet and see something pretty on the wall. (The grouping consists of four pages from the calendar, a square mirror in a gold frame (garage sale), and two smaller tapestry pictures that are actually note cards (also garage sale). Note cards, I have found, are very economical ways to have art, as long as you don't mind the size.)

Mind you, the rest of the bedroom still isn't clean, and when I moved the dresser, the dog fur under there was mixed black and white which means a good amount of it was Sheila's.... Well, I did say I hadn't properly cleaned up there in a while. Maybe a little bit more today; the rest of the art hanging shouldn't be nearly as traumatic.

No plans of note for tonight. I will probably watch a movie and go to bed early. It's really just Thursday here. I was invited to a party at J1's house, and I'd kind of like to go, but I have to consider Jack. J1 has a dog herself, and would welcome Jack, but we haven't had a chance to get the two of them together, and it's just easier at this point if I skip it. I wouldn't enjoy myself after about 9:30 p.m., anyway; it's hard to stay up to midnight when you normally go to bed between 9:00 and 10:00 and get up at 5:00 a.m.
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My vaction has, so far, not gone as well as I might have liked. I have had company or had to go out every day so far, and the plan was to spend as much time wrapped in a blankie on the couch as possible. Christmas, of course, I hosted dinner. Saturday, my sister showed up with my niece, then after they left, my dad showed up and stayed for half an hour or so. I was so looking forward to finally having a day all to myself yesterday. I didn't bother with going out for groceries; I didn't bother with taking a shower or washing my hair. I did a little writing in the morning, and then settled on the couch in the afternoon to watch Persuasion because one of my favorite cold-weather Sunday things is to wrap up in a blankie and watch Jane Austen movies. Just about the time I was ready to turn the movie off and take a nap, I heard a door slam in the driveway.


Someone had finally persuaded Grama to go to the ER, and they were admitting her overnight, so Mom had sent Dad to get me to pack up an overnight bag for her because I'd know better than Dad what she would need.

Um...really? Really? RLY?!?

I'm not certain what sort of logic that was, actually, especially since Dad is always with Mom when she gets supplies for Grama -- I'm not. So I'd think he'd know far better than I, but whatever. I got into a pair of jeans (because I was in my favorite pair of ratty sweatpants that I had to repair not too long ago with iron-on patches) and away we went.

Anyway. I sat with Gram in the ER bay for over an hour while Mom and Dad went out to get supper. They offered to take me home, but I figured that someone ought to be there to wrangle Gram's stuff if she got moved upstairs before Mom and Dad got back, and it's a good thing I did stay, since that's what happened.

I have to say, though, when you're in the ER, you don't want to hear this, in reference to the patient in the next bay over, when you're just separated by curtains: "Where's security? I don't trust this guy." (Said guy had put his hand through a plate-glass window, and was asked a couple of times if he did drugs.) And even though the nurse wasn't in the bay with him, if I heard her, he certainly did, as well. Nice.

I'm half expecting to get a call that I need to go pick Gram up at the hospital and take her home, because I haven't yet received email from my mother that she's been discharged, and Mom and Dad have to go to Buffalo today. Though Dad did say that they might cancel because the weather was supposed to turn bad.

Mom was right, by the way: Gram has bronchitis. The reason they were keeping her overnight, though, was an elevated heart enzyme. They were pretty sure that she hadn't had a heart attack and that her chest pain was just from her coughing, but they were keeping her overnight just to be absotively posilute.

After Dad brought me home (while they were settling Gram; because she tests positive for MRSA, she has to be in isolation, and I didn't feel it was necessary to gown and glove up to go in and be in the way), I walked Jack, fed the three of them, ate something for dinner, and finished the rest of my goddamned movie.

And then I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special for the third time, mostly so I could watch Capaldi's face while River is ranting about how she may be the woman who loves the Doctor, but that doesn't mean he loves her back.
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So, Christmas dinner happened, and it was less onerous than some years. Grama has a terrible cough; my mother thinks she has bronchitis, but can't get Gram to agree to go to the ER or urgent care. She will only see her own doctor, and it could be a couple of weeks before she can get in. So the nurse at the facility is keeping an eye on her and will call Mom if she thinks Gram needs to go to the ER.

One thing about having Cousin V-Jer at a function: she talks enough that Mom and Gram can't get down to fighting.

When Gram decided she wanted to go home, Mom and Dad loaded her into the truck, but then there wasn't room enough left for Mom, so she stayed behind with me. She tried to convince me that the Ravenous Gecko is a nice, sweet young woman. She also told me that my brother himself realizes that the RG will never be able to survive on her own. We discussed whether or not they should apply for SSI for her, but Mom said they wouldn't do it. I almost asked why the fuck not since the Lizard's eldest daughter (another marriage) has received it all her life, but my reason for knowing that is HIPAA-protected, so I kept it behind my teeth. Barely. Mom may already know, but if she doesn't.... (Mom has tried to get me to talk to her about clients before; she had a problem with a woman in her last congregation leaving the service early and going through the pockets of the coats on the coat racks and stealing things, and she tried to get me to say whether or not the woman was one of my clients. She was, but I wouldn't tell my mother that.)

Anyway. Dinner was eaten, gifts were exchanged (my mother quite liked the photo I gave her and Dad from Stonehenge; it's not one of the standard shots of the entire monument silhouetted against the sky, but a close up of a couple of the trilithons. I quite like it and may frame a copy for myself. My mother has apparently decided that I need more purple in my life (probably because I hung purple curtains in my green living room), so she gave me a purple sweater, a purple toiletry bag that turned out to be advertising swag from a drug company -- Mom was surprised and annoyed at that; I wonder where she got it from -- a lavender scarf/shawl, and a purple wallet. She also gave me a couple of sweatshirts, one of which was identical to one she gave me last year.

After everyone left, I settled down on the couch to watch the rest of the Doctor Who marathon and then the Christmas special. I was amused by it, but had hoped that River would recognize the Doctor sooner (and that's not really a spoiler, since it was in the advertising that she didn't know him). Also...the last part of it made me cry. I may have to go back and rewatch all the River episodes now, especially "Silence in the Library"/"The Forest of the Dead." I haven't seen those since they were originally aired. (Sometimes, when people ask me if I'm not afraid of walking the dog in the dark, I want to say, "It's not like the Vashta Nerada are going to get us," but they wouldn't understand and it'd take too long to explain.

Today's plan is to go to the first matinee showing of Star Wars and hope that people are still sleeping off the tryptophan, so that I can watch it in peace. The first show is truly a matinee: it starts at 9:30 a.m. I think Jack will be all right; we've broken the destruction habit for now. It's only if I continue to leave him alone that he'll backslide. And that's not going to happen.

Which reminds me: Mom said that she heard that the dog guy is rough with people's dogs, which is what I was afraid of. I don't want Jack further traumatized.

At some point, Bird is going to show up with Niece. I am debating whether to give her a couple of books. Not really a Christmas present, since I don't give those kids presents, but more of a "Here, I have extra copies of these." She's fifteen, now, and I would actually like to give her my extra copies of Tigana and The Lions of Al-Rassan, but don't know whether they're appropriate. I guess it's sort of hypocritical of me, since I was reading Stephen R. Donaldson when I was younger than that (it's how I met one of my high school boyfriends; he was reading Lord Foul's Bane about a month after I had read it). I know she reads Tolkien, because she absconded with one of my copies of The Two Towers. Maybe I'll just go through my bookshelves and give her a pile of stuff. Some Lackey, some GGK, some CdL.

And maybe I won't, because I hoard books like a non-firebreathing dragon....
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It's not sunny today. It is, in fact, supposed to be drizzly all day, though I don't think I've seen any rain. The streets were wet and puddly when I took Jack for a walk before dawn, though. It's also supposed to be quite warm today. I do not find myself displeased by this.

Normally on Sunday, I don't go out other than to walk Jack, but today I went out for groceries. I postponed the trip since I didn't want to tempt fate by going out twice yesterday. Jack was quite good while I was gone to get my hair cut, so yay. I got about six inches cut off, which took it up to about an inch below my bra strap. Probably if I don't say anything, people won't even notice.

The dog guy finally got back to me with a single line telling me to call him on his cell phone to discuss training Jack. You know what? If I could remember to call him, I wouldn't have emailed. *sigh*

I watched the last three episodes of Doctor Who last night ("Face the Raven," "Heaven Sent," "Hell Bent"). One good thing about cable: I watched them On Demand, so they were crisper than if I were watching my tapes...but I couldn't fast forward through commercials. Not that there were a lot of commercials, but they kept repeating the same one. Maybe the commercial was in a time loop.... Anyway, I remembered another thought I had about the Hybrid: what about Susan and any children she might have had?

Today, I am probably going to eventually go out to the kitchen and bake cookies. Our work Xmas parties (both the in-office luncheon, and the after-work drunken festival) are this week, so I should probably take some goodies. I don't actually want to bake cookies, though, so...maybe I won't. I'm also thinking that since it's my 9-5 week, I need to get out there and throw soup ingredients in the crock pot. Can't do both, as I don't have that much counter space and only one available outlet...though I did once make soup in the basement office while I was using the bread machine in the kitchen.

What I would really like to do is take a nap....
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Heh. I had all kinds of thoughts boiling through my head, but now that I sit down to write some of them out, they're gone. Figures. Read more... )

I guess that's enough for now; I need to go do some things, and it's already midmorning....
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  • I don't know whether it was a reading error, or whether or it was really that cold here, but when the weather man was reeling off the temperatures, it was in the 40s in Buffalo and east of here, but only 28° here. Of course, there is enough frost to bear that out.

  • I just took some time to compare the location of our hotel in Paris to the sites of the attacks. People at work will probably ask.

  • It occurred to me to wonder this morning if the attacks are truly aimed at The West, or whether they're more aimed at the refugees: "How dare you try to escape us. We can reach you no matter where you go, and we will turn those who shelter you against you so that you have nowhere to go."

  • On a far lighter note, I did manage to watch Saturday's episode of Doctor Who; my cable carrier has BBC America On Demand. I didn't like it. I don't like the choppiness of found footage.

  • I have opened most of the curtains in the house since I have to go to work today. I am beginning to lean back toward getting Dean. Since I'm interested, he's probably already been adopted.

  • This is going to be a difficult week. I have three evening engagements and Jack is only invited to one of them. Tonight I have a doctor appointment, Wednesday is the shire meeting, and Thursday is Jack's V-E-T appointment. Yay?

  • My mother has decided that Thanksgiving dinner will be at a local restaurant this year. I don't want to go. At all.

  • Don't know if I mentioned it previously: I received a large box the other day with my trip photos. Lots and lots and lots of trip photos. It's going to take six big albums to hold them all.

  • I don't want to leave the house today; I don't want to see what's going to have happened while I am away....
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I am, as always, waiting. What I'm waiting for this morning is the grass to dry enough to go mow the front yard and make my neighbors less disappointed in me. Can't make them happy, of course, until I can afford to get the house painted. Or sided. And siding will definitely have to wait until after the windows upstairs are replaced. I would never go back to living in an apartment, but jeez. Sometimes....

Anyway. Since I was planning to mow today, I went out yesterday between rainstorms and picked up the apples in the front yard. I didn't bother with the back since I'm not planning to mow out there this weekend. That was a chore. It didn't really take all that long, but a lot of bending and stooping, and the bags were heavy. At least I didn't make the mistake of trying to put all the fallen apples -- perhaps a couple of bushels' worth -- in the same garbage bag....

It is chilly this morning, and as I was typing that I glanced at the calendar and realized that, of course it's chilly -- the equinox is this week. Still, it's supposed to be a decent day. Not what I would call warm, but sunny, at least. The temperature is supposed to top out at 69°. I'll probably wait until Columbus Day weekend to start dragging out my sweaters, though.

I hate autumn almost as much as I hate winter.

I must remember this week to call the furnace guy to come take a look at the fan motor, to see if he can figure out why it always makes so much noise. I kept putting it off and putting it off, and now, with the prospect of turning the furnace back on looming, I really need to get it done. I'd ask my dad to take a look at it, but I'm not in the mood to put up with my mother.

I told my grandmother that if anything ever goes wrong with my furnace, I'm moving into her house. She allowed as how she'd rather have me there than anyone else in the family (with the exception of MyAuntie).

So...last night was the season premiere of Doctor Who. Read more... ) Looking forward to next week's episode. Confession time: This is really the whole reason I got cable....
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It's too early for anything. I am so tired this morning. I am definitely not going in early. I may not even stay late.

I wanted to just watch ridiculous movies last night, but couldn't find one. So I started watching the last series of Doctor Who instead.

I am thinking that I am finally going to give in and get a proper cell phone. I saw how useful my friends' smartphones were while we were on our trip. (Which is the same reason I got a tablet; I saw how useful one was on the trip to Montreal.) Maybe I'll even sign up for Twitter. (For which I know you don't need a phone anymore, but when it was first getting started, you did.)

...and now I need to go see what the cat is doing, because that sound was definitely a cat where a cat shouldn't be.

Unless it was a bat, of course, but there isn't enough commotion for that....

Happy 2015

Jan. 1st, 2015 11:00 am
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My Christmas present to myself arrived yesterday: a new tablet. (Galaxy Tab 4, 10.1 inch. I have wanted once since the Montreal trip; J2 was carring a Galaxy NoLaste and I thought it was the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.) I had some money from Grama, and some points at Amazon, and I bought the scratch-and-dent one, so even though the price went up $20 from the time I looked at it in the morning of one day until I finally nerved myself up to actually order it the following morning, I got it for a significantly good price. Which is...good. Good price is good.

I have spent a chunk of the morning getting it set up, and I am going cross-eyed (and cross!) from reading EULAs. I eventually stopped reading and just starting skimming. They all say pretty much the same thing, anyway.

Now, however, I have switched to my laptop, as I have some writing I want to do (including this post).

My New Year's Eve celebration consisted of sitting on the couch wrapped in a blankie and watching "The Voyage of the Damned" (Doctor Who) on DVD. When that finished, rather than watch another episode, I read for an hour or so. I am currently reading As You Wish, Cary Elwes' memoir on the making of The Princess Bride. It is entertaining.

Since I went to bed at the usual time (I can't see any point in staying up just to say that I stayed up), I was up at roughly the usual time this morning. Okay, I admit it. I stayed in bed an extra 40 minutes. I was still up before 6:00 a.m. and out for walkies with Jack by 6:30. It was a very dark morning, as there isn't much snow on the ground, and the cloud cover was thin -- nonexistent in some places! (What will we do without the comforting clouds?) It was also quite quiet. It seemed as though we were the only ones awake, at least until we got closer to the main road and saw a car. Yup. Just one. By the time we turned around, the sky was starting to brighten in the east, and it occurred to me that except for the radio station's tower, the front lawn of the university would be a good place for sunrise photos. Not that I'm going to make any happen. This morning would also have been a good time for sunrise photos on the overlook south of town, as the rising sun was also painting the clouds to the west. Also? Last night was a perfect sunset night...of course. Because I'd considered going up to the overlook and ruled it out.

I'm not quite certain what to do with the day, frankly. I don't have day care arranged. I had considered taking Jack to campus and maybe taking some TeenyTinyTARDIS photos, but it's still only in the teens out there, and having Jack trying to snuffle things is not really conducive to taking photos. I could leave him in the van, of course, but there are a lot of places I'd like to take photos that would be out of sight of the van, so that seems like a bad plan.

Wrapping up in a blankie and watching moves all day is beginning to sound quite appealing, actually. I've been on vacation for a week, now, and haven't really had a chance to actually, properly relax....
malinaldarose: (Default) seems I have been a lot busy for a little bit....

Jack: Jack continues to be crated when I go to work. While I had little trouble getting him to go into the crate on Monday and Tuesday, as the week went on, getting him to go in voluntarily got progressively harder until by Thursday afternoon I had to give him a nudge and Friday afternoon I had to actually lift him into it. Food doesn't entice him; he will actually turn his face away from treats he likes if I try to give them to him in the vicinity of the crate. Special crate treats don't work, either. He hates the crate.

Unfortunately, he appears to still need it. At some point this week (and I have lost count), he learned that he could move the crate around the room, presumably by throwing himself at one side of it. After that, he got the curtains from the window he was nearest and destroyed them, then "walked" the crate across the room and got a brand new package of curtain rods which he somehow managed to get into the crate and chewed to death. The rods were longer than the crate, so I'm not at all certain how he accomplished that.

I haven't tried any crate training with him since last weekend because I haven't had the time and he doesn't want to cooperate. My feeling is that he has been crated as punishment.

I am becoming quite fond of his furry little face, though, and he reminds me strongly of Deuce even though his coloration is nothing like hers. The shape of the head, though, and his eyes are very like hers. Well. She was also a border collie mix.

We continue to go walkies twice a day. I am vastly annoyed with the friend on FB who more or less told me that I shouldn't have adopted a border collie as they require more exercise than just a couple of walks around the block, especially as I don't think I was complaining about walkies. I am actually aware of their requirements, having had a border collie mix before. But I didn't adopt the breed, I adopted the dog. My feet are actually bothering me less than I would have expected, and I've lost a couple of pounds. Imagine if I were eating properly in addition to walking with Jack twice a day!

Jack continues to be pretty much all I think about most of the time. Jack will almost certainly be the subject of my LJ Idol entry for this week (open topic). I have been so busy with Jack that I have run out of TeenyTinyTARDIS photos for my Tumblr account.

My Birthday: My birthday passed almost unremarked. I got scads of greetings on FB and a few here, but my parents seem to have cottoned on to the fact that I would rather not have a party. (Finally!) Dad replaced the dryer vent that Jack destroyed as a birthday present, and Mom took me shopping to pick out my own present, while Dad started patching the drywall in my bedroom (which I will end up finishing). (I may have mentioned this.) BFT and I went north to shop yesterday. It was quite a successful trip, too, other than the Olive Garden where we had planned to have lunch had burned down, so we had to go to TGI Fridays instead. We do have to go back north, however, as she bought some clothing and the clerk didn't remove the anti-theft tag. We're going to a different mall next weekend, however; a friend of hers runs a pet shop in one of the other malls up thataway. (Sekrit messij to [personal profile] chelseagirl: Note that I did not use the B-word.) My birthday continues at least through Wednesday, however, as Birthday Day at work is this week. Of course, since we have Tuesday off, no one will remember. Typical.

Doctor Who: That was quite the finale. I am actually rather wishing that some of it would be undone.... Read more... )

Feelings: I got an email from BFT earlier. She wanted to let me know that on a whim, she accepted an invitation from the DM to go to a game this afternoon. She wanted to see Sir M and his lady wife who were, alas, not there after all. HTWIWM was, however. Surprisingly, she did not have a meltdown all over the place (on my behalf), but did, instead, carry on a civilized conversation. She said that the DM wanted to know if I'd be interested in gaming; she told him she didn't think so. Not until I get that apology I am owed. You really think that after not speaking to you for five years, I'm just going to show up for a game? Dude. You really have little connection to reality.

But now I am sad. Well, if Jack hadn't been occupying so much of my brain lately, I probably would have been sad this week, anyway, because whatever else he may have been, my ex-husband was always very good with dogs....

Doctor Who

Oct. 26th, 2014 03:04 pm
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I am surprised that none of the reviews I have read seem to have picked up on the reference to "The Fires of Pompeii" in last night's episode of Doctor Who. After all the "Who frowned me this face" in "Deep Breath," you'd think someone would have noticed that Read more... )
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Sunday: Yes. Yes, it is. I have tomorrow off because I have multiple doctor appointments -- not by design, though. Just coincidence. One of them is a follow-up ultrasound to check on Louisa. She has been noisy this last week, so I guess she's still around.

LJI: Back in the main competition as I said. There are multiple topics to choose from this time, and I can't come up with anything. Entry is due tomorrow evening. Arg. Arg, I say.

House stuff: I got very little work done around the house yesterday. I went out into the garage and basically turned circles trying to figure out what to do first. The oil spill out there is spreading, so I really need to deal with that, but am not certain how. (One of the things my darling ex left behind was a milk jug full of used motor oil. One of the things he was supposed to deal with, in addition to the thrice-damned loader, was the chemicals in the garage. He did not. The oil has now eaten through the botom of the milk jug and is slowly spreading across the garage floor. I have tossed sawdusty stuff into it to try to keep it confined, but it keeps spreading. I'm not quite sure how to deal with it.)

I did manage to get some of the garage sale stuff -- which, frankly, should probably just be thrown away -- packed into boxes and the boxes stacked out of the way. If I can get the tables cleared off, I can collapse them, then I can bring the garbage and recycling bins back in. Sooner or later, one of my neighbors is going to inform me that if I keep them outside, I'm going to attract bears, even though I don't actually put anything in them until garbage day. There are bears nearby, so my bins are clearly going to attract them.


I have decided that I am just going to pick a room and clean it. Then I will pick another room and clean it. And that room is all that I will work on that day. We'll see how it goes.

Dog Stuff: I decided to go ahead and submit an application for the dog I'm interested in adopting. I expect to be rejected out-of-hand, and that's fine, but if I didn't at least try to get her, I'd've been annoyed with myself, and myself doesn't need that. Really. She's got enough to put up with at the moment.

Stuff I'm Not Talking About: Is intensifying this week. Is going to suck.

Weather: It was unpleasant yesterday. Cold and wet...except for when the sun managed to come out. Today's forecast is for clouds this morning and sun this afternoon. I suppose that means I should get out there this afternoon and mulch leaves. About a third of the oak's leaves are down. The crabapple is nearly bare. The maple has barely gotten started. In the front yard, the maple is also barely started. I'd rather go somewhere and take pictures of leaves than try to mulch them, but if I leave it too long, the mower won't be able to cope.

I hate fall almost as much as I hate winter.

Doctor Who: Well. Last night's episode seems to confirm Read more... )


Sep. 14th, 2014 09:21 pm
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The power just came back on in my house about twenty minutes ago. The transformer across the street blew again around 7:00 p.m., so the power was out to the -- what, eight? nine? -- houses between the corner and the next transformer up. I had originally planned to go out to a movie tonight; if I had, I would have arrived home to find all the clocks needing to be reset and wouldn't have known a thing about it. But the friend I was going to go with cancelled, and I was in my laundry room folding laundry when I heard the bang and the light in the dryer went out. Having experienced this only just last summer (or maybe the summer before), I knew what it was immediately. My neighbors and I were out looking for a dead squirrel, but couldn't find one. (A squirrel caused the last one.) The last time was a bit less inconvenient: though it was also a Sunday, oddly enough, it was high summer, a bright day, and around midmorning. This time...I tried reading with the curtains open, then I took my book outside where it was still bright enough to read, then I came back in and counted the cash in my wallet and decided that I couldn't go out for ice cream, so I rummaged around and got a bunch of candles lit, then read by candlelight in my office until the power came back on.

And the overhead light was unbelievably bright after reading by candlelight for half an hour or so. Even though I had seven candles lit.... Also, I'd better get some D-cells for my Maglight(s). Or maybe it's time to get a camping flashlight with the big square battery.

In other news, Lyme came today and took away the scrap lumber in the breezeway and most of the large sheets of stuff in the garage. The only stuff I hung onto was anything that looked like trim from the house and the drywall in the breezeway. He and his lady friend and I loaded up his trailer in a little under two hours. Now I need to clean the rest of the breezeway. My sister told me she'd help me move the drywall into the garage when I had room for it, and now I do....

Emails have been flying back and forth between me and MyAuntie and my sister and MyAuntie all weekend. The upshot of it is that someone misunderstood something somewhere along the line and Gram was told that the tests he needed were surgical in nature, which is why she vetoed them. They're not, so when Doc W gets back from her conference next week, we'll schedule them. And we just have to keep convincing Gram that just because he can't see is no reason to euthanize him. (She said the same thing when I told her that Sheila is mostly blind and I suspect she's a touch deaf as well, and, dude, you simply do not suggest that someone else is going to have to have their pet put down. That's just...not nice.)

I really liked last night's episode of Doctor Who. It didn't at all go where I expected it to. (And, in fact, should not have been able to go where it ultimately did, but, as previously mentioned, "some idiot turned off the safeties," and as even previouslier mentioned, "I always took you where you needed to go." Though it this case, it was apparently Clara that needed to go there. Though I have to wonder about Clara meeting more than one stranded early time traveler...and was that planet the same planet (at the end of the universe) where the Doctor (and Jack and Martha) found the Master? And what woman are we going to find that Danny has killed? And wouldn't it be terribly twisty if we found out that it was Clara? (Though, of course, it couldn't be as he would have recognized her. Assuming her wide face with eyes out to here wasn't covered at the time, of course.)

I do have to say, though, that Capaldi's grins are terrifying. And I did see someone explain the Doctor's new-found grimness by pointing out that he is fresh from centuries of war on Trenzalore.

Also, also, although I don't particularly care for the current TARDIS desktop, I really like the blackboard, desk, candles, and that bookcase. I want that bookcase....


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