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So, it is Monday, and I have taken the day off. The van is at the garage to see if they can figure out what the heck is up with it. And I just remembered to turn the ringer back on on the phone -- though I'll probably spend at least the morning in my office working on eBay listings. Or maybe shopping; I have had a few thoughts about Christmas, and there's little point in waiting -- I won't have more money for shopping later than I do now, so....

Oh. My. God. Jack just farted. Wow.

I have the house opened up because after a week of fall, we're back to summer, with temps in the high 70s or low 80s, and it's a bit stuffy in here. It's supposed to be 80° again today, so I need to cool the house back down. It won't take long, and I won't have to shut things up again until midmorning when the fog burns off.

I should totally go do the dishes while it's still cool, and while it's still too early to listen for the phone.

There is apparently not a great deal to report here. I took BFT out to lunch on Saturday -- it was the first time she'd been out of the house since her surgery the previous Friday, and she was going a little stir-crazy. We stopped at Joann's on the way home and bought Halloween decorations. She's setting up a little Halloween display in her kitchen window, and I'm buying props for some still life photos I have in mind. Which reminds me that I have to go down to the basement and dig out my Rider-Waite deck. I used to have a teensy one with cards only about an inch or two big, but I don't think I'll be able to find those. Probably lost in some move or other. Or maybe I dreamed them, though I don't think so. I think I got rid of my Ouija board, too. Still, I probably have enough stuff around here to use as props.

Yesterday...I noodled around the house. Cleaned my desk off so that I'd have room to work on the eBay stuff, vacuumed the house (up and down), snipped the stems of the flowers I bought last week and re-vased them, and dropped the van off at the garage. (Walked home, of course.) Last evening, I had a fire in the firepit (after raking the downed leaves away from where I usually set it up). I burned four more envelopes full of cancelled checks and other financial paperwork, thus doing my part to save HTWIWM from identity theft. I do like watching those papers burn; whether it's the ink or the paper, the flames are green. It's so cool. (Well. Technically, it's quite hot, but you get the idea.) I think there are four envelopes left. When I found these papers, I had no experience with burning things to dispose of them, and I thought stuffing all of these checks and bank and credit card statements into business-size envelopes and burning them like logs would work out with no problem. Yeah, then I learned about burning papers. Individual papers will take off like...well, like a house afire, but compacted papers? Not so much. So I have to keep stirring them. Which is one of the reasons I don't have a fire if it's windy, because I don't want burning paper flying all over the place.

In any case, I think I'm nearly done with HIS papers, and can move on to my own, as I recently found a file box full of decade-old financial paperwork. Not much point in stressing the shredder, though I suppose I could gradually sneak them into the shredding bin at work and have done.

I found that little refund check on my desk yesterday afternoon. I still can't quite make up my mind what to do about it. It's for 79 cents. The utterly correct thing to do -- and also the utterly bitchy thing -- would be to stuff it into another envelope and mail it to some friends to have them pass it on to him. On the other hand, it's for 79 cents, so it might just as well go into the shredding.

Eh, I'll think on it some more. Probably it'll end up in the shredding.
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My mother, who only seems to call me after I've gotten comfortable on the couch, or when I've just finished popping popcorn and it's nice and hot, or stops when I'm cooking dinner, called a little after 8:00 p.m. last night to ask me to take Grama to an appointment this afternoon. She was well aware that I'd have to take time off work to do so, but she and Dad both had a "bug" and she didn't want to go around Gram with it.

Well, what could I say? Of course I agreed. And then I decided to take the whole day off, because why not?

This morning, I get up to find out that Mom and Dad spent the night in the emergency room. Seems Dad doesn't have a bug; he's got an intestinal blockage, and this morning, they're just waiting on a bed to admit him. Yay? Of course, I have nothing from Mom about this; I'm getting it from my sister, who seems to be the only one my mother actually communicates with, though I suspect that has more to do with the fact that she has Bird's cell phone number than anything else.

The first of today's storms rolled through here at 12:30 a.m. -- or at least, that's when I was up wandering through the house in the dark. Not that the power went out; I just didn't turn on any lights. There was something about it that just made me nervous and unsettled. The dog was looking at me quizzically; that's supposed to be his department. Also, I had a terrific headache, which I still have this morning. In fact, I could totally lie back down and take a nap for a couple of hours. Maybe I should. I won't, mind you, but maybe I should.

It is storming again right now, and very dark, though it does seem to be getting a tiny bit lighter. According to the weather wiseacres, it's supposed to stop raining by the time I have to pick up Grama. We'll see.

I am worried about the kittens. I don't imagine it's very dry under that ramp right now, not with the way the wind was blowing last night. I've been trying to figure out how to rig additional shelter for them that won't immedicately funnel water under the ramp. The best I'm coming up with is to angle a small box adjacent to the ramp under the overhang of the back of the breezeway. There's about a foot of space there that's usually dry. That might work, as long as I rig it so that the box can't fall and trap them, should they choose to use it. This requires a bit more thought.

Since I'm home, I should probably call a garage today, either mine or BFT's. Well we'll see.

Hm. It's brighter now than it was just two minutes ago, but it's also pouring.

Right. I need to go take some ibuprofen for my head, get dressed in real clothes (as opposed to my This Is What I Was Wearing Yesterday And I Totally Threw It On Just To Walk The Dog This Morning clothes), and maybe finish cleaning off the dining room table, because I'm tired of that huge mess. (The dining room table is a bit of a catchall, but if I make it pretty with a tablecloth and centerpiece, it might prevent me from just tossing things on it and leaving them there for weeks.)
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On Saturday, BFT and I took off for Buffalo(ish) in order to shop for books. Amazon is nice and all, but sometimes, you just have to fondle the books first. I drove, and it seemed to me that there was a lot more traffic on the road than is usual, but I suppose it was people out doing their last-minute back-to-school shopping. We got there around 11:00, and went straight to the bookstore. We had decided on the way up not to bother with Pier 1 this time, and that's normally our first stop. We spent an hour or so browsing and filling baskets, then checked out and headed over to the Olive Garden for lunch.
We started back home around 1:30, and I complained about how nice the weather was -- if I'd known it was going to stay that nice, I'd've done my laundry and hung it out before we left. BFT wisely pointed out that I didn't know what it was doing at home, and it turned out she was correct; the weather was much different to the south; we drove into overcast in Springville, and shortly after that, we drove into rain.

I mention the weather partly because the van was quite warm when we got back into it after lunch, so I turned on the fan to move some air around. It was still relatively cool outside, so I thought that would be enough, but it wasn't, so BFT switched it to a/c, and we drove along with the a/c on low. And then...when we got to Springville, the car bonged at me -- which I have to say frightens the life out of me -- and the temperature idiot light came on. I pulled right over, and BFT switched off the a/c. The idiot light went out, but the engine temperature remained at the 3/4 mark on the dial the rest of the trip home. BFT advised me to not to go my regular garage, but to take it to a place across town where she goes. I may do that. I'll have to arrange with someone to meet me there and take me on in to work, but I'm sure I can convince my sister to do that.

In any case, it was fine driving around town yesterday; I ran out to get groceries and to see about a new space heater, because even I draw the line at turning the furnace on during the first week of September. I have one of those large radiator-style space heaters, and it has always worked just fine, but I've had it since I was a teenager, so it's about thirty years old, and it makes me a little nervous to use it. I've always been very careful of it, and it's never even been so much as tipped over, let alone bashed about. It's probably fine, but....

I may end up turning the furnace on, though, because while it's going to be 80° and gorgeous today, it's supposed to start raining again tonight and be chilly and damp for the rest of the week.

The weather also concerns me because of the kittens under the ramp. I don't know how dry it stays under there, but I know that the eaves run off onto the high end of the ramp (because I don't have a ladder tall enough to get up there and clean them out, so they're blocked; there are weeds growing up there). I have started leaving food out for Mama (and I suspect it is probably the same mother cat as before), but only in the mornings, and only as much as I would give to Kethri. I have seen her wolfing it (if you'll pardon the expression) the last couple of mornings. This morning, she also loafed on the ramp in the sun for a bit before going back underneath to attend to her kittens.

I have so much stuff to do, and don't know that any of it is going to get done today. Since this is the last nice day for the forseeable future, I may simply say, "fuck it all," and go sit on the patio (thus terrorizing Mama) with a book this afternoon. I should mow, but I'll be hanging laundry out, and can't mow under the laundry lines. There are the other three quadrants I could mow, but fuck them too.

Yesterday, I put together some new shelves for my bedroom. They're cheap white cubbyhole shelves, the sort that you see baskets randomly shoved into, that are put together with dowels and long screws. While putting together the first one, I tried to turn it on its side so I could more easily attach whatever side I was working on, but the center structure wasn't yet secure enough to hold. The dowels snapped and the shelf fell out. It turned out all right, though, as the wider/taller space (I turned the shelves on their sides and stacked them) in the center left room for my Italy photo albums which I have always kept in my bedroom (for no particular reason other than I had space there; my other travel albums are in other parts of the house). Plus that extra space really makes the whole thing much more interesting visually. It looks like it was done on purpose. I like it.

And having extra bookshelf space never hurts....
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So this morning's extra hour turned into finishing going through my LJ flist and seeing how many folks were on DW. Hi, folks! *waves* I found a lot of TH folks. Anyone missing?

I guess that means that I'm finally done with LJ. I really don't want to delete my journal, but we'll see. I actually rather miss it, and photo posting was certainly easier.

According to the weather wiseacres, it looks like we are in for an early autumn. This does not please me. I mean, there comes a point where one's eyes are starved for deep, rich colors, and seeing jewel-bright teal and aubergine and emerald and crimson instead of robin's-egg and lavender and mint and pink is not unwelcome, but I do so hate being cold. And while I have discovered that summer isn't all joy at my current weight (and there is, of course, always the lingering fear of bats), I still am never happy to see it go. But daily temperatures are already only in the low- to mid-70s, and the long range forecast shows them not getting out of the 60s for the most part. It's already getting into the 40s some nights. If I have to turn the furnace on in mid-September, I shall be very, very, very annoyed.

Autumn also means critters looking for places to hunker down for the winter. A few days ago, I ejected Ungoliant from the house, and this morning, I saw Shelob crossing the kitchen floor. These are the times when Merlin is sorely missed. He would have liked the crawly, crunchy things.

Speaking of which (Merlin, not crawly, crunchy things), I saw the grey catten yesterday morning. S/he (and I tend to think of her/him as "him" because of Merlin) had caught something -- a mouse, or small bird, or bat -- and was playing with it on the steps of the house where the kittens were moved to in the spring. I was pleased to see him.

And speaking of feral cats, I spotted the black cat that is now hanging out under the ramp in the backyard this morning. I am almost certainly going to have kittens again; I wonder if I'll spot any of them this time, or if the last batch were just extraordinarily curious and brave.

Right. Hi, ho, hi, ho. (Bleah.)
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The garage called not too terribly long after my last post; the van was finished. They could not find any sort of leak; they checked all the usual spots and checked all the fluids. At this point, I'm remembering a call I once heard on Car Talk from a woman who was getting rainwater in the door of her car, and I'm wondering if I have something similar.

In any case, by that time, the weather had changed, and so it was perfect eclipse-viewing weather. I got the van home in plenty of time. I tried the selfie-over-the-shoulder trick that was recommended on FB (even though I was a bit skeptical), and it didn't work. I didn't see any of the crescent-shaped shadows under the trees, either, so I was really disappointed. But then....

I happened to look out onto my porch, and the vastly overgrown shrubbery was doing a good job of pinhole-projecting. So of course I had to do a TeenyTinyTARDIS photo or three:

That was relatively early on in the show. Later, I got some better photos:






I did get to sneak a quick peek at the sun itself; although I wasn't able to get glasses, The Gossip had obtained a pair at the library, and he was wandering around the neighborhood sharing them with anyone who was outside. So that was pretty cool.

The weirdest thing about it was to look out the window when the eclipse was near its maximum, observe the nearly cloudless sky, realize that it was brightly sunny, and yet it was so terribly dim. It was like someone had put the wrong size bulb in a vast lamp. Kinda weird.

In any case, it reached about 75% of totality here. But, we're just outside the path of totality for the next one in 2024, if the map I saw was accurate, so it looks like I could drive ten miles and see totality, as opposed to, say, 98%.
Also, I am testing out photo hosting at Smug Mug on [personal profile] kk1raven's suggestion -- I did sign up, so I hope you do get a credit for it -- though I am finding it to be much less intuitive than I might like.
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It may not matter that I couldn't get eclipse glasses, as the weather has changed. The original forecast was for hot and sunny (with a passing eclipse), but the morning is overcast and it has already stormed once. Weeeelll, the forecast (which I just checked) has changed again: partly cloudy this afternoon with a stray shower or thunderstorm. We'll see, I guess. My plan was to stand under a tree, anyway, and watch the shadows on the ground...and maybe get a TeenyTinyTARDIS photo or two, as the thought of taking TTT photos during a solar eclipse just amused the heck out of me.

I dropped the van off at the garage last night and walked home. They've already called me this morning to let me know that they can't find a leak, though they'll check again, and that there's a bit of a sticky caliper causing the squealing-squeaky noise. They'll change the caliper, so I will probably have it back before the eclipse starts.

Speaking of squealing squeaks, I believe we have a multitude of flickers in the neighborhood. I first noticed one a few years ago; I had to come home and look it up in my Tome of North American Birds, Beasts, And Plants because I'd never seen one before. I was always thrilled when I spotted one, because it was rare. But this summer, I've seen flickers fairly often, so either there is one really busy one, or there's a flock. This morning, I heard a high, piping sort of squeak, and I think that was probably a flicker. It wasn't a cardinal -- which is the only other bird call with which I am, wait, I know what a killdeer sounds like, and it wasn't that, either.

I could probably be a birdwatcher without much persuasion.

Huh. It's sunny out there now.

I'm unsure of what my plan is for the rest of the day. I have shelves for upstairs, but am not sure I want to get involved in making a mess in my bedroom. I have Grama's cupboard, but ditto that in the breezeway. I finished marking and tabbing the manual from the wretched training yesterday. I do have a number of art cards to frame and hang, so I suppose I could do that. Since the garage has already called, I don't need to hang about in my office for a while, although I do have a number of tasks that could be done at my desk (books to be listed on PaperbackSwap, photos from my vacation to be edited, and there's always some writing project or another).

There is a shire meeting tomorrow night. Since they won the bid for Fall Æcademy, I've been debating getting involved again. On the one hand, I don't want to get stuck working the event and not being able to attend it, which is what happened at the last event we had. On the other, they'll need the help. On the other other hand, MyLadyLaurelNemesis is involved in the shire again, so they certainly don't need me, as she can handle everything all on her own. (I can't stand the sight of that woman.) Since the main purpose of the meeting is to confirm the drop-dead seneschal, and I'm not a paid member of the SCA at the moment, it's probably pointless for me to go...although I do want to talk to VL to see if he might be willing to do a few tasks around the house for me if I were willing to pay him. That doesn't really seem like the place to ask, though. Eh, we'll see.

What else? Oh, the trap. The trap baited with peppers remains empty, and my patio smells like rotting peppers. Or possibly it's the poo bucket. In any case, I don't believe that there is a woodchuck living under there after all, as I have now seen a black cat crossing the yard and slipping under there twice. Kittens, Round Whatever, here we go. (You can be very sure that there have been more than two litters born out there.) The May Kittens are still hanging around up the street, and are now so big as to be nearly indistinguishable from their mother (except the grey one, of course) -- so this may even be their mother in the backyard.

Kethri is at my feet meowling at me. I think she wants my chair.
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  • The weather forecast called for rain all day, and I was sort of relieved because it meant I could watch movies on the couch all day without feeling guilty. Right now? It's sunny, and although the forecast is still calling for rain, sort of, I don't see any on the map.

  • I just painted my nails bright red. I only paint them this particular shade in the summer. In the winter, I use darker, wine-ier, metallic shades. This is just red. Bright red. Popsicle-red. Summer red.

  • The cat has apparently decided that she will now be peeing in my office, thank you very much. I thought it smelled in here, but I also know that she has been using the litter box upstairs -- and I have been endeavoring to keep it clean for her -- but I heard some rustling over by the window -- and all of a sudden she came bounding out of there. I had thought it was Jack dreaming, but he's in the living room. And the corner reeks. As soon as my nails are dry I will have to go clean and bleach the corner. And put up a child gate across the door to keep her out for a couple of weeks to break the habit. And then wait to see where else she decides to go instead of any of the six litter boxes.

  • Given Tremas and the Portreeve, I should've seen that coming last night on Doctor Who.

  • I did go out and mow the front yesterday. I wasn't going to, but it was looking a little raggedy and I caved to implied homeowner peer pressure (because I was the only person on the street who hadn't mown in the last three days).

  • I have decided that once my parents get their crap out of my garage, I will clean all of the lawn tools and storage and such out of the breezeway except for one snow shovel and one broom. There's no reason to have all that stuff out there cluttering up a perfectly nice space when I have a whole garage I can clutter up. Then I will put a table out there so if I want to eat or work out there I can. I'd still like a deck, but this will do for now.
  • Fucking cat. My office reeks.
  • I suppose I should make an appointment to see if she has an infection, but I think she's probably either senile (she is 19 now) or lazy. Ever since the Great Flea Infestation of 2016, she's been peeing pretty much where she chooses.

  • I saw a rescue dog go by on FB the other day that I think would have been a perfect companion for Jack, but I'm certain it's far too late to apply for him.

  • Related: The Gecko is doing much better with her hygiene. Thank goodness. Mind you, I'm still not taking the covers off the furniture, and I probably never will as long as she's sitting Jack.

  • Still reading the Young Wizards series. I'm not liking it as much as I had hoped. Enough to keep reading it, but.... Meh.

  • Speaking of wizards, I saw one of those special editions that Time does: Twenty Years of Harry Potter or something along those lines, with a cover photo of Daniel Radcliffe from Chamber of Secrets (you can tell from his school uniform and his apparent age -- not young enough to be from the first movie, but not the same uniform as they wore in the later movies). Twenty years? Not of the movies, I know, but of the books. Already? How is it that long already?

  • Right. I think I'm going to go to a different part of the house to let my nails finish drying before I tackle the smell in this room.
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Changing medical providers is a pain in the butt. I have spent a good chunk of the last couple of weeks on switching from a place in Rochester to a place in Buffalo(ish), and I still haven't finished the process as I have to get the records transferred and when I called the Rochester place, I had to leave a message instead of actually speaking to someone.

At least I'm not working today, although this is not how I planned to spend the day.

I went to my GYN's office this morning for my annual exam (and as part of this process), and was in and out of there in under an hour. I don't think I've ever been out of there in such a short time, but I guess that's the difference between seeing the doctor and seeing the PA. I miss seeing the doc; we always chat a bit, and while the PA is very nice, she's pretty much all business.

Ah, well.

Next month is going to be busy.... I have to train the new girl (on nursing home cases this time) the first week, then I'm on vacation the second week, then I have to go to Buffalo for my appointment the third week, then the fourth week is that wretched training for three days. I thought about scheduling my mammo appointment for that week, but unless they had evening appointments, it wouldn't work out.


The mini-heat wave broke last evening, and it is supposed to be only in the mid-70s today. It was pretty dreary this morning and there was still rain, but in the last twenty minutes or so, the sky has cleared and it's sunny out now. I may have to go out and sit on the patio in the sun. (Let's be honest: I may have to drag my chair onto the patio and take a [short] nap in the sun.)

My parents' stuff is still in my garage. I have contemplated going out there and packing it up for them, but I'm certain that my mother has a system. Though it would serve her right if I had things all every which way since it has now -- if memory serves -- been a month since the second garage sale, and they have made no attempt to come clean things up. I don't use my garage for much, but I do need to have it cleaned up in order to finish cleaning the breezeway out, if only because I need to swap space, and to be able to get at the lumber racks in the back of the garage to stuff the bits and pieces of trim from the house that are currently stacked in a corner of the breezeway. I packed up most of my own stuff already, so it's almost entirely her stuff out there, and there isn't even enough space to collapse the tables that have been cleared off.


Chair. Patio. Blessed, blessed sunlight.
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Somehow it's already midmorning. I don't know how these things happen, I really don't. One minute I'm walking the dog and suddenly it's time for bed. Well, let's see. I slept in this morning, so it was nearly 6:30 when I got up. It takes time to get around, then walkies, then I washed the dishes because they'd been piled up for a few days (I hate washing dishes), then...what? Oh, shower and washing hair, then read a few reviews of Wonder Woman and last night's Doctor Who, then read LJ and DW, then...midmorning.

It is pouring at the moment, and I'm planning on a pajama day. Well, sort of a pajama day, anyway. I couldn't see crawling back into my jammies after taking a shower, so I'm wearing soft sweats. It's not too warm for them because in addition to raining, it's also chilly. The furnace came on this morning...though that will likely be the only time today, as it is supposed to get into the low 70s.

Of course, since I've been counting on having a pajama day today for basically the whole week, my parents will decide that today is the day they will come around to pack up their garage sale stuff and give me my garage back.

Because of course it will be.

Yesterday was gorgeous. It was bright, sunny, puffy clouds, blue sky, breezy, and around 70°. I did my usual chores, then started pulling maple seedlings and nightshade in the backyard for a bit. There's always nightshade twining around the patio and the foundation and the hydrangeas. Sometimes, I just cut it back, but yesterday, I was annoyed, so I pulled it. It'll come back of course, because there's a parent plant that I can't get to -- it's under the ramp -- that needs to be dug out. The bit of ground between the hydrangeas and the back of the breezeway looks really bare, now. I'm thinking of perhaps planting ornamental grasses there, though maybe I'll just get some really big hanging baskets as there are already hooks there.

In the afternoon, I loaded my lawnmower (and paraphernalia) into the van and met my sister at Grama's house and we mowed the lawn. The neighbors have been mowing the front, and the guy on the one side told me that he'd trimmed all the bushes in front of the house a couple of weeks ago. On the one hand, it does make the house look lived in. On the other hand, it's a dead-end street, so no one is going to be just cruising past. Also on the other hand, his meddling kind of annoys me.

Gram's House )

Ah, well. As the Doctor said to River, times end.

After I got home and got Jack walked, I dragged my firepit off the patio and into the middle of the yard and got a small fire going. It was the first time I've had a fire in a couple of years, but when I went to put some papers into my shredding bag yesterday morning, I discovered the reason I hadn't been able to eradicate the smell of cat piss from the library: Kethri had peed on and into the bag. There was no way those papers were going through my shredder, and the reason they were slated for the shredder was why they couldn't be just tossed into the recycling bin: names and account numbers. So I burned them. It took a while, and I had to keep scrounging for wood to keep the fire going, but eventually it was done, and I sat with the fire until it burned out.

My neighbor was working in her backyard and yelled over that it was about time I had a fire again; when I yelled back the reason for it, she offered me logs and sticks, but I did actually have both. I just didn't want to get a log started because I didn't want to sit there all afternoon.

So...busy Saturday. Hence the desire to spend today just not doing much of anything.

Day of Moan

May. 1st, 2017 09:37 pm
malinaldarose: (Default) bats so far. Not that I'd really expect to see them this early in the season, anyway, it's just...well, it's just. I think maybe the next thing I have tackled will be the bathroom, even if it's just to have someone come in and put up the ceiling. I have the names of three different contractors: the guy who fixed the kitchen light (and who I thought was a little expensive, and does it really take three hours to change out a light?), and two others. Well, four others if you count the guy who installed the new furnace (he's not just a furnace guy) and the guy who he subcontracted to -- though my neighbor warned me against hiring that last guy.

Yesterday, I met an old friend -- oh, let's be honest, old boyfriend -- for breakfast. We met at 9:30 and finally left the restaurant at 12:30, and we could probably have talked for another couple of hours, too. We haven't seen one another in a few months, and the last time we did wasn't really conducive to chatting, so the last time we had a chance for a good talk was probably a year or more ago. So that was nice. We've known each other for thirty-some-odd years at this point, so a lot of our conversation was about finding ourselves middle-aged (which isn't so nice).

After that, I came home, and decided that since it was sunny, I'd try to get some laundry done, even though storms were in the forecast. I did get the laundry on the line for an hour or so before I had to bring it in; I left it in the breezeway to finish drying. I also started to clean the breezeway out yesterday afternoon; I got the couch turned around and that corner of the room cleared. There's only one outlet, and there doesn't appear to be power to it -- whether it's disconnected, like the wall furnace, or whether it's just turned off, I do not know. I don't really need power out there; I won't be using it after dark. There's still a lot of work to be done, though.

I was sweeping some of the accumulated dirt and dead leaves out the back door when my mother walked in the front door. "What are you doing?" she asked. "What does it look like I'm doing?" I said, broom in hand.

As usual, my folks weren't actually here to see me. Usually when they wander in on a Sunday, it's because Mom has a list of things she's bought for Grama and she wants to be reimbursed, so she wants a check. This time, it was because she wanted to grill me about my sister, who is apparently having trouble at work -- trouble which I had only learned about yesterday morning when Bird caught me on FB and asked if I had any ideas about what she should do.

(It seems that because she isn't constantly Miss Susie Sunshine, she's been passed over for a summer job that she has done for the last three or four years and her unit supervisor actually told her that she would be reluctant to recommend Bird for a permanent position -- which isn't going to be a problem, anyway, if Bird can't ever place high enough on the clerical exam. In any case, this particular supervisor is only going to be with us for another nine months (thank goodness!) and Bird's temporary permanent position (it's a permanent position in that it gets her benefits and union membership, but it's a position with a time limit of two years and some months) runs for another four or five months after that, so it won't be up to Madame High and Mighty. I told her to try to get moved to one of the units upstairs; I'm not certain that those clerks are under Mme H&M's control.)

Today...was Monday. I had a low-level headache by lunchtime, and I stayed in the office for lunch so I didn't have to put up with the Gecko. I was going to stay after work, too, but ended up hurrying home so that I could get Jack walked because we were under not only a severe storm warning, but a tornado watch -- all of WNY was under a tornado watch, and Mom called Bird to let her know that there were tornadoes on the ground in PA. (Bird lives over the border in PA.) Of course, those tornadoes were two and three hours away, but they were on the ground! Mom gets a little...over-anxious about these things.

So I got home, rushed right past the Gecko to get socks and change into my sneakers and take off my jewelry and grab my raincoat and get back out to get Jack around the block...and we got as far as the parking lot at the end of the block where we cut over to the next street and it started to rain. And by "rain," I mean "the heavens opened and all the waters of the world fell down upon us, yea, and also did blow the winds, so that there were white-caps on the puddles." Jack and I were both drenched pretty much immediately, and to get home, we had to turn back into it because it was coming from the west(ish) and we were walking east. It blew my hood off right away, and Jack was simultaneously trying to huddle on the ground and shelter behind me. We passed a bush he usually pees on, and he headed straight for it; I thought he was going to pee again, but instead he tried to crawl under it. He was quite put out with me for insisting that we go home, but he was probably even more relieved than I was when we got there. He looked like a drowned rat and there was so much water in my sneakers that they sloshed. I'll be wearing something else for morning walkies. My pants were so wet that I had to wring them out in the tub and hang them in the bathroom to dry. My socks...well, I just tossed them into the tub. We were a seriously bedraggled pair.

I've been caught out in the rain before, but never such a deluge with such high winds. It was...unpleasant, and Jack's obvious anxiety wasn't helping.

But at least the smell of wet dog overpowered the smell of unwashed Gecko, so....
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This has been a really loooong week. At least I have a three-day weekend coming up, though not for any good reason. Das Woofenwagen is due for inspection, so I'm having that done on Monday, as well as having the muffler (just the muffler, I hope!) replaced. Although I could get a ride to work, I find it simpler just to take the day off when I have to take the van in for work because then I don't have to negotiate getting home again, or taking personal calls at work, or bothering with packing a lunch. Bird would be perfectly willing to at least pick me up and drop me off, but she always goes to lunch at 1:00, and I usually go at noon. Plus the garage's hours are weird: 8:30 to 4:30, so that doesn't work with working either 8-4 or 9-5. And so I take the day off.

I did not yet come up with a good way of presenting the Gecko's stuff to her, so I will hold off on doing that. I never thought I'd find anyone more conflict-averse than I am, but she's it. In dog terms, she's so submissive she might as well have legs on her back; her belly is constantly on offer. I, on the other hand, simply do not want to interact with her. At all. Ever.

There is a question on the civil service test for my position that is a favorite. It shows up on nearly every test: There is a client who comes into your office who stinks. What do you do? The answers are a) terminate the interview and tell him it will resume when he has bathed, b) ignore it and forge onward, c) present him with a bar of soap, d)...I can't remember what the fourth choice is. Well, here I am, about to try the bar of soap solution because everything else has been tried with this young woman.

I have complained numerous times to my mother than the Gecko is too stupid to live, and my mother always comes back with "She's very intelligent! She was on the honor roll every quarter she was in school." Oh, that's just great, Mom. So she's smart enough to come in out of the rain, and get out from under a drip if the roof is leaking -- but she's not smart enough to go get a bucket to put under the leak. She'd let the furniture be ruined, rather than get off her ass and look for a bucket. Okay, so it's a combination of not-smart and lazy, but I've also watched her continue to batter at a locked door, not once thinking that since she can't get it open, maybe she should try knocking.

In non-Gecko news, I finished Athyra last night. Apparently, I am going to sail straight through the entire Vlad Taltos series just as I did the entire Harry Dresden series. Next up is Orca. I do have to say that I didn't like Athyra as much as I did the previous books because it is told almost entirely from the point of view of a teenager (for certain values of "teenager") that Vlad runs into in his travels. Vlad's snarky POV is part of the draw of the books, and there were only hints of it in this one.

It stormed last night. I do love storms. It was raining so hard right around bedtime that I didn't even bother to try to let Jack out. He'd've look at the rain, looked at me as if to ask if I was nuts, and turned around and gone back in the house. He wouldn't even have crossed the threshold. So we skipped straight to giving him his Last Outs Biscuit.

I suppose I need to think about what I'm going to wear to The Place today. I do not want to go to The Place. I will have to once more try to set my voice mail on the Decepticon Cylon new phone. And also switch the receiver cord from the ridiculously short one to my nice long one.


Apr. 10th, 2017 06:52 am
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I discovered last night, while sitting in the back room reading, that there is at least one mouse hiding out under the stove. I could hear it under there crunching away at stolen kibble...and then I saw it running along the baseboard. When I approached it with the vague idea of popping a jar over it, it ran back under the stove. I'd wonder if this is one reason I'm having trouble with the oven, but that's been going on for a long time.

I wonder if it's just a coincidence that I have had so many mice in the house since last fall or if Merlin was a far better hunter than I was giving him credit for -- and I was giving him plenty of credit! So now I have bats in the attic (probably) and mice everywhere else. How exciting. I picked up Kethri's kibble bowl and deployed the Tin Cat last night, but didn't seem to catch anything overnight.

I created
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It has been another busy day. I haven't yet had a chance to take my afternoon break, so the rest of the work day (all fifteen minutes of it) is cancelled. But hey, at least I'm not taking a nap like the person in the cube behind me. Her radio is playing softly, and she's asleep. Which actually happens frequently enough that it's an open secret. She didn't have her cubicle's doorway moved (it was originally across from mine and now it's around the corner) for the light, she had it moved so that no one would know when she took naps.

This morning, I had to go to a training on supplemental needs trusts. It wasn't really much of a training; someone came down from Buffalo and read from a Power Point presentation. I really hate that. Just give me the printout and leave me to it; don't waste my time reading something I'm capable of reading myself.

This afternoon, because I am the 9-5 person of record this week, I had to talk to a pair of interns from the local high school. They're not true interns; they're just fulfilling a community service requirement (or something along those lines) for graduation. They come into the agency after school for a week and get lectured on each of the various programs. This is the first time I've ever had the duty, and let me tell you, I am not the person to lecture anyone about Medicaid in general because I have always been in a specialized sub-unit. But I'm the one they got stuck with. Well, we made it 35 minutes (out of two hours) before I ran out of things to say, and sent them back upstairs to the person in charge of the internship program.

Oh, she just woke up. Well, the day is nearly over....

Last night, BFT and J1 and I finally went to see Beauty and the Beast. It is a fantastic film, but when Emma Watson came down the stairs in the yellow ballgown, all I could think of was Hermione coming down the stairs for the Yule Ball. I hadn't realized that Emma Thompson and Ewan MacGregor were both in the film (Mrs. Potts and Lumière), though I recognized Ian McKellan's voice of course. According to the trivia for the film on IMDB, there is a hint in Belle's first song that the village is also partly under the curse, reliving the same day -- "There goes the baker with his tray like always" and Belle knowing where to walk to get through the crowd while reading. It's an interesting thought and actually makes sense since the village would have originally been beholden to the castle, and certainly isn't that far from it. And with the way the film ends, it would have been exceedingly cruel not to include the village in the curse in some way, and we can see, I think, that the Enchantress isn't cruel. (Scenes not included in the animated version.)

The weather has turned yet again. It was a pretty day yesterday, but today has been rainy and damp and chilly (though the actual temperature is decent for this time of year; it's the damp that makes it chilly). It is quite windy right now and rain is spattering against the house which is making odd creaky-groany noises every so often (not at all like the usual noises of mice in the walls and a dog and cat grooming themselves). I will have to go patrol the yard (check for rabbits, possums, deer, etc.) before letting Jack out, and then Jack will refuse to go off the ramp, because his delicate paws might get damp.

I didn't come home at lunchtime (because I allow myself one day a week when I don't have to interact with the Gecko at all), and arrived home this afternoon to find the Gecko sitting on the couch with the curtains behind it rucked up, and reeking of Not Having Washed In Several Days As Usual. When I got back from walking Jack (just a quick five minutes around the block), her father was sitting in the driveway, and she was still sitting on the couch staring at her tablet, so I informed her rather sharply that her father was waiting for her. I hate it when she does that. It's not like she can't hear him pull in; his vehicle is Very Loud, Indeed. Let's face it: I hate everything she does. This rucking up my curtains, though, annoys me a great deal. I have my house just so, and I expect it to stay that way, and that means leaving the curtains closed if they're closed. If you don't have enough light, you know where the switches are.

My sister got her hair cut last night after work. She got one of those bobs that's nape-length in back and chin length in front, and sweeps across on one side. It looked nice this morning, but I can guarantee that it won't stay that way. Someone asked me if I was going to get mine cut next (my sister and I work in the same office), and my response was, "God, no! I hate my hair short." Which I do. It looks good when it's short; I can't deny that. But I dislike it nevertheless. And for me, anything less than bra strap-length is short, and even that's pushing it.

Right. Time to check the yard....
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So there's a statewide snowpocalypse warning. The governor gave all state employees (except in six or seven downstateish counties) a snow day without having to use their accrual times. Even state employees at this end of the state get a snow day today. And, lo, I am jealous because that means that, for instance, in the One Stop uptown, the Dept of Labor staff won't have to report because they're state employees but the Dept of Social Services staff will because they're county employees. All of the school systems in the region are closed today. Seneca Nation offices are closed. My freakin' gynecologist's office is closed.

It goes without saying, of course, that I have to go to work today. Bleah.

It's not actually bad out there right now; no worse than any other storm we've had this winter. There's perhaps three-quarters of an inch of snow, but it is falling steadily. It's during the day that it's supposed to get bad, and overnight tonight. Which means that tomorrow is actually the day when it might be unpleasant. I was looking at a close-up radar map a little earlier, and you can actually see the gradations in the shading that show where the mini-snowbelts are. While I am in a light blue area here, for instance, the farm where I used to live is in a darker blue area. But such a tiny area that if you zoom out on the map, it no longer shows up.

Eh, whatever. Long story short: I have to work today. Phooey. Maybe I'll take tomorrow as a vacation day.

My big news is that the light in the kitchen is replaced. When I got home last night, the garage lights were hanging on the rack right next to the back door. I am both pleased and...less pleased. I am so happy to have HTWIWM's "temporary" fix for kitchen lighting gone. I am less pleased because -- and oh, how I hate to admit this -- he was right about the placements of his "temporary" lights. Having a single ceiling fixture means that if I'm working at the counter or the sink, I'm casting a shadow on whatever I'm working on. Also, the new light is way too bright for my small kitchen (it certainly shows where I need to clean!), and I'll have to figure out a way of fixing that. Over on FB, a dimmer was suggested, and I may look into that, though I'm not a fan of dimmer switches. When I was a wee lass, my grandmother had under-cabinet lights installed; I may look into something like that, too. At the moment, I just have a small lamp in the corner so I can have some light out there without the Bright White Light Of Fluorescea blazing away.

I feel like an idiot that I'm not entirely happy about the whole thing, but...well.

Unfortunately, the contractor didn't leave a bill behind. I was hoping that he would so that I could get a check in the mail to him today. I suppose he'll be mailing me one.

Oooo. Maybe I could hang some glimmer strings or icicle lights....

Ah, well. I suppose I need to go find some clothings to wear to The Place today (Dress Code: Be Dressed) so that I have time enough to a) have breakfast, b) make lunch, and c) get the car cleaned off.
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Yesterday was the day I took my grandmother to get her taxes done. It was pretty painless, though I was a bit stung when the guys offered to do my taxes, too. I'm not quite old enough yet to require AARP to do my taxes for me. Besides, I did mine as soon as my W2 was available, and could probably do Gram's for her, too, but she likes to have these guys do them. One of them is my aunt's college roommate's brother, and my aunt and her roomie have always been close, and the roomie adopted Gram, and so on.

It was a pretty day with bright sun and puffy clouds; the temperature was around 53°. Then quite suddenly, around noon, it got ridiculously windy. There is a line of pines in front of Gram's facility that I suspect were originally planted as a wind break. They are huge, now, and they were liberally littering the street with twigs and needles. It was...crunchy.

It remained hugely windy all night long, and it's still pretty windy this morning. It's supposed to be cooler today, then cold tomorrow, then I think the temps are supposed to head upward again.

Anyway. After the taxes were done, I drove Gram around to see her house. She's been cranky about the house for a long while because no one (i. e., my parents) will take her to see it. She's afraid that something is being hidden from her. Nothing is; it's just that my parents can't be bothered. Anyway, all that's left of the tree is a quite low stump, so we were able to clearly see the damage that the falling limbs did. Actually, I was pretty glad it was down because with yesterday's wind, it could've been bad. The soffit damage looks bad, but I think it's really just a case of nailing a board back in place. The window frames need a touch of paint, but otherwise, the house is in pretty good condition. I might still consider buying the place if it weren't so much farther from work (meaning I'd never be able to go home for lunch), and if the neighbors weren't practically on top of each other.

I asked her if she wanted to go inside, and she didn't, which surprised me a bit, but I suppose she didn't want to see the way it was left. It's actually not too bad in there; my sister got it cleaned up and got things sort of back where they belong, so the worst things are really the missing pieces of furniture (that are with Gram) and the master bedroom -- but she couldn't get up the stairs, anyway, so....

She also told me that I didn't need to visit with her when I got her back home, either. I think she wanted a nap before dinner, actually, and I did visit the day before. I'd've gone to McDonald's for early supper and to wait out The Gecko, but didn't have a book with me, so ended up home and walking the dog early.

And speaking of the Gecko, I stopped at WickedMart yesterday and bought a couple of soft PVC shower curtains which I will shortly put on the couch. I will cover them with the blankets, so she will probably not even know that they are there...but if they discourage her from sitting there, so much the better.
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  • It is very cold this morning. When I first checked the temperature, before sunrise, it was -1°F. By the time Jack and I went walkies, it was up to 2°. Yay. It is supposed to get up to about 40° today.

  • Cream of Wheat is a very disappointing breakfast when you're used to pastries or nice muffins on Sundays, but I didn't go to the grocery store yesterday, and won't go today, and haven't the ingredients to bake my own. (Or the desire, for that matter.)

  • I liked Logan more than I expected. Don't stay through the credits, though (unless that's your thing); the Fun Thing happens at the beginning.

  • The local cinema has modernized their lobby (instead of, say, repairing all the sprung seats), so that at the concession stand you get only your popcorn, candy, and soda cup, which you then have to take to a separate dispenser and fill yourself. It eases some of the congestion at the concession stand, by moving it to a different part of the lobby. I don't buy drinks, anyway -- they're too expensive -- but I'd get Really Seriously Annoyed if I had to stand in a second line to get my drink.

  • Logan is not a movie for kids, despite having a number of children in it. And yet there was an eight-year-old girl in the seat next to me, installed there by her redneck male relative (couldn't tell if a father or older brother...or both), who never bothered to ask me to move my stuff, just plonked his kid nearly on top of my purse. And the whole family reeked of stale cigarette smoke. Ack. At least the kid was well-behaved, unlike the last batch that got seated near me in a movie.

  • No. I don't like children. Why do you ask?

  • Or most people, for that matter.

  • I rescued a spider from the tub this morning, and it is now sitting in an upside-down glass on my kitchen counter because it seemed stupid to rescue it from drowning and then eject it from the house to freeze. I'll take it outside this afternoon, I guess, when it's much warmer.

  • The matter of Gram's house has been resettled for the moment, with the sale being tabled for now. My mother won't be pleased. Apparently, Gram didn't understand that when my mother said she'd like to get the house cleaned out, she didn't mean just "cleaned," she meant "emptied." MyAuntie explained what Mom really meant, and Gram vetoed the whole thing.

  • I am feeling my usual lack of ambition. I walked Jack around the block, did my fifteen minutes on my treadmill, washed my hair, and am going to do the dishes and two loads of laundry (one in now). Surely that's enough?
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I just found out that LJ is apparently refusing to talk to DW and cross-posting is not happening. On the other hand, the last post I made does appear to have properly cross-posted, so we'll see.

I tried to watch Arrival last night, but I couldn't. I don't know whether it's my copy of the movie, whether it's my Blu-Ray player, or whether it was just the horrible racket that the furnace fan was making, but I could barely hear the thing, even with the volume turned way up. I may try it again this afternoon, as I suspect my mood had something to do with it, too -- I was a little blue, and the movie does not start out well for someone who is already a bit down. Anyway, I ended up watching Emergency! episodes again. Yes. I am rewatching the entire series from beginning to end again. I do that with books sometimes (usually just Guy Gavriel Kay, though) -- finish something and turn right around and re-read it. This is the first time I've done it with a TV series, though. I will skip the movies, though (the seventh season) because they mostly suck, and are actually mostly about other people than Johnny and Roy.

The temperature fell as promised, and there is a tiny bit of snow this morning. It probably won't last, though, as today's high is still supposed to be 35°, and it's supposed to be in the mid-40s tomorrow. Last time I looked out the window, there was a bit of sun, so....

The robins are back. My mother announced it to me the other day in her usual fashion: "The robins are back. I can feel them." (She says this every spring.) Yeah, well, I saw them. My mother has this thing about being semi-psychic and terribly empathic. I can't roll my eyes hard enough when it comes to some of the things she insists on. I do refrain from saying, "No, Mom, you don't feel them. You're just hearing birdsong you haven't heard since October."

Mom and Dad stopped down last Sunday and brought me a length of lovely paisley fabric. Mom couldn't figure out what it was; she thought maybe it was a tablecloth or a long valance because it has one section that has what I'm guessing is a reinforcing strip, which is not a rod pocket, and it's too narrow and too long for a table cloth. I think it might be a sari. Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it.

I have just come up with a new group noun: Ulcer of things which one refrains from saying to one's parents. Or possibly a Therapy of things which one refrains from saying to one's parents.


There are a brazillion things I should be doing today, but...I haven't any more ambition than I usually do on a Sunday, so I probably won't do them. Except for the laundry. I already have the first load in. I am debating whether or not to toss some potato soup into the crock pot, but...I'm thinking that since it's already nearly midmorning, that's probably not going to happen -- especially as I don't have any onions. Though I'm sure I could use cream of onion soup; I'm sure I have a can of that, at least.
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That's the sound the temperature is making as it plummets from a high of 73° yesterday to snow tonight. Actually, it was about 58° when I went out for groceries this morning, but by noon it was thirteen degrees cooler. Whee, indeed. It has also been raining a lot. I should probably go walk the dog now, while it is not precipitating.

I am excited. I found out that Wicked was coming to Buffalo again this spring, and mentioned it to the besties, who were all for going. Well, J2 isn't because she coaches and doesn't have Saturdays free in the spring. But I just booked tickets for J1 and BFT and me for the last Saturday in May. Pretty good ones, too, I think: three on the aisle (for BFT, who prefers aisles when possible), middle orchestra, row K. I'd've gone for loge seats, since they cost the same, but the middle loge section was filled and so were the seats on the middle-ends of the two flanking sections. Now I just have to persuade either BFT or J1 that they want to drive, because the theater really is in Buffalo (as opposed to the mall BFT and I favor, which is in the southern suburbs), and I really hate driving around there.

Now I just need to lose forty pounds before the end of May because those theater seats are narrow....


Feb. 24th, 2017 05:33 pm
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  • I really dislike it when people parade their children or grandchildren around the office introducing them to people. If I wanted to know their children and/or grandchildren, I'd probably be friends with them, rather than just coworkers. And I loathe children, so I find dealing with them difficult. (Mind you, if I get cornered, then obviously, I'm going to put on a happy face and dig out my talking-to-children voice, but I'm also going to resent the hell out of it.)

  • It's supposed to be 70° today. Edit: I just spoke with one of my colleagues at Dept. of Aging, and she said that it's warmer outside than it is inside.

  • There was lightning when I walked Jack this morning. Only in the clouds, but still startling...especially when I'm currently reading the Shadow Unit episode "Dark Leader," in which the gamma can cause lightning strikes.

  • I am having one of those days: I wrote a check for a bill that had to go in the mail this morning, sealed the envelope, and found the check lying on my desk. Fortunately, I was able to get the envelope open again without tearing it, but I had to reseal it with packing tape.

  • I have had eight clients die in the last week. It often happens in streaks, but it's always startling.

  • A couple of the clients were members of the church I grew up in. My grandmother saw their obituaries and asked if I knew them. "No, of course not, Grama!"

  • Stopped for a muffin this morning on my way to work. Because it has been One Of Those Days, there were three people in line in front of me and what should have taken three minutes took twelve. Naturally, I was late for work.

  • I am wearing one of the scarves I bought in Paris at the Cluny: it's a Unicorn Tapestries scarf. It's very lightweight and keeps flying all over the place when I walk. For some reason, I thought it was just the red background with the flowers and bunnies and such, but I looked at it unfurled this morning and there are unicorns at each end. I must have been confusing it with the tote bag I also bought at the museum (to carry the books and scarves), which is just red background with flowers and bunnies.

  • My neighbor in the next cubicle keeps using agency jargon when she talks to clients, and she can't figure out why people don't understand what she's talking about.

  • Can you break a knuckle? I jammed my thumb last night trying to dig some really, really frozen chunks out of a tub of ice cream, and it's kind of sore, but only when I use it certain ways. (Kidding on the "break" thing. Pretty sure it's just sore, though it was pretty painful at the time.)

  • Oooo! I won this week's 50/50 raffle! It's the first time I've won, ever -- and they have them relatively frequently because that's how all the office parties are funded.

  • Arrived home to find that someone was sharing their music with the neighborhood. Why is it those folks are never playing Handel? Or Mozart? Or Beethoven?

  • Debating whether to bother with dinner tonight. Had lunch from Burger King...which makes a big dinner contraindicated. Maybe some scrambled eggs.


Feb. 8th, 2017 06:57 am
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I woke up this morning around 3:30 to the wind roaring around the house and rattling the bedroom windows in what Jack has left of their frames. It was quite noisy. I fell back asleep and dreamed...things I can't remember, but which probably had to do with '70s TV shows, since that's been my obsession for the last couple of months. Woke back up about an hour later to more gusts, which must have also woken up Teddy next door because shortly thereafter, he was barking under my bedroom window. At least Jack didn't start agitating to go out and join him in a pre-dawn chorus.

In any case, I woke up with the feeling that I really shouldn't go to work today. Friday, I ignored the feeling and had a crappy day. Today, I'm listening. I will putter around the house a bit and I finally came up with an idea for this week's LJ Idol topic, so I'll be working on that. And I'll be listening to the wind.

I was saddened last night to learn that Richard Hatch died yesterday, apparently of cancer. Speaking of '70s television shows.... I don't recall seeing him in anything other than the two versions of Battlestar Galactica, but I have to say that he was definitely one of my kiddie crushes. I remember seeing one of those teeny-bopper magazines lying around my sixth-grade classroom with a photo of Dirk Benedict on the cover. Everyone loved Dirk Benedict, and I did, too, but I loved Richard Hatch -- and Apollo -- more. Except for that one lock of hair over his right ear that stuck up in the air. I wanted to cut that off so badly even when I was eleven years old. I had planned to rewatch BSG when I finished The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, but maybe I'll skip it forward in the rewatch queue. TV freezes people in time, and it's hard to remember sometimes, that the actors are my parents' age. And a little scary when I do.

(I mean, yeah, okay, they were always my parents' age, but when I was a kid, it didn't seem to matter.)

In other news, the snow has mostly melted again. Well, it has been awfully warm for February the last few days. It should be face-achingly, nose-freezingly, car-cushions-don't-give-when-you-sit-on-them cold and it's been in the high 30s and low 40s instead. Yesterday, it was supposed to reach 50°, though I'm pretty sure it didn't. But it's been raining instead of snowing. I do think the temperatures are supposed to start falling again, but not to reach their usual lows for this time of year. I'm torn about that. I mean, I hate the cold, but on the other warming. So....

The snowdrops are starting to come up, which is at least, normal for this time of year. First the snowdrops, then about a month later, the snow glories and crocuses. Then the grass starts to grow and we go from snowblower weather to lawnmower weather....


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