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It has been a busy weekend so far. Last night, BFT and I went out to see Wonder Woman for a second time. The movie was much better without a huge head in the middle of the screen. Also, it had been switched into the largest of the auditoriums; when the film opened, it was in one of the two smallest of the houses. The Big House was a far better venue.

By the time I got home, it was nearly 10:00 p.m., but I had left the house closed up because Jack Is Not To Be Trusted, so before I could go to bed, I needed to get some fresh air in. So it was 11:00 p.m. before I went to bed...and I woke up -- boing! at 2:00 a.m. I'm not certain what woke me, but Jack decided that it was a great time to do that stalkery, panty, starey thing he does when he just stands there in the middle of the room, then tries to get in bed with me. It occurred to me to wonder if it was a reaction to the Benadryl I gave him before I left for the movie, or if he was just overheated because it still was pretty warm upstairs.

I opened the bedroom door and he eventually wandered downstairs and was down there for a while, so perhaps it was just the heat. I guess I'll find out tonight.

This morning was all of the regular Saturday chores with the exception of paying bills. Since I don't have anything that can't wait to go out until Monday, I'll write checks either tomorrow or Monday morning. I am taking Monday off; my schedule got changed at work, making my GYN appointment even less convenient than it already was, so I decided to just take the day off. The person I was filling in the 9-5 shift for decided to work, so I was put back on my regular schedule. Besides, it occurred to me that I usually take the day off when I go to the GYN because it's usually a lengthy wait and then I have to go home to clean up after. So, long story longer, I can write checks Monday morning as I will have time before my appointment.

Jack hasn't wanted to let me out of his sight since I got home last night, and I didn't want to leave him a second time today, so I loaded him in the van and took him with me to go mow Grama's yard. And then when I couldn't get the gas can at Gram's to release gasoline into the mower (these new spouts; I can't figure them out), I loaded him back into the van to drive home to get my own equipment. Which is what I should have done to begin with. In any case, the lawn got mowed, and I came home sopping wet because it was hot and humid and later than I intended; I wanted to be home by noon. Instead, I was home by 1:00.

Then there was lunch, a shower, a nap, walkies, and a lengthy telephone conversation with MyAuntie, and now it's getting on toward time for Doctor Who. And it feels cool enough out here to open the house back up and work on getting it cooled down for bedtime....
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It is 4:22 a.m. Jack decided at 3:00 a.m. that he needed to be in bed with me -- after refusing to come upstairs when I went to bed at 10:00 a.m. Of course, I couldn't get to sleep; I looked at the clock once and it was 11:18. I finally gave up and came downstairs; after forty-five minutes or so on my computer, I laid down on the couch -- which activated Kethri, of course.

They say that the purring of a cat is soothing. They have not met Kethri, who purs like a badly-tuned outboard motor or like, say, my lawnmower. The sound of her purring irritates the ever-living fuck out of me and makes me want to throw her across the room. No. I do not abuse my cat. But unless I'm especially comfy, I always move her elsewhere.

And then Jack started in again, and let me tell you, his breath is not the best, and when I'm lying on the couch, his face is actually higher than mine so he can pant down on me.

And so here I sit at my computer, having given up entirely. But not so entirely that anyone is going to get fed or walked even though I have already brushed my teeth and dressed. Well. Dressed for walkies. I'll change again before really leaving the house.

I have today off, at least, so I can take a nap later. Maybe. I have to take the van in for a recall this morning and have no idea how long it's going to take. (They have to change out the ignition module (the recall), then repair the back window wiper. Gram's neighbor says that it only needs a bolt tightened, but I am certain that they will replace it entirely so that they can soak me for $250.) I will either sit in the dealership's waiting room or walk down to Grama's house since the dealership is only a couple of blocks away. I haven't been in Gram's house for months, so I should probably go down, anyway, just to assess the state of things.

Since I don't know how long the van is going to take, I didn't cancel the Gecko for today. Which almost certainly means that I am going to have to take her home myself -- and before I can have a nap. It also means that I am going to be leaving at the same time I usually do, even though my appointment isn't until 9:30. I will, perhaps, have breakfast at McDonald's (love me some hot cakes and sausage), and I need to pick up a few things that I didn't get when I went shopping on Saturday.

I am quite concered about Merlin. He has lost even more weight and is skin and bones. His hip bones are jutting out and his flanks are hollow. He is scheduled to go in for bloodwork on Friday, but he also started sneezing again on Saturday, and the reason this has been put off since his last visit is because he was so congested that he was panicking when they tipped his head to get blood from his neck (because they couldn't get it from the more usual leg). When Nimue got this skinny, she had an abdomen so full of tumors that Doc P called me in the middle of the exploratory surgery to suggest that it might be easier to just let her go. She was only seven; Merlin is eighteen.

I am not having pets again after this lot.

Aaaand I didn't post this. It is now 6:34 a.m. Jack and I have been for medium-length walkies and got back a little before 6:00 a.m. He is still clinging to me like I am a life ring in a sea full of sharks. I don't know what the problem is in his fuzzy little brain, but this had better not happen tonight, too.

I suppose that as long as I am whining, I may as well whine about how well the shire is doing now that I am no longer involved. Where were all these people when I was so desperate for new folks? Why were none of the people who were attending fight practices attending business meetings? And why the fuck am I still listed in the Æstel as seneschal? (I have twice been contacted by Kingdom officers about quarterly reports because they got my information from the Æstel .) Did the current fellow not report to Kingdom the results of the elections? I mean, I know that they don't read the quarterly reports -- I have vast experience of their not reading the quarterly reports. Anyway. They apparently had quite the successful demo at a local festival this past weekend, which has led to invitations to do demos in at least three other places. It's nice that the shire is making a comeback, I suppose. I just wish it had been two years ago. (And there's still no A&S except what's related to martial activities -- sewing tabards, smithing, and the like.)
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  • Sky this morning was lit in such a way that the east was pink and the west looked clear and cloudless. In reality, the whole of the sky was overcast. Last forecast I saw called for storms this morning, at least.

  • Spent all freakin' day on the same case as I spent all freakin' Monday on. Expect to spend all of today on it, as well. Or, at least, all of this morning...

  • I have a doctor appointment this afternoon. Yet another pelvic ultrasound, whee. If this all ends up being scar tissue, I will be...relieved first, but annoyed second.

  • Refilled Nick's insulin for the first time yesterday. Called the pharmacy's refill line at 12:15 and at 12:45 got a call from the pharmacist to say that they were out of that particular type and would have to order it, but would have it today. I am impressed at how quickly the message for the refill was picked up, frankly.

  • The county home is preparing to toss me in front of a bus. I can tell.

  • Woke up at 2:30 a.m. Couldn't get back to sleep. At 3:30, the Claws In The Attic 500 began, so I came downstairs to the couch. As soon as I sat down, Kethri came over to dance on my head. I discouraged that.... Didn't really sleep the rest of the night, yet it was somehow forty minutes after I normally get up when I heard a crash from my office. Merlin had knocked something off my desk. End result: My hair is on its own today; it'll get washed tomorrow.
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I was awakened around 2:30 a.m. by a sound that my brain interpreted as breathing. And then Teh Scritchening started. So, as I usually do, I abandoned my bedroom for the living room. I no sooner got settled on the couch than I heard more sritchening. Apparently whatever has been in the attic has now found its way lower and is in the walls or between the ceiling of the living room and floor of the bedroom, because it still sounded as if it was coming from overhead. So I relocated again to the mini-bed in the library where I...didn't really sleep for the rest of the night, but didn't hear any more scritchening (because there's no second floor over the library).

I really don't know what to do now. I thought it was bats in the attic, and I suppose there could've been a bat in the lower part of the house, but I doubt it as it was quite bright at that hour from the moon and I hadn't turned on any lights so my eyes were well-adjusted. I'd've seen a bat flying around. I suppose I've got chipmunks. I suppose I'm going to have to pay someone to get up in the attic. (I'm not doing it myself. No fucking way. I'd let my brother do it first and damn the strings attached.)

I'm also really nervous about how in the rooms with no trim (the living room and bedroom), the walls don't meet the ceilings (which is how I think the last bat got into the bedroom). (And we won't even talk about the bathroom which has only a layer of insulation separating the attic from the second floor.) And now I'm remembering that there's a hole in the wall of my closet near the floor. I suspect that sucker's gonna meet some duct tape shortly, probably as soon as I've fed the critters who actually live here and have gone out to the garage to find my roll of duct tape. Perhaps this weekend, I'll spend some time slopping mud at the gaps. I was thinking about repainting the bedroom, anyway....

So...I'm kind of scared to get to bed tonight; I half-expect to end up sharing my bed (or couch or mini-bed) with a rodent.

So. Tired.

Aug. 4th, 2012 06:51 am
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Why is it always 3:00 A.M.? I was awakened -- at almost 3:00 on the dot by very vigorous scritching coming from the ceiling in my bedroom and figured that by the time I got the light turned on, there would be a bat sailing around the room. There wasn't, probably mostly because the scritching wasn't coming from an edge, but from the center. So I turned the light off again, so as not to give it any guidance and came downstairs to my airbed as quietly as possible. Where I did nothing more than doze until it was light enough to get up.

I am so very tired right now, and I have so very much to do, and even if I did brave it now that it's daylight (more or less), I wouldn't get back to sleep. Maybe I'll be able to take a nap later.

My sister finally contacted me about coming down to figure out where everything is, and how to feed the critters. I told her that I would be taking Wednesday off and spending it quietly panicking, so she could come down then. Now, when I say that I'm panicking about this trip, I'm mostly joking. But everyone in my family takes it so seriously, and starts putting on the reassuring voices and the take-it-one-steps-at-a-time, and they all drive me fucking bugshit. Her bit of advice was to make a list and cross things off as I pack them. No fucking shit? You think I haven't ever packed for any sort of trip before?

And if my mother asks me one more time if I'm ready and have all the things I need, I am going to scream. It's just a conversational gambit on her part, I think, but it's driving me right 'round the twist. (I do not, in fact, have All The Things. My cane has still not come, and there are a few things I need to pick up at WickedMart this morning. But I'm not a child who needs to have her hand held through this whole process. Well, mostly not, anyway.)

It's not even that my parents would be helpful if I did need help. One has only to look at the state of my upstairs lack of bathroom (going on four years now, since they "helped" me there) to see that.

In other news, my ankle is no better this morning. It's no worse, but...jeez, louise, I'd like to be able to shave my legs. Well, I suppose I could shave the left one....

Yeah, I think this post has really devolved into complaining about anything that comes to mind (and how would that be any different from a normal post?), so I think it's time to go get dressed, do up a grocery list (so many lists; I've already done a do-list for the day because otherwise I'll forget something, like calling the vet for more meds for Sheila), and get moving.

And maybe make sure that there isn't a bat in the bedroom.
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I am, as usual, pretty much out of ambition. Fortunately, I didn't have any plans to get ambitious today. I wonder if they sell ambition at WalMart? They have everything else, right? I suppose I haven't done too badly today, though. I went out and got groceries, cleaned up the kitty corners in the basement, brushed Sheila (and cleaned up the resulting mess), and did dishes. That's not too bad, right? I can be tired after that, right?

Well, I can be tired, anyway, because critters in the attic woke me up at 3:30 a.m. Why is it always the middle of the night? Why can't they be frolicking up there at 3:30 p.m. when I'm at work? Why are they so inconsiderate? Anyway, I ended up on the airbed in the library (this is the primary reason that it's still set up because it seems no matter how hot and stuffy my bedroom gets, I sleep better there than anywhere else), which was inferior, but at least I couldn't hear critters scratching over my head.

I got to Grama's house last night just as my brother was leaving. Cousin VJer, having been the one to take Grama out for her birthday dinner, had already left. Mom and Dad were there, and Mom appeared to be on her best behavior. I took the opportunity when Grama went out to put the cake in the kitchen to turn the blasted TV down. She claims that she's not hard of hearing, and yet she has the volume on the TV set at 67 (on a scale to 99 or 100, one presumes). Later, after my parents left, she kept asking me if I wanted her to turn it up. She also kept asking me if I wanted the fan turned off. She seems to think that if I cross my arms, I'm cold.

Anyway. We ended up watching the Olympics opening ceremony, though we tuned in a bit late; the Industrial Revolution was getting underway, so apparently we missed some stuff. The volume on the TV went back up again when she changed the channel (it had been on ABC before, because she can't miss Jeopardy, and since she can read the questions, she can pretend that she heard them), and I can only stand it for so long before I have to leave. By the time I got home, the athletes were starting to enter the stadium. I posted on Facebook that if James Bond could escort the Queen to the stadium, then I wanted to see the Doctor -- and it would have to be Ten, of course -- light the torch or cauldron or whatever they're calling it this year. I think it would have been brilliant if they'd restaged that bit. Now mind you, I don't give a rat's ass about the Olympics, and I wouldn't have watched the ceremony if I hadn't been at Grama's house.

I am trying out the hiking shoes today. So far, the most they have done is make my feet and, oddly, my butt sore. The heels seem to be slightly higher than my sneakers, and I can feel the strain in my tush. Very odd. "Comfortable right out of the box," most of the reviewers said. "You love 'em," they said. Yeah...I don't think so. I suspect they'll be going back.

I bought chicken and hamburger today, and the cats were convinced that they were going to be getting some of that chicken, so much so, in fact, that when I turned around from washing my hands in order to separate it for the freezer, Merlin was actually on the counter two feet away from my elbow eyeing up the chicken package. His extreme stealth did not, however, produce the result he intended. Rather than getting chicken, he got swept off the countertop onto the floor. Nor did his underfootness gain him chicken. Instead, he got picked up and deposited in another room behind a closed door. He was joined shortly thereafter by Kethry...Kethri...huh. I've actually forgotten how I spelled my own cat's name. If it's Kethry in the books, then it's Kethri the cat. Or it was originally. I think it's defaulted back to Kethry, now. Anyway, Kethriy got tossed in my office -- on top of Merlin when he tried to escape -- and Nimue ended up in the library...where, when she couldn't get out, she promptly curled up in the middle of the airbed.

Ha. Just checked. It's a y in the books, which means I originally spelled it "Kethri." Oh, well.
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What goes thump!-chitter-chitter-chitter-fuuuck?

That'd be me being awoken in the middle of the night by Merlin banking off the bedroom door as he snatched a bat out of mid-air. And I knew what it was as soon as my brain processed the order of the sounds. *sigh* It's actually easier for me to rescue a bat from Merlin and get it out of the house than it is to simply try to get a bat out of the house when there are no cats in the equation. I found the bat under the end-table in the living room with Merlin sitting over it, Nimue nearby waiting to get her licks in, and Sheila watching intently. I kicked a dog-cushion over the bat while I went in search of a towel to a) isolate it from the cats and b) wrap it up and carry it out of the house in. By the time I got back less than a minute later, the bat had gotten out from under the cushion and was industriously hooking its way up Mount Couch while Merlin batted at it. Toweling ensued and out it went. I'm a little worried that I hurt it when I pulled it off the couch, but I couldn't be all that gentle about unhooking it. Not without getting bitten, anyway, and I don't really fancy rabies shots. Rather than flying away when I opened the towel outside, it crawled away across the yard. Still, it went pretty quickly, so hopefully it was only stunned, not wing-broken. And I didn't see it outside this afternoon when I went looking.

I did, however, spend half an hour in the bathroom this afternoon before taking Merlin to the vet for his rabies booster stapling and duct-taping everything that looked like a gap in the insulation that serves as a ceiling in there. I will be so glad when there are walls and a ceiling in that room. I think that'll make me happier even than being able to actually use that room, because that will remove the bat-threat, right there.

This afternoon was the first time I've ever had a tech appointment at the vet's office and I was really surprised that the tech was Mrs. Dr. P who is also the office manager. But I suppose the young ladies whom I normally see in appointments were busy in appointments.

In other news, I got the results of the civil service exam I took in June. I didn't do all that well. My overall score was 90, but that includes 4 seniority points. I'm tied for second on the list, which is reachable, but probably not before the list expires. Not that I want to be a supervisor, anyway, but I'm not used to scoring so low on these things.

I only decided for certain that I would take another trip to Michigan this morning, and I made it pretty much irrevocable by telling MyAuntie when I would be out there. We will do Many Things and Have Much Fun. And I need to find a birthday present for myNuncle who will have his birthday while I am there.

I would very much like to sleep tonight, so I hope there are no more bats and no more insomnia.


Jun. 22nd, 2011 02:06 am
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Well, if I had been asleep when that doozy of a storm started, all the traffic up and down the street sure would've woken me up. Judging by the smell of smoke and the fact that I have power, I'm guessing that lightning struck a house on the street perpendicular to mine (instead of it being a transformer fire or something of that nature). I do wish that the fire equipment was all going back to the station that way, though, instead of this.

Ah, what the heck. I wasn't going to sleep tonight, anyway. I should leave my supervisor a rambly voice mail about how I haven't slept in three nights now, and how I have to take care of Cruiser tomorrow, and how I'm going to miss the Workplace Violence training because if I don't stay home and grab a couple of hours of sleep, I'm going to be the cause of workplace violence. At least it'd be time-stamped for the middle of the freakin' night.
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I woke up very early this morning from dreams of them. Again. I'm tired of dreaming about them, of waking up near -- or in -- tears because they get to be happy¹ and not. And I suppose I'll dream about them again tonight, as I seem to do it in streaks.

I looked at the clock: 3:20, of course. It's always just about 3:30 when I wake up in the middle of the night.

So I am in less than a stellar mood for my long-anticipated trip to see Wicked today. Oh, by the time I pick up BFT to go meet MyTwin and her husband, I'll be feeling better, but at the moment? Not so much.

And now that little shit next door is barking at my dining room window and it's not even 7:00 a.m. yet. Why doesn't K come outside with him?
¹ And I cannot tell you how fondly I wish for them to be as miserable as I am and have been.²

² Which probably indicates what a small-minded person I am, but I actually don't give a flying rat's ass.
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The addition roof has a fabulous leak, I had those dreams again in the middle of the night, and I feel like crying. How's your morning?

So, I'm Up

Jan. 9th, 2011 09:31 am
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It's Sunday morning and I've already had a piece of chocolate. But it was after shoveling the driveway (which I did in lieu of going to the Y this morning), so it's all good.

I had awful dreams last night; I woke up at 3:00 (why is it always 3:00 a.m.?) from a dream in which I was riding in the front seat of a car with HTWIWM and his Twinkie in the back seat. And there was a house involved and some mutual friends were also there, and pretty much everyone was taunting me about how I'd lost him. And when I finally did get to sleep, I dreamed about them (minus the friends) taunting me some more. And when I got him away from her and demanded to know why he had done this to me and why he didn't love me anymore, he informed me that she was pregnant. I woke in tears. I've never had that happen before.

On the other hand, I've been expecting the news that now that she's managed to marry him (which she had been scheming to do from the moment he first moved out, even after he moved back in), she'd also convince him to get his vasectomy reversed so she could have all the kids in the world. The vasectomy, by the way, which my insurance paid for, after we were separated (and wasn't that a nasty shock when I got the EoB in the mail). He hated my job so much, hated that I worked for Social Services, but wasn't loath to avail himself of the benefits that went with it.

Yeah. I'm having one of those days again. Weekends are still really, really, really hard for me unless I work constantly. Which I have not done this weekend. And it's not even that we spent a lot of time together on weekends, because we didn't. We both did our own things on Saturday -- I worked around the house and he either worked in the shop or worked elsewhere, and often played D&D in the evening. But Sundays we always spent at least the morning together.

I've been thinking again about how much I want to go back to school. I really want to go back to school. It's not going to happen -- at least, not for years -- but I still want to do it. Right now, I need to get the house finished. Or into some semblance of finished, anyway. I feel guilty about taking a little time to myself when there's wallpaper hanging out in the dining room, or trim that needs to go up in the bedroom, or painting to be done in the kitchen and laundry room. For all intents and purposes, this is still the house that the previous owners lived in. We never made any changes, even after he began The Great Insulating Project (which I am now finishing, and before it turned into the Great And Never Finished Remodeling Project). Anyway. I find it difficult to concentrate on other things when the house is in the condition it's in, and that's not conducive to schoolwork.

Maybe that's why I haven't been able to write, too, except for the occasional fan fiction.

Anyway. I've felt sorry for myself at all y'all for long enough. Time to go make some pancakes or French toast or something...though it will soon be time to start chopping things for Sunday Soup.
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So...I woke up -- bang! -- at 12:30, having been in bed about an hour and a half. I was wide awake -- and starving -- so I brought the Pack downstairs, outed them, made myself a piece of toast and noodled around on the computer until about 1:45. When I went back upstairs, I turned off my alarm clock, knowing that the dogs would get me up by 6:30. Which they did.

But. I dreamed that a friend with lovely taste in antiques was having a household sale, but, frustratingly, many of the pieces I wanted to buy -- bookshelves, for instance -- were already sold. But she had several old Nancy Drew books, and even one Tom Swift, Jr. book, so that was good. Not to mention other pieces. It was all very strange.

And now I must absolutely get moving because the schoolbus just picked up the girls next door. It's kind of odd having school age kids on the street again; for a couple of years, the buses have been giving us a miss.
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So I was having this faintly disturbing dream about a medieval reenactment group going through and setting fires in the building where they did their reenactments to protest something or other. Since I overheard them plotting it, I was able to run down to the basement and get the travel boxes for the dogs and cats, but then I remembered my guinea pig that lived upstairs. Somewhere along the line, this building morphed into my great grandparents' (now my mother's cousin's) house, only with a lot more rooms upstairs.

Mind you, I've never had a guinea pig. And when I finally found my grandmother (because even in the dream, I remembered that my great grandparents have both been dead for years) and asked her where the guinea pig was, she told me the dogs ate it on the way home. (?!?)

Anyway, so I'm dreaming this dream, not really asleep, but not really awake, and the smoke alarm in the stairwell starts its low-battery chirp. Coincidences abound. For some reason, the dogs are absolutely terrified of this noise. Deuce, who never does such things, tried to crawl into bed with me. If that thing ever does go off, I anticipate having a helluva time getting the dogs out. On the other hand, the way they cling to me, probably I could take them straight out and throw them into the van without them even trying to make a break for it and come back for the cats.

The battery has been removed. Fortunately or unfortunately, I do not have a replacement, so must make sure to get one later today -- and make sure to put it in when the dogs are outside since the alarm will sound when I do. I stay up or try to go back to bed for another hour?

I vote for couch.


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