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Apr. 7th, 2017 08:01 am
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Jack seems to be wearing his Anxious Pants. He kept me awake until well after midnight last night, wandering around the bedroom and panting. I did let him out once, and he went over to the fence and lifted his leg, but after that, I just left the door open for him to come and go as he pleased. He did crawl back up on his bench a couple of times, and he didn't try to get into bed with me (so I guess the bench works, yay), but all the panting and wandering and flopping and getting up and standing and panting and flopping and getting up and...just kept me awake. This morning he is following me around and not letting me out of his sight (as much as he can with bathroom doors and showers and such involved). I suspect I'm going to give him a couple of Benadryl before I leave for work. I suppose it's pointless to leave a note for the Gecko telling her to pay attention to him today.

I had sort of half-planned to go out to see Kong this weekend, but if Jack's having an Anxious Episode, I should stay home -- to protect the house. I really need a therapy dog for my dog. Let this be a lesson to you, boys and girls: Don't break up a bonded pair. If I'd known Jack was that attached to his brother (not a littermate, so far as I know), I'd've never taken him. I didn't want both, because they were advertised as trouble-makers. Yeah, well. Together, they couldn't have been as much trouble as Jack by himself....

I was all set to close up shop at LJ, but it turns out I just renewed my paid account. I knew that I had, but didn't realize that it wasn't several months ago. I hate to waste the money, but on the other hand.... Well. I'll think about it. Right now probably isn't the time to try to import to DW, anyway; the servers will be overloaded. Though I wonder how an import would work -- or if it would -- when I did an import a few years ago and have cross-posted most of my entries since then. Not all. Not any of the photo-a-day posts or the LJ Idol posts (for this season, anyway); those were posted straight to LJ.

On a related note, turns out that I did claim Linithiliel over there (long enough ago that I had forgotten; I'll have to try an assortment of passwords to see if I can log in), though I will probably stick with MalinaldaRose as my main journal.

It is snowing right now. I am Not Pleased. Per the weather wiseacres, there's a Winter Weather Advisory posted for today. Bleah.

I finished Equal Rites last night. This is the book that introduced Granny Weatherwax. I very much enjoyed it. I think I'm going to skip over to the Vlad Taltos series for a couple of books, though, and start re-reading those. This is apparently going to be a Grand Re-Reading Year, because I also have plans to re-read The Belgariad (and possibly The Malloreon).

Right. Time to fuss with my hair (which is currently wrapped up in a towel and precariously balanced on top of my head).
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So there's a statewide snowpocalypse warning. The governor gave all state employees (except in six or seven downstateish counties) a snow day without having to use their accrual times. Even state employees at this end of the state get a snow day today. And, lo, I am jealous because that means that, for instance, in the One Stop uptown, the Dept of Labor staff won't have to report because they're state employees but the Dept of Social Services staff will because they're county employees. All of the school systems in the region are closed today. Seneca Nation offices are closed. My freakin' gynecologist's office is closed.

It goes without saying, of course, that I have to go to work today. Bleah.

It's not actually bad out there right now; no worse than any other storm we've had this winter. There's perhaps three-quarters of an inch of snow, but it is falling steadily. It's during the day that it's supposed to get bad, and overnight tonight. Which means that tomorrow is actually the day when it might be unpleasant. I was looking at a close-up radar map a little earlier, and you can actually see the gradations in the shading that show where the mini-snowbelts are. While I am in a light blue area here, for instance, the farm where I used to live is in a darker blue area. But such a tiny area that if you zoom out on the map, it no longer shows up.

Eh, whatever. Long story short: I have to work today. Phooey. Maybe I'll take tomorrow as a vacation day.

My big news is that the light in the kitchen is replaced. When I got home last night, the garage lights were hanging on the rack right next to the back door. I am both pleased and...less pleased. I am so happy to have HTWIWM's "temporary" fix for kitchen lighting gone. I am less pleased because -- and oh, how I hate to admit this -- he was right about the placements of his "temporary" lights. Having a single ceiling fixture means that if I'm working at the counter or the sink, I'm casting a shadow on whatever I'm working on. Also, the new light is way too bright for my small kitchen (it certainly shows where I need to clean!), and I'll have to figure out a way of fixing that. Over on FB, a dimmer was suggested, and I may look into that, though I'm not a fan of dimmer switches. When I was a wee lass, my grandmother had under-cabinet lights installed; I may look into something like that, too. At the moment, I just have a small lamp in the corner so I can have some light out there without the Bright White Light Of Fluorescea blazing away.

I feel like an idiot that I'm not entirely happy about the whole thing, but...well.

Unfortunately, the contractor didn't leave a bill behind. I was hoping that he would so that I could get a check in the mail to him today. I suppose he'll be mailing me one.

Oooo. Maybe I could hang some glimmer strings or icicle lights....

Ah, well. I suppose I need to go find some clothings to wear to The Place today (Dress Code: Be Dressed) so that I have time enough to a) have breakfast, b) make lunch, and c) get the car cleaned off.
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It's the last day of January and thus, one day closer to spring. Actually, by some measures, spring starts with Imbolc, which according to my calendar is tomorrow. (I always observed it on 2 February, though.) Regardless, I do have mixed feelings about spring this year. After last summer's Bat Episodes, I am just not looking forward to that again. I am beginning to think that when I get the van paid off later this year, I should take out a home improvement loan, get everything done that needs to be done (which is ridiculous; I can't get that much money!) and start looking for a house that doesn't have bats in it.

I won't, mind you. Inertia is my middle name, and while "inertia" also implies unending movement, I'm not in the movement phase. I am definitely at rest.

If I were smart, I'd buy my grandmother's house. But the neighbors are so close (they're actually on Gram's property on both sides; the line runs right through the middle of the one guy's garage). And the stairs are so narrow and steep and the only way to fix them is to completely remodel the downstairs and actually move the stairs elsewhere. And it's much farther from work; I wouldn't be able to come home for lunch on a daily basis. And it's smaller than my place; where would I put my books? It's not dinky, by any means, but really, where would I put my books?

I was bitching at work yesterday about that wellness program that I was enrolled in and found that a few others had received the flyer and just tossed it. I still don't understand how it's not a HIPAA violation, but I probably signed something at some point allowing the sharing of that information. Or maybe I didn't. Maybe they're just assuming that nobody cares or nobody knows HIPAA. But...well. Our agency is very much bound by HIPAA and we've had it drilled into our heads on numerous occasions.

In any case, I sent them a short, pithy, snarky (some would say bitchy) email to the effect that I had been enrolled without my knowledge or consent and wanted to opt out immediately. I received about half an hour later, a confirmation email. I said "thanks;" the person on the other side said, "my pleasure," and that was it. No, really. She said, "My pleasure." I let it go after that rather than devolve into a Chip and Dale exchange of pleasantries.

We're supposed to be playing around with the AVS practice site now that we've had the training, before we go live, but I haven't. Haven't even logged into it yet. I really should since I'll be using it a lot more than some of my cow-orkers, but I have better things to do with my time, I guess. Maybe I'll poke at it today; recerts are due in today, but as usual, I've only received a few. Good thing I'm not a terrible stickler about time frames; I'd be constantly closing and reopening cases. I do enough of that as it is.

I went to visit my grandmother last night. Casting about for a topic of conversation, I told her that I'd been watching Emergency!; I figured she'd relate to that because she spends a lot of time watching the classic TV station and I know they were airing it at one point. I laughed about how I had a crush on one of the actors when I was a little kid and I still kind of had a crush on him, but it was weird to realize that he's got to be in his 70s now. Gram laughed, too. "Maybe he can be your sugar daddy," she said.

Now...my aunt and my mother both complain about Gram not being as sharp as she should be, but she sure as heck remembers the stuff I tell her -- like when I said that for my birthday (or for Christmas; Ican't remember which) I wanted a sugar daddy....

The weather seems to be unable to quite make up its mind whether it wants to snow or not. I've looked out the window a few times to find snowglobe snow falling, only to look out a few minutes later and find it clear. Last night, I looked out the back window and by the time I made it to the front window, the snow had stopped. Or maybe it was only falling in the backyard. At least it's not piling up too much.
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Here's the thing about walkies: I don't actually like walking the dog. I committed to twice-daily walkies as a way of getting out myself and as a way of keeping Jack's hips and legs in working order since he was already considered "geriatric" (or nearly so) when I adopted him. (He was seven; he is now nine.) I take him out every morning and every evening. Sometimes, we end up cutting walkies short because it's slippery or far too cold for such nonsense, but I've never not made the attempt.

This morning, though.... I expected a little ice because we had freezing rain yesterday afternoon and I know it rained again later. I looked out the window and could see the ice. It was pretty and shiny and bright in the moonlight. And I thought to myself, "Self, you really don't want to go out there." And myself said, "Nope. Really don't. Gotta walk the dog, though." So we got harnessed up and stepped out the door...and on my second step, I nearly slid into the basement window well, and that was the end of walkies. While Jack was tromping around the backyard, I scattered salt on the walk and around the van (so I hopefully will not slide under the van when I get ready to go to work).

I am really wishing this morning that my office ever closed, but Social Services waits for no man. Or woman. Or ice storm. At least one local school system is closed -- and not one of the ones that usually closes, either. I wonder if the superintendent is jumping up and down in his pajamas yelling, "Frist!!1!" I could, of course, take a personal day, but I've only got the one, and I always feel a bit ridiculous taking time off due to the weather when I live so close to the building.

Besides, it's supposed to be warm enough today that by lunchtime everything will be fine.

I'm feeling particularly tired this morning. I'm not sure why.

Just checked the closings again, in a vain hope that I wouldn't have to go to work. More of the local schools are now listed, but no businesses. How come adults don't get a reprieve? It's not fair.

I don't like being an adult. Waaaaaaaaa.
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One of the things I really hate about winter walkies is that the snow holds the traces of the bunnies and deer that frequent the neighborhood, and Jack insists on investigating. He'd follow bunny tracks right to wherever the bunnies were holed up if I let him. Which I don't. But that doesn't mean that I don't get jerked around a lot and end up having to have a firmer hold on the leash than I prefer. This morning was a prime example. I had to tell him several times to pee on it or walk away. That's the rule. We don't stand around snuffling at something all morning. Pee on it or walk away.

Looks like we're headed into the January thaw. According to this morning's long range forecast, it's supposed to be 52° in a couple of days -- and rain, of course. But it's supposed to stay in the upper 30s or lower 40s for the few days after that, which is nice -- better a slow slide back into the February Freeze than to have it happen all in a single day.

I keep telling myself that it's really only several weeks until spring, instead of several months; if you count winter as beginning in October around here (and I do), then we're well past the midway point.

I had a counseling appointment last evening which ended up being mainly a discussion about geneology and family history. There's a slight possibility that I am distantly related to my counselor. She didn't tell me what my blood pressure was, so I presume it was okay. My weight was up, but I was also wearing my boots, and I was firmly laced into them and didn't feel like unlacing them. It'll make a nice change at my next appointment when I'll be down three pounds.

After that...well, as might not be unexpected, I spent the evening binge-watching Emergency! I've got three more episodes to finish out the fourth season, then I might see about watching the current episode of Sherlock. (Though, honestly, I don't really like Sherlock that much. I'm kind of watching it so as not to feel left out of the conversation. Funny that I don't feel that way about other popular shows.) It's funny, watching these old episodes back to back to back to back. You might not notice exactly how much stock and old footage they use if you're watching it week to week, but there is only so much traveling footage for both the squad and the engine and they reused it extensively. They even reused footage of the firemen getting ready to go out on a run to the point that I noticed last night that John's hair was a couple of inches shorter while he was running for the squad than it was when he got into it. Kinda funny, really.

Yeah, I know. Don't worry about it. I'll find something new to obsess over in a few weeks, when I've finished the series. Maybe I'll go back to Highlander (left off in the third season), or Gilmore Girls, or Charmed, or the original Battlestar Galactica, or The Six Million Dollar Man (most likely, really), or The Bionic Woman (also likely), or Space: 1999. Or maybe I'll go a little newer and get caught up on Elementary or NCIS -- though it's now been several seasons since I last watched that; when last I tuned in it was the Thanksgiving after Ducky's heart attack, and I stopped watching in the middle of an episode because Abby was really starting to get on my nerves and it occurred to me that if I worked with her I'd probably go out of my way to avoid her.

Today is going to be more of the same as yesterday: recerts. I have several more I need to get through today. Then more undercare and back to the pending. My senior wants to have a meeting about the case I was working on last week; she has a question about one aspect of it. I am afraid that they're going to make me chase down another sum of money before they let the case go through, and I'm not going to be happy about that.

I had an interpreter relay call yesterday with a deaf applicant. It's been a good decade (or more) since I had the last one (which was also my first one). That first interpreter was nasty. If I spoke directly to him, he snapped at me. So I was careful to speak directly to the applicant yesterday, but the interpreter was really nice, and let me know if she was not sure she understood something so as to convey it most accurately. I was curious to know if she was actually seeing the applicant, because she said things like "it looks like s/he's dropped his/her pen" and "hang on, I can't quite make this out." It was interesting, anyway.

Ah, well. Onward and upward, right?
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Still cold. Cut walkies short again when Jack decided he needed to get ice out from between his toes right now. Wasn't quite the cold paw dance, but close. It is, however, supposed to start getting warmer and be nearly 40° by the end of the week. Unless the long range forecast has changed again. It does do that.

It snowed a lot more yesterday than walkies would indicate; we probably got two or three inches. Not enough for me to bother going out to clear it because the van will go through it just fine. But I did notice on afternoon walkies yesterday that mine was the only driveway on the block that wasn't cleared, and it just reminds me once again how everyone is oh, so eager to help the elderly widow, but no one gives a fuck about the middle-aged divorcee. Not, mind you, that I begrudge the help that everyone gives Mrs. T. She's a nice lady, and I'm glad people help her. It's just...sometimes I get tired of having to do absolutely everything for myself, especially when some of these things didn't used to be my responsibility.

Yeah, every time I clear the driveway or mow the lawn, I curse the ex-husband. Even after so many years, he is constantly in my thoughts. And I haven't the spare cash to hire these things done for me.

Which leads me to a resolution I'm toying with: Not to buy any new books this year, but read what's already on my shelves. I have a terrible, terrible habit of buying multiple books whenever I go near a book store (or garage sale, or rummage sale, or....) and then not reading them. Every time I cull my bookshelves (which only happens every few years), I end up culling books I've had for twenty years and never read. I am not totally resolved on such a thing, though. I mean, for one thing, it would be even more difficult for me than Getting More Exercise and Eating Healthy. Maybe I could try it until July? First six months? First three months? Until Valentine's Day? The rest of this month? No books today. Let's try that....

I do, however, need to buy Jack some flea stuff, as I'm out again. Fortunately, they carry the stuff at WickedMart now, so I don't have to drive all the way out to the vet's office. I do think it's cheaper at the vet's office (you get more doses, for one thing), but I don't like going out there in the winter if I don't have to, since it's way the heck out in the country, and depending on the roads and/or traffic, can take as much as half an hour to get there from my house. Whereas WickedMart is much closer. Sometimes, paying more is actually worth it in time and effort saved.

Today at work, I need to get to my recerts. If I need to request additional information on any of them, those letters need to go out today or tomorrow (have to allow ten days to get stuff in), because Last Day is next Friday. (Already? How do these things happen?)

Which means that I also need to find a birthday gift for my father, as next Friday is his birthday.
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When last we left our intrepid heroine, she was bitching about getting All The Snow (as she does) and worrying that the Lawnmower Curse would extend to the snowblower. She was also reasonably convinced that her asshole brother was not going to be showing up to help out because there was no benefit to him in doing so. Turns out she was right on both counts. And she will now cease speaking of herself in the third person.

I got the snowblower out of the garage with no difficulty -- the broken slab hasn't heaved yet, so the outer door still swings freely. Well, when I say "no" difficulty, that only counts the opening of the doors, not the shoveling that's required to clear space for them to open. Anyway. Got the snowblower out, and it started right away. Yes! And it chewed about three feet and the auger started shrieking. I do not know enough about snowblowers to have any least idea of what the hell was wrong with it, but I couldn't get it to work and ended up shoveling the driveway out by hand. That took me about two and a half hours and I documented it on FB with my cellphone camera. I was just so annoyed. And even then, I didn't clear the whole thing. I suppose if I were smart, I'd go out and clear the rest of it, but I don't actually give a rat's ass whether or not my brother can park in my driveway when he drops off his spawn -- and that's the only reason he ever clears the driveway for me to begin with -- for his own convenience.

And Bird reports that he once again did not clear Gram's driveway and sidewalks -- which she pays him to do -- so that Bird missed getting some packages from UPS last week and will have to go to the depot on Tuesday to argue with them.

MyAuntie asked me why I even wanted to go out on Friday, and I told her that I didn't, which was, in fact, the case. I didn't want to, but I had to go to J1's house for BFT's graduation dinner. It was the four of us: Js 1&2, BFT, and me. It was fun -- it always is when the four of us get together -- but I'd've been just as happy staying home. On the other hand J1 made pot roast and I haven't had pot roast in ages.

Yesterday, Bird brought Niece over and we went to see Fantastic Beasts...which cost me about $50 -- jeez, how do families manage it? Well. Part of the expense was that I bought the 2017 popcorn bucket (it's a $20 hunk of plastic which you can refill throughout the year for less than the price of a small popcorn. If you go to the movies a lot and like popcorn, then it's actually a pretty good deal), while also getting the 2016 bucket filled one last time. I sent the latter home with Niece, since she likes popcorn.

My sister informed me midmorning that my mother was going to be coming to my house around 4:00 p.m. to do Christmas with Niece. I was a little less than pleased, since my mother didn't bother to ask me if I minded. I would've said no, of course, which is what Mom was expecting, but it would be nice to be asked about things occurring in my house.

Bird was also going to take Niece to see Grama, but when they got there, there was a sign on the door saying basically "Everybody's sick. Bugger off." Only slightly more politely.

They finally all left about 5:00 p.m. and I had my house back to myself. My plan for the evening was to finish my last book of the year -- reached my goal! -- and finish the third season of Emergency!, which I did. Then I chose one more episode from the later seasons just to finish out the year and went to bed shortly after midnight. I don't usually bother to stay up to see the new year in, but I was already close enough and awake enough that I figured what the heck.

2016's last gift was some thundersnow, which I had never experienced before. Unfortunately, this morning, everything is covered in a glaze of ice. Jack got walked about a quarter of his regular walk, but didn't seem to mind as he frolicked in the backyard and -- more importantly -- attended to his usual walkies business. He doesn't like it when I limit my pace to what is safe on ice. And I don't like it when he pulls. So turning around and coming back was the smart thing to do.

And now it's New Year's Day, and I am probably going to read for a good chunk of it, since I can't binge-watch anymore Emergency! since it left Netflix at 12:01.... I need to get started on my 2017 reading goal, anyway. And maybe decide what that will be....

Oh, and regarding the latest LJ kerfluffle -- I cross-post from Dreamwidth, except for photo posts and LJ Idol posts, anyway -- and I have the same user ID.
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I started to type out a whole serious discussion on what it's like watching a show I watched when I was a very little girl (Emergency!) some forty years later, but deleted it. Maybe I'll do a separate post on it later, when I've had a chance to watch the entire series. Which, since it's leaving Netflix day after tomorrow, might not happen for a while. Or it might; I might commit fukkitry and order it from Amazon, even though it's pretty pricey.

We got snow overnight. All the snow, apparently. If it weren't Christmas vacation, there might actually be a snow day for the local schools. According to the ruler I stuck into it, there are eight inches piled on the railings of Sheila's ramp. The snow came up to Jack's belly -- which discouraged him from trying to poo in his usual spots halfway up lawns on the next block. He waited until he got to a nice plowed parking lot. The snow in the driveway where the plow flung it is just an inch or so below my knees -- and I have the wet pants to prove it. I have shoveled out the patio and the "porch" part of the ramp, and now I'm contemplating the driveway. According to the forecast, we're supposed to get more snow today -- just as much as we were supposed to get overnight (3-5") -- in fact. Which makes clearing it sort of important.

I am actually sort of hoping that my brother will show up so he can play with the snowblower, but I'm reasonably sure that he won't. Despite his claim that "even though we've had our differences, I try to help out," he only tries to help out when it is of direct benefit to him -- like when he has to get into my driveway to drop off his spawn for dog-sitting. And since I don't need her until Tuesday, I don't expect to see him until Tuesday. Which means I need to strap up my hurt wrist (which I forgot to do before I shoveled the patio, but remembered as soon as the shovel jammed up against something), dig out the garage door and hope it'll open so that I can get the snowblower out. Then I have to hope that I can get the damn thing started. (The Lawnmower Curse often extends to the snowblower.)

I am also hoping that J1 will postpone the graduation dinner for this evening, but pretty sure she won't; she and her sister are far hardier than BFT and I....
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I am annoyed with myself. I spent two hours or more today going through all my old fiction files -- paper files in a filing cabinet and various boxes -- trying to find a story I wrote at work about eight years ago. (I only know it was that long ago because I found the first few paragraphs posted to my journal. I had hoped that I had posted the entire thing, but no.) The thing about this story was that it was a retelling of Cinderella from the fairy godmother's casenotes, and I typed it on the same paper we use at work for case notes. I can't find it. I found all sorts of things that I had forgotten I ever wrote, but not the one thing I was looking for.

I used to write a LOT. And I have files for short stories, all neatly labeled with good manuscripts and notes on the front of the folder as to where a story was submitted and whether or not it was sold. (That's mostly Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine and NO.) I have folders for at least three of my NaNoWriMo attempts, each containining a floppy disk with files, in addition to printouts. Notes and stories from the small writing group to which I used to belong...some of it so old that I can't even tell whether I wrote it or whether it was HTWIWM or one of the others. Research for my Atlantis project and my Robin Hood project. All kinds of things...except the one thing I wanted. Since I wrote it at work, there is a slight possibility that it's stuck in my "personal" folder in my cube; I'll check on Tuesday. But I'm afraid it's lost -- which irks me a great deal. Sure, I can rebuild it, because I remember the gist of it, but still. Grrrr.

In other news, I was supposed to take Niece to see Fantastic Beasts today, but since BFT and I have decided to see it on Saturday, I will just take her then. Since the forecast was for snow and lots of it over the next few days, I went out this morning to get groceries, and was pleased with myself that I didn't have to go out again until Saturday...until J1 reminded me of BFT's graduation dinner tomorrow evening. Since I handed over her graduation gift with her Christmas gifts, I had completely forgotten that we had another dinner planned, so I'm glad she said something.

There hasn't really been that much snow today -- just showers, really, without a great deal of accumulation -- but I nevertheless took great delight in wrapping up in a fuzzy blankie, and taking a book into the backroom (where it is chilly, but where there is light enough to read without having a lot of lights on) with a mug of hot chocolate, and finishing the book while the snow came down outside the windows. So that's 79 books for the year, and I just need to finish one more to reach my goal. I might do it -- I might even have done it today had I not spent so much time digging through old papers....
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A surprising amount of snow melted yesterday and overnight. I'm not sure if the temperature actually reached nearly 40° or not, but where I shoveled around the van and from my doorstep to the driveway was clear of snow. The base of the driveway and the other lane were down to slush, though by the end of today, they will probably be back to solid ice. The forecast is calling for this morning's temperature of 33° to be the high. It's supposed to fall to around 20° and there is rain right now. Freezing rain later.

I've already emailed BFT to see if she might like to postpone going to see Rogue One. We could probably sneak into an early show next Saturday (Christmas Eve shouldn't be too terribly busy), or we both have Friday off. Today just doesn't seem like a day for going out -- and we surely don't need to see every new movie on opening weekend. On the other hand, if the weather is truly crappy, the theater is less likely to be busy.


I got my hair fixed yesterday. I got there at the same time as my guy. I also learned that we are entirely free to park in the parking lot next door because the owners of that business also own the house that the salon occupies the first floor of. Okay, then. I've always parked on the next cross street, but there is a parking ban in the city right now because of the snow. I'm glad I don't still live in my tiny apartment in the middle of town because there was no place other than the street to park. On streetsweeper nights, whichever of the two of us got home first got to park on the subway between the sidewalk and the street and the other got to park up the corner and around the block. (It was a duplex.)

Anyway, I got about three inches lopped off and my hair is still below mid-back. He asked me if I'd ever had short hair (we always joke about it being time for that pixie cut) and I said, "Sure -- you cut it." He didn't remember, but it has been a while. I pulled my work ID out of my purse and showed him. He was surprised; he didn't remember it at all. Though, honestly, I'm not certain that that work photo was taken the last time I had short hair (I did the divorce haircut (and the divorce tattoo, for that matter)) or the time before. My passport has my divorce haircut in the photo; I offered to pull my hair back for the customs officer in...Paris, I think it was, because he kept looking back and forth between my face and my photo.

Afterward, I had to stop at WickedMart on the way home. I only needed to get cat food and a couple of cans of dog food (Jack has to be enticed to eat his kibble, so he gets a generous spoonful of wet food spread out with water to make gravy. I was dreading it, even so, because I loathe crowds and trying to navigate that store when it's crowded, and I figured that the Saturday Before Christmas was going to suck and suck hard. But I apparently got there during a morning lull, because I was able to not only find a parking spot only a few spots down from where I normally park (next to a cart corral, so I can just toss my cart in there), navigate the store to find what I needed, and get out again in about fifteen minutes. Unscathed.

I didn't accomplish much else yesterday. I puttered a bit -- changed the kitty litter and blocked off parts of the basement to try to keep Kethri from peeing in the hardest to reach corner behind the furnace and under a rack of stuff, wrapped the remaining Christmas gifts, including the one for the office exchange, and got a box ready to go to Michigan tomorrow as MyAuntie and Nuncle have decided not to come home this year. I was sort of hoping they were, as I planned to give them both books for Christmas Eve. Instead, I'll have to have Amazon gift cards delivered that day instead. (They were getting those, anyway.)

I didn't do the laundry yesterday and I'm thinking that other than a load of necessary stuff, I might wait until later in the week. I'm only working three days, so I have plenty of clean clothes to make it until then....

Today, I really need to get Christmas cards written out. I think I'll be skipping sending the Christmas Letter to my paternal aunts and uncles (and I'm sure I'll hear about it from them); maybe I'll toss an Alaska photo into the cards. Even if I do end up going to the movie this afternoon, I still need to work on cards....
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We had more snow overnight. Ugh. Apparently this winter is trying to make up for last winter. Since it's Saturday, the streets have not yet been plowed (no school buses needing access), and only the private plows had been by. Jack loved it. I slogged, but I tell you what: I worked up a sweat by the time I got around the block in my three layers and heavy, heavy Winter Coat. (As opposed to my winter coat, which is much lighter, and rather disappointing, really.) Also, since it's Saturday, I doubt very much that my brother is going to come down and clear the driveway for me -- though he may not need to, since it's supposed to warm up and turn to rain this afternoon, which means a real mess tomorrow after it's all melted and refrozen overnight.

I have an appointment this morning at 8:30 to get my hairs spiffed. I am planning to have him trim my ends up about three inches instead of the usual one, because I got to looking at them the other day and I think they need it. Given the snow, I had thought I might just call and leave a message that I wasn't going to make it, but my hair guy lives one ridge over from the farm where I used to live (before moving into this house), and I know what it'll take for him to get into town by 8:30. The least I can do is make it myself. Which reminds me...I need to leave early enough to drive through the ATM and get some cash as I haven't enough in my purse. Good thing yesterday was pay day.

NYS has issued property tax rebates. I'd pretty much forgotten that the checks were coming until mine arrived the other day. It went straight into the bank, and it'll be going right back to the state next month when I pay my property taxes for next year. Wheeee.

I decided not to try to get out to get groceries before my appointment, so I'm going to have to stop on my way home, when the stores are at the busiest. On the Saturday before Xmas. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. Maybe I'll go to KMart. Everything is more expensive there, but there are always fewer people, and I'm willing to pay a bit extra for that. I can probably make it through the next few days until my vacation starts with just getting a couple of cans of dog food and a week's supply of canned cat food. Speaking of which: She has decided that she doesn't like the Sheba stuff I was giving her. She seems to like the Fancy Feast, though, so I'll pick up a week's worth of that. There are currently four bowls of cat food on the kitchen floor: her kibble and three different kinds of canned food, which she has picked at and walked away from. I hate to throw them away, so I'm going to leave them on the floor when I go out. Jack'll clean 'em up. Jack, at least, likes the stuff....

I am in that space between books, and I can't quite decide what to pick up next. I need to read four more books to make my goal of 80 for this year. (Bear in mind that I could fan works of 50K words as "novels" for the sake of my log because that's the metric for NaNoWriMo.) I have two weeks, depending on what I choose to read, I might make it. I wouldn't make it if I chose War and Peace, but then, I wouldn't choose War and Peace in the first place, so no danger there. I have to make up my mind shortly so I have a book to take to my appointment, since my hair has to bake for half an hour....
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My fingers are cold, but there's really nothing new in that. Even in July, I can have cold fingers. I went out to the mailbox without any gloves on and the flag was buried in snow, so in order to put it up, I had to dig it out, so I ended up with cold fingers. I am cold in general, though, because I'm still dressed for Going Out in jeans. I need to go upstairs and dig out a pair of sweatpants. That'll help me warm up.

I bought myself three pairs of Fluffy Socks this morning. I have a couple of pairs that I have relied on for years and they're definitely showing it. The one pair has no more elastic, so they fall down and end up looking like very low, very pink pirate boots, while the other pair are still fuzzy enough in the legs and go up to my knees but are very threadbare in the toes and heels. Maybe I should cut them off and make arm warmers out of them.

It would help, of course, if fabrics were as heavy as they used to be. What passes for flannel these days wouldn't keep me warm in the aforementioned July, and most of my newer sweatshirts are barely thicker than t-shirts.

Speaking of Things That Are Not Like They Used To Be, five-pound bags of sugar are now four pounds, just like a half-gallon container of ice cream is now considerably less, or the eleven-ounce bag of Raisinets is the same size, but now contains only eight ounces. And the prices are the same, or even higher for these smaller quantities.


Also, brrrr.

I got my errands and chores out of the way and nothing is now standing between me and Putting Up The Christmas Tree -- except a total lack of ambition. I will probably get started on it after lunch, though.

We actually got quite a lot of the snow which we were supposed to get, for once. I do not approve. People from elsewhere in the county yesterday were telling stories about how their drive in was okay until they got to this area. Usually, it's the other way around: we don't get much while other places get hammered. We're supposed to get more, too. Ugh.

My brother kindly blew out my driveway last evening, but it really wasn't him being nice. He just wanted to play with my snowblower. Which, fine, whatever -- I wasn't going to do it because the snow wasn't that heavy. It was mostly light and powdery.

I survived another week of LJ Idol, and there is a new topic up: brushback pitch, which is apparently a baseball term that boils down to a warning to not be where you're not supposed to be. I'm considering resurrecting Valentine Church, hard-boiled PI (why, exactly, does one boil a PI?) or Sal Alarra of Lightcastle Station/Station K-32-Droxara, as they seem the sorts of characters who'd go along with a topic like that.

In other news, I am pretty sure my hot water heater is leaking, but I can't catch it at it. I suspect it does either during my showers or after when the tank is refilling. I will have to see if my next door neighbor still has the three-year old water tank she had to replace when she put in a new furnace, and if my father can install it. Or maybe I should just call Sears. I'm already in hock to them up to my knees; might as well go on up to my waist.
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  • I did a fair amount of work yesterday: laundry, changed kitty litter, cleaned the gutters I can reach, swapped screens for storms where able, paid bills for myself and Gram, filed the paperwork that has been accumulating for the last three months. Not a bad list of cross offs.

  • Discovered that there is nothing wrong with Kethri. Well. Nothing wrong-er. She has just been peeing in the Spare Oom, instead of her litter boxes. I finally found at least one spot by getting down on my hands and knees and running my hand over the carpet. I cleaned it up with my little spot vac, and will have to stop and get that pet urine remover stuff on Monday. In the meantime, I put up a child gate, which would never have stopped her even as little as a year ago, but which she is no longer agile enough to jump over. I heard her failing to do so yesterday, and shortly after that, the litter box started being used again.

  • It is snowing. I hate snow.

  • Jack, however, loves it. He was trying to roll in it this morning during walkies. I wouldn't let him because I am mean. I made him wait until we got home, then I let him out in the backyard.

  • My Trump-supporter, control freak neighbor (The Gossip) was out walking his dog as well, and he blathered something about cleaning off the car before going to church. "Yeah, I'm not going to church," I told him -- mostly because I couldn't figure out whether he was offering to clean mine off or just talking about his own. "I'm thinking pancakes and hot chocolate instead." Given the close eye he seems to keep on the neighborhood, you'd think he'd've realized after sixteen years that I don't go out on Sunday mornings.

  • I am probably going to put up the Christmas tree today. I didn't bother last year, and my grandmother was disappointed. Gram is coming over on Thursday for dinner, so I guess the tree is going up today. I might even have enough ornaments to put up both trees, but I'm not sure about that. (I have two tabletop-size trees because I bought a pre-lit one last year because I was tired of messing with the light strings. And then I didn't put either tree up.)

  • I want to finish putting the DVDs into binders, though, so I guess that's this morning's project -- though I should be working on my Idol entry. But I've got nothing on that topic. Not a great way to begin the competition.

  • I didn't give Jack any benadryl last night; it doesn't seem to make any difference. (Nor does the far more expensive Rimadyl, for that matter.) He was bugging me again. And when he wandered downstairs, I closed the door behind him...which was great until I heard a thump from downstairs and found that he'd tried to get at the library window again. The thump was the stack of stuff I'm selling on eBay falling over, because of course it was. He doesn't seem to have done any damage to any of that, though frankly, I'd rather he tore all of that stuff up -- and some of it is pretty valuable -- than clawing or eating the house.

  • It just occurred to me that maybe I should douse that window frame in Bitter Apple. I think I have a bottle around here somewhere, though it's probably a decade old.

  • Some years back, I bought a pretty green padded bench with Queen Anne legs and rolled ends at a garage sale for $20. It has been in the library ever since, but last night, I sacrificed it to the cause of Getting Some Fucking Sleep and took it upstairs. I spread the blankie on it that came with Jack when I brought him home, and after the Library Incident, I called him upstairs and invited him to get up on it, which he did after I assured him that I actually meant it. He curled up and I got back into bed...and even though he eventually got down, he left me alone for the rest of the night. So much so, in fact, that it was nearly two hours after my normal time that I got up. So...a cautious huzzah?

  • I have eBay auctions ending around lunchtime; I finally hauled out a bunch of stuff that was left in my house over a decade ago and am selling it. I'm hoping that the auctions take off in the next few hours because Jack needs to have his teeth cleaned, and that's expensive because it involves anesthesia. Also, my property taxes will be due at the end of January, and that's going to be $1,200, and I have no idea where the money is going to come from. Oh, wait -- eBay auctions....

  • I do believe that I'm going to go make some chocolate chip pancakes.

Snow Day

Apr. 9th, 2016 08:53 am
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The sky was clear when I went to bed last night, but when I got up this morning, it was snowing. Three and a half hours later, it is still snowing. It doesn't look like it's going to stop. I was rather hoping that when my mother saw the roads, she'd ask to postpone their anniversary dinner, but she said she'd be there...which means I'm going to need to get my grandmother into the van in this weather. It's hard enough on dry pavement.... Maybe I'll ask my sister if she'll come up early to be an extra pair of hands...plus that'd be one less car at the restaurant. Granted, we're going early to beat the dinner rush, but still.

All Mom said about the weather was that it was doing this fifty years ago, too. Great.

Well, at least we didn't plan a barbecue....


Apr. 3rd, 2016 12:44 pm
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I am sitting in the back room -- where, I might add, it is colder than the rest of the house -- with my laptop. Jack is outside, and although he has proven trustworthy when out on his own, I prefer to be where I can check on him every couple of minutes. He loves being outside, and now that the weather is getting better, I have been indulging him.

Well. The weather was getting better, anyway. It snowed yesterday, and according to the weather wiseacres, we can expect more snow today. At the moment, however, it's almost sunny (almost) and the only snow in the air is just...in the air. It's not actively snowing.

Walkies, I have to say, though, was a stone-cold bitch this morning. At one point, we turned a corner, facing west and I could see the wave of snow rolling at us. Most unpleasant. Jack didn't like it much, either; he stopped a few times to chew ice out of his paws -- and we only went around the block. And not the Big Block, either, but the one that takes ten minutes, max.

I just got up to check on Jack. He has moved from just under the window to over by the oak tree, facing into K's yard. He is hoping for some doggy action, though the last time there was doggy action, it was mostly Morty and Teddy yelling at him to get the heck away from the fence. Buck was visiting yesterday, and Jack would dearly love to play with Buck, who is his size (roughly) unlike Morty and Teddy. But Morty and Teddy don't want him to play with Buck, and Buck spends most of his time playing with Morty, and K spends a lot of time trying to get them to stop. I don't think she really understands dogs...the only time Morty is in danger from Buck (who she thinks is too big and too rough) is when she tries to interfere. I've watched them, and Buck is only mouthing. There are no teeth involved.

Speaking of neighborhood animals, I'm concerned for the Cat Colony. I haven't seen much of them the last several days. I think maybe the Crazy Cat Lady is gone. The bowls disappeared from her side porch yesterday between morning walkies and afternoon walkies, and the wooden box that was on her front porch, and which I am certain was a Cat Shelter, and which always had a black cat lounging on it, is gone. I wouldn't have expected them to disperse so quickly if they were no longer being fed, but they aren't lounging about her yard anymore, either. I'm really hoping that no one has poisoned them or something.

And because I'm a wretched excuse for a human being, I am more concerned about the cats than I am about the woman.
I am still watching Leverage and really enjoying it. The most recent episode I watched had Wil Wheaton as one of the guest stars, and a Star Trek pun was made. I can really appreciate a show that makes sci fi puns.

I am also watching The Tomorrow People, which was my first fandom love, even before Star Trek. I was writing TP stories in junior high (thirty-some odd years ago) before I knew that there even was such a thing as fan fiction. My aim was to become a script writer for the show...which had been cancelled a year or so before I first saw it. It was The Tomorrow People which led me to Doctor Who, because if I loved the TP so much, then surely I'd love this other British thing, right?

However, I'm not thirteen anymore, so while I can put up with the terrible special effects, I am seeing all the padding in the episodes for what it is: an attempt to draw each half hour episode of each four-part story out for the full half hour...and it's a bit annoying. But, well, first love and all that. Besides, if it gets too annoying, I can always fast forward, but it's mostly not worth the effort.

As for reading...well, I did say some weeks back that I thought this was going to be a year of rereading some favorites, and right now I am reading The Keltiad, and have the newest Rennie Stride book on order. Since Guy Gavriel Kay is also coming out with a new book this spring, I think his last two will probably be next. There's usually a new Aunt Dimity book about this time of year, too, and the latest Patricia McKillip book is also out -- but those are new. I also plan to read at least one of the Shannara books, and the Cassie Palmer and Kate Daniels books as well. Full slate....

Hmf. It's starting to snow in earnest. Time to go get Jack and bring him back inside....
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I could get to like working three days a week. Of course, I would probably not like the associated pay. Heh. Three days, and the week already feels too long.

I briefly contemplated trying to jump ship yesterday. There is an announcement for a position at Dept. of Aging that I could probably do, supervising volunteers. It's a pay grade 24 (I'm currently a 19), so it would be a decent raise. Applications have to be in the HR department by tomorrow, though, and it takes hours to fill one of those out. Plus, the position is provisional. I take that to mean that there will eventually be a test, but there isn't one now. I imagine also that there's an incumbent that they want to keep. I could check with my contact over at Aging, I suppose.

My brother did not show up to plow the driveway the day before yesterday. I was not surprised. I waited until around 5:00 p.m., then went and hauled out the snowblower. We were doing fine for about four passes, then the extremely wet snow began packing in the chute instead of shooting out, and I ended up shoveling by hand. When I got to the foot of the driveway, I found that repeated passes of the plow had basically turned the snow by the road into ice which I could not break up, so I gave up and came inside. It was nearly dark by that time, anyway. I wasn't sure how I was going to get to work yesterday morning, but finally realized that since my sister has to drive basically right by my house now, I could just ask her to pick me up. We were just getting ready to leave when my brother showed up, not with the plow he had promised, but with a regular shovel. He broke up the ice, then ran the snowblower in the rest of the driveway, so by the time Bird dropped me off yesterday evening, the driveway was all cleaned out.

But now comes the task of cleaning off the van which has nearly a foot of snow on it. And so it is running....

Yesterday at work was...busy and annoying. It took me an hour or so to clear the emails and voice mails that accumulated in two days off. Then I had to tackle the mail. And then I had to get back to my recerts which are due tomorrow. I had to extend one case because I hadn't realized that it needed more documentation and I'll never be able to get it by tomorrow. So that person gets a free month of coverage. Bleh.

I have been curious for a while about why so much Paris-themed merchandise has bees associated with it, so finally consulted Google. It took me three different searches (different phrasings) to find out, but then I learned that Napoleon deliberately chose the bee as a symbol to link himself with the original French kings. Okay, then. That explains it. Thank you, Google. (I also learned that there are beehives atop the Opera and all over the city. Interesting.)

I have now completely caught up on Elementary, other than tonight's episode, which I will probably watch On Demand this weekend. I did sign up for the free trial of CBS All Access, and will have to remember to cancel it before the end of the weekend. Or perhaps not, as it is only $6 a month, which is less than Netflix, even, and there are several CBS shows. They also have MacGyver, which puzzles me, because I could have sworn that that was an ABC show.

Ah, well. I should go see if the ice on the van has broken up yet.
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It has stopped snowing, and there was even sunshine a few minutes ago. It's Christmas-card perfect out there.

I hate it.

My brother stopped by this morning to drop off my niece. "Don't you have to work today?" Um. I did say I was taking today off. Either he forgot or the Gecko didn't relay the information. Though one would think she'd've said something when he made her get up this morning. He told me he might be back this afternoon to help me with my driveway, but it's beginning to look like I'm on my own. I did shovel the sidewalk from the step to the driveway, then shoveled the driveway right in front of the garage door (which swings outward). The ground has not heaved this year like it usually does, so I am able to open the garage door. I suppose I'm going to have to put on my Big Girl Snowpants and get out there and see about running the snowblower myself. I hope I can get it started; he has run it twice for me since the beginning of the year, so I should be able to get it running. I hope. If I don't get the driveway cleaned out, I'm not going to make it to work in the morning; the snow is halfway up the wheels, and if I tried to just drive straight out, I wouldn't make it.

Jack is moping. He didn't get a proper walk this morning and I haven't walked him this afternoon. Maybe I should put my Big Girl Snowpants on and try that before anything else. It's not snowing or raining any longer, so it would just be a matter of trying not to slip and hoping we don't get run over....

Monday Off

Jan. 18th, 2016 07:41 am
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I'm glad I don't have to go out out today. Walking the dog doesn't really count, even though it's outer than I actually prefer. It's snowing, or was when we went for walkies...and I just checked. Yup. Still snowing. My back hasn't recovered from the last big snowfall. Bleah. Jack seems to like the snow, even though it's only 8° out there according to the weather wiseacres. Maybe I'll let him go out and play in it later. I have realized that one thing I can actually trust Jack to do is not try to get out of the yard, and not make a lot of noise if I leave him out alone. So I do let him out occasionally and just check on him through the window every couple of minutes.

Yesterday turned out to be a busier day than I had initially planned. I had decided not too long ago that I needed more bookshelves (mostly for DVDs, actually), so when I saw that KMart was running a sale, I bought two three-shelf units. These things are pretty easy to put together, and I have a lot of practice, anyway, so that went pretty quickly. Got the first one up and settled, got the second one put together...and the two adjustable shelves were cut just too long to fit into the cabinet. By about an eighth of an inch. Really? Really? RLY?!? Fortunately, the company will supply parts; you just have to order them. So I did, but in the meantime, I have one finished cabinet and one unfinished cabinet sitting side by side in my living room. I did move a few things around; the shelf that had been in the space is back in the corner in the other section of the room by my secretary again, and the shelf that was there is in the back room in place of the chair that I bring up from the basement for Grama to sit in for holiday dinners.

The non-fitting shelves leave me with two finished board sections, and I'm trying to come up with non-brick supports for them so that I can use them elsewhere, because why not?

Today, I have no plans. I want to have a day with no work in it. I would like to do something arty, even if it's just coloring, though I never have even started, let alone finished, redoing that Middle-Earth map; I could spread that out on the dining room table and get started on it. Or there's a cross stitch project that is finished all except for the backstitching -- of which there is a lot. Or maybe I'll just read for a while, then watch movies.

There is a new guy in the shire who wants to Do All The Things. Seriously. He wants to be Herald and Chatelain and he's been agitating lately about Why Isn't There A Business Meeting. I suppose, since we haven't yet had elections, even though my term is up, it's my responsibility to set up a meeting, but I...just don't want to. The last meeting I set up, I had to bail on because that's when Jack tore out the laundry room wall. And of the several meetings before that, I think we had one where we had sufficient people to conduct business. They want me to be Webminister again (or still), and I'm not interested. I'm not interested in any of it at the moment, to be perfectly honest. I feel...like Belle, I suppose. There's so much more than this shire's provincialism; just look at the shire immediately to the east of us (from whence we came, in fact). But it seems that the only thing that one can really drum up interest in is hitting people with sticks, and the only time people can get together is Sunday, and I don't like giving up my Sundays. Sundays are mine. (Well. Every day is mine, I suppose, but Sunday more than the rest.)

Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan. Time to go do something different.
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Oh, man, is my back sore this morning. It took me two and a half hours (at least) to clear the driveway yesterday. I lugged the snowblower out, but apparently snowblowers are the winter equivalent of lawnmowers and the Lawnmower Curse struck. Which is to say that I couldn't get the damned thing started. So it sat on the sidewalk mocking me while I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled and shoveled and shoveled some more. Usually when we get as much snow as we did, I only clear half my driveway, but since my brother is often sitting in the drive when I get home from work, I cleared both lanes. Because he sure as hell wouldn't do it, and I'm pretty sure he'd block me out of my own driveway if I only cleared half of it.

So. Sore back, and lots of ibuprofen. Yay.

The rest of my snow day was quiet. I read the last novella in Side Jobs, so my book count for this year stands at 4, although I have also read more than 70,000 words in an excellent Star Wars fic (set in the years before the latest movie) which has one more chapter to be posted. Last evening, I watched the first three episodes of Elementary courtesy of Hulu because Netflix doesn't have it. (I bought myself a Roku stick for my birthday.)

Today starts with a dentist appointment. Well, technically, today started with me shutting off my alarm clock, but one gets the point. And one will get the point, painfully, and several times, in a little over an hour. That is the second of this week's appointments, then I have a doctor appointment after work this afternoon, which will be the third.

I still haven't figured out what to get my father for his birthday. I'm so desperate that I considered getting him one of those retro candy boxes, but my mother would probably have a fit. He and Mom make frequent trips to the Buffalo area; maybe I should just get him a restaurant gift card. I could give him the one they gave me for Xmas; they'll be in a position to use it way before I will....

Snow Day

Jan. 13th, 2016 09:14 am
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This morning's walk was not pleasant. Jack and I ended up walking pretty much down the middle of the road in the tracks of someone who had to be out early because we had about a foot of snow and the plow hadn't been through yet. The plow didn't go through until we were over on the next street, walking through tracks there, too. I decided to take a snow day before we even got back from our walk. I may have a snowblower now, but it will still take a long time to get the van free, and I may choose to simply shovel most of the driveway because the snowblower is really too heavy for me. It's just too heavy, but it is too heavy. My father picked it out, and he picked one that he could handle easily. While I was pleased with the gift, if they had let me pick it out, it might have made things easier, especially as once the slab in front of the garage door heaves and blocks the door, I have to keep the thing in the breezeway and I can't muscle it up the steps...and the board I was going to use as a ramp is currently blocking the hole Jack made in the laundry room wall....

Anyway. It is now 9:00 a.m., and I will have to go out shortly, I suppose, and start clearing snow. A friend of mine posted on FB about how her neighbors cleared her walks and driveway for her, but no one will do that here. If the snow hadn't been quite so deep, I'd've just driven out of the driveway and asked my brother to run the snowblower for me when he dropped the Ravenous Gecko off, but.... Eh, well.

I had the shortest visit to my gyn's office ever yesterday. I expected to sit in the waiting room for at least an hour before I was seen, and then I expected to sit begowned and freezing in the exam room for half an hour at least, but I didn't even have a chance to open my book in the waiting room and read perhaps a page in the exam room, where it was so warm that I ended up ditching the shawl I had brought with me.

I like my doctor. We had a cheerful conversation about visiting Paris; he has been there twice and wants to go back, next time in summer so that he can see the gardens at Versailles. He scolded me for not having a mammogram last year and for putting off visiting him with this twinge in my side (another ultrasound scheduled, yay), because I can't be a world traveler if I'm too ill to travel. But even with a ten minute conversation before the exam, I was in and out in forty-five minutes -- absolutely unheard of. I had planned to be there for at least two, and probably two and a half hours. (Someone must have complained a lot, or maybe they had a lot of cancellations.) So I ran an errand for Grama and went to see her for an hour before lunch, then went home, had lunch, and finally went to work, where I accomplished absolutely nothing.

I finished Changes last night, which is the somethingteenth book in the Harry Dresden series, and I will finish Side Jobs later today; I got to the last story included in that latter (which is an anthology) and discovered that it takes place directly after Changes, so I had to set it aside. This morning, I have also ordered the last three books in the series from various Amazon sellers. I really love these books. I have never blazed through a lengthy series like this, ever. Even the Discworld books (and I came to Discworld late, so there were already a lot of books in the series), I have read here and there, catch as catch can. But I've been reading the Dresden books steadily since...September? October? Whenever I started them.

My next book will probably be Ruddy Gore by Kerry Greenwood, which is the...sixth? book in the Phryne Fisher mystery series. I like these a great deal, also. They sort of remind me of Georgette Heyer's mysteries, which are breezy and fun...despite the several murders per book.

Right. Snow. Shoveling. Tallyho.


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