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Yesterday morning, I posted photos of the kittens that were under my ramp in the spring. Here are some photos of the most recent batch that only just moved out Sunday night. There was one black kitten and one grey kitten (after the rejection and death of the other black kitten). I am uncertain if they are the siblings of the Spring Kittens or not; the feral colony is composed mostly of all-black cats.

My first photo of the little black girl:

And my first photo of her brother:

These next photos were all taken on Sunday afternoon, and I think that may be why their mother moved them that night; she saw me come into the yard through the gate rather than from the back door, and I think she took offense.

Sister wants to play:

But Brother is interested in Up:

Look at those tiny little kitten claws!



Ass over tea kettle:

Brother checks out a leaf:


And their mother. You can see why I might not be able to tell if it's the same girl or not.

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These are my Spring Kittens. You may (or may not) recall that there were three little black ones and one little grey one.

The grey:

And the black ones:

And Madame Mama:

They were under my ramp until they were at least a month old, possibly six weeks, then Mama moved them up the street. I still see them occasionally on the porch of the house to which she moved them. The grey one half approached me and Jack a few days ago (he was always the boldest), but then Jack sort of shuffle-jumped (as much as he could do on the leash) and I dragged him on by.
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The garage called not too terribly long after my last post; the van was finished. They could not find any sort of leak; they checked all the usual spots and checked all the fluids. At this point, I'm remembering a call I once heard on Car Talk from a woman who was getting rainwater in the door of her car, and I'm wondering if I have something similar.

In any case, by that time, the weather had changed, and so it was perfect eclipse-viewing weather. I got the van home in plenty of time. I tried the selfie-over-the-shoulder trick that was recommended on FB (even though I was a bit skeptical), and it didn't work. I didn't see any of the crescent-shaped shadows under the trees, either, so I was really disappointed. But then....

I happened to look out onto my porch, and the vastly overgrown shrubbery was doing a good job of pinhole-projecting. So of course I had to do a TeenyTinyTARDIS photo or three:

That was relatively early on in the show. Later, I got some better photos:






I did get to sneak a quick peek at the sun itself; although I wasn't able to get glasses, The Gossip had obtained a pair at the library, and he was wandering around the neighborhood sharing them with anyone who was outside. So that was pretty cool.

The weirdest thing about it was to look out the window when the eclipse was near its maximum, observe the nearly cloudless sky, realize that it was brightly sunny, and yet it was so terribly dim. It was like someone had put the wrong size bulb in a vast lamp. Kinda weird.

In any case, it reached about 75% of totality here. But, we're just outside the path of totality for the next one in 2024, if the map I saw was accurate, so it looks like I could drive ten miles and see totality, as opposed to, say, 98%.
Also, I am testing out photo hosting at Smug Mug on [personal profile] kk1raven's suggestion -- I did sign up, so I hope you do get a credit for it -- though I am finding it to be much less intuitive than I might like.
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Yesterday started out fairly busy, but ended up low key. I loaded Jack into the van (he very much knows what "Do you want to go for a ride?" means) and we Went Places. He was very well-behaved. I went into K-Mart and when I came out, I heard barking, but it turned out not to be Jack. Two other dogs were right next to each other and barking. Jack was only standing on the back seat craning his neck to see what was going on. He might have started barking had I been a few minutes longer...or he might not. He's not much of a barker, really.

Then we had to go uptown to the Eye Place so I could pick up contact lenses. I was ever so pleased that my insurance covered them -- I thought this was the off-year. (They only cover every other year -- and only contacts or glasses, not both.) Since we were uptown, we went to the uptown grocery store, which I never go to, but for which I had a $15 gift certificate. The union has always given us gift certificates to the grocery store that I go to, but this year, they used the other store. I guess there are more options in the county for that, but I was still annoyed. I never go there unless I'm buying cheese for MyAuntie. So I bought basically junk: a loaf of bakery bread, a muffin, a tin of Piroulines, a tub of Old York, some chicken fingers from the deli. I don't even like going into that place. When I was a little girl, it was a grocery store called Leo's and one night, Leo's burned down -- but not all the way. The building was rehabbed and reopened as a grocery store, though I don't think it was reopened as Leo's. In any case, I was quite young and convinced that any building where there had once been a fire could catch fire again at any time. So I was really afraid to go in there, and that has translated into a distaste for the place as an adult, which I could easily overcome if they had a decent selection of merchandise, but they don't. They don't even have any decent chocolate. Well, they have Lindt bars, but nothing that I wanted.

After that, we had to run out to the V-E-T's office to get some Dasuquin for Jack (it's a glucosamine cocktail for dogs, and he is of that age now), then stopped at the bank on the way home to cash a check. We were still in the east end of town when Jack suddenly yarked on the seat. He doesn't get carsick, so I'm not certain what that's all about. I could see him doing something in the rearview mirror, but I was in traffic and couldn't look, but when we got home, I discovered that he had pulled the towel down and balled it up around the vomit, so it was all a nice, neat little package, then he'd settled right back down on the seat (on the other towel). Clever boy! When we got home, I shook it out into the side yard (to the later delight of the crows), and tossed the towel right in the washer.

The rest of the day was spent looking for photos to put into some collage frames I want to get up before Sunday -- trying to choose just eight photos from my Italy trip was so difficult. I could do a collage of architectural details, or doors, or even just lions. So many lions -- the symbol of St. Mark. I ended up picking a couple of views of Venice (the classic view of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge, and a shot of moored gondolas), the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a doorway in Orvieto, a shot of the Colisseum from below, a madonna sculpture in Siena, a castley shot from San Gimignano, and my "Narnia" shot from Lucca. Then I had to pick eight shots from Alaska for the other collage frame. That was a bit easier -- far fewer photos from which to choose, for one thing. And it occurred to me that I don't think I bought professional prints of my photos from our trip to Montreal, because I considered putting those into the remaining frame instead of Alaska, but couldn't find a photo album. Unless it's in the Spare Oom. I should look there before I hang the frames...which is a project for today. And it will definitely be a project.

Last evening, BFT and I went out to dinner and exchanged Yule gifts. She got me a book on fantasy photography and a very pretty red-and-gold frame for a photo of my own. I will have to choose carefully. She was thrilled with both her graduation gift and her Yule gifts. She had admired an hourglass in Barnes & Noble as far back as her birthday; she almost bought it on my birthday trip, but elected to buy a less expensive compass, instead, so I bought her the hourglass as her graduation gift. Timepieces are traditional graduation gifts, right? And then some other stuff I found for Yule. It was a successful exchange.

I don't have to go out today, so I will probably brush Jack. He hates being brushed -- I think he's afraid of it. Certainly whenever I kneel anywhere near him, he gets up and runs away. So I will have to sneak the brushes into my office, then come in and play a couple of games of Solitaire or something so that he settles down near me, then betray him by closing the door and deploying the brushes. He won't even take treats from me when I'm done. Well, he'll take them, but he drops them on the floor and runs away. It's kind of heart-breaking. But he needs to be brushed before I bother vacuuming or dusting anywhere else in the house because he is blowing his coat.

There is a mouse (or vole, or squirrel, or chipmunk, or bat) living in the wall between my office and the stairwell. When I am at my desk around 5:30 p.m. or so, I can hear it scratching around in there. I will be deploying the trap in the upstairs not-bathroom this morning, though I have no indication that it's leaving the wall before it gets to the attic. I don't think it's coming up from the basement, because I have heard scratching in the attic. I think it's coming down from above. Well, we'll see if I catch anything. I hate going into the bathroom; getting in there is a complicated process because of how I had to engineer a temporary wall to keep the cats out of there. Which means unless I hear rattling, I will probably only check the trap once a day.
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I'm not certain there is any non-Jack stuff at this point....

Lessee, work.... This is payroll week (Friday is last day for ten-day notices¹). Unlike last month, though, my recerts are in good order; I have perhaps two more to finish. Yesterday, I got in information for a recert that was just the middle two pages of the recert form; the client's power of attorney had submitted the form, but hadn't filled in the important bits (like all of pages 2 and 3 of a four-page form, of which page 1 is address information and page 4 is releases and signature), so I sent copies for completion. Stupid me, though, I didn't mark the client's name on the pages, and neither did the power of attorney when she sent them back with a note saying "I hope this is correct; I don't know what I'm doing." (Which is apparent.) She also didn't put a return address on the envelope. I was, fortunately, able to match the pages with the case by the amount of the pension -- which was harder than you might expect, as I had several people this month who didn't complete the second and third pages....

Today, there is a retirement party for someone whom I have loathed since she was first hired eighteen or so years ago. I am not sorry to see her go, but I'm a pretty petty person if you haven't worked that out yet.

Tomorrow is Birthday Day, and mine is still the only November birthday in my unit, so it's my party....

I got my free photo book yesterday. It actually ended up costing me a bit, but I did apply the "free" coupon toward it. It's a nice book. The pages are good quality, and the photos are nicely displayed. I put England photos in this one; I will put France photos in the other (I have another coupon), and probably give both of them to my grandmother for Christmas.

The weather is supposed to be lovely (for November) today, so I should probably hurry home after work and mow the leaves in the front yard. I did the backyard on Sunday -- it took most of the afternoon since I took half hour breaks between running the mower out of gas and refilling it -- it makes me nervous when the gasoline smokes (or steams, whichever) when I refill the hot mower. Sections of the back could probably use to be run over one more time, but it probably won't happen.

Right. It's time to get ready to go to the place (and, I suppose, gird my figurative loins for more damage to the house...).
¹ We are legally required to give clients ten days' notice if we're going to be changing their benefits, unless the change is in their favor.
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It turned out to be a pretty day yesterday, so of course I had to be at work. Where it was not pretty, though less not pretty than usual. It's supposed to be pretty again today.

Yesterday was last day for October 1 changes, and I spent it clearing up a bunch of little things so that they didn't build up and up and up. My official pending list is down to 9, which is still the highest in the agency, but now much more in line with everyone else; I think the next highest is 7. This is mostly because my senior has buckled down and put through several of the cases that were in her overhead cabinet awaiting review. The big problem with this, of course, is that she kept coming to ask me where I got figures, and since I had done the work a month or more ago, it took me a while to figure it out again.

Today, it's back to the pending cases. I have one from February, still, that I really need to get cleared up, but I only just got the final bank statements last week. That's going to be a not fun one, but I suspect it's what's on tap for today.

I am getting closer to the end of my trip photos. I have about 300 more to go. I took something like 80 photos of the Eiffel Tower. Some of the photos don't require any correction, and some are too crooked or blurry to make correction useful, but I'm still looking at each and every one....

I finally remembered to call the furnace guy yesterday only to find him in Rochester waiting for the hospital's call that his wife was either out of surgery or ready to go home. He won't be working for a couple of weeks yet. I felt like a heel. Now I'm wondering if it's worth asking my father to look at it, or if I should see if the guy I called in to look at my stairwell lightswitch might look at it for me. I just want to know why the fan motor makes so much noise.

Ah, well. Time to go pack my bag....

Of Things

Aug. 30th, 2015 11:00 am
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I was delighted some months ago to discover that Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was finally out on DVD...even though apparently they didn't believe that it would do well because it was print on demand. It did take me the intervening months to acquire a copy, and in the meantime, it apparently did well enough that they have released the second season as a proper collection. (Or so I believe, anyway.) So I have been watching it the last few evenings, and I was startled to see the Coroners Building from Forever Knight. I knew, of course, that the show was filmed in Toronto, but I've never been quite able to figure out what the setting is supposed to be; I'd assumed that it was Pacific Northwest because one doesn't think of Shaolin monasteries in NYS, for instance. Anyway, Forever Knight, of course, is actually set in Toronto and the characters get together in the Coroners Building -- with almost that exact same exterior shot -- regularly. So now I'm wanting a FK/KF/Highlander (just for good measure) crossover. With perhaps a dash of Stargate, since I read a fic yesterday in which Daniel Jackson and Peter Caine were friends at the orphanage.

I do love crossovers; I have ever since Steve Austin and Jaime Somers regularly appeared on each others' shows. Of course those shows were linked anyway, since one was a spinoff of the other, but still.

I visited the Dark Crystal website this morning to see if there were any real rules about the losing Author Quest submissions, and people seem to be posting them willy nilly with no problems. The only reason I was checking, really, was because I thought I might actually finish mine -- for my niece and nephew. They really liked it (I had them read it as representatives of the target audience), and the book was only a third completed when I submitted it. Of course, I wrote it when I was home on medical leave, so if I were aiming at a Christmas present, it would probably have to be Christmas of next year at the earliest....

Yesterday was spent almost entirely in editing trip photos. I have finished all the London photos now, so I'm up to the Mt. St. Michel ones. I don't know that I'm going to spend all of today on them, though. For one thing, it's already nearly 11:00 a.m., and my back is sort of sore from the way I have to sit in my chair at my desk. I may just spend today watching movies. Though it seems to have gotten sunny out; it was raining when I took Jack for his walk this morning....

Last Day

Jul. 21st, 2014 07:43 am
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Today is the last day of my vacation, an extra day that I built in in case I decided to stay at my aunt and uncle's house until Sunday (because I like to have a day to decompress from the drive before I return to work). None of my family know that I am off today, though my sister will figure it out when she gets to work and I'm not there. I have to visit my grandmother later, but I'll do it when I normally do. I don't have any special plans for the day, other than to do the laundry and mow at least part of the backyard. I can't mow all of it, of course, because I don't want my laundry to smell like exhaust.

Sheila is doing better this morning, though I'm pretty sure her UTI has recurred (she was tromping all over the yard yesterday squatting, as she did before, and peed in the house overnight). I have to refill her Rimadyl, so I'll be asking the vet's office for another run of amoxicillin. The fact that she did get up to pee in the house overnight is actually encouraging, as it means that her hindquarters are doing better. I am beginning to think that perhaps the hill in my grandmother's backyard may have strained her legs too much, as well as trying to keep up with Nick who is about half her age.

I know her time is coming, but I guess it's not here quite yet.

Maybe this afternoon, I will start working on the photos that I took last week. The few that I have uploaded to FB were all that I could stand to edit while I was working with only a touchpad -- which is a pain in the ass. I think I will also put GIMP on my desktop; it does some things slightly better than Photoshop, in my humble opinion.

Oh, and check out this guy's photo art. He was set up at the art show on the bluff last weekend. I loved his work, and it amused me greatly that he's from Rochester. We ran into another person with ties to the local area at the art show: her son or nephew or friend's son (some young male to whom she had ties) had come here to go to The University. We also ran into someone from Syracuse. None of these instances were the first time we'd run into someone from NY in MI. It's like New Yorkers head west and stop in Michigan.
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It occurred to me just now that the moss photo I posted the other day totally needed a TeenyTinyTARDIS in it. Missed opportunity. (I need to take some more TeenyTinyTARDIS pics.)

Yesterday was springlike, so today, we're expecting a winter storm that could give us the great gift of six inches of snow. I'm so excited! Oh, no, wait, I mean the other thing. :-\ I feel like when I go out for groceries, I need to stock up on popcorn and movies. (Forget toilet paper, bread, and eggs. Well, no, don't forget them, as they're part of my regular grocery list, but you know what I mean.)

I have packages that need to go to the post office today, but I suspect they're not going to make it. More shoes to return. I do wish I could find some shoes that my feet and legs could tolerate. This gets ridiculous. Nothing I try, not even the expensive wonderful stuff works. And I definitely need to find something I can live in before next summer!

My Cornelian scroll has been completed and signed. A friend has it for delivery; I may get it this weekend. She was going to drop it off last night, but there was only a narrow window when I was home, and it was pouring, so we both agreed that it should wait until it was dry out. (Though if it's in a case, and since she's a scribe, I'm sure it is....) She told me that some guy had been harrassing someone at Kingdom about getting it signed because our little shire is about to be no more. But it wasn't the current seneschal (my friend asked the other local folks who were there; she's the sort of person who would do that -- Hey, were you the one who....), and if the someone at Kingdom (I know the name, but not her exact function) knew who the person harrassing her was, she declined to say. I can't think of any other guys in the shire who'd've been at Ice Dragon who would know enough about what goes on here to push for getting scrolls signed.

If it was anyone, it should've been someone at Kingdom who has noticed that all of our reports have been...not. I'm still getting emails about the exchequer's report being overdue.

Eh, doesn't matter. I'm not in charge anymore, though clearly stepping down was a mistake. I should've let it go to election, rather than trying not to step on anyone's delicate flowery toes.

There is a new LJI topic up, and it's one that should appeal to me. And I do have some ideas, but I won't even think about sitting down to write until probably tomorrow morning. Too much to do on Saturdays. I'm still trying to figure out, though, what the differences between the previous two entries were. The first week, I was solidly in the middle of the voting, but last week, I was in some danger of getting dropped. I don't expect to go very far, mind, because I know my writing's not brilliant. Or, at least, not often brilliant. But I can't figure out what makes people vote and what doesn't. I don't hang out in the Green Rooms; I don't have time for that. Maybe that's part of it; there's always a bit of a popularity factor with these things. Eh, well. I'm thinking of bringing back Thorn HoneyWhistle, Fairy Tale Caseworker Extraordinaire. Or doing something on our visit to Verrazano Castle during the Italy trip.

But right now, I need to go get groceries, I guess, before everyone else. (And they'd better have registers open at WickedMart this week, or I will just leave my cart in the middle of the floor and walk out!)


Mar. 26th, 2014 07:35 am
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I have discovered that people at work think that the photos I hang up in my "gallery" (the side of my filing cabinet facing traffic) are just pictures I found somewhere that I like. They're always astonulized to find out that they're my photos. So I decided to print a bunch that I've taken around the office and/or building. Like of the steam tower that everyone sees as they walk in, or the tree out in the field, or the flowers that someone had the other day. Because it's not just mountains and lakes that are visually interesting. (I have a picture of the tower from the side that I took a month or so ago on a morning when it was barely above zero, and the trees nearby are covered in frost, while the sky is bright blue. Gorgeous, even if it is a steam tower.)

I suppose it's technically showing off. People keep telling me I should do it professionally, and I keep asking them if they're going to pay my mortgage while I'm out taking pictures.


Feb. 17th, 2014 12:12 pm
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I am freezing my nuts off here. (I do not think that means what you think it means.) I can tell that it is actually plenty warm enough in my office, where I have spent nearly all of the morning (and it's 11:58 a.m. as I type this); the sun is shining and the furnace is on, and I think the wall furnace in the basement is also on, and that's just across the basement stairwell from where my feet are -- and there's a vent near my feet. But.... I went out a little while ago to take a few pictures, and I didn't wear gloves. And it is still quite cold out. Today's high is supposed to be 24°, but it was below zero when I first got up this morning, and it takes a while to warm up that much. So my hands and fingers and nose are all cold.

I decided that it was time and past time to get some of my Italy photos framed. I am still reluctant to hang anything on my pretty, pretty green walls -- at least until I have trim (there will never be trim, so there's little point in dithering about it), but I had bought several tabletop frames and decided it was time to do something with them. And then the printer started acting flaky. I don't think the paper feed thingummy is working correctly, or maybe it just couldn't grip the photo paper. The printer is old.... I did finally get photos printed for those frames. There are other photos that I want to print larger; these were all 4x6es. I still have one collage frame that holds 8x10s; I'm going to print three views of Venice for that, even though the matching tabletop frames have shots of Ubiquity¹ in them. I would also like to do a couple of groups: doorways, lamps/lanterns, lions (lots of stone lions), and the courtyard at Verrazzano Castle which reminds me of some of the sets in Labyrinth. And maybe some landscapes; a few of my shots from the bus are decent enough. (Have I run out of wall space, yet?)

Of course, by the time I manage to get all of these done, I'll have shots of France to put up instead.
¹ Photo cards by a local artist that I bought at the Fancy Art Shop last summer.
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So...longing, longing, longing for time off...and I don't know what to do with myself. Oh, I could clean the house, do yard work (massive amounts of yard work), go shopping, go photo-hiking, go garage sale-ing, but.... Eh. I'll figure something out. Since this is the last weekend of summer (unless you have a calendar and know how to use it), maybe I should try to fit in all those things I was going to do this summer and didn't. Or maybe I should just go sit on the patio all weekend, since I didn't manage to do any of that, either, partly because Sheila no longer seems willing to just flop on the ground outside. She paces until I bring her back in the house.

I can't decide whether or not to start my laundry. The weather forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms, which generally means that we won't get anything...unless we rely on not getting anything. Tomorrow's forecast is for isolated thunderstorms, so maybe I should wait. Besides, it's so humid right now that I'm not certain laundry would dry. It didn't cool down in the house much overnight; it was 78° when I went to bed and 75° when I got up. I have the house opened up wide and the fan still going because it's 72° outside, though that won't last. The air is just too heavy to move through the house, I guess.

I finished editing my vacation photos last night, so I'm ready to go again. I can't decide whether some of the blurry photos I took of the carousel in motion are good-blurry or bad-blurry. There's one that I rather like in which MyNuncle is riding the carousel and smiling as he goes by but he's blurry, too. (I was practicing panning with the little camera.) The other shots I have of him on the carousel, he's taking pictures of me right back. (We do Dueling Cameras reasonably often.)

Maybe I should just flop on the couch with that disk of Downton Abbey that arrived from Netflix the other day.... (No, I haven't seen it before.)
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So...I wasn't going to do any work outside yesterday. Nope. Wasn't going to. And then it occurred to me that I'd better clear the grapevines off my little Rose of Sharon tree before they killed it, so I put on sweats (it was cold yesterday morning) and headed out back. Two hours later, I'd whacked the shit out of the grapevines all along the fence (and bagged them, taking great care to get all the grapes up, since they're supposedly toxic to dogs), trimmed a couple of branches off the rose at the front of the garage, and a couple of branches off the crabapple tree in back (for mowing purposes, as they all touched the ground). I had cut down the maple explosion on both sides of the fence (it's a maple tree that will not get the idea that I want it to die a fiery death (probably because I haven't tried actual fire)), cut down some weird purply things by the Rabbit Exit, and either cut down or pulled up all of the goldenrod surrounding the thrice-damned loader by hand. Each individual stalk was either pulled up or cut down. And that was a lot of goldenrod. I'm going to have to hire someone to clean up the compost heap for me, since really all it is is a brush pile with bonus added dog poo.

And I gotta tell ya, it warmed up fast out there. I was drenched by the time I came back in, 'cause I wasn't taking the time to change clothes just to whack at weeds.

I drew the line, however, at mowing the goddamned lawn.

Most of the rest of the day was spent editing Michigan photos. I got through the rest of the butterfly house (Marcello only, though; I still have Cellino's to go through), the hike up and down the bluff park (again, Marcello only), and up to the carousel. I'll be going out again before I get through all those photos!

Oh, and I made some pointed remarks to my mother about wanting to get her furniture out of my house and needing help to get it up to her garage sale this coming weekend. I'm sure they'll sail right over her head, though. Every time she has a garage sale, she offers to let me bring stuff up, but since the last few times I took stuff up, I never got the money, I can't see any point in making the effort. If I just want to get rid of stuff like that, I can take it straight to the dump.

Yarg. Gonna be a sucky week at work; since next weekend is Labor Day weekend already, the rotation list for coverage is going to be getting a workout. I already know that I have to cover for someone on Thursday, but in addition to that, I have to work 9-5 for someone else, also on Thursday. And if anyone calls in this week, then I'm likely to get hit up to cover on that day, too. Do I need to say again how stoopid this whole coverage thing is? Especially for when someone calls in?

...and I just glanced at the clock. I'm gonna be late....
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I really should know better, I suppose. I should know better than to just accept friend requests. I should know better than to put my photos there. I have, as a Facebook friend, the mother of a Real Life friend. This woman is also a friend of my mother, who is not my friend -- in any sense of the word. She is my mother, and while she sent me a friend request on Facebook, I have never responded to it. In any case, Ms. L keeps sharing my photos on her own wall/timeline/whatthefuckever. I don't mean just the meme crap that I have also reposted. My photos. My own. My precious.

The only things I have ever posted absolutely publicly on Facebook were my Italy photos so that my aforementioned non-friend mother could see them. Everything else is friends only -- it's my default setting. I have also asked that people not share my photos. She continues to do so. I don't know whether she's trying to "like" them and missing, or what.

So...I just private messaged her and politely asked her to stop doing that. If she doesn't...well, I don't actually want to be her friend, anyway, and I don't think her son, who is actually my friend, will be offended if I remove her from my friends list....

P. S. Yeah, I know. It's Facebook. I can't really expect privacy. But I can expect that so-called "friends" will honor my requests. And I can ask them to do so rather than privately stewing when they just make assumptions that what's mine is theirs.
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I have been posting most of my photos to FB lately, but here are some that chart some of the progress in my house.

This is the bakers rack that my mom left behind in my garage after the garage sale she had here while I was in Italy. It's now in the corner of my bedroom (and you can see the missing baseboard on the window side). The photo albums hold 4x6 prints of all of my Italy photos.

The TV used to occupy this stand, but I haven't watched TV in my bedroom in years, so I moved it out, and it will probably go into a yard sale this summer. The vase is one of the ones I had sent home from Venice, and the photo is of part of the duomo (arigato) in Florence.

The whole corner:

And one last one: I have long wanted a secretary and while Mom and I were at the antiques mall a weekend or so ago, I admired this one. Friday night, I came home from work to find my parents trying to sneak it into my house:

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  • Ye gods and little fishhooks, am I glad it's Saturday. It has been A Week. Work was little better yesterday than it was the rest of the week, but since I didn't expect it to be, it doesn't matter.

  • I am thinking of going light on the chores today, and spending the day reading instead. Or maybe watching movies. Though if I were smart, I'd keep the momentum going and Clean Some More Things. Actually, I suppose I could do that simply by cleaning the media cabinet out in order to hook the VCR from upstairs to the TV downstairs and replace the one which no longer works...which I need to do before Doctor Who comes back on, anyway. (Is it continuing after the Christmas Special, or will there be another break? Probably another break.)

  • Just had a conversation with a friend whom I met through the shire. She had stopped by to take one of HTWIWM's left-behind bits...then it turned out to be not what she needed after all, so back into the garage it went. She is also less than pleased with the way things have been going of late. I wonder if our seneschal is unconsciously expecting me to act as his deputy and pick up his slack...'cause we're supposed to have a meeting again next week, and he still hasn't posted anything to the list. I must have the date wrong, though; it can't be next Saturday.

  • I took down my Italy pictures at the office the other day. They were starting to look less like a celebration and more like a great deal of clutter. Sort of like Xmas decorations begin to look by Twelfth Night. I am going to print some new, wintry pics and take them in to replace the others, and get my "gallery" back on track.

  • Speaking of pictures, I got to WickedMart this morning about five minutes before the sun. So I waited for it, since Cellino (my little camera) lives in my purse. I think the seagulls (and how did we get seagulls here, so far from any large body of water?) thought I was going to feed them, because they were all sort of flocking in my area while I leaned against the van waiting for the sun to crest the hill.

  • Three evenings this week I have walked Sheila around the little block, and my tendons have started burning. I am hoping that it is partly because I'm still wearing the sneakers that I wore to Italy and they were worn out by the time I got back, but, of course, it's partly because I have bad tendons. (Bad Tendons! No cookie!) It's very discouraging. Mind you, I haven't stopped, because I need the exercise as much as Sheila does.

  • I have been considering the puppy thing again. It's such a bad idea. But it would make Sheila so happy to have a pack again.

  • Don't I need an English bulldog named Lady Penelope Beatrice Cecily Grace Regina Anne?

  • At nearly the last minute, last evening, I submitted two more photos to the National Geographic contest. Both were from last September's trip to Michigan, one from the butterfly house, and one of the spectacular sunset at the lighthouse that I caught when I was supposed to be helping to take pictures of the concert band during their Labor Day concert. I did have to call MyAuntie and Nuncle to find out where the butterfly house is, though. I still don't have any chance of winning, but what the heck, right?

  • No word on Gram yet this morning. I don't think my folks are at the hospital yet; they had some things to do before they left town.
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Poor Kethri is starving. Starving, I tell you! And she's going to continue to starve because she's having two teeth pulled later. But when I bring her home this evening, she'll get the gushy fudz...and she'll get the gushy fudz for probably two weeks...which means I need to go out and buy some gushy fudz, 'cause I think I have one can left from when Merlin had a tooth out earlier this year. I need to run a bunch of errands anyway before I take her out to the vet's office; I have things I need to get in the mail, and I need to stop at the credit union and withdraw money from my savings account in order to pay for this because my checking account is empty, and I don't get paid until Friday. Mind you, all my coworkers who actually get physical checks will get paid this afternoon, and will probably even be able to cash their checks if banks still allow that dated-next-business-day thing, but those of us with direct deposit will not be able to access our money until Friday. Ah, well. Trade-offs. There were, and still are, good reasons for getting direct deposit (namely that when I worked in the office in the county seat, I was never able to get to my bank while they were open). Hm. I should probably stop in the office at some point and see about getting my paystub...on the other hand, I don't need it that badly....

Anyway. I think I'm going to take it easy on the housework today. After going up and down stairs for hours on Monday, and spending most of yesterday on my feet, Gimpy Leg is not at all impressed with me this morning. That's okay. There's always work to be done, even if it's sitting at my desk catching up books on LibraryThing (which I use mainly in case my house burns down), and there's always my photo album. I got through the rest of the Venice pictures last evening whilst watching Die Another Day (since it doesn't look like I'll be able to get back out to see Skyfall again this week after all). That leaves Ravenna, Assisi, Orvieto and the bus photos. Part of what is taking so long to do this is that the prints came in no order whatsoever. Most of the cities are grouped together, so it'll be a chunk of Rome photos here and a chunk of Venice photos there, but that's it. Other than that? Whatever order seemed good to pack them in, I guess. Fortunately, when I edit photos, I put the number of the photo in the new name (lagooncruise_4458.jpg, for instance), so I just turned them all over and sorted them by number. Though I did end up sticking the photos I took with Cellino in sort of randomly. On the lagoon cruise, at least, that wasn't much of a problem, 'cause Cellino's card got filled, so the majority of the lagoon and Burano photos were taken with Marcello. Which is probably more than anyone really needed to know....
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There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit to the contest, as long as the entry fee is paid for each photo. It's not a huge amount, so I thought I might enter as many as four, a couple now and a couple later. Help me choose?
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I have narrowed my choices down to a dozen, but wouldn't mind a little help choosing. Here are four of them:
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