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Poor Jack has been egregriously abused this weekend. First, I dosed him with Interceptor yesterday morning (though he didn't seem to mind it), then last evening I grabbed his tail to get him off a young woodchuck that he caught in the backyard. (The woodchuck died.) And just now, I dosed him with his monthly flea/tick drops. He hates that. He actually ran away from me and I had to corner him to administer them. Of course, he might also have still been upset over me dragging him in by his collar last evening, so that when I grabbed his collar this morning.... Well, it's done for another month. I understand there are different meds out there now, but I just refilled these and can't return them, so that's that.

In any case, the abuse is ongoing because I won't let him go out and roll in the dewey grass until the drops have had a chance to dry. I am evil.

Aaaand I just ejected Kethri from my office because she was headed for the smelly corner where she has been peeing, and where the enzyme stuff is supposed to be taking the smell away (and hopefully when it's finally dry, it will have). Since last weekend, I have had a child gate across the doorway (she can't jump that high any longer), but I have it open right now because she was asleep on my bed. Apparently it's time for her midmorning yowl about starvation, though.

I went to my first garage sale of the season yesterday morning. These folks up the street -- across the street from where the kittens are now hanging out -- have a garage sale every summer and they always have great stuff. I missed it last year, so I wanted to make sure to get up there this year. I came home with a marble-inlaid side table, a fancy Deco-influenced floor lamp that was probably $150 new, what I think is probably a rag rug but which I am likely to use as a throw, and a few pieces of costume jewelry that were likely handmade, including a wire-wraped labradorite oval on a velvet cord. I do love labradorite. And I spent a total of $42. Not too shabby. The table will go in the breezeway. The lamp will be used in the house in one or another of my reading spots, all of which need better lighting. Oh, I also bought a winey-red quatrefoil-patterned poofy ottoman which will also go in the breezeway; in fact, I was using it this morning, while sitting out there reading for a bit. When I get the room cleaned out and redecorated, I am going to love it out there. I am already quite fond of it and it still has all the ugly hallmarks of HTWIWM's storage area. Unfortunately, I can't get it completely cleaned out without cleaning the garage and that's not going to happen until Mom and Dad get their crap out of there. It has now been two months since the first garage sale, and they have only been back once to get stuff. I am not really surprised, just tired of not having the use of my garage. Bleah.

The local KMart is closing, and their liquidation sale has started. There is a breakfast nook set of furniture -- a picnic-style table, a bench, and then two backed benches that form a corner, all in a light honey finish -- that I covet, that I was hoping would be reduced low enough to justify purchasing for the breezeway. Actually, I really only want the table; maybe when it gets closer to the place actually closing, they'll be anxious to sell the floor model.

Hmph. Just had a neighbor knock on the door with his daughter -- had to run upstairs to put on a bra before I answered the door -- she wants the tub. Actually, she was hoping I'd give it to her, and when I told her it was in my garage sale for $125, she asked if I'd take $30 for it. I told her the best I could do was $75. But really? $30 for a cast iron claw foot tub that even has faucets? I know I've had a helluva time selling it, but really? It's not my problem that they live in Maryland and would have to figure out a way to get it there. Not. My. Problem. I'm perfectly willing to put it back in the garage forever (and stop people from knocking on my damned front door).

Oh, whatever. Time to think about mowing the lawn.
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Changing medical providers is a pain in the butt. I have spent a good chunk of the last couple of weeks on switching from a place in Rochester to a place in Buffalo(ish), and I still haven't finished the process as I have to get the records transferred and when I called the Rochester place, I had to leave a message instead of actually speaking to someone.

At least I'm not working today, although this is not how I planned to spend the day.

I went to my GYN's office this morning for my annual exam (and as part of this process), and was in and out of there in under an hour. I don't think I've ever been out of there in such a short time, but I guess that's the difference between seeing the doctor and seeing the PA. I miss seeing the doc; we always chat a bit, and while the PA is very nice, she's pretty much all business.

Ah, well.

Next month is going to be busy.... I have to train the new girl (on nursing home cases this time) the first week, then I'm on vacation the second week, then I have to go to Buffalo for my appointment the third week, then the fourth week is that wretched training for three days. I thought about scheduling my mammo appointment for that week, but unless they had evening appointments, it wouldn't work out.


The mini-heat wave broke last evening, and it is supposed to be only in the mid-70s today. It was pretty dreary this morning and there was still rain, but in the last twenty minutes or so, the sky has cleared and it's sunny out now. I may have to go out and sit on the patio in the sun. (Let's be honest: I may have to drag my chair onto the patio and take a [short] nap in the sun.)

My parents' stuff is still in my garage. I have contemplated going out there and packing it up for them, but I'm certain that my mother has a system. Though it would serve her right if I had things all every which way since it has now -- if memory serves -- been a month since the second garage sale, and they have made no attempt to come clean things up. I don't use my garage for much, but I do need to have it cleaned up in order to finish cleaning the breezeway out, if only because I need to swap space, and to be able to get at the lumber racks in the back of the garage to stuff the bits and pieces of trim from the house that are currently stacked in a corner of the breezeway. I packed up most of my own stuff already, so it's almost entirely her stuff out there, and there isn't even enough space to collapse the tables that have been cleared off.


Chair. Patio. Blessed, blessed sunlight.
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The garage sale was pretty much a bust. I made less than $80 and my folks made less than $200. That's very little return for so much work. I sat out there all day with Mom yesterday -- except for when I was in the library balancing the checkbook and writing checks to make sure they went out in yesterday's mail -- and there were very few people who actually stopped. I'd say about a third of the people who came down the street, slowed down, glanced at things from their cars, and kept going. Given that the majority of the stuff was actually in the garage.... As usual, lots of people looked at the tub, commented on how they grew up with one, then went on their merry way. Well, except for the one guy who said it was too short to be worth anything, and who then went on his merry way. Jerk. There was a map of all the garage sales in the city, and Dad did go up to pay the fee to get on the map...and we weren't on it. Dad will apparently be taking that up with the organizers on Monday. Not that it will make any difference.

Next week is my town's garage sale day, so we left everything in the garage and will try again next weekend.

I was rather hoping to spend today just vegging out with movies and books and my computer, but the weather forecast indicates that if I don't go do some mowing, I will regret it. The back yard nearest the house went unmown last week because I didn't want to frighten the kittens...who were probably already gone the evening I mowed. Oh, well. In any case, that's the section of the yard that grows the fastest, so it's already ankle-deep again. The front could do with a quick running over, but I may let that go. It'll depend on how my feet feel after I've got the back done.

It turns out that some of the neighbors were asking why I hadn't mown my front yard for so long, but my next-door neighbor K let them know I was waiting for the violets to be done. She told me that I'm not the only person in the neighborhood who does, which is nice to know. But I bet it was the Gossip who asked. He's such a nosy control freak.

K also called me over to the fence yesterday evening when I was retrieving my laundry and contemplating what to have for supper and offered me a burger. She and her neighbor on the other side had grilled out and had leftovers. So while I took the laundry in, she made up a plate that included a burger, some tater tots, and green beans, which was really sweet of her. She's really a pretty good neighbor, despite her insistence on mowing that one strip of my property, and I'm beginning to understand that it's her terror of snakes that drives that. She's convinced that if my grass is too deep, she'll have snakes in her yard. There may be something to that, actually. I've only ever seen one snake in my yard, but she sees several a year, and I mow far less often than she does....

Not Great

May. 13th, 2017 05:17 pm
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I am not in the best of moods today. I was really depressed this morning, but my mood has lightened as the day as worn on. It's the kittens. No one seems to realize how very bothered I am by them. Everybody is all "oh how adorable," and "you can bring them inside and have four bonded kittens; it'll be fine!" and "you have to rescue them and their mama!" I feel utterly inadequate next my many friends who rescue cats and kittens hither and yon, but I just... Eh, whatever. I have decided to leave them alone and let them do their thing -- right now, anyway. Tomorrow morning, I may have changed my mind and be out there trying to catch them. Not that I would have much luck, as Mama is mostly right there with them. I will pretend that they are bunnies, exclaim over how cute they are and let them do their wild animal thing. It's not like they're even the first generation of kittens in this colony; the Progenetrix was dropped off something on the order of five years ago. They are truly wild animals.

And then I torment myself thinking that maybe Mama had them so close to my house -- within ten feet of my backdoor, fercryinoutloud -- so that they will be domesticated.

You see? I keep working myself into a state. Delaware, I think.

In non-kitten news, I escorted a mouse off the premises today. From the size of this one, I either have two separate kinds of mice, or the last several I have caught have been babies. Great. Mouse-kittens. On the other hand (or "to the left" as Vlad Taltos says) this one was brown, rather than grey, so possibly two different kinds.

I finally mowed the front yard this afternoon, except for the square under the apple tree. There's a huge patch of violets there, and since they're in shade, they're not faded and ragged like the ones in the other part of the yard. But that's all I mowed. I didn't try to mow any of the back at all, though I did pick up sticks. My maple in the backyard is shedding rather more than I would like.

My mother has persuaded me to participate in the community garage sale day next weekend, so I have been doing some clean-up in the garage, and hauling a few things out to price. I had brought my beading and jewelry-making supplies up from the basement to put them all in the sale since I haven't made jewelry in ages, but when I started going through the stuff, I decided that I wasn't ready to get rid of it, and certainly wasn't ready to sell stuff I paid so much money for at garage sale prices.

Trying to come up with something for supper and not really thinking of anything. Maybe I'll just have strawberry shortcake. Hm...if the pineapple is still good (might not be, since I bought it fresh a week ago), I could have chicken and pineapple salad.

I'm so tired and down today that I'm not even sure I want to watch Doctor Who tonight.
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Now that was a successful garage sale. I got up and got going early so that I could get to the grocery store and back before the sharks started circling. My ad said 9:00 a.m., so I wanted to be back from the grocery store by 7:30 a.m. I think I made it by 7:00 a.m., so I had plenty of time for breakfast. I went out a little before 8:00 to put up my signs (one on the corner of my street and one on the corner of the block diagonal from the first) and when I got back into my car from putting the second sign up, this car that had passed me was turning around up the block and when I got back to my house, they were just pulling off the road onto the edge of my front yard.

Bear in mind that my ad said 9:00 and it was not quite 8:00....

So I got out of the car, went into the house, and very pointedly did not come back out. When I looked out the window a minute later, they were gone. I may have missed a sale there, but I don't actually give a rat's ass because I think it is horribly rude for people to show up early. Which wouldn't necessarily annoy me except that people feel entitled to do so, and get pissy if you tell them that you're not ready to open up.

Anyway. I did go out and get started around 8:30, and the first people to show up were actually my parents. They wanted to check to see if there was anything I needed help with or if I needed Dad to schlep anything else out of the basement. Mom then decided that I wasn't charging enough for my drywall stash, and then Dad took a look at it and decided that he'd buy the whole damned thing from me, and so I still have drywall in my breezeway, but all things considered, I'd've probably still had at least some of it left at the end of yesterday, anyway.

I got the typical people: "Will you take a quarter for this?" "How much do you want for these brand new, unworn $80 shoes? Twenty dollars?!? I might just as well go and buy them in the store!" (Yeah, good luck with that; I bought them online and couldn't return them because of where I got them; the local stores don't carry them. Oh, and see above re: $80 shoes. Funny how no one who showed any interest in those shoes asked me to take less for them.) Then there was the guy who was interested in the band saw (the only tool that HTWIWM left behind -- he didn't leave so much as a hammer otherwise). Mom had advised me to put $85 on it and expect to get $70. He'd asked me my best price, I said $70, and he counter-offered with $60, and he'd take the two theater speakers off my hands for nothing. Weeeeelllll...I agreed because a) who knows if the speakers even work, and b) it meant getting rid of three big items and I only had $2 each on the speakers anyway. He insisted that the speakers were homemade, which I find doubtful given that they came out of the movie theater. Then again, before Carmike bought them out, it was a small mom-and-pop chain mainly in Pennsylvania and West Virginia with only one theater in New York. (And Carmike still only has one theater in New York.) So I suppose it's entirely possible that the speakers were hand made, especially if they were replacements for what was originally hung or something.

Oddly, late in the day, an elderly lady came in and she made a comment about the Seltic cross cross stitch pattern book I had; I told her about studying Keltic Culture and History, she asked if I ever used such a degree, specifically had I taught, I explained that after working in the mall, I never wanted to see another child again, and she asked where I had worked because her daughter had worked at the mall. Turned out that her daughter had been working at the theater at the time I started; she went off to college and we never saw her again, but since I went to a local school, I worked there for another couple of years. So the theater came up twice yesterday. Odd.

I closed up at midafternoon, and discovered that I'd had the best sale I've ever had ever...but I still have the gods-damned clawfoot tub....

Jack did not like the sale because he spent most of the day alone, either in the backyard or in the house. The few times I had a minute to check on him, I found him curled up either on the patio or on the ramp right by the door, sure signs that he wasn't happy. Though that could have been the smoke because there was something burning in the neighborhood. The Gossip thought it was coming from the railyard; if so, it must have been awful right by the tracks because it was pretty bad here half a mile or more away.

Today, I have done my laundry and changed the kitty litter, but have little more ambition than that. I do need to write checks for both my grandmother and myself, but since I missed yesterday's mail and there's no mail today or tomorrow, the urgency has somewhat gone out of that project. I could be cleaning because the house is a mess from getting ready for the sale, but my feet still hurt from spending a good chunk of the day standing on the concrete floor of the garage. So I rather suspect that I'm going to take a book and go sit on the patio in the sun. Or maybe I'll take my tablet, since I've started rereading Shadow Unit from the beginning.


Jun. 7th, 2016 08:24 am
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Something I ate disagreed with me yesterday. It was comparatively mild as these things go, but I still wasn't feeling so great this morning, so I called in sick -- even though I took a vacation day yesterday. Perks of a civil service position, I guess. Anyway, as soon as I cancelled my dogsitter for the day, I started to feel better. On the other hand, I'm now starting to feel iffy again. Her father hasn't acknowledged my message, though, so I imagine I'll be sending her away shortly.

I did get the recall taken care of on the van yesterday. The key fits very tightly into the new ignition module, so now I can see where they might have had a problem with the old ones just falling out or slipping into accessory mode if the fobs were overloaded with other keys. Not that I do that. I have a house key, the key to my lock box and the bonus card from the grocery store on my key fob. The fob itself weighs more than those items. All the other keys I might need (like to my grandmother's and parents' houses) are on a separate key ring clipped into my purse.

The other repair, to the wiper assembly on the rear window cost a little less than half of what I expected, so I went away feeling quite pleased with the whole thing, especially as it took just a little over an hour. I had packed my backpack with my laptop (and power for same), my camera, my book, snacks, and a bottle of soda in anticipation of spending a good chunk of the morning at my grandmother's house, but when I was assured that it would be about an hour, I stayed at the dealership in the customer lounge. It would've taken me at least twenty minutes to walk to Gram's house and back, so.... And I met one of my new neighbors; turned out the clerk who checked me in was one of the people who bought the house kitty-corner across the street.

I stopped at the mall on the way home and made the mistake of trying on clothing. Ack. Don't do that.

I did have to drive the Gecko home, but I still got home before 1:00 p.m. and had time for a brief nap in the sun on the patio. I'm probably going to regret it, but I am going to ask her to accompany me to the V-E-T's office on Friday. In addition to taking Merlin in for blood work, I'm going to take Jack to have his nails clipped. I can manage Jack and a cat carrier, but it would be simpler with another pair of hands, and I can drop her off home on my own way home.

Aaaand here they are.

And there they go.

It's chilly out today. It's not supposed to be out of the upper 60s today, and supposed to only be in the 50s tomorrow. I closed the house up last night to keep in what warmth had accumulated because by tomorrow it'll be chilly in here again.

Whatever bug was up Jack's butt night before last seems to have gone. He was fine after we got back from running the Gecko home yesterday, until I scolded him for chasing a squirrel. I'd've left him alone, but the squirrel was a particularly stupid specimen that only traveled up a tree about couple of feet, where Jack could still easily have snatched it down -- and he nearly did until I caught up to him and dragged him into the house. After that, he was glued to me again for several hours until we came back from walkies and sat on the patio for a bit. The upside to it is that the next time he considered chasing a squirrel, I only had to tell him no and he left it alone. But he was less gluey after that and, in fact, didn't even come upstairs with me last night. So at least I slept better, even if my innards weren't pleased with me.

Today's plan is to take it relatively easy. I'm going to work on some garage sale stuff -- pricing what I've already dragged out and cleaning out my jewelry box as that's fairly easy. I have some writing to do. And some TV to watch. Maybe I'll do a load of laundry; I'm planning to put some linens in the garage sale; I should probably run them through the washer even though they were clean when I put them away. On the other hand, people would probably wash them before using them, anyway -- I would, at least.

I should finish Gram's VA app, too, even though I don't think she's going to be eligible for anything.
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  • I updated Firefox this morning. The newest version seems to have done away with the menu bar. It's ridiculous how much that makes me want to cry. (Not kidding. I am literally nearly in tears over this. It's stupid, but there it is.) (Also? No cracks about other browsers.)

  • My favorite inexpensive chocolate is Raisinets. Remember a few years ago when half-gallons of ice cream suddenly started being not a half gallon? Nestle has done the same thing with Raisinets. The 11 ounce bag is now only 8 ounces -- but the bag is the same size. They just moved the zipper lower. The price is the same, of course.

  • I tried to find a t-shirt this morning that I could wear while mowing the lawn. I've gained a lot of weight, and I just need a bigger size...and I couldn't find anything suitable. I do not want to have to pay $25 to get a t-shirt from Lands End or some other such place just to wear while mowing the lawn.

  • Despite the rain this morning -- which is, granted, pretty light -- the garage sales are going on. I am not pleased with all the traffic in the neighborhood, especially since I have people parking in my front yard. Right at the edge, but still.... I will have to deal with people turning around in my driveway all day, too. And I'm sure there will be some asshole who figure s/he can either park in my driveway or just block part of it since it's a two-lane drive and there's currently only one vehicle sitting in it.

  • Meanwhile, I suppose I should check and see if anyone has any bookshelves....

  • I really don't want to say anything to anyone official about the unprofessional presentation the other day...but one of my coworkers is the wife of the sheriff. I complained to her. And she has to attend the training herself next week. I'm relatively certain that if the unprofessionalness (-ism?) was not just my own perception that she will say something to her husband.

  • My head hurts this morning, and I am really tired. Maybe that's why the new Firefox is upsetting me so much.

  • Oooookay...I had closed Firefox, and reopened it and the menu bar is back, so I guess I'm going to have to blame Amazon, because something funky was going on there this morning, and it was after that that I noticed the menu bar was gone. My head still hurts, though.

  • *sigh* Gotta go out to the post office this morning. Might as well get that done.
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BFT had a really, really, really bad week last week, and asked if we could go out of town this weekend. Her birthday is next week, and while we always go out of town shopping for our birthdays, our original plan was for her shopping trip to be the weekend after next as she has other plans for this coming weekend. I really didn't have the money for a trip north, but agreed that we should go (because I've been getting a little cabin feverish also). So after I got my hairs fixed up Saturday morning, I picked her up and we headed straight out of town. We went to McKinley this time instead of to Erie (where we normally go for her birthday so she can visit the Eddie Bauer store in the mall), partially because we got started a little later than usual. In fact, we went right to lunch as soon as we got there instead of plundering Pier 1 first. When we were comfortably stuffed (or uncomfortably stuffed as the case may be), then we plundered Pier 1, and then we plundered the book store.

Ah, books.

We arrived home right around 4:15, and the Gecko was just being picked up, which was either good or bad timing on my part, depending on how you look at it.

Yesterday, I ran up to the local mall in the morning and came home with two huge bags of clothing, most of which will be going back. I don't like trying things on in the store, so I usually have to take things back. I did buy a replacement rain/cool (not cold) weather jacket, but when I got it home, I didn't like it so that'll be going back too. I found something that looks like a better replacement on the L. L. Bean website, but I think I'll check the local Redneck Emporium before I place an order.

Today, I made a last-minute decision to take the day off. I ran out this morning to pick up a few groceries, as I hadn't done that over the weekend (nor did I do laundry, so I have to get busy and load the washer shortly), but otherwise, I don't intend to go anywhere today. It was raining pretty hard earlier (when I walked Jack and when I went out to the store), but it has since stopped. I briefly contemplated trying to mow part of the lawn because it is now in desperate need, but then it got darker again, and I decided that it would wait.

In the last week, I have read three of SciFiGrl47's novel-length Avengers fics, and am now in a state about my lack of relationship...but even if I met someone today, I don't know that I would ever really trust anyone again. So there's that. Guess I'll just go along as I have been for the last several years....

I am also working myself up to having a garage sale in the next month or so (no need to hurry, as the weather still isn't great). I will be taking a hard look at my bookshelves and my jewelry box armoire and my closet. I am also contemplating just selling the drywall that has been stacked in the breezeway for at least a decade. Granted, it did come in handy to already have the stuff out there when I had my Drywall Days and got the walls back up in the bed- and living rooms, but I want my breezeway back. I certainly don't need that entire hoard to redo the upstairs bathroom, and if and when I decide to redo the addition, I can worry about new drywall for that then, though if I can figure out how to repair the broken pieces of panelling (HTWIWM broke it when trying to determine what the insulation behind it was like), I'll just paint them. And I'm hoping that I can just get away with patching the wall that Jack tore out in the laundry room, rather than having to take down the whole rest of the section and replace it.

Mostly, I'm just tired of still having all the crap that HTWIWM hoarded and still hanging onto it Just In Case....
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Spotted at WickedMart this morning: The Man From U.N.C.LE., Season 1. I thought about buying it, but resisted, because I thought maybe Amazon's price would be better. It is, a little bit, but looking at that led me to looking at Roku and other such devices, and that seems far more cost effective than buying DVDs I might only watch once. I haven't made up my mind about it, though.

Speaking of '60s spies, I have decided to go see the late matinee of Mission Impossible this afternoon. I may then have to write Will Brandt fic because there isn't enough. Or not. We'll see how it goes.

I am still not caught up at work, but I doubt very much that anyone except possibly my unit supervisor is surprised about that. And I got another two applications the other day, though I was able to divert one to the community unit. I'll probably end up with it back, though.

My sister gave me a digital photo frame yesterday. One of her ex-husbands (the most recent one, I think she said) had given it to her, and she has no use for it. I'm not quite sure where I'll put it, but I definitely do have a use for it...assuming it's not hideous. If I don't like the way it looks, I might be tempted to load it with trip photos and give it to Grama.

My neighbors were having a "groj sail" this morning. I was vastly amused. I went up to see what they had and came back with a pair of valances in sherbet-colored sari patterns. I have absolutely no use for them, but loved the fabric too much to leave them there. C asked me about Jack, and we had a short conversation about our dogs. She keeps hers from barking with a citronella collar -- when the dog barks, it sprays her with citronella. Weird. But she told me that she knows a guy who has a chocolate lab that he is looking to rehome because he is literally never home (two jobs or some such) and the poor dog spends his life in a crate. Knowing this, how can I then go and reapply for Kendra? Of course, I don't know anything about this dog other than he's apparently crate-trained.... And first and foremost, any dog I brought into this house would have to at least tolerate Merlin in its face.

I finally had to go commit mass herbicide this morning. I went out to read the gas meter and couldn't see it. The volunteer maples and oaks (one of which was taller than I am and at least an inch in diameter) all got chopped, and while I was at it, I killed the weeds in the cellar window well. Given that it has turned out to be such a nice day, I should also be mowing the lawn, but I am (here it comes, boys and girls) just too tired for that.

Let me tell you about tired: All those empty boxes from clearing out the attic bedroom? Still strewn all over my living room a week later.

Right. Gonna walk the dog before I go to the movie; he'll be happier about being left alone.
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Garage Sale II: The Return Of The Junk is accomplished. We made about as much on this sale as on the last one. The only problem here is that we have to split it. I made about $70 more than my parents. (Go, me?) Mom sold out almost her entire spring wardrobe, and I sold about half the stuff that I hauled downstairs. My dad included a few antique clocks from his collection -- substantially reduced in price because, hello, garage sale -- and when I said that I would buy one of them, it ended up on my piano without any money changing hands. This bugs me because the reason my parents were even included in this sale is because they need the cash. I fully intended to pay for the clock, and I can't even slip it into the inventory that they sold because my mom was here the whole time and would know. Besides, we've already split the profits.

That obnoxious child from the last sale -- the one who chattered incessantly and actually tried to crawl into my lap while her grandmother ignored her -- was here yesterday. Fortunately, this time, she went straight for my mother, who indulged her, so I didn't have to pretend to like children. Thank goodness. Though she couldn't have crawled into my lap this time as I had a TV tray in front of me because I was working on signs.

Speaking of which, I have two big signs that are basically plastic pillow cases slid onto wire frames, which are then poked into the ground. On Friday, we had some wind, gusty enough to bend the frame on the sign at the corner of my street, and when I went to check on the other one, which was facing the wind, I found it blown away completely. I did search for it, but couldn't find it. That disturbs me a bit, as it has my address printed on it, since it was the one that I put at the far corner of the block. Oh, well. My mother suggested that someone may have stolen it, because it's not like they're only $4 at WickedMart.

I keep hearing an electrical-sounding buzz this morning, but can't place it. I'm rather hoping it's my neighbor to the south doing something in his garage, though it's a bit early in the morning on a Sunday for him to be so engaged. I'm reasonably certain it's not my furnace, because even though I changed the air filters this morning and the batteries in the thermostat, I didn't actually turn it on. Not yet. That may happen later, though. The wall furnace is lit, though.

Maybe the sound is coming from my computer? I'll have to shut it down in a bit and see. I can't think of anything else in the house right now that it could be, because other than the ceiling light in this room, nothing is on that isn't usually on (like the fridge).

Merlin is commanding me to get the hell out of his chair. Maybe I'll go start some laundry and start getting the house back into shape from having a sale and having stuff strewn hither and yon....
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The morning is getting away from me. I actually woke up about two hours later than I have been of late (6:30), which meant that the deli was open by the time I was ready to go to the grocery store. I only intended to spend $20 or so (bread, lettuce, tomatoes, lunch meat) and ended up spending $56. But my favored spaghetti sauce was on sale buy one, get one free (note to self: Make spaghetti this week), and I wanted to try the tiny little fresh mozzarella pieces with tomatoes and beef...which meant buying tomatoes and beef...and so on.

I had intended to have a garage sale next weekend, but the long range forecast is now calling for rain and lots of it on both Friday and Saturday. When I first started looking, Friday was supposed to be much like it has been this weekend: warm, sunny, and dry. Gorgeous, in other words. Now...not so much. I am debating whether or not I can get the breezeway cleared out in time enough to still have a sale, only in the breezeway and garage. There is a ton of stuff that didn't get pulled out for my sale last month, so I could use the extra space, and I can control traffic simply by opening the breezeway door, but leaving the garage doors closed. (Did I mention that I had one twenty-five cent object simply walk off? I don't recall now what it even was, but I only had a quarter on it and someone stole it anyway.) I suppose I could wait until the following weekend.... I should have gone with my first instinct, I guess, which was to ditch all my plans for this weekend and do it. I just didn't think I'd manage to get all the extra stuff pulled out in time. Have to decide pretty soon, though; an ad would pretty much have to be submitted tomorrow.

Getting the breezeway cleaned out would mean shifting all the drywall piled out there. I think I can manage single sheets by myself, but if I can't, then it's impossible to predict when it might get moved, since help is a rare commodity.

Before I do anything else today, though, I need to get the crack between the foundation and the patio under the spigot cleaned out (and I guess I can dispose of Sheila's patio water bowl before the stuff growing in it develops a civilization). The weeds and dirt need to go so that I can patch that divot so it doesn't turn into a hole after all. (A trowel in time saves nine? Which reminds me: I need to patch my favorite sweater, too.) I am not actually looking forward to this. While it can be satisfying to do one's own home projects, it's also...kind of depressing. Anyway, it needs to get done today because today is supposed to be utterly gorgeous, and see above re: long range forecast for next weekend.
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8:00 -- What a change from yesterday. No one waiting to rush in the moment I open the garage door.

9:40 -- Well, this is exciting. I've had 3 sets of customers, and they didn't get here until 8:20. I may have miscalculated, picking the same weekend as a huge church rummage sale.

9:50 -- Woo! Sold the garden bricks. Now I really need to get that platform built for Sheila. Or go get 4 bricks....

10:15 -- Finished making enough room to pull everything inside -- by hauling the garden bricks outside. It'll be easier for the woman to collect them there. Sweating like the proverbial pig -- it's so humid. Oh, yeah -- pulled stuff in because it was sprinkling.

10:20 -- Love it when people judge a sale by driving by. Not gonna see much but open garage doors.

10:21 -- This is a huge waste of time and effort.

10:36 -- This lady is a huge sci-fi nerd. So is her son, but he's not into Star Trek and she can't understand it. So she bought my DVDs (the movies) to try to...assimilate him.

10:45 -- Oh. My. Gods. I have just been assaulted by the most obnoxious child! I was sitting at the back of the garage and she came running right up to me to show me her toys and tell me all about them. (If you put them in water, they get bigger. But if you leave them too long, they get too big!) Then she ran right out to the women coming up the drive and told one of them that she was as tall as her daddy. Then she wanted to know about the pink styrofoam on the breezeway door. (Is that the door to your house?) Then she saw the cat tree in the photo of the dining room table and wanted to go see my cat. And then she tried to crawl into my lap. Her grandmother finally called her off. Best of all -- she has a cold! Yay!

10:55 -- There go the bricks!

11:10 -- Here comes the rain!

11:15 -- And now it's pouring.

11:25 -- I might just as well give up....

11:40 -- And there go my parents -- didn't expect them to come back today.

11:45 -- A conversation about Terry Brooks.... (Guy was looking at First King of Shannarra and then at the rest of the table. "It's stand-alone," I said. The conversation progressed from there.)

11:55 -- Oh, great. Someone waking down the street in nice trousers, white shirt, and tie. JW? Mormon? Political? I need some customers before he gets to this side of the street. Mrs. T. just sent him packing.

12:45 -- And another person thinking they can tell what sort of sale it is from the opposite side of the street. Also, the solicitor does not appear to have come back in this direction.

12:55 -- It's getting brighter (still overcast) and it's cooler since the rain fell. I had to go get a sweater.

1:00 -- Really? A gallon Ziploc bag full of pens and since I only tested 90% of them, you want me to knock the price down from $5 to $3?!? Do you realize that you're already getting something like $100 worth of pens there? *sigh* I wonder if it's going to rain again or if I can put stuff out for free....

1:08 -- Finished Prisoner of Azkaban.

1:50 -- It's raining again and no one has been here for forty minutes. Almost done.

2:00 -- And done. Clean up, or take a nap?
I cleaned up some of it....

Day One....

Sep. 5th, 2014 06:47 pm
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Day One of the garage sale is over. Given that I made enough to pay for the ad in the newspaper in the first half hour, I'd have to call it a success. Of course, nothing is ever entirely a success when it involves interacting with people....

Customers of note included:
  • The guy who was parked in my front yard waiting for me when I returned from putting up my signs on the corners and getting something for breakfast. When I said I was just getting back with the groceries and wasn't even remotely ready, he said that he was on his way to work and he'd hoped that I would let him look around. My first instinct was to label him LLPF (Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire), because I recognized him as being an antique dealer, but later, it occurred to me that he wasn't exactly lying. He was on his way to work -- finding things that he could sell at enormous profit. Unfortunately, he didn't find anything that qualified in my garage, and so he wasted both his time and mine. Later, when I described him to my mother (because I knew that she knew him) as a white-haired guy in a red truck, she said, "Oh, George." And then I remembered that that was, indeed, his name.

  • My parents. Obviously. They didn't buy anything, either, but at least they stopped after the sale was under way. Though in fairness, I should note that my mother does the same thing George does. (And it pisses me off when she does it, too. And I find it embarrassing, which is one of the reasons I don't go sale-ing with them much.)

  • The woman who insisted on my "best" prices for everything she picked up, then after she got me down to the point where she was paying for only three of the five items she picked up, didn't have cash enough on her to pay for them. She really irritated me because I recognized her, also. She's my doctor's wife. And because she's my doctor's wife and I really like him, I let her get away with it. But I was still a bit pissed. (It's unlikely she recognized me, even though she was his office manager for quite a long time.)

  • The other woman who didn't have enough cash on her, so not only left the merchandise, but the cash she did have while she ran to the bank to get more.

  • The guy who, upon finding the Christian CDs (no, I don't know where they came from), had to expound on how he'd been clean for two years and some and how he attends one of the local Roller churches...

  • ...and the woman he was expounding to, who likes a traditional church service and was annoyed recently when she attended a birthday party and a teenager there was wearing a shirt "with the F-word on it! And I said something to him about it because I find that offensive! And he took it off and turned it inside out." I didn't allow as how I was surprised he didn't tell her to F- off.

  • All of the people who informed me that I should list my claw foot tub online because it's worth three times what I have it marked. If I wanted to sell it online, I would. But I don't want to deal with the calls and people just stopping by.

  • The woman who works at a local retail establishment who was shopping with her elderly mother. She went through the garage like a hurricane, touching everything, exclaiming loudly about things, asking questions about everything, and generally being the most extroverted extrovert around. On the other hand, she spent $25.

  • Her mother, on the other other hand, was the stereotypical querelous (and quarrelsome) old woman. I gather from her complaints about how much her daughter was buying, that they live together.

  • The woman who insisted that $1 for clothing was too much at a garage sale. Never mind that many of the pieces still had tags on. "I go to garage sales," she informed me, "and most people charge fifty cents." I didn't argue with her and I did sell stuff to her for fifty cents each, because the fact of the matter is that I wanted to get rid of it. But I have often paid $1 or more for clothing at garage sales.

  • The woman who wanted to know what my best price was on the shower surround kit -- which is marked at nearly half the price my parents put on it last year (and both tags are showing). I sort of snapped at her and informed her that it was marked with my best price. I should've given it to her for another $10 off, though, just to get rid of it.

  • The woman who bought a pile of stuff, and then gave me $5 for a quartet of plastic lawn chairs that I had marked "free" because she felt bad about just taking them.

I'm still planning to open tomorrow, though the forecast is now calling for even more rain. I'm going to have a fun time trying to fit the clothes into the garage, but I think I can probably manage it with the stuff I got rid of today....
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I got up about half an hour earlier than I normally do this morning -- when my alarm went off, in fact -- but I'd been awake a good chunk of the night, anyway. Probably so I wouldn't miss my alarm. Sometimes, I hate my brain.

My garage sale starts in an hour and a half, but I refuse to go out there and start setting up the stuff that will go in the driveway for another hour and a quarter, even though people will probably start cruising past the house in another forty-five minutes, but I refuse to encourage early birds because they're just rude. In fact, as soon as I get dressed, I'm going to run out to get some chocolate chip scones from the grocery store bakery. (They're not great, but I don't have to make them myself, and they're small and portable.) While I'm out, I'll put up my on-the-corner signs.

Today is supposed to be hot and dry (nearly 90), but tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler (not out of the 60s) and wet. So I am hoping that I made a good call by choosing to open on Friday and have an extra day. (Normally I'd run a sale on Saturday and only until early afternoon.) Of course, if it's really only morning thunderstorms tomorrow as per the forecast, then I can still put out free stuff after 2:00 p.m.

There are still a few things I want to haul out, but if they don't get out, I won't be too terribly upset.

I did take half a day off yesterday to get (mostly) finished up, and did get the front yard mowed. Consequently, my legs are not too thrilled with me this morning. Eh, well, they never are.

And there's the garbage guys. Good.

In other news, the V-E-T called yesterday evening (while I was in the shower), and Sheila does have a urinary tract infection. Not that we're surprised about that. So we will definitely continue the (pricey) antibiotics. Poor old Sheila.

Okay...that's a bit odd; it sounds like the garbage guys just wheeled one of my bins halfway up the driveway. I wonder if I put stuff out for recycling that I shouldn't have?


I watched "The Five Doctors" last night (not even remotely my first viewing; I used to have it on VHS). It suddenly struck me that everyone treated One as an elder sage when, in fact, every single one of them was older than he was! I don't know why it didn't occur to me before. Maybe it was all the fuss over the 50th anniversary and Matt Smith actually being in the same position as Peter Davison when you think about it: the at-the-time youngest actor to portray the Doctor and at an Important Anniversary, too, yet actually the eldest incarnation of the character.

I always feel bad about Borusa because he was a relatively good guy prior to that episode.
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It seems unfair that it's already September. Just...unfair.

Well. The garage is, in the main, sorted. I have to figure out what to do with a few things, but mostly what is left is moving stuff from the house to the breezeway for staging. The breezeway is once again full of empty boxes and because of the holiday, my garbage/recycling won't be picked up until Friday morning. Ah, well. Those boxes will probably end up full of crap again, anyway.

The house did not cool down again overnight, so Sheila is panting like a heavily panting thing. There was a bit of a storm around 1:30, so I turned the fan off and mostly closed the back door. It was too late by then, of course; the backroom floor was wet. Still, I turned the fan back on around 3:30, but I didn't open the door again until I got up at 5:30. I have two fans going right now. Since I will be working today, it doesn't really matter to me whether or not the house cools down, but it would be nice for Sheila if I could get a couple more degrees down since I won't leave a fan running when I'm not here.

My parents came down yesterday afternoon so that Dad could take a look at the hole in the foundation. Turns out it's not a hole. It's a cavity, for sure, but it doesn't go all the way through. He says a little bit of quick set (?) and it'll be fine. So I guess I need to stop at Home Depot. Not this week, though.

And I have Mom's all-important approval of my new chair. I'm so relieved.

The Tamron lens saga is not yet ended. Their website states that buying a lens via online auction automatically voids the warranty. I bought the lens via eBay, but I bought it from a brick-and-mortar shop that was running auctions. (That is, a reputable vendor, not just some dude off the street.) So I have an email in to them now to see if that really means there's no warranty on the lens. If there isn't, I will probably opt to replace it rather than have it repaired.

BFT is looking to get a new camera; she's looking at a little Canon Powershot that actually has a viewfinder. The only con I can see to it is that it runs on AAs. She can use rechargeables, of course, but I'm not a fan of AAs; my first digital camera ate them like Pac-Man eating pellets. On the other hand, that was well over a decade ago, and this one only takes two instead of four.

Right. I guess I had better get a move on, eh? I finally got a new print cartridge (this trying to live without using credit cards thing sucks) and I'd like to print some new photos for my gallery (aka my filing cabinet at work).
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I am really sore pretty much all over today. I think I have the garage mostly sorted, though, and now it's just a matter of getting stuff out there and figuring out what's going to end up in the driveway...which I think will be mainly clothes and easily transportable stuff because if it does rain, I want to be able to pull things in quickly. I am out of tables, but I do have a pair of saw horses (which I do not think belong to me) and a door (from the upstairs bathroom) which I can set up. Plus two card tables, though one of those will have the cash box on it and be next to me. I do have some cheap shelves that I can set up out there and I did buy a clothes rack. I'm debating just leaving the stuff that's piled in the tub where it is. And the ad is placed, so I'm stuck with Friday and Saturday now. I wonder if I should take Thursday afternoon off in order to do some more work? Well, I can decide that on Wednesday.

While moving things, I found more crap that my parents left behind. Does everybody consider my house/garage their personal dumping ground/storage unit? Jeez. There's a guitar amp/speaker set out there that doesn't belong to me (and didn't belong to The Perfidious Ex¹, either). (And which I can't get to at the moment, either because of the Ramp-Building People.) There's stuff from my parents. There's Skeeter's crates of D&D stuff. There's still all kinds of crap in the basement that is actually from Friend P's business (I think), rather than HTWIWM's hoardiness. (Or maybe a bit of both; HTWIWM worked with Friend P.) I think I'm also going to count the upright freezer down in the basement that was left behind by the previous owners that has been used only during that huge East Coast blackout some years ago, and then only as a Really Big Cooler. (As in, we filled it with ice and put stuff in it.)

Anyway. I think I will move the stuff that is already on the dining room table (which I am also hoping to sell, though I'm not dragging it outside so as to not have to drag it back in again if it doesn't sell; I'll take the leaves out and some photos) out to the garage and maybe take the rest of the day off. The clothes will be easy enough to manage. Well, okay, maybe before I stop, I'll go down in the basement and sort out the Xmas crap.

And maybe not.
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It's supposed to be rainy today and much cooler than yesterday. Right now, the house is still at 76¹ because I turned off the fan overnight -- it was raining hard enough that I was concerned about water in the motor. So I have three fans running right now, though one of them is strictly to get Sheila to settle down, which means it's pointed right at her.

I did quite a lot of work in the garage yesterday. I collapsed a lot of boxes that my parents left behind after they took over my house for last year's second garage sale (while I was out of town). I shifted some things around to make a bit more room; if I can get a few more things shifted, I might be able to have my sale inside the garage, and maybe in the breezeway. Right now, the long term forecast for next Saturday is calling for showers. I'm beginning to wonder if I should shift myself to be ready to open on Friday, instead. I did take Friday off, but it was because I was planning to be getting ready for the sale, not because I was planning to have it. I think I need to make up my mind today, though, so I can get an ad in the paper. (So far, it's not supposed to rain on Friday, and Friday has become a traditional sale day around here.) I hate to run a two-day sale, but maybe two days from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and then after 2:00 p.m. on Saturday -- if it's not raining -- anything left is just marked "free." (Which I won't put in the paper because then no one will come.)

Anyway. Today will be more of the same, with getting the garage ready, then staging stuff in the house. Everything is being moved to the back room right now; if I decide not to use the breezeway, it'll be shifted there next.

In other news, the school tax bill arrived yesterday as expected. While it is substantial, it is actually $200 less than I expected, so that is a very happy thing. Now if only nothing goes wrong in the next month (knock wood), I'll be able to pay it.

Sheila, of course, was limping badly on one of her forelegs this morning...but then she just stopped. I dunno.

I am wondering how long it's going to take me to see Capaldi as the Doctor. (Like Clara, I need to see him....) I keep waiting for him to do something Matt Smith would, and, of course, he doesn't. It'll probably take a couple more episodes to get used to him. Anyone else find it amusing that Clara's blouse had a pattern of eyes on it and Rusty's antibodies were eye-shaped?
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Doesn't it just figure that I had trouble getting up all week but was awake at 4:45 a.m. and up at 5:15 a.m. on Saturday? I do believe that qualifies as Not Fair.

It has been a loooooong week and I'm glad it's over. Even though it's a three-day weekend, it's gonna be a short one because I have so much still to do to get ready for a garage sale next weekend. There is still plenty of stuff in the house to be gone through, hauled out (up or down), priced, and staged. There is a lot of cleaning still to do in the garage. I just messaged a friend who has previously expressed interest in the scrap lumber asking him to come get it this weekend if he still wants it.

I am debating whether or not to add the sheets of drywall in the breezeway to the garage sale. (There are about ten full sheets.) On the one hand, I have them ready in case the bathroom fairies show up or I decide to tear down the paneling in the back room and reinsulate -- both of which seem exceedingly unlikely (and besides, as far as the bathroom goes, I don't believe any of those sheets is green board). On the other, how expensive is drywall, really?

Ever since I first saw that breezeway, I have coveted it for nefarious purposes (many of which involve tea and wicker furniture), but all HTWIWM ever saw in it was storage space. Heck, all he ever saw in most of the house was storage space, which is why so much of it remains full of his left-behind hoardings.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh, yeah, long week. Work sucked. Nothing sucked exceptionally hard; it was just a general air of suckitude.

I mentioned the hole in my foundation to my mother in an email the other day and she told me that my father had looked for it but couldn't find it. Really? It's nearly a foot long and an inch and a half wide. And he couldn't find it? So what you're saying is that he really didn't look. I need to get that patched before the end of next month. I also need to get the decking on the ramp painted (which shouldn't take more than ten minutes) and texturized somehow to keep it from getting slippery. I need to do something about a couple of windows. I should really take a look at sanding and resealing the extremely weatherbeaten door in the backroom -- or deleting it altogether (oh, look, a reason to not sell the drywall).

School tax bills should arrive today. This is gonna hurt.

Next summer's trip is booked. We arrive in London on 6 July and head to Paris on 9 July. The only thing I know for certain that we are doing at this point is taking a day trip/guided tour to Mont St. Michel on our last day in France. When I told my mother, I mentioned that I was also probably going to purchase a smaller suitcase since I'd be doing more lugging and she offered me hers...which is almost certainly at least thirty years old, with no wheels, and landscape instead of portrait. I'm Then she told me to write out a birthday/Christmas list. As if I'd trust her -- with her history -- of getting things that I actually want.

On a related note, I finally dug out the credit card bill that includes my camera purchase. It was only four years ago and the lens has a six-year warranty. So I was noodling around on the Tamron site last night trying to register the warranty. First, it didn't have a choice in the drop-down box for my lens. Then it just sat there spinning its wheels and finally threw up an error message. So then I was reading further on the site, and apparently, if you buy your lens from an "online auction site" it automatically voids the warranty. I emailed them straight away to clarify if that includes brick-and-mortar stores that also happen to indulge in eBay transactions because that, frankly, is bullshit. I paid as much for that lens as I would have had I bought it separately from the camera and it's a genuine, brand-new lens (or was, at the time) with the Tamron seal and everything.

So after a brief period of relief -- oh, it's still under warranty! -- I'm back to wondering if it's going to be more cost effective to replace the lens rather than repair it. (Tamron will still repair it, apparently, but I would have to pay for it, rather than them honoring the warranty.)
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According to the weather forecast, it's supposed to be only 74° with showers today. So I have decided to put my laundry off until tomorrow (80° and partly cloudy). Besides, with the current humidity, the laundry wouldn't dry, anyway. It's humid enough that it feels like it's already in the 80s at 8:30 a.m.

I have already been out to get groceries and have changed the kitty litter (I did that first, this morning, which meant I could relax and have breakfast when I got back from the store). I have to drive out to the vet's office and get more antibiotics for Sheila. (They open in half an hour.) After I get back, I plan to work at gathering garage sale stuff together. That will probably mean collapsing a few more boxes in the garage and seeing if I can gain a little more space in there. There are two loaded tables in there, but that's because after the last sale, my parents, rather than packing things away for me (or just taking things away to auction, which is what they do with their own stuff) dragged the fully-laden tables into the garage and left them there. I must confess that I made no attempt to empty them over the winter, so their presence there now is entirely my fault. But still.

My mother asked me the other night when the neighborhood garage sale was going to be. Since it should have been last month, it's clearly not happening this summer. (She wants to bring stuff down here because people recognize her address and don't buy things at her sales. Of course it couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that she pulls stuff from her shops, but leaves the shop prices on stuff. People don't want to pay shop prices at garage sales.) I have chosen 9 September for a sale. Mom told me that they are going to have a sale the following weekend. I am not volunteering the information on my own sale because I don't want them here taking over my house. And they will.

Anyway. I still hope to reclaim the attic room before the end of the year. Or was it last year that I was hoping to reclaim it? Who can keep track? In the closet in there, there are three or four boxes of D&D stuff being stored for Skeeter who moved to LA. Those boxes have been there for years because it was actually HTWIWM who agreed to store them. I keep looking at that stuff. It's good stuff. It'd make a mint on eBay. It seems clear to me that Skeeter doesn't want or need it -- or he'd have it. Ah, well. It's a tiny amount of space compared to the space that HTWIWM's stuff is still taking up, and when I get around to it, I'll ask Skeeter what he wants me to do with it.

*sigh* I am missing HTWIWM today. Hell, I am missing a lot of people today. I really want to have a Doctor Who viewing party, or attend one, or something. J1 and BFT and I had planned to go to the movie theater screening until we realized that it wasn't tonight. It's Monday and the nearest screenings are in Buffalo. We can't do that on a school night.

Today is my first husband's 65th birthday. I wonder where he ended up. I wonder if he remarried. I wonder if he is now retired and collecting Social Security. I wonder if he ever stopped being angry and bitter and drinking too much. I wonder if he ever decided that it was rude to go to bed without brushing his teeth after drinking port and eating Doritos.
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  • Garage sale ended with a fairly tidy profit. I may be able to afford the Montreal trip next weekend. Not bad for a nearly unannounced sale -- my ad was supposed to run yesterday as well as today, but I didn't get it to the paper in time, so it only ran in today's paper.

  • My parents helped me out with a couple of tables and a little bit of hauling, plus they're going to haul everything that's left back out for me next weekend during the neighborhood sale. (Of course it goes without saying they'll set up some of their own stuff, too.

  • Someone even looked at the thrice-damned loader, though they decided it was too big for their tractor.

  • And there's someone interested in the claw foot tub.

  • My feet are killing me; I was on them for Entirely Too Long.

  • Now that that's done, I have to go see Grama...though I might sneak a nap in first.

  • Lots of interest in HTWIWM's electronics gizmos, but more along the lines of "What's all this stuff?" than anyone actually wanting to buy it.

  • In fact, none of it sold.

  • Had one guy who checked everything over very carefully, even the ten cent plastic tank that his kid wanted, before committing to handing me his dollar.

  • I really need a shower. It was entirely too humid to be hauling stuff this morning....


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