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I'm home from Wonder Woman and feeling snarky. I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I had hoped, but that was partly because there was a huge head in the middle of the screen thanks to the partially spranged seat and the tall guy that sat right in front of me despite there being plenty of other seats in the theatre. I tried to get the girls to move, but I guess I didn't try hard enough.
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But on the way home from the theatre, I saw a fox running across the road, and Jack appears to have not eaten any portion of the house (though I haven't yet been upstairs since getting home), so I guess it's all good.
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It has been another busy day. I haven't yet had a chance to take my afternoon break, so the rest of the work day (all fifteen minutes of it) is cancelled. But hey, at least I'm not taking a nap like the person in the cube behind me. Her radio is playing softly, and she's asleep. Which actually happens frequently enough that it's an open secret. She didn't have her cubicle's doorway moved (it was originally across from mine and now it's around the corner) for the light, she had it moved so that no one would know when she took naps.

This morning, I had to go to a training on supplemental needs trusts. It wasn't really much of a training; someone came down from Buffalo and read from a Power Point presentation. I really hate that. Just give me the printout and leave me to it; don't waste my time reading something I'm capable of reading myself.

This afternoon, because I am the 9-5 person of record this week, I had to talk to a pair of interns from the local high school. They're not true interns; they're just fulfilling a community service requirement (or something along those lines) for graduation. They come into the agency after school for a week and get lectured on each of the various programs. This is the first time I've ever had the duty, and let me tell you, I am not the person to lecture anyone about Medicaid in general because I have always been in a specialized sub-unit. But I'm the one they got stuck with. Well, we made it 35 minutes (out of two hours) before I ran out of things to say, and sent them back upstairs to the person in charge of the internship program.

Oh, she just woke up. Well, the day is nearly over....

Last night, BFT and J1 and I finally went to see Beauty and the Beast. It is a fantastic film, but when Emma Watson came down the stairs in the yellow ballgown, all I could think of was Hermione coming down the stairs for the Yule Ball. I hadn't realized that Emma Thompson and Ewan MacGregor were both in the film (Mrs. Potts and Lumière), though I recognized Ian McKellan's voice of course. According to the trivia for the film on IMDB, there is a hint in Belle's first song that the village is also partly under the curse, reliving the same day -- "There goes the baker with his tray like always" and Belle knowing where to walk to get through the crowd while reading. It's an interesting thought and actually makes sense since the village would have originally been beholden to the castle, and certainly isn't that far from it. And with the way the film ends, it would have been exceedingly cruel not to include the village in the curse in some way, and we can see, I think, that the Enchantress isn't cruel. (Scenes not included in the animated version.)

The weather has turned yet again. It was a pretty day yesterday, but today has been rainy and damp and chilly (though the actual temperature is decent for this time of year; it's the damp that makes it chilly). It is quite windy right now and rain is spattering against the house which is making odd creaky-groany noises every so often (not at all like the usual noises of mice in the walls and a dog and cat grooming themselves). I will have to go patrol the yard (check for rabbits, possums, deer, etc.) before letting Jack out, and then Jack will refuse to go off the ramp, because his delicate paws might get damp.

I didn't come home at lunchtime (because I allow myself one day a week when I don't have to interact with the Gecko at all), and arrived home this afternoon to find the Gecko sitting on the couch with the curtains behind it rucked up, and reeking of Not Having Washed In Several Days As Usual. When I got back from walking Jack (just a quick five minutes around the block), her father was sitting in the driveway, and she was still sitting on the couch staring at her tablet, so I informed her rather sharply that her father was waiting for her. I hate it when she does that. It's not like she can't hear him pull in; his vehicle is Very Loud, Indeed. Let's face it: I hate everything she does. This rucking up my curtains, though, annoys me a great deal. I have my house just so, and I expect it to stay that way, and that means leaving the curtains closed if they're closed. If you don't have enough light, you know where the switches are.

My sister got her hair cut last night after work. She got one of those bobs that's nape-length in back and chin length in front, and sweeps across on one side. It looked nice this morning, but I can guarantee that it won't stay that way. Someone asked me if I was going to get mine cut next (my sister and I work in the same office), and my response was, "God, no! I hate my hair short." Which I do. It looks good when it's short; I can't deny that. But I dislike it nevertheless. And for me, anything less than bra strap-length is short, and even that's pushing it.

Right. Time to check the yard....
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I am saving daylight. I will keep it in a jar in my closet, along with my spare change.

I was watching Doctor Strange for the third time this week yesterday, and remembered that I had once upon a time taped a television Dr. Strange movie. I was pretty sure that I had kept that tape when I cleaned out my collection a couple of years back (did you know that tapes have to be thrown out rather than recycled?), and lo, I found it today.

Wow. It was...well, MyAuntie described the current movie as "trippy." This movie was filmed in 1978. It was not only trippy, but I think it recycled some special effects from Logan's Run (the television show, not the film) which was definitely trippy and which recycled effects from various other sci fi shows and movies including Star Trek. Also...the non-trippy SFX were Really Bad. It was another version of Strange's origin story because it was meant as a pilot. Unsurprisingly, it didn't sell -- probably because Stan Lee didn't make a cameo appearance. Peter Hooten played Stephen Strange, and I spent the entire thing thinking he was Lee Horsley. In any case, I think it's going to be another several years before I watch it again.

The commercials were interesting. For one thing, there were never more than two in a row, and they were all of the infomercial type, so this must've been on later at night or on a weekend. They were also from considerably later than the movie -- I caught at least one "copyright 1990." Well, and one had an early PC as a background prop. I fast-forwarded through them for the most part, though I did watch a couple. I remembered most of them, which may or may not be sad.

I suspect I'll have to watch the current movie as a palate cleanser....

There is cheeseburger soup in the crockpot, but I don't know that I'm going to wait until it's done to have dinner as it's got another hour to go. I was thinking about making scrambled eggs or something of that nature. On the other hand, I've already washed the dishes from making the soup, so maybe I will wait. I was shaking my head at the recipe, because it assured me that the prep time was only fifteen minutes. I don't know in what universe, because it takes ten minutes to pre-cook the vegetables, and that doesn't count chopping them first. Plus there's another ten minutes (or so) to brown the hamburger, so.... It usually takes me about forty-five minutes of prep time for every crockpot of soup I make. It's one of the big reasons I hate cooking, and clean-up is the other.

At least I'll have ten days' worth of dinners....
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  • It is my not so humble opinion that if you're going to be in the SCA, you should at least be able to spell "medieval." And "renaissance." And perhaps "anachronism."

  • The Gecko is no longer making any attempt to hide the fact that she spends her days sprawled on my couch. It is getting me down.

  • I have an episode and a half and about four "extras" to go in my reread of Shadow Unit. All hell is just about to break loose...and I am reluctant to continue reading because I know what's coming.

  • Actually kind of hoping I don't survive this week's Idol vote. I won't quit -- probably -- but if I don't make a vote, I won't be too upset about it.

  • Have a new theory about Rey: What if, instead of being Luke's daughter or Leia and Han's daughter or Palpatine's or Obi-Wan's or Qui-Gon's granddaughter (did I miss anyone?), she's like Anakin, and is a vergence? Created (sort of) by the Force itself? Happened once, could happen again, right? It would explain why she's such a good pilot, how she's able to get the better of Kylo Ren not just once, but a few times, and so on.

  • Kethri was driving me nuts tonight. She was extremely needy and insisted on being in my lap. I, meanwhile, was in no mood to be climbed on by a cat. I ended up shutting her in my office because I couldn't get her to leave me the fuck alone.

  • Today is my mother's birthday. She is...71, I think.

  • I am really just killing time here because I can't quite justify going to bed at 8:00 p.m.

  • It was warmish today -- nearly 60° at lunchtime when the sun was out, though the temperature had fallen about five degrees by the time I left work because the sun had gone.

  • 7:00 a.m. is apparently the time to go to the grocery store.... I left the house this morning at 7:00 a.m. and was home by 7:20 a.m. Of course, I had a list and stuck to it and didn't wander, except for when I went looking for barrettes, and discovered that they had them buy one get one free. Score!

  • The rabbit has been hanging out in the backyard again. I wish I could figure out a way of dissuading it from doing that -- other than letting Jack catch it, of course.

  • It's probably not even the same rabbit; it's probably a previous year's puppy/cub/kitten/whateverthefuckyoungrabbitsarecalled returning to the ancestral birthing grounds.

  • I was reading up on sonic pest control devices a bit. I want to try one, but am a bit concerned that five minutes after I plug one in, I'll be standing in my living room in a cloud of bats like Bruce Wayne fallen into the Batcave.

  • People think I'm exaggerating when I say I can smell the Gecko as soon as I open my back door.

  • I'm not exaggerating.

  • Was watching an episode of Graham Norton this evening. I wonder if Daniel Radcliffe realizes how very rapidly he speaks He never seems to slow down.

  • Can't believe he's 27 already.

  • Was watching a featurette (one of those before the movie, but not a trailer things) on Shirley Maclaine's new movie the other day. BFT said, "She's not a nice person." Apparently she frequented a shop that BFT worked in when she lived in...Santa Fe or Flagstaff or somewhere in the Southwest.

  • Still reading 1984. I am reading it on breaks at work. At home, I am reading MyAuntie's book because it has been many years since I last did. I told her I was rereading it; she was surprised that it was still in one piece. Well. I do have two copies: a reading copy and an autographed copy. I had two autographed copies, but I lent one to my creative writing professor and never got it back.

  • It's not like I couldn't get her to sign another one. It's not actually that difficult to find used copies. Or it wasn't the last time I looked, anyway.

  • Oh, look. 9:00 p.m. I can now justify getting ready for bed.
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  • It is very cold this morning. When I first checked the temperature, before sunrise, it was -1°F. By the time Jack and I went walkies, it was up to 2°. Yay. It is supposed to get up to about 40° today.

  • Cream of Wheat is a very disappointing breakfast when you're used to pastries or nice muffins on Sundays, but I didn't go to the grocery store yesterday, and won't go today, and haven't the ingredients to bake my own. (Or the desire, for that matter.)

  • I liked Logan more than I expected. Don't stay through the credits, though (unless that's your thing); the Fun Thing happens at the beginning.

  • The local cinema has modernized their lobby (instead of, say, repairing all the sprung seats), so that at the concession stand you get only your popcorn, candy, and soda cup, which you then have to take to a separate dispenser and fill yourself. It eases some of the congestion at the concession stand, by moving it to a different part of the lobby. I don't buy drinks, anyway -- they're too expensive -- but I'd get Really Seriously Annoyed if I had to stand in a second line to get my drink.

  • Logan is not a movie for kids, despite having a number of children in it. And yet there was an eight-year-old girl in the seat next to me, installed there by her redneck male relative (couldn't tell if a father or older brother...or both), who never bothered to ask me to move my stuff, just plonked his kid nearly on top of my purse. And the whole family reeked of stale cigarette smoke. Ack. At least the kid was well-behaved, unlike the last batch that got seated near me in a movie.

  • No. I don't like children. Why do you ask?

  • Or most people, for that matter.

  • I rescued a spider from the tub this morning, and it is now sitting in an upside-down glass on my kitchen counter because it seemed stupid to rescue it from drowning and then eject it from the house to freeze. I'll take it outside this afternoon, I guess, when it's much warmer.

  • The matter of Gram's house has been resettled for the moment, with the sale being tabled for now. My mother won't be pleased. Apparently, Gram didn't understand that when my mother said she'd like to get the house cleaned out, she didn't mean just "cleaned," she meant "emptied." MyAuntie explained what Mom really meant, and Gram vetoed the whole thing.

  • I am feeling my usual lack of ambition. I walked Jack around the block, did my fifteen minutes on my treadmill, washed my hair, and am going to do the dishes and two loads of laundry (one in now). Surely that's enough?
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In other news, it's been a Really Long Week, even though I didn't work one day of it. I'm glad the weekend has arrived.

I got the greater share of my groceries on Thursday after my doctor appointment and before going to work so that I wouldn't have to go out this morning because BFT and I are going to see Logan this afternoon. I actually don't want to see the movie; the trailers make it look particularly grim, and not in a good way. Though I suppose it might be worth it to see Patrick Stewart swearing. Well, it's too late to back out, anyway, she's already got the tickets.

So with no need to go out for groceries this morning, I'm actually at a bit of a loss. Usually, I'm just getting home at this time, but the kitty litter is already taken care of, and I have a load of laundry that sounds like it might be on its final spin, and there aren't enough dishes piled up to warrant turning on the hot water until after lunch, and....

Maybe I'll take a nap, if I can dislodge the cat from the couch.

Speaking of which, I was complaining to my sister about the Gecko occupying my couch, and she made a couple of suggestions, including zipping the couch cusions into a mattress cover with a plasticky surface. That's great for the cushions, but what about the rest of the couch? Besides, I want something I can remove in the evenings. So I think it's going to be shower curtains. Maybe not the flat-out plastic ones, nor the silky ones, but there's an in-between stage that should work. That, and lots of Febreze, because even after I dragged the blankets off last night, I could still smell her.


Maybe I should go back to looking for another dog to keep Jack company....
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I just found out that LJ is apparently refusing to talk to DW and cross-posting is not happening. On the other hand, the last post I made does appear to have properly cross-posted, so we'll see.

I tried to watch Arrival last night, but I couldn't. I don't know whether it's my copy of the movie, whether it's my Blu-Ray player, or whether it was just the horrible racket that the furnace fan was making, but I could barely hear the thing, even with the volume turned way up. I may try it again this afternoon, as I suspect my mood had something to do with it, too -- I was a little blue, and the movie does not start out well for someone who is already a bit down. Anyway, I ended up watching Emergency! episodes again. Yes. I am rewatching the entire series from beginning to end again. I do that with books sometimes (usually just Guy Gavriel Kay, though) -- finish something and turn right around and re-read it. This is the first time I've done it with a TV series, though. I will skip the movies, though (the seventh season) because they mostly suck, and are actually mostly about other people than Johnny and Roy.

The temperature fell as promised, and there is a tiny bit of snow this morning. It probably won't last, though, as today's high is still supposed to be 35°, and it's supposed to be in the mid-40s tomorrow. Last time I looked out the window, there was a bit of sun, so....

The robins are back. My mother announced it to me the other day in her usual fashion: "The robins are back. I can feel them." (She says this every spring.) Yeah, well, I saw them. My mother has this thing about being semi-psychic and terribly empathic. I can't roll my eyes hard enough when it comes to some of the things she insists on. I do refrain from saying, "No, Mom, you don't feel them. You're just hearing birdsong you haven't heard since October."

Mom and Dad stopped down last Sunday and brought me a length of lovely paisley fabric. Mom couldn't figure out what it was; she thought maybe it was a tablecloth or a long valance because it has one section that has what I'm guessing is a reinforcing strip, which is not a rod pocket, and it's too narrow and too long for a table cloth. I think it might be a sari. Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it.

I have just come up with a new group noun: Ulcer of things which one refrains from saying to one's parents. Or possibly a Therapy of things which one refrains from saying to one's parents.


There are a brazillion things I should be doing today, but...I haven't any more ambition than I usually do on a Sunday, so I probably won't do them. Except for the laundry. I already have the first load in. I am debating whether or not to toss some potato soup into the crock pot, but...I'm thinking that since it's already nearly midmorning, that's probably not going to happen -- especially as I don't have any onions. Though I'm sure I could use cream of onion soup; I'm sure I have a can of that, at least.
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It is face-hurty, snow-squeaky, nose-freezey cold out there. It was brilliantly sunny for a while, then about an hour ago, the sun disappeared. I think we're still under a lake effect snow warning until tomorrow evening. We don't actually need more snow, in my not so humble opinion.

And speaking of snow, my brother apparently ran the snowblower for me yesterday even though the driveway didn't really need it. Or at least that's how I interpret the tracks in the driveway. There was barely half an inch out there. Hardly worth bothering. I'm wondering, of course, how he got it to run. Or, alternatively, what I was doing wrong that it wouldn't work for me last week.

Earlier this afternoon, I sent him a message asking him if he took the last two diet Cokes out of my fridge. I'm 99.9% sure it wasn't him, though. I'm pretty sure it was the Gecko, pilfering as usual. And, yes, I know I said I was going to get a lock for the fridge, but I keep thinking of how inconvenient it would be for me -- as if having things disappearing wasn't itself inconvenient. Apparently, I'm going to have to confront her over every single thing she steals, since she hasn't touched the milk since I confronted her over that -- but she started taking soda. Or maybe she was taking it all along, and I only really started to notice because I don't buy diet Coke that often (I prefer diet Dr. Pepper).

My sister tells me that the Lizard has finally admitted to herself that the Gecko (who is actually the eldest Gecko) will never be able to support herself or really function properly in society. What that means in the long run, I do not know. The best thing for her would be to get her diagnosed with whatever disorder she has (and she does) and get her on SSI so she'd at least have some income. Then when they kick it, she can go into a group home. I hope they are not pinning their hopes on me supporting her, because as soon as I no longer need her to keep Jack company, I will no longer allow her in my house. Although knowing my brother and his wife, they are absolutely counting on either my parents, my sister, or me to take care of her; these are the idiots who kept trying to have a son in the hope that they would inherit my paternal grandfather's millions, after all. (The only son they had was born at five months' gestation and lived half an hour; my grandfather never had millions, and even if he did, his estate would have gone to his three children (and did, what there was), not to them.) But you can't explain that sort of thing to them; they know best.

As for the other two...well, the middle one is in GED classes and actually looking for work. The youngest is still in school, but has regular therapy appointments.

I'm beginning to worry a bit about Jack. He hasn't had diarrhea in a couple of days, but he also -- so far as I know -- hasn't pooed at all. We'll see how this afternoon's walkies goes.

My sister's new in-laws are both in the hospital. On Tuesday, her father-in-law was having a stress test and had a heart attack, and when they went out to the waiting room to let her mother-in-law know, she also had one. He's in ICU, but hers was apparently less serious. Meanwhile, Number 5, who is an OTR truck driver is stranded in Nebraska with a breakdown. Or, more accurately, brakedown. Or so I gather. MyAuntie, who doesn't like him at all, points out that he gets broken down out west a lot, and she wonders how many wives he actually has. His truck does seem to break down every other trip or so.

I have no ambition this weekend. I got groceries this morning, then changed the kitty litter, then noodled around on the computer. The only other work I did today was to pay my grandmother's bills for her and to wash the dishes. I did write MyAuntie a letter -- it seemed only proper to respond in kind to her actual snail mail thank you note.

It's a good thing that I saw someone mention Emerald City yesterday afternoon; I didn't know it was supposed to start last night. I also didn't know that it was a short series; I thought it was just a TV movie. In any case, I did watch it last night, and I am intrigued...although I'm betting that Dorothy will end up being the Witch of the South's child. Glinda kept bugging me; she reminded me of someone and I couldn't figure out who, so I looked the actress up, but that didn't help. Then it occurred to me a little bit ago that it was Jean Marsh as Queen Bavmorda in Willow. Weird.

I do believe that I am going to retreat to the couch with either a book or some DVDs, and hope that I can get my feet warm. Oh, wait. Nearly 4:00 p.m. Actually, I'm going to walk Jack. Then retreat to the couch....
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When last we left our intrepid heroine, she was bitching about getting All The Snow (as she does) and worrying that the Lawnmower Curse would extend to the snowblower. She was also reasonably convinced that her asshole brother was not going to be showing up to help out because there was no benefit to him in doing so. Turns out she was right on both counts. And she will now cease speaking of herself in the third person.

I got the snowblower out of the garage with no difficulty -- the broken slab hasn't heaved yet, so the outer door still swings freely. Well, when I say "no" difficulty, that only counts the opening of the doors, not the shoveling that's required to clear space for them to open. Anyway. Got the snowblower out, and it started right away. Yes! And it chewed about three feet and the auger started shrieking. I do not know enough about snowblowers to have any least idea of what the hell was wrong with it, but I couldn't get it to work and ended up shoveling the driveway out by hand. That took me about two and a half hours and I documented it on FB with my cellphone camera. I was just so annoyed. And even then, I didn't clear the whole thing. I suppose if I were smart, I'd go out and clear the rest of it, but I don't actually give a rat's ass whether or not my brother can park in my driveway when he drops off his spawn -- and that's the only reason he ever clears the driveway for me to begin with -- for his own convenience.

And Bird reports that he once again did not clear Gram's driveway and sidewalks -- which she pays him to do -- so that Bird missed getting some packages from UPS last week and will have to go to the depot on Tuesday to argue with them.

MyAuntie asked me why I even wanted to go out on Friday, and I told her that I didn't, which was, in fact, the case. I didn't want to, but I had to go to J1's house for BFT's graduation dinner. It was the four of us: Js 1&2, BFT, and me. It was fun -- it always is when the four of us get together -- but I'd've been just as happy staying home. On the other hand J1 made pot roast and I haven't had pot roast in ages.

Yesterday, Bird brought Niece over and we went to see Fantastic Beasts...which cost me about $50 -- jeez, how do families manage it? Well. Part of the expense was that I bought the 2017 popcorn bucket (it's a $20 hunk of plastic which you can refill throughout the year for less than the price of a small popcorn. If you go to the movies a lot and like popcorn, then it's actually a pretty good deal), while also getting the 2016 bucket filled one last time. I sent the latter home with Niece, since she likes popcorn.

My sister informed me midmorning that my mother was going to be coming to my house around 4:00 p.m. to do Christmas with Niece. I was a little less than pleased, since my mother didn't bother to ask me if I minded. I would've said no, of course, which is what Mom was expecting, but it would be nice to be asked about things occurring in my house.

Bird was also going to take Niece to see Grama, but when they got there, there was a sign on the door saying basically "Everybody's sick. Bugger off." Only slightly more politely.

They finally all left about 5:00 p.m. and I had my house back to myself. My plan for the evening was to finish my last book of the year -- reached my goal! -- and finish the third season of Emergency!, which I did. Then I chose one more episode from the later seasons just to finish out the year and went to bed shortly after midnight. I don't usually bother to stay up to see the new year in, but I was already close enough and awake enough that I figured what the heck.

2016's last gift was some thundersnow, which I had never experienced before. Unfortunately, this morning, everything is covered in a glaze of ice. Jack got walked about a quarter of his regular walk, but didn't seem to mind as he frolicked in the backyard and -- more importantly -- attended to his usual walkies business. He doesn't like it when I limit my pace to what is safe on ice. And I don't like it when he pulls. So turning around and coming back was the smart thing to do.

And now it's New Year's Day, and I am probably going to read for a good chunk of it, since I can't binge-watch anymore Emergency! since it left Netflix at 12:01.... I need to get started on my 2017 reading goal, anyway. And maybe decide what that will be....

Oh, and regarding the latest LJ kerfluffle -- I cross-post from Dreamwidth, except for photo posts and LJ Idol posts, anyway -- and I have the same user ID.
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The first thing I did yesterday after the news broke about Carrie Fisher's death was to go to Amazon and order her most recent books. I'd been meaning to for a while, and I probably would have the next time I needed something (like the dog chewies that I can't get locally anymore), but....

I was a little girl -- in third grade -- when Star Wars (and I'm sorry, it is never A New Hope for me) was first released. My mother wouldn't let me see it. Everybody else got to go see it, but my mother.... Well, maybe "let" is the wrong word. I was nine years old, and if she didn't want to see a movie, I didn't get to see a movie, because she wouldn't let me go alone. Or with anyone else. So I didn't see a lot of movies. (I was an adult before I saw Grease, which came out right around the same time and which all of my friends got to see.)

So I had no idea what the movie was about, and being an imaginative child, I just made up my own story based on the title. So, with my baton (actually a magic scepter), I was a space princess named Venus who battled Mercury and Mars and Saturn all up and down the length of the backyard.

Close enough, right?

The movie was re-released the following summer or one of the local theaters picked it up as a bargain movie -- I'm not certain -- but I finally got to see it the next summer. The funny thing is that I never wanted to be Princess Leia. I wanted to be Luke.

But I'm weird.

Anyway. That's my Star Wars story.

BFT and I did go see Rogue One last night. She called me about fifteen minutes before I had planned to leave the house to let me know that the theater was packed and she was going to buy both our tickets while she could get to the box office. I left the house immediately, and when I got there, the line was out the doors and into the parking lot -- not hard, really, since there's no other room for it in the lobby. The concession lines were also packed. We had forgotten that Tuesday is bargain day, and seats are $5 (or so; I think the price has gone up a bit) all day, and concessions are less expensive, also. And, of course, the kiddies are on vacation, too.

By the time we got through the concession line -- she wanted popcorn, but I wasn't feeling all that great -- the theater was full. Well, they announced that the show had sold out while we were still six people back from getting popcorn. The only seats we could find were in the first three rows and off to the side; we immediately determined that we would have to come back so that we could sit farther back and not see the screen from such an angle -- hard to get entirely absorbed in the movie when half your view is taken up by the emergency exit.

Anyway. The movie was very good. Read more... ) Anyway. We'll be seeing it again, perhaps this weekend, though we also talked about seeing Fantastic Beasts again -- even though I'm taking Niece to see that tomorrow afternoon.

Today's plan is simple: read. Maybe watch a movie or a couple of episodes of Emergency! since it's leaving Netflix on Sunday. Maybe start cleaning the library if I get ambitious (which I don't see happening). Otherwise, another pajama day. I'm on vacation, after all.
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A surprising amount of snow melted yesterday and overnight. I'm not sure if the temperature actually reached nearly 40° or not, but where I shoveled around the van and from my doorstep to the driveway was clear of snow. The base of the driveway and the other lane were down to slush, though by the end of today, they will probably be back to solid ice. The forecast is calling for this morning's temperature of 33° to be the high. It's supposed to fall to around 20° and there is rain right now. Freezing rain later.

I've already emailed BFT to see if she might like to postpone going to see Rogue One. We could probably sneak into an early show next Saturday (Christmas Eve shouldn't be too terribly busy), or we both have Friday off. Today just doesn't seem like a day for going out -- and we surely don't need to see every new movie on opening weekend. On the other hand, if the weather is truly crappy, the theater is less likely to be busy.


I got my hair fixed yesterday. I got there at the same time as my guy. I also learned that we are entirely free to park in the parking lot next door because the owners of that business also own the house that the salon occupies the first floor of. Okay, then. I've always parked on the next cross street, but there is a parking ban in the city right now because of the snow. I'm glad I don't still live in my tiny apartment in the middle of town because there was no place other than the street to park. On streetsweeper nights, whichever of the two of us got home first got to park on the subway between the sidewalk and the street and the other got to park up the corner and around the block. (It was a duplex.)

Anyway, I got about three inches lopped off and my hair is still below mid-back. He asked me if I'd ever had short hair (we always joke about it being time for that pixie cut) and I said, "Sure -- you cut it." He didn't remember, but it has been a while. I pulled my work ID out of my purse and showed him. He was surprised; he didn't remember it at all. Though, honestly, I'm not certain that that work photo was taken the last time I had short hair (I did the divorce haircut (and the divorce tattoo, for that matter)) or the time before. My passport has my divorce haircut in the photo; I offered to pull my hair back for the customs officer in...Paris, I think it was, because he kept looking back and forth between my face and my photo.

Afterward, I had to stop at WickedMart on the way home. I only needed to get cat food and a couple of cans of dog food (Jack has to be enticed to eat his kibble, so he gets a generous spoonful of wet food spread out with water to make gravy. I was dreading it, even so, because I loathe crowds and trying to navigate that store when it's crowded, and I figured that the Saturday Before Christmas was going to suck and suck hard. But I apparently got there during a morning lull, because I was able to not only find a parking spot only a few spots down from where I normally park (next to a cart corral, so I can just toss my cart in there), navigate the store to find what I needed, and get out again in about fifteen minutes. Unscathed.

I didn't accomplish much else yesterday. I puttered a bit -- changed the kitty litter and blocked off parts of the basement to try to keep Kethri from peeing in the hardest to reach corner behind the furnace and under a rack of stuff, wrapped the remaining Christmas gifts, including the one for the office exchange, and got a box ready to go to Michigan tomorrow as MyAuntie and Nuncle have decided not to come home this year. I was sort of hoping they were, as I planned to give them both books for Christmas Eve. Instead, I'll have to have Amazon gift cards delivered that day instead. (They were getting those, anyway.)

I didn't do the laundry yesterday and I'm thinking that other than a load of necessary stuff, I might wait until later in the week. I'm only working three days, so I have plenty of clean clothes to make it until then....

Today, I really need to get Christmas cards written out. I think I'll be skipping sending the Christmas Letter to my paternal aunts and uncles (and I'm sure I'll hear about it from them); maybe I'll toss an Alaska photo into the cards. Even if I do end up going to the movie this afternoon, I still need to work on cards....
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Another busy day ahead of me: in the classic way of housecleaning, in order to get the rooms I cleaned yesterday presentable, a lot of the clutter was just moved elsewhere. The library and my office were already sties, and now they're much, much worse. So that's my plan for today. Plus, of course, I have dishes to do as the disposable dishes my mother brought with her last night were not the dishes she thought they were, so we ended up using my dishes. Which is fine, but it means I have dishes to wash.

I also have to go out late this afternoon to see Grama; she was very insistent that I come see her this weekend. She apparently has bills for me in her drawer, and she always frets about them piling up. What she doesn't realize is that when I get them, they're still piled up until I sit down on Saturday mornings to write checks. Ah, well. What she doesn't know.... I'll be taking Jack with me, of course, because I still cannot trust him by himself.

He let me sleep until 3:30 this morning. I have the clock on the digital thermostat set two hours ahead (so I don't forget to override¹ it during the day for the Gecko), which means that at 3:30, the furnace is coming on. Maybe that bothers him. I dunno. I just know that I wasn't happy about it, and am still not. I foresee a nap in my future, if I can get Kethri off the couch.

I may be taking The Niece to see a movie this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow afternoon. I mentioned to Bird last weekend that I'd like to go see either Doctor Strange or Fantastic Beasts again and asked if Niece would like to dogsit. Then it occurred to me that she might like to see either of those films herself, so I offered to take her and let Bird dogsit. She said it might happen. We'll see. I see from the theater marquee that Moana and Trolls are both opening today.

While I'm doing that, I will likely drop the van off for an oil change and to have them inflate the tires for me -- they're soft enough that the beast is wallowing. I used to be really good at adding air to tires myself because I had a car that leaked constantly, but for some reason, my skills seem to have deserted me; the last time I tried to put air in the tires, I ended up flattening them completely and had to call either AAA or my father. AAA, I think. Talk about embarrassing. And the time before that, I had dangerously over-inflated them. So....

It's a pretty dreary day out there. It's supposed to be in the low 40s today and start to rain later. The forecast says "showers," but it's a pretty solid mass of green on the radar map.

Dinner, she says, finally getting to the point, was okay. Mom did make homemade lasagna, and it was tasty. It was stone-cold when she got it here, though, so it had to go in the oven, as did the garlic bread (which wasn't that good). She had also brought both chocolate pie and the fixings for Mexican sundaes, including Grama's homemade chocolate sauce which is basically fudge that hasn't reached candy stage. It was really good, and Mom and Gram managed to mostly not fight.

I have to say that I missed the turkey dinner far more than I expected to. I have leftover lasagna, and plenty of it, and a couple of pieces of pie, hot turkey sandwiches today unless I go out somewhere and get some turkey. Which I might do....

Dad dropped Gram off early, though, around 3:00 p.m., and we ended up sitting in the living room talking about food. Gram's entire day pretty much revolves around food, and it's almost all she talks about. By 3:15, I was desperately sleepy, and just wanted to stretch out on the couch and take a nap, but ended up chatting about food for another forty-five minutes, until I turned on the TV for Gram (schmaltzy Hallmark Christmas movies) and took Jack for a walk. Mom and Dad were just getting here with the food as we walked out the door.

Right. Inertia is calling. Must get moving.
¹ My digital thermostat is programmable. HTWIWM programmed it to go to 64° when I was going to be here (so, on weekends) to 60° during weekdays, and 55° overnight. After he left, I had a friend reprogram it for me so that it was 60° overnight and 66° when I was here. Somehow, though, the original programming did not get cleared, so it has two sets of instructions, and on Sunday nights, it doesn't go down at all, so I have to override it then, too. If I recall correctly, all the instructions can be wiped by removing the battery for 30 seconds, but I have a perhaps superstitious belief that if I do, Bad Things will happen. So I just override it a lot.
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I've just changed the litter boxes for this week, and I'm concerned about Kethri. I found no evidence that she had peed in the litter boxes in a couple of days. I took a clump out of the box upstairs maybe yesterday morning, maybe the morning before that. There was nothing in the boxes downstairs. So either she is peeing somewhere that I am not finding -- entirely possibe -- or there is something wrong. I'm going to keep an eye on it today. She doesn't seem to be in any distress, but that doesn't really mean anything.

As for Jack.... He had a vet appointment the other evening. My vet is on my FB friends list and she had seconded a suggestion that I give him Benadryl at night to calm him down...and that next day, he tore into the window in the library while the dogsitter was sitting in the living room. When I PMed her about upping his Prozac dose, she said she wanted to see him first to see if there was a physical cause for his sudden backsliding. So in we went.

He does have some stiffness in his neck, and she wasn't pleased with his behavior -- he was subdued and trying to hide between me and the exam table -- and she's worried that The Gecko is misuing him. If I find out the Gecko is misusing him, I'll misuse her. She suggested that a nannycam might be in order. She did wonder if the Gecko was leaving the house and leaving Jack here alone, or if she might be having people in. She hasn't ever met the Gecko, I don't think, so she doesn't understand the true Useless Lumpness of her. She is the Platonic Ideal of an Object At Rest. She might as well be named Inertia. So, no, she's not leaving the house unless someone is picking her up (she can't drive), and it appears that all of her friends are imaginary, so it's unlikely that anyone is coming in, unless its her psychopath sister (the one who was setting fires in her bedroom). (Mind you, there's nothing wrong, per se, with imaginary friends; most of mine are imaginary, just as I'm imaginary to them.)

In any case, she wanted to try Jack on Dasuquin and Rimadyl before upping his Prozac to see if maybe it's pain that's making him act out. The neck stiffness could be arthritis and he could be acting out in the fall because the colder weather is exacerbating it. We'll see. It's certainly not calming him down at night. He's still trying to climb into bed with me, and the last couple of nights, he's also been wandering up and down the stairs when I refuse to let him into the bed. I suppose I'm going to end up turning the bed so that he can get in on the other side by himself, unless I can train him to come up on the end and curl up on the passenger side corner. It would be really nice to get a full night's sleep again.

She did observe that he has bonded nicely to me. I was concerned about that.

Night before last, First Boyfriend and BFT came over after they got out of work and we sat around the dining room table with a pizza and talked and laughed all evening. It was Really Nice, and I might see if I can convince them we should do it more often.

It did highlight a stark difference between me and my closest friends, though. We're all in social service jobs, but they're all in them because it's their passion. I'm in mine because I fell into it and found the pay and benefits to be acceptable, even if the job was soul-sucking. (Though it wasn't when I was just a clerk. I loved it when I was a clerk. But I needed a promotion to pay the rent, and....) I would still prefer to be a full-time novelist. Ah, well. Never gonna happen.

Last night, BFT and the J-sisters and I went to see Fantastic Beasts. The theater was less crowded than I expected, but probably a lot of people were in the 3D version instead. It was interesting to see the Wizarding World from an adult point of view. Read more... )

Today...well, it's Saturday, and even though I snuck out last evening and did a flying grocery run after my sister arrived to sit with Jack for the evening, I still have a ton of things to do. The back of the house has to be deep-cleaned because I am definitely hosting Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday. Fortunately, my mother has decided to have lasagna instead of a full-on turkey dinner, which is good, because Gram complains all the time about how she has a full-on turkey dinner at the facility, then comes here and has another. Plus, it's a helluva lot easier to clean up, and less for Mom and Dad to haul.

Not only that, but I haven't swapped out the screens for the storm windows yet, and the gutters that I can reach need cleaning, and I have to write checks, and clean up the library and put the curtain that Jack pulled down back, and do the laundry, and just so much else.

And then there's LJ Idol. I completely flaked on reading and voting last week, and didn't even realize that a new topic was up until a day later. So I've got to do that, as well.

Heigh ho. Guess I'd better get at it....


Nov. 6th, 2016 11:32 am
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  • I woke up at 4:00 a.m. this morning. I stayed in bed until the clock agreed with my head.

  • Jack was exceedingly bouncy this morning. I'm not sure what that was about, but I chased him around the backyard for a bit after we got back from walkies.

  • We were a touch late getting out for walkies, but it was daylight.

  • I have inventoried the crates of left-behind stuff from my upstairs closet and will slowly be listing it on eBay. Hope it sells; I need the cash.

  • I changed the air filter in the lawnmower. I always put it off as long as possible because it's a messy job that I absolutely loathe because it's a sponge filter that requires oiling before installation. As it was, I managed to spill oil in the breezeway and got oil on the casing. And then when I was ready to try it out, I spilled gas on the side of the gas tank and deck of the mower, so I'm not waiting for that to evaporate.

  • We enjoyed Doctor Strange last night, though my companions were glad to see it in 2D instead of 3D, as they both are prone to motion sickness and were reasonably certain that the SFX would have had them heaving in their seats. I was unbelievably pleased to recognize that one of the patients Strange refuses early in the movie was Rhodey, so this takes place at roughly the same time as CA:CW. Also, Strange might just as well be Stark, but with magic instead of tech. I need to see it again, preferably not in a seat in one of the side sections of the auditorium; that's not a problem in the back, but down near the front of the house, it does have a slight warping effect.

  • For those interested in such things, there are two credits scenes -- one mid-credits, one post-.

  • Benedict Cumberbatch needs to work on his US accent. He chewed the rs a little too hard -- though not as badly as Nicola Bryant used to do.

  • (I should talk about accents; the only one I can do is the Monty Python Old Lady accent, which hardly counts.

  • Jack apparently got anxious while I was gone last night; I found some very minor -- especially compared to what he usually does -- damage near the back door. Either he wasn't that nervous, or I got home in time, or the board I have there covering the hole where he tore the wall out deterred him. In any case, I stuff the small pieces of insulation back into the wall -- though I did do a thorough tour of inspection of the rest of the house. I guess I will be taking him with me when I take Kethri to her V-E-T appointment tomorrow evening.

  • I have crossed very few things off my do-list this weekend. Maybe I should think of it as my November do-list and just re-cross the things I do every week, like my chores.

  • I am looking forward to next weekend's three-day weekend, and two weeks after that, a four-day weekend.

  • I think I may post my AuthorQuest entry to AO3. It's not doing me any good just sitting on my hard drive. And the entry that won the contest was released this past summer.

  • The mower deck should be dry by now....


Nov. 5th, 2016 09:30 am
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  • It's still early -- only quarter after 9:00 -- and I'm a little ahead of schedule this morning. Yay?

  • My over-the-wall neighbor at work is utterly useless. I've described her before as a shirker, and she is. And yet twice this week, I've heard her telling people absolutely wrong information about what will happen to their coverage if they're in a nursing home instead of passing the call to a nursing home worker. I've rolled my eyes so hard I had to chase them across the floor.

  • Yesterday turned into a gorgeous -- though chillier than I prefer -- day.

  • Today is supposed to be in the 50s and cloudy.

  • The oak tree in the backyard is nearly finished dropping leaves, but the maple has just gotten started, guaranteeing that I will be running the mower at least until the end of the month.

  • I need to change the air filter, I think. I hate changing the air filter.

  • Kethri has started using the litter boxes in the basement again. I was worried, at first, when I saw how little use the one upstairs was getting, then I saw that she was going into the basement again, and I was much relieved.

  • I am still not putting her food down there, though. I know that if it lingers too long in the kitchen, Jack will clean it up. (Dammit.)

  • I finally actually said something to The Gecko yesterday at lunchtime about the fridge. I had previously just been leaving her notes, because I dislike confrontation nearly as much as she does -- and I try to avoid interacting with her as much as possible -- but something just clicked yesterday. I opened the fridge to find that half of the milk I had left was gone, so I hooked the milk jug over my finger, went into the living room and woke her up. As soon as she saw the milk jug, she mumbled an apology, and I very calmly, without raising my voice in the slightest said that I had told her before to stay out of the fridge and that there was nothing in there for her. Then I turned around and walked away. I heard her clicking on her laptop behind me, so I'm sure all of her little internet friends now know what a horrible person I am -- but so do all of my own little internet friends (sorry, guys!), so whatever. And shortly after that, she was asleep again. Good thing Jack doesn't require active company.

  • My sister, who still gets mail at my grandmother's house, so goes there a couple of times a week to check on the house and get the mail, told me yesterday that she had gone there at lunchtime on Wednesday and someone had put a Trump sign in Gram's lawn. She pulled it down in disgust and tossed it in the back with the garbage cans, and when she went yesterday to get her mail, the next-door neighbor had two Trump signs in his yard. She says that she didn't check to see if that was the one she threw out, but it's likely. We're not going to tell Grama -- she'd be horrified and disgusted. She has already voted by absentee ballot -- for Hillary.

  • I will probably tell MyAuntie, though, so she can be horrified and disgusted.

  • BFT, J1, and I are going to see the cheap matinee of Doctor Strange this afternoon. That gives me plenty of time to change the air filter in the mower and mow the leaves beforehand. Dammit.


Oct. 31st, 2016 08:45 am
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  • I don't know that this costume really works. Ah, well. We'll see when I get to work. If I have to explain it more than three times....

  • I'm not sure the shoes are going to last all day. I should probably take an extra pair. Stuff them in the bag under Toto, maybe.

  • I had brownies for breakfast.

  • There's frost on the pumpkin. And the leaves. And, more importantly, the windshield. Good thing I went out early.

  • Not so good that I was planning to be to work early so I could use a fax machine for some personal business....

  • Gorgeous clear sky this morning. Lots of stars. Now it's sunny.

  • Jack is all excited; apparently he thinks he is going to accompany me as Toto. It's the only reason I can come up with for him to be so enthusiastic this morning.

  • UPS has already been through. Bit early for it.

  • My feet are cold.

  • As are my fingers.

  • I watched Hocus Pocus last night. It got me to thinking about what if Dani and Allison met up with Kylie and Antonia from Practical Magic? What if they all went to college at UC Sunnydale? What if the Aunts knew the moment someone lit the Black Flame Candle? OMG. I'm going to commit fic.

  • Right. Defroster has done its work. Time to go to The Place.


Oct. 9th, 2016 12:26 pm
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It looks like tonight or tomorrow the furnace will have to be turned on. It was 71.5° in here yesterday morning when I got up; this morning, it was 66°, and the high temperature for the day is not supposed to be out of the mid-50s, and no sun, so the house probably won't warm up on its own. *sigh* I knew the day was coming, of course, but I hate having to turn the furnace on. For one thing, it's original to the house (so far as I know), and it frightens me. The guy I had look at it a few years ago told me that they don't make parts for it any longer, so if anything happens to it, it will have to be replaced, and to do that, I'll either have to max out a credit card or get a loan.

Maybe I should just go ahead and do it and stop being afraid of having the heat on....

Auntie and Nuncle are -- probably -- on their way home. I think they traditionally have breakfast with his parents before they leave town, but Auntie wasn't sure whether they would today or not since his parents are pretty devout Catholics and it's Sunday. But since it's just after noon, I'm assuming that they're on their way. They were originally going to stay until Tuesday, but Nuncle had had enough of people by Friday (they came in last Tuesday) and decreed that they were leaving today.

Friday, Auntie spent the morning at the facility with Gram, then I picked her up at lunch time. We went back to the house, had lunch (and I really am not pleased with the sandwich meat and bread that my mother provided for them), walked the dogs, then Auntie and I went to the bank so that we could go through the safe deposit boxes (hers and Gram's) and inventory the contents. Gram's got all sorts of birth certificates and such in hers -- interesting reading. Auntie put me on her box so that if she needs something and can't get back here, I can retrieve it for her.

Then we came back to my house so I could feed Kethri, and arranged to meet Nuncle at Friendly's for dinner. We had a good time, and the food was pretty decent. My Auntie and Nuncle like kids (more than I do, anyway), and were watching a few that were supposedly cute. I was facing the other way, so I don't know.

We visited Gram for a few minutes, then headed back to the house (Gram's) to walk the dogs, then watched a bit of TV and chatted before I came home -- quite late, so I didn't end up going to bed until almost midnight. And this is why I say it's easier when I visit them because I can just toddle off to bed instead of driving across town.

Yesterday was basically more of the same without the bank visit (being Saturday and all). I actually cooked lunch for them (at Gram's house); I made tuna fish here, then stopped on my way across town to buy a small loaf of proper bread, and we had tuna melts and french fries. The fries were left over from our visit to Friendly's -- they reheat really nicely; put them in a cold oven, set it for 350° and the timer for 15 minutes, and they come out piping hot and nicely crispy, as well as losing some of the grease onto the cookie sheet. Then there was dog-walking, a short visit to Grama, a grocery store run, and back to Gram's house for a bit.

We had originally planned to take dinner in to Gram's room, but when we asked what she wanted, she made it sound like she wanted to go out, so we ended up back at Friendly's again. I have to say that the food was completely awful last night, and a stark contrast to Friday. My club sandwich that was supposed to have bacon on it had no bacon on it, and I don't think Gram's did, either, while Nuncle's BLT had no tomato, and Auntie's soup was cold. She did send it back to be reheated, and she said it was perfect after that.

But the topper? When we finally got Gram settled in my van and Auntie and Nuncle were walking to theirs, Gram said, "Well, that plan went all flopsy, didn't it." "What plan?" I said. "You were going to bring dinner in," Gram said. Whereupon I banged my head against the steering wheel for a few minutes....

So I am -- understandably, I think -- rather tired today, after three days of ramming around. But instead of having a pajama day in my chilly house, I'm leaving very shortly to go see Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, which on the marquee is just abbreviated to "Mrs Peregrine." I don't even really want to see the movie, but I think J1 will be there with my share of the Delta reimbursement, and I desperately need the money, so I'll be there. BFT was crazy about those books; she loved them so much that she actually gave me the first one for Xmas last year (and I didn't tell her I already had a copy). I did read it, but I wasn't all that taken with it. Still, as I often say, if we all had the same taste, then all movies would be 8 Mile. (And don't ask me why I picked that particular film; I have no idea.)

Tomorrow will be no more restful as I had already committed to going to the big craft show with BFT. That will apparently be An Adventure.
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I have a terrible habit of buying DVDs, and I have been frustrated/depressed/angry enough lately to over-indulge.

Sisters: This actually looked like something I might enjoy I waited until I saw the price fall into the acceptable range before I picked up a copy. The broad storyline involves two sisters having a last wild party in their parents' house after the parents sell it. There's a subplot about high school rivalries and a romantic subplot and possibly a mother-daughter subplot, but I lost interest about halfway through. I suspect that the Good Sister got the guy, and the Bad Sister somehow made her daughter happy, and maybe the sale of the parents' house even fell through and the sisters and Bad Sister's daughter moved in and lived happily ever after, but I Did Not Care.

MacGyver: The original series premiered when I was a freshman in college. I loved it and watched it religiously for a few seasons, but after a while it got very preachy and while I still considered myself a huge fan of the show -- and the character in particular -- I took to missing episodes, and I think there are still episodes I haven't seen, though I have, of course, seen The Wild West episodes and the King Arthur episodes and all of the Murdoc episodes (I think). Although I was totally against the idea of a reboot unless the new guy was MacGyver's son (or even grandson, at this point, since Richard Dean Anderson is in his mid-60s), I decided to give it a shot.

It was...okay. It had aspects of the original series like the wry voice-over, the refusal to use a gun in the intended way, and, of course, the Swiss Army knife. There is something about the new actor (Lucas Till) that bugs me. Maybe it's that his eyes are blue, instead of hazel. Maybe it's that they're deeper set than RDA's, but he looks sullen and bratty to me. The pilot was okay. It threw out references from the original series left, right, and center, like it was trying to get through them: DSX, Phoenix Foundation, MacGyver's grandfather, his first name (which was never mentioned until nearly the end of the original series, but I suppose since it wasn't a secret anymore, they might as well get it out of the way), and so forth. I'll give it another couple of episodes to see if it gets better -- or loses my interest completely.

Stargate SG-1: I have watched a few early episodes here and there rather than putting in the first disk and watching the series straight through (a serious time investment since there are ten seasons and two movies). As I said to MyAuntie, who was coincidentally watching the series herself, sometimes you just need a little Jack O'Neill sass.

Labyrinth: I missed the 30th anniversary screenings in Buffalo because a) I didn't know they were that day and b) on the Wednesday of the second set of screenings, I ended up taking the cats to the vet. This past week, the 30th anniversary edition was released on DVD and Blu-Ray. I don't know about the DVD, but the Blu-Ray came in a nice little booklet, the cover of which was the original one-sheet for the movie. (I do wish I could find mine. I bet I threw it out.) The movie is the same movie I have loved from the first time I saw it when I was in my late teens. Oddly, what struck me about it this time was the wallpaper in Sarah's house. It's hideous and it's everywhere. Even Sarah's own room has this awful floral wallpaper in it. But I also noticed a Flower Fairies print on the wall of The Parents' bedroom and another fairy tale-ish print elsewhere in the house, which I would not have expected The Stepmother's decor to include. I haven't watched all of the special features, but some of them are new and include interviews with Jennifer Connelly and Brian Henson, among others.

Last night, I was in a reasonably awful mood and wanted something Really Light, so I watched my favorite episode of Star Trek: "I, Mudd" in which an android named Norman hijacks the Enterprise and takes it to a planet populated by over 200,000 androids and one Harcourt Fenton Mudd, con man/thief and Lord of the Planet. Hijinks ensue. Most of the androids are women, and dressed in the sort of flowy, drapey, sometimes skimpy costumes that were usual for the series. The male androids wore a very tight light grey unitard(ish, as I think it was actually shirt and leotards) outfit that, in some instances, rivaled David Bowie's Pants in Labyrinth for, um, presence. Not that I noticed, or anything.

It has been some years since I watched Star Trek (because I can quote most of the episodes, especially this one), so what really struck me this time was the lighting and colors of the set and costumes. Male androids aside, everything was bright. Some of the set lighting was a vivid purple, the crew's uniforms seemed far brighter than I remembered (even the apple green of Kirk's shirt which was that wrap-around one with the v-neck and insignia sideways at the waist). But I got to wondering as they "took the Alices on a trip through Wonderland" if when the android's badges blinked, indicating that the computer mind was at work, if they also made that awful beeping noise, or if that was just a sound effect added later. Because more than 200,000 blinking is one thing. But more than 200,000 beep-beep-beeping all at once would be deafening.

I think about these things. They're important.
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  • It was a long damned week. It seems like four-day weeks always are.

  • There is always talk at work about switching to a four-day week. What people seem to forget is that in order to make up the hours, it means working longer days.

  • I can't decide whether to trust my muscle memory or not. Muscle memory says that I should have at least half of that half-gallon container of milk left (i. e., the container was a lot lighter than I expected it to be when I lifted it out of the fridge last night). But I have also been eating a lot of cereal lately, except for the last couple of days when I ran out. So I could be misremembering. A more likely explanation, however, is that my muscles are correct, and that The Gecko has been pilfering again. Goddammit.
  • I watched Now You See Me 2 last evening. Daniel Radcliffe plays the main villain. It's a bit odd to hear him talking about dabbling in magic.... I have to say, though, that this one played out pretty much as I expected, including Morgan Freeman's character.

  • I have been meaning to reread American Gods for a while. I read it many years ago and recall next to nothing about it, not even with all the bits and bobs surfacing about the new TV series. I was casting about for something to read yesterday to take a break from the mystery series I've been reading, and saw another bob about American Gods. Aha, thought I. I had moved my Neil Gaiman books from my office to the bookcase in my bedroom, and out of sight, out of mind.... So I grabbed the tenth anniversary, author's preferred text version, and started it yesterday afternoon.

  • I also mowed the damned lawn yesterday afternoon, which was an extremely unpleasant affair given how humid it was.

  • I had intended to not do anything today as the weather is not supposed to be particularly good -- though cooler and less humid. No matter my feelings on the matter, Autumn is just around the corner. But I have to go out and get milk....

  • I have been considering taking the three days of Thanksgiving week off and going to Michigan. It has been a long time since I was there for Thanksgiving -- since a couple of years before my divorce, in fact. The weather is always very unpredictable, and I loathe winter driving (wherein I actually mean that I fear it, despite having had to do it for more than two decades). HTWIWM always did the bulk of the driving when we traveled together, and he always drove in November. And so I haven't gone in a decade. Or maybe I'll just take the time off and stay home. Of course if I stay home, then I can't avoid Thanksgiving dinner....

  • I have been chasing an odd smell upstairs for a few days. Last night, I had to close the windows because it got cool. This morning, I realize that it smells like litterbox upstairs. Fabulous. So I'm worried about Merlin (who is still hanging out in the bathtub, meaning that I have to scrub it all the time) downstairs, and Kethri is upstairs being either lazy or ill. *sigh* I tend to forget that Kethri is actually six months older than Merlin, so she is also eighteen.... Since I can't find a location, I suppose I'm going to have to scrub the entire upstairs.

  • I am very tired today. I was up in the middle of the night for no good reason, and then soft rain on the tin roof outside my bedroom window sounded like bats crawling around, and so of course I couldn't get back to sleep....
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It has been a nice weekend. I did end up making a list of Things To Do this weekend (some of which were never going to get done); of the twenty-five items on the list, I changed my mind about one and scratched it off, and have accomplished 17 others. I expect to get at least one other cross-off today, maybe two, but probably no more.

Much of the crossing-off was accomplished on Friday. I finally called the Dodge dealership about the ignition recall on my van, so have an appointment for that (and to fix the rear window wiper, after two years of not having it). I called the V-E-T to arrange Merlin's long-delayed blood test (because he's pretty much down to skin and bones, and if he needs his meds adjusted, we need to get on that; I don't have the money for it, but that's what credit cards are for, right?). I scheduled my mammogram (since I skipped last year because I hate driving to Rochester. I should really pick a new practice. There's a good one in Buffalo, I'm told). I rescheduled my eye appointment because with our new insurance coming on Wednesday, they asked us to put off vision stuff until after 7/1. I had already been waiting six weeks for an appointment; what's another month, right? Then I mowed the backyard, which really didn't need it, but if I can keep a little ahead of it, it takes less gas and less time. A tank and a half of gas as opposed to three, for instance...which is why I should probably mow again today, because it's already starting to get shaggy.

Friday evening, I met the girls at the cinema for X-Men Apocalypse. (Is there a colon in there?) It was surprisingly empty for opening weekend, but I guess there was a benefit going on across town. It was...not as good as the last one, I didn't think. I didn't like the actress playing young Jean Grey; I quite liked Famke Janssen.

Saturday was spent in doing my usual Saturday chores, which netted me a bunch more cross-offs.

Yesterday, I spent about eleven hours working on my assignment for the My Old Fandom exchange. I had thought it was due at the end of June, but it is actually due on the tenth. Yikes. I had intended to have it finished this weekend, anyway, but wasn't fussing about it if I didn't...until I found out the deadline was three weeks closer than I thought. But I got it finished and off to beta last night after 11:00 p.m. (Thanks, Beth!) It might have been a bit earlier, but I did take a break to watch a movie.

Today, it's back to the do-list, at least for a while. I want to apply for VA benefits for my grandmother, and doing that while her records are right here and handy (as opposed to trying to do it on a break at work). I called MyAuntie on Saturday, and somewhere between the time I left her on Friday afternoon and she made her daily phone call to MyAuntie, Gram started freaking out about her finances. She never said a word to me about it while I was there Friday, but she informed Auntie that she needed to sell the house because she was broke. Well...that's why I want to apply for benefits for her; I think as the widow of a WWII vet, she might be eligible for something, and since she's at an assisted living facility, she might be eligible for Aid & Attendance. Anyway, I discussed this with Auntie, who was telling me to find someone to help me fill out the application -- which was the least of my worries; I am very familiar with government paperwork, and the VA app actually looks less complicated than ours. I may consult someone at the county veterans agency (which is not the actual VA); I may not. We'll see how it goes.

I am a bit worried about Gram's needing to feed her tablemates at mealtimes. She was always feeding people ("What'll you have?" "Is that all you're going to eat?" "Have some potatoes." "How about some stuffing?" "Have another roll." "What'll you have for dessert?"), and now she obsesses about how much everyone else is eating. There is a new guy at her table, and she can't get him to eat anything. (He is apparently subsisting on Ensure.) We've told her to leave him alone. It's to the point where the facility has told her to leave him alone, but she tells me that she just can't watch someone not eat. She's afraid he's going to starve to death. Well, if he does, it's not her responsibility. I'm hoping that the facility either assigns him or her to a new table and that's the end of it.

Anyway. Gotta go close the house up because I got it down to 69° overnight and it's supposed to be in the 80s and humid again today, and then go out and get milk.


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