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Somehow my brain got on the subject of tattoos this morning. I have been contemplating getting a tattoo (or two) for my 50th birthday. After Fawkes, I had always planned to get another, probably on my left shoulder to balance out Fawkes on my right calf. Wouldn't want to be crooked.

I had always scorned those tattoos based on media symbolism -- I couldn't understand why someone would want Porky Pig permanently on their body -- but Fawkes is actually derived from a medallion worn by a character in a '70s TV show (that ran about eight episodes), so...lesson learned. Things that mean something to you mean something to you.

With that in mind, I have for a long time wanted my next tattoo to be some variation of the Seal of Rassilon, perhaps with a starfield or something representing solar winds or some such. I quite like this one, which I ran across only this morning. Difficult for the artist, though, I should think. I also considered getting it in white ink, but I'm not entirely certain about that.

I recently started thinking about other things, and the prophecy poem from The Dark Is Rising popped into my head. (As personally important things go, that's a Big One.) It could be done in any number of fonts, including Circular Gallifreyan and Sindarin (or Quenya). That might be cool.

In any case, it is something that requires a great deal more thought.
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The dogs are happily ensconced in the living room with the new toys I bought them this morning, and my wallet is wincing. Dog toys are freakin' expensive. I bought them each a tightly knotted string ball with a fuzzy tail (don't ask me; it wasn't my idea; I just bought the thing), and I also got a tube of tennie balls to split. From the sounds of it, someone is diligently attempting to eat her tennie ball (probably Sheila; hence the feminine pronoun).

And, yes, for the sharp-eyed, all three dogs are in the living room. I really didn't like keeping Deuce in the kitchen, and I think she's having fewer accidents, so as long as I'm home -- and I am -- and paying attention, I think we'll be all right. If I have to go back out (and I have no plans to leave the house again until it's time to see a movie tomorrow with BFT) or when I go to bed tonight, it's back to the kitchen for her, but in the meantime, the Pack is together again.

BFT and I had a good time last night; we talked about everything and stuffed ourselves on beef and gravy and sweet, sweet desserts (which were not, by any stretch of the imagination, small). We met at 7:00 and it was 9:30 before we even realized it. We both peeked at our watches, expecting it to be about 8:00 and it wasn't.... The best thing about this restaurant (well, other than the food, of course) is that even on a busy Friday night, they won't try to hurry you out the door. Though we did specifically time our arrival so that we'd miss the bulk of the dinner crowd. I can't call myself "good" when it comes to how much I ate, because I ate my whole damn dessert, dammit, but I did bring home the bulk of my dinner and it will probably be sufficient for two more dinners with salads and rice or potatoes. Or even just salads.

Today, the weather is extremely iffy. If I dared put my laundry out, it'd be dry in a trice -- assuming it didn't get rained on -- but I'd probably have to chase it into the next county or beyond, as we have not just strong winds forecasted (forecast?) but strong wind warnings were posted for today yesterday. Right now, it's just windy. If we really get the 60 mph gusts, I'll have to go back out and lock the breezeway door to keep it from thumping -- and then I'll have to hope that the rest of the crabapple tree doesn't take it into its twigs to come down. Though I would not be unhappy if the broken and dead branch in the oak came down; fortunately or unfortunately (and I can't decide which), it's stuck because it's resting on other branches. It has, in fact, survived many another strong wind day, so I don't think it's coming down anytime soon. Perhaps when I schedule the crabapple tree to come out, I can ask whoever I get to take a look at getting that branch down, too.

The van is bothering me again; when I crank the wheel over to turn, it makes a deep grrr-ing, whirring sort of noise. My first thought is that it needs power steering fluid. I'm going to consult a friend (or friends) to see if he (or they) agrees (agree), and then try to figure out how to put it in. Maybe I should just take it to a lube place and have them do all the fluids. I also can no longer open the back hatch because of the rust around the handle and I was looking at it today and thinking that it was probably only a matter of time before it fell out on its own...or before some sharp-eyed and malicious child person yanked it out while it was parked in a store lot somewhere (because I back into my driveway, so they'd have to be full-on trespassing to see it). Which reminds me...I really need to sign up for AAA. And acquire a cell phone. *sigh*

Did I mention that I'm giving serious thought to getting a Seal of Rassilon tattoo? How ridiculous is that? I mean, yes, it's a pretty design, and most people wouldn't know what it was, but really. I actually hate that sort of thing, where someone gets, say, a Star Trek chevron (or a Stargate chevron, for that matter) tattooed on, whatever, but for some reason, this is just really appealing to me. And consistency is apparently not one of my stronger character traits. I mentioned it to a much-tattooed coworker and she was ready to make the appointment for me right then and there.

I have decided that since I did everything in the world last weekend (except that last coat of mud upstairs), I'm doing absolutely nothing -- other than my regular chores, which are nearly completed, except for another three loads of laundry¹ -- this weekend. I have an abudance of DVDs, I have cross stitch, I have the new Guy Gavriel Kay novel, and I have a couch and I'm not afraid to use it. I might even make some icons, which I have not done in...I can't actually remember the last time I sat down to just make icons for the heck of it. I do wish I had wi-fi, though, so I could take my laptop into the living room and watch You Tube videos in there.... Ah, well, perhaps when I rule the world.
¹ I don't really count laundry as a chore so much, because I can be doing other things while the washer is doing its thing. I do count putting the laundry away as a chore, though....
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Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Fawkes, No Longer Nekkid: Read more... )
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Fawkes is no longer nekkid, and I survived the experience. Didn't even need to take a break this time, though I think I started shaking sooner. There was another guy there getting drawn on preparatory to getting tattooed and apparently, he's getting something quite extensive because the drawing process had taken quite some time and the blackwork alone was expected to take four hours. Eeep.

Anyway. The guys were really stoked about the cookies -- I hope they enjoy them. The health department inspector was there when I got there, and I have to admit that when I saw his car parked in the bar next door's parking lot, I at first thought he was having an early...lunch. I'll have to wander over to DoH on Monday and show him the finished product -- they called him over to see the process, mostly I think because they wanted to see the poor guy turn green.

I had nothing really to distract me this time; on the TV was a program on...tattooing. Not really what I wanted to watch. But there were parts of it that showed the tattooists painting, so I watched those bits.

I did stop at Penney's on my way home and three sweaters jumped in a bag and followed me home. I guess I'll have to wear them.

Anyway. There will be a picture after I figure out what to have for lunch and take the bandage off.
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I'm sure I'm not the only child who tried to lengthen the Christmas celebration by referring to 23 December as Christmas Eve Eve. It never really worked, though, because most years, I still had to go to school and none of the special things that happened on Christmas Eve (Mom's baking, sleeping in curlers or staying in them all day so as to have ringlets for church, going to Christmas Eve candlelight service, and so on) happened on the day before.

Today, however, I am off, and special things will happen. Today is the day I get Fawkes finished. So there will be pain. And there will be blood. (And why am I reminded of G'Kar and Na'Toth?) Which brings me to this marvelous quote from Hogfather by the inestimable Terry Pratchett:

Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree. . . .
But it was much earlier even than that when most people forgot that the very oldest stories are, sooner or later, about blood. Later on they took the blood out to make the stories more acceptable to children, or at least to the people who had to read them to children rather than the children themselves (who, on the whole, are quite keen on blood provided it's being shed by the deserving*), and then wondered where the stories went.
* That is to say, those who deserve to shed blood. Or possibly not. You never quite know with some kids.

I still have a ton of things to do today, aside from getting Fawkes finished. I made considerable progress last night on my brother's family's Christmas book (I got all of "Blanchefleur" printed and prettied and stuck in the book, leaving only the four shorter stories to go. The next book will be more difficult, though. I stupidly did not take my grandfather's macular degeneration into account when I came up with this idea, although he claims to be able to read the newspaper, Mom and Grama are of the opinion that he cannot. I suppose I could read the stories to him, but I'd feel stupid reading my own stories and I don't know that Grampa would appreciate the necessity. Maybe Auntie could be prevailed upon to do it. Anyway, I'm going to print Grama and Grampa's stories in a larger font -- and since "Blanchefleur" already runs to 19 pages in a smaller font with smaller margins, bumping it up to fourteen point Arial or larger.... I may actually need to give them a two-volume set of stories, since I'm not sure how many pages I can cram into one book. That's okay, though, because I ordered extras just in case I thought of someone else I needed to give a book to. I am going to need more stickers. Again.

What else? Oh, I have a $10 coupon for Penney's with no minimum purchase amount, so I should wander over there after I'm done at the tattoo place and see what I can come up with. The coupon expires tomorrow and by the time I get out of work, Penney's will be working on getting the customers the hell out so they can close for the holiday. On the other hand, if I'm feeling wobbly, I'll just come home and to heck with the coupon. On the other other hand, I really do need to find some clothing that fits me (I'm tired of looking dumpy in oversized everything) and I still need a proper suit -- not that a $10 coupon is going to help much with the cost of that, not for a proper suit. On the other hand, one may not be able to find a proper suit in the local Penney's; HTWIAM got his in a Buffalo Penney's where they had a proper suit section. On the other other other hand, I have no intention of paying that much for a suit, since that's my entire monthly allowance from both pays, and I do like to eat occasionally.

I should go dry my hair and investigate the breakfast possibilities inherent in my kitchen. Probably scrambled eggs and a bagel; that ought to give me protein and starch enough to get by on.

Edit: I'm going to take a plate of cookies and stick a $20 bill in a Christmas card for the tattoo guy. Is that acceptable? He mentioned having a tip jar last time I was there...he'd bought the malfunctioning TVs with tip money. I wasn't aware that tipping was customary (of course, not; I'd never been tattooed before), but it does seem like a nice gesture. (Of course, it's an extra stop, as I don't actually have a twenty in my purse....)


Dec. 5th, 2008 08:34 am
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Hmf. Forgot about the permanent account sale. I've had a paid account for, what, six years? Apparently I'm going to keep up with this silly little thing, and I like the extra user pics especially. I really should get a permanent account before the price rises again....

I froze fairly solid at fight practice last night; I may have to quit going in the depths of winter when it gets really cold. On the other hand, if the hall is heated to 55 degrees or so, it might feel warm. Hard to say. There weren't quite as many people there last night, though there was one new young man. Well. Kid, really, as he's only thirteen. He was accompanied by his dad who declared himself to be too old for armor, so Sir Knees and I launched into a lecture about how fighting was not all there is in the SCA. Then I went home and wrapped up in two blankies, my warming slippers (they have microwaveable pads in the soles), my warming corn bag (the one Sheila tried to eat last year), and had a mug of hot chocolate.

Before I left, though, I introduced Sir Knees to Naked Fawkes because he's been encouraging me to get it done (and was even going to go with me at one point). He was very enthusiastic.

It occurs to me that I'm going to have to stay out of the back of my grandmother's house at Christmas time because her little schnazguls (to borrow...[ profile] kateelliott's term) are fundamentally incapable of not jumping and I always come home with new scratches and bruises on my legs. I definitely do not want the fuzzy little turds jumping on my newly tattooed self.

This is a D&D weekend, but I have no other concrete plans. I do want to get the tree up this weekend, so I guess I'm going to haul stuff downstairs tonight. I've been planning to do it all week and haven't managed it, but as far as I know, nothing's going on tonight.

And as part of getting the tree up, I need to figure out a music system for the front of the house, since I had epic stereo failure the other day. I would really like to get something for my iPod, but really don't know what to look for. More research, I guess.

Oh! I know what I want to do this weekend: edit those cemetery photos from last month. (Or was it October?) I can't keep letting them languish.

Is it morbid to have a framed cemetery photo in your living room?
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I have, surprisingly, nothing to say this morning, which is usually when I manage to witter on for pages and pages.

I didn't put up the tree last night, though I did decorate my cube before I left work yesterday. Won't happen tonight, either, as I'll be going to fight practice.

I have received the next two seasons of Criminal Minds and am watching at a ridiculous rate. I'm already nearly halfway through the second season. I really am not quite sure why I'm so hooked on this show as it's really not my usual thing. (I still think it might be because of Shadow Unit, though.)

I think I'm going to order a couple more pairs of Lands End knit pants for later in the month when I get the rest of the color in my tattoo. They've been very comfortable to wear the last couple of days (other than being a little chilly because they're light). I'm currently wearing a pair of knit pants I got at some Mart or other and they're not anywhere near as comfortable.


Dec. 3rd, 2008 03:05 pm
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I have met a new puppy this afternoon, an Australian shepherd called Marley. She is a red merle (?) with the most gorgeously odd eyes, and a total sweetheart. She was a little nervous about all the women screeching over her head, but she got much braver before too much longer and was going to everyone for scrums.

Like my dogs, however, she snuffled at my leg. It must be the ointment. It has a slight scent, which I'm sure is much stronger for dogs than for me. It is, however, annoying to have dogs following me around snuffling non-stop at my tender flesh.
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So...I am three-quarters tattooed. The line-work and deeper colors are done, but apparently I was bleeding a bit too much for him to want to do the lighter colors; he said too much blood could dull the pigments. Which is fine, I guess, though I'd really hoped to get it all done in one sitting. Or...reclining, actually.

The artist's name is Mike, and he's, well, scary-looking, to be frank, with a huge dark beard and long hair, but he was extraordinarily polite and solicitous. The workroom was not at all what I was expecting -- and I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting to begin with. There were three stations with padded exam-room-type tables, gleaming black countertops, sparkling chrome in the sinks and faucets and televisions everywhere¹. High up along the wall that I could see, there was a shelf full of statuary -- gargoyles, skulls, griffins, that sort of thing -- with a lower shelf showing the array of pigments (and damn, I forgot to ask about metallic inks -- too late now!). After the other two guys had gone, he told me that he'd bought the TVs with money from his tip jar (which, thank you!, answered that question), and this was the third time they'd had to be returned.

Anyway. One of the other guys (whose name I did not catch) set up his laptop for me and they put Pan's Labyrinth on to keep my mind occupied, which was also very kind of them. But I still haven't seen the whole movie....

Okay, yes. It hurt. It hurt both more and less than I expected, and I kept imagining scalpels. Not nice imagery. My body reacted pretty much as I expected: about fifteen minutes into it, I started getting nauseated, so I told Mike I was going to need a break, that I felt like I might be sick. He stopped immediately and we took a ten minute or so break. But once I bulled through the reaction, I was good for the whole rest of the time, though I did start to shiver fairly hard toward the end. Fortunately, I wasn't shivering hard enough that his grip on my leg didn't keep it still.

As I said above, I will have to go back in a few weeks to have the rest done, but he doesn't expect that to take more than forty-five minutes -- though I warned him that I'll probably have another reaction. Fortunately, he had an appointment open on a day that I have already requested off, so I won't have to take any additional time.

I'm supposed to take the funky black plastic bandage off and apply ointment in half an hour or forty-five minutes, and it'll be most interesting to see what it looks like. Yeah, I took a look at the stencil to make sure it was positioned properly, and I did see what he'd finished before he bandaged it, but I'm sure it'll be pretty red. The side of my leg is certainly warm -- it's the warmest part of me right now!
¹ Actually, that's not quite true, but there was a big-screen TV on which I'd've been watching The Office if I'd been getting tattooed on my left side. As it was, there was a smaller flat screen TV temporarily² bolted to the wall which I could have been watching as I was.

² Temporarily, because the other two guys -- also very courteous³ -- unbolted it and two others and returned them to WickedMart because they weren't working properly.

³ We're talking professionals, here, so courtesy should not be such a surprise, but...well, I have not entirely overcome my white middle-class upbringing.
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Grama makes very good spaghetti, but I am appalled at the amount of food that she wastes. She made enough spaghetti for at least five people last night, gave me a huge plateful and when I finished only half of it, tossed the rest away before I could say that I'd take it home (I could've made a whole other dinner out of it), and she does that sort of thing regularly. She did give me the rest of the spaghetti and sauce still in the pans, but...jeez louise.

Thanks to my parents and my brother, I now have a cushy green loveseat in my blue and white office. So much for the color scheme. Its very presence makes the room seem crowded, though, so I need to lost some other furniture, I think. There's no question about the desk or bookshelves, so that leaves the other desk that I'm using mainly for storage (it has drawers!), the filing cabinet and the TV stand. The TV, VCR and DVD player could certainly go atop the filing cabinet, but I have books stored on the bottom shelf of the TV stand. I could pack them, I suppose, as they're mainly reference and how-to-write books. Actually, I could probably dispense with the TV/VCR/DVD player altogether with HTWIAM not here, since I don't have any competition for the TV in the living room at this point. But...doing that, like so many other things, seems like giving up, and I will never give up.

Well, I'll figure something out, though not today. Today is for tattooing and then relaxing. Since I'll have to wear a bandage on the leg for a good long while (Best Friend T told me that she was told to wear the bandage for six hours after and kept it on for eight just to be sure), I think I'll just come home and finish the day as a pajama day. I'll post a picture of the sketch, though, assuming that I am given it.

Hmmm. 1 December. Time to trot out the &winterholiday icons.


Nov. 23rd, 2008 07:58 am
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I collapsed on the couch around noon yesterday and huddled under three layers of blankies (a folded up thermal blankie and that gorgeous fisherman's knit afghan I got at a garage sale earlier this fall) and napped for about an hour, then watched TV until 11:00 p.m. The last time I spent the day on the couch watching NCIS was in January, and it was snowing much like it was yesterday. I was supposed to go out to a dinner party and I was too depressed to move and burst into tears at the thought of going out in the snow. So HTWIAM went without me. And since I was feeling sorry for myself anyway, I began to wonder if it would have made a difference if I'd gone.

And I was already fucking pissed at him because he wasn't here to take care of me. So in addition to sneezing my fool head off every time I moved and coughing and aching and all the other good things that go along with a bad cold, I was crying at having to get up and take care of the dogs and cats by myself. I don't often get that sick, but I've never had to deal with it alone before.

So. Yeah. Great day yesterday.

(I watched an episode of Forever Knight ("The Human Factor," I think it was called -- the one where Janette shows up mortal), several episodes of NCIS, ending with the second episode of Season 3, two episodes of Doctor Who ("Partners in Crime" and "The Fires of Pompeii" -- still wondering, during the latter, where Jack was, since it was Volcano Day), and The Graham Norton Show because Robin Williams was the guest.)

This morning, I slept in for all of half an hour, but I'm skipping my normal Sunday exercises because I don't think my sinuses can take it. Although I do feel somewhat better this morning, I'm still debating whether I should take my virus-ridden carcass (one "s" or two? I can never remember.) to D&D this afternoon. But I still have a few hours before I have to make a definite decision on that.

It's a grey, dreary day out there. We have several inches of soft powdery snow that fell yesterday and overnight and if I were feeling better, I might go picture tramping this morning. As it was, I almost ran back in the house for the camera when I let the dogs out a little bit ago because Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were perched very close together on the back fence, but they're tricksy and they'll stay still only long enough for me to get the camera turned on, but not to focus it. Getting a decent cardinal shot is right up there with getting decent hummingbird shots as one of my photographic ambitions. Though I have gotten decent hummingbird shots, actually, by staking out my grandmother's bee balm one afternoon.

I'd still like to get a better camera. HTWIAM picked it up a few weeks back and looked it over and pronounced it all the camera I need. I was a bit annoyed, especially since he just bought himself a fancy new dSLR back in June. BJ's has a small 10mp point-and-shoot on sale for next weekend, but I can't afford both it and the tattoo unless I charge it and I don't want to do that, so I guess I'll have to wait. Things'll be on sale after Christmas, too.

I'm beginning to be a bit nervous about the tattoo. I'm afraid that it's going to be quite a bit larger than I really want, but the artist says that he can't get the knotwork and detailing that I want unless we go that big (which has to do with how fine a line one can get from the needles, I guess). Of course, I could be misremembering the size and making it bigger in my imagination, because I do that sort of thing. And now that I've chosen the artwork and committed to it, I'm wondering if I should've gone with the other preliminary sketch. Of course, I recognize all this as nerves and my typical trying to talk myself out of it behavior, so I'm sternly telling myself to get a life. the couch, I think, with a mug of chai and a double chocolate muffin for breakfast.

Holy Cow!

Nov. 17th, 2008 05:03 pm
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It's really happening. I'm really getting a tattoo. Two weeks from today, in fact. I told them I could take any appointment, so I'll have to put in for the day off since it's at 11:30 a.m. The only thing I'm a little nervous about (other than it hurting more than I expect and getting nauseated and fainting, which I sometimes do with shots and things -- very embarrassing) is that in order to get the detail I want, the design is going to take up most of the side of my calf. And I picked Gimpy Leg which was probably stupid, but there you have it. But it should be finished in one sitting, so that's good, too.

(Unfortunately, it's five days before my retro check will hit my bank account, but I have another pay before then, so I should be okay -- and as the bumper sticker on the cash register says, "Screw the rent! I'm getting a tattoo!)

And, verily, I say unto thee: w00t!
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I guess I won't be having company over again any time soon, at least not until I figure out what Deuce had against the Cat Lady. She sat right in front of C last night and snarled at her. After that, the dogs were banished to the kitchen. Deuce's discomfort with strangers is one of the reasons why I haven't very often had company, or when I have I've made sure that HTWIAM is available to keep Deuce calm. But she didn't act like this the last time I had the girls over -- though C wasn't one of the people who came, and Deuce did snap at My Twin.

My first instinct is the tone that C used to speak to the cats. She's one of those people who uses a high-pitched silly voice to talk to her own cats and she was doing it with mine. After she was confined to the kitchen, Deuce barked whenever C tried to lure one of the cats using that voice. But still. I can't have my dogs threatening to bite -- or worse, actually biting -- my guests. So I guess I won't have any more for a while. And I also guess that Deuce needs more attention.

Hell, I know that they all need more attention that I can give them. They do, after all, need all the attention in the world -- just ask them.

I am beginning to think that maybe I should just start getting up at 5:00 a.m., since if I manage to sleep all the way through the night, I generally wake up around 4:30. And really, since I usually turn the lights off between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m., I suppose I am actually getting seven hours' worth of sleep, and that's probably all I need. And I could certainly use the time productively -- you know, to read email and LJ and catch up with Facebook.

So I was up early this morning and am exercised, showered, breakfasted, have an episode of Criminal Minds under my belt and finished one of the books I was reading (oh, and there's a load of laundry in the spin cycle right now). And it's only 9:00 a.m. I wouldn't even have bothered to get dressed today, though (Veteran's Day is a gubmint holiday), except that I have an appointment in an hour. Wheee.

I was a bit disappointed when I went to the tattoo shop last night; the artist had only preliminary sketches. I suppose if I'd been thinking about it, I'd've realized that he wouldn't have anything actually finished in only a week's time and without further input from me. One of the sketches captured the knotwork perfectly by tracing a close-up photo that I'd given him, but I didn't like the phoenix in it and I didn't really like the blatant symbolism of the phoenix flying through the center of the ring. I really liked the phoenix in the other sketch, but wasn't crazy about the circular background, but that's the one I told him to concentrate on. The problem is going to be the knotwork, because he has to adapt a straight knot into a curved one, which is giving him some problems. I'm hoping the finished design isn't as huge as the sketch, though, because it won't fit on my leg if it is. will, but it'll take up quite a bit more real estate than I planned to give it. I had no idea that there was such a thing as tattoo eminent domain.

I am wearing my Si hoc (see icon) sweatshirt today, and it suddenly occurred to me this morning that I should dig out Wheelock and relearn Latin. I still have all my college texts, including Ovid, so there's no reason why I couldn't, and every reason to do so, if I continue with the SCA. So I'll have to find the box in the attic that has my French and Latin texts in it and hope I didn't actually write in Wheelock. (But if I did -- no worries, 'cause I'll just...liberate...HTWIAM's copy.) In fact, I should take one of the disposable items on my 101/1001 and change it (all those DVD-watching items are the disposable ones).

And...the washer's finished.
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So far, the only good thing about today is that the bathroom scale assures me that I have lost three pounds. I can probably thank Tuesday's photo expedition and Monday and Wednesday's lawn mowing, since my diet certainly hasn't been good this week (still too much candy hanging around everywhere).

I was awake far too early again. Maybe I should just give up and make 4:00 or 4:30 my default getting up time. Since there was no garage sale-ing, though, I didn't go to the grocery store until 8:00 -- which is not to say that I wasn't busy before that, because I was. I had wanted to defrag my hard drive (on my desktop) because I keep getting scratch disk full errors in Photoshop. Turns out that my 8 gig hard drive, which I never thought I'd ever fill, is nearly full. So I spent some time deleting files and moving photographs from Ysabeau (the desktop) to Minerva (the laptop), but it turns out that even that's not enough, so I'm going to have to go back through five or six years' worth of photos and start to weed them out. Which is actually on my 101/1001 list, so it's not entirely a bad thing. Meanwhile, though, I won't be working on those photos I took the other day.

After the grocery store, there was a post office run, and since the sky to the west was so terribly threatening and I could see leaves poking out of the gutters, I decided that I'd better haul out a ladder and clean the gutters.

HTWIAM, in his infinite generosity, left me his lightest ladder so I'd be able to get the gutters myself. It might be his lightest ladder, but it's at least 11 feet high, which makes it more than twice as tall as me and awkward as hell to try to do anything with. After much cursing, I did finally manage to get it leaned up against the house and crawled up to get the gutters, but I could only move it by moving one corner at a time (from the ground), sort of like when moving a heavy piece of furniture by oneself. So I got the gutters along the back of the house on the first floor, but couldn't find a satisfactory spot to put it to get the second-story gutters, and there was no way in hell I was getting it around the front of the house to get those. So only half the gutters got cleaned. The ones on the garage are easy: I only need the six-foot stepladder for those, though I did have to crawl up onto the roof of the shed to get the garage gutter above that. By the time I was done, I was filthy (I really hope I haven't ruined those jeans), pissed off, cursing HTWIAM and his ancestors, and ready to cry. Oh, and my lower back hurt, just like it has all week.

Then I discovered that one of the storm windows on my office was all but shattered. Well, I suppose it technically is shattered, the glass just hasn't fallen out of the pane yet, except for a single chunk. I have to remember to tape it this afternoon.

And I still had all my normal Saturday chores inside the house to do.

I wanted to get to the tattoo shop right when they opened so that I wouldn't be interrupting anything; it was funny because the guy didn't recognize me in street clothes (I was in costume last week, since it was Halloween) -- though you'd think that the extra-long hair would've been a clue, even with it up in a pony tail. I waited while he went to get the artwork...and he couldn't find it. He says he must've left it home this morning. The one thing I was looking forward to today and I was disappointed. I grabbed the ring this morning that has the particular knotwork that I want since he'd said last week that he wasn't sure he could reproduce it from the photograph I gave him, and he did say he'd had some difficulty, so I left the ring with him. I am not worried about getting it back, either.

Now...I think I'm going to find something warmer than what I'm wearing and find a book. It might be time to just let the rest of the day go.
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Fight practice was well-attended last night, mostly by newbies. I was quite surprised to find the little chatterbox girl from last week, whose legs are about as big around as my wrists, actually showed up and got armored up and fought a bit (though she looked a bit silly in armor borrowed from someone a bit solider than she). However, the Chatelaine, who was supposed to be bringing blackwork patterns, which was the reason I went instead of staying home and readying my house for company tonight, did not show. I was a touch annoyed.

When I got ready to leave, Sir Knees (an old, old joke), one of the marshalls, escorted me out past the fighters, and stood chatting for a bit. He is delighted that I'm planning to go through with getting a tattoo and wants to go with me. He commanded me, in fact, to let him know when I was going so that he could go with me. That makes two people, now, who want to go; when I told My Twin yesterday that I intended to go, she wanted to go too. I could end up with a whole crowd of well-wishers.

Since my old artist friend, who I may have to call Weeds, did not show last night, I guess I'm just going to take my design and the modifications I want made to it directly to the tattoo artist and see what he can do with it or what other suggestions he might have. I'm not sure whether I need an appointment for a consultation or not, so I guess I'm going to call, perhaps tomorrow (if I'm home and not being dragged all over some neighboring county by my parents).

Yes, I'm having company tonight. I'm hosting Girls' Night Out (formerly known as the Book Club, but we never did read any books). It'll be fun, I hope, as long as the dogs behave themselves, and I'm reasonably sure they will. Or I'll just gate them out in the back room.

I did take a quick swipe at things with the vacuum last night (so as not to raise dust tonight after work, because one of my friends is sensitive to such things), and cleaned off the dryer, which had an amazing accumulation of garbage on it, including a couch cover that I got for free (and haven't decided whether I will keep or not; I'm not sure I like it, after all), a bag of newspapers that have been there since spring that HTWIAM was going to use for papier maché, and various bits of actual laundry. I put a new tablecloth on the dining room table; it's a dusty rose which doesn't quite match the rest of the room but does look better than my beloved white vinyl with blue mosaic circles (KMart, $3) that the cats and dogs had managed to rip to shreds. I really need to get one of those clear plastic covers to go over it before the cats manage to put holes in it or scratches in the table while sliding across it. Because they will. What else? I guess that was the last of the things I fixed last night.

I didn't sleep well, unfortunately, because I was cold (I got chilled at fight practice and standing outside after). I woke after a couple of hours in bed and my hands and feet were still like ice. I got up and put an extra blanket on the bed and that helped a bit, but I still didn't sleep well. I would really like to sleep all the way through the night again. That would be so cool.

Anyway, because of my broken sleep, I turned off my alarm clock and didn't go walkies this morning. It would have been a good morning for it, though. When I let the dogs out at 6:00, the sky was crystal clear, there were lots and lots of stars and the crescent moon was framed between the trees in the backyard. And I saw another shooting star -- that's four this week. Gorgeous.


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