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  • It is my not so humble opinion that if you're going to be in the SCA, you should at least be able to spell "medieval." And "renaissance." And perhaps "anachronism."

  • The Gecko is no longer making any attempt to hide the fact that she spends her days sprawled on my couch. It is getting me down.

  • I have an episode and a half and about four "extras" to go in my reread of Shadow Unit. All hell is just about to break loose...and I am reluctant to continue reading because I know what's coming.

  • Actually kind of hoping I don't survive this week's Idol vote. I won't quit -- probably -- but if I don't make a vote, I won't be too upset about it.

  • Have a new theory about Rey: What if, instead of being Luke's daughter or Leia and Han's daughter or Palpatine's or Obi-Wan's or Qui-Gon's granddaughter (did I miss anyone?), she's like Anakin, and is a vergence? Created (sort of) by the Force itself? Happened once, could happen again, right? It would explain why she's such a good pilot, how she's able to get the better of Kylo Ren not just once, but a few times, and so on.

  • Kethri was driving me nuts tonight. She was extremely needy and insisted on being in my lap. I, meanwhile, was in no mood to be climbed on by a cat. I ended up shutting her in my office because I couldn't get her to leave me the fuck alone.

  • Today is my mother's birthday. She is...71, I think.

  • I am really just killing time here because I can't quite justify going to bed at 8:00 p.m.

  • It was warmish today -- nearly 60° at lunchtime when the sun was out, though the temperature had fallen about five degrees by the time I left work because the sun had gone.

  • 7:00 a.m. is apparently the time to go to the grocery store.... I left the house this morning at 7:00 a.m. and was home by 7:20 a.m. Of course, I had a list and stuck to it and didn't wander, except for when I went looking for barrettes, and discovered that they had them buy one get one free. Score!

  • The rabbit has been hanging out in the backyard again. I wish I could figure out a way of dissuading it from doing that -- other than letting Jack catch it, of course.

  • It's probably not even the same rabbit; it's probably a previous year's puppy/cub/kitten/whateverthefuckyoungrabbitsarecalled returning to the ancestral birthing grounds.

  • I was reading up on sonic pest control devices a bit. I want to try one, but am a bit concerned that five minutes after I plug one in, I'll be standing in my living room in a cloud of bats like Bruce Wayne fallen into the Batcave.

  • People think I'm exaggerating when I say I can smell the Gecko as soon as I open my back door.

  • I'm not exaggerating.

  • Was watching an episode of Graham Norton this evening. I wonder if Daniel Radcliffe realizes how very rapidly he speaks He never seems to slow down.

  • Can't believe he's 27 already.

  • Was watching a featurette (one of those before the movie, but not a trailer things) on Shirley Maclaine's new movie the other day. BFT said, "She's not a nice person." Apparently she frequented a shop that BFT worked in when she lived in...Santa Fe or Flagstaff or somewhere in the Southwest.

  • Still reading 1984. I am reading it on breaks at work. At home, I am reading MyAuntie's book because it has been many years since I last did. I told her I was rereading it; she was surprised that it was still in one piece. Well. I do have two copies: a reading copy and an autographed copy. I had two autographed copies, but I lent one to my creative writing professor and never got it back.

  • It's not like I couldn't get her to sign another one. It's not actually that difficult to find used copies. Or it wasn't the last time I looked, anyway.

  • Oh, look. 9:00 p.m. I can now justify getting ready for bed.


Feb. 24th, 2017 05:33 pm
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  • I really dislike it when people parade their children or grandchildren around the office introducing them to people. If I wanted to know their children and/or grandchildren, I'd probably be friends with them, rather than just coworkers. And I loathe children, so I find dealing with them difficult. (Mind you, if I get cornered, then obviously, I'm going to put on a happy face and dig out my talking-to-children voice, but I'm also going to resent the hell out of it.)

  • It's supposed to be 70° today. Edit: I just spoke with one of my colleagues at Dept. of Aging, and she said that it's warmer outside than it is inside.

  • There was lightning when I walked Jack this morning. Only in the clouds, but still startling...especially when I'm currently reading the Shadow Unit episode "Dark Leader," in which the gamma can cause lightning strikes.

  • I am having one of those days: I wrote a check for a bill that had to go in the mail this morning, sealed the envelope, and found the check lying on my desk. Fortunately, I was able to get the envelope open again without tearing it, but I had to reseal it with packing tape.

  • I have had eight clients die in the last week. It often happens in streaks, but it's always startling.

  • A couple of the clients were members of the church I grew up in. My grandmother saw their obituaries and asked if I knew them. "No, of course not, Grama!"

  • Stopped for a muffin this morning on my way to work. Because it has been One Of Those Days, there were three people in line in front of me and what should have taken three minutes took twelve. Naturally, I was late for work.

  • I am wearing one of the scarves I bought in Paris at the Cluny: it's a Unicorn Tapestries scarf. It's very lightweight and keeps flying all over the place when I walk. For some reason, I thought it was just the red background with the flowers and bunnies and such, but I looked at it unfurled this morning and there are unicorns at each end. I must have been confusing it with the tote bag I also bought at the museum (to carry the books and scarves), which is just red background with flowers and bunnies.

  • My neighbor in the next cubicle keeps using agency jargon when she talks to clients, and she can't figure out why people don't understand what she's talking about.

  • Can you break a knuckle? I jammed my thumb last night trying to dig some really, really frozen chunks out of a tub of ice cream, and it's kind of sore, but only when I use it certain ways. (Kidding on the "break" thing. Pretty sure it's just sore, though it was pretty painful at the time.)

  • Oooo! I won this week's 50/50 raffle! It's the first time I've won, ever -- and they have them relatively frequently because that's how all the office parties are funded.

  • Arrived home to find that someone was sharing their music with the neighborhood. Why is it those folks are never playing Handel? Or Mozart? Or Beethoven?

  • Debating whether to bother with dinner tonight. Had lunch from Burger King...which makes a big dinner contraindicated. Maybe some scrambled eggs.


Nov. 5th, 2016 09:30 am
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  • It's still early -- only quarter after 9:00 -- and I'm a little ahead of schedule this morning. Yay?

  • My over-the-wall neighbor at work is utterly useless. I've described her before as a shirker, and she is. And yet twice this week, I've heard her telling people absolutely wrong information about what will happen to their coverage if they're in a nursing home instead of passing the call to a nursing home worker. I've rolled my eyes so hard I had to chase them across the floor.

  • Yesterday turned into a gorgeous -- though chillier than I prefer -- day.

  • Today is supposed to be in the 50s and cloudy.

  • The oak tree in the backyard is nearly finished dropping leaves, but the maple has just gotten started, guaranteeing that I will be running the mower at least until the end of the month.

  • I need to change the air filter, I think. I hate changing the air filter.

  • Kethri has started using the litter boxes in the basement again. I was worried, at first, when I saw how little use the one upstairs was getting, then I saw that she was going into the basement again, and I was much relieved.

  • I am still not putting her food down there, though. I know that if it lingers too long in the kitchen, Jack will clean it up. (Dammit.)

  • I finally actually said something to The Gecko yesterday at lunchtime about the fridge. I had previously just been leaving her notes, because I dislike confrontation nearly as much as she does -- and I try to avoid interacting with her as much as possible -- but something just clicked yesterday. I opened the fridge to find that half of the milk I had left was gone, so I hooked the milk jug over my finger, went into the living room and woke her up. As soon as she saw the milk jug, she mumbled an apology, and I very calmly, without raising my voice in the slightest said that I had told her before to stay out of the fridge and that there was nothing in there for her. Then I turned around and walked away. I heard her clicking on her laptop behind me, so I'm sure all of her little internet friends now know what a horrible person I am -- but so do all of my own little internet friends (sorry, guys!), so whatever. And shortly after that, she was asleep again. Good thing Jack doesn't require active company.

  • My sister, who still gets mail at my grandmother's house, so goes there a couple of times a week to check on the house and get the mail, told me yesterday that she had gone there at lunchtime on Wednesday and someone had put a Trump sign in Gram's lawn. She pulled it down in disgust and tossed it in the back with the garbage cans, and when she went yesterday to get her mail, the next-door neighbor had two Trump signs in his yard. She says that she didn't check to see if that was the one she threw out, but it's likely. We're not going to tell Grama -- she'd be horrified and disgusted. She has already voted by absentee ballot -- for Hillary.

  • I will probably tell MyAuntie, though, so she can be horrified and disgusted.

  • BFT, J1, and I are going to see the cheap matinee of Doctor Strange this afternoon. That gives me plenty of time to change the air filter in the mower and mow the leaves beforehand. Dammit.
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Here's a few days' worth of stuff I've been meaning to post about, in no particular order:
  • My snowdrops popped right up as soon as the snow above them melted. I have seen them up as early as the end of January before. Not this year.

  • Jack got all excited about a cat loafing in someone's side yard the other morning while we were walking...and it turned out to be a basketball.

  • Merlin's chronic respiratory infection has resurfaced, so I picked up antibiotics for him a few days ago. I seem to have lost all ability to pill him. The first day I tried, it took four attempts, and I ended up scraping my finger on his tooth. (I'm pretty sure it was just clumsiness on my part, not biting on his.) Yesterday wasn't too bad, but today was awful, and I ended up not only hauling out the gushy fudz but also sacrificing a half-pill. In the end, I managed to pop a fresh one straight down his throat. Go figure.

  • I am not certain about my new washer and dryer. They work, yes, but...well, there's a bit of buyer remorse, there. The lint trap on the dryer is on top, and I don't like that. The one on the old dryer was just inside the door, and I much preferred that. The top ones feel to me like they're going to scrape the lint off into the machine when they're pulled out. The washer is high efficiency and has no agitator, and it just sounds all wrong. And it's nearly as enthusiastic about spinning as the old one was, so there's not as much difference as I had hoped for there. So, all in all, I'm not entirely enthusiastic.

  • And I'm betting that they won't last 17 years like the others.

  • I indulged myself in a new camera, which I think I mentioned. I am...not as impressed as I might be. The electronic viewfinder is awful, like looking through a pair of glasses with the wrong prescription. And I really don't like having to rely on auto-focus. I have some photos from Italy that would be fabulous, if the auto-focus had caught the right thing.

  • The ice in the driveway is finally gone. In another week or so, if the temps keep up, I might be able to open my garage doors again!

  • There is still plenty of snow, though.

  • I really, really, really need a vacation. I now have enough vacation days for the trip, especially as I'll be going back to work the day after the day after we get back. Or possibly the day after, depending on when we get in from Toronto, though I don't expect that to be until relatively late. I may decide to go to Michigan in May, after all.

  • I decided earlier this week to take a quick bookstore trip this weekend, which means Buffalo, of course. I asked BFT if she wanted to go with me, and our plans were all set when I remembered that I'd have to get a sitter for Jack. It's hard not being able to just up and do something if I want. My sister is going to watch him for me. It's not going to be a long trip, as trips go: we're just getting lunch and going to Barnes & Noble, so we'll probably only be gone about five hours (three of which will be travel time). My sister was dismayed when I told her we were leaving at midmorning. She wasn't planning to be up that early. A coworker and I both scoffed, as we'll both be up before dawn, and I'll have gone for groceries and finished my chores before leaving.

  • The streetsweeper went up and down the streets in my neighborhood this afternoon. I was amused. The snow hasn't even all melted yet.

  • There are little earthen mounds running along the edges of everyone's property where the snowplows have gouged up and thrown sod and older layers of sand. That ought to make mowing entertaining.

  • Yeah, I'm already thinking about mowing, mostly because the snow has melted enough to reveal the leaves that didn't get mulched last fall because the Curse of the Lawnmower struck. I need to get the lawnmower repaired. On top of everything else.

  • Speaking of repairs.... The rear window wiper on the van needs to be fixed. The motor died, I think. And it's probably a dealer part. I have no experience with such things, so I hope one can just go to any dealer, and not the one from which one purchased the vehicle.

  • A coworker, when I said I was reading the Harry Potter series for about the fourth time, declared that she can stand to read books more than once. I...don't understand. (I've even read The Silmarillion multiple times.

  • Gah. I just balanced my checkbook and wrote checks (one of my normal Saturday chores, but I won't have time tomorrow), and it took me longer than expected because I had a check marked cleared that wasn't yet. I had to log into my bank's website, and then it forced me to change all my security stuff before it would let me access my account -- probably because I do so so very rarely. Still, I hate having to make up a new password on the spot.

  • One of the problems with listening to Morning Edition from first thing in the morning on is that by the time I'm driving to work, they're starting to repeat stories. Which is great if I missed part of X because I was washing my face and had water running, but not so great if Y made me want to throw something at the radio. Fortunately, the off button is a lot closer in the car than it is in the house....

  • And that, I think, is that.
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  • So far, I don't seem to be having the kind of trouble with DST as I did last year. But it's only Tuesday.

  • No walkies this morning; I was slow. Jack is sad.

  • I found this month's mortgage payment still sitting on the desk in the library last night. You'd think that after going to the credit union to pay it late on a Friday afternoon and not finding it in my purse, I'd've put it there when I got home. I didn't. That was eleven days ago. Payment, of course, is due on the first.

  • When I arrived home last night, my neighbor's driveway was full of vehicles. She had people over helping her get snow off the roof and cleaning the driveway and walks of ice, including her former roommate and the roommate's husband. Why can't I get help like that? Oh, yeah. Nobody likes me.

  • Much of the driveway ice melted yesterday. Of course, it refroze overnight because the snow is so high that the water has nowhere to go. But by the end of the week, perhaps, it'll be gone.

  • I shouldn't be spending any more money at least until my trip this summer. But I have coupons for Barnes & Noble, and I want to take a trip north.

  • I made cheeseburger soup [mostly] according to a WW recipe on Sunday. It's quite tasty. I have lots of leftovers, so will probably be eating soup all week.

  • Work, as usual, is vastly unpleasant.


Dec. 4th, 2014 07:10 am
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  • I am reading Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett. I will finish it this afternoon. Next up...possibly Raising Steam. Possibly I Shall Wear Midnight. Possibly something else.

  • I have a dentist appointment at 9:30. Instead of rushing around to get ready and get Jack up to Gram's and get to work and then leave for my appointment, I am taking an extra hour. I will take Jack up a little early, then come back and get showered and dressed.

  • I have now taken more than 10,000 photos with Marcello. I have had him for...five years? About that.

  • Long walkies this morning because we didn't do long walkies yesterday (we did medium walkies in the morning and short walkies in the evening because it was wintering out). Jack was very well behaved yesterday morning, but less so today. I find that he pulls less on the way back than on the way out.

  • I may actually have no place that I need to go after work. It will be the first time since I started leaving Jack at Gram's that I haven't had somewhere to go before I picked him up. I should probably go get groceries or something, since I won't have a sitter on Saturday morning.

  • Yesterday was my sister's birthday. Her guy sent her flowers at work. *sigh* The only time I get flowers is when I buy them myself. Of course, even when I was married, the only time I got flowers was for an anniversary when the Perfidious Ex was motorcycling across Canada and was going to be gone for two weeks. (The fact that his motorcycle broke down in Winnipeg and he ended up coming home after only half a week doesn't really matter; I got the roses -- a couple dozen -- anyway. It was the only time in our fourteen years together that he got me flowers. Though he did once bring me a floweret from a bee balm plant that he encountered while hiking. I think he was a little disappointed that I wasn't as thrilled as he was (he had never seen bee balm before), and that I knew what it was.)

  • Blah. Blah, I say.
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  • For some reason, my brain tried to tell me it was Wednesday. Wishful thinking? Trying to rush into that three-day weekend?

  • It is chilly in my house this morning, but as warm as it will get during the winter.

  • In my dream, the part of Dolly Parton was played by [personal profile] eudaimonia. My brain, let me show you it.

  • Still annoyed at the way Clara reacted to the Doctor's regeneration, but I do not seem to be alone in that sentiment.

  • The Expendables 3 is way better than The Expendables 2, though I missed Bruce Willis. And has Harrison Ford's delivery always been like that? (It was like he was having trouble remembering his lines or something.)

  • My whole house smells like cheap coffee. Apparently my mistake was buying instant. I dunno. Could be worse, I suppose. A friend suggested ripping the carpet up. Given the age of my house, there are probably hardwood floors under it. Not great hardwood, probably, but still. Given the bedroom floor, I think I have to agree with her. But still. I have enough to do around here without that too.

  • My grandmother found the whole coffee story quite amusing, so at least it's good for something.

  • Gram now has a waist-high fridge with a tiny freezer in her room. Mom also got her an eight-pack of Dr. Pepper. "Don't you prefer the diet?" I asked her. "Yes," she said, "but it doesn't matter." I'll have to get her some diet.

  • I wonder, the way she's always complaining about the food, if we should get her a loaf of bread and some lunch meat. Naw, probably not. Maybe some cheese sticks, though.

  • I'm just rambling now.

  • I took things down off the top shelf in my office closet yesterday, looking for garage sale stuff. I have some linens up there that I was saving for some reason, but I don't know why. Given where they were, they probably came from some dead relative's house, but since I don't remember, I don't see any need to keep them. Just like the Hobé rhinestone necklace and earrings I found. Probably from my deceased great great aunt's house, but I don't know. I did put my great great grandmother's sugar and creamer into the secretary, though. It's starting to get crowded in there.

  • Aaaaaand Sheila apparently wants to go out again.

  • Or not.

  • I am Groot.
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  • My supervisor is supposed to be back today. She had a minor surgical procedure yesterday. Were it me (I?), I'd stay home another day. But I'm like that. No, she'll come in, and she won't feel good, and she'll take it out on us. 'Cause she's like that.

  • Today is Birthday Day at work. I guess I'm going to take the extra batch of cookies in and get them out of the freezer. In fact, I should go take them out so they're mostly thawed by the time I get to work and no one breaks a tooth on a chocolate chip. (Right. Done.)

  • I am tired this morning (when am I not?) and hating everything (when do I not?).

  • Merlin has lately taken to curling up on my laptop case. Normally, it lives under one of the desks in my office (I have three, but this particular one is only used for storage and to hold the telephone, as neither of my other desks has drawers), but with the new laptop out for repair, the old laptop is in use (more or less), so the case is on top of the desk because I'm too lazy to put it away. So Merlin has appropriated it.

  • I have been drawing in the evenings. Perhaps "doodling" is a more appropriate term. Doodling with intent? None of the things I have produced is as good as my first project, though. Anyway, the table beside the couch is littered with sketchbook, pencils, felt-tipped pens, and books.

  • My lower legs have been swelling. Partly, it's humidity. Partly...I think it's sitting in my chair at work, which is really rather uncomfortable. I'm going to try taking a different cushion in and see if that makes a difference. The compression socks did actually help, but I only have two pairs (one for flying to Italy, one for flying back). I suppose the logical thing to do is get more, but wearing thick black socks during the summer does not appeal. Plus, they're expensive.

  • I should probably wash my hair today. I am not going to. It would take entirely too long to dry, given the current humidity.

  • I am out of TeenyTinyTARDIS pictures. I need to arrange some more.

  • I killed my gerbera daisy, and I've not even had it for two weeks yet. I overwatered it. I might be able to save it by repotting it and letting it dry out. It's not brown and crispy yet....

  • Sheila turned onto and headed down the ramp yesterday morning of her own accord. I had been taking her across the ramp's top deck to the stairs as they were at least familiar to her, then when she was ready to go back in, escorting her back up the ramp with a hand on her collar. So she has at least figured out how to go down it. She still hasn't figured out how to get up it, though; when she wants to come in, she goes to the steps. This morning, I stood at the base of the ramp and called her, and she couldn't figure out where I was. She'll walk up the ramp unescorted once she gets started, though.

  • I still need to shampoo the living room carpet. I'm just going to buy a carpet cleaner, because I'm sure this will happen again.

  • I do not want to go to work today. I really just don't want to face it. Only twenty more years until retirement....
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  • Wow, it has been a long, long week. And now it's over, and the weekend will go like a flash.

  • The box arrived so that I can send my laptop for repair. Naturally, it's FedEx, rather than UPS, and naturally, there are no places in town where FedEx has more than a drop box, and naturally one does not drop a fragile laptop into a drop box. (Besides which the directions forbid it.) So I will have to wait around the house on Monday until someone comes out to take it away. The day off work isn't a hardship, but I did have to reschedule a doctor appointment because I can't guarantee that they'll have been here by then, even though it's late in the afternoon.

  • The 25th anniversary of my graduation from college has arrived. I will not be attending the reunion, though it's probably an excellent time to wander campus with a camera, since lots of other people will probably be doing the same. (This means, of course, that next year marks my 30th year since high school graduation. Please pardon me while I sob in a corner about getting old.)

  • Overnight (literally overnight) the status of my lawn went from "That looks like it could use to have a mower swiped over it" to "Mow! Mow! Mow!" If I wait another day, it'll go to "Pa, get the tractor; it's hayin'-time!"

  • I like semi-colons. You may have noticed.

  • My vacation is scheduled. Having listened to my grandmother last evening and my sister this morning, and knowing that as soon as I walk into my aunt and uncle's house, my aunt will start bitching about my mother and my sister, I'm considering taking my vacation in Timbuktu. Honest-to-deities, I am tired of my aunt taking her "I live 500 miles away" guilt out on everyone else. I'm tired of my mother believing that everything my grandmother owns is at her disposal. I'm tired of my sister not paying the utility bills, as she agreed to do. I'm tired of my aunt complaining that my sister lies whenever she opens her mouth. I'm tired of trying to be the Voice of Reason. Heck, I'm almost as tired of the fighting as Grama is.

  • That complaint complained, however, my aunt and uncle and I will have a heckuva good time after the initial bitch session is completed.

  • Peter Dinklage has a Very Nice voice. Just thought I'd mention that. (Or, at least, he does in X-Men.)

  • Still reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. It is quite the tome; I'm about halfway through. I am also reading Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, a Doctor Who tie-in novel, and a book about nutrition. Not all at once, however.

  • Time to wander into the kitchen and stare into the fridge, I guess.
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  • I was awake at 3:30 a.m. I stayed in bed for two more hours, but given the way the day has since gone, I should've just gotten up.

  • Sheila won't eat. Oh, she'll take treats, and if I give her human food, she'll eat it, but she won't eat her own food. But she ate two pouches of her soft food the other morning. I don't know what to make of it. She shows no obvious signs of being ill. Maybe she's just old. Guess I'll try mashed potatoes next.

  • I am having pizza for breakfast. Because I can.

  • The lawn needs to be mowed again.

  • I am going to see X-Men tonight with BFT. She swapped shifts with someone at her job so that we can go this evening.

  • The hood of the van continues to be not-peely. And the people at the body shop hung a small sample of the paint on my windshield wiper lever, so I can fix the dings in the rear bumper.

  • I just turned off both the main furnace and the wall furnace in the basement office. I suppose that means I should also fasten the top half of the basement's Dutch door to keep the coolth and damp down there. (Yeah, I know; other people have had their furnaces off for weeks. Other people don't live with me and my cold toes.)

  • My feet hurt already. But honestly? My feet have hurt since I was 20 years old. It's just a matter of degree most days.

  • I am wondering how much it would cost to hire someone to fix the landscaping in front of my house (I suspect it all has to be replaced).

  • I kind of want to go on a photo expedition this weekend. My first thought was a cemetery, but then I realized that this is probably not the best weekend to be wandering around a cemetery with a camera. I get the impression that most folks think it's at least odd, and at worst sacreligious. Maybe I'll just pick a back road and follow it where it goes.
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  • I am tired and cold.

  • I believe that I have neglected to mention that the birds that usually nest in the corners of my porch (house finches) are currently nesting in the corners of my porch.

  • By the way the same robin is hanging around out front, I suspect there's a nest in the rhododendron.

  • There has been rain again today. And sun, too, for a tiny little while.

  • There is a plant by the back door at work that I want to photograph. I suspect I will drive over tomorrow when there's less likelihood of getting someone's foot in the shot.

  • I have a three-day weekend.

  • My sister will start her new position on Monday, so I suspect I will get a phone call or email from my mother Monday evening asking why I wasn't at work, at which point, I will probably get snippy, because it's none of her goddamned business if I choose to take a day off.

  • There is an egregious number of sticks lying about in my backyard.

  • "Egregious" may actually be my favorite word. Though "antepenultimate" is good, too.

  • I can't decide between a ham and cheese omelette with tomato slices or a turkey melt with tomato slices for supper. Both involve minimal cooking...though now that I think on it, the sandwich pan needs to be washed, but the omelette pan is clean....

  • Maybe I should go see Captain America again.
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  • It's ridiculous to be this happy about Friday when I have, thus far, worked only one day this week. But yesterday was a doozy.

  • I am vastly surprised to have ended up with the most votes in my tribe in LJI. Of course, it's a small tribe....

  • I have no idea whatsoever what to do with the new topic.... Okay, no, not true; it just occurred to me that there was Scottish weekend at Sterling, but I rather suspect there will be a lot of that sort of thing going on. Probably a fair number of mentions of blue ribbons, too. (Which, yes, HTWIWM did pin a blue ribbon to the hem of his kilt....)

  • There are buds on the crabapple tree.

  • I am out of caffeinated beverages. I may have to stop on the way to work for a diet Coke.

  • The daffs are all out, and the grape hyacinths have started to bloom.

  • There is a towel on my head.

  • I was thinking this morning that Black Widow wasn't nearly as badass in CAtWS
  • as she was in The Avengers (or IM2). But then, they were mostly on the run, and I was forgetting the scenes on the ship early in the movie. (Also, those sneakers she was wearing? Ugh. They were heels in disguise.)
  • I was also considering how Zola seemed a really reluctant Hydra member in the first Captain America. Not really a True Believer.

  • Did the survey thing for my visit to Pier 1 the other day. Funny how they always say that they've personally met someone who won the $500.'d be cool. (I know it's an easy way of getting email and street addresses, but they already have mine, so....)

  • Merlin wants my chair.
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  • I am expecting to see my parents (or just my father) at some point today bearing the Holiday Coffee Cake of Doom. Because my mother makes almond coffee cakes for everyone in the family for Christmas and Easter, and I can't seem to convince her that I really don't want a whole one. A slice will do.

  • Not that I've tried all that hard; in the List Of Things I Wish My Mother Would Grasp, this is about number 25.

  • The grass has started to grow. The daffodils in my yard are up and some of them have started to open. It looks like there are proto-leaves on the lilacs. The crocuses are actually done. And yet, there was still frost that had to be scraped from my windshield when I went for groceries this morning.

  • I think I passed my ex-father-in-law on the way back from the vet's office this morning. It would make sense, actually, since he lives out that way and since he goes (or used to go, and why would that change?) to a Saturday morning guys breakfast.

  • I have an idea for this week's LJ Idol. I'm probably jinxing it by saying so.

  • I actually did respectably in the polls again last week. I'm shocked, really.

  • I printed a three of my favorite TeenyTinyTARDIS photos and took them to work yesterday. The memory board over my monitor is mostly full of Doctor Who postcards and such.

  • I was late getting out of work yesterday because while I remembered to change my voice mail greeting to reflect my time off, I forgot until the last minute to put a bounce message on my email...and then it took me fifteen minutes to figure out how to do it. I was this close to just letting it go.

  • I'm going to get stuck hauling Gram around tomorrow, assuming she even wants to go to Easter dinner. No one has said anything yet, but I just know it.

  • I am debating whether or not to ask my sister to go with me to my appointment on Wednesday. I'm perfectly capable of going alone, but sometimes it's nice to have company, and she is out of work for two weeks until the Summer Youth program starts.

  • According to the current long range forecast, Wednesday will have the worst weather of the week: chilly and wet. Of course.

  • I have not quite drinking caffeine, as the directions from the clinic state that I should. Mind you, I don't drink nearly as much as I used to, but fuck that noise.

  • Should I tempt fate? Should I start unpacking the summer clothes?

  • Surprising no one at all, nominations for seneschal closed with only one nominee: me.

  • Now I just have to figure out when -- and where -- to have a meeting.

  • My appointment Wednesday isn't until 1:45, so I am debating driving on to Rochester in order to stop at Pier 1, Michaels, and the Lands End outlet, then backtracking to my appointment in Geneseo. It seems silly to have changed my appointment from the Rochester office to the Geneseo office so that I didn't have to drive in Rochester, then go to Rochester, anyway, but really, the shopping district is a) right off 390, so it's b) easy to get to, and c) I always manage to get lost on the way to the main clinic office, because it's not just off 390. Well, it is, in that you drive right past it, and it's only several hundred yards from the road, but getting to it is another matter.

  • Sounds like Sheila wants to go out, and she's already on her feet, so I should go employ my thumbs on her behalf.
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  • Ugh. Woke from a dream in which not only did HTWIWM and his Twinkie move into my apartment while I was at work (with the help of the Old Man, no less), but I was already living with the DM and his wife, with whom I was STILL not speaking, even in the dream. I really hate it when I dream about HTWIWM and the Twinkie. This is the first time I've dreamed about the DM and his wife, though. Suppose my subconscious is telling me that I have to live with all of it?

  • Do not want to go to work today. This is no different from any other day, of course, but since it is the first of the week, I will most likely get quizzed on my pending list -- which is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems that my dry streak is finally ended.

  • There was no birthday party last night. I dropped Dad's present off at the house after my doctor appointment. No one was home.

  • It is supposed to be Very Cold again today. Do not want.

  • Committed an act of fukkitry yesterday evening: went to the Bon Ton website, where they were fortunately having a housewares sale, picked a reasonably-priced vacuum with good reviews, and ordered it. Didn't bother to shop around or compare prices, just ordered the damned thing. It should arrive in a couple of weeks. It is an apparently decent model that was already 40% off; with the homesale coupon, I got it for 50% off. So I am not unpleased. (Still pissed off that it was necessary, though.)

  • Remember the iced-over lighthouse photos? I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but MyAuntie said those were actually a couple of years old. The lake had already frozen before the last cold snap, so there was no spray to be driven by the winds and frozen over the light. She sent me a couple of Nuncle's current photos. Very pretty, and people were walking out on the piers, even though they were frozen and treacherous. But people are stupid.

  • Should have gone to the Y this morning. Did not go to the Y this morning.

  • Debating whether or not to leave the furnace up when I go to work. I'd only turn it up when I come home for lunch, anyway....

  • Tired.

  • That is all.
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  • It is Saturday morning, and I have just come back from my grocery run. This means that I am sitting at my desk and trying to muster the energy to get up and go clean the litter boxes and start my laundry.

  • The day is very dark and dreary. And damp. And dank. And other words ending in "olly." There is rain because the temperature is already in the mid-40s, yay! (It's supposed to start going down again tomorrow, I think.)

  • Neighbor K's yappy dog is barking at my dining room window. Which is What He Does. I'm not positive, but I think he's trying to summon Cruiser, who used to run the fence with him. Cruiser died two and a half years ago.

  • Unbelievably, I miss that fuzzy-faced imbecile.

  • I bought a new microwave this morning. It's a West Bend model with swoops of red on the front. It had good reviews. It's smaller than the old one, but that shouldn't matter. It's not like I ever actually tried to cook anything in the old one; I barely cook things on my stove. I stopped at KMart last night because I figured I'd pick one up there (because, frankly, I could use my Sears card), but as I was looking at them, I realized it wasn't as simple as just putting a box into the cart. So I came home to do a little research and decided on this model (not at KMart), instead. It had better live longer than the five years this last one did.

  • I don't think the new antibiotic is working. I have a few more days on it, though. It should work; that was the whole point of culturing whatever is infesting me, so it could be targeted.

  • The Nice Tire & Lube Guy at WickedMart filled my tires for me this morning. I have such bad luck doing it myself that I decided to just go and have someone else do it for once. "I'm the idiot that the idiot light was designed for," I told him. He disagreed, but then, he would.

  • Going to dinner tonight with BFT, then tomorrow, I'm taking her on a short tour of the university campus as she is starting classes there this week. I'll have to check the university website and make sure things are still where they were twenty-some-odd years ago when I graduated.... If the weather is nice, I'll take my camera, as there is some nice architecture.

  • Wow -- I really just want to go take a nap.

Labor Day

Sep. 2nd, 2013 08:16 am
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It may be time for a listy-list.
  • I bought sourdough bread the other day from the bakery at my favored grocery store. I am debating going back for bacon and tomatoes. Lettuce I already have. This bread begs for BLTs.

  • The beagle across the street is being walked; she is howling about it.

  • After fourteen months, the ablation has failed. Doc said it would, though he said it would be the fibroids that would cause the problem. (He was really surprised when I talked to him a couple of weeks ago that it had been as successful as it has been.) Fortunately, I had not yet cleaned out under the bathroom sink.... Also, fortunately, I have a follow-up with him next week. I really want to know what the MRI showed now.

  • I spent hours yesterday doing nail art; I stole the idea from [personal profile] bellacrow and did them in bright pink with bright orange tips and a thin line of glittery gold to disguise the untidy edge. They're not as long as the last time I tried this (in peacock colors), but they look a lot longer now.

  • I have been reading IMF/SHIELD fanfic, specifically stuff in which William Brandt and Clint Barton are the same person (because both characters are played by Jeremy Renner).

  • On a related note, I find that I tend to ship Phil/Clint now. It's very popular; I suddenly feel like one of the Cool Kids.

  • I have decided to try growing my bangs out. I'm also not going to color my hair for a while, then I think I'll have it cut (ends need evening up badly) and colored for my birthday which is two months off. Given how quickly my hair grows, two months from now, my bangs, which are now just below the bridge of my nose, should be below my cheekbones.

  • Upon investigating my picture frame stash yesterday, I found that I do not have any decent wall-sized frames. All of the frames I have bought lately have been table-top frames for 4x6 photos. This is disappointing. I have one more place to look (the attic room), but I think all the frames I have up there are cheap ugly document frames and I am done with those. And of course JoAnn's had a frame sale on Friday only....

  • I have been thinking about finally finishing a cross stitch project that I have had lingering for years. I need only do the backstitching on it. I have two matching kits to go with it, though they're needlepoint, rather than cross stitch, and I have no experience with needlepoint.

  • Aaaaaand in opening my cross stich drawer, I find that I have a few kits in there that I'd completely forgotten about. There are a couple of small Christmassy bird things that I got to make for Gram and a seascape that I got for Dad. Guess who isn't getting any of that for Xmas this year?

  • Right. Day off. Time to go do day offy things.
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  • I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, but I am really tired. Just...really.

  • I hear a lawnmower. Probably the next-door neighbor. Who is probably pissed that I haven't yet trimmed the holly bushes.

  • After six weeks, I finally have the library settled, other than some bits and bobs of knick knacks on the shelves of one of the bookcases that could really use to be somewhere else. Next up: the back room, which is still suffering from having Gram's papers spread out all over the place.

  • Turns out that I am going to go ahead with my last Saturday of the month garage sale after all, because the neighborhood garage sale, just like last year, is going to be the weekend I am gone. I have not mentioned either my plan or the neighborhood sale to my parents yet because there is still garbage in my breezeway from when they used my house to stage a sale during last year's sale weekend. Which, I would like to note for the record, was in August last year and is in July this year. What I would like to know is who is finding out when I am going to be gone so that I can't participate.

  • I spent at least two hours cleaning up the library desk this morning, then another hour and a half writing out first my biweekly checks, then Grama's. And then I had to run out for stamps because I didn't have enough for both sets of bills.

  • Hemmed a pair of pants last evening. Had to wear my reading glasses in order to see what I was doing. Guess I'll be using those from now on when I cross stitch.

  • This middle age thing sucks.

  • Going to a new and different state park tomorrow with BFT. It's on Chautauqua Lake. No gorge to hike in.... We made the plan two weeks ago. I'm really not interested in going now, but....

  • It is already mid-afternoon. How do these things happen?

  • I haven't seen my parents in a couple of days, so I suppose they'll be showing up this evening.

  • Reading the new GGK novel. Even though it's set 400 years after Under Heaven, I'm beginning to think I should've reread that one first.
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  • Visited Grama for a couple of hours last night. It turns out that there's nothing on TV (that she'll watch, anyway) on Saturday nights. So we ended up mocking QVC, which was hawking Very Expensive [Very Ugly] Leather Bags. I told Gram about the Montreal trip, and she told me how glad she was that I was finally traveling. Then she asked me if I ever heard from HTWIWM. Way to bring the mood down, Gram.

  • My brother, who was just leaving when I showed up, confirmed that he's still a lazy asshole. He asked me if I had a table if I would have such a thing, and as if HTWIWM would have left such a thing behind. He only wanted to use my mythical table saw because he's too fucking lazy to shift the stuff piled on his own. So he'll use Grampa's.

  • (Though maybe I should get a table saw, and learn to use it, and put my own fucking trim up since I can't get anyone to help me.)

  • I am kinda pissed; I got a sale notice from SFBC (Science Fiction Book Club), of which I have been a member for going on thirty years (and have given them Quite A Lot Of Money in that time). They are apparently no longer accepting checks as payment. I have always paid for my books after I got them -- and nearly always paid promptly. No more. I can still use PayPal, but it really annoys me that I can no longer write a check.

  • I find that I am a bit tired this morning. Since I was planning on going to see Grama last night, I was in go-mode yesterday and never really got a chance to relax. Of course, the fact that I stayed up until midnight and the damned critters insisted on their breakfast at the usual time, didn't help. I see a nap in my future.

  • For the record? I really do not like St. Patrick, nor do I like green beer (or any color beer, for that matter), corned beef, cabbage, or the Wearin' O' The Green. Which does not, of course, stop me from tossing Gaelic Storm into the CD player, but that's something entirely else.

  • Right. Time to go make that color-block thing I have in mind to help me learn the camera's functions.

Quick List

Dec. 17th, 2012 07:49 am
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  • I didn't get groceries this weekend; I figured I'd pick up a few things on my way to work this morning. Didn't expect it to take so little time.

  • Why do I always get the clacky cart?

  • Didn't sleep well. Again.

  • It's raining.

  • Can't wait to get to work and see what disasters took place on Friday while I was happily at the vet's office with Kethri.

  • Had a pretty good weekend, actually.

  • Went antiquing with Mom and brought home a Corningware casserole dish. Not exactly an antique, but it had a lid, and now that I'm really trying to cook more, I need such things.

  • I wonder if my senior has noticed yet that I'm going to be off most of next week, and it's the week I am scheduled to be uptown, which means that *gasp* there won't be anyone from my unit there, oh noez!!!!! *shrug* Not my problem; she had already approved my vacation request when she made up the rotation schedule. Eh, doesn't matter. World's ending on Friday, anyway.

  • Watched The Santa Clause 2 last night. That is my favorite of the three Santa Clause movies. 'Cause I'm just a mushy ol' romantic at heart, I guess. Though I have to say that the writers really screwed up Bernard.

  • Mrf. Should've gone to the bank while I was out, so I wouldn't have to after work; I need to get dawg and kat fudz on the way home from work and the bank is slightly out of my way. Not hugely, but it makes for a loopy ride home, which rather offends my sensibilities.

  • Right. Time to go fix some disasters.
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I haven't had any Raisinets (my favorite candy) since the beginning of August. Unfortunately, I have replaced them with Caramellos, Fruit & Nut Bars, and Whoppers. I'd be better off going back to the Raisinets. At least then I'd be getting some fruit with my chocolate....


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