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It may not matter that I couldn't get eclipse glasses, as the weather has changed. The original forecast was for hot and sunny (with a passing eclipse), but the morning is overcast and it has already stormed once. Weeeelll, the forecast (which I just checked) has changed again: partly cloudy this afternoon with a stray shower or thunderstorm. We'll see, I guess. My plan was to stand under a tree, anyway, and watch the shadows on the ground...and maybe get a TeenyTinyTARDIS photo or two, as the thought of taking TTT photos during a solar eclipse just amused the heck out of me.

I dropped the van off at the garage last night and walked home. They've already called me this morning to let me know that they can't find a leak, though they'll check again, and that there's a bit of a sticky caliper causing the squealing-squeaky noise. They'll change the caliper, so I will probably have it back before the eclipse starts.

Speaking of squealing squeaks, I believe we have a multitude of flickers in the neighborhood. I first noticed one a few years ago; I had to come home and look it up in my Tome of North American Birds, Beasts, And Plants because I'd never seen one before. I was always thrilled when I spotted one, because it was rare. But this summer, I've seen flickers fairly often, so either there is one really busy one, or there's a flock. This morning, I heard a high, piping sort of squeak, and I think that was probably a flicker. It wasn't a cardinal -- which is the only other bird call with which I am, wait, I know what a killdeer sounds like, and it wasn't that, either.

I could probably be a birdwatcher without much persuasion.

Huh. It's sunny out there now.

I'm unsure of what my plan is for the rest of the day. I have shelves for upstairs, but am not sure I want to get involved in making a mess in my bedroom. I have Grama's cupboard, but ditto that in the breezeway. I finished marking and tabbing the manual from the wretched training yesterday. I do have a number of art cards to frame and hang, so I suppose I could do that. Since the garage has already called, I don't need to hang about in my office for a while, although I do have a number of tasks that could be done at my desk (books to be listed on PaperbackSwap, photos from my vacation to be edited, and there's always some writing project or another).

There is a shire meeting tomorrow night. Since they won the bid for Fall Æcademy, I've been debating getting involved again. On the one hand, I don't want to get stuck working the event and not being able to attend it, which is what happened at the last event we had. On the other, they'll need the help. On the other other hand, MyLadyLaurelNemesis is involved in the shire again, so they certainly don't need me, as she can handle everything all on her own. (I can't stand the sight of that woman.) Since the main purpose of the meeting is to confirm the drop-dead seneschal, and I'm not a paid member of the SCA at the moment, it's probably pointless for me to go...although I do want to talk to VL to see if he might be willing to do a few tasks around the house for me if I were willing to pay him. That doesn't really seem like the place to ask, though. Eh, we'll see.

What else? Oh, the trap. The trap baited with peppers remains empty, and my patio smells like rotting peppers. Or possibly it's the poo bucket. In any case, I don't believe that there is a woodchuck living under there after all, as I have now seen a black cat crossing the yard and slipping under there twice. Kittens, Round Whatever, here we go. (You can be very sure that there have been more than two litters born out there.) The May Kittens are still hanging around up the street, and are now so big as to be nearly indistinguishable from their mother (except the grey one, of course) -- so this may even be their mother in the backyard.

Kethri is at my feet meowling at me. I think she wants my chair.
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It seems that the shire is coming back to life, but I guess I am really still done with it...enough so that I will probably finally get around to listing my garb on eBay. MyNemesis, the woman who joined the shire at roughly the same time as I did, and who immediately became offended by the way that things were done because She Was A Real Re-Enactor By Jove (she had done paid 18th-century re-enactments, you see), and who was finally, after many dust-ups, invited to go play with another shire, was subsequently elevated to the Laurel (based on her many re-enacting achievements elsewhere, so far as we can tell), has decided to return.

And since I can't stand the sight of her, let alone having to actually be nice to her, I guess I'm done. But what about my award for courtesy, you say? Yeah, fuck that shit. She made my first term as seneschal hellish, so I see no need to re-engage.
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It's Saturday again. I was thinking that I could finally have a weekend to just relax, but then the sun came out this morning, and I knew I'd have to try to get the fallen leaves mulched before the showers that were in the forecast moved in and brought down more. You've got to stay ahead of them or they just drift over the lawnmower when you're trying to take care of them.

My neighbor, whose regular job is a groundskeeper, also does lawns and a bit of handy-work on the side. He was mowing Mrs T's lawn this morning (across the street) at 9:30. I didn't get out there until 10:30, and I was mowing -- with short breaks to let the mower cool down every time it ran out of gas -- until 2:30. Ack. But I got it finished...for now. And as far as I know, it still hasn't rained. It's the sort of grey day where you look out the window and expect it to be at most 50°, but when you actually go outside, it's in the mid-60s. The wind was from the south, earlier; I'm not certain if it has tracked around back to the west or not.

Of my Saturday chores, I'm down to laundry. It's time to move the drying from the backyard to the basement (though I did hang my furniture cover-towels out there this morning; it was windy enough that they were nearly dry by the time I was ready to mow under them and brought them in), so I cleaned the lines this morning. I won't be doing any laundry tonight, though; it can wait until the morning, and if it doesn't dry by Monday morning, that's fine, since I'll be wearing a costume on Monday.

Yes, I am finally doing my Dorothy Goes To College costume; it has been in my head for about a decade, and I finally decided to go ahead and get the pieces. It's incredibly difficult to find a blue gingham shirt, but I did find something approximate (it's not gingham, but close enough for government work (said the government worker)). And the checks even have thin red lines running through them which will match my red sneakers. Okay, here's the costume: a blue-and-white checked collared shirt over a white t-shirt (probably long-sleeved), jeans, bright red sneakers, hair in braids, and a backpack with a Little Dog Too sticking out of it. I'll have to carry the backpack around all day (maybe I'll do a messenger bag) so that people really get it, but it's simple and doesn't involve wrangling long skirts like wearing my SCA garb does.

I am annoyed about the shoes, though. I ordered a pair of $60 Propét sneakers, partly because they were bright red and partly because I'd been curious about the brand for a while. These get shown a lot as good walking shoes for travelers, so I was extra curious about them. Wow. Talk about disappointing. They have almost no padding and very little arch support in them. I wouldn't walk across the street to the mailbox in them, let alone walk all over Paris (for example). In fact, I picked up a $7 pair of bright red bobos at Wal-Mart this morning that has just as much padding. So the Propéts are getting boxed up and shipped back, and I will remove the padding from my regular sneakers and put it in the bobos for the day.

(Do people still call cheap sneakers "bobos?" That was what they were called when I was a kid. You didn't want to get caught dead in bobos, and that was, of course, all my parents would buy for us.)

I did decide to go to the SCA meeting last night. It was held at a Tim Horton's, and after about twenty minutes of sitting there with no one buying anything, I finally got up and went to the counter and bought a hot chocolate before the employees decided to chuck us out. They were pressuring me to have meetings at a restaurant instead of at the library when I was seneschal, and I always pointed out that it wasn't fair to people who were short on cash to have meetings in a place where you had to buy something to stay. As usual, no one sees it my way.

Anyway, the substance of the meeting was that we have gone from 60 paid members at the shire's beginning to fourteen paid members currently. I am not one of them. This is the main measurement that the kingdom uses to decide whether a group is in trouble or not. The shire to the east is worse off; they have only four paid members and less than $500 in the bank. We don't spend much, so we're better off (though I don't know if we actually have an exchequer at the moment). We have also not had an event in...two years? Three? I think the Hallowtide where I got my Cornelian was the last event we had.

No one, apparently, wants to see the shire dissolve, and even Current Seneschal, who is a big Bash-Them-With-Sticks guy wants to see more A&S. I don't know what's actually going to happen, though, and am still not certain whether I care or not. I mostly went so that I could hand over the shire's Big Black Book (which I should have handed over in January, so it's a good thing there's nothing terribly vital in it) which I found on a shelf recently. I am still deciding whether or not to dive back in....

The dumpster is gone. I am really pleased with the company that I rented it from. They delivered it when they said they would, they were friendly on the phone, and when I called on Thursday to say that I was finished with it and they could pick it up, they seemed genuinely interested in whether or not it worked out for me, and pleased when I said that it had. They told me that they would pick it up either that same day or on Friday; I expected them to come for it on Friday since it was pouring on Thursday -- but when I got home at lunch time, it was gone. So, yay. That worked out and the charge wasn't horrible. If only everything was that simple.


Oct. 25th, 2016 05:50 pm
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The weather has turned cold; I don't think the temperature reached 50° today. It's sunny (mostly), and the sun on the remaining leaves is very pretty. I really hate this time of year...though not nearly as much as I hate February.

I called the dumpster company today because I wasn't sure whether I had to call them to come pick up the dumpster or whether they'd just come and get it at the end of my allotted two weeks. It turns out that I have to call them. So I will probably be doing that on Thursday, just to make sure that Bird does actually bring flats to work tomorrow so that she can help me get the last few pieces stuffed in there.

I am actually wavering about the shedlet roof that is in the backyard leaned up against the front of the loader. I moved it the other day (to see if I could manage it on my own) and the loader is not smooth on the front like a bulldozer; the bottom edge of the scoop has teeth. Now I'm thinking I should leave that piece there until I can find some way to dispose of the thrice-damned loader so that Some Dog doesn't injure himself on the teeth.

And I'm wondering now if that's why HTWIWM left that one piece out of everything else that was piled on that thriced-damned thing. I told him that I wanted that mess cleaned up before he decided he was done with me for good, and he did clean it up, except for that one piece. Maybe he wasn't quite such an asshole after all, especially as there were four dogs in The Pack at the time.

Maybe I'll get Bird to help me budge it up closer to the scoop and maybe see about wedging it in place. I hate it, but it's probably not a good idea to leave the teeth exposed.

Besides, as I discovered last night, it gives the skunk a place to go when Jack chases him about the yard. (There was no spraying. Either Mr. Skunk wasn't particularly worried about Jack or Jack learned his lesson earlier this summer and that's why he stopped short of pouncing on Mr. Skunk.)

In other news, I had intended to visit my grandmother after work yesterday, but got out of work late. But when I was feeding the dog, my phone rang, and Gram left a message on the machine. So when Jack finished his dinner, I packed him up and we went to see Grama.

She had called because she received a bill for nearly $1,000 from the hospital. Turned out that it was from the company that does the ER billing, and there were two charges on it: one from August, and one from 2014. (Seriously? 2014? Come on, people!) Gram couldn't remember going to the ER in August, but if I remember correctly, she had a fall. The facility pretty much automatically ships anyone who falls to the ER. Liability, doncha know.

The 2014 visit, though.... That really irritates me that it's just showing up now. Apparently, they tried to bill the no-fault from her accident some years back, but these visits are unrelated to her accident. I'll have to call them and see if I can get it straightened out. Hopefully they'll talk to me without too much fuss. Before I do that, though, I'll have to dig through her papers to see if I can find any reference to the two visits. Or maybe just check my own journal; I'm sure I mentioned both visits.

In other other news, I have been reading Mercedes Lackey's Vanyel series (Magic's Pawn, Magic's Promise, and Magic's Price). I'm not sure what it says about my life that thirty years after first reading the series (and however many times I've read it since), I still identify with Vanyel. That's probably sad.

I was much surprised earlier today to learn that our shire and the shire next door to the east are both considered to be in failed status. Apparently the shire to the east is nearly broke and will have empty officer positions come January, but I had thought that we were doing okay -- though it has been a year since I attended a meeting. A discussion was begun on FB about whether or not the shire will survive. There are some options, including combining with the shire to the east. There was supposed to be a business meeting tonight, but it was postponed until Friday. I probably won't attend.

I have sort of complicated feelings about this. I'm still annoyed that the same six people have to do all the work, despite all the new faces in the shire. I'm still kinda pissed about the way no one would attend meetings during my last tenure as seneschal (not malice, I don't think, just laziness). I'm not sure I actually care if the shire dissolves. On the other hand, having stepped up a couple of times and served as seneschal in order to save the shire, I'd hate to see those efforts wasted. On the other other hand, our officers are pretty much down to seneschal and exchequer; the guy that wanted to be webminister hasn't done anything, and the guy who wanted so badly to be chronicler has never done anything, either. So.... *shrug*

Right. Time for grilled cheese sammich and tomato soup.
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It is 4:22 a.m. Jack decided at 3:00 a.m. that he needed to be in bed with me -- after refusing to come upstairs when I went to bed at 10:00 a.m. Of course, I couldn't get to sleep; I looked at the clock once and it was 11:18. I finally gave up and came downstairs; after forty-five minutes or so on my computer, I laid down on the couch -- which activated Kethri, of course.

They say that the purring of a cat is soothing. They have not met Kethri, who purs like a badly-tuned outboard motor or like, say, my lawnmower. The sound of her purring irritates the ever-living fuck out of me and makes me want to throw her across the room. No. I do not abuse my cat. But unless I'm especially comfy, I always move her elsewhere.

And then Jack started in again, and let me tell you, his breath is not the best, and when I'm lying on the couch, his face is actually higher than mine so he can pant down on me.

And so here I sit at my computer, having given up entirely. But not so entirely that anyone is going to get fed or walked even though I have already brushed my teeth and dressed. Well. Dressed for walkies. I'll change again before really leaving the house.

I have today off, at least, so I can take a nap later. Maybe. I have to take the van in for a recall this morning and have no idea how long it's going to take. (They have to change out the ignition module (the recall), then repair the back window wiper. Gram's neighbor says that it only needs a bolt tightened, but I am certain that they will replace it entirely so that they can soak me for $250.) I will either sit in the dealership's waiting room or walk down to Grama's house since the dealership is only a couple of blocks away. I haven't been in Gram's house for months, so I should probably go down, anyway, just to assess the state of things.

Since I don't know how long the van is going to take, I didn't cancel the Gecko for today. Which almost certainly means that I am going to have to take her home myself -- and before I can have a nap. It also means that I am going to be leaving at the same time I usually do, even though my appointment isn't until 9:30. I will, perhaps, have breakfast at McDonald's (love me some hot cakes and sausage), and I need to pick up a few things that I didn't get when I went shopping on Saturday.

I am quite concered about Merlin. He has lost even more weight and is skin and bones. His hip bones are jutting out and his flanks are hollow. He is scheduled to go in for bloodwork on Friday, but he also started sneezing again on Saturday, and the reason this has been put off since his last visit is because he was so congested that he was panicking when they tipped his head to get blood from his neck (because they couldn't get it from the more usual leg). When Nimue got this skinny, she had an abdomen so full of tumors that Doc P called me in the middle of the exploratory surgery to suggest that it might be easier to just let her go. She was only seven; Merlin is eighteen.

I am not having pets again after this lot.

Aaaand I didn't post this. It is now 6:34 a.m. Jack and I have been for medium-length walkies and got back a little before 6:00 a.m. He is still clinging to me like I am a life ring in a sea full of sharks. I don't know what the problem is in his fuzzy little brain, but this had better not happen tonight, too.

I suppose that as long as I am whining, I may as well whine about how well the shire is doing now that I am no longer involved. Where were all these people when I was so desperate for new folks? Why were none of the people who were attending fight practices attending business meetings? And why the fuck am I still listed in the Æstel as seneschal? (I have twice been contacted by Kingdom officers about quarterly reports because they got my information from the Æstel .) Did the current fellow not report to Kingdom the results of the elections? I mean, I know that they don't read the quarterly reports -- I have vast experience of their not reading the quarterly reports. Anyway. They apparently had quite the successful demo at a local festival this past weekend, which has led to invitations to do demos in at least three other places. It's nice that the shire is making a comeback, I suppose. I just wish it had been two years ago. (And there's still no A&S except what's related to martial activities -- sewing tabards, smithing, and the like.)
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I have decided to Get Over Myself as far as the shire is concerned. Apparently, what we needed was Enthusiasm Guy, because the shire has really come to life in the last week, and they're not just talking about Hitting People With Sticks. Someone from the Hael has even volunteered to come down and teach a few scribal classes. It's actually amazing, though the cynical part of me does wonder how long it's going to last. But we do, apparently, have a few new people, and that's one of the things we really needed after we lost our stalwarts. The last big influx of New Blood included me, so that was a while ago. I had hoped to get to Thescorre for the College of Three Ravens because I love collegium/schola events, but it's a three hour drive away and I would have to engage the Gecko for at least twelve hours. So...I'm thinking that's not going to happen. Again. I have never yet been to C3R, and I have always wanted to go. The problem is either the drive or the weather -- or both. I've never been to Ice Dragon, either, and I had sort of thought of trying to make it this year, but again with the dog sitter....

The new applications are starting to really pile up again at work. I have had...five? this week. Two yesterday, in any case, and I think two the day before. I'm nearing twenty again, anyway. Just trying to keep up with my mail is turning into a struggled. I split the day yesterday between recerts and undercare in the morning and new apps in the afternoon. Today, I think I'll do it the other way around since the day is not evenly split by the lunch hour (four hours in the morning and three in the afternoon). If I were smart, I'd get up off my ass and get in a little early so I could get started before other people got there.

Of course, if I were smart, I'd already be dressed and have done my grocery store run. I'm out of bread (no thanks to the Gecko, though I'm actually the one who finished the loaf, at least), and running low on dog food. I had some thought of getting out early and going this morning on my way to work, but I don't know that I'm going to make that. Then I thought about going after work, but I also have to drive the Gecko home since her father had to turn in his plates to the DMV for two weeks, and can only count on having access to the parental vehicle in the early mornings. So now I'm thinking I might go at lunch time. We'll see. I might still get myself in gear and get there before work....

Monday Off

Jan. 18th, 2016 07:41 am
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I'm glad I don't have to go out out today. Walking the dog doesn't really count, even though it's outer than I actually prefer. It's snowing, or was when we went for walkies...and I just checked. Yup. Still snowing. My back hasn't recovered from the last big snowfall. Bleah. Jack seems to like the snow, even though it's only 8° out there according to the weather wiseacres. Maybe I'll let him go out and play in it later. I have realized that one thing I can actually trust Jack to do is not try to get out of the yard, and not make a lot of noise if I leave him out alone. So I do let him out occasionally and just check on him through the window every couple of minutes.

Yesterday turned out to be a busier day than I had initially planned. I had decided not too long ago that I needed more bookshelves (mostly for DVDs, actually), so when I saw that KMart was running a sale, I bought two three-shelf units. These things are pretty easy to put together, and I have a lot of practice, anyway, so that went pretty quickly. Got the first one up and settled, got the second one put together...and the two adjustable shelves were cut just too long to fit into the cabinet. By about an eighth of an inch. Really? Really? RLY?!? Fortunately, the company will supply parts; you just have to order them. So I did, but in the meantime, I have one finished cabinet and one unfinished cabinet sitting side by side in my living room. I did move a few things around; the shelf that had been in the space is back in the corner in the other section of the room by my secretary again, and the shelf that was there is in the back room in place of the chair that I bring up from the basement for Grama to sit in for holiday dinners.

The non-fitting shelves leave me with two finished board sections, and I'm trying to come up with non-brick supports for them so that I can use them elsewhere, because why not?

Today, I have no plans. I want to have a day with no work in it. I would like to do something arty, even if it's just coloring, though I never have even started, let alone finished, redoing that Middle-Earth map; I could spread that out on the dining room table and get started on it. Or there's a cross stitch project that is finished all except for the backstitching -- of which there is a lot. Or maybe I'll just read for a while, then watch movies.

There is a new guy in the shire who wants to Do All The Things. Seriously. He wants to be Herald and Chatelain and he's been agitating lately about Why Isn't There A Business Meeting. I suppose, since we haven't yet had elections, even though my term is up, it's my responsibility to set up a meeting, but I...just don't want to. The last meeting I set up, I had to bail on because that's when Jack tore out the laundry room wall. And of the several meetings before that, I think we had one where we had sufficient people to conduct business. They want me to be Webminister again (or still), and I'm not interested. I'm not interested in any of it at the moment, to be perfectly honest. I Belle, I suppose. There's so much more than this shire's provincialism; just look at the shire immediately to the east of us (from whence we came, in fact). But it seems that the only thing that one can really drum up interest in is hitting people with sticks, and the only time people can get together is Sunday, and I don't like giving up my Sundays. Sundays are mine. (Well. Every day is mine, I suppose, but Sunday more than the rest.)

Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan. Time to go do something different.
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As I was walking Jack last night, my parents turned into the street; they were coming to see me about Thanksgiving. (Cue ominous music.) I told them to go wait at my house as it would only take a few minutes to walk Jack around the block. Turns out that the restaurant where Mom had hoped to have dinner is only open for breakfast on Thanksgiving. So, instead, she ordered a complete dinner from the grocery store, and we're having it at my house. Which means that I need to Clean All The Things this weekend. Well. I probably won't have company in my office, but the back room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and library will all need to be cleaned -- and since my niece has been here for two days, I will need to wash the furniture coverings, too. Apparently, she took my removing the pillows from the couch as a hint that she should sit, instead, in the chair next to the piano. So now I need to wash the covers on that, too. (Seriously, when I say she reeks? I can still smell her.) I need to remember to go to KMart later to see if I can get more purple bath towels (which I already have on the chair as fur catchers) so I can just rotate them. (I also bought a bottle of Febreze this morning. I was going to buy a non-stink candle, but they didn't seem to have anything except Add Different Stinks To The Air To Cover It candles, and I already have one of those that I happened to pick up on my birthday trip.)

Anyway. Jack did not destroy anything the last two days because Gecko #1 was here. He was not, however, happy that I went away and left him. When I came home for lunch, he was clinging, and when I came home after work, he was entirely too excited to see me. In fact, for the first time in...a year, I guess, when I turned on the TV, he did not go upstairs. He laid on his bed over in the other part of the living room, or he cozied right up to the couch, but he stayed downstairs.

Gecko #1 will be coming Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, also. And I imagine that she will be coming for the foreseeable future. Dammit.

I think I am going to suggest that maybe she could shower while she's here. I wouldn't mind. Well, I would, but if it would mean not having smell her as soon as I open the back door.... (And, no. It's not a physical issue.) Something along the lines of "Hey, you know, if you wanted to save time in the mornings, you could take your shower here. You could lock the door and have the place to yourself! I've got some fancy shampoo, if you'd like to try it out...."

Eh, whatever.
In other news, I apparently missed the best shire meeting of my entire term. Not only were there about a dozen people there, but they had a Real Meeting and conducted Real Business. Unfortunately, they also nominated me for webminister. I'm debating whether to accept the nomination or not. My web design skills are all from about 1995. I know basic HTML and can code a style sheet if I have to and have a couple of references and examples to help, but I don't enjoy it, anymore. I used to love it. But...that was before things got complicated.

Again, whatever.
Work yesterday was surprisingly quiet. I got three new applications in and I hear that there are more in the pipeline over at Dept. of Aging. Yay. I am hoping this coming week will be quiet. It's a toss-up. Since it's a short week, it will either be ghostly or frantic. I'm hoping for the former....
And just to make the weekend complete, the forecast keeps referencing snow for tomorrow....


Sep. 12th, 2015 09:44 am
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I am also, this morning, trying to come up with a courteous¹ way of telling my fellow shire members that if enough people don't show up for next week's business meeting, that they can just go fuck themselves, because I'm tired of this shit -- so tired of it that I didn't bother to schedule meetings all summer, and for the three or four months prior to that, we didn't get enough people at meetings to conduct business. We only require four members. You'd think we could at least pull that off. My term as seneschal is up at the end of this year, and I'm not going to do it again, especially as when we changed the bylaws (so that we needed fewer people to conduct business), we added a year to officers' terms.

In my last report to the kingdom, I got a bit snarky about things, and even included a "does anybody really read these things?" because I know for a fact that they don't -- I have included requests for help in my reports before and had no response. I know people who only play at the kingdom level because they don't want to deal with local stuff. I think I don't want to play at all, anymore, because honestly? I can count the number of times I've actually had fun on one hand. Everything else has been just...responsibility.
¹ After all, I was given an award for courtesy.
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Well, last night did not, thankfully, include a Bat Event, so I am guessing that Mr. Bat bounced off the cardboard sheet and out the front door. Last night did, however, include a Critter In The Attic Event. There's nothing like being just...about...asleep...and then hearing TICKETY-TACKETY-TACKETY-SKITTER-SKITTER-SKITTER right over your head...especially when your bed is under a sloping ceiling. That's just the best!

What makes it even better is knowing that only insulation and blind luck separates you from having said critter in the rest of the house.

Best, I tell you.

Yesterday's Haiku War with MyNuncle extended to some nine or ten rounds, with a volley fired by MyAuntie, as well. Today is Nuncle's of course my greeting to him was also a haiku.

It is starting to warm up in the house already, and I just closed the window in my office in an attempt to retain some of the coolth. Won't work, of course, since the southern wall is almost all window and the sun is already peering in. That's one reason why I did some straightening early, before the fans were even turned off. I have finally cleaned up the Pile Of Souvenirs that was covering my writing desk. There were greeting cards and post cards, tiny books, a couple of prints of Stonehenge, a tote bag that I bought at the Cluny so I wouldn't have to carry plastic shopping bags, and so on. All of them have been put away, or at least put somewhere unobstrusive for now. (The prints, for instance, got stuck atop some books until I can get them to the framing shop, though it occurs to me that I could, perhaps, replace the mats they're in and put them in US-standard-sized ones, which would save on custom framing.... Plus, I think both prints would look better in blue mats, rather than ivory ones. I wish we had a Michael's closer than an hour away. The local Jo-Ann's is fairly useless, especially now that they pretty much have a monopoly on the craft business.

I can hear someone out mowing their lawn, reminding me that I really should be doing the same. And I really should be cleaning up the apples fallen from the tree in the front yard. I'm not going to. I'm leaving the apples for the deer and cats and other neighborhood wildlife. If the neighbors don't like it, well...Officious, Annoying, Know-It-All Alpha Male across the street can come and clean them up.

I finally remembered late last week to call the library and reserve the conference room for a shire meeting. It will be the first meeting since May, and I think I will suggest that we either need to have people start to step up, or we need to dissolve the shire. We didn't have our signature event last year, and we won't be having it this year, either. It has gotten to the point where that weekend is no longer considered to be ours; the last time we looked at the kingdom calendar, back in the spring, there were already a couple of events on our usual weekend. I will also be reminding them that they will need to elect a new seneschal in December, as my term is up and I'm not doing this for another two years. It's ridiculous that we need four members -- members, not even officers -- to conduct business, and we can't even get that many people to show up. I'm also going to suggest that we have around $2,000 in the bank, and why the hell are we saving it? Maybe we should be renting a meeting place, with it, instead, having regular meetings, and actually doing things. I dunno. Maybe we should change the bylaws again to include that we can conduct business by email or Skype or something.

I am hoping that FedEx is working today as I am expecting a package that requires a signature. If they're not working today, then I'll have to leave a note tomorrow....

Right. I need to finish cleaning my desk by taping a few things into my Travel Journal and then that last bit of clutter will be cleared away....
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Granted, it's not Easter weekend, but still. It's cold and there is snow in the air. Do. Not. Want. According to the long range forecast, it's supposed to get warmer every day this week until around Thursday, when it's supposed to be nearly 60°. That, I do want. Unfortunately, it's then supposed to cool down again.

Weather, right?

I somehow agreed to let my niece (the good one) stay with me for the weekend that my sister travels to Germany and back to retrieve Nephew for his summer visitation. (She'll fly out on Saturday, pick up Nephew, and fly back home on Sunday. And I still think that if she'd go to court, she could get the travel expense thing changed. The current order says that she will pay all of the travel expenses, but when that was ordered, Number Four still lived in Texas. I think him being in Germany presents a clear hardship. But whatever. Not my problem.) It's a little ridiculous that I want to impress a fourteen-year-old, but now I want to get the house cleaned up a bit and get some artwork hung and so on. Bird says the kid's not gonna care about anything except my library. Hm. I wonder if she'd like to help change the closet into a reading alcove....

That's the weekend of Pax and while it's not an event I've ever considered going to before, I wonder if she'd be interested. She'd fit into some of my garb, I'm sure. The problem is that it's a martial event and I'm not interested. I'm not sure she would be, either. Probably better to just take her to Sterling later in the summer. Maybe I could lend her a camera and we could visit a state park. Or maybe I should just let her go through my library, as her mother suggests.

Merlin wants my desk chair, and so he is being obnoxious. So far, he has jumped on my desk -- which I am no longer allowing since the time he dumped my Doctor Who replica fob watch into my soda glass -- and now he is wandering around my writing desk (what, doesn't everybody have three separate desks? Actually, if you count the former mother-in-law's rolltop desk in the library and the secretary in the living room, I have five desks, and that's not counting the work surfaces that HTWIWM created for himself in the basement office/cave) cheeking the books stacked there. And as soon as I got up to put a stop to that, he jumped down and tried to get into the chair. I am not impressed.

...and then he jumped into the chair behind me and somehow managed to sink his back claws into my tender pink body. I am definitely not impressed.

I have been watching a lot of Forever Knight recently. Oh, who am I kidding. I've been binge-watching because I signed up for the Fic Exchange Formerly Known As Rare Women, and the person with whom I was matched and I intersect only on FK. And only on one character, which is...limiting. I'll get through the end of the second season this weekend (today, I hope) and make a stab at the third. I've only ever seen the third season once, and it's not my favorite. (I like Janette and Capt. Cohen and Schanke.) Anyway, I think I have an idea, but it's not really a story so much as a series of vignettes. And not really that, either, but it's what I'm going to have to go with unless something really strikes me after I start watching the third season.

That's not where I was originally headed with that paragraph. I've been watching a lot of Forever Knight lately, and I have to say that I am not a fan of the ridiculous camera angles. Most of the flashbacks seem to have low angles or have the camera at about 45° (or both). It's probably not as noticeable if you're not watching episode after episode after episode, but once you do notice it, it can't be unseen -- like noticing that throughout the Matrix trilogy, all the scenes that take place inside the Matrix are slightly green-tinted. After a while, it's just really fucking annoying.

Remember how I said I had been enjoying Into the Woods and was kind of surprised about that? Yeah, well, then I got to Act II -- or what I am assuming was Act II, since there wasn't an intermission in the movie. Anyway, it was what happens after the Happy Ending. I didn't like it after that.... I am a fan of the Happy Ending.
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Although it's now approaching mid-morning, I am relatively accomplished for a Sunday. Jack and I took an aborted walk (more on that in a paragraph or so), and I came home and had breakfast, then read some excellent Labyrinth fanfic (the posits, among other things, that Sarah's eating of the peach in the Labyrinth tied her to the Underground like Persephone's pomegranate, and another that crossed Labyrinth with The Avengers to good effect). And then I started cookies, which are nearly finished. That doesn't, however, mean that I am ambitious today, because it's Sunday, and I'm not. I have all sorts of vague ambitions for craft projects in my head, but none of them are likely to come to fruition. Though I do have to take a few more TeenyTinyTARDIS photos -- but I am nearly to the end of the stated aim of that project, which was to post 365 photos -- one a day, more or less. I got started 1 March 2014, and it's nearly the end of February....

As I posted on FB a little while ago, this morning's walk with Jack was a disaster. It was plenty warm enough, at 19° -- and with the vicious temperatures we have had lately, it felt downright balmy -- but we had snow yesterday and while the roads had been plowed, they were still snow-covered and sloppy. I elected to wear my boots, but they always bother my feet, and after half a block, I could feel the strain in both tendons. It did not help matters at all that Jack pulled like a crazy pulling thing. The deer had been all over the neighborhood again -- right up to the house, in fact -- and I could see much smaller tracks that looked like kitty prints, so I imagine the entire clan of black cats was roaming the neighborhood as well. Plus, the air smelled vaguely skunky, so that critter is probably also still about. We walked as far as up the block and around the corner, but Jack yanked one yank too many, and I turned us around and brought us home. Maybe later we'll try again. Maybe later I'll wear my sneakers and damn the snow in my socks.

I did dig out the Haltis (head collars -- not muzzles). They were right where I thought they would be. One was marked with a "D" for Deuce, and that is probably the one that will fit Jack. (Deuce was part border collie, part Aussie shepherd). The other may have been Garion's (mostly black lab), or it may have been Sheila's. I recall that we only tried the Halti once with Sheila, because she went down in the middle of the street and was trying to rub the thing off on the asphalt. One thing on a deserted country road, but kind of awkward in the middle of a residential neighborhood like this one. Anyway, both are grimier than I expected, so I will try to clean Deuce's with dish soap and hot water, though they're not particularly expensive, so it might be simpler to just order a new one.

One thing that annoyed me; I found them at Amazon; I searched there first for comparison, because I intended to order one from PetSmart or Drs. Foster & Smith. Neither of the latter places carry them. They carry alternate types, but not the Halti. So if I do order one, it'll be from Amazon.... I suppose I could stop by the tractor place near work or drive out to the pet shop east of town, but the latter place is a warren. It wouldn't hurt to try the tractor place, though, I suppose.

Last tray of cookies just came out of the oven. Tomorrow is the last day for one of my work friends before she goes off for medical leave, and we're putting together a basket of things for her to do during her recuperation -- she's a very active person, and she's having bunion surgery, which means six weeks off her feet. She kept complaining that My Partner came back to work in a cast and on crutches, and I had to disabuse her of the notion that she could do that. "Oh, no," I said, "that was because after she recovered from her surgery, she broke her foot." Though she did have bunions in both feet and after one or the other of her surgeries, she did come back a little early, but in a wheelchair. I remember helping her to rearrange her cubicle so that she could get the wheelchair in there. B is so tall, though, that I'm not certain that would work for her, unless they gave her a laptop to work on. (Because her long legs wouldn't fit under the desk if she was trying to keep her feet up. Given that she's in Data Entry, I don't think that would work out for anyone.) Anyway, my contribution to the basket is a puzzle book and chocolate chip cookies. It occurs to me that maybe I should lend her my cheap little Cobo tablet; I could download some games onto it for her. (I bought it on clearance three years ago, and it served its purpose, which was to give me somewhere to put Italy pics to show off to people.)

This coming week is supposed to be my 9-5 week, but since another worker is working 9-5 on certain days, I don't need to work 9-5 all week (though I'm not certain which days are which). I will probably go in at 8:00 every morning, anyway, just to try to get some work done. Tomorrow, though, I will leave at 4:00 so I can go see Grama, since I didn't stop to see her last week.

There is enough snow that I could haul the snowblower out and make a mess, but there's not quite enough that I couldn't just drive out of the driveway, so I will probably not bother. Today's high temperature is supposed to be quite near freezing, so I think some of the snow might melt. Or maybe sublimate. As long as some of it goes away, I don't care which way it does it. After today, though, it's supposed to get vicious again, with temps in the single digits and wind chills below 0°. Surely it's time for winter to end? Surely?

I have come up with a new idea for my SCA device: thirteen stars (well compass roses, because I don't like the heraldic etoiles) on a blue field. Heh. I may draw it later. I'll have to look, but someone probably already did something like that. I also need to renew my paid membership, because my term as seneschal continues for another year. Well, actually, for another ten months. I have been contacted by someone who is moving into town and wants to join the shire. She says that she is an A&S person, though, not a fighter. Maybe with some new blood, we can get some A&S stuff going. Or not....

I gained back, this week, the two pounds that I had lost the week before. I was not careful this week, though, and that is the result. I must be more careful this week, then. More fruits. More veggies (ugh -- why are fruits so easy and veggies so hard?). I did buy some asparagus, so I will have roast asparagus for two dinners. No more ham and cheese omelettes, though. Or, at least, no more than one a week, since they're apparently not as good for me as they are good.

Right. Time to clean up the kitchen and...I dunno, wash my hair or something. Oh, that's right. Wash a Halti.
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Our monthly shire meeting was this past week. It was well attended -- for once -- but trying to keep a meeting on track is like herding cats. There was a new guy who wanted all of his questions answered. I did learn, though, that we do not hold the entire county. I thought we did, but apparently the northernmost parts belong to the Hael. And that's where the new guy lives. He wants to organize fight practices closer to home, so he was told he'd have to apply to the Hael for that. Then there was Tangent Guy, who no matter what topic is under discussion, has to tell a rambling, tangential (at best!) story. Former Seneschal, of course, keeps trying to organize Fighting Events, and they keep falling through. And then there was Arrow Guy, an oldtime member who embodies many of the most disagreeable traits of some of the more obnoxious shire members. He came in forty-five minutes late with several bundles of arrows that he picked up "for the shire" and for which he expects recompense. Fair enough. The problem is that while they are wooden shafts, which are needed for target archery, most of them need to be refletched, and at this point, we owe him over $100 for arrows. I'll have to check our new bylaws, but I'm pretty sure that kind of expense involves voting, which means it's going to have to wait for the next meeting.

And we still have no A&S. I was contacted by the Kingdom A&S officer the other day; he wanted the contact information for the local A&S officer...which we do not have. I'm not quite sure what to do about it, frankly, unless I start organizing A&S nights at my house or something, which I am not eager to do.... We used to have a monthly scribal night at the library, but the rules at the library say that we can only reserve a room once a month, and we do that for our meetings. Unless we combine meetings and A&S, but I don't see that working, either. It seems to be only the fighters who come out for meetings. *sigh*
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...just posted yesterday's post. Got it started at lunchtime and never got back to it.

I am back to 9-5 today, and this morning I actually do have a little extra time, unlike Monday morning when my extra time just seemed to dribble away. And, so, there is a post! Post, post, post, post, post.

Jack and I got back from walkies about twenty minutes ago. This morning wasn't too bad. We went down to the railyard and back which is a touch over a mile and a half. We will probably only go around the block tonight, mostly because it'll be nearly 5:30 by the time we get home. (I am not used to this sort of thing; my commute time used to be six minutes, and I didn't move.)

Things I have learned about Jack:

1) He is afraid of Mr. Spray Bottle. I got Mr. Spray Bottle out to squirt Merlin the other night, who was bothering Jack, and Jack got up and ran away.
2) He will put up with Merlin kneading him for just so long, then he starts to growl. But, then, so did Garion. And Sheila. Cruiser always just put up with it, but Deuce wouldn't even let him get started.
3) He doesn't like to poo in his own yard. It has been weeks since he has done so.
4) It seems that the cats arguing makes him nervous, too. Except for when he's pretty sure they're playing (they never are, I don't think, given how Kethri growls), then he wants to join in.

I am anxious to see how he gets along with The Spots when they come out later this month.

Also, he has started following me through the house. I'm not keen on this sort of behaviour, but also don't want to yell at him for it. I do want him to bond with me, obviously, but not so hard that he has even more separation problems.

We had to skip the penultimate session of school last night (look! I got to use "penultimate" in a sentence!) because going would have meant visiting Gram after work, racing back across town to get Jack, racing the other direction across town to get to BOCES, then racing back to Gram's house to drop Jack off again, then racing to the library for the shire meeting, then heading back to get Jack again (in a more leisurely fashion, at least), before finally heading home. I couldn't skip the shire meeting because I was the one running it, so school it was. He has done very well in school, and I think we will enroll for the next session even if it's a repeat of this one. Plus, I'm told that the teacher also teaches agility at her home; in time, we might enroll in that; I think Jack would like it very much, given how I've seen him wriggle under railings and [decorative] fences.

As for the shire meeting...well. I was not happy. I didn't really expect a lot of people, but I didn't expect so few that we couldn't actually conduct business. Our new bylaws state that we only have to have four members present to do so. We didn't. The three of us sat there for thirty-five minutes (fifteen minutes before the meeting was due to start and twenty after), then I decided it was time to call it and left. As I was starting my car, a fourth member arrived, so I went back in and we had a hurried meeting. At this point, we may or may not have an exchequer; I emailed the current one to see if she'd be interested in continuing. If she's not, I don't know what we'll do. I could handle the position, but by kingdom law, I can't be both seneschal and exchequer. (I'm pretty sure it's kingdom law. Heck, it might be a society rule.) Our current chatelain agreed to continue, and we have someone interested in being chronicler, though he wasn't there last night.

In other news, we lost our bid to host Crown in the spring, so we'll be looking at something else, as well as our signature fall event.

I wish I could figure out how to overcome member apathy. I wonder if we could get A&S stuff going at fight practices? The only problem with that is that I really hate going out on Sundays. Really. Hate. We used to have a scribal night once a month at the library, but supposedly, we can only book the conference room once a month. I suppose we could double up on meetings and have a meeting/A&S night. For as many people as generally show up, I could probably host one here, but I don't like that idea, either. I always thought that if I could get the garage cleaned up and finished, we could have it there, since there's actually a furnace out there. It wouldn't be any colder than holding it in our old building where the thermostat was set just high enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

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I am tired this morning. Yesterday was an easy enough day at work (though I'm verging on the point of having nothing to do again, and I hate that), but there was the finding of the broken window and the fuss attendant on that and the shire meeting and then Lyme stopped by after the meeting to look at the scrap lumber in the breezeway (finally!) and he was here until nearly 9:30. I turned off my alarm at about 4:30 and slept for another hour. I need to stop waking up and turning my alarm off.

Sheila is not getting better. She has been on Baytril for a month now, and I am really wondering about the two younger vets who put her on amoxicillin. Doc W says that the culture and sensitivity clearly show that Baytril is the way to go and amoxi not so much. I'm beginning to wonder if this infection has got such a hold that nothing is going to clear it up. Sheila has been out four times already this morning in the space of about half an hour and she just keeps pacing, indicating that she is not at all comfortable. I am also beginning to wonder if maybe she does have kidney stones in addition to the infection.

The shire meeting was surprisingly well-attended: there were six people there, and one of them hasn't shown to a meeting in about five years. We finally discussed the bylaws, and while I managed to grab a red pen to write on my annotated copy, I managed to not grab my annotated copy which was in the same bag. Anyway, most of it is apparently going to stand, with just the changes made to elections and terms of office. I have to put the whole thing together and get it online by the weekend so it can be voted on at the next meeting. And I still wonder if we should define 2/3 of the populace as "2/3 of the four or five people who bother to show up for meetings." If I were actually writing these things, they would be so full of snark....

I should probably also get myself warranted, but what the heck; I've already been in office for six months, no point in rushing things....

I also learned that there is a situation coming up in which I will likely have to choose whether to be an adult and attend a gathering where The Perfidious Ex and His Twinkie will likely be in attendance or stay the hell away. I am selfishly and childishly hoping the gathering will take place while I am at work so that I have an excuse to not attend. Come to that, the DM and Mrs. DM will likely also be there, and I might actually pay to avoid them....

Today is Birthday Day at work. I am probably not going to contribute since I didn't bake this past weekend and since I'm not going to have time to get to a store unless I get up right this very second, throw on whatever clothing comes to hand, and rush off. Which I'm not going to do. (See above, re: tired.)

Today, I will also have to stop and see Gram after work. I had planned to do it yesterday, but then the deputies at work convinced me I should file a report. That would mean calling the sheriff's office in the county seat, then waiting around the house until a car could get here. It's a forty-minute drive unless there's someone closer (like, say, the deputies in my building, but they're stuck there until at least 5:00 p.m.), and I had the shire meeting at 6:30. Then my sister insisted that the hole had been there for a lot longer, so I just committed fukkitry and didn't call. It's not like my homeowners insurance is going to pay to replace the window. (I really need to find out what the deductible is on that policy; the premium is suspiciously inexpensive; knowing The Perfidious Ex, it's something like $2,000.00, because he would have figured that he could do any work.)

I do not want to go to work today.
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I woke up this morning over an hour later than normal and my first thought was that there was nothing that I had to do today. What a lovely thought. Of course, as soon as my brain engaged more fully, a neat list of all the things I do have to do today presented itself. In fact, I should be getting dressed so that I can go out and get groceries, but since it's Monday, it's less urgent than if it were Saturday. (If it were Saturday, I'd've wanted to leave the house an hour ago.)

So...groceries. Pack up the lens -- which is under warranty, and the warranty is now registered -- and get it shipped to Tamron. Pack up another box or two in the garage because my recycling and garbage bins still need to be put away. Try to figure out a menu for this week (after getting groceries), because this trying to figure out what I'm going to make for dinner after I get home from work leads to having either a bowl of cereal or a Quarter Pounder. Find the surface of my desk. I'm pretty sure it's under all those papers somewhere.

That ought to keep me busy for a bit.

(Oh, I took the day off.)

There was someplace close to home that I considered going for TeenyTinyTARDIS photos, and I cannot remember now where it was. All I remember is a line of landscaping boulders. That's aggravating. I would like to take some on campus, but not while there are students everywhere. Though there are plenty of places on campus where there wouldn't be students, as I well remember from my own days there.

BFT and I talked about going to Stony Brook this weekend. I hope I have the lens back by then. Their turnaround time is three days, but if I ship it priority, they still won't get it until Wednesday, so I wouldn't have it back until Monday. Ah, well. We might not go, anyway; it's supposed to be quite cool this weekend.

Next weekend is Harvest Raid over in Heronter. It's a camping event, but when I go, I just go for Saturday. I haven't been in a couple of years, so I'm considering going this year. But...the few times I have gone, I have spent all my time on the archery range. I'm not sure I want to do that, but I don't know that there's anyone for me to hang out with, either. Six years in the SCA, and I still know only a handful of people. Maybe I should just take the camera and wander around for a few hours, then come home, without even staying for court. The last time I got persuaded to stay for court, there was a knighting and I didn't get home until two hours later than I intended.

Speaking of handfuls, tomorrow night is our own shire's business meeting. We're supposed to be redrafting the bylaws. I keep reminding people that they really need to be there for this, but I know that I'll only get the Usual Suspects, and possibly not even all of them.

I don't understand the hate I'm seeing for "Robot of Sherwood." It wasn't meant to be anything more than a romp, and I thought it was fun. It's interesting that that nice coat of the Doctor's still has Pockets of Holding -- where else was he keeping that gauntlet?...and was that a package of Saltines? I do find, though, that I am missing a lot of the dialogue. I used to look up transcripts; I should start doing that again.
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It has been a long and very tiring week...and it has only been three days since I returned to work.

Tuesday evening we had a shire meeting. More people showed up than expected, but still only a fraction of the people who would come out for an event. We talked about getting people interested, and the subject of dissolving the shire was also broached, but I don't think that's going to go anywhere at the moment.

The best part of the meeting, though, was that my Cornelian scroll was finally delivered. And it's a thing of beauty. As scrolls go, it's actually relatively plain, but it's beautiful nonetheless. (Frankly, it's far prettier than my AoA scroll.) I love it. I will probably have to have it custom-framed, though, as it's an odd size. I posted a photograph on Facebook, but will have to post one here, as well. Right now, it's propped up on my desk so that I may gaze lovingly upon it.

The rest of the week has not measured up.

While I was standing outside last evening waiting for Sheila to conclude her business in the yard, I noticed that there is a hole in the foundation of the addition level with the patio surface and about six inches long by perhaps an inch wide. I suspect that it's mortar that has been washed out, and I suspect that I did it myself. Since the ramp was built, I have had my firepit set up on the remains of the patio (which is where I put it to get it out of the way). It has, several times, filled with rainwater, which I have dumped on the patio. I suspect the last time I did that, the I dumped a hole out with it, and the hole attached itself to the foundation (kind of like the smoke escaping from electronics). It's easy enough to make jokes about, but I haven't the slightest idea how to go about repairing it. Maybe I can bat my eyelashes at my father -- though since Mom rarely lets him off his leash, that probably won't work.

After that, the day's Last Straw was discovering that the ants were back and that they had discovered the kitchen garbage can. Unfortunately for them, I discovered this when I was getting the bag ready to go out because collection was this morning. I killed a bunch of the little bastards, but they'll be back....

Anyway, by the middle of the evening, I was ready to just sit down on the couch and sob. I didn't. Well, I did sit down on the couch, but I didn't sob. I watched about half of Transformers instead. I wanted to watch Tomorrow Never Dies, but Netflix doesn't seem to have it. (The bastards.)

Today has been a frustrating day. Nothing major, just a nibbled to death by ducks sort of day. I should be out mowing the lawn since it's a gorgeously sunny evening -- but low humidity, breezy and cool enough for physical labor -- but I'd have to walk down to the corner to get gas, and I just can't be bothered to do that. And I am so, so tired. Just...tired. Worn out. Mentally exhausted. Which is what happens every time I discover some new flaw in the house.

So I guess I'm going to go watch the rest of Transformers. Possibly with a bowl of gelato.

Third Day

Jun. 30th, 2014 06:47 am
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Despite the fact that I am not working today¹, I was awake and up early. I have actually been up for about an hour and a half, and it's not quite 6:30 a.m. Yay?

It is wet and humid out there. Yesterday's "scattered" thunderstorms turned into pouring rain in the afternoon -- fortunately, right after I got home from fight practice. At least all the recent rain has demonstrated that I did a mostly good job at sealing the ramp, though I can see signs of delamination already². Of course, since it was installed, what, three weeks ago?, it has rained a lot, and not just gentle spring showers. We've had some downright gullywashers. And I don't think the gullies were even dirty. (Even as we speak I am washing a load of rag towels that I used to sop up water in the basement.) Today's forecast is for decent weather, though it'll be too warm for most people; the expected high is 87°, but the humidity is supposed to be much lower than yesterday. Couldn't prove it at the moment.

Anyway. Fight practice, I guess, went well. I got there at 1:00 p.m., and a few guys were already there. I debated seeing about getting the meeting started right away so I could leave, but I waited to see if anyone else would show up. No one who was not a fighter, which is to say, none of the other officers and none of the people who do sometimes come out for meetings, showed up. I was pissed. I had a bit of a chat with Former Seneschal about what topics we had wanted to discuss, then said that I would see about scheduling a regular meeting at the library in the next couple of weeks -- completely forgetting, of course, that I will be going on vacation soon. This week is pretty much out. Maybe next? We'll see.

It rained a couple of times while I was there, but nothing worrisome. When I left (in disgust) at 4:00, it was getting dark, and shortly after I got home, the sky fell. There was no lightning, though, just rain, and lots of it.

I am taking the van in for brake work today. It is to be hoped that it is only brake work. I'll get dressed shortly (still in my jammies) and go drop it off, then walk home. The key will go into an envelope and through the mail slot, because they don't open until 8:30. My plans for the rest of the day pretty much involve finishing my LJI piece and editing the few photos I took at the park yesterday, none of which were actually of fight practice.

My sister is apparently well on her way. Actually, she should be on her way home by now. I had email from my mother last evening, and apparently I am not needed to care for Nick. Which is just as well, I suppose, since I was a little nervous about the glucose monitoring. Not about the shot, so much, as I have some experience with those. He goes back to the vet tomorrow evening for a check up. My mother has already said that she'll have to take him as my sister won't be in any condition after not getting home until 2:00 a.m. (tonight), but I had already planned to take him, and I don't think my mother realizes that the appointment is at almost 7:00 p.m.

Eh, whatever. I knew Mom would suddenly be all smothery-helpful now that the dog she hated for years Needs Her Help.
¹ Well, not working at my job, anyway.

² Friend P suggested getting a roll of roofing material and putting it down on the ramp pebbled side up. It would provide traction in winter and keep the surface from getting wet. He says that one of the county agencies not in a properly accessible building did that when they had a ramp built. The only problem with that is that the stuff is almost certain to be black and that ramp sits in the sun for most of the day, and Sheila doesn't wear shoes.
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It is Sunday morning and the last tray of cookies is in the oven. When they come out, I will let them cool for twenty minutes or so, then I'm stuffing them in a carrier to take to today's shire meeting/picnic/fight practice. I have no interest whatsoever in the fight practice or the picnic -- I like most of the shire members well enough, I suppose, but not to really hang with -- but I do need to be there to run the meeting.

Well. That's not really true. Former Seneschal seems to have his shit together again, judging by the way he has been at the last couple of meetings. I don't think I'm needed any longer. But I accepted both the nomination and the result of the election (which reminds me; I still haven't been warranted), so....

The only thing I have on the agenda for today is to discuss the changes they made to the bylaws during my two-year hiatus. I suspect that under the terms of the bylaws, they were illegal changes, but they're done, so now I think we just need to get them codified, and this is probably the best chance to get the most people involved.

I'm a bureaucrat. I like the rules in black-and-white.

Anyway. The cookies are done now, and the house is still relatively cool. I can leave the doors open for another hour, but then I'll have to close them up.

I think before the meeting, I'm going to run out to KMart and see about getting some work t-shirts. I was trying to find something to wear to mow the lawn yesterday, and the one t-shirt I normally wear was on the line drying...and I couldn't find anything else. I did find a tee that I wouldn't wear in public (too tight across my belly), but it would do for mowing. But still. I don't have any "play" clothes, just work outfits. That needs to be rectified.

I have not heard from my family at all regarding my sister's jaunt to Germany to pick up Nephew. She is leaving for the airport at any minute, and won't be back home for about thirty-six hours. I guess that they don't need me to take care of Nick at all. Well, I couldn't, anyway, as they haven't gotten me the keys to the house....

Kethri is lying on her side in a patch of early morning sun, napping. Her belly fur is sticking out. She has one forepaw curled up, and one ear is folded back. (Evil Ear Gnomes!) If I move more than my fingers, she will immediately roll to her feet. Ack! She just curled up her other forepaw. The cute! It burns us!

There is still one portion of the lawn to mow. I'm debating whether to do it before the meeting or after. I don't want to do it tomorrow, I don't think.

I do still need to write my LJ Idol piece for this week; tomorrow is the deadline. I have an idea, finally, but I can't decide how to frame it.

Puppy pads. I need to remember to get puppy pads while I'm out. Sheila peed on the floor again last night. At least I found it; she must have done it shortly before I got up and it hadn't completely soaked into the carpet yet. I had, of course, kicked the sheets back last night before I went to bed because I didn't think I needed them anymore.

Oh, wait. It occurs to me that puppy pads might not be a good idea as they are slippery on the bottom. It wouldn't do for them to slide out from under her. Hmmmm. I need to consider this.
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I am really tired. Really, really tired.

Because of my senior's insistence that I get certain cases on her desk by the end of last week, and because we've been sort of training a new worker for our unit (she will probably be rotated in when With An Eye retires in six months or so), I am starting to run out of work again. I haven't had any new applications in a while again, though I know that there are two in the pipeline. Two of the ones I have pending are waiting on the agency's attorney to make sure the trusts are okay (we hate trusts), and another is ready to go, but I'm waiting on the health department to give me a date for when home health services will start because I can't open the case until I have that. So it's sitting there with budgets clipped to the front of the case, just waiting.

Anyway. Yeah. I was sort of casting around for things to do today. I hate that.

This has been expensive week pet-wise, not counting Nick, since I'm not paying for him. My own pets required refills on all of their medications this week: the cats' thyroid meds, and Sheila's Dasuquin, Rimadyl, tramadol, and heartworm preventative. We're talking $300 worth of pet meds. I hope that I never have to buy them all at once again...but I probably will at some point. When I was at the vet's office last night, they told me I had meds to pick up and I had to tell them that I'd be back tonight to pick them up since at that point, I couldn't afford them!

They also gave me a prescription for Nick's insulin and syringes, which I had to have filled at a regular pharmacy. I'll have to get them up to Bird at some point this weekend.

As for Nick, when I spoke to Doc P (Doc W is off for a couple of days) this afternoon, they were having trouble getting Nick's blood sugar down. "He's a tough nut," Doc P said. So he won't be coming home tomorrow; he'll be there the weekend, at least. (Doc W warned me that the dog she'd had last week who was in pretty much the same straits as Nick had been there for a week.) I'm kind of glad about that as it gives us a bit of a breathing space to get organized and get some research done. I ordered three copies of a book on diabetic dogs this morning (one for me, one for my sister, and one for Gram 'cause she asked for something to read on the subject). I wonder if I should have one delivered to MyAuntie, too, so she can backseat drive.

I don't know now whether I want to go to Æcademy tomorrow. It's a long drive (yeah, they didn't fix that v-key at all), and it'll use half a tank of gas. Plus, the lunch doesn't look that good, so I'd have to pack one. (Can you tell that I'm trying to talk myself out of this? But if I do, then I'll be down on myself for not going out and doing something when I have a chance to.) Eh, I'll continue to agonize over it, but first...I think I'm going to have that junk food and movie night I didn't get last night!


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