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Changing medical providers is a pain in the butt. I have spent a good chunk of the last couple of weeks on switching from a place in Rochester to a place in Buffalo(ish), and I still haven't finished the process as I have to get the records transferred and when I called the Rochester place, I had to leave a message instead of actually speaking to someone.

At least I'm not working today, although this is not how I planned to spend the day.

I went to my GYN's office this morning for my annual exam (and as part of this process), and was in and out of there in under an hour. I don't think I've ever been out of there in such a short time, but I guess that's the difference between seeing the doctor and seeing the PA. I miss seeing the doc; we always chat a bit, and while the PA is very nice, she's pretty much all business.

Ah, well.

Next month is going to be busy.... I have to train the new girl (on nursing home cases this time) the first week, then I'm on vacation the second week, then I have to go to Buffalo for my appointment the third week, then the fourth week is that wretched training for three days. I thought about scheduling my mammo appointment for that week, but unless they had evening appointments, it wouldn't work out.


The mini-heat wave broke last evening, and it is supposed to be only in the mid-70s today. It was pretty dreary this morning and there was still rain, but in the last twenty minutes or so, the sky has cleared and it's sunny out now. I may have to go out and sit on the patio in the sun. (Let's be honest: I may have to drag my chair onto the patio and take a [short] nap in the sun.)

My parents' stuff is still in my garage. I have contemplated going out there and packing it up for them, but I'm certain that my mother has a system. Though it would serve her right if I had things all every which way since it has now -- if memory serves -- been a month since the second garage sale, and they have made no attempt to come clean things up. I don't use my garage for much, but I do need to have it cleaned up in order to finish cleaning the breezeway out, if only because I need to swap space, and to be able to get at the lumber racks in the back of the garage to stuff the bits and pieces of trim from the house that are currently stacked in a corner of the breezeway. I packed up most of my own stuff already, so it's almost entirely her stuff out there, and there isn't even enough space to collapse the tables that have been cleared off.


Chair. Patio. Blessed, blessed sunlight.
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I am incredibly tired and sleepy this morning, thanks to the wind howling all night long and rattling the window right next to my bed in its broken frame. I woke up around 2:00 a.m., realizing that I had been sleeping huddled under the blankets with all my muscles tight (which means sore shoulders today) because of the cold air pouring through the cracks in the window frame. And then I couldn't get back to sleep because the window wasn't just rattling, it was thumping. I finally got up and found a roll of duct tape and taped the sashes together. That stopped the thumping, though the pane still rattled a bit. It also, coincidentally, stopped the worst of the airflow. I never did get back to sleep, though. So that's exciting.

I really need to get those windows replaced. Maybe I should get a home improvement loan when I get Das Woofenwagen paid off later this year.

The wind brought winter back with it. There is a dusting of snow out there this morning, and the forecast is for snow showers on and off during the day, and a high in the 20s. Yay. It's supposed to be winter for a few days, then start being spring again on Sunday.

I took a personal day yesterday. I have a doctor appointment today (which I found out about on Tuesday). It's first thing in the morning (probably the first appointment of the day) and I have to have labs done I decided to do them yesterday and maybe have the results today at my appointment (so she has something to lecture me about). So I messaged my brother that I wasn't working -- knowing full well that I would end up having to drive the Gecko home because he wouldn't get the message -- and went off to the medical group.

I got checked in at the lab and was reading my book and they called me back up to tell me they didn't have any orders and I'd have to go around the corner to the doctor's office to get the orders. So I did -- and waited twenty minutes there for them to get the orders ready and in the system so that I could go back around the corner and sit in front of the lab door. Whatever. Good thing I didn't try to do all that this morning, though, because as I recall, they didn't have the orders last year on the day of my appointment. Organization doesn't seem to be one of their priorities over there.

In any case, it got done. Then I had to stop and do some banking for my grandmother, and that took a while because I was closing a dormant account, and they wanted to make sure I was who I said I was and that the power of attorney was still in effect and blah blah blah. Basically, they were trying to make sure I wasn't stealing my grandmother's money. Which is fine and commendable, but I was beginning to think they were going to make me haul her in there, and neither of us were up for that. In the end, though, they gave me a check and I immediately took it to her primary bank and deposited it, so that's done.

On to WickedMart to purchase another blanket to throw over the couch because a single twin blanket is too small (as, it turns out, is a single queen blanket), and then I arrived home rather hungry at about 10:00 a.m. (fasting bloodwork, donchaknow) to find that, yes, the Gecko was sitting in the living room -- in the chair. Go figure. I knew she was there as soon as I opened the door, because I could smell her.

I'm not kidding about this; I'm really not. I can literally smell her the instant I walk into the house. One morning before I started keeping my doors locked all the time, her father dropped her off while I was in the shower, and she walked in and got herself settled without calling that she was here, and as soon as I shut off the shower, I knew she was in my house -- because I could smell her. (Also, creepy much?)

And, that, boys and girls, is why my house is kept locked now. Her father drops her off early like that again, she'll just have to wait in the breezeway until I'm ready to let her in.

So I got her home, and I turned onto the street a block above the house just as her father was turning onto the block below the house on his way to get her. So I ended up conversing pleasantly with him (which involves smiling and nodded and thinking Go the fuck away, you asshole!) for longer than I wanted to. (For those wondering about that newfangled telephone thingy, my brother doesn't have one; it's the first expense he always cuts when he's not working; he does have a computer, which is why I can FB message him, but he apparently doesn't check very often.)

But then I was finally free and sat down and wrote my Idol piece for this week. So...I guess it was a good day....


Jan. 28th, 2017 04:05 pm
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Oh, I am not happy right now. My employer has apparently enrolled me in a "Wellness Program" through a company called Corporate Care Management. Just the name alone makes my teeth itch.

The flyer arrived in the mail today, and here's some excerpts:

"We reach out to members who are high-risk to become ill. If you have a chronic condition and you are missing certain lab tests, you may receive letters or a phone call from us. " and "If we notice that we have sent several letters to you, a nurse might call you to see if she can help." It goes on to explain that they look to see if a claim has been submitted on your behalf for certain tests or screenings. If not, they'll send you nagging letters about it -- or even have a nurse call you to nag you on the phone -- until you do. This seems like if it's not a HIPAA violation, it's skirting right on the edge of one.

I have mild high blood pressure; I take medication for it. I fought taking meds for a long time, but finally agreed to do so, and my blood pressure dropped into the normal range pretty much immediately and has stayed there ever since. (Except for right now when I'm furious.) Which means that as long as I'm enrolled in this program, I can expect to be nagged pretty regularly.

You can opt out, of course, but you have to make a phone call -- and that's the part that really makes me angry. Things like this should never be opt-out. They should always be opt-in. I am a grown-ass adult who has been taking care of her own health care matters for almost three decades. I don't suddenly need a nanny.
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It is a little after 6:30 a.m. It is 73.5° in the house, and today, I do not mind at all because the forecast is calling for it to get up to only 70°. Yesterday, it was around 80° and I broke the cardinal rule of summer: I opened up the doors and let the heat in because I checked the long range forecast, and the weather has turned. At this point, it's open the house up during the day and close it up at night because in just a few weeks, I'll be giving up and turning the Scary Furnace back on.

Today, I have to go to the dentist first thing and finally get that cavity filled. Although I am not looking forward to the process -- I have been frightened of Dental Stuff since I was a little girl -- I am looking forward to having it done. I have been trying not to chew on that side of my mouth for two months because I know the first thing he'll have to do is clean the space out before he puts the filling in, and I wanted to make it as easy (for both of us) as possible. Probably pointless, but there you have it. I'm just hoping my lingering cough doesn't present a problem.

After that, I have to come home and put up with The Gecko for a few hours until it's time to take both cats to the V-E-T, which is the only reason I am engaging her services today. I think that Jack would be a bit unhappy if I took two yowling cats out of here and left him completely alone.

I am a little concerned that I will not be coming home with the same number of cats which I am taking. I am a lot concerned about the fact that both of them appear to have fleas. That would, of course, be my fault because I have always relied on putting flea-stuff on the dogs to keep fleas off the cats, but I neglected to put the stuff on Jack since the beginning of July -- I did it the week before we went to Michigan, and not since. Oh, I have excuses, but none of them are very good, and now I have an object lesson on why.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible that The Gecko brought them in rather than Jack; according to my sister, they have regular infestations at my brother's house because they have so many animals which they do not properly care for. (No one even knows how many cats they have now.) I have always expected some sort of bugs to travel with her: fleas, roaches, lice, bedbugs....

In any case, both cats are acting strange. Merlin has holed himself up in the bathroom for over a week now, and has, the last couple of days, peed on the bathroom mat without seeming to really notice. Yesterday, I had to fight him to be able to even take a shower; as soon as I evicted him, he was trying to get back in, and I expect more of the same this morning.

Kethri, too, is having problems. She is peeing upstairs somewhere, and I don't know where. I suppose if I were smart, I'd just put a litter box up there, but I really don't want a litter box up there. On the other hand, at least I'd know where I needed to clean if I did....

My Alaska photos arrived the other day and I put them in order last night (fortunately, when I edit them, I save them using a descriptor that includes the number assigned to them by the camera, which makes things simple) and started stuffing them into albums. I will likely finish that this morning after my appointment and then I will take the albums and Jack to see Grama this afternoon after I take the Gecko home.

I am still reading American Gods, about which I remember nothing. I know I read it once, and that's pretty much it. I am reading a completely different book at work (on breaks), a memoir that I picked up on my trip to Michigan in July, by a woman who picked up and moved to Venice to marry a man she basically had only met a couple of times. It's called A Thousand Days in Venice and I'm a bit concerned about what is going to happen in the end.... It already strikes me as being sort of sad, but that might just be me.
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When last we left our intrepid heroine, she was knee-deep in Too Much Work, but she has since managed to get it down to shin-deep. Still there, though. If next week is quiet, though, it'll likely get caught up by the end of the week. Two weeks off, two weeks to get caught up...seems fair. Of course, then we're looking at lots of time with nothing to do, which I really don't like.

So, yes. Busy week, and when I came home from work, I mostly just collapsed -- after walking the dog, of course. As a result, my house is still a mess from vacation. My luggage is still in the backroom and the dining room table (also in the back room) is buried under the detritus of both packing and unpacking. I intend to do something about that today, though I would also like to finish up editing my photos (I'm in the middle of the whale watch photos, so I'm doing a lot of cropping at the moment), and spend time outdoors because it's supposed to be a glorious day and we have reached the part of the summer where glorious days are precious.

The last few days have been downright pleasant: low humidity, sunshine, but temperatures only in the 70s. If the long range forecast can be believed, however, it's supposed to be gradually warmer each day for the next week until it reaches nearly 90° again. We shall see what we shall see, I guess.

I mowed the yard yesterday. As I expected, it took hours, and four tanks of gas. It wouldn't have taken quite so long, of course, if I didn't allow the mower to cool down between running it out of gas and refilling the tank -- it steams and/or smokes if I refill it while it's hot, and that makes me a little nervous, what with gasoline being slightly flammable and all, and my face being so near it. (Remind me to tell you about the reason I no longer have a propane grill.) I wasn't going to do the whole yard because the laundry was hanging out to dry, so I couldn't do the whole section over which the laundry lines run, but I went out for dinner last night with BFT and J1 and the laundry was dry before I left, so I took it down. When I got home, the mower was still out and the laundry was in the I finished it up so I wouldn't have to deal with it today. Which is actually a relief and a half. There is nothing I have to do today, so if I want a pajama day, I can have one...though I'm already dressed, since I had to take Jack walkies. But I could put my jammies back on again! I could!

Still coughing, but it's pretty much a nagging, remainder cough -- except at night, of course. It's always worse at night. But I have managed to go to sleep the last few nights without chemical intervention. Still, I hope it goes away soon because I don't want to have to reschedule getting that cavity filled again. It just seems like such a bad idea to be having dental work done when you can't predict when or if you'll have to cough. I am obviously still not 100%, though, as I am still sleeping much later if I don't set my alarm. This morning, for instance, I slept until nearly 7:00 a.m., when I normally get up between 5:00 and 5:30 on weekdays, and between 5:30 and 6:00 if I don't set an alarm.

BFT and I were comparing symptoms last night at dinner and it seems likely that it was merely coincidence that we were both sick because her symptoms were flu-like and mine were completely not. J1 marveled that we both came back sick because she and J2 were fine, but BFT pointed out that they get out a lot more than either of us, so get exposed to many, many more people (and germs) than do we, and are likely hardier because of it. I think there's a fault in that logic somewhere (because I work at the Department of Social Services, for instance, and even though I don't see my clients, I see my coworkers who see their clients), but whatever. We got sick and they didn't. Nor did their parents. Oh, well. Would still go on another cruise.

My sister tells me that she yelled at the Gecko to take a shower and put on clean clothing on the day that the Gecko spent extra time here because Bird was driving to Maryland to fetch Niece for visitation. Bird also informed her that she should spend some of her extra pay (Bird paid her for that extra time) on getting a non-drivers ID, then get herself enrolled in school to do something with her life. The Gecko did smell noticeably less nasty when I took her home on that Monday morning, but it didn't last. By last week, she was unwashed and wearing the same clothing she'd been wearing for a fortnight again, so that I could tell she'd been sleeping on my throw pillows. I swear she does it on purpose: I usually take the throw pillows off the couch in the morning, but on those days that I don't, she seems to always lie down on the couch and take a nap, so of course I can smell her on my pillows. Gross -- and unwashable on some of them because the covers don't come off. At least some of them came from garage sales, so it's not a huge expense if I have to throw them out.

I finally stopped to see Grama the other afternoon. I'd finished the antibiotics and wasn't coughing quite as much, so figured it was safe to go in (there's a huge sign on the door that advises people who are sick to stay the hell out because of the vulnerable population). She was delighted to see me, and I got to tell her the Saga Of The Missing Luggage, and show her the few photos on my phone. I should probably go back with Jack this weekend, but don't think I'm going to make it.

Possibly because it is now September and fall is coming, but I am getting antsy about the house again. I asked on FB if anyone knew of a good handyman, and got the usual crickets. The first response was just someone clicking the "like" button. What good is that? That doesn't help at all. *sigh* My sister said she'd ask Number Five, but I don't like Number Five. I was iffy about him before, but when he forebade her to have Jack in the house -- despite the fact that he knows Jack won't do any damage as long as there is a person in the house -- well, that made up my mind for me. (And that was before I learned that they fly a Confederate flag. Ugh.) Still, I suppose if he's willing to help, I can feed him pizza and beer just as easily as I can feed my friends.
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I went to see my PCP yesterday afternoon and her feeling is that I have bronchitis, so she prescribed a Z-Pack. Whee. A Z-Pack, for those who do not know, is a five-day, high-dose course of azithromycin which starts with a great whack of it on the first day (two pills), then a pill a day for the remaining four. I'm trying to remember if this is what I had the last time I had bronchitis, but it was so long ago that I don't recall. I do recall that I got a note for a full week off work, though. I didn't even ask this time, though I did go see her because my cough was getting worse and if I call in again on Monday, I'll have to either go to work on Tuesday or get a note from her, anyway, because we're only allowed three days in a row without a note. Anyway, if I don't feel better on Monday, she wants to hear from me, anyway.

So I'm not supposed to do much of anything this weekend other than hang out, but there are some things that have to be done, like changing the kitty litter. I am disappointed in my sister. I made a point of saying that she would have to change it for me last weekend since I wouldn't be getting home until midday on Monday. I trusted her to do it, so I didn't check.

She didn't do it. She may have scooped; I can't be sure. But you can't just scoop plain clay litter; it has to be changed...and the scoopable boxes didn't appear to have been scooped in any case. (I keep two types because one of the cats doesn't like plain clay and one doesn't like scoopable. Cats.)

Also, while I was down there, I realized that the dehumidifier had, at some point, gone Tango Uniform. Eh, it's the end of August; I just unplugged it and I'll deal with it later. Trying to take care of it today would be the very opposite of what the doc told me to do this weekend (rest), since it's currently unreachable. HTWIWM piled all sorts of shit around it, and all of that stuff (mostly old servers, so yay) will have to be disposed of. I'll have to see if I can find out when the county is having their Dispose Of Old Electronics Day and get someone to help me load the van with all of the old servers in the basement (there are many, and they are heavy) so I can drive them to wherever the site is (probably the county seat because of course it's the county seat).

I'm feeling very floaty right now, and I don't know whether that's the antibiotics (shouldn't be), being sick (possibly), NyQuil hangover (I slept an extra two and a half hours), or what. So I'm going to go write my checks (and weep at the state of my checking account) and then quite possibly retire to the patio. Sunlight should be good for bronchitis, right?
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Well, that's it for Number Five, as far as I'm concerned. It has been arranged for months that my sister would take care of Jack while I'm away on the cruise. We had pretty much decided that she would leave Jack at my house during the day while she's at work and take him home with her in the evenings. Number Five, however, has decreed that Jack isn't to be in his house. He is apparently afraid that Jack will do to his house what he did to my house...despite the fact that Number Five has personal experience of how well-behaved Jack is when he is not left alone -- and he would never be left alone in their house.

Eh, doesn't really matter; Bird can either camp at my house or at Grama's. I think she's decided to camp at Grama's; if so, we'll just have the Ravening Gecko sit Jack at Gram's house for that week.

I haven't ever been close to any of Bird's numerous husbands, and I guess I won't be making an exception for this one, either.
This week started out with a dentist appointment -- just a routine cleaning, until.... The hygienist found a cavity, quite by accident. The weird thing is that it is in the tooth where I keep getting cavities. My first cavity was in that tooth (my last molar), caused by my wisdom tooth crowding it (because I refused to have my wisdom teeth out until the x-rays showed that cavity. My next cavity was in that tooth, so the filling was expanded. Now I have a third cavity...there's already more filling than tooth back there....

I hadn't noticed any sensitivity back there, but I note that it is a little sore back there this morning. My appointment for the filling isn't for two weeks; it'll be the last day of my vacation (after we're back from the cruise). Yay?
I am waiting for the washer to finish. Because I bought some new clothes for the trip recently, I decided I'd do two days of laundry (because the loads are larger than usual, and I only have so much room on my clotheslines and drying racks). I am doing darks today, and I started the load over an hour ago -- another reason I don't like this washer. It's far slower than the old one; even with two rinses, I'd've had the laundry on the line already. Sounds like it's just revving up to spin now, so I will probably be late for work this morning because I'm not leaving the load in the washer until lunchtime....

My supervisor yesterday jokingly asked me if I was in love because I was getting all spiffed up lately -- I wore a dress last week, makeup on Tuesday, and a skirt yesterday. I explained that I had just bought new clothes for the trip and was trying them out. (The makeup, too.) Love, after all, is for children....
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I took Thursday off from work because I had to drive to Rochester for a mammogram, which I think I mentioned on Thursday morning. The trip was pretty stress-free (I was on time even though I had to stop halfway, and didn't miss the exit), and the exam came out okay. They didn't insist that I stay for an ultrasound, but did suggest that I have one as a matter of course next year due to density issues. (My density has popped me to you.)

Sometimes, after my appointment, I go shopping. Sometimes, I just come straight back home. Thursday, I decided to at least stop at Pier 1 because I had $20 in rewards certificates to use, and even though they'll take them after they're expired and there's a Pier 1 right by my aunt and uncle's place (we will stop there, in fact, on one of our Shopping Days), I felt like stopping, and no left turns were involved, so I stopped. I was so pleased that I did because they had in stock collage frames to match one that I purchased in Buffalo last year. I had loaded it with Paris photos and wanted a matching one to load with London photos. Or even Italy photos because I still haven't hung any of those. Anyway, I went through every frame on their website and they didn't have it in stock, anymore. It was still marked at the regular price, but I got one, anyway. And then when I got to the register, it rang in for $17, which is something like 85% off the original I got their remaining one, too. So now I have one for London and Italy (probably one photo per city). I was so pleased with myself for stopping, because I had considered just coming straight home and mowing the lawn. Anyway, I picked up a few other things that I wanted, and with the deep sales they were having and my reward coupons, the whole order came to just about the regular price of one of the frames. So, yeah, pretty pleased with myself (even though I shouldn't be spending any money at all).

So Thursday was good.

Friday...less so.

Jack was really upset with me on Friday because when I came downstairs, I skipped our morning ritual (when I give him skritches for a couple of minutes while fur flies all over my living room), and ran straight to the laundry room because as soon as I got downstairs, I heard this loud hissing noise. My first thought was the gas line to the dryer, but it turned out to be water under pressure -- you know how it hisses, instead of trickling or running or gurgling. I couldn't find anything wrong in the laundry room, though, so I went down into the basement...yikes, what a mess.

I had noticed, on my way through the living room that some cat had pooed on the throw rug in the living room, and when I went downstairs, I found out why: the litter boxes were flooded because something was leaking and water was sheeting down the basement wall and into the litter boxes...and beyond, since they were full. Which...ugh.

I got the cold water valve turned off, but the hot water valve was corroded. I didn't want to turn the water off at the main house valve because I hadn't even been to the bathroom, yet, so the water continued to run for a couple of hours until I could get hold of my parents. (Yes, the same ones that I complain about constantly. Though it's really just my mother. My dad is okay.) They came down around 7:30 (water still running) and Dad got the corroded valve to turn (fortunately, we found the tools in the toolbox that Grama had given me after Grampa died), but it didn't shut the water off, so we did end up shutting off the water to the house. And let me tell you, you never think about how much water you use and where until you don't have it.

I had already called in to work, but then Mom said that since the immediate problem was taken care of, they needed to hit some garage sales and Dad would be back in a couple of hours to fix the problem, which turned out to be an abraded washer hose. Because the valves were in the basement, hoses ran through the floor, and one of them had rubbed against the edges of the hole and kaplooeyhisswetwetwetflood.

Now my mother's time sense is something like Football Time or SCA Time -- if she says "a couple of hours," you can bet she means "around noon, if you're lucky." My sister had already taken the day off to come be moral support, so I had her sit with Jack while I got dressed and went to work for a couple of hours because I had a meeting that morning that wasn't necessarily earth-shattering, but which had been hell on wheels to schedule, and I didn't want to have to attempt to reschedule it. So I worked for two hours, then came back home, and my dad didn't show up for another half hour or so -- just as expected. (I went got to work at 10:15 and left at 12:15.)

Anyway. To make a long story slightly longer, we decided to extend the water pipes above the floor into the laundry room. HTWIWM had left them in the basement because he always wanted the washer and dryer in the basement. Either in the basement or in the upstairs bathroom (and we all know how that story goes). My father used to work at the water filtration plant in town, so he knows plumbing (because there's no way in hell that they'd've hired a plumber to fix anything). I had to buy the parts (which is why I left work instead of just leaving him to it), but I also helped install them (mostly holding the light and extra hands), so I learned a few things.

And right now, my second load of laundry is running, and so far -- knock wood -- things are holding.... But now I've got a full load of filthy rags hanging on the laundry line -- I took them straight from the basement and hung them up sopping wet rather than trying to wring them out -- and I don't want to run them through my washer, so I'm actually contemplating throwing almost my entire supply of rags (old towels, all) away. I suppose I could wash them out by hand in the backyard, then hang them back up to dry. That might be the best thing to do.

The rest of the weekend has been far less exciting: yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day finishing (more or less) the clean up of the basement and working on getting garage sale stuff around. Today, I have a writing project to finish up, then I'm meeting The Girls this afternoon to see Independence Day: Resurgence. They had better not have screwed this sequel up because ID4 is one of my favorite movies, and the one I always turn to when I'm really depressed.


Jun. 7th, 2016 08:24 am
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Something I ate disagreed with me yesterday. It was comparatively mild as these things go, but I still wasn't feeling so great this morning, so I called in sick -- even though I took a vacation day yesterday. Perks of a civil service position, I guess. Anyway, as soon as I cancelled my dogsitter for the day, I started to feel better. On the other hand, I'm now starting to feel iffy again. Her father hasn't acknowledged my message, though, so I imagine I'll be sending her away shortly.

I did get the recall taken care of on the van yesterday. The key fits very tightly into the new ignition module, so now I can see where they might have had a problem with the old ones just falling out or slipping into accessory mode if the fobs were overloaded with other keys. Not that I do that. I have a house key, the key to my lock box and the bonus card from the grocery store on my key fob. The fob itself weighs more than those items. All the other keys I might need (like to my grandmother's and parents' houses) are on a separate key ring clipped into my purse.

The other repair, to the wiper assembly on the rear window cost a little less than half of what I expected, so I went away feeling quite pleased with the whole thing, especially as it took just a little over an hour. I had packed my backpack with my laptop (and power for same), my camera, my book, snacks, and a bottle of soda in anticipation of spending a good chunk of the morning at my grandmother's house, but when I was assured that it would be about an hour, I stayed at the dealership in the customer lounge. It would've taken me at least twenty minutes to walk to Gram's house and back, so.... And I met one of my new neighbors; turned out the clerk who checked me in was one of the people who bought the house kitty-corner across the street.

I stopped at the mall on the way home and made the mistake of trying on clothing. Ack. Don't do that.

I did have to drive the Gecko home, but I still got home before 1:00 p.m. and had time for a brief nap in the sun on the patio. I'm probably going to regret it, but I am going to ask her to accompany me to the V-E-T's office on Friday. In addition to taking Merlin in for blood work, I'm going to take Jack to have his nails clipped. I can manage Jack and a cat carrier, but it would be simpler with another pair of hands, and I can drop her off home on my own way home.

Aaaand here they are.

And there they go.

It's chilly out today. It's not supposed to be out of the upper 60s today, and supposed to only be in the 50s tomorrow. I closed the house up last night to keep in what warmth had accumulated because by tomorrow it'll be chilly in here again.

Whatever bug was up Jack's butt night before last seems to have gone. He was fine after we got back from running the Gecko home yesterday, until I scolded him for chasing a squirrel. I'd've left him alone, but the squirrel was a particularly stupid specimen that only traveled up a tree about couple of feet, where Jack could still easily have snatched it down -- and he nearly did until I caught up to him and dragged him into the house. After that, he was glued to me again for several hours until we came back from walkies and sat on the patio for a bit. The upside to it is that the next time he considered chasing a squirrel, I only had to tell him no and he left it alone. But he was less gluey after that and, in fact, didn't even come upstairs with me last night. So at least I slept better, even if my innards weren't pleased with me.

Today's plan is to take it relatively easy. I'm going to work on some garage sale stuff -- pricing what I've already dragged out and cleaning out my jewelry box as that's fairly easy. I have some writing to do. And some TV to watch. Maybe I'll do a load of laundry; I'm planning to put some linens in the garage sale; I should probably run them through the washer even though they were clean when I put them away. On the other hand, people would probably wash them before using them, anyway -- I would, at least.

I should finish Gram's VA app, too, even though I don't think she's going to be eligible for anything.

Back At It

Mar. 3rd, 2016 06:26 am
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It is back to work for me today. I really feel much better this morning than I did yesterday or the day before. I know that one is just supposed to rise above minor colds and Just Keep Going, but...well, eventually one feels that perhaps it would be nice to just take care of one's self for once in one's life. So one did. One is still a little stuffy, but one has avoided taking any cold medication, so one is quite pleased about that. (One hates taking any sort of medication if it can be avoided.)

One is also not certain why one is writing of one's self in quite that manner....

Today is the Day Of Grandmother's Taxes. I really wish that the guys who do them for free for seniors would set up a clinic/workshop/day at Gram's assisted living place so that I didn't have to haul her up to the senior center. I get that they do it for everyone who can get into the senior center, but it is really difficult for my grandmother to get into my van. Not so difficult for her to get out; she just slides out. But she has trouble lifting her feet even enough to climb the steps that I have her use. I will have to suggest a Tax Clinic to the management or to the Dept. of Aging or whoever. Of course, the guy who does them is my aunt's college roommate's brother, so I suspect Gram would want to go wherever he was.

On the other hand, so many seniors don't need to file taxes; maybe there wouldn't be enough business for them to make the trip. As it is, I think Gram gets all of the money back that she has withheld...except for the time we cashed in some savings bonds. It really confused her that she didn't get a refund that year and, in fact, had to pay an extra couple hundred dollars. So we didn't do that again....

Anyway. I am not looking forward to this. I wonder if I couldn't do her taxes on my own with my own tax software. Maybe I should look into that; then I could just take my laptop over and we wouldn't have to worry about getting into and out of the van.

I can't wait to see what sort of a mess my desk is this morning after two days away. Maybe I'll go in a little early to try to get it organized.

And maybe I won't.

Bad Girl

Mar. 2nd, 2016 07:40 am
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I am not going to work again today. I am not so sick that I couldn't, but I still don't feel great, and by midmorning, I'd be miserable. (I'm already kind of sorry that I've been up for two hours, and will probably go take a nap.) So I'm staying home. I've worked there for twenty-two years (yesterday, in fact, was my anniversary date), and I have a lot of sick time built up. I did, however, run out to the store and get some cold medicine. And a loaf of bread. And a couple of boxes of not-Kleenex. I'll have to go in tomorrow, but I'm already only working part of the day as I'm supposed to take Grama uptown. Whee.

It seems like a good day to stay home and go back to bed, anyway. It's gusty and cold -- much colder than yesterday.

I might do a little bit more than I did yesterday, or I might not. I am starting to feel more miserable than I did an hour ago. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours trying to find a photograph on my hard drive, and was not able to. I ended up downloading a copy from Facebook, of all things. Then I watched the first episode of All Creatures Great and Small, and the first episode of Buck Rogers (the movie, in which we learn that there are actually lyrics to the theme song, and that the movie's opening titles are vaguely embarrasing). In the evening, I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, the best line of which, I am beginning to think, is Ultron's irritated, "Oh, for God's sake!" when the Hulk jumps into his jet as he is leaving Sokovia (then tosses him out and steals the jet).

Right. Sick. Nap.
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About fifteen minutes after I got to work yesterday morning, I sneezed. Not in itself unusual. But then I sneezed again. And again, and again, and again, and again.... I don't generally sneeze unless I have a cold. And my nose started running...all in all, it was an unpleasant day. I wasn't sick enough to go home, and I'd already exposed my coworkers by virtue of not knowing I was sick. Today, however, is a different story. I am staying home, hoping that by resting a day, I can get this out of my system faster -- especially as I have to take my 92-year-old grandmother to get her taxes done the day after tomorrow. There is a sign on the door of her assisted living facility: If you have a cold or flu, stay the hell out. (Well, it's a bit more politely worded than that. A bit.)

Sometimes, I take Mental Health Days -- I call in sick when I am not physically ill. On those days, I compromise by making myself do some work around the house: cleaning, mending, something I've been putting off, that type of thing. Today, since I am actually ill, I am going to sit on the couch and read or watch TV. (It's the sort of day wherein I wished I liked tea.) Or maybe I'll go back to bed, since Jack was restless in the middle of the night and I got up to take him out...and he only stood on the ramp surveying the magnificence of the backyard after midnight.

I was not impressed.

Speaking of Grama, she got another bill related to her hospital stay. This one is for the doctor who visited her in the hospital, but is not from the hospital itself. So I called his office to see if they'd accept the financial aid that the hospital extended to Gram. They have their own program, and I should be getting paperwork from them today.

In a flurry of emails and phone calls, the Alaska cruise got booked last night. Apparently, there was a sale on that ended yesterday. We still haven't booked our flight, and that's going to be an additional several hundred dollars on top of the almost $1200 we already have to come up with. When we first started talking about this, the experienced travelers assured us (i.e., BFT and me) that it would be far less expensive than going to Europe. So Not at all. It might end up being $500 or so less than the Italy trip, but I'm not betting on it. And, yeah, I could've pulled out, but as BFT said, "When would the chance come again?"

Right. I think I will go evict the cats from the couch and claim it as my domain....

Snow Day

Jan. 13th, 2016 09:14 am
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This morning's walk was not pleasant. Jack and I ended up walking pretty much down the middle of the road in the tracks of someone who had to be out early because we had about a foot of snow and the plow hadn't been through yet. The plow didn't go through until we were over on the next street, walking through tracks there, too. I decided to take a snow day before we even got back from our walk. I may have a snowblower now, but it will still take a long time to get the van free, and I may choose to simply shovel most of the driveway because the snowblower is really too heavy for me. It's just too heavy, but it is too heavy. My father picked it out, and he picked one that he could handle easily. While I was pleased with the gift, if they had let me pick it out, it might have made things easier, especially as once the slab in front of the garage door heaves and blocks the door, I have to keep the thing in the breezeway and I can't muscle it up the steps...and the board I was going to use as a ramp is currently blocking the hole Jack made in the laundry room wall....

Anyway. It is now 9:00 a.m., and I will have to go out shortly, I suppose, and start clearing snow. A friend of mine posted on FB about how her neighbors cleared her walks and driveway for her, but no one will do that here. If the snow hadn't been quite so deep, I'd've just driven out of the driveway and asked my brother to run the snowblower for me when he dropped the Ravenous Gecko off, but.... Eh, well.

I had the shortest visit to my gyn's office ever yesterday. I expected to sit in the waiting room for at least an hour before I was seen, and then I expected to sit begowned and freezing in the exam room for half an hour at least, but I didn't even have a chance to open my book in the waiting room and read perhaps a page in the exam room, where it was so warm that I ended up ditching the shawl I had brought with me.

I like my doctor. We had a cheerful conversation about visiting Paris; he has been there twice and wants to go back, next time in summer so that he can see the gardens at Versailles. He scolded me for not having a mammogram last year and for putting off visiting him with this twinge in my side (another ultrasound scheduled, yay), because I can't be a world traveler if I'm too ill to travel. But even with a ten minute conversation before the exam, I was in and out in forty-five minutes -- absolutely unheard of. I had planned to be there for at least two, and probably two and a half hours. (Someone must have complained a lot, or maybe they had a lot of cancellations.) So I ran an errand for Grama and went to see her for an hour before lunch, then went home, had lunch, and finally went to work, where I accomplished absolutely nothing.

I finished Changes last night, which is the somethingteenth book in the Harry Dresden series, and I will finish Side Jobs later today; I got to the last story included in that latter (which is an anthology) and discovered that it takes place directly after Changes, so I had to set it aside. This morning, I have also ordered the last three books in the series from various Amazon sellers. I really love these books. I have never blazed through a lengthy series like this, ever. Even the Discworld books (and I came to Discworld late, so there were already a lot of books in the series), I have read here and there, catch as catch can. But I've been reading the Dresden books steadily since...September? October? Whenever I started them.

My next book will probably be Ruddy Gore by Kerry Greenwood, which is the...sixth? book in the Phryne Fisher mystery series. I like these a great deal, also. They sort of remind me of Georgette Heyer's mysteries, which are breezy and fun...despite the several murders per book.

Right. Snow. Shoveling. Tallyho.
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How is it that I can get up on weekends without the aid of my alarm clock at the time I normally get up on weekdays, but if I happen to forget to set my alarm clock on Sunday night, I oversleep by nearly an hour? And also have weird, complicated dreams about being a drug dealer? just bizarre, thank you very much. Perhaps it was just an anxiety dream of some strange flavor, given that it involved a large plastic package of white powder of the variety usually seen in an action flick, a laboring mother, a disapproving family, and gangsters. Given that I had a doctor appointment this morning, it's my grandmother's birthday, and I have to go to work, I think I can almost bend all of the elements to fit a classic anxiety dream scenario. Except that I was wearing clothes....

Which reminds me: In hoeing out this weekend, I found my class schedule from my freshman year in high school. And not even my proper schedule, but the one I had for my first day before I realized that my mother had taken me out of advanced classes and I'd be taking the same English class I'd taken the year before in junior high school. That was actually, now that I think on it, the first time I stood up for myself¹, when I marched down to my guidance counselor's office and got myself put back into advanced classes.

I also found bullets. I am much less pleased by this. Just a few, but the few I found are mostly quite large. I also did find one teeny, tiny little one that wasn't in a casing, and was terribly cute. Since it was just the pointy, hurty bit, without the casing and whatever else goes into the casing, I tossed it into the recycling. I have no idea what to do with the rest of them, though, and I somehow don't think that marching up to a deputy at work and handing them over is a good plan, nor is just tossing them into the recycling bin. If I were still speaking to the Lead Alien, I'd just hand them over to him, but that's not going to happen, either.

Why can't I find wads of cash, instead? (Probably because he remembered where he'd stashed all his cash. I keep fantasizing that there's a huge cache of cash in the attic -- which will remain undiscovered because I do not go into the attic.)

I am taking a bit of time from work today (and will not work overtime this afternoon) because a) I had a doctor appointment this morning, b) I have to do some banking for my grandmother, and c) it's her birthday (hence no OT this afternoon). The doctor appointment was just basically showing up, him asking how my foot was doing, explaining why he was sending me to the rheumatologist, and then to say keep on keeping on. I didn't even take my shoes off, and I was home twenty minutes later. The banking will be occurring shortly, though, as the bank should be opening just about now. Given that I have to go over by the mall, and given also that it's really complicated getting to the mall from my house right now thanks to the construction, I am glad that the two banks I need to visit are, in fact, separated only by a side street, so I can park at one and run across the street to the other. Also, today is Gram's 92nd birthday. I have a small present for her that I bought in Paris, and I will take Jack and visit her properly this evening, instead of my normal half hour after work when I can get away because she has to go down to dinner. I may or may not load photos onto my laptop and take them with me. Though maybe I should see if the facility has wifi (I'm sure it does) and just take my tablet and show her what I've uploaded to Facebook.

It's supposed to be nearly 90° today. Right now, I have the house opened up and the fan still running. I do have to commend HTWIWM on one thing: The Great Insulating Project of Many Years In A Row does contribute to keeping the house cooler in the summer, as long as I don't leave it open too long in the morning or open it too early in the evening. I wait for the inside and outside temperatures to match before I open the doors and windows at night. At least on the ground floor. I don't bother closing the upstairs ones.

Right. Time to think about getting across town....
¹ I'm not certain that throwing a temper tantrum in my junior high guidance counselor's office when she tried to put me into a vocational track counts. My mother, who hated nursing, tried to send me to BOCES for LPN-prep. She did succeed at making me be a candystriper for a year.
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The cortisone shot definitely did not sort things in my foot. I peeled off the tape this morning (to find a lovely rash under it, yay!) and took Jack for a walk and, well, not a great deal of difference was felt by the time I got home, and now, an hour later. Still, I think maybe the custom orthotics are worth looking into.

I was in the kitchen waiting for an English muffin to pop up, and heard, over the sound of the stereo, mewing. A quick check revealed no cats nearby, so I looked out the back door to find one of the black cats plunked on the patio, looking at the breezeway door (or in that general direction, anyway). When I tapped on the glass, s/he look up at me; when I opened the door, s/he fled. Ye gods and little fishhooks, I hope I don't end up with little black kittens under the ramp. My mother suggested dropping mothballs under there; she said it would keep them out. What if there are already kittens under there, though? Would it make the mother move them?

I am annoyed with my mother this morning. I'm usually annoyed with my mother, but there's a certain level of background annoyance, and then there are little spikes, like this morning, when she informed me that she was planning to have a three-day garage sale at my house in mid-May during the citywide garage sale day weekend. "I know you were planning one, and I forgot to ask," she said, clearly expecting me to just say yes to whatever she wants.

Here's the thing: I was planning to have a garage sale on Garage Sale Day, yes. But I was planning to have it for about six hours, from first thing in the morning until about 2:00 in the afternoon. Then I was going to close up shop and go enjoy the rest of the weekend (or possibly do my Saturday chores). I was not planning to have my parents take over my house/lawn/garage for an entire weekend. And even if I said I was going to be away that weekend, or I was busy, my mother would still expect that I would open my house to them.

Here's the other thing: I will say yes, of course. It's the path of least resistance and least confrontation...and fewest guilt trips.

Merlin seems to be full of piss and vinegar this morning, but it's probably mostly because I'm sitting at my desk and he wants my chair.

I went shopping yesterday, sort of by accident. I only intended to go buy a pair of sneakers because they were on sale, but I ran into BFT, and when the two of us go through a store, devastation follows. I ended up with a different pair of shoes (not on sale), and a boatload of shirts and sweaters, some identical to pieces that BFT was also buying, which is amusing. I don't foresee us walking through Paris in identical outfits, though, as the stuff we purchased is easily rumpled and so I won't pack it, even if she does. Since I didn't try stuff on (other than the shoes), a bunch of it is going back, and I ended up ordering the sneakers I wanted from the store website (and, therefore, paying shipping, dammit). And we're still going shopping next weekend for BFT's birthday trip (well, okay, and we're starting to look at shoes and outfits for The Trip).

Right. Time to get on that RW project since it is now too late to back out....
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I do not like my new washing machine. The dryer, I can take or leave. I got a high efficiency washer and it doesn't rinse properly. In the dark clothes, I can see the soap residue, even after a second rinse. My mother informs me that I'm using too much soap, but I'm using what was recommended. I want a proper washing machine back, but this is the one I am stuck with until it dies in fifteen years or so (please Dog let it last longer than a couple of years). I got this one specifically because it was the highest capacity one they had -- I like to wash my own bedding rather than trying to drag it out to a laundromat to use the Giant Humongous Gleaming Suds Spinner Of Doom...which must no doubt be appeased with Even More Quarters than the last time I went to a laundromat which is going on two decades ago. (Also, it takes at least fifteen minutes longer to do a single load than the old one.)

I have an appointment in a little under an hour to get my seams taken care of. (This is what a former supervisor at work calls one's roots. "My seams are showing," she always used to say.) I don't normally make an appointment in advance, but I will this afternoon. Can't go to Paris with seams. Anyplace else, but not Paris.

Speaking of laundry -- it's going on the line today! It is now definitely spring! And when I'm not attending to the laundry, I'll be hiding from the neighbors who want to beautify my house for me. I'm glad they're friendly, but jeez. Actually, I have to be inside, anyway, because I am only about a quarter of the way through my Rarely Written assignment and it's due a week from today. If I could see the laptop screen outside, I'd go out there, but I can't, so.... *shrug*

Jack got a brushing this morning. He didn't enjoy it. At one point, he had his head tucked into my leg as if his extreme patheticness was going to prevent me from brushing dried mud out of his fur. And then, after the brushing and the application of the Flea Stuff, I made him stay indoors for over an hour so that he couldn't immediately wipe the Flea Stuff off on the ground. I'm a Bad Person.... (Note to self: Call for more heartworm stuff.)

Merlin also got a brushing this morning. He thought it was fabulous.

It does not appear as though the cortisone shot had any effect, though I can't be certain as the tape hasn't come off my foot yet, and pretty much that's all I feel (which does lead me to think that I should get one of those sock-brace-thingies). Story of my life, though. Used to be a cortisone shot would last years. Now...not so much.
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Emergency Day Off: My mother asked me to go to an appointment with her today. It's going to be a fairly unpleasant thing which I had hoped to avoid because I was working. But she needs the support, and I'm the one best available, as my sister doesn't get paid leave since she's a temp (even though she's been working there for two years), and my an asshole. So that leaves me to be the responsible one. As usual.

Weather: It's raining. It's supposed to rain the rest of the week. I'm so excited. Oh, wait. No, the other thing.

LJI: I chose a different topic from the one I had been mulling over all weekend, and once a first line occurred to me, the rest of it just sort of flowed. (No pun intended.) I wrote the first draft yesterday morning before my doctor appointment, and edited it last evening. I'm pretty pleased with myself, actually. *preen*

Speaking of Doctors: Louisa is still there (which I knew). I was scheduled to see the PA, but Doc saw me come into the office, asked the staff why I was there, and when they put me in the exam room after the ultrasound (almost as unpleasant as the last one), he came in to see me instead. I really like him. He is such a pleasant change from my last gynecologist who was a sanctimonious asshole. Doc wanted to talk to me about whether I wanted to just monitor Louisa or actually go poking around after her. I am all about the monitoring, so I will have another ultrasound the same day as my yearly checkup in two months.

The Rescue: It's not that they want me to take multiple dogs. It's that they want me to choose a different dog. My mother theorizes that the dog I want has been promised to a friend, even though they say they don't do that sort of thing. Anyway. I didn't call them back yesterday because it was already late afternoon when I got the message, and I wanted a chance to look at their dog roster again. I'll call them this afternoon and see what they have to say. I do not want to take a dog from them just to say that I took a dog. And I certainly do not have $600 to take two. (Though that might solve a number of problems.)

The Cattens: I did not see the cattens yesterday at all, but the food bowl was empty, so I refilled it. I should probably move it gradually closer to the house; right now, it's out under the grapevines at the edge of my property, near where I know they're getting under the fence. I put Sheila's patio water bowl out there, too, since I don't know where else they might be getting water. Not that that is going to make a difference in another month, but in another month, there will be solid water just lying about for the taking.

I don't know why I'm making such an effort for these cats. They are wild animals (truly; they were born wild, not dumped), no different from raccoons or possums or skunks, and I certainly wouldn't be feeding raccoons or possums or skunks. I'm an idiot.

Bees. So Many Bees: A quote from one of my favorite fanfic authors, and also what's going on in my house. Though, really, it's wasps. I have suspected for a while, and confirmed it yesterday afternoon, that there is a wasp's nest either in the attic over my bedroom or in the bedroom wall. There is a hole in the board that meets the chimney, and they're using it for Wasp Highway 101. My sister asked me if I wanted her to call my brother as he has had to deal with such nests in the course of his work, but because so much of my upstairs is open to the attic (or separated from it only by a sheet of insulation) that trying to smoke them out would only result in them getting into the rest of the house. I suppose I will have to call in a professional.

This is one of those times when I think it would be so much easier to just take The Perfidious Ex's route and simply walk away. MyAuntie would love it if I came to live with her. Of course, I wouldn't have a job....
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Sunday: Yes. Yes, it is. I have tomorrow off because I have multiple doctor appointments -- not by design, though. Just coincidence. One of them is a follow-up ultrasound to check on Louisa. She has been noisy this last week, so I guess she's still around.

LJI: Back in the main competition as I said. There are multiple topics to choose from this time, and I can't come up with anything. Entry is due tomorrow evening. Arg. Arg, I say.

House stuff: I got very little work done around the house yesterday. I went out into the garage and basically turned circles trying to figure out what to do first. The oil spill out there is spreading, so I really need to deal with that, but am not certain how. (One of the things my darling ex left behind was a milk jug full of used motor oil. One of the things he was supposed to deal with, in addition to the thrice-damned loader, was the chemicals in the garage. He did not. The oil has now eaten through the botom of the milk jug and is slowly spreading across the garage floor. I have tossed sawdusty stuff into it to try to keep it confined, but it keeps spreading. I'm not quite sure how to deal with it.)

I did manage to get some of the garage sale stuff -- which, frankly, should probably just be thrown away -- packed into boxes and the boxes stacked out of the way. If I can get the tables cleared off, I can collapse them, then I can bring the garbage and recycling bins back in. Sooner or later, one of my neighbors is going to inform me that if I keep them outside, I'm going to attract bears, even though I don't actually put anything in them until garbage day. There are bears nearby, so my bins are clearly going to attract them.


I have decided that I am just going to pick a room and clean it. Then I will pick another room and clean it. And that room is all that I will work on that day. We'll see how it goes.

Dog Stuff: I decided to go ahead and submit an application for the dog I'm interested in adopting. I expect to be rejected out-of-hand, and that's fine, but if I didn't at least try to get her, I'd've been annoyed with myself, and myself doesn't need that. Really. She's got enough to put up with at the moment.

Stuff I'm Not Talking About: Is intensifying this week. Is going to suck.

Weather: It was unpleasant yesterday. Cold and wet...except for when the sun managed to come out. Today's forecast is for clouds this morning and sun this afternoon. I suppose that means I should get out there this afternoon and mulch leaves. About a third of the oak's leaves are down. The crabapple is nearly bare. The maple has barely gotten started. In the front yard, the maple is also barely started. I'd rather go somewhere and take pictures of leaves than try to mulch them, but if I leave it too long, the mower won't be able to cope.

I hate fall almost as much as I hate winter.

Doctor Who: Well. Last night's episode seems to confirm Read more... )
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  • Sky this morning was lit in such a way that the east was pink and the west looked clear and cloudless. In reality, the whole of the sky was overcast. Last forecast I saw called for storms this morning, at least.

  • Spent all freakin' day on the same case as I spent all freakin' Monday on. Expect to spend all of today on it, as well. Or, at least, all of this morning...

  • I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. Yet another pelvic ultrasound, whee. If this all ends up being scar tissue, I will be...relieved first, but annoyed second.

  • Refilled Nick's insulin for the first time yesterday. Called the pharmacy's refill line at 12:15 and at 12:45 got a call from the pharmacist to say that they were out of that particular type and would have to order it, but would have it today. I am impressed at how quickly the message for the refill was picked up, frankly.

  • The county home is preparing to toss me in front of a bus. I can tell.

  • Woke up at 2:30 a.m. Couldn't get back to sleep. At 3:30, the Claws In The Attic 500 began, so I came downstairs to the couch. As soon as I sat down, Kethri came over to dance on my head. I discouraged that.... Didn't really sleep the rest of the night, yet it was somehow forty minutes after I normally get up when I heard a crash from my office. Merlin had knocked something off my desk. End result: My hair is on its own today; it'll get washed tomorrow.

Moon Rain

May. 12th, 2014 09:29 pm
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I was just out with Sheila, admiring the almost full moon through a break in the leaves of the maple tree&@185;, and getting rained on at the same time. Either that or the bats were spitting on me. And since I only saw one bat.... It just struck me as particularly odd that there was the moon sailing through clear sky, yet at the same time, I was getting rained on. Which isn't really all that odd, I suppose; I drove through a band of inordinately heavy rain this afternoon that was maybe a mile wide.

Summer is my favorite season; I always say that, but I forget every year how nice spring is when things start to green up and the trees are all blossoming and everything just smells so sweet. (And it's finally warm!) I was reminded of that while standing outside only a few yards from the crabapple tree. And it's not even an on year for the crabapple: only about a quarter of it is actually in bloom.

So. Good news is good, mostly. Further images simply show "dense breast tissue" which is the polite way of saying that I'm fat. The ultrasound tech very politely asked if I had had any weight changes since last year; well, I gained ten pounds or so since then, and I'm the heaviest I've ever been, so I'd say...yeah, pretty much. Of course, she also asked about drinking caffeine and my hysterectomy. Still. *shrug*

Ah...and now it's pouring out there.

I was at the clinic for three hours and fifteen minutes. I got there earlier than intended; my business in Dansville didn't take as long as I thought, even with stopping for an early lunch. (More on that in a minute.) I was about half an hour early for my appointment, so I was there for over an hour before I saw the mammogram tech and then had to wait another hour and some to see the ultrasound tech. I shouldn't complain, of course, since it ended up being good news.

The drive...well. I nearly merged into people a couple of times and had a couple of quick lane changes -- I loathe driving on those roads, but I guess I won't go to the satellite office again.

Anyway. I stopped at the dealership in Dansville on the way up and they took pictures of the hood and drove the van up the road to a body shop for an estimate on getting it repainted. They're going to email the whole mess directly to Chrysler to see if it'll be covered at all; if Chrysler won't do it, they'll try their district management. Both of the service guys, who I would guess were in their sixties were shaking their heads. "Haven't seen anything like this in years," said one. "Doesn't happen anymore," said the other. "Now if this were an old car...."

But if Chrysler will cover a new paint job, that would be excellent because it would also take care of a couple of dings in the fenders, one from when I backed into the garage doors, and the other that I just spotted on the front today. Here's hoping.

And now it sounds like the rain has stopped again.

Today's drive was a lot different from when I went to Rochester two weeks ago. Then, it was cold and raining, and there was snow on the ground at the highest elevation on I-86. Today it was still rainy in spots, but it was mostly sunny, and warm, and the hills are starting to get green and there are blossoms everywhere.

Vast improvement. Vast.
¹ All of the maple trees seem to have leaves now, but the oaks do not yet.


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