Feb. 24th, 2017 05:33 pm
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  • I really dislike it when people parade their children or grandchildren around the office introducing them to people. If I wanted to know their children and/or grandchildren, I'd probably be friends with them, rather than just coworkers. And I loathe children, so I find dealing with them difficult. (Mind you, if I get cornered, then obviously, I'm going to put on a happy face and dig out my talking-to-children voice, but I'm also going to resent the hell out of it.)

  • It's supposed to be 70° today. Edit: I just spoke with one of my colleagues at Dept. of Aging, and she said that it's warmer outside than it is inside.

  • There was lightning when I walked Jack this morning. Only in the clouds, but still startling...especially when I'm currently reading the Shadow Unit episode "Dark Leader," in which the gamma can cause lightning strikes.

  • I am having one of those days: I wrote a check for a bill that had to go in the mail this morning, sealed the envelope, and found the check lying on my desk. Fortunately, I was able to get the envelope open again without tearing it, but I had to reseal it with packing tape.

  • I have had eight clients die in the last week. It often happens in streaks, but it's always startling.

  • A couple of the clients were members of the church I grew up in. My grandmother saw their obituaries and asked if I knew them. "No, of course not, Grama!"

  • Stopped for a muffin this morning on my way to work. Because it has been One Of Those Days, there were three people in line in front of me and what should have taken three minutes took twelve. Naturally, I was late for work.

  • I am wearing one of the scarves I bought in Paris at the Cluny: it's a Unicorn Tapestries scarf. It's very lightweight and keeps flying all over the place when I walk. For some reason, I thought it was just the red background with the flowers and bunnies and such, but I looked at it unfurled this morning and there are unicorns at each end. I must have been confusing it with the tote bag I also bought at the museum (to carry the books and scarves), which is just red background with flowers and bunnies.

  • My neighbor in the next cubicle keeps using agency jargon when she talks to clients, and she can't figure out why people don't understand what she's talking about.

  • Can you break a knuckle? I jammed my thumb last night trying to dig some really, really frozen chunks out of a tub of ice cream, and it's kind of sore, but only when I use it certain ways. (Kidding on the "break" thing. Pretty sure it's just sore, though it was pretty painful at the time.)

  • Oooo! I won this week's 50/50 raffle! It's the first time I've won, ever -- and they have them relatively frequently because that's how all the office parties are funded.

  • Arrived home to find that someone was sharing their music with the neighborhood. Why is it those folks are never playing Handel? Or Mozart? Or Beethoven?

  • Debating whether to bother with dinner tonight. Had lunch from Burger King...which makes a big dinner contraindicated. Maybe some scrambled eggs.
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  • So far, I don't seem to be having the kind of trouble with DST as I did last year. But it's only Tuesday.

  • No walkies this morning; I was slow. Jack is sad.

  • I found this month's mortgage payment still sitting on the desk in the library last night. You'd think that after going to the credit union to pay it late on a Friday afternoon and not finding it in my purse, I'd've put it there when I got home. I didn't. That was eleven days ago. Payment, of course, is due on the first.

  • When I arrived home last night, my neighbor's driveway was full of vehicles. She had people over helping her get snow off the roof and cleaning the driveway and walks of ice, including her former roommate and the roommate's husband. Why can't I get help like that? Oh, yeah. Nobody likes me.

  • Much of the driveway ice melted yesterday. Of course, it refroze overnight because the snow is so high that the water has nowhere to go. But by the end of the week, perhaps, it'll be gone.

  • I shouldn't be spending any more money at least until my trip this summer. But I have coupons for Barnes & Noble, and I want to take a trip north.

  • I made cheeseburger soup [mostly] according to a WW recipe on Sunday. It's quite tasty. I have lots of leftovers, so will probably be eating soup all week.

  • Work, as usual, is vastly unpleasant.
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I woke up this morning over an hour later than normal and my first thought was that there was nothing that I had to do today. What a lovely thought. Of course, as soon as my brain engaged more fully, a neat list of all the things I do have to do today presented itself. In fact, I should be getting dressed so that I can go out and get groceries, but since it's Monday, it's less urgent than if it were Saturday. (If it were Saturday, I'd've wanted to leave the house an hour ago.)

So...groceries. Pack up the lens -- which is under warranty, and the warranty is now registered -- and get it shipped to Tamron. Pack up another box or two in the garage because my recycling and garbage bins still need to be put away. Try to figure out a menu for this week (after getting groceries), because this trying to figure out what I'm going to make for dinner after I get home from work leads to having either a bowl of cereal or a Quarter Pounder. Find the surface of my desk. I'm pretty sure it's under all those papers somewhere.

That ought to keep me busy for a bit.

(Oh, I took the day off.)

There was someplace close to home that I considered going for TeenyTinyTARDIS photos, and I cannot remember now where it was. All I remember is a line of landscaping boulders. That's aggravating. I would like to take some on campus, but not while there are students everywhere. Though there are plenty of places on campus where there wouldn't be students, as I well remember from my own days there.

BFT and I talked about going to Stony Brook this weekend. I hope I have the lens back by then. Their turnaround time is three days, but if I ship it priority, they still won't get it until Wednesday, so I wouldn't have it back until Monday. Ah, well. We might not go, anyway; it's supposed to be quite cool this weekend.

Next weekend is Harvest Raid over in Heronter. It's a camping event, but when I go, I just go for Saturday. I haven't been in a couple of years, so I'm considering going this year. But...the few times I have gone, I have spent all my time on the archery range. I'm not sure I want to do that, but I don't know that there's anyone for me to hang out with, either. Six years in the SCA, and I still know only a handful of people. Maybe I should just take the camera and wander around for a few hours, then come home, without even staying for court. The last time I got persuaded to stay for court, there was a knighting and I didn't get home until two hours later than I intended.

Speaking of handfuls, tomorrow night is our own shire's business meeting. We're supposed to be redrafting the bylaws. I keep reminding people that they really need to be there for this, but I know that I'll only get the Usual Suspects, and possibly not even all of them.

I don't understand the hate I'm seeing for "Robot of Sherwood." It wasn't meant to be anything more than a romp, and I thought it was fun. It's interesting that that nice coat of the Doctor's still has Pockets of Holding -- where else was he keeping that gauntlet?...and was that a package of Saltines? I do find, though, that I am missing a lot of the dialogue. I used to look up transcripts; I should start doing that again.
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I went out early this morning to get groceries. I needed to go to the post office and the bank for Grama, and I figured that if I had to get properly dressed anyway, I might as well get my own errands accomplished, too. So I picked up a few groceries, then came back home and put them away, then had to go back out once the bank and post office opened. I got Gram's cash and her stamps for her, and decided to take them to her directly, rather than have to go back out again later.

She was getting her shower when I got there, and she didn't get dressed in the bathroom. Apparently, my mother learned the lack of modesty she used to inflict on me as a kid from Gram -- who, I might add, sat not just in front of me, but also in front of her window to get dressed.

I averted my eyes, oh Lord.

So there was that. Then I came home and changed out of my jeans back into my comfy clothes. I've been working a bit on my AQ submission this morning, but now it's noon, and my head is starting to hurt, and I sort of want a nap. So I think I might take one.

So there.
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It's foggy outside. Foggy. I suppose that means that the air is warmer than the snow? It's just a little odd. I suppose, if I'd known it was going to happen, I could've thrown myself into some clothing and gone to look for picture opportunities. But I didn't know, and I'm still in my jammies,

I felt a little weird yesterday, but I think it was because I spent a few hours at my desk, which puts my abdomen at a different angle than sitting on the couch. So today, I'm going to work on my laptop on the couch, instead of at my desk. Doc said two things to me: "Be yourself," and "You can't pull your stitches." That doesn't, however, stop me from worrying. I had to refer back to the handout he gave me before the surgery to reassure myself that what's going on now is okay and normal -- and it's only been two weeks, after all, so maybe I shouldn't be sitting at my desk at all.

I'm considering going out to a movie this afternoon (either Frozen or Thor: The Dark World (yes, I have seen it twice. So what?)), but the cinema doesn't open for matinees until late afternoon (first shows are at 4:00), and I have a serious case of inertia here, so I probably won't make it out.

Straight No Chaser is on the iPod right now; I remember arguing with a friend's husband that the "instruments" they were "playing" were just the guys making instrument noises like any five-year-old. A musician himself, but he didn't believe me.

And...that's it for this morning, I think. Time to go find some warmer clothings than my jammies, and retire to the couch to work on the Dark Crystal thingummy. (Entries have to be 7,500 - 10,000 words. I want to get to at least 5,500 today.)


Nov. 28th, 2013 09:22 am
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Feeling a bit fuzzy this morning; I didn't get up until after 7:00 a.m. -- it was late enough that both Merlin and Sheila were sick. Fortunately, both in convenient places: Sheila outdoors, and Merlin on the basement stairs, which meant that I could just go down a few steps and lean back up for clean up...but Kethri beat me to it, so it didn't matter in the end. I managed to get over onto my side last night and it was even almost comfortable, but I couldn't stay there the whole night, and I can't stay on my left side at all. Fortunately, I usually sleep on my right side. Unfortunately, as soon as I managed to get over there, my brain started zipping about like a squirrel being chased by a caffeinated terrier, and I actually had to flop (carefully) back onto my back to get to sleep.

Stoopid brain.

I am freezing again this morning. It's time to shrink wrap the windows in the back of the house, I think. I'll have to check the package I have downstairs; I don't think there's enough there to do all the windows, so I'll have to get some more when I go grocery shopping on Saturday. Of course, it would also help if I were in warmer clothings. I am debating whether I should dress properly for dinner or just say, "Screw it, I had surgery last week; all y'all can put up with my sweatpants!"

Apparently my parents are going to be picking Grama up at 2:30 (dinner isn't until 4:30). I am waiting to see if Mom emails and asks if I want to be picked up at the same time (since I'm only a few blocks from EH). I am debating that, myself. I don't really want to drive myself, but I also don't want to be at anyone else's mercy for getting home. I'm rather hoping that since today is sunny, some of the ice in my driveway (and on the van) will melt by the time it's time to go across town.

Dinner will, of course, be entertaining. With two hours extra to pick at each other, Mom and Gram should be in rare form.

As for my own plans for the day...well, I have a load of laundry in the dryer. There are dishes to be washed (which will warm my hands, at least). I want to watch at least one more episode of Pride & Prejudice (it's time for Mr. Wickham to show up), but I'm also a little tired of the couch, despite my natural tendencies toward extreme indolence. I think maybe I'll edit some photos; I still have a pile from my vacation that I haven't gotten to.
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I am still waking up early from last week, so I'm going with it while it lasts. It is only 7:00 a.m., and I have been up since 5:00. I haven't accomplished a great deal, but I did get out for a walk (saw a rabbit and a skunk), and I will have extra time this morning during which I should either start typing up my training book index or work on editing vacation photos, as I still have loads of those to go through and inflict on all y'all.

The indexing took me two hours and seven pages, but I will now be able to find things when I need them. I will also do a table of contents and a list of the official state missives that are included. And maybe a list of the desk guides, too. One of the things that I did comment on in my course eval is that in an effort to save paper, they left no blank pages between sections, so there is no place to conveniently stick notes or answers to example questions. I will have to go through the book and remedy that. Also, the notebook that they used is slightly too small. Had they used a D-ring binder, things would fit much better. But that's okay, because I have plenty of notebooks....

I realized as I was coming downstairs this morning that I didn't really need to get up at 5:00 a.m., because I am working the 9-5 shift this week. Then I shrugged and continued down the stairs. I likely wouldn't have gone back to sleep, and would have ended up being late somehow, so it was better to Just Get On With It.

Finally chose and ordered my New Piece of Furniture yesterday afternoon. I decided not to go with a futon after all. I don't want something that large cluttering up the backroom and I'm not ready to replace the couch -- and when I do, I want a couch. (In fact, I've already pretty much chosen what I want and just have to hope it's still available when I am in a position to acquire it.) So, instead, I ordered a twin sleeper chair. It was much more expensive than the Overstock futon deal, but only a little outside the range I was originally prepared for when I planned to order from Kohl's, and I have wanted one for ages, so it seemed like the way to go. I will probably have to add padding to the mattress, as it's on the thin side, but that's okay. I have the technology. I just hope it gets here in time, as I am cutting the time frames really quite fine. (With my luck, they'll want to deliver it on the day of surgery.)
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It has been raining here on and off since at least 4:00 a.m. (when I first woke up to the sound of it). It is not currently raining, but I think it'll probably start in again soon. It is already warmer at 9:30 than it was all day yesterday, which is, at least, a plus. I didn't bring anything especially warm with me because it's August, fercryinoutloud.

Auntie and I went shopping yesterday. Well, I went shopping and she tagged along, really. We went over to Pier 1 so I could get the cushions I wanted and use my coupon. This store also had loads of the cups that I was planning to get from my own preferred (can't say "local") store some time back, so I got one of those and the only remaining saucer to put in my cube to brighten it up a bit. I also got little toys for my co-conspirators at work. One is a rubber chicken which pops out an egg when it's squeezed, the other is a little stress-type toy that pops out its eyes when squeezed. I think they'll appreciate them.

We spent some time in Michael's trying to figure out frames and matting for a print that Auntie recently acquired and ended up having it custom-matted, but put in a store frame. It's supposed to be ready before I leave, so I'll get to see how it looks. While we were there, we noticed that they had a quite interesting and dramatic shot of the lighthouse (which I named "Ubiquitous" a couple of years ago because it's on everything around here). In the aftermath of my photography class, it looks to me as though it was taken on a bright, sunny day with puffy clouds in the sky, but with the exposure dialed waaaaay down so that it looks light night. Remember the old day-for-night stuff they used to do in TV and movies? It looks like that.

We also went to the grocery store (and we'll probably make at least one more trip out there, too), and Auntie actually let me pay for half the groceries -- which only seems fair since half the stuff was cereal and soda for me. Since the water generally makes me sick, I drink even more soda than usual when I'm here.... But Auntie is of the Old Hospitality School, and won't even let me take them out to dinner when I'm here.

This morning, I have been playing a bit with my tablet downloading apps. I have no experience with these sorts of things (unlike regular desktop or laptop computers), so I'm a little nervous about it, but the thing cost me very little money, so I suppose it's worth experimenting on.

And that reminds me that I wanted to map out a route around Cleveland instead of through it just to see if it adds any time to the trip, because if I leave when I would prefer, I'll hit Cleveland at just about noon, and the construction on 90 is confusing enough that I'd prefer to avoid it if possible.

Today's plan has not yet been revealed to me, but I'm betting, given the weather, that it won't be the beach, or uptown, or the butterfly house. Perhaps the used bookstore....
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It's even chillier this morning than it was yesterday. I have seen, in various places, people celebrating the advent of fall and winter. I saw trees that were starting to turn on my way out here. I am not ready for winter. The weather we are having now is mid-Septemberish. It's not fair. I have so few days when I am truly, truly warm. And I miss the sun so much. (Maybe I should get one of those lamps.)


When people finally got moving yesterday, we went uptown to the monthly antique show/flea market. It's held in the half-mile long park at the top of the bluff, and vendors are set up on both sides of the walkway, so it's a lenthy process getting through the crowds to look at stuff. Nuncle spent his afternoon on benches with Mr. Camera. Auntie and I mainly looked at jewelry, but I like sparkly antique jewelry. Though, frankly, some of it wasn't that old.... Well, as I said, it's as much a flea market as it is an antique show.

BFT and I have this thing where everywhere we go, we see some depiction of the Eiffel Tower. Yesterday, I saw a pretty little watercolor of it. I almost bought it, but the lady was really asking too much for it. As my uncle said, if you're going to spend that much on a framed Eiffel Tower thingy, might as well be one of your own photographs, and with any luck, I'll have a few of those in a couple of years.

I did end up buying a couple of books: a French version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and an old version of Wuthering Heights (though not from the same vendors). I have a matching edition of Jane Eyre that I've had since I was a child; it was the book from which I first read the story, in fact. I learned about ten years ago that there were at least two other books in that same edition: tall, with the story on two columns per page, and the Scariest Woodcut Illustrations Ever. I'll have to take a picture of it later. Anyway, it was in good condition, and I was going to put it back because it was $25, but the vendor was a friend of Auntie and Nuncle's and told me that if I bought anything off the main tables, I could take anything off the sale tables for free. She had a Harry Dresden omnibus, so I was going to buy that, but she insisted on giving it to me because she said it had been donated by Auntie and Nuncle (they claim not, though they have donated plenty of things to her). Since she insisted, I picked up Wuthering Heights instead, as well as two other books off the sale table (a Donna Parker and a Trixie Belden). And then she knocked $5 off the price of Wuthering Heights, too. She is also the person who suggested the cemeteries we may go out to later this week, as she was born and grew up locally.

I brought my cheap, clearance toy tablet with me just to see if I could get it to connect to the house network, and lo, and behold, it did, so I have been playing with it a bit. I'll have to see if I can download a better version of Tetris. And maybe try out Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga. I used it last night to show Auntie the Minions singing the Banana Song (she was charmed and amused, so we may need to see Despicable Me, which I brought with me, and if the sequel is still playing out here, maybe I'll treat them to a movie later in the week). Anyway, the problem at home must have been my router. I'll have to see about that when I get back.

Sheila has settled right into the daily routine around here to the point that she doesn't want her food if the Spotty Dogs are there to eat, too. She only ate half her breakfast yesterday, but finished it up at lunchtime. Today, she wouldn't touch her breakfast at all, and I had to give her both of her pain pills in peanut butter. Since Tramodol doesn't agree with me at all, I also smuggled her a piece of bread, which she willingly accepted (People Food!). Otherwise, I guess she won't get anything to eat until the boys are fed at lunchtime.

The V-E-T told me not to walk her, but it's impossible to keep her here when the boys go out for walkies. So far, we have gone only on modified walkies, though, with much shorter routes closer to home, so that we can turn down a block and head back at any time she starts to look wobbly. Meanwhile, Auntie says that their V-E-T has always told them to walk dogs as long as they're willing to walk.

I'm not certain what the plan for today is; it looks like rain, so probably uptown and/or the butterfly house are out. Auntie says that the latter is best on a sunny day. But we'll figure that out later; right now, everyone is moving very slowly, as it is still morning.... (The slooooow mornings around here are one of the reasons that I totally lose track of time when I'm out here. I almost forgot that yesterday was Sunday and today was Monday, ferinstance....)
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I had a terribly exciting New Year's Eve. I went out in the morning and paid my mortgage and moved money into my savings account because property taxes are due by the end of the month (though I have not yet received my tax bill. I expect it to be around $1300.), and if I left the cash in my checking account, somehow, it would end up spent. Frittered, more like. Then I went to the grocery store and used up my Christmas bonus (a gift card from the union) buying meat for stew (and soup, and stir fry) and a few other things. Then I went to BJ's and stocked up on Godiva gift sets at ridiculously low prices...which are really much more reasonable, given how much chocolate they actually contain, than their before-Xmas prices.

In the afternoon, I signed up for trash/recycling pickup. Since I technically live in the country (I am neither in the City, nor the Village), I do not have municipal pick up. It's either a weekly trip to the transfer station or nothing. Fortunately, Friend P has a dumpster, so for as long as we have lived here, it has been monthly trips to the dumpster. But now that Friend P is taking a job across the state, and because I've always felt the monthly trip to be a bit of a hassle (and what if the van gets loaded up, and we get up there and the dumpster is full? We've always been supposed to call and check first, but P's not going to know when he spends most of his time on the other end of the state), and because the cost is reasonable and the person I talked to was extremely helpful and friendly, I signed up. Service starts next week, and they have zero-sort recycling which means that everything just goes in one container and gets shaken and magneted and pushed and pulled apart by them, and just seems really, really cool. They're supposed to pick up recycling every other week, but the woman I talked to said to just put it out every week and it would probably be picked up because they're using dual trucks in our area; one side is for garbage and one side for recycling, and almost everything gets recycled. Only actual garbage goes in that container. Everything else -- glass, metal, paper, cardboard -- gets recycled. And I'm going to start with all the stuff that has been sitting in the basement waiting to be either recycled or reused (really, how many gallon milk jugs does one need sitting around? None, in my opinion.), because the containers that they're going to drop off are huge.

And that's more than you ever wanted to know about trash pick up, I'm sure.

I feel so grown up now. I have real furniture in my house, and I signed up for trash pickup.

Let's see, what else? Oh, I watched Independence Day in the late afternoon while working on the SuperSekritCrochetProjeckt, then watched Brave in the evening. And cried. I'd like to get my mother and my grandmother to sit down and watch it, but they'd neither of them Get The Message. And then I went to bed early. And didn't sleep, as usual. This not sleeping thing is becoming really old. I haven't slept properly in a couple of months now. Very annoying.

The vet's office called yesterday with the results of Kethri's latest blood work. Doc M wants me to reduce her thyroid medication to one-half pill per day. This does not please Kethri at all, who has gotten used to having two special treats per day. Even when I gave her a cat treat in place of her pill last evening, she still wailed at me for her special treat. She really likes those Pill Pockets.

Right. I have today off (the county is closed), but it's the last day of my vacation, so I call Pajama Day. (Which will really be sweatpants day, because my pajamas aren't very warm.) I think I'm going to go make some pancakes and warm up the last of the Christmas leftover ham. And go watch my new yoga DVD so I know what I'll be doing to myself before I try to do it....
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I spent all freakin' day on one case. I had to comb through everything just so I could send the initial letter (we have received your application and it is...complete or not complete) and mark the application not complete. After all of that, there's one more piece of paper I need. And the client has some 'splainin' to do about some money that I can't trace. All. Freakin'. Day.

I want a mug of chai and a blankie. Instead, I am actually cooking something for dinner instead of having cereal or a frozen thing or going to Burger King. Tuna melt and french fries. Yum.

Amazon got back to me with a variety of ways to make it right. I just have to let them know what I prefer. This pleases me...though it took me half an hour to figure out how to contact them about the issue, which does not please me. Eh, whatever, right?

Aaaand there's my timer....


Oct. 18th, 2012 07:09 am
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Very little to say this morning, but gosh darn it, I'm going to say it anyway!

I left work at noon yesterday and drove over the river and through the woods to get to the vet's office. Well, not really over the river, because going over the river would've meant driving through town and the East End Construction during noon rush. No, thanks. I did go through the woods, though. Sort of. I had to pick up another bottle of Rimadyl for Sheila. Jeez, that stuff's expensive. There's one spot at the crest of a hill that I would love to stop and take a picture from, but the picture would have to be taken from the middle of the road and the crest of the hill is around a blind curve, so...perhaps not.

It was a lovely drive, though, and I seriously contemplated driving on past the vet's office into the next county and coming home on the expressway since I was taking the afternoon off. I didn't, though. Maybe I'll take that drive this weekend, if the weather's nice. Or maybe I'll go to Stony Brook. I haven't been there in a couple of years. Or maybe I'll just stay home and clean.

My appointment at the dentist's office went well. There is yet another new receptionist, and the Big Appointment Book is no more. Even the little appointment cards that they hand out are gone. And yet...some of the furniture from the original office (and original dentist; I've been going to this practice my whole life) is in the waiting room, as well as the original dentist's gold statues. You wouldn't think that sort of thing would actually be sold as part of the practice, but apparently it was. Anyway, the hygienist remembered that I'd been going to Italy, and we chatted (as much as one can, of course) about that, and I showed her a couple of pictures, as I still have the second card from the trip in Cellino (the little camera) who lives in my purse.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately, as in...five books in ten days? Something like that. I'm on a Patricia A. McKillip streak right now. Many of her recent books I've only read once, so I'm rectifying that. I finished Od Magic last night and started Ombria in Shadow.
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  • I keep losing track of what day it is. Today is Wednesday, right? I have a doctor appointment tomorrow that was supposed to be after work, but when I rescheduled it, I didn't realize I'd be working in the uptown office, and I work different hours there. So I have to leave early, and I keep thinking that today is the day. It isn't.

  • We had farewell treats for the receptionist uptown yesterday. She's moving to a HEAP position today. They're apparently not replacing her until the week after next, so we'll all be doing phone duty in the meantime.

  • I actually accomplished a thing or three yesterday; I had a stack of things that I hadn't sorted out since the last time I was uptown, and I got through it yesterday. In between trips to the breakroom for chips (the dip was really good) or cookies.

  • Merlin is back on antibiotics. He's got that respiratory infection again. Dammit. Pill the cat. At least I can do it without a lot of fuss...because I've had entirely too much practice.

  • [ profile] fanghopper suggested that, as a gubmint employee, I might enjoy Parks & Recreation. I rejoined Netflix over the weekend, so I have the first disc of the first season sitting on the washer (which is where I dump the mail when I come in). I'll probably watch some of it this evening.

  • Merlin continues to insist on being on the dining room table. I'm beginning to contemplate moving it out of the dining room into the back room just so that I can pretend I don't know he's up there. I have to get up and squirt him off of there at least a dozen times an evening. Maybe he'll stop when I turn on the furnace, because then he'll want to have his butt firmly lodged against the vent grate, so he can catch all the warm bunnies.

  • Speaking of bunnies, my backyard is teeming with rabbits. Every time I open the back door to let Sheila out, rabbits scurry. Yesterday morning, there was even a stray (or feral) cat out there...possibly even the one I nearly hit several days ago. It's a fuzzy grey thing. If it wants to hunt chipmunks in my backyard, it's welcome. It's not like Sheila can see it, anyway.

  • I have finally figured out the structure of Shada. It's paced and divided into sections as the episode would have been had it been completely filmed. Okay, then. That makes sense. I find that it's much less irritating if I have a chance to sit down and concentrate on reading it. It's not the sort of thing where a page here and a page there really works.

  • Sheila is whining behind me. She doesn't actually want to go out. She wants her after-breakfast treat. Which she generally gets for going out and being a good girl (and, yes, that's a euphemism)...except that of late, she's been skipping the "good girl" part and just going out, standing under the oak tree, then coming in for her biscuit. And then, when I'm running around trying to get dressed, she insists on going back out. Which means that I need to stop giving her the biscuit unless she actually accomplishes what she's outside for. Though I'm not certain she would understand the distinction.

  • Nimue yarked her breakfast this morning. She is now doing everything in her power to piss me off so that I'll get up off my duff and refill her bowl. This tends to include trying to get into the under-sink household chemical storage cupboard. She had actually gotten to the point where she could get it open, despite the stopper which had loosened up enough that it was basically useless. So I tightened it, and now she's just lying there scratching at it. It's not like my kitchen cupboards can't take the abuse; they have no corners anymore, thanks to Garion's puppyhood chewing (and I can't fix that as easily as I fixed the section of wall that he and Deuce chewed), so they're hardly stellar examples of the breed. In fact...if I ever have the kitchen remodeled (and not just repainted), they will not survive.

  • I am really annoyed to find that all the much-touted Avengers extras are only on the Blu-Ray edition. This actually pisses me off quite a lot. I love the behind-the-scenes stuff and gag reels and interviews and so on, and was really looking forward to them. I bought the edition I did because -- well, because I misread the packaging. Where it says that all the DVD extras are included on the Blu-Ray disk, what it means is not that that's where I'll find the extras in DVD format, it means that the commentary and single featurette extra on the DVD version are also included on the Blu-Ray version. I suppose DVDs are headed the way of VHS? (Though I still use my VCR from time to time.)

  • Aaaand we're back to clawing at the cabinet again.

  • I get started on these lists and I find it hard to stop. Part of that is that I just don't want to get on with my morning....
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Well...very little accomplishment, anyway. I had planned to stop at the mall on my way home from work, but changed my mind. I had though to mow another section of lawn, Hey, I washed the dishes! Guess I'll have a bowl of ice cream, then.
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The house didn't cool down overnight, again. It's still 75° in here. I have all the doors and windows open and fans going at opposite ends of the house, but I don't think I got more than a degree out of it. I don't mind so much for myself, but Sheila and the cats are rather more fuzzy than I. The house has been wide open for two hours, but as it's a little after 8:00, I'm going to have to think about closing it up soon to keep what coolth I have managed to get inside.

Today is the Day Of Many Obligations: Anniversary party at 11:30, shire picnic at 2:30, dinner with my travel buddies at 5:00. I am probably not even going to attempt to go to the picnic, but I suppose I'll stop briefly at the anniversary party. Though "stop briefly" and "drive nearly half an hour (depending on traffic) to get there" don't really match up. And whether I even get out of the van or not may depend on what vehicles I see when I get there....

ETA: I hate it when stuff happens on Sunday. Sunday is my day for myself. I spend a good chunk of Saturday working on the house, and I don't mind going out and doing things with other people on Saturdays. But Sunday is mine, the day when I nothing. But most people seem to want to be social on Sunday rather than Saturday. Maybe I'm just backwards.... (This does present a problem when doing things with BFT, because her weekends are Sunday-Monday. So if we want to do something together, I either have to take Monday off, or suck it up and be social on Sunday.)

I do have another, very different obligation, also. I have a story for a fic exchange due in twenty days, and I haven't started writing yet. I had planned to write yesterday, but...well, let's just say the metaphorical cats are metaphorically nekkid, and the stack of unfiled papers going back four months on the library desk has been filed. Though I will confess that the reason I was working instead of writing was partly because my legs feel better if I'm active; it's when I retreat to the couch or sit at my desk that they start to stiffen and hurt. Which I know and is logical, but which makes movie watching or reading -- or writing -- problematic. But I'm hoping to get a bit of it done today. You know, in between visits to opposite ends of Hell's Half-Acre.
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I had plans this morning to get up early, do a thing or three around the house, maybe do a couple more of those work letters, then head out to the mall to try on shoes. Now that I am up, however, I find that I do not want to do that thing there. I think that rather than going to the mall, I might do some work around here. I've been meaning to move one of the smaller bookcases back into the dining room next to my writing desk; that will actually take a bit of time as the case has to be unloaded, cleaned, moved, and reloaded. And I could clean up the chaos that is the back room, too. I heard Merlin rustling the papers out there again this morning, but I think it's time they were cleaned up and tossed. Though it would probably make Merlin really happy if I crumpled them up and tossed them in his direction....

I need to use up some milk. I just made muffins, and I'm contemplating making either pancakes or French toast. The pancakes use up two cups, which would finish off that half gallon, but then I'd have pancakes hanging around for days. Though I suppose I could freeze them. Really, the idea of being in the kitchen long enough to make pancakes is just not appealing.

Guess I'll go and find something useful to do with myself.
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It has been a fairly lazy Sunday so far. I just went out to KMart and came back, as I had a craving for something salty and was out of popcorn. (We won't mention the chips, candy, and clearance sweaters I also bought, nor the fact that I'm supposed to be saving money.) The plan for the afternoon is to find a movie and do some stitching. We'll see if I can manage it.

I made my favorite roasted carrots and potatoes with sausage last night for dinner. I haven't made it since...well, the last time I made it was the first -- and only -- time that I made it for HTWIWM. It was a recipe that I discovered while we were separated that first time, and I made it for him shortly after he moved back in. And that night, whatever gastroenteritis was going around that winter finally caught up with me...and I haven't been able to face the recipe since. So that must have been...three years ago? Yeah, probably. I've missed it. It's really simple: chunk up potatoes and carrots (I use baby carrots cut in half length-wise), drizzle them with olive oil, pepper, salt, and thyme (the recipe calls for fresh, but me buying fresh herbs is simply a waste of money, and I can't grow them as Merlin moonlights as the Death of Plants), roast in a 400° oven for however long pleases you (I generally go between twenty and thirty minutes, 'cause I like 'em browner), and then nom 'em up. I also add a bit of Italian sausage; I boil it most of the way cooked, then chunk it up, and broil it the rest of the way with the veg. Lovely.

I am still largely uninspired about this week's LJI prompt. All I am coming up with is writing about the house. Well, we'll see; if I'm still uninspired later, perhaps I'll pass this week. Better to bye out than not get enough votes because of an uninspired entry, right? Right.

I watched The Graham Norton Show on BBCA last night. I have lately found it to be much funnier than I previously had, enough so that I will actually stay up to watch it if the guests seem appealing. Last night was Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart (and Alan Davies, with whom I am not familiar). The only problem is that BBCA is not showing the entire episode because The Fades runs fifteen minutes long. As far as I'm concerned, they can cut Would You Rather...? short. Anyway, it was pretty amusing, and Patrick Stewart talked about how when he was knighted, a sword suddenly appeared in the Queen's hand, and he didn't know where she got it from. Someone who(m) I will not name here, since it wasn't here that it was posted, theorized that she was an Immortal, then, as she could make a sword appear from nowhere.

When I put the living room back together after the painting, I put the couch against a different wall. Now, in order to watch TV, I have to sit crosswise on the couch. In the last few days, I have noticed pain in my right hip. The only explanation for it is that I am sitting slightly cocky-locky on the couch and wrenching that hip a bit. I hate to put the living room back the way it was, because I find this particular arrangement of the furniture aesthetically pleasing, but I suppose I need to not have my hip all funky. Dammit.

Blah, blah, blather.
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Yesterday turned out to be not much better than Monday. The phone didn't stop ringing all day and at 4:00, my voice mail light was on. I didn't get packed up to leave until 4:20 and two more calls came in before I escaped. I didn't answer, mind, I just note that the phone rang twice more. Today, I am working uptown and I have high hopes that I will actually get something accomplished. (They'll probably be squashed somewhere around 9:15, but for now...high hopes.)

I may have glimpsed HTWIWM yesterday after lunch; a truck that looked suspiciously like his was waiting to come out of the tractor supply place. I don't know for sure that it was him¹; I deliberately didn't look because if it had been him², I'd've ended up in an even worse mood than I already was. And it's hard to drive when you're crying. If he is still working for Friend P (and he was, the last I knew), then he could easily have needed supplies from the tractor supply place. Heck, even if he was visiting his dad, he could've needed something from there.

I had two blueberry bagels with butter and cream cheese last night for supper. Just in case anyone was wondering. That's nutrition!
¹ Or, properly, he.

² See above.
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My brain was so fried by about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon that all I could think about was getting home and collapsing on the couch. By the time I actually reached my house after leaving the office, I was feeling a bit more alert. Maybe I just needed Real Air. Of course, it might have helped if I had been able to accomplish anything today, and if the phone had not rung all damned day, including when I was actually using it. It isn't true that I didn't accomplish anything, but it sure feels like it. The stuff I did get done was all piddly stuff. But it makes room for the big stuff, I suppose.

The first thing I did when I got home was to make dinner. I was hungry, and even though it was a bit early, it seemed a better bet that snacking for an hour and then eating dinner and snacking some more. So now it's still relatively early in the evening and I'm done with dinner, the critters are fed, the dishes are done, and my hair is washed and dried. I'm not quite certain what to do with myself now. I should go for a walk. I'm not going to, though.

Ah, I know. Sheila wants to go out....
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Well. Whatever critter -- probably a woodchuck -- dug that hole under the fence out behind the Thorny Bastard did indeed find the cinder block to be a fine porch. Both dogs were taking an inordinate interest in what was going on back there, to the point that I had to have a discussion with Cruiser this afternoon that involved a lot of screaming and a broom before I could get him to back out of there. And he didn't even have Mr. Woodchuck. He was simply guarding the hole like a cat at a mousehole. The commotion drew the attention of Neighbor K and Punt Dog Teddy, and after some conversation with the former, I up-ended a planter that was full of potting soil and weeds into the hole, tamped it down with a shovel, then wedged the planter on its side into the space between the base of the Thorny Bastard and the fence and stuffed the cinder block into the planter to weigh it down. Next move is up to Mr. Woodchuck, and hopefully the next excavation will be completely outside my fence.

Fuzzy little bastards.

It's June, and Das Woofenwagen is due for inspection by the end of the month, so I dropped it off at the garage this evening and walked the rest of the way home. Walking to work will replace my morning walkies, and I'll have to either pack a lunch or persuade someone to bring me home and pick me up again. Though now that I think on it, I'm sure My Twin would love to come see the dogs, especially if I told her I'd spring for lunch. It is to be hoped that the huge amount of money I dropped on repairs just a couple of months back -- recently enough that the guy at the garage still knew who I was and what I was driving -- means that I will only be paying the inspection fee tomorrow, but I'm not really betting on it. I did ask them to take a look at the air conditioning. They can't do repairs there, though they can recharge it. Last I heard, though, even recharging cost about $400, so I probably won't have that done unless Grama says for certain for sure that she's going to come to Michigan with me.

Which reminds's June. I need to reserve a place at the kennel. Better go find the guy's card.

I hear a jingle ball skittering around the basement....

I got a shiny new archery marshal card in the mail today. I never got one before because I didn't realize that I had to send my confirmation in to the authorizations clerk until just a few days before my marshalate expired. It's spiffy: all bright and yellow and even laminated.

There are any number of things I should be doing tonight, but I think that after I do the dishes, I will watch the second X-Men movie, because I'm on a comic book movie kick. My spree, which started with Thor, continued with the two Fantastic 4 movies and the first X-Men movie last evening (and, oh, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan together on screen... *fans self*), and will probably go through several Superman and Batman movies and eventually peter out with The Phantom and The Shadow which make a great double feature.


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