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  • I am glad that this past week is over. Unfortunately, another one just like it looms.

  • My grandmother had her toe amputated on Thursday. One of her toes had lifted and was rubbing on the other and hurting her terribly. It is hoped that once the incision heals, she will be able to walk without [too much] pain again. It was an out-patient procedure done with a local anesthetic, so she was ensconced in her chair by midafternoon.

  • I hauled a few more things from the basement yesterday. I found Yet Another Server down there, and it's too heavy for me to move on my own -- though perhaps I should see if I can get at it enough to take it apart like we did with the other one, since it's undoubtedly the power supply that is the problem. On the other hand, it makes a nice endcap for that section of the basement, so perhaps I won't worry about it.

  • I finally found the back corner of the basement yesterday, and what I found there was...nasty. The main sewer pipe runs along the back wall of the basement to the corner, cuts across the corner (so as not to make a right angle), then heads for the street along the north wall. I discovered, when I moved all of the things stuff into the corner that one of the cats had walked along that broad pipe, hung her butt over the side, and pooed in the corner. For quite a while. There were two piles of mummified poo there. When I first saw the curls of...stuff back there, I thought I'd finally discovered the mouse nest, as it looked in the dim light to be dirty insulation piled up. But then I got a flashlight.... Ugh. I didn't wear a mask when we were clearing out last weekend, but to clean this up, I did get a mask and rubber gloves. It was long-dried, so the easiest way to clean it up was just to pick it up and put it in a bag. Which I did. It's in the dumpster now, along with the mask and gloves.

  • I said "her" because I believe it was Princess Nimue Isis Morgana who did it -- it was nowhere near fresh enough for Merlin, and Kethri is not that agile.

  • I met the girls for dinner last night at my favorite restaurant. The place is popular, and we had to stand in line for twenty minutes or so. Before the J-sisters got there, BFT and I were in line in front of a woman who insisted on speaking to us. I really hate having to make small talk with friends, let alone strangers. Fortunately, once the J-sisters got there, she didn't try to speak to us again. We had a good time, but I can see that I'm going to shortly have to advance my ideas of what I want to do on our next trip or it'll be planned for me. For instance, the trip is suddenly England and Scotland, and I don't recall saying that was what I wanted. Ah, well. No matter what we end up doing, I'll love it. And there was talk of making Iceland our next trip after that, though J2 mentioned that she'd like to go back to Assisi, and I want to go back to Venice.

  • Today...I have to do at least one load of laundry. I also have to finally clean up the oil slick in the garage, which I plan to do shortly. There are a few more things that need to go into the dumpster before I declare it officially full and call them to come pick it up. They will likely include the pieces of the filing cabinet that HTWIWM was supposedly building for me and just never found the time to work on; I think that's what's piled in one corner. It's supposed to be dry today, so I should probably try to mow the yard/mulch the leaves -- my backyard just looks brown right now because of all the leaves out there, but the oak is only about halfway finished and the maple has barely started. There'll be more mowing to do. I may leave it until tomorrow or Tuesday after work.

  • I started to read my Robin Hood manuscript (which I wrote, oh, fifteen years or so ago) this morning. Oh, ye gods. Talk about painful. Wow. I hope I write better than that now, and I'd like to apologize to the Empress (my writing/lit professor; I asked her if she wanted me to call her "Doctor" and she said she'd always wanted to be an empress) for making her read even the first chapter. I had not-so-vague thoughts of posting it to AO3 as an AU (which it is), but there's no way I would inflict that on anyone else.

  • Right. Time to go find some clothing I don't care about getting oil on....


Jan. 19th, 2013 09:25 am
malinaldarose: (Default)'s going to be x-rays and possibly aspiration for Nimue because even though she is doing better this morning, there's still something hard in her abdomen. Doc P says I could defer the x-rays and anesthesia, bring her home today and see if the problem resolves with the application of antibiotics (the hard thing could be a knot of infection, apparently), but she would still have to go we might as well get it over with.

I'm headed out there in a few minutes to visit her briefly and pick up some antibiotics for Merlin. Looks like chores are being deferred....
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The latest word on Nimue is that all of her bloodwork is good; her kidney numbers are good; her liver functions are good. It's looking like she has a UTI, but Doc P wanted to get her bloodwork done before he started antibiotics. I may be able to bring her home tomorrow.
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The tech at my vet's office has still not learned how to pronounce "Nimue" and is still calling her "Nee-moo." I didn't correct her, as I didn't want to embarrass her. The vet I saw today was Doc P, the clinic's founder and all around nice guy.

Nimue is currently in the hospital and probably going to stay there for the weekend (oh, my aching wallet). She was vastly dehydrated (and he showed me how to tell, so I'll know from now on). He thought he felt something hard in her abdomen, but it wasn't a blockage, at least as far as he could stick his finger...well, you get the idea. He couldn't fine her kidneys on palpation. So...she's getting either IV or subQ fluids (not sure which), blood tests, and possibly x-rays, which would involve anesthesia.

And I...I will be paying my property taxes late, because this is going to cost at least half of what my tax bill is. But I accepted responsibility for her welfare years ago, and besides that, she's mah kitteh, and we does what we must for our kittehs.
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  • I keep losing track of what day it is. Today is Wednesday, right? I have a doctor appointment tomorrow that was supposed to be after work, but when I rescheduled it, I didn't realize I'd be working in the uptown office, and I work different hours there. So I have to leave early, and I keep thinking that today is the day. It isn't.

  • We had farewell treats for the receptionist uptown yesterday. She's moving to a HEAP position today. They're apparently not replacing her until the week after next, so we'll all be doing phone duty in the meantime.

  • I actually accomplished a thing or three yesterday; I had a stack of things that I hadn't sorted out since the last time I was uptown, and I got through it yesterday. In between trips to the breakroom for chips (the dip was really good) or cookies.

  • Merlin is back on antibiotics. He's got that respiratory infection again. Dammit. Pill the cat. At least I can do it without a lot of fuss...because I've had entirely too much practice.

  • [ profile] fanghopper suggested that, as a gubmint employee, I might enjoy Parks & Recreation. I rejoined Netflix over the weekend, so I have the first disc of the first season sitting on the washer (which is where I dump the mail when I come in). I'll probably watch some of it this evening.

  • Merlin continues to insist on being on the dining room table. I'm beginning to contemplate moving it out of the dining room into the back room just so that I can pretend I don't know he's up there. I have to get up and squirt him off of there at least a dozen times an evening. Maybe he'll stop when I turn on the furnace, because then he'll want to have his butt firmly lodged against the vent grate, so he can catch all the warm bunnies.

  • Speaking of bunnies, my backyard is teeming with rabbits. Every time I open the back door to let Sheila out, rabbits scurry. Yesterday morning, there was even a stray (or feral) cat out there...possibly even the one I nearly hit several days ago. It's a fuzzy grey thing. If it wants to hunt chipmunks in my backyard, it's welcome. It's not like Sheila can see it, anyway.

  • I have finally figured out the structure of Shada. It's paced and divided into sections as the episode would have been had it been completely filmed. Okay, then. That makes sense. I find that it's much less irritating if I have a chance to sit down and concentrate on reading it. It's not the sort of thing where a page here and a page there really works.

  • Sheila is whining behind me. She doesn't actually want to go out. She wants her after-breakfast treat. Which she generally gets for going out and being a good girl (and, yes, that's a euphemism)...except that of late, she's been skipping the "good girl" part and just going out, standing under the oak tree, then coming in for her biscuit. And then, when I'm running around trying to get dressed, she insists on going back out. Which means that I need to stop giving her the biscuit unless she actually accomplishes what she's outside for. Though I'm not certain she would understand the distinction.

  • Nimue yarked her breakfast this morning. She is now doing everything in her power to piss me off so that I'll get up off my duff and refill her bowl. This tends to include trying to get into the under-sink household chemical storage cupboard. She had actually gotten to the point where she could get it open, despite the stopper which had loosened up enough that it was basically useless. So I tightened it, and now she's just lying there scratching at it. It's not like my kitchen cupboards can't take the abuse; they have no corners anymore, thanks to Garion's puppyhood chewing (and I can't fix that as easily as I fixed the section of wall that he and Deuce chewed), so they're hardly stellar examples of the breed. In fact...if I ever have the kitchen remodeled (and not just repainted), they will not survive.

  • I am really annoyed to find that all the much-touted Avengers extras are only on the Blu-Ray edition. This actually pisses me off quite a lot. I love the behind-the-scenes stuff and gag reels and interviews and so on, and was really looking forward to them. I bought the edition I did because -- well, because I misread the packaging. Where it says that all the DVD extras are included on the Blu-Ray disk, what it means is not that that's where I'll find the extras in DVD format, it means that the commentary and single featurette extra on the DVD version are also included on the Blu-Ray version. I suppose DVDs are headed the way of VHS? (Though I still use my VCR from time to time.)

  • Aaaand we're back to clawing at the cabinet again.

  • I get started on these lists and I find it hard to stop. Part of that is that I just don't want to get on with my morning....
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I took today off because I have to take Princess Nimue Isis Morgana to the V-E-T's office midmorning so she can have that tooth pulled, and because I was starting PT today and wasn't sure how long it would take. I got back about twenty minutes ago, and I feel...wubbly again. The doc who evaluated me was very nice, but I let him know that I was extremely nervous because we were going to be working with my two "danger" zones: my feet and the backs of my legs. Having those touched gives me the heebie-jeebies. (Let alone having them poked, prodded, electro-stimmed, and whatever else they were planning.) So I told him the very lengthy story and he assured me that I'd be going to Italy with no problems. Today's therapy was mainly heat. He hooked me up to some electro-thingummy at one point, but it was awful even after he turned it all the way down, so we didn't continue with that. I have stretches to do -- of course. We'll see how it goes.

But...I started shivering violently toward the end of the session, and although they may have turned the a/c on, I think it was mainly nerves. So now I feel sort of dragged out, and if I didn't have to get Nimue to the V-E-T's office in under an hour, I'd probably take a nap (especially since I had trouble getting to sleep last night).

So, PT: Not anywhere near as bad as I feared, but bad enough.

Nimue is also quite put out with me because I didn't feed her this morning. She's going to be getting anesthesia, so nothing after midnight for her. Poor, ravenous, never-fed-before-ever girl. On the other hand, she'll be getting gushy fudz tonight, which happens about thrice a lifetime, as my cats only ever get kibble unless they need to be bribed or have sore mouths.
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I don't have to work today, which at least makes my poor sleep less of a trial since I can collapse and take a nap any time I want to. I woke up around 1:30 and had to take the night splint off. Then, before I was properly asleep again, I heard critters in the attic right overhead. That woke me right the hell up, and so I picked up my pillows and came downstairs to my airbed...which was cold and uncomfortable and I don't think that I ever got properly back to sleep. Asleep enough to dream about them, but not really asleep asleep. In the dream, they had taken my house, even though the divorce papers stipulated that it was mine. Somehow, they had moved in and become established and that creature was using my things.

Needless to say between the poor sleep and the dream's contents, I am not in the best of moods this morning. In fact, I didn't even remember that I had planned to go for a walk this morning until I was halfway through my email. Ah, well. Plenty of time. I could do with a nap. Maybe I should go block up the windows upstairs and go back to bed for an hour.

(I won't, of course. I have a policy of staying up once I'm up.)

I'm feeling as though I should Go Somehwere And Do Something today, but I can't think of anything beyond heading north and going shopping, or heading to Stony Brook State Park and taking pictures in the gorge...and I don't really want to do either of those things. I suppose rather than thinking about taking new pictures, I should edit some of the ones I've already taken. I have hundreds from last summer that I haven't done anything with yet.

Hm. I wonder how early Home Depot opens. I was going to stop in there and take a look at charcoal grills (I just want a small one) and lawn furniture (I could use a new patio chair -- and I'd really love a porch glider, but I'm pretty certain I can't really afford one). I haven't actually used a charcoal grill before, but I know the theory, and I haven't really trusted gas grills since mine flashed in my face once when I was trying to light it -- which is why it now lives in South Carolina (South?) with Sir Knees.

Men In Black 3 is entertaining -- though nowhere near as good as The Avengers. I caught the second matinee yesterday. I was surprised at how not busy it was; when I got to the theatre, I was the only customer in the lobby, but the cashier pointed out that most of the movies were in already. I just expected more of a crowd for MIB, since it just opened on Friday. Maybe they were all in the 3D version. Anyway, I spent the [short] drive home trying to reconcile the timeline of the third movie with the original timeline of the first, and decided that it all works out. (All y'all already know that it's a time travel movie, right? Hence Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones playing K? I mean, it's not like it was a big secret, or anything.)

Princess Nimue Isis Morgana wolfed and tossed her breakfast this morning (fortunately, the tossing happened on a glass, and therefore easily cleaned, surface...though it was my mother's desk, so I'm not exactly pleased, but, hey, at least there was glass) and is now begging for more food. There are times when I really dislike that cat. And then there are times when I love her like the snuggly little thing she is. But right now, she's making me thing I should have named her Importunata.
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Princess Nimue Isis Morgana got her annual trip to the V-E-T last evening. I was surprised at how terrified she was by the whole thing. It's not like her at all. She didn't want to go in the box, of course, but then she refused to come out of it. She has gained two pounds since the last time she was weighed. Little chunk. Unfortunately for her, she's going to have to go back, as she has a cavity and the tooth is going to have to be pulled. Also unfortunately, it's going to have to wait at least until I get paid again...and Sheila still has to go out and have her leg looked at.

I have been dithering for years about buying myself a new bicycle. KMart is having a sale, so I went out and looked at bikes. Holy shit. Not only is their selection pathetic, but the bikes are ridiculously expensive -- and that's for no gears or brakes or anything, just a plain, old bike with, presumably, reverse-pedal brakes. Which, having had a ten-speed with hand brakes, is probably all I really need, as I never got the hang of changing gears. Changing gears for me was standing up to pedal up a hill. Or getting off and walking up. Perhaps I'll start scouring garage sales again.

Speaking of which, my parents are having one this weekend because it's the all-city garage sale day on Saturday. It'll be interesting to see if my mother asks me to go sale-ing with her....

Work is frustrating, but there's no change there. My supervisor is still micromanaging, but only on my pending cases. She seems to have no interest whatsoever in my undercare, and that's even farther behind than my pending. No one is interested in my ten years' experience with the other caseload(s) because the newest worker in the unit is throwing her weight around. She has squeaky-wheeled everyone and everything and it's very distressing for me because she is my friend. And she's pissing me off enough that I'm starting to feel resentful.

We're a week shy of the one-year anniversary of this change, and I keep waiting to go in to find out that they've decided that I'm incompetent and they're going to move me into something I hate even more, like PA. (Which I have done and which is even worse than what I'm doing now.)

Speaking of anniversaries, thirty-two years ago, I was confirmed (i. e., made a member of the United Methodist Church). I wasn't interested in the religious aspect of it at all. I joined the confirmation class because a boy I had a crush on was in it. Throughout high school, that boy and Friend P and I were a group -- so much so that when I returned to the church for that boy's father's funeral, one of the Church Ladies only recognized me when I was standing between him and Friend P.

It didn't stick. The confirmation, that is.
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The cats -- well, Princess Nimue Isis Morgana and His Imperial F*$!ing Majesty Merlin I, anyway -- have realized that Sheila gets treats when she comes in from outdoors. Mostly, anyway. So they have both been constantly underfoot for the last week. It's encouraging that after fourteen years, Merlin has finally figured out what treats are for, but at the same time, I can't go anywhere without watching my feet for fear of tripping over a cat. At least Kethri still spends all her time sacked out on my pillows.

And you should see them at lunchtime when they also get treats.... (Which is really my cunning plan to make pilling Merlin the next time easier. And there will be a next time. There always is.)
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The cats have been really noisy of late. A lot of fighting, or possibly quite noisy playing -- not sure which. There was just a tussle a minute or so ago. As long as one or more of them is not hiding behind my Very Expensive Relatively New (And Somewhat Tippy) Television (and how annoyed am I that two months after I bought it, the prices for that size fell by $100?), I pretty much leave them to it. I'm not certain whether it's the change of weather, or whether Kethri has finally decided to make up with Nimue, or whether it's just Merlin being a pill, but something's got a bug up their collective furry, twitchy little asses.

Last night, I heard a great hissing in the basement and went downstairs to find Nimue up on a five gallon bucket while Kethri, with her tail swollen to bottle-brush proportions, stalked below her, rubbing her cheek on everything around the bucket. Nimue would take an occasional swipe at her and hiss, and I'm really not at all sure what the heck was going on there because normally, it would be the other way around, with Nimue laying siege to Kethri.

Nimue, at least, has not tried to get into the upstairs bathroom lately -- a thing she seems to want to do after I've gone to bed. The last time, I finally got down the bottle of stuff-to-prevent-cats-from-scratching-the-hell-out-of-your-expensive-furniture (not that I have any) and liberally sprayed the barrier. She hasn't bothered it since, so I guess the stuff works. Yay?

In other news, Sheila seems to be not well this morning, and there seems to be a bear in the backyard (no, not really). She absolutely refused to go off the patio this morning, and nothing I could say would make her do so, though I told her that if she peed in the house -- or if I discovered that she had already peed in the house -- I would beat her. (I wouldn't, of course. I can't even bring myself to trap the damned chipmunks.) Then she yarked her breakfast -- though, being a dog, she immediately scarfed it back up. She never yarks her food. I must conclude, therefore, that she is not feeling well. We will shortly test the bear theory, as it's nearly time to take her back out again.

Everyone seems to be asking me why I want another van. Is it not enough that that is what I want? I realize that they're not as fuel efficient as a smaller car, but I don't want a smaller car. I don't want to be dependent on other people if I need to haul something (which happens reasonably often). I don't want to have to call Friend P and then wait for six months for him to remember that I need his help. I want room enough for a dog (or four) to be able to travel in comfort. I don't want to feel like my ass is bumping along on the road when I go somewhere, which is what happens when I get in a small car these days. I just want a freakin' van, okay?

Since today is pay day, I sat down last night and ran my monthly expenses, something I've never done before. Holy shit, I piss away a lot of money. I am ashamed of myself. I need to get a handle on that, especially since I'm considering both a car loan and a home improvement loan.

On that latter front, I have heard nothing from NW in months. I suspect that they have conveniently lost my application, or have marked it withdrawn because I refused to sign the spec review because it wasn't what we had discussed when the guy came out to look the house over. The last time I heard from them, I was told that I wouldn't have to file a new application with the new year. That was...November, I think. I've been sort of stubbornly refusing to contact them, just to see what happens. In the meantime, Friend P walked me through fixing up the bathroom, and it wouldn't be nearly as much work as I was afraid, and much of it I could do myself. (More drywall. More taping and mudding. More sanding. Oh, rapture!) However, I can't get the drywall up by myself and I can't do the wiring or plumbing...which means relying on Friend P, who said he was going to come work on it in January, or getting a loan elsewhere and hiring someone. Remember how giddy I was a year ago at the prospect of getting my house finished? Yeah. Now I'm just tired. As usual.

My mother is having a garage sale this weekend and urged me to bring stuff up for it. Now, she told me about this on Wednesday. If she'd mentioned it a week ago Wednesday, I might have had time to go through some stuff. Now, though? No, I don't think so. Besides, the last three times I've taken stuff up for garage sales, I haven't gotten my money. Somehow, it just never seems to make it into my hands. The first time, she thought she'd given it to me already, so it got spent. "We'll make it up to you." The second time, it got put in the bank so it wouldn't get spent...and I still never got it. The third time, I just didn't care anymore. So, even with plenty of warning, I don't tend to contribute to garage sales. I will have to have one of my own this season, though, I think. Which means cleaning out the basement....

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They think only of themselves.

They care nothing for the needs of others, only for their own comforts. Even when they give warmth and joy to others, it is only a ploy to advance their own welfare.

Bad economies? Wars? Protests? These things do not touch them, for they have servants to care for them, to make certain that food is plentiful and there are soft places to rest, to open doors and cans, to toss the jingle ball or dangle an inviting piece of yarn.

His Imperial Majesty Merlin I stalks regally through his domain, and sits silently behind the servant, waiting patiently for her to notice him. When she does -- by tripping over him -- he demands, with tail held high and stiff, that she attend to him immediately. He needs a scritching, and he needs it now. "Late for work" means nothing to him, for she exists only to fulfill his desires.

His consort, Princess Nimue Isis Morgana, having graciously pre-warmed and softened his second breakfast with her own digestive juices, adds her demand for more food to the tasks assigned the servant. He watches Nimue disdainfully; her use of the "cute and underfoot" approach, he has noticed, occasionally backfires, causing the servant to lay hands on her mistress' royal person and imprison her behind a closed door. Still, that does mean that he once more has the servant to himself, so he cannot quite fault her: clearly she knows who her master is.
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Last year, I turned on the furnace in the middle of October. This year...well, I turned it on this morning. It was 61.5° in here when I got up this morning, and we're not supposed to see the sun for a couple more days, yet, I don't think. (We won't even talk about the state of the grass in my backyard; the cashier at WickedMart said yesterday that she expects to have to mow one more time before winter; I'm expecting to mow at least half a dozen more times.) So not only did I turn on the furnace, but I'm baking cookies. They'll probably all go in to work with me tomorrow, but for now, they'll warm up the kitchen.

Hm. First tray just came out of the oven, and they're not quite...normal. I suppose it's because I used old eggs and butter that I actually took out to make cookies with before Labor Day. Both are fine, but the dough was quite stiff; probably not quite enough moisture because of the elderly eggs. Oh, they look fine, and I'm sure they'll taste fine. They're just not quite as soft and squishy as my cookies usually are.

As I was getting the trays ready, it occurred to me that this was the first time I'd made cookies since Cruiser died. I had no dog investigating the kitchen and being a nuisance. Sheila has never gone in for that sort of thing, and she was, in fact, napping in my office (and still is). Garion was the champ, though. The instant I started up the mixer, he was right underfoot, watching intently snuffling around right underfoot to catch any bits that flew out of the mixer. *sigh* I miss my dogs. I actually even miss Cruiser.

Mind you, Princess Nimue Isis Morgana more than made up for it, once she realized that I was baking....

So...what do we think about the season finale of Doctor Who? I'm going to have to watch it again, I think, before I have any strong opinion. There was just too much going on. Though I have to say that I was right about the eye patches. *is smug* many more times can Team TARDIS imperil the Entire Universe zOMG!?

Back to the cookies.... Need to test them. With milk.
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I found something that makes Princess Nimue Isis Morgana even happier than a new catnip toy: being groomed with the Furminator, especially when she has the hard, ridged underfur mats that she occasionally gets. She thought that was the Best. Thing. EVER!


Aug. 2nd, 2011 10:01 pm
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  • Today seems to have gone on forever. The Incredible Stretching Day.

  • Nimue is driving me batshit tonight. She has been meeping for food or attention or sticking her head in my drink or tripping me for the last four hours, since I got home from work. As far as I know, she didn't yark up her dinner, though she's acting as if she's never been fed, ever. She did just yark up nothing but frothy yellow bile, and if she had food in her stomach, there should've been some evidence of it, so I suppose she did lose her dinner, and I'll have to feed her again. I just hate rewarding her for her obnoxious behavior. In that respect, she's just as bad as Cruiser was with the noise. She's just a little quieter.

  • Had my appointment this morning. The documentation letter was never sent -- which would explain why I never received it. I didn't do too badly, though; I was only missing three things. I took only two paystubs instead of four and only one year's taxes instead of two. So I need to get the missing stuff together and send it in. A construction specialist will then come out and inspect the house to see if I can afford to borrow enough to fix All The Things. If not, I'll just have to pick the most pressing (which is to say, the bathroom and the painting...unless the roof needs to be replaced, but it shouldn't. I am now trying to remember if HTWIWM redid the roof before we moved in, but I just can't. I do know that there's a stack of shingles and rolls of tar paper in the basement, but they could be left over from re-roofing the old house). I am rather excited at the thought of having a whole house.

  • Work sucked. Not as badly as some days, but badly enough.

  • I didn't go to archery practice tonight. I'm working 9-5 this week, and by the time I got home from visiting with the Black Cat, I just didn't feel like going back out. So I didn't. And now there won't be practice until after Pennsic. I'm having a really hard time getting motivated for archery practice this season, and I think it might be because it's Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

  • I suppose I don't need to say that I'm tired, but I'm going to anyway. I'm tired.

  • Ya know...this cat used to be my favorite. I really should rename her Importunata.
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Cruiser keeps coming into my office from the living room where he is engaged in a good harfle and cavark (as MyAuntie puts it) with either a bone or a cat toy that has migrated up from the basement. (I keep having to toss the yellow mouse back downstairs.) It's only ten minutes until his dinnertime, or as he puts it, "I'm starving here. Wasting away. See how I'm wasting away? Would you quit staring at that thing and feed me, dammit?"

Princess Nimue Isis Morgana is also starving, but much more quietly, and with a bit more decorum: "Oh, la." (Paw to forehead.) "I am pallid and weak from hunger, and nigh unto wasting away. La."

I got out of work early this afternoon in order to go to an eye appointment. The kind optometrist scolded me very gently for wearing my two-week disposables for two months at a time. "They're not really made for that, so it would probably be best if you wore them a little less." The thing is that I recall seeing a consumer report thingy that stated that all contact lenses were made from the same material, so it was really up to the wearer to decide what was good for them, and I've been making a single box of lenses (well, two, since my eyes are different prescriptions) last as long as possible. Now that was some years ago, and it may no longer be true. In any case, she said that my prescription hasn't changed, that the problem is an irritation of the cornea, which she believes is subsiding (because I put in a fresh pair of lenses when the last pair was so blurry), but she would like it if I wore my glasses for another day or so before putting contacts back in. And she doesn't think I should sleep in them for six nights at a time anymore. *sigh* Apparently, my eyes are aging along with the rest of me and don't really like the six night in, one night out schedule I've been keeping for years. So they gave me a sample pair, as they always do, though I didn't wear them home, and I'll have to order a new box in another month or so.

And then came the bill. I was, frankly, shocked at how much the appointment cost, but apparently those sample contacts aren't free. I suspect also that they've raised their rates. I'll have to check my records, but I'm betting that my insurance won't pay for it because they only pay for exams every other year. And of course with contact lenses, I have to have an exam every year even if my prescription doesn't change. Should've started that flex plan, I guess. Something to think about for next year. (I go to WickedMart's Vision Center because I really, really like the optometrist, and because the nearest place that accepts my insurance is an hour's drive away.)

I arrived home to find that Some Dog (whose name probably begins with a "C" and ends with a "ruiser") had been tearing at the linoleum in the laundry room near the door where Garion had torn it up a couple of years ago. Great. Yet one more thing....

I saw a deer this morning on my walk, in a place where I haven't really seen deer before. I saw a flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye, and since I was expecting a dog given that it was between two houses, my brain took a moment to realize that it was a deer. So we stared at one another for a bit; she appeared supremely unconcerned to see me, perhaps because my hide wasn't bright orange and I didn't have a boomstick. And then I walked on and she continued nibbling grass with her back to me.

I guess I know where I rate on the predator scale....

Although the day started hot and muggy and nearly 80° at 6:00 a.m., it has turned glorious. It's still hot, I think (someone else will have to judge that; I can't tell), but it's Really Quite Windy, and the wind cools it off quite a bit. I have the whole house opened up to catch the breezes because it didn't cool down at all overnight. The Furry Creatures seem much more comfortable. In fact, it turned into such a nice day that mowing the lawn was actually something of a pleasure. I mean, it's not like I really mind mowing, but I'm not sure that I'd say that I enjoy it, either. Though I do enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I get looking out over a freshly mown lawn. Anyway, it seemed like a good idea to do it and get it done while I had the time. Tonight is supposed to be cold again -- back down into the 40s -- and tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be only in the mid-60s. And then Friday is rain again. So...mow the damned lawn. Though I only did the back because it grows much faster than the front.

Right. Enough blather.
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Well. Merlin's chronic respiratory infection is chronicking; I started him on antibiotics yesterday and will have to drive out to the vet's office to pick up more either this evening or tomorrow. I still have a few left, so I have some leeway. I am really luck, all things considered, that it's Merlin who requires pilling for ten days every few months. I catch him at noon, when he's still sleepy from his morning nap, stuff him between my knees (with ankles crossed behind me), tip his head back and pop the pill in his mouth. Generally, it goes right down, too. Easy...though it does get harder the longer it goes on. In another five days or so, he'll start to catch on and try to make himself scarce at lunchtime.

Nimue wouldn't put up with that, I don't think, and she's pointy. Merlin and Kethri are both declawed, but Nimue isn't....

And Kethri turns into a little demon when I try to pill her. Kethri also has a new trick: she has started hiding under the bed so that I can't toss her out of the bedroom at night. Unfortunately for her, the floor in the bedroom is uncarpeted and so I just move the bed, scoop her up and toss her out. I might start closing the bedroom door around suppertime, though.
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  • Christ on a crutch. I just paid $74.00 for gasoline. I filled the van, which was down to a quarter tank, and then filled the can that I keep for the lawn mower. At least that will see me most of the way through the summer, even with slopping on the mower once or twice (and I will, no matter how careful I am).

  • There are even more violets now than there were last week when I mowed. I really need to do that back again, but I think the front can wait until the weekend -- when the back will need it again. The back always needs it more often than the front.

  • Even if Nimue hasn't figured it out, Kethri knows what it means when I carry Nimue upstairs to the bedroom in the morning. Yesterday, they had quite the noisy scrap in there while I was getting ready for work. This morning, as soon as Kethri heard me coming, she scarpered.

  • Mom said that when she called the hospital at 7:00, Grampa had had a good night. However, at lunchtime, the doctor was concerned because his bloodwork indicated that his heart was still being damaged (whatever heart attack chemicals were present earlier were still present and not diminished, I guess). Grama is -- quite understandably -- a stress-monky, and now one or both of her dogs is sick. I suppose if I were thinking, I'd've taken the afternoon off to at least help out with the dogs.

  • I spoke with the deferred comp rep this morning and he says that I'm in good shape for now. We're going to move my deferred comp investments around a bit to something with a better return, and I have to figure out what I'm going to do about beneficiaries, but other than that, I'm okay. Whew. I might actually get to retire in a few decades.

  • I'm glad I don't work on the second floor of this building; it's apparently designed to move with an earthquake, which means it moves with pretty much anything. It shakes constantly. You could get motion sickness up there. Seriously. It's awful. Though it occurs to me that the window project is ongoing on the other side of the building now, so some of that might have been from the work.

  • I took pictures in the backyard on Sunday. I'll have to get them edited. There were some pretty cool ones. Now that the van is more or less reliable, I'll have to see about ranging farther afield. Though I suppose I should see about that bicycle for trips that are relatively close but a little too far to comfortably walk.

  • Imma kill me a dog any second now.


Apr. 14th, 2011 12:51 pm
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  • It's Thursday. Yes, indeed.

  • Totally lost my shit with Nimue last night. She was meeping and begging and underfoot continually, and I just. could. not. take. it. Had she been a child, I'd've beaten her. (This is why I do not have children, because I recognize my own failure in that area.) As it was, she got squirted when she shouldn't've been, and locked in the bedroom for a few hours, and I cried out my frustration. The dogs wisely left me the hell alone.

  • My snow glories are in I may have mentioned the other day.

  • I think there's a bird nesting in the back of the bushes by the front porch. Probably a safe place, since the front door doesn't get used.

  • There are still dribs and drabs of transmission fluid under the van. And, lo, I throw my hands up and turn a blind eye, as it's not as bad as it was before.

  • There is a case at work that I really need to work on...but I am doing stupid little tasks in an effort to put it off because it is difficult and complicated and totally Not My Job, but I'm stuck doing it anyway. *sigh* I'll just finish up what I was doing before lunch and tackle it this afternoon. I'm putting it off partly because it'll involve a phone call to the provider to ask yet more stupid questions about the charges involved.

  • Had more nursing home training this morning. This is the last of it until we actually start working on case work sometime next month. I am not enthused....

  • Am considering starting to wear makeup to work again, since this new position will bring me back into contact with the general public. Probably won't bother, however, as it just takes too long.


Apr. 12th, 2011 12:51 pm
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  • And the thump, thump, thumping is going on again. I heard it start up, so perhaps it is a student who comes home for lunch. Still...arg.

  • Did not sleep again last night. Very tired.

  • Did not finish season 2 of Farscape last night, either. Probably should've given up on sleep and come downstairs and watched the last two episodes.

  • Had nursing home training this morning. My supervisor leaned over and very quietly informed me and the other person being trained that we were handpicked for these positions due to our people skills, and rapport(s) with our clients. She meant it as a compliment, of course, but all I could think was, "But I hate dealing with people!!" Passed it on to My Twin and we laughed....

  • It suddenly occurred to me this morning as I was running around getting ready for work that I have been stupid about the painting in the living room/dining room. From the stairwell all the way around to the wall that needs to be scraped, I could actually prime and paint because there's a panelled wall between them that is not being changed. Dur. I still don't think I'll be painting this weekend, though, as I still haven't chosen the exact shade of green that I want.

  • Nimue wasn't underfoot this morning while I was trying to get ready, so I had to go in search of her to make sure she was all right. She'd already sacked out for the day on the back of the loveseat in my office...though I note she is no longer there.

  • The built-in bookcase in the living room was clearly built in after the stairwell wall was painted. I am now trying to figure out how to paint it and get it right (teeny-tiny brush, I guess) without slopping paint all over the shelves.

On The 'Nip

Apr. 2nd, 2011 08:36 am
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Princess Nimue Isis Morgana has two favorite places to scratch: the woodwork in the doorway between the kitchen and the laundry room, and the support posts in the basement at the foot of the stairs. The latter are really just a pair of two-by-fours hammered into place, so her scratching them to bits makes me a wee bit nervous¹. I've been meaning for months to get a strip of carpeting and hang it there to protect the wood, and I finally remembered this morning. And HTWIWM would have a hemorrhage if he knew that I paid $5 for something that's basically just a strip of scrap carpeting that's been hemmed and has a handle sewn on and a feather dangling from it.

Screw him.

Anyway, this little bit of carpeting is apparently impregnated with catnip. It rested on the kitchen counter for under a minute while I clipped the tags off, and when I turned around from getting a hammer and nail to hang it with, Nimue was ottering on the countertop...which earned her a screeching, as cats are absolutely forbidden to be on any surfaces upon with the Woman's food is prepared, thank you very much.

When I came back upstairs from nailing it to the post, she was ottering on the kitchen floor much the same way she does when I've had the bleach² out. As far as I know, Nimue's never had the 'nip before...but she seems to know all about it....

Merlin, meanwhile, was chasing the cardboard packaging around the basement....
¹ Which is silly since it's not like she can manage to scratch all the way through it. Right? Right?!?

² Note to self: add bleach and vinegar to the shopping list for the next trip.


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