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I had intended to spend today putting together Gram's cabinet, putting together some shelves I bought for myself, and perhaps working in the breezeway, but my lower back seems to be somewhat displeased with me today, so instead I've been reading, marking up, and tabbing my CAC training manual (as I've been trying to do for a while now). At the moment I'm set up in the breezeway, though I may have to move into the house proper as it does tend to get a little warm out there. Though today it's not supposed to be more than 74° and Accuweather assures me that a nasty storm is going to roll through here in exactly an hour. In the meantime, though, I get the feeling I would've been able to hang out my laundry after all.

My brother brought over a live trap yesterday to see about catching that woodchuck. We talked about baiting it with apples, but when I got home at lunctime yesterday, it was baited with red and yellow and orange sweet peppers. When we talked about it after work, he said that he had peppers and didn't have apples. I gave him a look and made a sweeping gesture toward the laden apple tree under which his van was parked. "Yeah, well, I needed to get rid of the peppers. But if they don't work, just toss an apple in there."

So far, they haven't worked. I don't know whether it's because the woodchuck feels the same way about peppers as I do or because it isn't really living under the ramp, but just ducked under there because it was on the patio and I startled it.

Life is very rumbly at the moment. There is a motorcycle-fest in town and's noisy. I'm not best pleased.

WickedMart was out of eclipse glasses this morning, so I guess I won't be watching it. Not live, anyway. I briefly thought of loading Jack into the van and driving over to Springville to get a pair at Lowe's, but it just seemed silly to drive an hour to get a $2 pair of paper spectacles. Mind you, if we were in the path of the totality, it would probably be worth it, but we're not. Looks like it's going to be about 4/5 here.

I'm also not likely to mess around with pinhole projectors. I read that one will be able to see basically the same thing by looking at the ground under a leafy tree, and I have plenty of those. (There is a welding mask in the garage, but I'm sure it's not dark enough.)

It wouldn't be an issue at all if I didn't have to take the van in for service on Monday. Otherwise, I'd be at work, but I generally take the day off if I have to take the van in. Originally I started doing it because the garage opened after I had to be to work and closed before I got out, but they've expanded their hours in the last couple of years, so now it's really just habit.

I have pretty much settled on aviatrix as my Halloween costume for this year, so I've been pricing various pieces. Since I'm hardly going for historical accuracy -- this is the office, not a con masquerade competition -- it's really only going to be a sketch, rather than a portrait, and built almost entirely from reusable pieces (pants, blouse, scarf, jacket, boots (and I found a fantastic deal on boots). Really, only the cap and goggles will be costumey. It'll be fun.
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It has been a busy weekend so far. Last night, BFT and I went out to see Wonder Woman for a second time. The movie was much better without a huge head in the middle of the screen. Also, it had been switched into the largest of the auditoriums; when the film opened, it was in one of the two smallest of the houses. The Big House was a far better venue.

By the time I got home, it was nearly 10:00 p.m., but I had left the house closed up because Jack Is Not To Be Trusted, so before I could go to bed, I needed to get some fresh air in. So it was 11:00 p.m. before I went to bed...and I woke up -- boing! at 2:00 a.m. I'm not certain what woke me, but Jack decided that it was a great time to do that stalkery, panty, starey thing he does when he just stands there in the middle of the room, then tries to get in bed with me. It occurred to me to wonder if it was a reaction to the Benadryl I gave him before I left for the movie, or if he was just overheated because it still was pretty warm upstairs.

I opened the bedroom door and he eventually wandered downstairs and was down there for a while, so perhaps it was just the heat. I guess I'll find out tonight.

This morning was all of the regular Saturday chores with the exception of paying bills. Since I don't have anything that can't wait to go out until Monday, I'll write checks either tomorrow or Monday morning. I am taking Monday off; my schedule got changed at work, making my GYN appointment even less convenient than it already was, so I decided to just take the day off. The person I was filling in the 9-5 shift for decided to work, so I was put back on my regular schedule. Besides, it occurred to me that I usually take the day off when I go to the GYN because it's usually a lengthy wait and then I have to go home to clean up after. So, long story longer, I can write checks Monday morning as I will have time before my appointment.

Jack hasn't wanted to let me out of his sight since I got home last night, and I didn't want to leave him a second time today, so I loaded him in the van and took him with me to go mow Grama's yard. And then when I couldn't get the gas can at Gram's to release gasoline into the mower (these new spouts; I can't figure them out), I loaded him back into the van to drive home to get my own equipment. Which is what I should have done to begin with. In any case, the lawn got mowed, and I came home sopping wet because it was hot and humid and later than I intended; I wanted to be home by noon. Instead, I was home by 1:00.

Then there was lunch, a shower, a nap, walkies, and a lengthy telephone conversation with MyAuntie, and now it's getting on toward time for Doctor Who. And it feels cool enough out here to open the house back up and work on getting it cooled down for bedtime....
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Somehow it's already midmorning. I don't know how these things happen, I really don't. One minute I'm walking the dog and suddenly it's time for bed. Well, let's see. I slept in this morning, so it was nearly 6:30 when I got up. It takes time to get around, then walkies, then I washed the dishes because they'd been piled up for a few days (I hate washing dishes), then...what? Oh, shower and washing hair, then read a few reviews of Wonder Woman and last night's Doctor Who, then read LJ and DW, then...midmorning.

It is pouring at the moment, and I'm planning on a pajama day. Well, sort of a pajama day, anyway. I couldn't see crawling back into my jammies after taking a shower, so I'm wearing soft sweats. It's not too warm for them because in addition to raining, it's also chilly. The furnace came on this morning...though that will likely be the only time today, as it is supposed to get into the low 70s.

Of course, since I've been counting on having a pajama day today for basically the whole week, my parents will decide that today is the day they will come around to pack up their garage sale stuff and give me my garage back.

Because of course it will be.

Yesterday was gorgeous. It was bright, sunny, puffy clouds, blue sky, breezy, and around 70°. I did my usual chores, then started pulling maple seedlings and nightshade in the backyard for a bit. There's always nightshade twining around the patio and the foundation and the hydrangeas. Sometimes, I just cut it back, but yesterday, I was annoyed, so I pulled it. It'll come back of course, because there's a parent plant that I can't get to -- it's under the ramp -- that needs to be dug out. The bit of ground between the hydrangeas and the back of the breezeway looks really bare, now. I'm thinking of perhaps planting ornamental grasses there, though maybe I'll just get some really big hanging baskets as there are already hooks there.

In the afternoon, I loaded my lawnmower (and paraphernalia) into the van and met my sister at Grama's house and we mowed the lawn. The neighbors have been mowing the front, and the guy on the one side told me that he'd trimmed all the bushes in front of the house a couple of weeks ago. On the one hand, it does make the house look lived in. On the other hand, it's a dead-end street, so no one is going to be just cruising past. Also on the other hand, his meddling kind of annoys me.

Gram's House )

Ah, well. As the Doctor said to River, times end.

After I got home and got Jack walked, I dragged my firepit off the patio and into the middle of the yard and got a small fire going. It was the first time I've had a fire in a couple of years, but when I went to put some papers into my shredding bag yesterday morning, I discovered the reason I hadn't been able to eradicate the smell of cat piss from the library: Kethri had peed on and into the bag. There was no way those papers were going through my shredder, and the reason they were slated for the shredder was why they couldn't be just tossed into the recycling bin: names and account numbers. So I burned them. It took a while, and I had to keep scrounging for wood to keep the fire going, but eventually it was done, and I sat with the fire until it burned out.

My neighbor was working in her backyard and yelled over that it was about time I had a fire again; when I yelled back the reason for it, she offered me logs and sticks, but I did actually have both. I just didn't want to get a log started because I didn't want to sit there all afternoon.

So...busy Saturday. Hence the desire to spend today just not doing much of anything.
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Well, here we are: Saturday. And Doctor Who day. I am far more excited about that than anything else. Certainly more excited about it than about the holiday tomorrow. More FamilyFest. Maybe next year I should just tell my mother that she can do whatever she wants for Easter as I will be out of town...whether I actually am or not. I expect to see at least my father today; if we're having grilled steaks, we'll need a grill here, and I gave mine away to Sir Knees after it flashed in my face. I was going to replace it with a charcoal grill, but decided it wasn't worth the effort. My little countertop grill works just fine, and why would I fire up a whole outdoors grill for one little hot dog, anyway?

I am skipping the grocery run this morning because I have an appointment in a couple of hours to get my hairs made beauteous, and one trip out on a Saturday without Jack is enough. (I am hoping that everything will be open tomorrow. I don't think things close for Easter, do they?) Instead, I will get the laundry started so that I can get it hung outside. It's supposed to be warmer today, and this morning is supposed to be nice. There is a 50/50 chance of rain this afternoon, but I might be able to get laundry dried by then. And it might not rain.

I said last fall that I was going to take my Home Depot charge card and buy a new lawnmower this spring. Well, it's spring, and the grass is growing, and...I'm going to go buy a lawnmower. I may or may not put the old one in my next garage sale. I could probably take it up to have it looked at, but I did that last spring and it didn't run properly for more than a few weeks. I'm definitely going to toss all of the sooty, only-used-once sparkplugs into a box and put them in the garage sale.

Today is not the day for that, though. Today is the day for making the house presentable for FamilyFest tomorrow. The backroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room all need to be cleaned. The Tin Cat needs to be moved because Gram is afraid of mice. The rug in the backroom needs to be picked up so that Gram doesn't catch her feet on it. That's in addition to my regular Saturday chores, of course.

If there is time, I will perhaps also start to move clothings around since spring finally appears to have sprung. It hasn't snowed in a week, anyway. My sock drawer could really use a hoeing out; it's hard to close and impossible to find things in. I'm guessing I don't need all those socks....

Right. Time to get off my rear and get busy.
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In other news, it's been a Really Long Week, even though I didn't work one day of it. I'm glad the weekend has arrived.

I got the greater share of my groceries on Thursday after my doctor appointment and before going to work so that I wouldn't have to go out this morning because BFT and I are going to see Logan this afternoon. I actually don't want to see the movie; the trailers make it look particularly grim, and not in a good way. Though I suppose it might be worth it to see Patrick Stewart swearing. Well, it's too late to back out, anyway, she's already got the tickets.

So with no need to go out for groceries this morning, I'm actually at a bit of a loss. Usually, I'm just getting home at this time, but the kitty litter is already taken care of, and I have a load of laundry that sounds like it might be on its final spin, and there aren't enough dishes piled up to warrant turning on the hot water until after lunch, and....

Maybe I'll take a nap, if I can dislodge the cat from the couch.

Speaking of which, I was complaining to my sister about the Gecko occupying my couch, and she made a couple of suggestions, including zipping the couch cusions into a mattress cover with a plasticky surface. That's great for the cushions, but what about the rest of the couch? Besides, I want something I can remove in the evenings. So I think it's going to be shower curtains. Maybe not the flat-out plastic ones, nor the silky ones, but there's an in-between stage that should work. That, and lots of Febreze, because even after I dragged the blankets off last night, I could still smell her.


Maybe I should go back to looking for another dog to keep Jack company....
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It is face-hurty, snow-squeaky, nose-freezey cold out there. It was brilliantly sunny for a while, then about an hour ago, the sun disappeared. I think we're still under a lake effect snow warning until tomorrow evening. We don't actually need more snow, in my not so humble opinion.

And speaking of snow, my brother apparently ran the snowblower for me yesterday even though the driveway didn't really need it. Or at least that's how I interpret the tracks in the driveway. There was barely half an inch out there. Hardly worth bothering. I'm wondering, of course, how he got it to run. Or, alternatively, what I was doing wrong that it wouldn't work for me last week.

Earlier this afternoon, I sent him a message asking him if he took the last two diet Cokes out of my fridge. I'm 99.9% sure it wasn't him, though. I'm pretty sure it was the Gecko, pilfering as usual. And, yes, I know I said I was going to get a lock for the fridge, but I keep thinking of how inconvenient it would be for me -- as if having things disappearing wasn't itself inconvenient. Apparently, I'm going to have to confront her over every single thing she steals, since she hasn't touched the milk since I confronted her over that -- but she started taking soda. Or maybe she was taking it all along, and I only really started to notice because I don't buy diet Coke that often (I prefer diet Dr. Pepper).

My sister tells me that the Lizard has finally admitted to herself that the Gecko (who is actually the eldest Gecko) will never be able to support herself or really function properly in society. What that means in the long run, I do not know. The best thing for her would be to get her diagnosed with whatever disorder she has (and she does) and get her on SSI so she'd at least have some income. Then when they kick it, she can go into a group home. I hope they are not pinning their hopes on me supporting her, because as soon as I no longer need her to keep Jack company, I will no longer allow her in my house. Although knowing my brother and his wife, they are absolutely counting on either my parents, my sister, or me to take care of her; these are the idiots who kept trying to have a son in the hope that they would inherit my paternal grandfather's millions, after all. (The only son they had was born at five months' gestation and lived half an hour; my grandfather never had millions, and even if he did, his estate would have gone to his three children (and did, what there was), not to them.) But you can't explain that sort of thing to them; they know best.

As for the other two...well, the middle one is in GED classes and actually looking for work. The youngest is still in school, but has regular therapy appointments.

I'm beginning to worry a bit about Jack. He hasn't had diarrhea in a couple of days, but he also -- so far as I know -- hasn't pooed at all. We'll see how this afternoon's walkies goes.

My sister's new in-laws are both in the hospital. On Tuesday, her father-in-law was having a stress test and had a heart attack, and when they went out to the waiting room to let her mother-in-law know, she also had one. He's in ICU, but hers was apparently less serious. Meanwhile, Number 5, who is an OTR truck driver is stranded in Nebraska with a breakdown. Or, more accurately, brakedown. Or so I gather. MyAuntie, who doesn't like him at all, points out that he gets broken down out west a lot, and she wonders how many wives he actually has. His truck does seem to break down every other trip or so.

I have no ambition this weekend. I got groceries this morning, then changed the kitty litter, then noodled around on the computer. The only other work I did today was to pay my grandmother's bills for her and to wash the dishes. I did write MyAuntie a letter -- it seemed only proper to respond in kind to her actual snail mail thank you note.

It's a good thing that I saw someone mention Emerald City yesterday afternoon; I didn't know it was supposed to start last night. I also didn't know that it was a short series; I thought it was just a TV movie. In any case, I did watch it last night, and I am intrigued...although I'm betting that Dorothy will end up being the Witch of the South's child. Glinda kept bugging me; she reminded me of someone and I couldn't figure out who, so I looked the actress up, but that didn't help. Then it occurred to me a little bit ago that it was Jean Marsh as Queen Bavmorda in Willow. Weird.

I do believe that I am going to retreat to the couch with either a book or some DVDs, and hope that I can get my feet warm. Oh, wait. Nearly 4:00 p.m. Actually, I'm going to walk Jack. Then retreat to the couch....
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I am feeling a pronounced grinchyness this morning, which I was not feeling before I had to go out. I got through grocery shopping okay, though there were twice as many people out at 7:00 a.m. as there usually are -- and I ran into and had to converse with my brother. I got home and put the groceries away. I had already decided that I could wait to pick up the refill on Jack's happy pills until Monday...but there was a mouse in the trap in the kitchen closet. And this one was apparently trying to nest in there, because there was all kinds of fluff, too. I'm thinking it got pushed through the vents, and then followed after. Or maybe there are still more mice, and they were trying to make this one comfortable. In any case, it was obvious from the, ah, condition of the trap floor that the mouse had been there for some hours -- probably overnight. So I had to go take care of that. At least I could go where I usually go (to my office building) since it's Saturday.

On the way back from that, I remembered that I needed to stop at Tractor Supply (ugh) to get some stuff to mop where Kethri's been peeing, and they had salt (which WalMart did not). I also got a bed for Kethri that I hope I can put on a chair and persuade her to leave me the heck alone in the evenings. She drives me crazy trying to crawl all over me.

By that time, the pharmacy at KMart had opened, so I stopped to pick up Jack's prescription, then decided to pick up a mop and bucket while I was there. While I was pulling a bucket out from under the mop display, a mop fell on my head. Ow! Well, the rails were a little overloaded; I had trouble getting it back up there. Went to get in line, and the cashier obviously didn't know what he was doing (I think he was a stock guy pressed into running register), and had a difficult order. From the look of it, this lady had been doing not only all her last minute Christmas shopping, but some grocery shopping as well. It looked like they were re-ringing her entire order. After ten minutes, the guys in front of me dropped the wrist splint they were waiting to buy and left, moving me up to the next person in line. After fifteen minutes, I left the line -- but because I've worked retail before, I took my stuff back to where I got it. While I was putting the bucket back, that same fucking mop fell on my head again, then fell on the floor. I was so angry, I kicked it aside and left it there.

I'm ready to call it a day -- go back to bed and stay there. But I have too much work to do getting reading for Familyfest tomorrow. Ugh.

If I'd loaded Jack in the car and headed west, I could be hitting the Indiana border by now, and be at my aunt and uncle's in time for lunch.
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A surprising amount of snow melted yesterday and overnight. I'm not sure if the temperature actually reached nearly 40° or not, but where I shoveled around the van and from my doorstep to the driveway was clear of snow. The base of the driveway and the other lane were down to slush, though by the end of today, they will probably be back to solid ice. The forecast is calling for this morning's temperature of 33° to be the high. It's supposed to fall to around 20° and there is rain right now. Freezing rain later.

I've already emailed BFT to see if she might like to postpone going to see Rogue One. We could probably sneak into an early show next Saturday (Christmas Eve shouldn't be too terribly busy), or we both have Friday off. Today just doesn't seem like a day for going out -- and we surely don't need to see every new movie on opening weekend. On the other hand, if the weather is truly crappy, the theater is less likely to be busy.


I got my hair fixed yesterday. I got there at the same time as my guy. I also learned that we are entirely free to park in the parking lot next door because the owners of that business also own the house that the salon occupies the first floor of. Okay, then. I've always parked on the next cross street, but there is a parking ban in the city right now because of the snow. I'm glad I don't still live in my tiny apartment in the middle of town because there was no place other than the street to park. On streetsweeper nights, whichever of the two of us got home first got to park on the subway between the sidewalk and the street and the other got to park up the corner and around the block. (It was a duplex.)

Anyway, I got about three inches lopped off and my hair is still below mid-back. He asked me if I'd ever had short hair (we always joke about it being time for that pixie cut) and I said, "Sure -- you cut it." He didn't remember, but it has been a while. I pulled my work ID out of my purse and showed him. He was surprised; he didn't remember it at all. Though, honestly, I'm not certain that that work photo was taken the last time I had short hair (I did the divorce haircut (and the divorce tattoo, for that matter)) or the time before. My passport has my divorce haircut in the photo; I offered to pull my hair back for the customs officer in...Paris, I think it was, because he kept looking back and forth between my face and my photo.

Afterward, I had to stop at WickedMart on the way home. I only needed to get cat food and a couple of cans of dog food (Jack has to be enticed to eat his kibble, so he gets a generous spoonful of wet food spread out with water to make gravy. I was dreading it, even so, because I loathe crowds and trying to navigate that store when it's crowded, and I figured that the Saturday Before Christmas was going to suck and suck hard. But I apparently got there during a morning lull, because I was able to not only find a parking spot only a few spots down from where I normally park (next to a cart corral, so I can just toss my cart in there), navigate the store to find what I needed, and get out again in about fifteen minutes. Unscathed.

I didn't accomplish much else yesterday. I puttered a bit -- changed the kitty litter and blocked off parts of the basement to try to keep Kethri from peeing in the hardest to reach corner behind the furnace and under a rack of stuff, wrapped the remaining Christmas gifts, including the one for the office exchange, and got a box ready to go to Michigan tomorrow as MyAuntie and Nuncle have decided not to come home this year. I was sort of hoping they were, as I planned to give them both books for Christmas Eve. Instead, I'll have to have Amazon gift cards delivered that day instead. (They were getting those, anyway.)

I didn't do the laundry yesterday and I'm thinking that other than a load of necessary stuff, I might wait until later in the week. I'm only working three days, so I have plenty of clean clothes to make it until then....

Today, I really need to get Christmas cards written out. I think I'll be skipping sending the Christmas Letter to my paternal aunts and uncles (and I'm sure I'll hear about it from them); maybe I'll toss an Alaska photo into the cards. Even if I do end up going to the movie this afternoon, I still need to work on cards....
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We had more snow overnight. Ugh. Apparently this winter is trying to make up for last winter. Since it's Saturday, the streets have not yet been plowed (no school buses needing access), and only the private plows had been by. Jack loved it. I slogged, but I tell you what: I worked up a sweat by the time I got around the block in my three layers and heavy, heavy Winter Coat. (As opposed to my winter coat, which is much lighter, and rather disappointing, really.) Also, since it's Saturday, I doubt very much that my brother is going to come down and clear the driveway for me -- though he may not need to, since it's supposed to warm up and turn to rain this afternoon, which means a real mess tomorrow after it's all melted and refrozen overnight.

I have an appointment this morning at 8:30 to get my hairs spiffed. I am planning to have him trim my ends up about three inches instead of the usual one, because I got to looking at them the other day and I think they need it. Given the snow, I had thought I might just call and leave a message that I wasn't going to make it, but my hair guy lives one ridge over from the farm where I used to live (before moving into this house), and I know what it'll take for him to get into town by 8:30. The least I can do is make it myself. Which reminds me...I need to leave early enough to drive through the ATM and get some cash as I haven't enough in my purse. Good thing yesterday was pay day.

NYS has issued property tax rebates. I'd pretty much forgotten that the checks were coming until mine arrived the other day. It went straight into the bank, and it'll be going right back to the state next month when I pay my property taxes for next year. Wheeee.

I decided not to try to get out to get groceries before my appointment, so I'm going to have to stop on my way home, when the stores are at the busiest. On the Saturday before Xmas. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. Maybe I'll go to KMart. Everything is more expensive there, but there are always fewer people, and I'm willing to pay a bit extra for that. I can probably make it through the next few days until my vacation starts with just getting a couple of cans of dog food and a week's supply of canned cat food. Speaking of which: She has decided that she doesn't like the Sheba stuff I was giving her. She seems to like the Fancy Feast, though, so I'll pick up a week's worth of that. There are currently four bowls of cat food on the kitchen floor: her kibble and three different kinds of canned food, which she has picked at and walked away from. I hate to throw them away, so I'm going to leave them on the floor when I go out. Jack'll clean 'em up. Jack, at least, likes the stuff....

I am in that space between books, and I can't quite decide what to pick up next. I need to read four more books to make my goal of 80 for this year. (Bear in mind that I could fan works of 50K words as "novels" for the sake of my log because that's the metric for NaNoWriMo.) I have two weeks, depending on what I choose to read, I might make it. I wouldn't make it if I chose War and Peace, but then, I wouldn't choose War and Peace in the first place, so no danger there. I have to make up my mind shortly so I have a book to take to my appointment, since my hair has to bake for half an hour....
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I've just changed the litter boxes for this week, and I'm concerned about Kethri. I found no evidence that she had peed in the litter boxes in a couple of days. I took a clump out of the box upstairs maybe yesterday morning, maybe the morning before that. There was nothing in the boxes downstairs. So either she is peeing somewhere that I am not finding -- entirely possibe -- or there is something wrong. I'm going to keep an eye on it today. She doesn't seem to be in any distress, but that doesn't really mean anything.

As for Jack.... He had a vet appointment the other evening. My vet is on my FB friends list and she had seconded a suggestion that I give him Benadryl at night to calm him down...and that next day, he tore into the window in the library while the dogsitter was sitting in the living room. When I PMed her about upping his Prozac dose, she said she wanted to see him first to see if there was a physical cause for his sudden backsliding. So in we went.

He does have some stiffness in his neck, and she wasn't pleased with his behavior -- he was subdued and trying to hide between me and the exam table -- and she's worried that The Gecko is misuing him. If I find out the Gecko is misusing him, I'll misuse her. She suggested that a nannycam might be in order. She did wonder if the Gecko was leaving the house and leaving Jack here alone, or if she might be having people in. She hasn't ever met the Gecko, I don't think, so she doesn't understand the true Useless Lumpness of her. She is the Platonic Ideal of an Object At Rest. She might as well be named Inertia. So, no, she's not leaving the house unless someone is picking her up (she can't drive), and it appears that all of her friends are imaginary, so it's unlikely that anyone is coming in, unless its her psychopath sister (the one who was setting fires in her bedroom). (Mind you, there's nothing wrong, per se, with imaginary friends; most of mine are imaginary, just as I'm imaginary to them.)

In any case, she wanted to try Jack on Dasuquin and Rimadyl before upping his Prozac to see if maybe it's pain that's making him act out. The neck stiffness could be arthritis and he could be acting out in the fall because the colder weather is exacerbating it. We'll see. It's certainly not calming him down at night. He's still trying to climb into bed with me, and the last couple of nights, he's also been wandering up and down the stairs when I refuse to let him into the bed. I suppose I'm going to end up turning the bed so that he can get in on the other side by himself, unless I can train him to come up on the end and curl up on the passenger side corner. It would be really nice to get a full night's sleep again.

She did observe that he has bonded nicely to me. I was concerned about that.

Night before last, First Boyfriend and BFT came over after they got out of work and we sat around the dining room table with a pizza and talked and laughed all evening. It was Really Nice, and I might see if I can convince them we should do it more often.

It did highlight a stark difference between me and my closest friends, though. We're all in social service jobs, but they're all in them because it's their passion. I'm in mine because I fell into it and found the pay and benefits to be acceptable, even if the job was soul-sucking. (Though it wasn't when I was just a clerk. I loved it when I was a clerk. But I needed a promotion to pay the rent, and....) I would still prefer to be a full-time novelist. Ah, well. Never gonna happen.

Last night, BFT and the J-sisters and I went to see Fantastic Beasts. The theater was less crowded than I expected, but probably a lot of people were in the 3D version instead. It was interesting to see the Wizarding World from an adult point of view. Read more... )

Today...well, it's Saturday, and even though I snuck out last evening and did a flying grocery run after my sister arrived to sit with Jack for the evening, I still have a ton of things to do. The back of the house has to be deep-cleaned because I am definitely hosting Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday. Fortunately, my mother has decided to have lasagna instead of a full-on turkey dinner, which is good, because Gram complains all the time about how she has a full-on turkey dinner at the facility, then comes here and has another. Plus, it's a helluva lot easier to clean up, and less for Mom and Dad to haul.

Not only that, but I haven't swapped out the screens for the storm windows yet, and the gutters that I can reach need cleaning, and I have to write checks, and clean up the library and put the curtain that Jack pulled down back, and do the laundry, and just so much else.

And then there's LJ Idol. I completely flaked on reading and voting last week, and didn't even realize that a new topic was up until a day later. So I've got to do that, as well.

Heigh ho. Guess I'd better get at it....
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Now that the clocks have been turned back, I am finding I have little trouble getting up at 5:00 a.m. -- whether I want to or not -- so I have been up since a little after 5:00. It is now just before 9:00. Normally by now on a Saturday, I have been out to the stores and foraged for my week's groceries. This morning...I just didn't feel like it. Besides, I have milk and bread and cheese and dog food, so I'm good. (Plus, I'm just about flat broke.)

That means I haven't really accomplished much this morning, but since I intend to go out and Deal With The Leaves later, I'm not too worried about that. I have brushed the dog, and he is now hiding under my desk. He really hates being brushed; he's convinced he's being punished for something. Unfortunately for him, it was more than past time. With his coat, he really should be brushed at least once a week, and I only do it about once a month -- and I didn't do it last month. Plus, it was time for his flea-stuff, and after Teh Infestationing, we will be religious about the flea stuff.

That does make me a little nervous about going out for a bit this morning, though. I need to get out to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, and even though I'll only be gone twenty minutes or so.... *shrug*

His anxiety does seem to be leveling out a bit. He's still stressed about something -- still coming up beside me and either panting in my face or trying to get in bed with me, and then panting in my face -- but the clawing at the door when I exclude him from the bedroom has ceased. I wish I knew what was going on in his fuzzy little brain.

In other non-Jack news, despite my brokedness, BFT and I went for my birthday shopping trip yesterday. The results were mixed. We were both disappointed by the selection at Pier 1; where we both normally spend nearly $200, neither of us broke $100 yesterday, and everything BFT bought was for other people. My plastic didn't even start to smoke, let alone melt.

The store was so pretty when we first got there, though. The Pier 1 store is at the western edge of the mall complex, and the sun was a slanting into the front windows and the Christmas displays were all sparkling in that gorgeous light -- bits of it were even blinding, it was so bright. By the time we left, the sun had moved on, and it was so much duller. Still pretty, just not...winter wonderlandy. (The red displays were in the corner, but the white and silver displays were right by the door.)

Barnes & Noble was a slightly different story, of course, but we both had lots of coupons and I had a gift card, too, so.... I bought six or seven books, a set of dual-tipped markers, and a set of notecards, and got tips on what to get BFT for either Christmas or her graduation (she will be completing her second masters degree next month).

After shopping, we headed for the Olive Garden (chocolate lasagna!) only to find that there were no parking spots, indicating that the wait for lunch would be upwards of forty-five minutes, so we went to TGI Fridays instead.

We should've stuck it out at the Olive Garden.

We didn't have to wait long to get a table, but after our waitress took our orders, she disappeared. Completely. We had this happen to us once at Friendly's, and it turned out that the waitress either quit or ended her shift after taking our orders, and we just never got our food. (Well, we did, eventually, but it was about three-quarters of an hour later). Anyway, our food did come, and it was good (though it wasn't chocolate lasagna, and I really wanted zuppe toscana yesterday), but when we finished, we waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and finally flagged down another waitress and asked where our waitress had gotten to because we really wanted dessert.... Turned out she had been assigned to a table with eleven diners and had been so monopolized by them that she had completely neglected all of her other assigned tables, not just us. So first she brought us the check, babbling apologies at us, then when we pointed out that we wanted desserts, she brought a single dessert menu, then hovered while we made our choices, then someone else brought our desserts. And then we waited some more; she had brought an updated check right after taking our orders, so we had that, but no one came to take the payment. I was just about to suggest that we just tuck the appropriate amount of cash -- with no tip -- into the folder and leave, but I had to use the restroom and while I was gone, BFT got someone to take the credit card payment. So a tip was given, after all.

But jeez. I understand having a bad day at work. I get that. And I get being monopolized by customers. But if you can't handle everything, then get someone else to do it, or talk to your manager. Don't make the customers come looking for you. Eh, whatever. (I was also not impressed by her hair falling into her face and her pony tail coming undone.) We were there for more than two hours, and too much of that time was spent waiting for her.

Ah, well. That's our shopping trips for this year. We probably won't go again until BFT's birthday in May.
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I went to see my PCP yesterday afternoon and her feeling is that I have bronchitis, so she prescribed a Z-Pack. Whee. A Z-Pack, for those who do not know, is a five-day, high-dose course of azithromycin which starts with a great whack of it on the first day (two pills), then a pill a day for the remaining four. I'm trying to remember if this is what I had the last time I had bronchitis, but it was so long ago that I don't recall. I do recall that I got a note for a full week off work, though. I didn't even ask this time, though I did go see her because my cough was getting worse and if I call in again on Monday, I'll have to either go to work on Tuesday or get a note from her, anyway, because we're only allowed three days in a row without a note. Anyway, if I don't feel better on Monday, she wants to hear from me, anyway.

So I'm not supposed to do much of anything this weekend other than hang out, but there are some things that have to be done, like changing the kitty litter. I am disappointed in my sister. I made a point of saying that she would have to change it for me last weekend since I wouldn't be getting home until midday on Monday. I trusted her to do it, so I didn't check.

She didn't do it. She may have scooped; I can't be sure. But you can't just scoop plain clay litter; it has to be changed...and the scoopable boxes didn't appear to have been scooped in any case. (I keep two types because one of the cats doesn't like plain clay and one doesn't like scoopable. Cats.)

Also, while I was down there, I realized that the dehumidifier had, at some point, gone Tango Uniform. Eh, it's the end of August; I just unplugged it and I'll deal with it later. Trying to take care of it today would be the very opposite of what the doc told me to do this weekend (rest), since it's currently unreachable. HTWIWM piled all sorts of shit around it, and all of that stuff (mostly old servers, so yay) will have to be disposed of. I'll have to see if I can find out when the county is having their Dispose Of Old Electronics Day and get someone to help me load the van with all of the old servers in the basement (there are many, and they are heavy) so I can drive them to wherever the site is (probably the county seat because of course it's the county seat).

I'm feeling very floaty right now, and I don't know whether that's the antibiotics (shouldn't be), being sick (possibly), NyQuil hangover (I slept an extra two and a half hours), or what. So I'm going to go write my checks (and weep at the state of my checking account) and then quite possibly retire to the patio. Sunlight should be good for bronchitis, right?
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I am hesitant to do so, but I think it's time to shut off the fans (one pulling cool air into the house and one expelling hot air) and close up the house in an attempt to keep the coolth inside. There isn't as much coolth as I had hoped. It did get cool overnight, but it's still humid, so the air didn't move as much as I would have preferred. With the exhaust fan running, I got the temperature in here down from 82.5° to 75°. When I set up the intake fan, I got the temperature down another degree, but I think that's all I'm really going to manage. It's just after 8:30 and it's going to start getting warmer outside than not, and I don't want to get to the point where I'm prematurely reheating the house -- even though I'm not going to be here for much of the day.

BFT and I have coupons from Barnes & Noble, so we're headed for Not-Quite-Buffalo for lunch and to hit the bookstore. She should be picking me up in another forty-five minutes or so. The plan is not to do any other shopping, so far as I know, so we should be back around late afternoon. Niece (i. e., Bird's daughter) is coming to Jack-sit...and also to pick up her box of books.

I counted them this morning. I went through my box of culls this morning and added a few more for her, bringing the total I have for her up to 64. She will be over the moon. I hope she enjoys them. They won't be going to Maryland with her, though; they'll be living at her mom's house. Which is fine; if they went home with her, they'd probably be confiscated, anyway (at some point, her stepmother turned into a Bible-thumping fundie). She has to leave next weekend, so I doubt very much that she'll get through more than three or four of them before she does. That'll give her something to do when she comes back for her monthly weekend visit with Mama.

Right. Time to take care of laundry and wash dishes....

Edit: And this didn't post the other morning because I was having computer difficulties. So I'll post it now....
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You know what would be really nice? If sweatshirt fleece was still as thick and warm as it was even ten years ago. I am currently wearing a sweatshirt that is barely thicker than the t-shirt I have under it, and I am freezing. It's ridiculous when I have to wear a cardigan over a sweatshirt. The shirts I wear most often to slop around the house in the winter were both bought twenty years ago, and are much warmer.

At least we're not getting snow this weekend. It is, in fact, sort of sunny right now. Since it's January, and I can't really expect it to be 70°, I'll take it.

I had hoped to spend the rest of the weekend not doing much of anything after I got home from my grocery run this morning, but then it occurred to me that I'd have to go see Grama either today or tomorrow since I didn't go see her this past week and since I'm working 9-5 next week. (I usually go after work because it gives me an excuse to leave, as the facility serves dinner promptly at 5:00 p.m.) So now I'm probably going to take Jack to see her this afternoon for a little while. Which is probably part of the reason I'm freezing, as I am still wearing jeans, instead of my comfy, warm sweats. (Even my flannel-lined jeans aren't as warm as they might be.)

My taxes are finished and submitted. It took me about an hour, including installing the software. I like to get them done as soon as possible, and W2s were posted to the website where we get our paystubs on Tuesday. So that's one chore out of the way. I'm impressed by my state refund: $5. And here I thought the $35 I got last year was impressive.
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It did get warm yesterday, which was nice. Now it's raining, and I guess the temperature is supposed to drop and it's going to snow. The Buffalo NPR station keeps using that most dreaded of phrases "lake effect snow." Granted, that likely won't get to us here...though I said that earlier this week, and then we had a foot of snow Wednesday morning when I got up.

I am pleased that it's a three-day weekend -- more time to loaf around the house. (Because you know that's what I'm going to do, no matter what plans I might have for cleaning or putting up pictures or what have you.) I do want to go out and see Star Wars again. I have seen it three times now, and I'm starting to notice the little things, instead of just the Big Stuff. I do have to say, though, that I think the shot(s) from below of Kylo Ren stalking through the corridors of Starkiller Base with his hands in fists make him look like a penguin. Not that he looks like a penguin, but he appears to be moving like one. It makes him look silly, rather than menacing. And I love Daniel Craig's stormtrooper: "Aaaand I'll drop my weapon."

I do have to say that the scene where General Hux is making his grand speech before they fire the weapon for the first time is actually truly frightening.

The grocery store had huge packages of berries on sale buy one get one free this morning. I now have a pound and a quarter of blueberries. I didn't get the strawberries because they didn't look very good and I had some in the fridge. Then I got home to find that my strawberries had spoiled. *sigh* Still, I have blueberries, so I guess I don't need strawberries -- especially if I'm not going to be eating them quickly enough to begin with.

I said a while back that I had been thinking about resetting the Grey House in a Regency or faux-Regency setting...then I realized that that is just what The Magicians & Mrs Quent is. Dammit. Well...more the second book in the series (The House on Durrow Street) than the first. Still...dammit. Maybe I'll do it anyway for the exercise. (It's not fair! I was there first. Only mine is never going to go farther than files in my closet.)

Can't stray far from my office (and the phone) this morning as I am expecting a call back from the vet's office regarding Kethri's thyroid results. Maybe I'll turn the ringer up on the phone, because I have chores to do -- and Merlin is demanding that I get out of his chair.
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I am trying to convince myself to get up from my desk and do something useful, but I really just want to sit here and read Yuletide stories. I started going through them yesterday and have found some amazingly beautiful work. But...there are things I need to do, like pay bills. On the other hand, I don't think I have anything that absolutely needs to go out today, and my property tax bill didn't arrive on Thursday like it should have, and I'm sort of reluctant to start writing checks until I see how much money I need to scrape together this month in order to pay my tax bill. On the other other hand, if I do it this morning, it'll be done and I won't have to worry about it tomorrow. Plus I've already got the heater going in the library (where my bill-paying desk¹ is located).

While I was out getting groceries this morning, I picked up some more of the square frames that I used for my unicorn calendar pages. It turns out that I have something on the order of a dozen calendars going back five years or so just waiting to find a way to frame some of the art. It's chiefly Kinuko Y. Craft and Brian Froud, but there is also the Artist's Italy which has some nice paintings, and a few others. Not sure why I kept the Marjolein Bastin calendar, actually, since I like her work, but wouldn't hang it in my house.... So I may work on framing stuff today. I still have plenty of wall space in my bedroom and the living room, and I may change the art in my office, too.

On the other hand, I may not. I may just get my book and retire to my chair and read all day like I did yesterday.

I hate the end of my vacation; I have to put the furniture covers back on (though I found some cheap fleece blankets that will be easier to wash than the towels I was using), and fill up the Gecko Boxes in the kitchen. It has been so nice to NOT have to smell that girl for the last week....

I watched the Sherlock special last night. I rather enjoyed it, though once they revealed how it tied into the actual series, I was a bit disappointed. I did catch the theme from the Jeremy Brett series a couple of times (I think Sherlock played it on the violin himself, once). Did enjoy the betting between Sherlock and Mycroft as to when the latter would die from overeating. That was fun.

Right. Time to go be productive.

Or not.
¹ I have, not counting the work surfaces in HTWIWM's former basement office, five desks. He left behind his mother's rolltop desk; that's in the library, and that's where I sit to pay bills. My secretary is in the living room; I only use it very occasionally for writing as I don't have a good chair for it. In my office, I have my computer desk (a conference room table that I have used as a desk for more than twenty years), a child's desk that I picked up at a garage sale for $2 that I use for writing because it's at a comfortable height for me, and my mother's desk. The only reason I have Mom's desk is that my grandfather made it and she didn't want to get rid of it. So she offered it to me as part of the Store My Extra Stuff In My Daughter's Home Program. I took it mainly because it has drawers, which my conference room table sorely lacks.


Nov. 28th, 2015 11:38 am
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It's a damp, dreary, dismal, dank day today -- though it's still relatively warm (for the end of November). It rained gently the whole time I was walking Jack this morning.

I have done my usual Saturday chores, though I should go into the library to see if I need to write checks for Grama. (It's not my pay week, so I don't have to write any for myself.) Having already been out for groceries, I don't have to go out again, except to walk the dog, until Monday morning...and I have no idea what to do with myself. Mostly I've been reading Mission Impossible fics this morning....

I did manage to get a small fire going yesterday afternoon. I burned about a year's worth of pay stubs from 1995 or so before the ashes choked the fire and the rain put it out...more or less. I'll need to dump the ash slurry before I can light another fire. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry; if it's still, I might try again. It's been so long since I had a fire that I'd forgotten how smoky paper fires are. I had to come right in and wash my hair....

Which reminds me that I am considering getting my hair cut at my next appointment (in a couple of weeks). I prefer it long, but at waist-length, it might be just a touch too long. I'm thinking of everything from a chin-length flapper bob to just getting it cut back to the middle of my back which would make it a bit more manageable. But what will probably happen is that I will just have it trimmed....
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It's chilly in the house again, but that's partly my fault. I decided to try to relight the basement wall furnace this morning. Long story short, I couldn't get it to light. It's clearly getting gas, as I could smell it, and the sparker is working, but for whatever reason, it wouldn't catch. I didn't try to get a match in there as I'm not certain how. The front looks glassed in to me. Maybe I'll have Dad look at it when he comes back to fix the pulleys in the main furnace (now that I have acquired Allen wrenches). But I wanted to see about clearing the gas that I could smell, so after I shut the unit back off, then shut off the gas to the unit, I put a fan at the top of the basement stairs and opened the back door. At that point, I don't think it was yet 40° outside. So, yeah. Leeetle chilly in here now. I may turn the main furnace back on; I'm sure it's okay, as I can no longer smell gas. It's only supposed to be about 50° today, and I don't think the sun by itself is going to get the house to where I prefer it to be. But maybe I'll bake cookies later; I have to at some point this weekend, anyway, for a coworker's birthday.

I have not accomplished a great deal today. I got the kitty litter changed, the dishes done, the groceries purchased, and checks written. I got Gram's checkbook balanced and bills paid. I'm leaving the laundry until Monday as it's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous Monday. I was going to go clean up the apples in the front yard, but I noticed that there were rather a lot of bees flying about, so I decided to leave those until this evening or tomorrow morning while it's still foggy. I plan to go out in a little bit and mow the back yard, and maybe the front except for right around the apple tree. Someone else in the neighborhood just started up a mower.

I also tried to hook up with the rescue folks this morning. They're supposed to be at the local farmers market every Saturday, beginning at 9:00 a.m. I went over at 9:15. They weren't there, so I went to Home Depot to look at paint chips, then over to BJ's to get kitty litter, which took about twenty minutes. I went back to the farmers market. They weren't there, but I got a nice loaf of homemade sour dough bread. I came home. I did some more work around the house. I went back to the farmers market about an hour and a half later and they still weren't there. I know that they're really flaky, but jeez-louise. When they put it on their website, you'd think they'd manage to adhere to it, even if they took a card table and photographs, but no pets. They are supposedly having a booth at a fall festival about forty minutes away, but it's a very popular festival and I'm not driving all over that town trying to find them.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's a sign that they don't answer email and don't appear where they're supposed to be when I determine that I'm going to talk to them directly. I'll try calling them on Monday, perhaps.

Right. Guess I'd better go see if I can get the lawnmower to start or if that's going to give me grief, too....


Oct. 4th, 2015 11:21 am
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Is anyone surprised that my parents did not, in fact, show up yesterday? I stayed home yesterday pretty much just so that I would be here because Mom didn't know when they'd manage to make it to this end of town. I had originally planned to either go to a movie or take Jack to see Grama. This is why I do not ask them for help. My mother emailed me around dinnertime that they had had too much to do and that she wasn't feeling well -- which is her answer to everything she doesn't really want to do. "I don't feel well."

They will, of course, show up at some point today when it is least convenient. Or not at all, especially if I make a point of sticking around for them, like I did yesterday.


I did get a reasonable amount of work done around here yesterday, though. I slew the ferocious grocery beast, ran the vacuum through the whole house, gave up on keeping Jack off the folding bed in the Spare Oom and just put a blanket over it, cleaned the kitchen (twice), and spent the afternoon working on editing my trip photos. I have about 200 still to go.

It rained all day, until about an hour after I walked Jack in the afternoon. The weather is supposed to be warmer and dryer today, but I don't suppose it matters much. My plans for the day include doing the laundry (I had sort of planned to hang it out, but the oak tree under which the laundry line runs is too wet, so it'll have to go in the basement (the laundry, not the oak tree)) and watching Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus. There will also be crockpot soup today; I'm planning on cheeseburger soup, which only takes a few hours, so I don't have to start it until this afternoon. My usual crockpot soups take all day, and I normally have to have them going by 10:30.

I finished watching Logan's Run the other night. I never got to watch the show when it was on the air, but I've watched it through a couple of times since I acquired the DVDs...except that this time, I didn't remember ever seeing the last two episodes before. I think the show was cancelled before they were aired. 'Tis a puzzlement. I did wonder, though, about a couple of things. In reality (even in fiction), neither Logan nor Jessica would've kept wearing the same clothes -- especially Jessica. Her City clothing was completely inappropriate for Outside, especially those thin slippers (though at least they weren't spike heels). You'd've thought that the first time she stepped on a pebble, she'd've been eager to find new footwear. Any of the people they encountered on their journey could have helped them with that. Still, I enjoyed the show. It mostly stands up if you can ignore the obvious stock footage (there's this one tiny sequence of Logan starting the hovercraft -- just his hand flipping switches, but they reused that footage in several episodes), and the "advanced" technology that is...really not.

This next weekend is Columbus Day weekend already. I wonder if I should take an extra day off....
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  • One of my neighbors is having their roof redone. It's just 9:00 a.m., but the roofers have been out making noise for a while now. It seems a bit early for that, but maybe that's just my perception because it's still cool and foggy.

  • I don't know what to do with myself on those Saturdays where I happen to get my errands and chores done before 8:00 a.m. Like this morning. I've been catching up on LJ which I don't log into daily like I used to. (Where "daily" really means "obsessively.")

  • I almost bought a cheap canvas Eiffel Tower print at WickedMart this morning. I am suddenly obsessed. Or possibly possessed.

  • You can tell that the summer movie season is winding down; all the good movies are gone.

  • My mother suddenly started talking to me again as if she hadn't not spoken to me in six weeks. Well, for two of those, her computer was in the shop, but what about the month before that? She and Dad stopped at the house last night, but she wanted money. (From Grama's account, to buy Grama things that she needs. )

  • There is a battle coming over Grama's house. I can feel it. I think it's time for me -- as Gram's power of attorney -- to move to Arizona.

  • Speaking of the house, I told Gram that there was a distinct possibility that I was going to be out of a job in three years. (State takeover of Medicaid is targeted to be completed by then.) So I told her I was going to steal her house. "How are you going to buy my house if you're not working." "I didn't say buy. I said steal." She laughed. Which was pretty much the point.

  • I don't know what I'll do, though. I have enough seniority that I'll probably be safe, but there really aren't any guarantees. By the time the dust settles, my sister will almost certainly be out the door.

  • Thursday afternoon as I was leaving the office early for a doctor appointment, the power cut out. It came back on almost immediately; The Powers That Be were just testing the switch from main power to the backup generator (which must be housed near my end of the building and makes a helluva racket). An email circulated around midmorning, warning people that it was going to happen (though I never received it until Friday morning), but of course no one remembered until it did, which meant that everyone was logged into their computers and working. Friday morning, everyone's computers came back up, but no one was able to reach the state systems. Whether it was because of the power cut or some other reason (a FB friend who works downstate says that the state systems her agency uses were also unavailable yesterday), most of my agency was unable to work yesterday. I, of course, had plenty I was able to do as my cases involve this thing called "paper" (and lots of it), so I got a couple of cases right up to the point of needing to log into the state systems, but then I decided to take the afternoon off, partly because Jack was home alone...

  • ...because Nick was at the groomer all of yesterday morning and I figured it was better for him to be unhappy about being alone at my house rather than my grandmother's house, because if he went on a tear at my house, I could just shrug and add the damage to the growing list of things that are never going to get fixed. But I didn't want to tempt fate, so I took the afternoon off rather than trying to fight my way up one of the main streets of town to get him to Gram's house during the lunch hour. He was a Very Good Boy. No curtains or cats or walls or furniture or anything were harmed in the course of the morning.

  • Speaking of Things That Are Never Going To Get Fixed, my obnoxiously helpful neighbor came over yesterday to ask if I had the key for the bicycle lock on my bike which I had put to the curb with a "free" sign on it a couple of weekends ago. Really, dude? Really? You took the bike for free, and that's what you're concerned about? And then he wanted to know if the gears work. How the hell should I know? You're the nosy one; in the fifteen years I have lived here, have you ever seen me ride a bicycle? No, you have not. That is why the bike was at the curb to begin with. And then he asked me if I wanted to have him put my house on the project list at his church. They'd come out and paint it for me, he said; I'd just have to provide the paint. can I say no to that? It probably won't happen, but.... See? That's what I mean by "obnoxiously helpful."

  • MyNuncle's online photo gallery is kaput. I am disappointed. Not only are all the photos I loaded there no longer available, but I had planned to put my recent trip photos up there. Maybe I should check to see if his current website is now housing them....

  • And speaking of photos, I guess that's what I'm going to do with the day. I'm up to the last day in London now....


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