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The garage called not too terribly long after my last post; the van was finished. They could not find any sort of leak; they checked all the usual spots and checked all the fluids. At this point, I'm remembering a call I once heard on Car Talk from a woman who was getting rainwater in the door of her car, and I'm wondering if I have something similar.

In any case, by that time, the weather had changed, and so it was perfect eclipse-viewing weather. I got the van home in plenty of time. I tried the selfie-over-the-shoulder trick that was recommended on FB (even though I was a bit skeptical), and it didn't work. I didn't see any of the crescent-shaped shadows under the trees, either, so I was really disappointed. But then....

I happened to look out onto my porch, and the vastly overgrown shrubbery was doing a good job of pinhole-projecting. So of course I had to do a TeenyTinyTARDIS photo or three:

That was relatively early on in the show. Later, I got some better photos:






I did get to sneak a quick peek at the sun itself; although I wasn't able to get glasses, The Gossip had obtained a pair at the library, and he was wandering around the neighborhood sharing them with anyone who was outside. So that was pretty cool.

The weirdest thing about it was to look out the window when the eclipse was near its maximum, observe the nearly cloudless sky, realize that it was brightly sunny, and yet it was so terribly dim. It was like someone had put the wrong size bulb in a vast lamp. Kinda weird.

In any case, it reached about 75% of totality here. But, we're just outside the path of totality for the next one in 2024, if the map I saw was accurate, so it looks like I could drive ten miles and see totality, as opposed to, say, 98%.
Also, I am testing out photo hosting at Smug Mug on [personal profile] kk1raven's suggestion -- I did sign up, so I hope you do get a credit for it -- though I am finding it to be much less intuitive than I might like.
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I am working 9-5 today, so I have a little bit of time this morning...and I should probably be putting it to a more productive use than nattering on LJ, but there you have it.

Jack was a little calmer overnight than he has been. He did still try to get in bed with me three times, but Mr. Spray Bottle convinced him that he really wanted to sleep on the floor. (It's not like there isn't an actual dog bed in the room, but he won't go near it.) I didn't have to kick him out, which is good, because I was too tired to get up and do it.

I still don't know what I'm going to do about going to the movie this weekend, though. I suppose I'll have to see about getting The Gecko to come down for a few hours. Ugh.

I spent a huge chunk of Saturday dealing with the fallen leaves in the yard. In the front, they were mostly from Mrs. T's maples across the street; they'd been blown up to catch against my fence, and when I raked them out for better mulching, they covered most of my side yard. The leaves from my own maple in the back were just as bad. I hope that it's the last time I'm going to need the mower this season because it has pretty much had the radish. I could've turned the blade faster with a hand crank at the end, but I kept going until it finally ran out of gas. The weird thing is that when it's just about to run out of gas, it starts running properly again, so I can get a couple of quick swipes with the blades at speed. Otherwise, it's put-put-put-put. I will take it to have someone look at it in the spring, but I will probably also buy another one. I am suddenly thinking about how nice it might be to have a self-propelled mower....

Yesterday, I took as a pajama day. The only times I left the house were to walk Jack. Mind you, I still worked for several hours: I got some stuff listed on eBay (and let me tell you, I had forgotten what a pain in the ass that is!) and started to reorganize my DVD collection. One of my birthday presents to myself was to buy some expensive DVD binders that look like antique books, and I started loading them up yesterday. I'm going to run out of books before I run out of movies, though, and I bought a dozen books. (And that's just the movies. I have a LOT of television on DVD, too, and several of those series -- Buffy, Angel, Star Trek, BSG, All Creatures Great and Small, The Tomorrow People (among others) -- are in big ugly Case Logic binders. So I got the first one loaded (with just movies whose titles start with numbers, As, and Bs), and was all excited to put it in place...and it didn't fit on the designated shelf. Goddammit! The binders are just a smidge too tall. I'm probably going to move my Nancy Drew/Tom Swift collection to the shelves where the DVDs are now and put the binders where the books were. It's a much bigger chore than I anticipated, and I wanted to have it done by T'giving, so I'm going to probably fill a binder or two an evening until it's done. Then I'll have to go back and update my database, which I haven't done in a couple of years, since I chucked out a huge number of VHS tapes that I'd made from television over the decades since I bought my first VCR.

The weather has been nice and sunny, but far chillier than I would like. It was in the high 40s on Saturday while I was out wrestling with the leaves. It was in the mid-50s yesterday, I guess, and will be again today, but that's still nowhere near warm enough for me. Still, it's not [yet] snowing, and breathing is not painful, so I guess I'm going to have to call it a win.

I saw the supposed supermoon last evening shortly after it rose and this morning as it was setting. It didn't look any larger to me than normal. I remember an evening when HTWIWM and I went camping in a pasture belonging to a friend of his. (He just wanted to sleep out of doors; if I hadn't been with him, he probably wouldn't have bothered with the tent.) Anyway, the pasture was at the top of a hill, and we were sitting outside watching the stars when the moon came up. It rose a huge, flaming orange, and seemed to take up half the sky. Now that was a supermoon. I can't remember exactly when it was, but the moon must have been at perigee then. It was gorgeous, in any case, and we watched it climb higher and higher and get paler and paler (and smaller and smaller). I love moonrise and moonset.

Right. I've nattered enough; time to go deal with my wet hair.
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  • Sky this morning was lit in such a way that the east was pink and the west looked clear and cloudless. In reality, the whole of the sky was overcast. Last forecast I saw called for storms this morning, at least.

  • Spent all freakin' day on the same case as I spent all freakin' Monday on. Expect to spend all of today on it, as well. Or, at least, all of this morning...

  • I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. Yet another pelvic ultrasound, whee. If this all ends up being scar tissue, I will be...relieved first, but annoyed second.

  • Refilled Nick's insulin for the first time yesterday. Called the pharmacy's refill line at 12:15 and at 12:45 got a call from the pharmacist to say that they were out of that particular type and would have to order it, but would have it today. I am impressed at how quickly the message for the refill was picked up, frankly.

  • The county home is preparing to toss me in front of a bus. I can tell.

  • Woke up at 2:30 a.m. Couldn't get back to sleep. At 3:30, the Claws In The Attic 500 began, so I came downstairs to the couch. As soon as I sat down, Kethri came over to dance on my head. I discouraged that.... Didn't really sleep the rest of the night, yet it was somehow forty minutes after I normally get up when I heard a crash from my office. Merlin had knocked something off my desk. End result: My hair is on its own today; it'll get washed tomorrow.


Apr. 15th, 2014 07:54 pm
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A friend of mine at work has often told me how envious she is of my trip to Italy. She had a chance to go to Italy with her mother in 1999, but chose not to go -- partly, she tells me, because she didn't think she'd be able to put up with her sister in close quarters for a week. Her mother died a couple of years ago, and today, she brought in her mother's Italy photo album for me to look through. Her mother took the same sort of tour I did, and saw a lot of the same sights.

The really, really, really weird thing? When the tour I was on went to Florence, we diddy-bopped around Florence all day one day, then that evening went to a villa in the country -- a restaurant -- for dinner. There was live music, including a singer who wandered through the tables and managed to at least put an arm around just about every woman there, including me. (A few of the older women who actually knew how to dance got up and danced with him. There was a lot of wine that night. A lot of wine. I even had some.) Anyway, I have a photograph of this guy with one arm around me and the other around J1, singing.

Today in my friend's mother's photos, I found the same guy. Singing. It is recognizably the same man, even though there's a thirteen year gap between the photos.

In some ways, it's not a surprise at all: the villa probably makes a good chunk of their yearly income from tour groups. But in other ways...the fact that two women who didn't know each other from the same small New York town had photos of the same man -- out of all the men in Florence -- is an incredible coincidence.
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I decided, on almost the spur of the moment yesterday, to go out to a movie. I would normally go to the extra-super-bargain matinee, but the movie I decided on was only showing during the first set of both matinee and evening viewings. I went. $8.00 for a matinee ticket. Jeebus. When I worked there, the evening ticket price was $4.00. Yes, it was a long time ago. But still...that's my basis for comparison.

And the movie...was not great. I chose GI Joe: Retaliation over the Oz movie, because at least I knew what I'd be getting. Unfortunately, what I was getting wasn't even as entertaining as I'd hoped. I love me a good action flick, and I was hooked on GI Joe (the cartoon) when I was a teenager. At least they dispensed with the "Yo Joe!" cry; I don't think I could've stood that from live-action characters. Oh, it had its moments, but it wasn't even as good as the last one. Last time, nanomites ate the Eiffel Tower. This time, they dropped a missile on London, using a weapon that reminded me of the meteor gun from The Last Starfighter. The idea is to just get something solid going fast enough, and you don't even need explosives; the impact will do the job. Anyway. It was dumb. And Arnold Vosloo was criminally underused. And now you know.

I also had mixed feelings about last night's episode of Doctor Who. For some reason, I cannot keep the pronunciation of "Akhaten" straight. And...didn't we already do this when Ten faced down the Devil himself? Also, that leaf of Clara's was a maple leaf last week, and wasn't this week, unless she has more than one she's toting around. The whole episode just felt incomplete and rushed to me, and I was a bit surprised that the sonic screwdriver wasn't of more use against a creature held in check by sound. Also, also, what was the real point of The Vigil? Yeah. Not a great episode, in my opinion.

This morning, I was opening the curtains in the backroom (because the sun is shining! Again!) and movement caught my eye. At first, I thought the big-ass bird out there was a female turkey, but I think it was a pheasant. It hung around long enough for me to get the camera, get outside, and snap several pictures, though naturally I had lowered the camera and was just watching it when it took off and flew away over the neighbor's house. I will post photos later.

There is a shire meeting this afternoon, and at first, I was just going to give it a miss, but now I'm not so certain. It occurred to me before I even managed to get out of bed this morning that I have the web hosting bill in my desk. Even though our current exchequer doesn't want to pay for web hosting because she claims that someone at the kingdom level has offered to host SCA websites for free, the bill should probably be turned in. I paid it myself last year, but I can't afford to do so this year, nor am I willing to do so this year. I have asked who is doing the hosting, but no one seems to know, and when I ask at the kingdom level, the only response is crickets. Which, frankly, is the usual response when I ask a question at kingdom level, which is one of the reasons why I have been contemplating just quitting. I get tired of shouting into the void, and my whole life feels like one vast unheard shout sometimes. Hell, I frequently go unheard even when I'm not shouting metaphorically, so....

One of the things that is supposed to occur at today's meeting is nominations, and we need a full slate of officers. Even if we had held our fall elections, we would still have to nominate officers this month for next month's spring elections.

I suppose I'll wait and see how busy I am after lunch. I do have tasks that really must at least be started today, even if they don't get finished....
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I was feeling extremely cranky this morning (still feeling a bit cranky), but felt much better upon seeing the herd of deer (undoubtedly some of the same ones that were nibbling at the shrubbery in front of my house a couple of weeks back) where I could get a photo or two. I immediately pulled into the nearest parking lot and hiked back. Pics forthcoming. They're not as good as they could be because I took them with Cellino (who lives in my purse); the deer were gone by the time I got back fifteen minutes later with Marcello.

Mom wanted to know if I wanted to go to not-quite-Buffalo with her and Dad today. (In fact, Grumpy Cat NO.) I do not wish to spend any of my precious free time at my parents' mercy. Because this is how it would go: Oh, we're going to Bon Ton to pick up a mixer. We'd better check out the rest of the mall. Do you want to go to Pier 1? Okay, how about Target? Let's stop somewhere and get lunch (where "somewhere" always manages to be "McDonald's"). Say, there's an antique shop there that we haven't been to in a while, let's go there (where "there" is fifty miles in the other direction from home). And so on.

The above is the same reason why I am not inviting them to go along with me to Rochester in a couple of weeks, because last year, I let them take me, and I ended up not going where I wanted to go, and with no lunch because I wanted to go to the Olive Garden, but they wanted McDonald's. Plus, they have no concept of punctuality. To get to the clinic for my appointment, I will have to leave town no later than 8:15. I will likely leave at 8:00. They would pick me up at 8:30.

For the record, I loathe McDonald's. Too many years of working in the mall, where that was the fastest, best, easiest, least greasy choice. Which is why, if I have a choice of Burger King over McDonald's, I'll go to BK every time, even though they're no better.

I live in one of those areas where my house is physically situated within the bounds of one town, so they get my taxes, but my street address is in the City, so I get my mail from them. Today, I had to go up to the city post office to pick up a SwapaDVD package that was returned to me. (Marked "Tried, Not Known.") They were going to make me pay for the privilege, so I went in armed with the mailing receipt, assuming that perhaps the postage had come off, somehow. Turns out that if you mail something First Class, you don't have to pay to have it returned. My carrier didn't leave it in my box, because even though I paid first class postage, it was marked "Media Mail" (because it's a swap item, and the labels are always so marked), so he wasn't certain whether I had to pay for it or not.

So I have this DVD back, and I'm not certain what to do with it, because none of SwapADVD's FAQs take into account that mail might be returned for some reason. The site clearly states not to contact them about mailing issues until after such-and-such a date (two weeks hence, I think). I suppose I could just cancel the request.

Apparently, chess is not a popular game with the people who shop at stores ending in "Mart." Either that, or it's an extremely popular game. I wanted to get a chess set, not because I have anyone other than Sheila to play with, but for photography purposes. I did get one, but not at the first store I tried. Of course, having now obtained one, I will find one squirrelled away in the house somewhere....

And while we're on the subject, I can see a chess/checkers combination package. But flip the board over and get Tic-Tac-Toe? Really? Really? This is something that needs a board? What happened to pencils and paper? Why, in my day....
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For some reason, whenever one or another of us was feeling pensive, HTWIWM and I used to stand at the front door and stare outside. It's not like there's a fabulous view, or anything, though we could occasionally see bits of a beautiful sunset or a fabulous moonset if it was the right time of year for the moon to be framed in the gap between houses. I still do it sometimes (and still wait for someone warm to come up behind me), until I catch myself and tell myself sternly to just stop it already. But the habit of glancing out the window whenever I go by the door remains, and sometimes I'm glad of it, like last night as I was getting ready for bed when I glanced out and saw the pair of deer across the street. They were browsing the neighbor's ornamental tree. One of them wandered into the middle of the street and stood there, apparently on guard, and I watched it, hoping it would move on before someone came along -- though at 10:00 p.m., that was unlikely.

The two of them eventually crossed the street, and I realized that they were in my yard, so I went into the office, turned off the desk lamp, and opened the curtain. The sentinel was just barely out of the road at the end of the driveway, and the other had wandered over toward the rose bush growing up beside the garage (they've already eaten all the rose hips probably as high up as they can reach; I should pick the rest and put them on the ground). I got my camera out, but I couldn't get it to cooperate, which sucks, because a minute or two later, the wanderer reappeared, followed by the whole rest of the herd. I'm not certain whether there were six or eight, but there were a bunch. They wandered through my front yard, and stopped to munch on the bushes in front of the porch. I watched them through the front door. Their noses looked so soft, and they had huge dark eyes. I imagine they saw me watching them, but they weren't concerned. No reason for them to be; they could get away before I could even finish getting the door open. And still the camera wouldn't cooperate, and I couldn't get the other one because it was charging, dammit.

So I have no pictures, but they were lovely.

A List

Nov. 10th, 2012 06:32 am
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  • I have decided to go to McKinley today. I will go to Pier 1. I will go to Barnes & Noble. I will buy Xmas gifts for my coworkers, and possibly my uncle, if I can find something, since he's the only person I didn't bring anything home from Italy for. Then I will come home. I should be home by midafternoon.

  • I am up too early. It's even a bit too early to go for groceries. But only a bit.

  • It's raining. Or sprinkling, anyway.

  • The rabbits have not left my yard. They know Sheila isn't a threat.

  • The other night when I was outside with Sheila right after I got home (a bit late) from work, I saw a flight of five herons winging over my house. It's rare enough to see one, and the only other time I've seen multiple herons was several years ago when I saw three and took my ADF member name (HeronsFlight) from the event.

  • The supervisor at work who is retiring in a few months keeps telling me I should put in for her job. I keep telling her that I have enough trouble dealing with my own angry clients, let alone having to deal with other people's. Not to mention that I don't know anywhere near enough about the other parts of the job. Or my own, for that matter. I know disability procedures and MA-SSI, and that's it. There's a lot more to Medicaid than that.

  • I was looking at a catalog this morning and my brain informed me out of left field that I would be putting the Xmas tree on the little end table in front of the window. I didn't know that I'd even decided to put it up this year. I didn't last year...or the year before, I don't think. The problem is that Nimue likes to lie on that table, poke her head through the [hideous] curtains and look out the window.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are back. I saw Mrs. Cardinal up close and personal the other day when I was in the breezeway and she landed on some sticks I had set aside for the fire pit. I was much closer to her with the glass separating us than she would ever allow had I actually been outside. In related news, I noticed yesterday that a coworker has a copy of the photo I snapped a few years back of Mr. Cardinal against fresh snow on my lilac bushes -- the one that was chosen as a photo of the week by the local NPR station's website. I don't remember giving her a copy, so it must be that her supervisor, to whom I did give a copy, passed it on to her when she retired last year.

  • Sheila wants out....
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Never mind. There's a cardinal perched on the scrollwork on my front porch chirping his fool head off. How can I remain pissed off when that's going on?
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I went out sale-ing with my parents today for the first time in a year and a half. For some reason, I just never went with them last year. There weren't very many sales, though, and half of them weren't ready to go when my mother was ready to give them money. We had a small argument about people not actually opening their sales until the advertised time. I am one of the people who will not open a sale until the advertised time, but Mom believes that you should be ready whenever people show up at your door, even if it it's 6:30 a.m. for a 9:00 a.m. sale. I don't think that "customer service" applies to garage sales, and if someone is showing up on private property that early in the morning, it's extremely rude even if it isn't trespassing. Well, actually, outside the posted hours of the sale (the invitation, as it were), it is trespassing.

I only bought a few things: a hanging mirror in a stained glass frame that will probably go in the library, an extremely large candelabra with two arms that holds votives which I have no idea what I will do with, and a smaller candle/holder combination that I just liked the look of. I saw things that I left behind, too, including some lovely caned chairs at the sale where I got the mirror. I really loved the carving on the edge of the seat and the back, but there were four chairs and the caning was broken on two of them, which is probably why they were still there, despite the prices ($3 for the one that didn't have a cushion and $5 each for the ones that did). There was also a pretty little desk at the place where I got the candles, but I left it there because I don't know where I'd've put it. Though, as someone pointed out recently, if I didn't have a bathtub in my middle bedroom, I might be able to figure these things out.

We also went up the hill south of town because there was supposed to be a sale in the little town near the top. There were DoT workmen doing their thing, and they had closed one lane of the road while they were working and were allowing traffic down the other lane in alternating directions...except that they hadn't taken the side roads into account. We turned down one of the side roads and it suddenly occurred to me that when we went back up, unless traffic happened to be passing, we wouldn't know which way we were supposed to be going. We were going to stop at the scenic overlook so I could take pictures (I was carrying the camera in the bag I'm thinking of carrying in Italy to try it out), but we ended up taking one of the hollows and going the long way around instead of back the way we had come.

Yesterday evening, when I picked Nimue up from the V-E-T's office, I was thinking that it would be pretty easy to hit a crow on the wing on that road if they weren't going to be more careful about flying over...and a huge shadow passed over the road, followed by a heron. And then a second one joined it. They were not even at treetop height when they flew over the road. I've never seen herons that close before. My first thought was, "I have to get a picture!", followed by, "Dammit, I don't have the camera!", followed by, "You wouldn't get a picture anyway, by the time you slowed down and got off the road, you moron." (Yes, I call myself "moron" a lot.) Still. Magnificent sight.

Today's Leg Report: My lower legs are better than they have been in Quite Some Time. My thighs, however, are not happy, and I know exactly why: I was extremely tense at yesterday's PT session, and that tension was manifested in those muscles. I kept trying to remind myself to relax, but I wasn't all that successful. It occurred to me later, too, that I must have puzzled the therapists a bit: here I am telling them how much I dislike having my legs touched...and I have a huge tattoo on my right leg. (Of course, it's not on the back of the leg, which is really the problem area.)

I was going to do laundry this afternoon, but it's edging on toward a bit late for it, and for a while, it was pretty overcast. I see the sun is coming out now, but I'm thinking that today is going to be a wash, but isn't going to have a wash.


Mar. 9th, 2012 06:38 am
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Gosh darn auto-focus caught the tree....
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Today should be interesting, at least. I can't wait to see what havoc a two-day absence has wrought on my desk. Since I have to work uptown next week (this should have been my week, but I switched with someone because The World Will Stop Spinning And We Will All Be Flung Off Into Space if there isn't an examiner there until 5:00 p.m.), I am planning to pack all my pending cases and send them over with the courier and work solely on undercare and recerts today. Co-Conspirator P tells me that she has the opposite problem from me. I focus on openings at the expense of undercare and she focuses on undercare at the expense of openings. We're not sure about With-An-Eye.

The full moon is setting big and round and orange; when I look out my front window, I can see it nearing the tops of the hills. I tried snapping a couple of pictures; we'll see if they're any good. By the time I walked back into the house from the front porch, it had dropped into clouds.

My mother told me the other day that my brother would be more than happy to come help out with some of my household projects. Well...I'm sure that's what he told her; reality would prove otherwise. Or maybe she just assumes he would be because he's my brother. I don't know how he feels about me, but I don't like him and don't want him in my house -- especially after he stole my pinch bar when he helped my parents vandalize my bathroom.

...and I'm already out of things to blather on about.
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I was delighted to see a falling star when I took Sheila out this morning. It seemed quite low, too, and appeared to be over the neighbor's house. I'm sure it wasn't, but normally when I see them, I have to tip my head back quite far and they seem very high. So that was a pretty cool thing with which to start the day, and I must try to hang onto that sense of wonder when I get to That Place.

For some odd reason, I also have a strong urge to get dressed and go to WickedMart before work this morning. I can't imagine why as there's nothing there that I want or need, and their office supply selection is not large enough to be much of a draw. Maybe it's because I didn't get there yesterday morning for cookies for my friend J's retirement party. But that's okay because The Girls are hoping to get together to celebrate both J's and My Twin's retirements in the next couple of weeks. And for them to see my green walls, of course.

I really liked last night's episdoe of NCIS, mostly for Read more... ) and for the cameos. A few of those actors I'm pretty sure were actually there, but a couple of them -- Read more... ) -- were CGI. Read more... )

Work is work. Work, work, work. I have a stack of undercare items that I've been hauling around from building to building and not touching for months. Today, I am going through that stack and getting those things off my desk...because on Friday, I have to go back uptown again, and I'm not hauling them with me any more. There are also openings that I need to get through, but I'm doubting that I'm going to get to those; I can't seem to concentrate on openings except when I'm uptown.

I am trying to get some of my disparate tracking items moved from folders into notebooks. For instance, I have file folders for pending cases, medical information requested (on one of my non-nursing home caseloads), and AD cases submitted to the state. I also have recert lists. I'm thinking things might be made simpler if I put all those lists into a notebook with divided sections...though perhaps not the recert lists (at least, not the current one), as keeping them with the pulled recert cases only makes sense. I'm sure I must have some other lists somewhere; I'm a great one for lists, but they do help me keep...I was going to say "on top of things," but I haven't been on top of things for months. They do let me know how much water is over my head. Yes, that's better.

For some odd reason, all the cover art has vanished from my iTunes library and when I instruct iTunes to go and get it, the process fails. I did discover a way to get the art manually, so I have been laboriously doing that, one letter at a time (I'm up to the Ds). It's actually sort of a soothing process, except that it makes my right shoulder ache, but that's an ergonomics issue. You wouldn't think that not having the art would make a difference, but of course when I scroll through my iPod list looking for music, I'm not reading the CD names, I'm looking for the artwork, so it does make a bit of a difference.

I hatehatehate the phrase "first world problems" (and every time I see it, I have an urge to shoot the person using it in the face, especially if they're disparaging someone else's woes, 'cause that's bullshit) because, dammit, I do live in the so-called First World, and these are my problems. However, not having cover art definitely falls under that category. And it's a problem I'm solving on my own...which is possibly why I find it so soothing, considering all the other, larger problems I have to deal with.
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I saw three brand new brass bells being hauled down the street on the back of an open truck yesterday afternoon. I wanted to watch them further, but I was passing them in a busy intersection and had to pay attention to where I was going. They were quite large, and won a double-take from me, because how often does one see actual bells these days, not to mention that they were very shiny and pretty.

It seems that I am not so much in the dog house at work as I had feared, and I will probably not have to report for that fair hearing on Monday, though both my supervisor and our fear hearing person agree that the opposing attorney played me, and both are saying that once a fair hearing is requested on a case, I should refer people to our legal division. He did call again yesterday afternoon and tried to get me to say whether or not I was issuing a new letter -- which I had never intended to do -- and I just told him that my supervisor had taken the case and I wasn't sure what was up. Not entirely true, but close enough. The other fair hearing, however, is still up in the air, but we're probably good on that one as well.

While I was uptown this week, one of our retirees who comes back from time to time to help out was sitting at my desk. My superivsor told me she (the retiree) cleaned it up before she left, which I assumed meant that she had put things back where she found them and so on. No. Yesterday, after the meeting in the main building, I stopped at my desk. She had, indeed, put things back where she found them. She had also dusted, and used a damp rag, as there were streaks on my rearview mirror and my keyboard. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I expected her to put things back, but I never expected her to actually clean. Now I feel bad that all I did was to put my holiday decorations in a bag ready to come home, and didn't dust to begin with. (The office gets terribly dusty, and our cleaners don't even run the vacuum, let alone dust things.)

Why is it that when you want a cop, you can't find one, but when you're trying to avoid them, they're everywhere? Yesterday alone, I passed two city cops, a sheriff's deputy, and a state trooper. Either they were all busy, or didn't notice the great honkin' crack in my windshield, or it's not entirely illegal. I'm inclined toward the latter, since I passed one of the city cops on a quiet residential street, where we were the only other traffic, so he probably saw it. It is low and not in my eyeline, so I might be able to get away with it until June, when the van has to be inspected.

Of course, having said that, I'll have a cop randomly pull into my driveway and write me a ticket.

I am trying to have the quiet, lazy weekend that my furnace prevented me from having last weekend, though if it doesn't get icy overnight, I'll probably haul garbage tomorrow morning, and Friend P said he would probably stop by when he's in town this weekend to measure around the windows so he knows what he needs to do in order to help me put the trim back up (which will have to be done both upstairs and downstairs, since the trim has never gone back up in my bedroom, either). And since I have still heard nothing back from NW, if he's still willing to help in the bathroom, I think I'll propose a Work Day. If he comes down and helps me get to a point where I can do a pile of work by myself -- say, he helps me hang drywall, and then I mud and sand (oh, yay), then if I ever do hear from NW, maybe I can have them do something else, like replace windows.

At some point this weekend, I have to come up with my LJI post for this week. I had vague thoughts of getting out the camera and attempting to put together the barrister bookcase that my parents gave me for Christmas about ten years ago (and which has resided in a box in the same bedroom that is currently housing a bathtub ever since), to go with the prompt (some assembly required), but that would definitely not be quiet and relaxing. Instead, I think I will find a movie and do some stitching on that mini-banner I'm making for the shire.
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If you heard a cat howling about two hours ago for about forty-five minutes, don't worry about it, it was just Merlin complaining because when I went down into the basement, instead of feeding him, I snatched him up and stuffed him in a box, then took him to the V-E-T's office to be poked and prodded, have a thermometer shoved up his bung hole, and then be stuffed in a box again and brought back home.

He was, to put it mildly, pissed.

The receptionist said she heard him before we even got out of the car. Doc W came out into the lobby as we were checking in and said, "I knew the only cat coming in this evening was Merlin, but I didn't think that could possibly be him."

I thought Cruiser was loud when we had to go out there, but Cruiser was just excited, and vocal about it. Merlin was vocal, all right, but definitely not excited.

Anyway. Simplicef for another ten days or two weeks again (I haven't yet looked at the bottle to see how many tablets there are, though I should probably get his first dose down him), and she recommends that I have the geriatric blood panel done, though it's going to wait until his next round of shots are due because it's really rather expensive. He's got a heart murmur he didn't have before and may have a bit of a thyroid thing going on, so I probably don't want to let it go too long.
Another long, long day at work. I was in half an hour early, but I finished my COLA cases, and even got a little bit of undercare done. I started working on what I thought would be a simple opening this afternoon, and it ended up taking me two and a half hours. Part of it was that I got interrupted a lot (another reason to like working uptown), but part of it was that there is just a lot of fiddly work involved in an opening, and forms, forms, forms, forms, forms. This one used to be a friend of my mother's. I can't wait until Mom finds out she's in a nursing home and starts grilling me. She did that with one of my SSI clients once, who, it turned out, was stealing from other members of the congregation. My mother, who has been a nurse, and supposedly had to keep confidentiality as a minister, should have known better. I can be remarkably deaf when it comes to HIPAA matters, though.
I saw something rather remarkable yesterday evening (and now I'm going to remark on it). On my way home from work, in the wooded section between the train yard and the turn-off to my street, a small herd of deer dashed across the road: one, two, three, four, five. The fifth one looked as though it had forded a river of bleach. It was deer-colored on its back and partway down its sides, and white on its belly and partway up its sides, with occasional tan splotches or white splotches in the opposite colored areas. In fact, my eyes saw the coloration and my brain tried to make it into a deer-shaped cow for several seconds. I've never seen a deer colored like that. Very odd.
You know all that money I spent on getting the van repaired last spring? And how I had to take it to a transmission place because the first place couldn't fix the transmission leak? I think the transmission is leaking again. In exactly the same way. I keep finding wet spots under the front of the van -- though I have yet to actually stick my finger in them to see if it's really transmission fluid. It used to be that it leaked in the winter, but not in the warmer weather, and it seems that the pricey repairs didn't fix that. I really need to think about getting a new vehicle in the next few years, I suppose.
Do you suppose that the price of the sixth season of Doctor Who will drop after Xmas? It's probably a sad commentary on the state of affairs that the only thing I'm really looking forward to Christmas for is the DW Christmas special.
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It's Friday. It's payday. It's snowing.

One of these things is not like the others....

I clocked in at 7:30 on the dot yesterday morning, and clocked out again at 4:25. I had three daily reports to go through. Tuesday's lengthy report (with most of the transactions being mine) had to be finished. I didn't see Wednesday's -- another lengthy one, and again, the majority of the transactions were mine -- at all because we don't have access to that function in the uptown office. Yesterday's report was shorter and my section was, fortunately, also much shorter. But it still had to be done, and so I was working with those cases until after lunch. Because of the mess that trying to do three reports at once creates, I felt disorganized and harried all day. At 4:00, when I should have been clocking out, I started going through my in-basket to see if there were any recert forms in my mail because failed-to-recert closures should go out today. I found three or four, but I think I will still have half a dozen closures to do today. I also made a very small stack of work that should be quick and easy to accomplish and that must absolutely be done first thing this morning. I am planning to get in early again this morning, so perhaps I can get them done before things start getting crazy.

(Yeah, right.)

I had thought that it was supposed to do that thing yesterday, but it was sunny all day long. When I left work, the sky was beautiful: the sun lay in a last golden pool right in the dip between two hills, like glowing liquid in a bowl; the sky to the east was pink, with occasional purple clouds, and the nearly full moon had risen about twenty minutes before, so it was still pale and low. Lovely. That sky is the sort of reason why MyNuncle goes everywhere with a camera around his neck (he's going to have terrible arthritis someday). By the time I walked from the back door to my van, the sun was gone.

I got out of bed this morning contemplating whether or not I would use any of my allotted overtime this month. It has to be approved ahead of time and you have to submit a list of things you wish to accomplish and prove afterward that you did, in fact, accomplish those things. There's a group going in tomorrow, and it would be a simple enough thing to join them; I could put in an hour or two...oh, wait. I have to work uptown next week. That means boxing things up for transport. Urg. I wonder if my supervisor would approve me to work OT next week while I'm uptown? I could go in early since I'm scheduled to work 9-5. Well, I'll think about it.

I realized this morning that I haven't had email from my mother in a couple of weeks. Which means I should be getting one any minute that complains that she hasn't heard from me in forever. At least she doesn't say, "I thought you were dead!" which is clearly not the case, since she doesn't actually check to make sure I'm not.
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  • I heard on the way home this afternoon that the aurora borealis was visible yesterday as far south as Mippippipi. Naturally, I didn't get to see it. I do remember seeing it as a kid, but it was faint and my dad pointed it out as we were returning home from my grandparents' house...driving north, as it happened.

  • Today would have been my grandfather's 91st birthday. Here's to ya, Grampa.

  • Tonight's NCIS was stupid. Read more... ) I should've gone out to see The Three Musketeers, after all, since tonight was dollar snack night at the cinema.

  • I was half-planning to go to Æcademy in a couple of weeks, but it turns out that the site is a three-hour drive away and the class list isn't particularly extensive. There's a seneschals roundtable that I'd sort of like to attend, but I'm not driving three hours for a one-hour meeting for a hobby. Not when it'll cost me a tank of gas to get there and back, and I already have to drive to Rochester that week (two hours one way) for my squishygram.

  • Speaking of which; I've gained weight since the last time I engarbed myself. I hope my sideless surcote still fits, since I'm planning to wear it for H'tide.

  • I expected to find myself going to work with a black eye this morning. I've moved my alarm clock so that it's out of casual reach; I have to get half out of bed and stretch to reach it, so I can't casually turn it off in the middle of the night. This morning, when it went off, I rolled toward it and my cheekbone connected -- whack! -- with the corner of the bookcase next to the bed. Owie. Though it's a bit tender, so far there's no sign of bruising. Heh. Watch me wake up tomorrow with a spectacular shiner.

  • My mother is going nuts with the house again. Her house, that is, not mine. Dad broke a pipe in the upstairs bathroom this past weekend and soaked a couple of ceiling tiles in the dining room below. They fell. Mom has decided, therefore, that the whole ceiling has to come down and be replaced, and while they're at it, they're going to move the doorway to the kitchen back to where it was originally (which must have been before I was a toddler, as I don't remember it ever being anywhere else), and replace the window. And it all has to be done before Thanksgiving. Yeah. Okay. I hope she doesn't think I'm going to offer to cook and/or host T'giving dinner, because ungrateful wretch that I am, I am absolutely not. Besides, I can just imagine trying to keep three cats out of the buffet-style meals Mom likes to have. (Well, okay; I'd lock them in the basement. But still....) Not to mention the fact that I will not have my brother or his spawn -- or especially his wife -- in my house.

  • I have started reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I am finding it slow going because it's the Angry Book. And because I really, really, really don't like Prof. Umbridge. I know people like that. Well, I suppose everybody knows people like that.

  • I should really stop typing and go to bed.


Sep. 8th, 2011 09:55 am
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Yesterday we went to the Starret(t) Nature Center which has a newly opened butterfly house. We spent about two and a half hours there and I believe that between us, Nuncle and I managed to photography every single butterfly in there, plus the five or six koi, and the couple of bees who had wandered in. I took 198 photos, while he took 300 or more. I would actually have liked to have seen the rest of the center; there are walks and reptiles inside and such, but we had to leave to go for Nuncle's birthday dinner. Another time, perhaps.

Today, the weather is supposed to turn damp as weather systems are backed up by Lee. So far, though, it's sunny(ish) and cool. I am selfishly hoping that all of this clears up so that I don't have to drive home in torrential downpours on Saturday.

I haven't yet processed all my butterfly photos (heck, I haven't processed all my beach photos from the other day, yet!), so all y'all are spared a lengthy photo post. For now. I do have a couple, though.... Read more... )

I have to say that entering a butterfly house for the first time is breath-taking. Not only that there are so many butterflies in such a small area, but the sheer fact of so many bugs in such a small space.... Because this is the butterfly house's first year of operation, they can only have local species. The longer they operate and the more permits they get, the more different species they'll be able to have. They should be quite something next summer.

Of course, I won't see them next summer because I'll be going to ITALY!!

More Pics

Sep. 6th, 2011 11:07 am
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A few snaps from last evening: Read more... )
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So...this was my fourth earthquake -- and I've never been anywhere earthquakey, either. One happened when I was in Michigan several years ago, and it was just a quick, "hey, was that just an earthquake?" The other three have all been when I was at the office; today's was the strongest and longest of the lot; cubicle walls were shaking and people thought friends were standing behind them rattling their chairs. I was rather more blasé about it than I would have been were I farther south, I'm sure; while people around me were WTFing, I was sitting in my chair thinking, "Oh, earthquake! Interesting."

We apparently actually had workers leave the building, as shortly after it happened the woman who usually gets stuck with PA duty came on came on to inform everyone that, yes, it was an earthquake, but our building was secure, and to get back to work. Given that the building is built to sway, and that the slightest wind seems to make it do so, I'm actually glad I wasn't upstairs. I did make people laugh, though, when I opened up my umbrella and announced that I was ready.... =)


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