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Friday's garage sale was not encouraging, but the weather wasn't great. Mom said that she watched the folks across the street constantly carrying the furniture they had for sale into and out of the garage as the rain began or passed. It was also pretty chilly. Saturday was a different story almost entirely. It was still coolish, but brightly sunny, and there were a lot of people out. We had more people stop by in the couple of hours before BFT picked me up for our trip to Buffalo than had stopped by in all of the day before, according to Mom.

The highlight of the weekend was the trip to Buffalo with BFT and J1 to see Wicked at Shea's. J2 didn't go because she's going to be seeing it on Broadway with students in a couple of weeks. BFT and I drove to J1's parents' house and J1 drove into Buffalo, as she is okay with driving right downtown (and Shea's is on Main Street). We ended up getting there an hour early, so we basically had our pick of parking. Every other time I've been to Shea's we've parked in a largish fenced lot about a block away from the theater. It's relatively inexpensive (only $3), but it's a nightmare to get out of. I spotted the lot, though, and thought J1 was going to turn into it, but she went right on by, and we found a much smaller lot on the other end of the block. It was $5, but as it was basically a wide alley, getting in and out was much, much simpler, so it worked out very well.

The show was excellent. We were in the eleventh row from the stage, in the center section, on the right-hand end of the row. (BFT prefers an aisle seat.) The sound was much better than the last time, and we were close enough to see the actors' expressions and to make out details of the costumes. The last time we were there (the first time we'd seen the show), we were three rows from the back of the auditorium and it was like watching something without glasses when you're near-sighted. (Which I am, so I know whereof I speak.)

Although BFT and J1 expressed preferences for the first Glinda and this Elphaba, I didn't really remember that many details of that previous performance. I just enjoyed being there. My only niggle is that I constantly spotted the actors who were responsible for rigging safety catches (for Glinda's bubble, for instance) or other bits and pieces of stage maneuvering. Oh, and the chorus member who also played Elphaba's father was tall and broad and had a shaved head so that when he retired into the chorus, he was still rather obvious and distracting.

After the show, we went to the nearest mall because BFT and J1 wanted to get dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I have to agree that the food was very, very good -- and the portions were huge; I will end up with three meals out of what I brought home -- but I was actually underwhelmed by the cheesecake. Really, I've had better cheesecake from Wal-Mart.

It ended up being a loooong day: BFT dropped me off at my house around 8:20, and then I had to walk the dog and clean up the bits of the garage sale that Mom had left in the driveway, so I missed the first few minutes of Doctor Who, and didn't pay too close attention to the rest of the episode as a consequence. That's all right, though; I taped it and I'll watch it later this week.

For some weird reason, I've been watching the...sixth? seventh? series of DW this week -- the series with Madame Kovarian and the Silence as the Big Bads. I think I had wanted to watch the first two episodes of the season, and then I realized that "The Doctor's Wife" was coming up, so I just kept plowing through them, and now I'm up to "Let's Kill Hitler," which I will probably watch this evening.

So...other things....

Oh! On the way home Saturday night, BFT and I spotted the kittens! They are definitely at the house up the block. Mama was lounging in their front yard and the kittens were tumbling around on their front steps. I saw the little grey one. I have also seen kittens -- three black ones -- over on the next street closer to where the colony hangs out because that's where they get fed. So now there are at least seven new members....

Not Great

May. 13th, 2017 05:17 pm
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I am not in the best of moods today. I was really depressed this morning, but my mood has lightened as the day as worn on. It's the kittens. No one seems to realize how very bothered I am by them. Everybody is all "oh how adorable," and "you can bring them inside and have four bonded kittens; it'll be fine!" and "you have to rescue them and their mama!" I feel utterly inadequate next my many friends who rescue cats and kittens hither and yon, but I just... Eh, whatever. I have decided to leave them alone and let them do their thing -- right now, anyway. Tomorrow morning, I may have changed my mind and be out there trying to catch them. Not that I would have much luck, as Mama is mostly right there with them. I will pretend that they are bunnies, exclaim over how cute they are and let them do their wild animal thing. It's not like they're even the first generation of kittens in this colony; the Progenetrix was dropped off something on the order of five years ago. They are truly wild animals.

And then I torment myself thinking that maybe Mama had them so close to my house -- within ten feet of my backdoor, fercryinoutloud -- so that they will be domesticated.

You see? I keep working myself into a state. Delaware, I think.

In non-kitten news, I escorted a mouse off the premises today. From the size of this one, I either have two separate kinds of mice, or the last several I have caught have been babies. Great. Mouse-kittens. On the other hand (or "to the left" as Vlad Taltos says) this one was brown, rather than grey, so possibly two different kinds.

I finally mowed the front yard this afternoon, except for the square under the apple tree. There's a huge patch of violets there, and since they're in shade, they're not faded and ragged like the ones in the other part of the yard. But that's all I mowed. I didn't try to mow any of the back at all, though I did pick up sticks. My maple in the backyard is shedding rather more than I would like.

My mother has persuaded me to participate in the community garage sale day next weekend, so I have been doing some clean-up in the garage, and hauling a few things out to price. I had brought my beading and jewelry-making supplies up from the basement to put them all in the sale since I haven't made jewelry in ages, but when I started going through the stuff, I decided that I wasn't ready to get rid of it, and certainly wasn't ready to sell stuff I paid so much money for at garage sale prices.

Trying to come up with something for supper and not really thinking of anything. Maybe I'll just have strawberry shortcake. Hm...if the pineapple is still good (might not be, since I bought it fresh a week ago), I could have chicken and pineapple salad.

I'm so tired and down today that I'm not even sure I want to watch Doctor Who tonight.

Don' Wanna

May. 10th, 2017 06:36 am
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I'm tired. I know I say that a lot, but I am tired, and pretty much always in a state of holy fuck, could I use a nap. Right now, I could go back to bed and go to sleep late for work.

Mama Cat appears to have moved her kittens the night before last. I am not displeased by this. I was fretting about them being out there for multiple reasons. I would probably eventually have tried to catch them, and then what would I have done? The SPCA wouldn't take them without expecting me to pay for them. One of the local rescues might, but...I'm not really hot on the local rescues. Ah, well. Decision is no longer mine to make.

I was reasonably certain yesterday morning that they were gone, but when I let Jack out last night, I stayed on the couch in the breezeway where I could read and keep an eye both on the ramp and on Jack. It was actually nice, and I discovered that my old couch, despite its rattiness, is actually more comfortable than the new one. Figures, right?

I finished Iorich last night. That leaves Tiassa and Hawk and then I'll be back to waiting for a new Vlad Taltos book. I'm debating whether or not to read the other Dragaera books while I'm on a roll, or whether to switch to something else. I guess we'll see when I finish Hawk.

I've been trying out posting by email from work. It seems to work okay. Which is nice because it means I don't have to drag posts home on a thumb drive. I'm sure DW is blocked at work, but even it it weren't, I wouldn't want to log in because of the monitoring. Logging into webmail feels easier to explain away. I have been accessing a few things more on my phone at work lately (hey, it's been sloooow), since there's public wifi in the building.

Still tired.

I've been trying to figure out how to find a decent painter for the house. I don't actually want to spend too much on the painting, so there's enough left to do the bathroom -- amazing how fast the money goes when you're making hefty payments on credit cards. So far, I haven't paid any of them off, though; just brought the payments down to within reach. I should pay them off, and I know that, but if I do, then I won't have the cash left for the house, which was really the point of the exercise. In any case, Angie's List is now free, so perhaps I will join and check there. I just need some names, and if all they will give me is The Big Two Names In The Area, then I will try the Old Boys' Network. I could probably get some names from my ex-father-in-law, but as much as I like him, I do feel awkward trying to talk to him. Less awkward talking to his wife, oddly enough, but for this, I'd have to talk to him.

The sky was gorgeous during walkies this morning. We have reached the point of the year where for the next couple of months, walkies will always be in daylight. This morning, the sun was not quite up when we got home, and the clouds to the east were painted all different shades of mauve and peach. I took my camera out back to try to get photos of the neighbor's dogwood tree against the light, but it was really too late for the best color. I can probably pull some color out of the photos in Photoshop, but....

The lawn is getting to the point of having to mow it and pretty wildflowers be damned. I will weep for them...and then zoom right over them because what else am I going to do? If I don't, one of the neighbors will probably helpfully do it for me. It's a toss-up between the Gossip and K next door who is so terrified of snakes that she mows that strip between my house and her fence so that snakes don't come into her yard from there -- as if they spontaneously generate in my foundation or something.

Yeah...still tired.
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  • Am now running out of spoons. Not a "spoonie" reference; I am literally running out of spoons because I didn't wash the dishes last night because of my burned thumb. I will have to wash tonight or start using plastic. (I use a lot of spoons between the dog and the cat.)

  • Evicted two more mice from the kitchen -- one last night just near sundown and one this morning just after walkies. I now have two Tin Cats that need to be cleaned before they can be redeployed. I hate cleaning the Tin Cats, even though I just dump buckets of soapy water in them, then rinse, then air dry. But I hate the thought of snap traps even more, so....

  • Saw a three different sets of deer on my way to the county building this morning.

  • I think I know where the bats are. Having looked over a couple of websites about bat removal, with accompanying photos, I think they're either in the chimney, or right near it, as there is a long dark stain on the chimney itself, and a hole nearby. Coincidentally, this might explain the scratching noises I often hear over my bedroom ceiling in the summer.

  • As much as I hate winter, as least I feel safe -- no bugs, no bats, mostly no mice, come to that. I sat in my back room reading last night for two reasons: I didn't feel like taking the covering off the couch (i. e., I didn't feel like having to replace it this morning), and I felt anxious about sitting in the living room, because I'd be constantly scanning for a bat to slip down from upstairs. (The stairwell is open, so generally the first instance of a bat making itself felt is when it slides into the living room from the stairs.) I've already started ducking when I step into the front part of the house from the kitchen. The bats seem to stay in the front part of the house, possibly because the kitchen doorway is quite a bit lower than the ceiling. I am seriously considering not waiting for a loan, but calling the bat removal company (yeah, looks like there are only two in this whole end of the state) and charging their service, because this is making me...really quite anxious. I am tired of having to deal with it, and last summer's occurrence was just particularly horrible because it took me two and a half hours to catch that second bat and get it out of the house (and it's probably right back in the attic, since it lives there), and then it took me three nights to be able to sleep again. It's probably a good thing that the cruise happened when it did, so I could actually get some sleep.

  • Maybe I need to find a new Great Hunter. Merlin could snag a bat on the wing, and it was easier to rescue them from him than it was to try to trap them without his assistance. Plus...fewer mice, apparently.

  • Speaking of which, I found a trail of gushy fudz across the kitchen this morning. I naively assumed that they were only after the kibble and picking that up was sufficient.

  • Which leads me to wonder exactly how much Kethri is eating.

  • I am so tired and so ready for a vacation and so not getting one until July. I'd call in sick this morning, but I did that only two weeks ago. I can't burn through sick time at the rate I have been lately; I might need it.

  • At least there is new Doctor Who this weekend, though I am disappointed that it is Peter Capaldi's last series. I really like him as the Doctor.

  • Right. Need to get up and get dressed. Need to not burn myself on the straightening iron this morning (by not straightening my hair; I'll pull it into a bun). I am definitely treating myself to a muffin this morning.
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I completely forgot to annoy my coworkers by blasting Celtic tunes all day yesterday. And, lo, I am ashamed. I could've managed it nicely, too, because my neighbor with the loud radio didn't come in until nearly noon, so it was quiet in my corner. Which is probably why it didn't occur to me. One values the peace....

I am going to have to see if I can find the manual for my thermostat online. The small manual I have for it doesn't get into how to program it, only how to install it. And it's completely messed up now. I can't even tell what's going on with it. Maybe it's back to factory defaults or something, but it seems to be set for 62° at night, which is fine, but 70° during the day, which is nice, but far warmer than I want to go until I figure out what my gas bill is going to look like. HTWIWM would never let me keep it above 64° during the day and 55° at night -- and he kept it at 55° during the day, too, when I wasn't home. I started bumping it up to 66° when I was home and 60° overnight. It seems obvious, though, that both his programming and Friend P's attempt to get rid of that programming are both gone. Now I need to be able to put in my own. I'll search for it later.

At the moment, though, I'm waiting for the car to warm up (i. e., the frost to melt because I don't want to scrape it) so I can go hunt the grocery beast.

Jack met himself a German shepherd pup on walkies yesterday afternoon. We were turning the corner and this dog just came charging at us from nowhere. He was about seven months old, and had a collar and tags, and I had a vague idea that he lived in the college house (I think it's still student housing, anyway; both of the people that eventually came out looking for him were wearing college sweats). He was friendly; he just wanted to play (playplayplay). I was a little worried about how Jack would react on the leash, but he was okay. At one point, I had the pup's collar and was trying to lead him home, but couldn't control Jack on the leash while clinging to the pup's collar, so I let the pup go and tried to get him to follow me and Jack to where I supposed his house to be. Fortunately, his people did come out looking for him, but dammit, if they're going to keep a dog in that house, they can't just let him out the door and ignore him. They're only one lot from a main road, ferchrissakes. I Do Not Approve. I presume that they were eventually able to catch him; he didn't want to be caught and was tearing around. I took Jack away, hoping that that would help, and he didn't follow us.

So I guess I'm going to have to keep an eye out for Frankie from now on, and maybe start carrying an extra leash in my pocket. And then maybe this'll never happen again....
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  • It is my not so humble opinion that if you're going to be in the SCA, you should at least be able to spell "medieval." And "renaissance." And perhaps "anachronism."

  • The Gecko is no longer making any attempt to hide the fact that she spends her days sprawled on my couch. It is getting me down.

  • I have an episode and a half and about four "extras" to go in my reread of Shadow Unit. All hell is just about to break loose...and I am reluctant to continue reading because I know what's coming.

  • Actually kind of hoping I don't survive this week's Idol vote. I won't quit -- probably -- but if I don't make a vote, I won't be too upset about it.

  • Have a new theory about Rey: What if, instead of being Luke's daughter or Leia and Han's daughter or Palpatine's or Obi-Wan's or Qui-Gon's granddaughter (did I miss anyone?), she's like Anakin, and is a vergence? Created (sort of) by the Force itself? Happened once, could happen again, right? It would explain why she's such a good pilot, how she's able to get the better of Kylo Ren not just once, but a few times, and so on.

  • Kethri was driving me nuts tonight. She was extremely needy and insisted on being in my lap. I, meanwhile, was in no mood to be climbed on by a cat. I ended up shutting her in my office because I couldn't get her to leave me the fuck alone.

  • Today is my mother's birthday. She is...71, I think.

  • I am really just killing time here because I can't quite justify going to bed at 8:00 p.m.

  • It was warmish today -- nearly 60° at lunchtime when the sun was out, though the temperature had fallen about five degrees by the time I left work because the sun had gone.

  • 7:00 a.m. is apparently the time to go to the grocery store.... I left the house this morning at 7:00 a.m. and was home by 7:20 a.m. Of course, I had a list and stuck to it and didn't wander, except for when I went looking for barrettes, and discovered that they had them buy one get one free. Score!

  • The rabbit has been hanging out in the backyard again. I wish I could figure out a way of dissuading it from doing that -- other than letting Jack catch it, of course.

  • It's probably not even the same rabbit; it's probably a previous year's puppy/cub/kitten/whateverthefuckyoungrabbitsarecalled returning to the ancestral birthing grounds.

  • I was reading up on sonic pest control devices a bit. I want to try one, but am a bit concerned that five minutes after I plug one in, I'll be standing in my living room in a cloud of bats like Bruce Wayne fallen into the Batcave.

  • People think I'm exaggerating when I say I can smell the Gecko as soon as I open my back door.

  • I'm not exaggerating.

  • Was watching an episode of Graham Norton this evening. I wonder if Daniel Radcliffe realizes how very rapidly he speaks He never seems to slow down.

  • Can't believe he's 27 already.

  • Was watching a featurette (one of those before the movie, but not a trailer things) on Shirley Maclaine's new movie the other day. BFT said, "She's not a nice person." Apparently she frequented a shop that BFT worked in when she lived in...Santa Fe or Flagstaff or somewhere in the Southwest.

  • Still reading 1984. I am reading it on breaks at work. At home, I am reading MyAuntie's book because it has been many years since I last did. I told her I was rereading it; she was surprised that it was still in one piece. Well. I do have two copies: a reading copy and an autographed copy. I had two autographed copies, but I lent one to my creative writing professor and never got it back.

  • It's not like I couldn't get her to sign another one. It's not actually that difficult to find used copies. Or it wasn't the last time I looked, anyway.

  • Oh, look. 9:00 p.m. I can now justify getting ready for bed.
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  • It is very cold this morning. When I first checked the temperature, before sunrise, it was -1°F. By the time Jack and I went walkies, it was up to 2°. Yay. It is supposed to get up to about 40° today.

  • Cream of Wheat is a very disappointing breakfast when you're used to pastries or nice muffins on Sundays, but I didn't go to the grocery store yesterday, and won't go today, and haven't the ingredients to bake my own. (Or the desire, for that matter.)

  • I liked Logan more than I expected. Don't stay through the credits, though (unless that's your thing); the Fun Thing happens at the beginning.

  • The local cinema has modernized their lobby (instead of, say, repairing all the sprung seats), so that at the concession stand you get only your popcorn, candy, and soda cup, which you then have to take to a separate dispenser and fill yourself. It eases some of the congestion at the concession stand, by moving it to a different part of the lobby. I don't buy drinks, anyway -- they're too expensive -- but I'd get Really Seriously Annoyed if I had to stand in a second line to get my drink.

  • Logan is not a movie for kids, despite having a number of children in it. And yet there was an eight-year-old girl in the seat next to me, installed there by her redneck male relative (couldn't tell if a father or older brother...or both), who never bothered to ask me to move my stuff, just plonked his kid nearly on top of my purse. And the whole family reeked of stale cigarette smoke. Ack. At least the kid was well-behaved, unlike the last batch that got seated near me in a movie.

  • No. I don't like children. Why do you ask?

  • Or most people, for that matter.

  • I rescued a spider from the tub this morning, and it is now sitting in an upside-down glass on my kitchen counter because it seemed stupid to rescue it from drowning and then eject it from the house to freeze. I'll take it outside this afternoon, I guess, when it's much warmer.

  • The matter of Gram's house has been resettled for the moment, with the sale being tabled for now. My mother won't be pleased. Apparently, Gram didn't understand that when my mother said she'd like to get the house cleaned out, she didn't mean just "cleaned," she meant "emptied." MyAuntie explained what Mom really meant, and Gram vetoed the whole thing.

  • I am feeling my usual lack of ambition. I walked Jack around the block, did my fifteen minutes on my treadmill, washed my hair, and am going to do the dishes and two loads of laundry (one in now). Surely that's enough?


Feb. 14th, 2017 06:44 am
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My sister informs me that my brother-in-law suggests that it was a raccoon that made the hole in the maple tree. According to him, raccoons climb trees and dig holes like that for nests.

Oooookay. I've never seen raccoons in my neighborhood (unlike skunks), but then, I've never seen pileated woodpeckers, either, so....

My sister also came to me after her lunch hour, quite boiling over with anger at our brother (the asshole). It seems that at least three more huge chunks of the tree in Grama's front yard fell last night (probably last night), and instead of actually, you know, taking care of them, he simply drove back home and let Mom know that parts of the tree had come down and hit the house. They didn't actually do much damage -- wiped out the porch box and did some damage to the railing.

Bird tells me that the neighbor to the east, who grew up across the street, had the gall to tell her that Grampa would be spinning in his grave if he knew the terrible condition that house is in. Bird resisted telling him that Grampa is actually in a largish wooden box on a shelf in Gram's room, and that she talks to him regularly. Besides which, the house is in great condition given that it has had no maintenance done on it in the last few years. I suggested that she should tell the neighbor to self-fornicate.

I have no patience for Gram's neighbors. They're a load of interfering busybodies.

Yet another reason not to buy Gram's house.

Last night was not a good one for sleep. It was very windy all night long and since Jack has pretty much destroyed the window frames in my bedroom, the windows rattle a lot more than they might otherwise. It was pretty noisy in there.

But, hey, plenty of fresh air. :-\


Feb. 12th, 2017 12:23 pm
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There has been a visitation in my backyard. The ground under the maple tree looks like a chipper-shredder has been running there, and in the tree above, there is a hole that appears, from the ground, to be as big as my head. Higher up the trunk are smaller holes that appear to also be quite deep.

The consensus on Facebook is that the yard was visited by a pileated woodpecker. I am bummed that a) I missed it, and b) Something Is Likely Going To Have To Be Done about that section of the tree before it falls into the neighbor's yard (it's quite near the fence) or worse, onto the neighbor.

This must have happened the day before yesterday and I just didn't notice it that evening. I noticed it yesterday morning, but if the woodpecker had been going at that tree for as long as necessary to cause that huge a cavity, I'd've heard it, and, having heard it, gone out to check. And then run back indoors for my camera.

I'm told that pileated woodpeckers aren't uncommon around here, but the only time I've ever seen any was at least eighteen years ago when a family of them was checking out the pear tree outside the kitchen window on the farm. They're quite a bit bigger than you expect to see in a bird that's not a raptor. I was half an hour late for work that morning because I wanted to stay and watch them. Got in a fair amount of trouble over it, too.

Totally worth it.

But I wish I'd seen this one. Or these ones, if it wasn't alone....


Dec. 26th, 2016 10:05 am
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Aaaaand that's another Christmas sorted. I spent an hour last night recleaning the kitchen and back room after everyone left. The plastic silverware that Mom had brought to go with the paper plates turned out to be all spoons, so all of my silverware was pressed into service as well as a few bowls for serving dishes. And crumbs inevitably ended up on the floor, so after I washed the dishes and disposed of the last of the wrapping paper and plastic wrap and other detritus, I had to run the vacuum, just in case of further mousage. Though the mouses seem to be staying in the closet, which is just really, really weird.

I am trying to work up the nerve to ask my mother if she has a receipt for the dutch oven. I honestly can't see the point in keeping it when all I'm going to do with it is chuck it in the basement and someday drag it out for a garage sale. Especially when the regular price on the side of the box is nearly $200. I'm certain Mom didn't pay anywhere near that much for it -- she likely got it on clearance, but even so, no reason for her to have wasted her money on something I'm never, ever even going to take out of the box. I don't know how many times I've told her that I hate cooking and rarely do it....

Ah, well.

Today is going to be a pajama day. Well. Comfies day, anyway, as I had to change out of my jammies to take Jack walkies earlier. BFT and I were going to go see Rogue One this evening, but she has begged off. We may see it tomorrow. If we keep putting it off, we'll miss it entirely. I do need a day, though. I'm planning to read, watch movies, and generally veg. There might even be...a nap. (Shhhh -- don't tell anyone.)

In other news, there hasn't been a mouse in the closet trap in a couple of days. I've taken two mice out of there. I suppose two mice running around for a few days might account for the general mess on the floor. I still haven't pulled out the drawers and shaken out all the towels, though I'm thinking that if they were in the wall -- where I definitely heard them scrabbling around -- then perhaps they weren't in the drawers. Still, I need to get in there with the shop vac and clean up the...evidence. Erk.

I have so many sweets in the house right now. Cousin V-Jer brought a plate of homemade cookies. My grandmother gave me a tin of Delacre cookies (as she does every year). My mother left the rest of the chocolate pie last night. She also sent me the usual almond coffee cake, and an entire loaf of brown bread (it's a sweet bread made with molasses). I bought mini-brownies the other day, plus I didn't give out all the Cadbury bars I bought, so I have a couple of those. Plus a friend of MyAuntie's keeps sending Grama boxes full of German chocolates, and she always gives me some of them because she never eats them, so I have those. Oh, and Mom gave me a large box of Godiva chocolates.

Just thinking about it makes me want a carrot stick.

And maybe that nap.


Oct. 6th, 2016 08:26 am
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It is apparently kitten season in the feral cat realm. I posted earlier this week about seeing a small black kitten in a neighbor's driveway whilst walking Jack early in the morning; when it saw me watching it, it scarpered. Then a couple of days ago, I saw a mama cat lounging in a front yard a few houses in the other direction, and she had four eeny-weenie-jelly-beanie kittens with her, of approximately the same age as the first kitten I spotted.

Then last night, I was on the phone with my aunt past the time I have been giving Jack his last outs lately, so I went out with the flashlight to check the perimeter before letting him out. I was glad that I did because there was a black cat back by the fence. When I shone the light on it, it slipped under the fence, but didn't immediately run away. I didn't pay much attention to that, really, just continued to slide the light around the yard. I don't normally check by the house, but I did last night, and I was really, really glad I did because there was a black kitten crouched under the hydrangeas by the ramp. When I shone the light back toward the fence, the black cat was still there, watching, and I thought, "Aha. Mama?" The kitten didn't move when I put the light back on it, and for a wild moment, I thought about trying to pick it up and bring it in, but instead, I went and got Jack and leashed him up and took him for a brief walk. When I got back, both kitten and Mama were gone.

I got to thinking about it, and decided that it might have been the same kitten as the one I saw the other morning. If not, it's almost certainly from the same litter.

After the original colony was caught and transported (or as many as could be rounded up, anyway), the survivors split into two. There are a few who hang out up the street where I saw the mother and kittens lounging; I think they live in the hostas around that house's foundation, and I think the people who live there feed them. The other batch are living in the back parking lot (fenced in and not used) and wooded bits across the street from the house where they were all being fed last winter, so I still occasionally see them in my yard.

I really hope they're not hanging out under the ramp, but the only way to be sure is to get down on my hands and knees on the patio with the flashlight, and I wasn't about to do that last night.

In other cat-related news, Kethri seems to be doing well. The awful scabs on her head have healed and her fur is sleek again. She is still scratching some, but is no longer biting at herself and pulling her fur out. So I am guessing that she does still have the odd flea, but that they are mostly under control. She is using the litter box I put upstairs, and I am scooping it twice-daily to keep her from using the Spare Oom -- but she still does occasionally, like this morning. Four pee-clumps in the litter box seem to be the limit; after that, she uses the Spare Oom. (I am guessing based on the last two times she used the Spare Oom.) Anyway, I have litter upstairs, and a "diaper pail" into which the clumps get dumped (a little trash can that takes four-gallon bags), and air freshener in that room. I was sniffing around this morning, and either I'm getting used to it or it does smell better in there. I guess I'll find out next week when I have people in my house. Or this week, as I'm sure Auntie and I will stop here at least once during our peregrinations.

No Mow...

Oct. 4th, 2016 06:55 pm
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I am pretty much the only person on my block who did not mow their lawn today. In fact, I can hear two different mowers going now, and it's getting a bit late for that sort of thing. I didn't mow any lawn today, in fact, and my original plan was to go mow my grandmother's lawn after work before MyAuntie and Nuncle arrived from Michigan. (I don't expect them to be in for another few hours yet; they like leisurely starts and leisurely drives, and it would make me absolutely crazy to travel with them because I prefer to get up, get out, and get going. By the time they left today, I probably would have been most of the way here. It's a 7.5 hour drive; it usually takes them ten or eleven.)

Um. Tangent.

Anyway, after work, I decided to go take a look at the grass for myself before I loaded Jack into the car and bought gas for Gram's mower (since my brother apparently never leaves gas there) and then got there and discovered that the grass didn't need to be mowed after all. Well...the grass could use to be mown, but it's not too long for the Spotted Dog. The grass is really only an issue because he has problems with his hindquarters now. I will have to mow it later this week, though (since my brother can't be trusted to do it) and I will have to mow my own lawn.

But right now, I'm only going to complain about it.

It was grey this morning, but it turned into a nice day -- which is why everyone was mowing. The rest of the week is supposed to be quite nice, which makes me happy. Except for the mowing. I'm sitting out on the patio with my laptop while Jack mopes nearby...and my neighbor just got out her big mower and is now mowing her flower beds.

Jack and I will be going inside shortly....

I know I posted to FB about it, but I don't know if I mentioned that I trapped another mouse on Sunday morning. Just a tiny thing; I think it was a baby. Anyway, I transported it to the usual spot (my office building borders on a field)...and then couldn't get it out of the trap. It was hiding in the chute(s), and when I actually turned the trap upside down, it's little paw was poking out of a hole in the bottom, hanging on for dear life.

I had my phone with me, so I snapped a photo of it's little toes, and then I walked away. I was close enough to the building to use the free wi fi, which was handy, and I amused myself for a while while waiting for the little thing to get over its fright and scurry off into the weeds.

It never did.

Eventally, I lost patience with it. I used to keep pet mice (probably one of the reasons I can't bear the thought of using snap traps in the basement), so I knew that I could get it out of there before it organized itself to bite me, so I grasped its tail (I was wearing gloves -- I'm not entirely stupid) and pulled it out as gently (but firmly!) as possible. It cowered in the grass instead of making a break for it, and I left it there curled up under a dandelion leaf (or som such). I felt like a horrible excuse for a human being, but it's not like I could have left it in my house.

I have deployed two more tin cats in the basement, but so far, nothing more has ventured in.

Now I'm beginning to get concerned about spiders. There are some huge spiders down there (if it's bigger than a quarter, it's huge), of the type I expect to see lurking in garages. I've never seen them in the house before, and I'm wondering if it's just a good year for spiders, if it's the weather, or if Merlin was keeping them in check. Now I can't wait to get the basement cleaned out, and so I'm going to order up a dumpster next week. The good news is that our reimbursement check from Delta arrived. The bad news is that's probably how I'm paying for the dumpster. But having made up my mind to do it, I can't bear to have that mess down there any longer than necessary. And I'm not going to fuck around with figuring out what stuff can be sold for scrap, as my mother thinks I should do ("Cut the electrical cords off of things and strip the insulation -- there's copper wire in there that you can sell!"). It's all just going to go. I just hope that all the people who said they'd help actually show up to help. I think the girls will. I don't know about anyone else....

But that's for next weekend. I have to get through this weekend with my family first....
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So last night, I learned that skunk spray on a dog does not smell at all like skunk spray on the wind. I guess it's sort of like those BPAL reviews people used to post comparing the scent in the bottle to the scent on their skin. Anyway, skunk smell on a dog is far more unpleasant, and if I hadn't seen the skunk, I wouldn't have realized that was what it was.

For months, I was strict about checking the perimeter of the yard for fuzzy woodland creatures (and feral cats) before I let Jack out for Last Outs, but in the last couple of weeks, it has still been light enough that I didn't need to bother. Last night, I let Jack out a little later, and it was dark...but I didn't bother. And we both paid for it.

Having no tomato juice in the house, I had to consult the Almighty Google, which instructed me to mix up hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid dish soap...but I didn't have any peroxide in the house. Google then allowed as how I might use a vinegar rinse instead. So poor Jack got a vinegar rinse, then a rinse rinse, then flea shampoo (because it was the only shampoo I had on hand), then another rinse. By the time I got done washing him one-handed (because I had to hang onto his collar with the other), he was trying to run away if I so much as looked at him. But he smelled better. Mind you, I can still smell skunk on him, and in my house, but it's bearable, and it'll dissipate eventually.

Also? I took a perverse sort of pleasure in knowing that The Smelly, Smelly Gecko would be closed up in the house with Kind Of Smelly Jack all day. Because I am eeeeeeeeeevil.

I did, however, go out at lunchtime and buy a 55 gallon drum of peroxide and a huge box of baking soda. Just in case. It could've been worse, though: I ran into a friend at lunchtime, and she told me that she had to deskunk her daughter's horse this past weekend. She recommended some stuff from the tractor supply place; I will probably stop in there tomorrow.
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Today is pay day and I should be taking my extra hour this morning to write checks and get bills out because I have some that could really use the extra day in the mail. No. I do not use any form of direct bill payment. I can't stand to lose that control over when money goes into and out of my account. The only reason I do not get a paper paycheck is because when I worked in our satellite office lo, these many moons ago, I could not get to my bank during business hours to cash my check because they were only open the same hours I had to be nearly an hour away where they didn't have a branch. (And still don't.)

You know how I'm always saying that my mother is a control freak? I may have inherited some of that.

Anyway, I am not paying bills right now, as there is no reason to go into work already in a bad mood if I can prevent it. As it is, I am not going to have cash enough for something in the next fortnight, whether it's the Very Expensive Vet Bill I have coming up or the Car Repairs that are going to take place on Monday. Good thing I have plenty of plastic, I guess.

I asked my sister to check Gram's backyard and let me know how tall the grass is. She told me yesterday that it's at her knees. No way in heck that I'm going to be able to mow that, especially with my mower acting up. She said she'd take a hack at it tomorrow after she helps me move the hoarded drywall into the garage. I am finally getting that done! I hope we can manage it all.

Speaking of the lawnmower, we were chatting at work yesterday about the damned thing, and I was explaining that if the problem was more than the spark plug or the air filter, I was going to have to take it in for repair. (Because it kept stalling the other night.) The guy whose cubicle we were near leaned out and started explaining how I could find the fuel filter and how to clean out the fuel line. Yeah, that's not going to happen. I don't even like changing the air filter because it's the sponge kind that has to be soaked in oil first, I'm not messing around with the fuel lines. I'll start with the spark plug; that's easy. I'll just make sure not to do it where the Gossip can see because the last time he saw me tinkering with the mower, he swooped down and bore it off to his lair to tinker with it himself. Which really annoyed me. The fact that it did run better afterward annoyed me even more....

There has been a bunny in the yard the last few mornings. I'm afraid that means I have baby bunnies in the unmown parts of the yard around the daffodil greens. I never mow them until about mid-July to make sure that the bulbs have enough nourishment to come up again in the spring. Someone told me never to mow them at all, but I can't do that, so I compromise by leaving them for a few months after the daffs quit blooming. Until the grass around them grows so tall that I can't stand it anymore. Anyway, last year I discovered the bunny nest by mowing over it. Fortunately, the baby bunnies were tiny enough that the mower just went right over them, but I'm sure I scared several years off their tiny little lives.

I had just settled on the couch to watch TV last night when I saw a flash of something moving by my office window. I cursed, figuring it was my parents. I usually meet them at the door, but decided that they could bloody well see that they were disturbing me, so stayed on the couch. But they didn't come in. So I muted the TV and heard a faint knocking. Whoever it was was knocking at the outside door of the breezeway. Then I saw the head go by the window again (the curtains aren't sheer, but they're pretty thin), and looked out the front door (after closing it). There was a small silver pickup parked out there, and an elderly-ish man got into it and drove away. No clue who it was -- though my brain, this morning, was conjuring up the community spouse of one of my clients tracking me down (not hard to do) and showing up at my house (not going to happen) which was entertaining. Here's the thing: I hate it when people I know just drop by. When people I don't know show up? I do not answer the door. Period. Ever. So I have no idea what this guy was doing, whether he was even looking for me or looking for HTWIWM, or looking for a neighbor, or whether he was even some sort of contractor that the Gossip told to stop by -- because the Gossip has done that before, given my name to people and told them to stop by and see if I want to hire them. And now that I think on it, when people used to stop by all the time asking if I wanted to "sell" (i. e., give them) the silver van before I donated it to NPR, a jack-of-all-trades did stop by to ask if I wanted him to haul away the junk in my backyard (i. e., pay him to take away the loader so he could sell it for scrap) -- and he did turn out to be the husband of an ex-client. He, at least, wasn't referred to me so didn't know my name. He was just trawling for work.

Speaking of which, it is time that I hied me to mine.


May. 31st, 2016 07:41 am
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I finished nearly everything on my do-list this weekend, including hanging curtains in the living room. All of my windows match now, for the first time in the sixteen years I've lived in this house. When we first moved in, HTWIWM just tossed curtains at the windows -- he didn't give a fig about what they looked like; his only preference was that they blocked as much light as possible. (His aversion to light was the reason why the north-facing room that is now the library was his office and the south-and-west-facing room became my office.) I always hated those curtains, but even after he left, I didn't change them because I was waiting for the remodeling to finally get finished. When I realized, several months back, that it was just never going to get finished (and after the dog destroyed so much of the window frames), I decided to just attach curtain rods to the drywall and hang some decent curtains. It took a while to get them right, but I am quite pleased with the final result.

Plus, they hide the dog damage and the fact that there is no window trim, and there's just insulation hanging out.

Take victories where you can, I guess.

I also got a start on gathering the paperwork to apply for a VA benefit for Gram. Now that I've begun, I don't think she's going to be eligible after all (based on some stuff from the VA that I found in her papers), but I'll submit the paperwork anyway, just on the off chance because her assisted living place costs twice as much as her monthly income, and she is burning through her savings. I have to find out if the VA considers her house to be a countable asset now that she's not living in it. I have to stop thinking like a Medicaid worker while I'm doing this because the rules are going to be completely different!

My next-door neighbor, who is terrified of snakes, found a snake in her backyard yesterday. How is she so lucky? I haven't seen a snake in ages. It was almost certainly a completely harmless garter snake. I hope she doesn't spot it again, because she'll kill it. Both Mrs. P in back and I urged her to leave it alone, but.... I did read up a little on how to catch and transport a wild snake yesterday just in case she spotted it again; I'd rather try to move it than have her kill it. I had been napping in the sun, but had to come inside just in case she found it again and killed it instead of calling me.

This is my normal 9-5 week at work, and I don't know that I have much to do. I should be getting recertifications in since they're due by today (for certification periods ending June 30), but I probably won't. Everyone knows that we won't act on lack of paperwork for at least a week -- there's no point. Oh, I know. I got a new application for that case in the box on the end of my desk. I need to go through that...oh, poo. I can't do that, either; there's a trust that I have to wait for Legal to go through and clear. It's the longest trust I've ever seen; it runs to 50 pages or so and actually has a table of contents. You know you're in trouble if your legal document has a table of contents....

In some ways, I wish that we had never had someone assigned to help us with applications, because now there isn't enough to do. Two people can't really handle it, but three is too many. She shouldn't, perhaps, be getting every other application, but maybe every fourth one. (Plus, I hate having to deal with cases that go out in my name, but which I haven't ever touched.)

Anyway. Time to get back to Gram's app. I can get everything completed and maybe speak to someone at Aging or Veterans later. Aging first, I think, since I know that our local veterans agency isn't actually the VA.
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  • I saw a skunk the other morning that rather than having a white stripe down its back had only a white cap on its head and a white tip on its tail. I've never seen one like that before. It was also in a hurry to get places and do skunk things. I had no idea they could move that quickly. Also? I'd really like to know what's up with Jack and skunks. They're the only critter that he really tries to get to after I've told him no. He doesn't get that excited even over rabbits, and I've seen him chase a rabbit down in the backyard.

  • I saw a killdeer up close the other day -- close enough that it tried the broken wing trick on me. I haven't seen a killdeer that close since we moved back into town from the farm where there was a nest quite near the house and I got some great pictures one morning...of me tormenting the poor killdeer by following it around with a camera. I'm a bad person.

  • I am trying to write this morning, and it is like pulling teeth.

  • The sun is trying to come out, but it's apparently going to rain some more.

  • I swapped my summer and winter clothes yesterday and made a huge pile of winter clothes that are going into the garage sale when I have one at the end of next month. While there are some things that I am going to hold onto in case of weight loss, there are some things that I am just not. One thing I'm keeping: the taffeta and velvet skirt that I bought at a garage sale a few years back and haven't ever worn. I was going to get rid of it, but I just like it too much, so I hung it carefully back in the closet.

  • I got an advertisement yesterday for a loan through AFSCME (the umbrella organization which includes the union to which I belong). I am unreasonably tempted by this, but I know it's a Bad Idea. Still, the idea of paying off a bunch of stuff and having to make only one payment a month? Sounds so good. But I know myself -- as soon as I wanted a book or a set of Doctor Who DVDs -- or a trip to Europe, because after having been afraid of travel all my life, I am suddenly becoming addicted -- I'd be using Ye Olde Creditte Carde again. Because I'm stupid.

  • I am looking forward to a long weekend next weekend, and debating taking Friday off as well. Can't take Tuesday off unless I can find someone to work my 9-5 for me. (I often take Tuesdays because Co-Conspirator P favors Fridays and they don't like having both of us off at once. It's not forbidden, they just don't like it.)

  • I found out today that the new Star Trek film is being released on MyAuntie's birthday. I'm going to have to sneak out to their local multiplex while I'm there and get her a gift card; my trip is only a couple of weeks before her birthday.

  • I am considering selling the stash of drywall in my breezeway. I desperately want that space back, and drywall isn't really all that expensive. I'm never going to reclaim my house if I keep holding onto HTWIWM's stashes.

  • It's really actually sunny out at the moment -- sunny enough for there to be squares of light on the floor at any rate. The weather wiseacres are still calling for more rain today, though. I suppose this is just an extended sucker hole.

  • Right. Enough waxing of the cat. Time to get back to tooth pulling.
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Let's just get this right out of the way: I don't want to go to work this morning. It's not even that there's anything particularly terrible looming; I just don't want to go. I was reminded this morning that two years ago I was on medical leave, and it was the second-happiest I'd been in probably ten years. I re-read the paralegal announcement this morning, and there's no way that they'd even let me take the test. They're requiring at least an associate's degree in paralegal studies and two years' experience in a law office. Which probably means that they have a candidate in the position already and they're tailoring the requirements to narrow the playing field and give that candidate an edge.

Nine years until I can retire. That's a long time....

It's chilly this morning; the skies are crystal clear; there's frost. Orion is setting. The moon is still casting plenty of light. When we got back from our short walk, there was not only a cat on the patio near the ramp, but a pair of deer out in the center of the yard -- on the one morning where I forgot to check before letting Jack out. Oh, he barrelled down that ramp.... All three critters fled immediately; the cat ended up being the one chased because the deer were closer to the fence. I bet it was the same cat that was sunning itself on the shed roof yesterday afternoon, too.

Our walk was short because I need to wash my hair. The washing doesn't take long, but the drying does, and I don't like going to work with wet hair. I also need to get the house ready for the Gecko, which means taking all the throw pillows and blankies off the furniture and covering everything with towels. It occurred to me this morning that I actually have to worry now about fleas and lice. It would not surprise me one bit if she didn't bring bugs with her as well as odor. Somehow I've got to scrape together the money to pay the dog guy's fee. Which wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't also have to pay property taxes at the end of next month (where we're ignoring that it's still November because tomorrow is December and the tax bill will be here by New Year's Eve). I suppose I could always pay the taxes out of my income tax return; they'd be late, but....

I know that I have said that I was tempted to call HTWIWM to come and whisper at Jack, but that's just talk. I would never call him. Ever. Besides, I doubt very much that he would even respond to any effort on my part to get in touch with him. He certainly didn't respond when I told him about Garion dying, which is why I never bothered to let him know about any of the others.

Yeah, I'm kinda feeling sorry for myself this morning. Time to stop that and go wash my hair...
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Oh, wait....

I saw the bunny in the yard this morning before Jack did. I kept trying to figure out how to get it out of the yard before he noticed it. And then he noticed it. I almost thought it was going to make it back through the fence, but it apparently couldn't find the way it got in, because Jack got it. Unfortunately, he didn't kill it. I lifted it outside the fence as gently as I could, since it was right near the front gate. I hoped it was not so seriously hurt that it couldn't get away, but when we got back from walkies it was dead. I'm now hoping that it'll at least go to feed the cats, since I've seen them stalking bunnies before.

That wasn't the end of the excitement, though. All sorts of furry woodland creatures were out in the neighborhood this morning: more bunnies, two separate groups of deer, yet more bunnies, and the dog up the street whose owners let him out into their unfenced yard loose and unsupervised. He does seem to know his boundaries, at least, but still. That is just so incredibly stupid.

I am ready to go back to bed....
Yesterday, of course, was Easter. Rather than anyone cooking a meal, Mom decided that we'd go to the banquet center for their buffet. Even at $20 a head, she said it cost less than preparing a full-on dinner and she didn't have to clean the house. Well...all right. It was crowded, noisy, and the food wasn't very good, but it was probably still less annoying than actually having dinner at Mom and Dad's house. I suspect it'll happen again.

Mom and Dad have a transfer chair that they used for Gram. It's a wheeled chair that is not, at the same time, a wheelchair. They used it with my great grandmother (who actually was in a nursing home for her last few years because she had Alzheimer's) whenever they had to take her anywhere. Unlike Gram, she could mostly walk on her own (she didn't get run over by a truck, you see), but the chair made things a bit simpler.

As we were heading to our table, I was utterly unsurprised to see my former in-laws sitting not too far away. My former father-in-law had his back to me, but my former stepmother-in-law noticed me at the same time I noticed them. Still, I went over and gave them both big hugs. It's the first time I've seen them since HTWIWM took off. My mom used to run into the Old Man all the time. Fortunately, HTWIWM and the current love of his life were not with them.

It was...okay. It was too brief to get awkward, and they left while I was in the buffet line. And I really was pleased to see them.
Today is Moving Day at work. I'm 9-5 this week, and I'd sort of like to get there to find that my stuff has already been moved, but since I'm thirteenth on the list (bad luck!) -- and there is a numbered list of how the moves are supposed to go -- it's unlikely that they'll have accomplished the previous twelve in an hour.

I can't put too much stuff on my desk when I do get moved, because the work surface will have to be lowered for me, and that's probably not going to happen for a day or so. No one is going to get much done today, anyway; it's going to be entirely too chaotic.

I only accomplished one of my craft projects this weekend, and it just occurred to me this second that another of them isn't going to work the way I had planned, so I need to rethink that one. I can probably still make it work with only a minor modification, but I don't think I have the materials on hand. Back to WickedMart I go, apparently....
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  • I want to post, but I don't even know what to say this morning. I'm tired. As usual.

  • I haven't even started my LJ Idol entry. I might finally use one of my hoarded byes. I do have an idea, but I don't know if I can make it work by tomorrow evening. This is the first time I have seriously thought about dropping out. It's probably better to use the bye (free pass) than to write something that's not good enough to get the votes. I note that it was the 15th week when I got eliminated last time.

  • I have been watching Transformers movies. Sector 7 is just cartoonish compared to the villains in the newest movie. Um. Cartoonish. No pun intended?

  • There were two black cattens sitting at the edge of the street when I got home from work last night. They are, as far as I could determine, in no way tame, and I'm betting that they live under the neighbor's shed. So he never did anything when I told him there were kittens back there. I should've known better than to think he would.

  • On the bright side, maybe they're the reason why I've seen fewer chipmunks this year. Fuzzy, stripey little bastards.

  • It occurs to me to wonder why we make such a fuss about wild housecats. We don't make such a fuss about, say, woodchucks. (Yeah, I know. Because kitteh!!

  • I got most of the rest of the unmowed lawn done last night, but ran the mower out of gas with perhaps fifteen minutes' worth of front yard still left. Since the gas can was pretty much empty, I didn't finish. I'll get more gas this morning when I come back from my grocery run.

  • Of course, the part of the lawn that I did manage to get mown last weekend needs it again....

  • A friend whom I haven't seen in years is in town. I am actually not all that anxious to see her/him, but s/he will probably just show up on my doorstep, anyway. Maybe it will be while I am chucking things around in the garage and I can press her/him into service....

  • I had thought about perhaps running up to Stony Brook today, but the forecast does not look all that great. I am not enthused at the thought of driving an hour and then possibly getting soaked in a scattered thunderstorm. We'll see how I feel about it after I do my chores, because I could still comfortably do it up until about eleven.

  • I see Lucy has opened. I definitely want to see that. I hear that the initial reviews aren't good, but I've also heard that how well the movie does might influence whether or not there might be a Black Widow movie. I do tend to ignore reviews, especially on movies, because I usually don't agree. In fact, the more the official reviewers revile something, the more I tend to like it.

  • My mother informs me that the folks up the street who have the good garage sales are having a sale today. I suppose I shall hike up there at some point.

  • Grama's birthday party tomorrow is going to be dinner out at Pondo. I suppose, therefore, that if I'm going to see Lucy, it had better be today. Which is probably a better plan than driving all the way out to Stony Brook when it might rain.
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As I said over on FB, it's a "screw my carbon footprint" sort of morning, where one goes out twenty minutes ahead of time to warm up the car. It was -2° when I left to get groceries, at just about dawn -- which is, at least, coming earlier these days. The thermometer at the grocery store read a discouraging -9°, but it's always off by about a ten degree margin (always hotter in the summer and colder in the winter). It is, nevertheless, a brilliantly sunny morning, so I opened the curtains in the back room (facing east and south), though I will have to close them around midafternoon, once the sun passes the garage and the back of the house falls into shadow. I also turned on the space heater out there to sort of even things out.

My neighbors wouldn't approve, but I tossed some stuff out over the fence for the rabbits and the deer. Heck, if it were summer, and food were plentiful, I wouldn't approve. And it's not much, at least not for the deer. The rabbits might get a couple of meals out of it...depending on how many rabbits there are out there now. In the absence of a full pack, they have been fruitful and multiplied. (Cruiser and Garion -- and Sheila in her younger days -- used to be murder on rabbits...or commit murder on rabbits...or whatever.)

Today is going to be devoted to numbers. I need to balance my grandmother's checkbook back two months (since I now have the bank statement with the amount of the check that was missing), pay some bills for both of us, and then do my taxes. (Dun, dun, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUnnnnnnnnnnn.) The rest of the usual household chores -- other than changing the kitty litter, which is done -- will have to wait. Well, no, I'll do the laundry, too, because I can do other things while that's going on.

Also, I have already had a run-in with numbers. Per my doctor's instructions, I checked my blood pressure while I was out this morning. The machine informed me that it was "poor." Seriously. Right there on the screen. "Poor." Of course, the cuff didn't tighten as much as either the auto-cuff at my GYN's office, or the manual cuffs that have been used elsewhere, so I don't know how accurate the reading actually is. The systolic was about on par for the other recent readings (except the GYN's), but the diastolic was much higher. I dunno. I suspect that when the doctor sees me again and again stresses that I need to be taking some BP meds, I'll cave and take them. Even though I do not want to.

Also over on FB, there's a question of who would win in a fight between Harry Potter and River Tam. My money would be on River Tam, given that the Alliance fashioned her into a weapon, but only if she knocked Harry's wand out of his hand, which she would undoubtedly do first. If Harry had his wand -- and River fought fairly -- I suspect he would win.

I finished Dragonquest last night. I dithered about whether or not to read the Harper Hall trilogy before going on to The White Dragon, since the action in those takes place during Dragonquest and before The White Dragon, but since I am reading from an omnibus, and getting Dragonsong would have required getting out from under my blankie, I went on with what was to hand. I am actually looking forward to reading Dragonsdawn and Moreta because it has been ages since I read either of them, and I don't think I've read them more than once. So it'll be like reading new books....


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