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It's a gorgeous day. I have temporarily replaced the storm windows in the front and back doors with the screens again to let some warm air into the house. I took the afternoon off so that I could get some more work done outside, but it's simply too nice, and I'm too tired. I sat in the backyard in the sun and napped for half an hour or so, then read for a couple of hours -- long enough that I had to move my chair, and the second time I had to move it, I got up and came into the house because the contractors are still next door working on K's roof, and the guy in back and kitty-corner to me is also working on his roof. I'm not a huge fan of trying to relax in my yard when there are witnesses....

Work this morning was pretty typical of the morning back from any kind of break, even one as short as two days. There was a ton of email, a ton of postal mail, and a few voice mails. I sorted through everything, took care of a few things, and suddenly, it was lunchtime, and I was leaving.

I have reason to be tired: Jack tried to crawl in bed with me again last night, and wouldn't settle down again after I pushed him down. He kept sitting right next to the bed panting in my face. I was remind of the way Garion used to pant after one of his seizures, but I know that Jack didn't have a seizure, as that would have woken me up quite handily. (The first time poor Bailey had a seizure, I was awake and kneeling over him, running my hands over his fur before HTWIWM had even managed to open his eyes; but I was familiar with epileptic dogs, and as soon as I heard the paws scrabbling, I knew what it was.) It was over an hour before he settled down again, though, and I was awake for the whole thing, because as soon as I tried to turn off the light and go back to sleep, he tried to crawl into the bed again.

Honestly, I don't think I'd mind him taking up bedspace if he would sneak onto the bed from the other side, but trying to crawl over me is not going to get him where he wants to be. Hopefully, it's out of his system for another fortnight or so.

I am giving Harry Dresden a break while reading the next two Phryne Fisher books. I haven't acquired so many of those because they are rather expensive. I'll have to see if there are any more ominbuses (omnibi?). I am currently reading Death at Victoria Dock and have The Green Mill Murder waiting in the wings. I have it in my mind to read a few more of the novels before watching any more of the series, and now I can't remember if I've watched the second series or not. I'm pretty certain that I must have. I understand that the third series is out. Lovely clothes, lovely jewels, lovely hair -- honestly, when I'm watching, I'm actually tempted to get my hair bobbed like that (and I hate my hair short), though then I'd have to live with a flatiron in my pocket. Meanwhile, I'm up to Proven Guilty in the Dresden series. My birthday shopping trip is this coming weekend, and I'll be coming home laden with many more books.

Time to go get the mail, I think, and then take Jack for his afternoon walk. As far as he's concerned, it's 4:00, even if the clocks don't say so.
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I'm given to understand that there is a partial solar eclipse today. Yeah, it won't be visible here. It's raining, and even if the rain clears up, it's supposed to be cloudy for the rest of the day. Not that I have the gear for looking at a solar eclipse in any case.

I spoke to the owner of the rescue that I petitioned to last weekend. She confirms that the dog I was interested in can only go to a home with an already-established dog. I am going out there on Saturday, however, to meet a different dog. He's supposedly a collie mix, young(ish), with lovely markings. And his name is Jack. A good percentage of their male dogs out there are named Jack, but since they know where this fellow came from, Jack might actually be his name. So I may come home with a dog this weekend after all.

MyAuntie points out that if the dog I was originally interested in is meant to be mine, then she will be. I can always look again to see if she's still available when whatever dog comes to live with me is established into my household.

It will be a huge adjustment to have a young dog again. When HTWIWM absconded, all of our pets were at least middle-aged, and in the intervening years...well. This dog that I am looking for now will be the first time I have chosen a pet on my own since Kethri. And really, even though I chose Kethri, if HTWIWM hadn't wanted a kitten, I wouldn't've had her, either. And speaking of cats, the one he chose on his own is currently yelling at me to get out of his chair. I am ignoring the imperial order, as I am wont to do.

And speaking of speaking of cats, last night I saw a posting on FB; one of those memes with a box full of kittens labeled "crazy cat lady starter kit." Sir Knees had posted it and addressed it to the current Mrs. HTWIWM (aka The Twinkie). He had commented: "Just don't tell HTWIWM." I restrained myself from pointing out that in the past, it has always been HTWIWM who brought home the rescues, including Sir Knees' own dog (my beloved Deuce) and Cruiser. People, it seems to me, tend to forget that Facebook is not private. It came to me that Facebook is like shouting a secret at someone in a full auditorium just as everyone else in the place suddenly shuts up. Only without the butt-pinching, uncomfortable chairs.

But I digress. I was talking about an adjustment. It's been a long time since I had a dog who was young enough to counter-surf (and I will have to teach this new dog "kitchen time") or climb stairs or stick its head through the cat door into the basement or play tennie ball or any of the things that haven't happened here in years. I am going to have to rearrange the bedroom slightly to accomodate a dog bed; it's been five years since I had a dog that slept upstairs. I may continue to exclude the cats from the bedroom, though, because I happen to like sleeping without being contorted around cat bodies. I'm going to have to reinstitute walkies (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

Have you ever noticed that in the middle of the night, sleeping cats weigh, like, fifty pounds?


Sep. 25th, 2014 07:24 pm
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Sheila is gone, the last of the Pack. I talked to Doc W yesterday evening, and she had an opening today, so I took it. And now I feel like a wretched, wretched excuse for a human being, no matter what I tell myself about her blindness, and her probable bladder cancer, and her problems with her hindquarters, and all the rest.

This is the first time since I've lived in this house that there hasn't been a dog here. It feels empty, and it's unbelievably silent -- even with two cats, because cats are masters of silence. Kethri, I know, is curled up in the back room; I saw her there when I washed the dishes. I haven't seen Merlin since I fed them.

Doc W was good about everything, and Doc P popped his head in before Doc W came in and while Sheila was still beating the floor into submission (circling, trying to get comfortable) to say goodbye to her and hi to me. He'd seen her name on the schedule and made sure he was free to do so. And that's why I love them up there.
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The house was at 61.5° when I got up this morning, so even if I hadn't turned on the furnace the day before yesterday, I'd've turned it on today. I really need to switch the screens and storms, but there's supposed to be one day later this week when it might be warm enough to open the house one last time. I'm debating whether I should light the little wall furnace in the downstairs office. When I turned it up last year to help heat the back part of the house, it smelled something fierce. The furnace guy, when he came to look at the big furnace in February (or whenever it was) said it smelled to him like it wasn't properly vented. Since I can't imagine HTWIWM doing something like that improperly¹, and since that was the first time I'd ever noticed it smelling like that, I can only conclude that there's something not quite right about it, whether it merely needs cleaning or whether it's something worse, I couldn't say. And so it's probably not a good idea to light it.

I have been mulling over the dog situation again. I really want to get Sheila a companion. While I think she enjoys being an Only Dog, I have caught her playing with Nimue as though Nimue were a puppy. Since Nimue puts up with this, even participates, maybe I should just leave things alone. I don't think I -- or the house -- could take a puppy. There's only ever been one puppy in this house (Garion), and the house is still showing the effects: my kitchen cupboards have no corners, the cushions he pulled off the couch and chewed are only covered, not fixed, etc., and Garion's been gone for almost three years². On the other hand, I'm a little wary about bringing an unknown older dog in with the cats. Perhaps an older puppy, like Deuce, is the way to go. Deuce was 8 months old when we got her; she was past the chewing stage, but still young. But are my nerves ready for multiple dogs? Maybe, if I can find the right one. My criteria are fairly simple: I want a quiet breed that's small enough for me to heft into the van if necessary (I could never have picked up Cruiser, for instance, and even Garion took both me and my dad to get him into the van for his last trip to the vet), that will be okay with the cats. Oh, and female. Personal prejudice, there, but I've always found male dogs to be more difficult to handle than female dogs. I'm thinking bulldog. Pharoah hound sounds like an excellent breed, but I'm thinking that they're probably unusual enough to be expensive. I'd still love to have a true wolfhound, but, again, expensive.

My other reason for wanting a companion dog for Sheila may be a bit silly, but if I'm going to be traveling places where I can't take her (and I really want to be traveling places), then I don't want to kennel her by herself. And since my sister has moved back to Texas, I'll be kenneling her if I go anywhere other than MyAuntie and Nuncle's house.

I dunno. Maybe the whole idea is foolish.

I am also angsting over my kitchen. I desperately want to paint (and, gosh, it would be really nice if I had Actual Light Fixtures, instead of garage lights), but it's something I can't do without help because the fridge and stove would both have to be moved. And, as we know, help is thin upon the ground. Though certainly, all I really need is the muscle; I'm perfectly capable of painting by myself, as I have proven. Ha! Maybe I should use my income tax return to hire someone to do that for me. Or to put all the trim back up. I generally allow myself one treat with my tax refund, and that would, indeed, be a treat.
¹ Say whatever you (or I) like about him breaking promises, or not finishing things, or not following through, but he does know his stuff. And if he doesn't, then he learns it. Unlike me.

² Jeez-louise. Has it really been that long? Yes. Yes, it has.
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  • Hurting a little bit this morning. Remembering a trip four years ago that I wasn't wanted on, and in which I was oblivious to the undercurrents -- because I trusted him.

  • Not making a grocery run this morning; I have plenty of stuff in the fridge and freezer. No reason to add to it. Though there's no chocolate in the house, so I'll probably stop at KMart on my way back from the post office later.

  • Finished mowing the backyard last night. Seem to have survived. I need to move on to the side yard, which despite the lack of rain and the fact that most of it is exposed to sunlight, has grown great guns and needs to be whacked. And we won't even mention my driveway, which has weeds growing from all the cracks in the concrete. I think I'm just going to move the van and mow the driveway, too. I've heard that vinegar will act in the same manner as Round-Up and is slightly less toxic.

  • My first load of laundry is in the washer. It's supposed to storm later, so I wanted to get it done and hung as soon as possible. I don't usually get it out there until late morning.

  • I have become so obsessed with The Avengers that I have actually ordered a hardbound collection of comics from the SFBC. It arrived yesterday. It's a huge, heavy book. I dove into it immediately, and seem to have been dropped into the middle of something where Tony is calling Steve the New Nick Fury -- and Steve is dressed all in black -- and boy howdy. I was sucked into it pretty quickly, though, and read through the equivalent of three regular comics before I came up for air. I am not going to start buying comics. I am not going to start buying comics. I am not going to start buying comics.

  • Part of the reason I don't -- in general -- like comics is that almost everything happens in the dialogue and people just don't talk like that. Another thing is that I read the dialogue, but don't look at the art, which I find mostly confusing, but perhaps that's because I'm not accustomed to it. So I feel like I skimmed through what I read yesterday, but missed something important. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. Maybe it doesn't really matter.

  • Perhaps I will go see Spiderman this afternoon. I had thought that the next Batman movie was starting this weekend and had planned to stay well away from the theater. But perhaps that's next week?

  • Had to explain the difference between Marvel and DC to someone at work yesterday when they thought that the Batman movies meant that he would be joining in the next Avengers movie. Not exactly the right person for that job (see above re: not -- in general -- liking comics). On the same subject, I recently read a fic in which Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark went to the same boarding school and in which Tony figured out immediately who Batman was. It was episodic in nature and went back and forth, and was really good. Wish I'd bookmarked it.

  • Have been thinking about looking into getting Sheila some canine companionship when I get back from Italy. Although I love border collies, a pharoah hound is probably more my speed, according to a couple of different breed finders. Or a bulldog, and I do like bulldogs. A pharoah hound is a good size (I like to be able to put my hand down and have a dog head there), but I'd need to find out how they are in general with cats. I don't think I'd worry about the cats with a bulldog -- they're not very fast, and the cats are. Pharoah hounds are supposedly quiet and low energy (like me). I'm sure there are people who would urge me to just go out to the SPCA, but I've never had anything but rescued dogs -- and other people's problems (like Deuce taking one look at me and equating me with her abuser, even though we worked that out within ten minutes or so) -- and I think I'd like to create some problems of my own, thank you very much.
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  • I'm feeling rather chipper this evening. Not exactly sure why, but I shouldn't complain. Maybe it's the fact that it's something like 80° outside.

  • The $20 Samsonite carry on bag that I won on eBay last week arrived yesterday. I am quite pleased with it...even though it won't see any use on this trip. I'll use it other times, though, I'm sure. It's a bit dusty, but it's a perfect shade of blue and all the zippers and the wheels move freely. Quite the bargain, and the seller got excellent feedback.

  • I worked an hour of OT today. I didn't get the case finished that I wanted to get finished because I couldn't persuade the woman at Prudential to give me the information I wanted over the phone. It is to be hoped that my calling them will not cancel the request for the same information that I faxed on Friday. (I had hoped to get it through the automatic information line, but either I wasn't speaking clearly enough for it, or it couldn't hear me. I loathe voice-activated lines.) I only called because I was hoping to be able to get the case, which is from September, off my desk finally. No such luck. So I did a different one instead.

  • I am still watching the original Battlestar Galactica and I was curious about some plot point or other, so I've been poking around the Battlestar Wiki. I am intrigued by the description of a proposed second season on Apollo's page, though I would probably have hated it because a) Apollo was my favorite character and b) I did like Sheba, too.

  • I have been contemplating whether or not to get Sheila a companion dog. The cats are all well and good, but I think she really needs a dog. If I did, I don't think it could be until after the trip, and I would probably go with an older (not elderly!) rescue dog. Maybe I could rescue a border collie. I did love my Deuce-dog. I have felt more and more lately that Sheila really needs canine companionship after having been part of a large pack for so many years. I do not forget the problems with a multi-dog household, but I could manage two, I think.

  • I'm trying to decide if I want to try these shoes or not. They look nice and have good reviews, but my feet are so finicky.... I am still trying to find decent walking shoes for Italy.

  • I stopped at the credit union last night and picked up an application for a car loan. *gulp* I guess I'm going to do this thing.

  • Have I run out of things to say? Quite possibly.
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I came across this photo this weekend while transferring data hither and yon....

This photo was taken eleven years ago; these are our original dogs. Bailey is the really fuzzy one (when he was shaved in the summer, he was barely larger than Garion). Deuce is the border collie mix, and the puppy is Garion (as is my icon). This was Garion's first day home with us, and we were still trying to figure out what to name him at this point. I suggested "Garion" (yes, from The Belgariad, and then he kept attacking this same tuft of grass over and over and over and we decided that that name was perfect).

One more:

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I brushed the dogs a bit ago, and I am covered in fur. Unfortunately, so are the dogs. Sheila's fur, being short and wiry, comes out a lot easier than Cruiser's fur does, so it actually looks like I made progress on her. Though I forgot to trim her wizzly-doofer (this would be the antenna-like growth of hair down which she pees. It's really gross.), mostly because I couldn't get her to roll on her belly. So I am covered in furs and I think my right arm may just decide to detach itself from my shoulder and run off and pout. I guess that means it's time to start the laundry. I took them outside when we were finished and in the space of five minutes, I garnered at least three new mosquito bites. I'm excited about this. Except for, you know, not.

And I have missed the beginning of X-Men: First Class. Perhaps I'll go see it Tuesday night instead. Full price ticket, but cheap popcorn and drink.

See how exciting my life is?
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This week has seemed both interminable and as if it were flying by. I think it's because not only has it been my 9:00 to 5:00 week, but I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning training people, so my routine has been completely disrupted. Yesterday, I spent two extra hours in the building because the van was at the transmission place. Mom, who picked me up at the garage, didn't even blink about dropping me off at work an hour early, so I spent an hour in the break room eating breakfast and reading. And I spent the lunch hour there, also, when I would normally have gone home.

I had better not find a puddle of transmission fluid under the van again today. Especially given how much money I've laid out for it this past fortnight.


MyAuntie has been broadly hinting that I am not only entirely welcome to spend my vacation with them, but that they really expect me to do so. Which I was planning on, anyway. I'm hoping I'll be able to get out there for the art show on the bluff again this year. I've also always wanted to go to Venusian festival, so perhaps I'll take two weeks off (Venusian festival was just starting when I left last year). Or a week and a half. I'm a little leary about traveling on a weekday, though, as that's when construction on 90 will be going full-steam, and there's the matter of going through Cleveland.... Which is why I am balking at going on a Friday. Auntie suggested that I travel on a Friday, so we'd have Saturday and Sunday to go to the art show. I'm thinking I could leave here early enough that I'd get there in plenty of time to hit the art show...assuming I didn't take a wrong turn a mile from the house again, like I did last year. I'd leave here early enough to miss rush hour in Cleveland, anyway.

The problem, of course, is that one of the other two women in my new unit is taking the first week of July off, and that's when I normally take my vacation. But hers is already planned and on the calendar, so mine isn't likely to be approved. Oh, well. If I miss it, I miss it. There are more weeks in the summer, and the first week of July is mostly convenient because it includes a holiday, which means that one needs to use only four vacation days instead of five.

I'd also really prefer to travel with the dogs, but I don't think I can manage those two big dogs by myself, even though they're both elderly. And if my dogs were to take a dislike to Auntie and Nuncle's dogs, well, there really wouldn't be anyone to step between them. (HTWIWM was married would have let them sort it out by themselves, only wading into it if there was blood. But wade into it he would've; I've seen him pull dogs in a fight to the pain apart with his bare hands and hold them at arms length when they were still desperately trying to rip each others' faces off.)

Of course, another problem with all this is that I don't know how much vacation time I have because the new payroll software -- that they've been using for a quarter-year now -- is still not tracking things properly. They've finally figured out all the monetary things, and wages and deductions seem to be correct, but they still don't have people's benefit time on there at all. Everyone is expecting to get screwed out of at least a couple of vacation days. I can add up how much I've accrued since the beginning of the year, but I'm not positive how much I had before that, and that is where they'll get me. I think I had two vacation days left after I took my winter vacation, but I'm not positive, and there was a pay period that straddled New Years. And, quite frankly, there's math involved, which has never been my strong suit. Pathetic, I know. (You should see me in a restaurant with BFT trying to figure out how much each of us needs to contribute when the waitress rings it up on one check. Fortunately, she's much better at these things than I am.)


I am tired, as always, and a bit down, but there's certainly nothing new about that. According to the weather wiseacres, spring might actually be on its way, and that will help a great deal. Not seeing snow would make me very happy, indeed. Or happier, at any rate. Heck, if it's nice enough this weekend, I might even get to hang my laundry outside -- a sure sign of spring.


Regarding the recent DDoS attacks and the Flight To Dreamwidth.... I do have a Dreamwidth account, but I can't remember the last time I actually used it. Though I suppose like many another, I'll be backing up my LJ over there, especially as I've got nine years' worth of my life here, and I'd sort of hate to lose all that work. (I'll hit 9,000 posts in the next few months.) I doubt very much I'll start actually posting over there, though, unless I have to. I think I have invite codes, though, if anyone is interested. (Heck, I've actually got two other LJ accounts, as well as a couple of communities that I own, and I don't use them, either; I think I keep the one mostly so that no one can use my preferred name, which is sort of why I got an account at Dreamwidth, too. Possessive little bitch, I am.)


I gave up on giving up candy for Lent. I found that I was substituting Oreos for Raisinets. It's far less bad for me to have a handful of Raisinets than it is to have a handful of Oreos. So...maybe I've given up Oreos for Lent. I haven't been to WW for the last three weeks, and I need to buckle down and get back there. I also mostly haven't cooked for the last three weeks, either. I went out a couple of times, and I got frozen pizza at least once, but mostly, I've just been eating cereal, especially this week. My pants did seem looser yesterday, but that could easily have been based on the Lycra in them. I haven't been to the Y more than once -- and that's probably part of the reason I'm so tired all the time. Need to get moving. The becoming an excuse, I think. Yeah, it's not 100%, but it doesn't bother me all the time, so I need to get off my plump, rounded ass and get moving again.

And right now, I need to get up off said plump, rounded ass and get ready for work.
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It's a bright, sunny day...and ridiculously cold. I'm beginning to wonder if winter will ever end. The calendar says so, but calendars, I've noticed, are not always correct.

I got up this morning all kinds of resentful that everything in my life seems to revolve around my pets. I get up to the sound of Sheila's incessant whimpering. I trip over cats who want their breakfasts. Before I can even go to the bathroom, I have to out the dogs, stand in the cold with them until they're done, bring them back in, feed them (and the cats, tripping over cats all the way to the basement), and then Cruiser starts begging for the biscuit that he knows he's going to get after I medicate The Rot on his snout...though he doesn't necessarily cooperate with the snouting, of course.... To which was added, this morning, a cat puking her breakfast on the kitchen counter and catching Sheila halfway onto the counter snarfing it down as fast as she could gobble. She didn't get more than a mouthful or two, though, because Up On The Counter is forbidden to cats and doubly-forbidden to dogs. Following that, of course, delightful Nimue turned into her alter-ego, the extremely aggravating Importunata.

In other words, my mornings start with noise and bother and have done so for the last thirteen years because caring for the pets was always My Duty, except for those few times when I pointedly said, "It's your turn." And those times were never in the morning.

I get so tired.

I got over it -- well, the resentment part. I'm still tired.

In other news, I finished The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter by Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook the evening before last. The entire book is basically an extended interview of Davies by Cook over the space of Davies' last two years on Doctor Who, but because the two are (or became) friends, it ends up being part memoir and part writing manual, and lots and lots and lots of behind-the-scenes stuff about Doctor Who and other shows Davies has worked on. It was really entertaining, and if you've seen Davies interviewed, you can hear his voice in his emails -- which is how the book is written. It's a collection of the email correspondence between the two, with the occasional text message thrown in and bits of DW scripts, mostly to show how the episodes as shown differed from what Davies (or other writers) came up with originally. It was fun...and I love behind-the-scenes making-of sort of stuff, so....

The next book I picked up was Nancy Collins' Right Hand Magic. I got seven chapters into it yesterday (they're short chapters) and...I think that's as far as I'm going to get, actually. It's an intriguing enough urban fantasy world, but I just don't really care about the main character. So I guess that one's off to the swap mines and I'm looking at the rest of the stuff on the shelves, though last night, I was reading Refining Fire, which is the short novel that ends season one of Shadow Unit. (I've been rereading the whole series.)

Today, I think I'm going to do my normal Saturday cleaning, maybe shift some books and DVDs around (it doesn't make a lot of sense to have DVDs in the library and books in the living room when the TV is in the living room), and then I thought I'd work on my device, which is a project I've been meaning to tackle all winter. I've got a few ideas, so I'll trace them out onto shield blanks and color them in and see which I prefer.

Also? I think it's kind of funny that I got my van repaired so that I could go to Ice Dragon this weekend, but because I got my van repaired so that I could go to Ice Dragon this weekend, I can't afford to go to Ice Dragon this weekend.

I find it less funny that the van is still leaking transmission fluid. I'll give it a couple of days to see if it stops; if it doesn't, I'll have to call the garage....
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  • Did not get through the Kindle documentation last night. It is quite lengthy and really quite boring. Will probably skip the rest of it.

  • I am trying to come up with a name for the Kindle that is not Hypatia because that is just so very obvious. I considered Jadrek (the Archivist from Lackey's Oathbreakers), but I think my Kindle is a girl-Kindle. Silvina is a possibility (and would go with Menolly-the-iPod).

  • I have been playing so much Minesweeper and Solitaire that I have reactivated the chronic tendonitis in my right (i. e., my mousing) elbow.

  • I am currently reading Sarah Addison Allen's The Sugar Queen which cotton candy (an appropriate simile if you have read the book). I am enjoying it immensely and will probably finish it tonight. In other book news, I believe that the only book I read in February was The House on Durrow Street. That's no way to reach 100.

  • I am off this afternoon because I have to take Sheila to the V-E-T to see about her ear. This ought to be...entertaining.

  • About half an hour ago, I had to drag both dogs inside by the collar because they saw the stray before I could attract their attention away from the back of the yard. Sheila was easy enough to grab, but I had to chase Cruiser and finally lunged and got hold of a handful of ruff while he was running past me and worked my way up to his collar from there. Fucking dog.

  • The stray may actually belong to some the people a couple of dogs down, though it was pretty rough-looking. It was a corgi or sheltie; cute enough and not particularly frightened of my dogs, despite Cruiser's best efforts. It also seemed quite interested in me.

  • Of course, maybe I looked like lunch.

  • Cruiser is now crooning for some reason; I don't hear a siren...nope. Nothing out there that should have him excited.

  • I discovered a water-stained ceiling tile in the back room this morning -- one of the ones I just put up not too long ago. Fortunately, I never finished that project, so I can probably replace it easily enough, but really. I ask for the ceiling to collapse back there, or the oak to topple over, and this is what I get?

  • Well, of course this is what I get. Because I can't turn that in to my insurance.

  • And...I may actually be done complaining. For now.
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  • I am sore. Sore, I tell you, sore!

  • It only took about half an hour to clean off the car, dig out around it (where I didn't last night), then clean up the snow that I cleaned off of it.

  • Ooof-oo, as MyAuntie and Nuncle's dogs say.

  • Got groceries and stuff. More stuff than groceries, really.

  • Came home and demonstrated my singular lack of ambition by sitting at my desk playing Solitaire and Minesweeper for about an hour. I've been doing that a lot lately.

  • I did find the southern end of my office yesterday afternoon. I was pretty sure it was under all that clutter.

  • Today I am finding the library. Last year, I got to work in there and got it about three-quarters finished...and stopped. And since then, I've just been tossing paperwork on the rolltop desk instead of filing it in the cabinet right beside the desk, and piling books on the floor instead of putting them on the shelves. Part of that is depression, plain and simple. Part of it is that I tend to still think of that room as HTWIWM's office, and so I don't necessarily feel comfortable in there. Part of it is just that it's cold back there because there's only one heat run in the addition and insufficient insulation. I have made progress, however; last year's paperwork is sorted and ready to be moved to the attic, as is the 2009 box which I never finished and which has just been sitting under the desk for fourteen months. Next up, I need to find the surface of the desk and put it back together because I want to set up my bill-paying station there so that I have no excuse not to put receipts and paid bills away.

  • I realized, as I was taking laundry downstairs to hang up that I haven't given the dogs their Interceptor (heartworm preventative) in months. Judging by the date on the box and the number of pills inside, November was probably the last month. And yet again I fail.

  • Sheila doesn't like me working where she can't get to me. I had the door closed because Merlin was far too interested in what I was doing and was disrupting my neat piles of paper. Sheila was whimpering because the door was closed.

  • Sheila has been shaking her head a lot lately. I haven't had to drive out to the vet's office in a while; I suppose it's time. She may just need her ears cleaned, but I'll need someone to show me how to do it....
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Last night's outburst about the dogs was really just an outburst. I would not give them up, not unless I absolutely had to. I accepted the responsibility for them when I didn't get rid of them after HTWIWM left, and I've managed through Garion's injury, illness and death, through Deuce's bladder cancer and death, and I will manage through Cruiser's poor housetraining.

Part of the problem is that I am, apparently by nature, a solitary creature. My mother happily tells all and sundry that I was the baby who cried when she was picked up, and I learned to like being alone during my first marriage because my husband was never home or never awake at the same times I was (because he managed a movie theater, he worked fourteen to fifteen hour days, and got home very late at night, depending on when the last movie ended and the last stragglers got the hell out). Hell, when he was home on his single evening off, I didn't know what to do with him, because he was infringing on my routine, an interloper in my home.

As for HTWIWM...well, we long ago realized that we didn't need to be attached at one another's hips.

I am also not a demonstrative person. I am not used to making a lot of noise. So I find it very hard to be as animated as the dogs need me to be, and I find pack behavior baffling and irritating. Last weekend, every time I so much as moved, Cruiser was at my heels. If I was sitting at my desk and turned my chair, he jumped up and stood ready to go with me. It was aggravating.

And yet...I really do like dogs. It's just...I dunno. Maybe because neither of these dogs were my choice. I tell the story of driving to Michigan (from New York) to adopt Sheila based solely on photographs emailed by MyAuntie, but honestly, it wasn't my idea. We already had two dogs and I didn't really want a third. But away we went. And I definitely didn't want a fourth dog. But I came home from work one day, and there was Cruiser, and there wasn't even any discussion of the matter. Fait accompli.

(Though I'm sure if you ask him, he'd tell you, "Oh, we discussed it." We did, in fact, not. He merely told me the previous day that Cruiser's owners were once again¹ looking for a home for him, and I said, "Really?" in a not at all enthused tone.)

Anyway. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am attached to their furry little butts. It's just that I'm not good at showing it, and I'm not good at accepting affection from them for various reasons. I like silence -- so much so that I often don't even think to turn on my stereo -- and Cruiser is a noisy dog. He talks, he howls, he barks, he sings with sirens. People always find it unbearably cute, but it makes me crazy. However, that, as they say, is the nature of the beast. His is a talkative, social breed. They have to be in order to do what they were bred to do. The lesson here, of course, is that the next time I get a dog, rather than rescuing indiscriminately, I need to find a breed that's suited to me and vice versa.

Rescuing is noble, and all, but...I'd like a dog of my own choosing someday, I think, and that's something I've never had.
¹ The Story of Cruiser: He was bought by a couple who lived in a trailer with only a patch of land, two children and an older labrador retriever. He was undoubtedly worshipped as an adorable fuzzball when he was a pup, but he's a malamute. He got big. And then they started confining him to the laundry room. Of a trailer. Bored one day, he chewed through the wall. And so they decided he had to go. We agreed to take him and foster him until we could find a home for him. He was here only about two hours and we'd already found a new home for him with a woman in Albany (the sister of our neighbor), who was going to drive out in a day or two to get him. The next morning, the just-barely-previous owner showed up and wanted him back, saying that she couldn't take her kids crying. And that was Cruiser's first night at our house. It was just over a year later, I think, when he came to live here.
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Every time I think I'm starting to like Cruiser -- and here, you have to remember that I never wanted Cruiser to begin with, even before he was foisted on me by a departing spouse, and that there are times when I have outright loathed him -- he pees or shits in the house. The latter, at least, is easy enough to clean up; while he leaves a trail, just as he does when he's peeing, it's a simple matter to dispose of, unlike the former, which involves every rag-towel in the house, a bucket of bleach water, and then a load of laundry. And tonight...I tossed him out the back door while he was in the act, came back in to retrieve what he'd managed to squeeze out, and when I got back outside, he was merrily munching poopsicles, which is another forbidden activity.

Sheila, meanwhile, has been investigating the trash I have stacked up in the breezeway because the little shed where I keep trash is frozen shut and there is no way in hell that I could get into and out of my friend's dumpster; with the weather we have been having, the parking lot where he keeps it is a solid sheet of sloped ice. Yeah. Not going there. So the trash has been building up. I discovered tonight that she has chewed the corners off the bags of used kitty litter and has been snacking on them. (They're now in the garage, instead of in the breezeway.)

And tonight, having had just. About. Enough...I hit her. Not hard, and on the flank. But I never hit my dogs.

And then, as I opened the door to go back out and clean up that mess, Nimue ran out into the breezeway, and I screamed at her so loudly that I actually scared her back toward the door. In that second, I wanted to hurt her.

This is why I don't have kids. Seriously.

I didn't, by the way. Hurt her, that is. But I was none to gentle about scooping her up and tossing her back into the house.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry into my dishwater.
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1. I am really tired. Just...tired. Brain-tired, I think, but it all amounts to the same thing, I suppose.

2. The depression index test, administered at my last appointment, indicates that I am mildly depressed. Duh.

3. The dogs have discovered the bathroom trash. Someone delicately picked certain items out this afternoon and ate them. I discovered the remains when I got home from work. I yelled at the world. Impartially.

4. It is now cold enough out that Sheila tried to do her thing without having any paws touching the snow. And then she stood out there on two legs and gave me that look that implored me to come get her and carry her into the house. I made her walk. For, lo, I am cruel, and she is not a small dog. Cruiser, meanwhile, was galumphing along the fence with the puppy cockapoo next door. If Cruiser starts doing the Cold Paw Dance, I won't go outdoors ever again. (Cruiser, for those playing along at home, is a malamute.

5. The people at work who are also participating in the Mission New You program at the Y are all going to a kickboxing class tonight and tried to persuade me to go with them. I am definitely not up for that sort of nonsense. Not yet, anyway. Let me get through the Mission, and then possibly start a yoga class in the spring, and see where we go from there.

6. I cannot decide what project to tackle this weekend, but I must remember to get longer staples for my staple gun (for ceiling tiles) and another putty knife (for scraping wallpaper), as I do not trust myself to sharpen the one that I have that is clearly too dull to do the job now.

7. After several false starts, I have finally found a way into the fic I have due in a mere ten days. At least, I hope it's the way in and not yet another false start.

8. Princess Nimue Isis Morgana is starving. Which is not a surprise, really, given that I am home from work and have not yet fed her.
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  • I should be doing the dishes. For one thing, it keeps the cats out of the sink -- where they are NOT allowed. For another, my hands are cold.

  • I shoveled the driveway tonight. Surely that gets me a few more feet toward Rivendell.

  • I saved half my chicken breast for breakfast.

  • I suddenly found myself, during dinner, contemplating putting a small table and chair in my office (after suitably rearranging the furniture in the entire house to accomodate it) so that I could eat a meal in peace without having dogs begging at the table and breathing on my plate (Sheila seems to have figured out that she's not going to get my food, but Cruiser still tries at every single meal) and without having to deploy Mr. Spray Bottle at cats who jump up on the kitchen counter even though I'm only a few feet away and can totally see them. At least if I had a table in here (that wasn't my desk), I could close the door on the lot of them and linger over my empty plate reading if I wanted to. (The critters are a good third of the reason why I took to eating out so much after HTWIWM ran away; they annoy me so much while I'm trying to cook and eat.) And when I wasn't eating, I could use it for research or crafts or something.

  • Most of the modules that I sold in this lot of auctions are going overseas, which is truly a pain in the tush, 'cause it means I can't just pack 'em up and ship 'em. I have to fill out customs forms for each package. Yeah, yeah, I know. At least I sold them, so STFU.

  • Really not in a good mood this evening.

  • I wonder if there's a new episode of Criminal Minds tonight.

  • The post office's website no longer displays all the shipping options for packages. You can't get the media rate or the first class rates for large envelopes (for instance) any more. It is seriously aggravating.

  • I suppose I should let Cruiser out again. He is pacing, which is never a good sign.
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The dogs are rather happy with me at the moment. I just let them play outside for about forty-five minutes -- with brand spanking new tennie balls! -- and even played with them a little bit...until Cruiser started getting a little too interested in poopsicles.... Dogs is disgusting. Now he's playing in the living room in a fairly rambunctious manner, but as long as he doesn't get on the furniture or fling the cats around, I guess it's okay.

I finally put the ceiling tiles back up in the back room. Well, some of them, anyway; I'm not quite sure how to put the bitty bits in all around the edges, though I suspect it involves sacrificing whole tiles to fit them in properly... I also figured I should probably wait until I know for certain whether the bitty bits need to not be there to fix the air flow problem. I have not yet made it out to the garage to find the door trim, and since it's time to start supper, I probably won't make it out there tonight. Though I suppose while my toes are already cold from being outside for nearly an hour is probably the best time to do it....

I didn't really notice that the back of the house was colder today, but then, it was gorgeously sunny, and there windows on the southern side of the back room. However, once the sun had moved to the other side of the garage....

And speaking of making cold things warm, I also put the foam shield over the basement window. I hate to cut off the only source of natural light down there, but I hadn't even duct-taped the thing to the wall yet, and it was already loads warmer. There's a string of Christmas lights hung in the plumbing and floor joists over by the litter boxes so the cats can see what they're doing. Though I should probably replace it as it's been hanging there for at least three years and a good chunk of it is burned out.

I also made a loaf of bread in the bread machine. WickedMart's bakery makes a sliced sourdough loaf to which I am partial, but I can't figure out what sort of schedule they bake it on, because I can only find it on irregular occasions, so that when I do find it, I usually buy two loaves. Since they didn't have it today, I used a mix to make some in the machine. It won't be as good, of course, and the slices will be too thick 'cause I'm not good at slicing a loaf evenly, but I'll have fresh bread for supperto go with my spaghetti.

So I have managed to accomplish a few things today and won't feel at all guilty about knocking off and putting my feet up...especially since my toes are really quite cold.
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When I was a kid, my great grandparents had a board game handmade by my great grandfather. It was called Frustration...and it was the same game as Trouble, without the Pop-O-Matic. I used to enjoy Frustration....

I have been having an extremely frustrating evening. I lost my temper with the dogs tonight, and I feel like the worst dog owner ever. Most of my problems with them are my own damned fault. They really do try to please me, but don't know what I want. I, meanwhile, am not a proper pack leader. I need training as much as they do.

I did, at least, sit down and pet and love them for a bit after I got done crying over it, and I think we're friends again. 'Til¹ next time, anyway.

I am also frustrated because I still have the original photo that my cardinal came from, but I haven't been able to replicate the results². However, I did just print out a version that doesn't look too bad. It looks like it was printed on my printer is what it looks like. My typist brought in a 4x6 print that she'd made for her supervisor (one of my friends) this afternoon, and I made a point of mentioning that she hadn't made a print for the Actual Photographer because I was a bit annoyed by it. I wonder if I should upload it to Snapfish and use it as my free-prints-for-joining....

I glanced down at my fingers a little bit ago and was quite surprised to find the back of my forefinger bloody from cuticle to first knuckle. There is a small slice there, probably from a piece of paper, but I honestly don't remember doing it. Now that I've noticed it, of course, it's starting to sting.

BFT reminded me the other night at the movies that I had bought a Christmas-themed "conversation" tee on clearance last year for my mother. I don't know how she remembered it; I hadn't. It was, indeed, right in my gifting box, though, along with a copy of Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairies which was intended for one of the Geckos...probably the middle one...though maybe I should give it to the Eldest One since it's more artistic than not. On the other hand, I suppose the squished fairies would appeal to the younger of the two. I still have to figure out something for my father, though, and a gift card is beginning to look like it.

I did a tiny bit of research into donating the silver van, and I wouldn't get the tax credit until after it sold at auction, so there's no point in rushing to do it. I can wait until next summer and see about getting the guys to switch the hatches for me after all. And by that time, maybe I'll just replace the battery, see if I can get it running and put it in the front yard with a For Sale sign on it. So, in other words, I won't be using the van to get my house painted next summer.

Right. Time to decide if I want to watch 'Allo, 'Allo, which I have from Netflix or another Traditional Holiday Movie, like Die Hard 2....
¹ Does anyone use this construction anymore?

² And I can't submit it to National Geographic because they don't want to see my Photoshop skills...which aren't all that great to begin with.


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